How is Feste a fool ?
Is my headshot good to send to an agent?
I'm feeling really home sick lately,so i was wondering where i can find( to buy)some Trinidadian stage play???
SM Audition 2011.....?
im a guy 19 is there a place i can learn acting and get in a movie?
Is it too late to start singing lessons at 14?
What are some of the best Extras Agencies in New Jersey?
dramam exams, anyone else doing them?
What kind of theater/ acting warm ups/ practice should i do?
What broadway show should I see next?
Is Fame Street legit?
Anybody know a famous producer and how to get his signature?
What to do for talent show?
acting auditions in northern ireland?
Getting into Tisch School of Arts at NYU?
In drama we have to write a script. But I don't have any ideas.. Help?
Help, my friend is going through a stage...?
Which is your fav stars?
Whats your Favorite Musical Of All Time?
what necklace did elizabeth taylor wear in 'cat on a hot tin roof'?
where do i find a barnum script free?
What is a good song to play when this happens?
is ali mauzey still going to be in the next season of wicked?
Is there any full time acting schools for teens in the US?
if you an actress and you have to kiss in the movie will your boyfriend get mad at you?
Guys and dolls? I was cast...?
Acting and Auditions?
does anyone know were i can find this script:?
HSM2 Stage show characters?
What was the deal with the witches?
when i act i laugh?
i want to be an actress but is the celebrity thing worth it?
What is a good musical audition piece for a 17 year old male?
Short drama script? (for school)?
Name of this Song?
How do I become famous?
If you were writing and you wanted to show that a gun was being fired, what would you write for the sound?
colleges in london that do acting, art and modelling courses?
since i live in a very tiny town, which we don't have musicals or plays, how will i be an actress?
How Live Action RPG Actors Repeat Their Roles ?
How can I be a actor or actually get succes?
Why the most horror films are more popular in the US, Hongkong, Japan, UK and Italy than in Germany?
is 16 to late to start acting?
TEENS THAT ACT! Do you enjoy it? (may sound stupid, sorry) Is it really difficult to learn?
any auditions coming up for a movie like a science one for kids12 and up .....?
be honest: do you think an african american female can make it as a successful actress?
Is page Parks talent agency a good agency for Houston Texas?
I have a girlfriend right now,but she still love his ex boyfriend.what will i do?
How do I get rid of theater stage fright? First Timer.?
Hairspray or We will rock you?
How much do actors spend on training?
How Can I Memorize My Script BQ?
are soap operas still filmed in New York City?
where can i find the sweeney todd soundtrack?
Should I give up my dream?
Drama queen?
Where can I download the script for "The Lottery"?
How do I get an agent for voice acting?
Why is my mom acting like that?
Hello, anybody heard about UKMM agency?Its good or scam?
i need help!?
What are the best books that cover the business of acting?
turning scene advise idea's yeah so on?
I Didn't Make the School Play :( 10 points.?
If I want to become a professional actress, should I go to University for it?
I am in a skit where I have to be a crazy old grandpa, anything funny I could say??? Help! Going on Fri.?
how can i become a actor?
Help for a drama audition!?
Is 21 the average age of a screenwriter?
I have to produce a school christmas show, any ideas as im rubbish at stuff like this?
What/Who are the best Youth/teen talent agencies?
Can you explain what those quotes mean and why are those important?? (from Hamlet)?
How to act in a musical?
Act like a devil's acolyte?
how to be more outgoing?
What is a good monologue for a 12 year old to do?
audition tomorrow morning, need help right now!!!!!?
can someone give me tips about method acting?
Does anyone now if/where I can find the dream girls script on internet?
I'm so happy!!! I Got A Part!!!?
If you could work with any actor/actress (living or dead) who would you choose?
What does it mean when people say "Hercules Hercules!" in a feminine joking manner?
wht is the #1 best romance movie ever?
what is the play R.U.R by Karel Capek the Czech play-writer?
If you have seen HSM the play come here PLZ?
Voice projection?
Eva Mendes ever appear naked or topless in any of her movies or anywhere else?
Does Anyone Know how you can practice acting by yourself ? Example:NewMoon?
Film/Video background for the likes of AFI/Calarts?
Why did Tony Soprano's Therapist quit seeing him as a patient?
What's your favorite(s) Broadway play/Musical Moive?
Caucasian Chalk Circle, Brecht.?
Do u have declamtion pieces?
Can you act in an american tv series/movie,if you are not american?
Should I audition for AGT?
Should I give up on my acting career, everyone says I would never make it or have a chance. But i love it...?
Does anyone know the author of the play?
How to make a T.V. show at a young age?
How can I do emotion memory successfully?
where can i get the " Fantom of the Opera"; book or movie?
can i talk to a writeer for a show?
Reactions to HSM2.?
please tell me casting agencies in Bulgaria.Thanks?
How to write my own humorous acting monologue for a competition?
SHEET MUSIC? [[Bring on the Men - Jekyll and Hyde]]?
Hotspur in Henry V is thick of tongue but a stutter isn't written into the text; what else could it mean?
In the play, the wizard of oz, how many songs does the wicked witch of the west sing?
Can someone give me the names of some female opera characters who are murdered?
Does the actor Julian Morris have an official website?
How can I get into film or professional theatre in Atlanta?
I forgot the name of this monologue!?
Is there a play version to Monty Python and the Holy Grail? I wanted to do it for a school play.?
how do you?
Wicked or Joseph????????
Auditioning for Oliver!?
where can i get the " Fantom of the Opera"; book or movie?
How can I become an actor?
How do you know if an actor is acting or just playing themselves?
Advice on Script Writing?
What would be a good song to play after someone dies?
What agency is recommended to be an actress?
How can i be an actress with out moving to LA?
When in Carousel is "You'll Never Walk Alone" sung?
Rock of Ages day seats?
Into The Woods Audition Song Help!?
Is the Glass Menagerie not one of the best plays ever written in the history of Drama?
Which director is better?
Good monologues for a high school production of Beauty And The Beast?
Who's seen the new Superman movie?
What are Aly and Aj's mother's maiden name???
please read?
How can I stop feeling like it's never going to happen?
Do I Have The Face To Make It?
What are some good Grad schools for Theatre Directing?
becoming a TV/Film extra ?
Can someone give me a few Shakespeare acting tips?
Info Amda university new york?
How named Micky mouse and how was he named after?
Does anyone like "Carousel," "West Side Story," or "The Music Man?"?
Has anyone heard of Fresh Face Talent Management or LA Management Co.?
How not to stare at the camera or the audience?
I need help finding a monologue from romeo & juliet!?
If a mime fell in the forest would it make a sound?
does anyone know an acting course in London, that doesnt include singing or dancing? ?
NPR question:?
Was George Carlin the funnest mf that ever lived?
Requirements to work as one of the female actresses on Sirens of TI at Treasure Island?
from where do i get an agent in jordan? ANSWER PLZ!?
What is a director's/writer's term for a space off stage that actors can refer to, but the audience can't see?
Audition help -- What are some things that directors like and dislike about auditioners?
All Time Low?
my sister is geting 1lac 51 thausand per annum so how much she has to pay the tax?
where can I find the salaries of staff members of a not for profit theater?
Whose brother was banished by decree?
Urgent Call out to all Youtube Users and all Peeps?
where in san diegowas the anchorman fight scene with ben stiller filmed?
I want to write a screenplay. I have the ideas, but no idea how.?
Is there anywhere I can get an audition for Disney Channel?
Context of order vs. chaos for king lear?
Do you think I have a chance of becoming an actress?
Who will play johanna and finnick in catching fire?
What role does technology play on teens lives?
who is ur favorite singer ?
i'm a 15 year old songwriter and screenwriter.?
i need good one act plays for my interhouse skit competition?
Ally Sheedy and Radha Mitchell were lovers in a movie called....?
how many frames of film does a movie projector shows per second?
I want to become famous, but I don't have much talent.?
how to make look younger and older?
The play Romeo and Juliet why does shakesphere use metephores and similes?
I need Celebrity advice?!?!?
Can anyone suggest a good musical or theatrical play?
16 bars from "Children will Listen" from "Into the woods" musical????
What are some good 3-7 minute duet scenes for a male/female pair?
why is Cassius dangerous?
How do I increase my chances of Broadway?
Any tips for stage fright?
I think I am pretty good at acting......?
Acting lessons for foreigners in London?!?
What are the odds of me becoming an actor?
What is your favorite part in High School Musical? also Who is your favorite charachter?
Writing script Help needed?
Have you heard of Baker & Rowley Talent Agency ?
William Shakespeare - Macbeth: Need some help and Ideas for a metaphor/quote project!?
I really want to be an actress but am totally inexperienced (I'm in middle school) any tips on getting started?
Where can I get a Wicked the Musical Script?
Do you think I should audition for the open calls for the Broadway show, How the Grinch Stole X-mas?
What do casting directors and agents look for in a headshot?
Monologue from 'Peter Pan?
how can i become famous?
Monique, that actress; does she look like a whale of a good time?
I need a short 30 min or less Greek play for History Class any ideas ?
Are there any Disney Channel shows casting extras right now?
is acting something i should look into?
Suggest some 3-5 minutes 3 person short-plays/skits? ANSWER FAST!?
how can i become a actress im 14?
Help picking audition song!?
Does anyone have a disney channel script I can see?
What are the best websites to post my daughter's pic and resume for child acting?
Tyler perry plays and cast members?
What are some good romance plays?
Terrible situation: acting rejection?
I want to start acting, and ive been looking at a couple of casting call sites.. anyone got advise for me?
I am writing a short play about finding the end of the rainbow, what should be there?
How do I memorize lines for my play really fast?
can anyone give me a detailed psychoanalysis of Lady Macbeth?
are they making a musical of the little mirmaid?
Pablo Fransisco vs. Stephen Lynch?
I can't believe Junior is limping on me! Help me please? Will you?
where is a good place to get good consert tickets?
How to tell my parents i want to be an actor?
Is it better to pay for acting classes outside of school or to attend an arts/drama college.?
What are your opinions of RENT?
looking for a fierce looking actress?
Who are you in your imagine?
Can anyone give me a valid website so that I can purchase backup music to plug into my synth.?
Is Shahrukh Khan a gay? Whats his address? He is bollywood actor?
how can i download bollywood captures?
Do you think I should audition to be a film extra?
What purpose does scene 3 have in Julius Caeasr?
wat r they?
Which song would be best to try out for the musical "Grease" with?
Does anyone know if the script of "Spamalot" is available anywhere?
What kind of photos to send for film extra job in feature film?
Acting steps plzz answer this plzz?
Children's fantasy monologue?
How can I stop being so nervous on stage?
How to become millionare quickly?
In order to prevent Juliet from marrying twice, Friar Laurence concocts a scheme whereby Juliet will?
How can I 'break out of my shell' to become a better actress?
How do you become and actor?
Is The Lucy Show still copyrighted or not?
how do you get a agent?
How was the acting in death of a salesman?
acting for a fifteen year old ( 10 points)?
A New Scam? Has anyone else gotten something like this?
At what age is it too late to start a career in acting?
girls which high school musical character do you like?
How can I become a recognized actor?
Acting career please answer!?
What is an ideal female audition piece for "Little Shop of Horrors"?
I need help with deciding what to do for my musical audition?
any good female duets for two teens?
Is this ok for a monologue?
Script for the musical Hair?
What other Talent Agencies are there?
how can i become a perfect actor?
Who are your favorite actors that always seem to play the exact same character?
i would like to play a role in a movie how do i find out about auditions?
would you rather be an actor/actress or author?
Can anyone answer my questions about acting!?
Finding casting calls?
How do I find an agent in Hollywood?
does anybody no of a great acting school?
how to get good act in drama?
How much money can a teen actress make?
Worst Audition experience!?
what are the octave levels for singers in order?
Should I go to college for acting?!? What do I major in? I'm so beyond confused.?
how do i translate a midsummer's night dream?
Should I make acting my career?
My mom called me ugly?
acting . . .?
In the play Noises Off what do you think would go on if they added another act to the play?
What is the best way for a 50 year old man to find work as an actor?
How does one become an Actor/ ress? What is is that you have to be able to do to be an actress/or?
Looking for software to use in a stage production?
Kissing Ex boyfriend in a play?
Looking for a wineskin?
Do you own any musical instruments?
what is the name of the actress in the indian movie lucky?
good tips on how to write a play script?
I am looking for script to PETER TERSON play "zigger zagger" can anyone help me find one please. thanks.
What is a good movie monolouge to audition for hairspray?
Theatre T-shirt design for drama club?
Anyone same with me?
days off of actors coninued...?
What are the most famous quotes from Macbeth?
who like acting in school plays please tell thank you?
film schools in so cal besides la film school new york film academy usc and ucla?
Which Job would you take?
Open Casting Calls???
can someone help me, i need help finding a song. . . .?
I need help finding a play!?
How were the actors directed during the Elizabethan period?
Can anyone help me on this one actress from a Verizon commercial?
Acting Help!?
I need ideas for costume?
Is Zac Efron going out with Asley Tisdale or Vanessa Ann Hudgens?
best way to get someone to finance your play and collaborate getting cast. A1 play for the times. Need mavens
What to wear to see Wicked at the Canon Theatre?
Aspiring Broadway Star?
I want to be an actor and have an audition soon but...?
How can i get an audition for disney?
Acting CV question.....?
A Very Potter Threequel?
How do I look in this photo?
Does anyone know were I can find acting classes near Hazleton PA?
what is a good musical my high school can do?
Which musical CD should I buy?
Any ideas for a Forensics duo for 2 guys age 16?
Do appearances matter in theater class?
How to know if you're a good actor?
Does the state have a responsibility to its artisan community?
In the movie 1776: Who are all the delegates mention?
I like acting very much can i get a chance to act in Ekta Kapoor's serial ?
what do u do when u forgets all ur lines?
Dose anyone know anything about st genisius?
What is your favorite song in The Phantom of the Opera.?
Are their any acting auditions for teenagers in Atlanta,GA coming up?
How to major in acting/drama/theater in college? process? undergraduate?
Does anyone know anything about a company called entertainment parks?
where can i get pictures of the cast of "merchant of venice" of willian shakespear?
When Sam Kelly performed 1st audition on britains got talent,whos song was playing in the background?
IS watching soap operas since 6 years old give you a edge in being an actress?
RENT..mimi's solo's.?
anyone ever been to heritage square music hall in golden colorado?
How should I create chemistry with my co-star?
any good musical? like high school musical or hairspray?
Juliet, out of necessity, acts deceitfully when she pretends to?
i want to go for a part in the school play?
Do I need a lot of experience to be in a commercial?
ughh people help please?
Voice Acting Auditions!?
Should I quit the school play?
How can I start a careeracting, getting an agent, and all that is involved in becoming successful with it?
Right Now...What is your perception of reality?
what are some good scene names for becca?
Is the McCarty Talent Agency in Utah a good agency to start out with?
I want to know how many ppl loved High School Musical.?
s-creative name for play-HELP?
To get and Equity Card?
Does anybody remember what the character's title was in the movie "The Man " ?
casting call- what to wear??? Plz answer asap!!?
Did you know The Sound oMusic opens tonight?
information on the play/movie "Getting Out" by Marsha Norman?
good Oliver! audition songs?
Is it true Vanessa Hudgens wont be in Highschool Musical 3?
What should I sing for Little Shop of Horrors?
Whatever happened to Yasmine Bleeth? I think she was one of the most beautiful women around.?
Song ideas for a Mayzie la Bird audition?
High School Musical!?
Anyone have Skit ideas?
Macbeth theme question, please! :)?
How can an actor on (hollywood, broadway anywhere) gets a Social Security? ?
is this a good headshot picture ?
Is this a good plan for acting?
Charlie Hunnam as Solid Snake?
Can a female part be played successfully by a male actor?
Is there a script writer that needs an idea for a film?
I need some ideas with the theme for my movie?
How do i get the part of Hermia?
What is a good miming idea?
who would be good a actors or actress to play in the movie of Esperanza Rising?
The audition hotline...what company does it it legit and not a scam? please help ?
What are good monologues for ages 8-10?
What do you guys think about this screenplay idea? (asked previously in books, authors, and movies)?
is scareface a good name 4 a gangser in a play eventhow hes real?
I want to be an actress but dont know squat?
Good modeling agencies in chicago?
Are there any performing arts Schools in Houston?
Dramatic Duet Scene -- Can you help me find one?
does anyone know that song in the movie "matchpoint" from the trailer?
What are the best ways to get into Stage Management?
Favourite Musical ever?
what do I want?
i wanna become an actress?
How can I help my daugther with her acting class?
I need a thought for the day?
Is There any Open Casting Calls for acting in Toronto or Collingwood?
are model guns dangerous?
I need to find the setup of an arena theater?
How can i be a actor?
omi gosh please i need a answer!!!?
What is the best way to get out of a song writer's block?
naturalism solutions to human problems?
Help with english skit?
Inexpensive Programme Printing?
How to improve a nasally kind of voice?
What are these "good acting schools"?
ive got a script idea?
Is Wicked a good musical? Why or Why not?
What character can I cos-play as? (Pictures included)?
Does anyone have info on "Dark Side of the Moon" being played while watching "Wizard of Oz"?
Is it ok to do this as an actor?
I saw a ballet at a opera house years and years ago i think it was called "man on"?
Can someone with experience within the acting industry explain how they got where they are?
The Importance of being Earnest?
How does a person over come shyness?
who know where is robert de niro live now?
How do i become good at MW3?
How to improve acting skills, memorise scripts and control emotions when in front of people?
Modeling with acting?
Where to find on the net: Shakespeare's Romeo&Juliet in Hungarian ?
What kind of sites that will help you get casting calls and get discoved as an actor for free ?
good songs for girls to audtion in a musical for?
Les Miserables: What is Eponine singing about in One Day More?
Get an acting agent at 14 in dallas?
I'm moving back to Dallas soon and am seeking a job as a designer witha reputable theatre. Any leads?
Should technical theatre resumes have years on them?
Aniston or Jolie?
If you were in the Adult entertainment industry,what would you're "stage name" be ?
Am I too old to start acting? And become an actress?
What makes a good actress?
In Fancy dressCompetition,twin sisters participated, one as RADHA,another SHRIKRISHNA==How can you identify ?
How do i become an actress? Please help!?
Disney Auditions?
In the play im doing i have 2 learn an assyrian accent.... anyone know where i can hear one on the internet?
Do you think Jennifer Aniston ever watches "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"?
Is it possible for a normal person to become a BRILLIANT filmmaker?
Is the play "Wicked" any good?
I need easy to read and play sheet music for The Call by Regina Spektor.....?
What's one actor more or less?
What are some good role models?
I want to be an actress so badly..?
what should i wear for my audition?
Good Monologues from Published Plays?
who is jojo dating?
Can someone please help me? Need help becoming an actress!!!!?
What is a good audition song for Fiddler on the Roof?
Shakespeare. Boring or not?
Is da teen choice awards pg 13?
Rocky horror picture show long beach?
Castle On a Cloud? PLEASE HELP?
Similar to a previous question -- summer acting intensives?
Please help me.?
I'm looking for a slender brunette that is short and attractive, brunette. I am willing to pay some money.?
am i ready to become an actor?
if you were a casting director,where would you look for new talent?
what are the different types of theatres?
Would you call balthasar a jester?
any advice to a begginer in the....?
I need a female western dress like the one Kittie from gunsmoke wore.?
what skills would they be looking for at the high school musical 3 auditions?
If I want to see The Dark Knight Rises at an IMAX, can I just show up and buy tickets like a regular theater?
My school's drama club is doing a play from the 40's...?
Do casting call websites work?
The young boy in The Christmas Story?
What is a great scene from a great play?
How Many Years are needed in a Drama School??
Funny, upbeat musical theatre audition song?
where can i write to barry levinson creator of oz on hbo?
Any tips on acting drunk?
please help me with acting agencys?
How to get back into acting (for a teenager)?
Lady Macbeth can best be described as a even more ambitious than macbeth or subservient to macbeth?
What is the height of the John Golden Theater stage? We have front row seats and are affraid the stage is high
How to act like a hooker?
What is the ensemble part of "General's Mission Band" in Guys and Dolls?
i want to become an actress?
Actors (you, too, are "dramatists"), what is your relationship with the audience?
when is the final of Britains's Got Talent ?
im a 13 year old high soprano and im auditioning for my school musical, what song should i sing?
What are some great tips to help one get into a school play?
does anybody know the answer?
Cabaret (musical) question!!?
how do you get famous without having a talent ?
I need audition advice?
Until the early 1950s, most new plays written in the United States originated in regional theaters. True?
does any1 no a 19th century theater picture?
Im in a school play i need help?
Where can i purchase the lyrics for Tony Roper play ' the steamie'?
I want to be an actor but i don't have any experience what should i do?
When you walk into the audition room for a commercial. Do you hand the folks your headshots then?
How does Aeschylus develop Prometheus' role as a cultural hero? (It's no longer just about fire)?
Good music for a Cinderella ball?
what do i do to become a model?? Please help?
What are some upbeat well known mezzo soprano musical theater songs?
is lion king a true story?
How to be successful in acting?
I want to get into acting. Help?
I want to know, about a regular acting blog from an acting coach? who wrote his blog regularly?
Theatre Help! Audition help...?
what's the most effective way to get people to come to a comedy show?
Want to try acting, very insecure and scared out of my wits though?
What's the best musical ever?
i am developing my ear for hearing parts..i'm a tenor please give me some pointers?
Anyone auditioning for tring park sixth form?
high school play question?
any movie related to romeo and juliet?
Does anyone know any websites that have scripts that include only 2 people?
I want to do merrige in diffrent cast but my family does not allow to me .wat to do plz help?
How to become popular?
what is a good site for acting auditions?
Can someone help me write a playbill bio?
Help with Alice and Wonderland jr. audition?
is damgabestlive a real talent agency?
i want to act in plays, should I.....(plz read whole question)?
Is Wicked the musical good?
Is there a website where I can buy tragedy/comedy masks from where they originally come from?
How can I raise funds for my local drama group?
i think im a wizard ?
What are the best monologues that could be performed in a beauty pageant?
Can foreign students get a visa to study acting in la?
How do you audition for a movie?
What do you think of my glee audition?
What time do plays start on the East Coast? Curtain is usually at 8 in California but I've heard it's ?
I am a young 16 year old guy who wants to be an actor i don't were to start?
How do I get started voice acting?
where can i find the pictures of kushboo in the magazine called MAXIM?
What is the best way for a young girl to become an actress?
Where is a moviee theatre in my location?
What are some good audition songs for kids?
what do you think of acting in movies vs. theater?
what are some good warm up games for drama 1??
How to force yourself to fall down stairs?
What monologue should i do?
where would u live?
when did shakespeare begin writing and acting in plays?
who is the best agency for acting and how do i get them to be my agent?
What if I don't do so hot on the auditions to minor in musical theater?
Acting is my secret passion but I'm afraid to show any1 what I can do?
How many Black Singing main roles are in Ragtime? Where Can I download the CD for free?
I need a lot of help on writing my cover letter... any ideas? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER help!!!? OPEN AND READ !!?
What's a better professional stage name beween these three?
What is the Stanislavski Method?
how to play Ordinary Day on the piano?
I'v seen an add for a talent agency..?
Anyone who likes theater/acting/film....?
How to submit my screenplay to any producer ?
Should my headshots be with curly or straight hair?
could anyone tell me a Drama group name ?
How do you play bloody mary?
Where can I find short scripts?
Biography of Farid Currim?
What is an H/R?
I am a high school student, looking into an acting career. Any advice on how to pursue my dream ?
Eros Ramazzotti or Toto Cotugno ?
a little heip?
Good musicals for high school?
Audition Questions!!!?
Could Johnny Depp get another........??????????
In the wizard of oz at the palladium in London, how long is the show on for?
what are good auditions songs for a person without a pretty voice?
How can I perfect a "Hillbilly" sort of voice for my humorous interpretation?
Anybody been to a Play Lately? please help Q&A 5 Stars to Best Help?
Where was lion king filmed?
What happens during a casting call?
I want my stage name to be different then my real name, do i have to go through all of that crazy legal stuff?
Bustin Out of a Small Town?
How do i prepare for an audition?
Is there a way to Find auditions for kids 11-15?
How do you become an actress?
Romance monologues for girls?
I want to be an actress??
Does anyone know where you can find choir robes for small children at a decent price.?
Your favorite musical...?
would this be ok for me to sing at an audition?
American Talent management?
How can I convince my parents to let me do musical theater?
What night is the best to see a harold in Chicago?
What does it take to make it BIG in acting? hollywood in particular?
Any tips for getting acting jobs in Texas?
can you greet the director if you are an extra?
Becoming a working actor?
Did any one catch the john godber play 'Our House' great acting and writing?
Are you still looking for a great Acting school in Philadelphia. If so, check out Playhouse West.?
What's a good stage play for little girls to play in?
What's the process in becoming an actor?
I need some help summarizing what Ross in Macbeth is saying?
"A lightning before death, O how may I call this a lightning? Romeo and Juliet?
what is The Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency and what do they do?
What are good acting agencies?
How do I write a beginners acting resume with no experience?
Should I continue doing theatre?
How can I make myself relax when I am already acting on the stage or infront of a camera?
Where can I get free sheet music for "Let's Hear it For the Boy" from Footloose?
Should I follow my dream and try to be an actress or be realistic and go to nursing school?
Who do you think is/was the greatest actor of all time and why do you admire that person's acting?
What do i do ??
Tips on memorization and rehearsing?
Where is the best place to watch a performance at the Ford Theatre in Chicago?
Does this sound legit or like a scam to you?
Help!!! Its About Alan Baltes .?
Famous actors who can pull off an badass, edgy character?
Need help on Romeo and Juliet Questions?
How can I sound Snobby?
Could putting that I am a filmmaker hurt my chances of getting a part?
How do I join the usher union in NYC?
Help me find this monologue?
What's you favorite musical?
wanna know more about voice overs?
Is a scam or the real deal??? PLEASE HELP!!?
What is the dress code for a matinee Theatre Show?
Help With Ideas For A Drama Monologue?
Who is the best ballet dancer in the world?
are plays divided into acts, scenes, and lines?
Anyone who has written something, here's your chance to see it put to life! Good story for a mini drama?
how do i become a voice actor in panama city Florida if i live in a small town?
Was Donnie Darko ever a play?
What is a good slow song 2 sing 4 a contest?
All my sons, In your opinion was Joe Keller's downfall his own fault?
What is the best day job to pursure acting in New York City?
Y bollywood flims r not at par with hollywood flims?
i'd like u to judge this poem. say wutever you think?
Any chances of me becoming a pro actress?
Can someone please explain the appeal of INTO THE WOODS to me?
I Wanna Be An Actor!?
I'm so glad Mario made it to the finals... do you agree?
How to find open casting calls?
Did Evilene die on the set of The Wizard of Oz ?
CALLING ALL ACTORS! is this a legit site?
Drama centre, London?
Is owning a camera a must for a filmmaker?
MACBETH HOMEWORK someone please help?
Why is saying the name "Macbeth" in a theatre bad luck?
i want to act in plays, should I.....(plz read whole question)?
high school drama plays?
Songs for Hamlet video?
Is Hollywood about looks and talent?
Call back from CESD agency?
Does anyone know of any good acting schools or classes for kids ( im 13 by the way)?
Acting school in London ?
Can I be a professional actor in musical theatre if i only study at college?
how does te whole acting agency idea work?
when is it too old to start acting?
What audition song for Edwin Drood musical?
Who out there likes High School Musical 1 and 2?!?!?
O you think theyll audition people for "Mockingjay"openly?
Where and how do I start with acting?
How can I convince my mom that this is what I want to do?
What is the name of that William Shakespear play where the girl pretends to be a boy??
Are there any hip hop auditions or competitions in the state of Illinois(chicago)?
Is their any theater scenes for 3 women, that we can Audion with?
whats a good scene name or scene name for Alexis?
If any one person write here:"i make bomb for Obama"-can be judjed like jocker or will be directly charged ?
Anybody Have Useful Monologues For 14 year Old Male?
What's everyone singing for their musical theatre grade 5 exams?
What are legit acting agencies in Chicago?
wat would happen if actors n actresses turn to politicians?????????
What is your favourite Broadway show stopper?
wizard of oz in concert dream come true?
how does bollywood introduce new ideas to perfomances and acting?
my grades are so-so and i what to audition for acting does my grades matter?
What do you do in auditions? ?
Modeling? How can I do it?
whats a class skit???????????for acting
Five to ten minute monologue on the Holocaust?
what age is the best age to try and get into the acting industry?
Does anyone know where I could buy a copy of,'Mystic River' on VHS?
seasons of love how to act?
I want to audition for a musical called Little House of Horrors?
Does anyone know how to get into Disney's N.B.T ?
How can i stand out in acting classes?
How to become an actor?
Renaissance Theatre - Street Performers and Medieval Plays?
What do you think of my voice acting?
What should I wear to a musical audition?
Is In The Moment Acting Studio in Ontario, CA the best price for class?
Which of Shakepseare's plays would you produce and perform, if you could only choose two?
where can i go to college to be a famous actress lik in movies lik mr.and ms.smith,MeanGirls or X-Men!?
Actors/actresses advice on dating during rehearsing for a production?
i NEED to lose my voice within the next ten hours?
In August, will it be in London any theater play (not musical) starring any well known actor?
What are some good monlogue links?
What is the name of a play where a class is being taught in a "new language"?
How can a US middle school abtain performing rights to Lionel Bart's Oliver!?
I am a big fan of the show Noah's Arc and i miss the third espiode if any one has watch it what happened?
i would like to see images of costumes from the play 'our country's good' by timberlake wertenbaker?
Acting agents anyone?!?
At a Broadway show is it better to sit in the front of the orch or the back?
OMG,How can I be comfortable with stage kissing.?
What musical should I see?
What female movie star, was the GI's love , during 1960?
is 13 too late to be a child actress?
What should I sing for my audition?
What does "Keep your hands at the level of your eyes" mean in Phantom of the Opera?
What show should I see?
Why do you young actresses feel they have to play a Whore to be taken Seriously?
Do you like The PHATOM of the Opera?
What do you think about comedians switching to serious roles?
You can't answer this question - - -?
where can i watch high school musical 3 for free ?
When Romeo and Juliet are in the orchard in Act II, what are they "exchanging"?
how many yes's did harry styles get in his first audition?
How can I practice acting?
How do you study the way people talk?
i need a good scene name?
What are the features of the genre of tragedy?
Why is it that the lights in theaters are so strong in comparison to other lights?
HELP with song???!!!!?
Did you ever see a part in a movie that was so outstanding and it did'nt seem to get any recognition?
Shakesphere 'the tragedy of Macbeth?
What major even marked the closing of all of the elizabethan theaters in England?
i like to meet people but i m afraid of the stranger ,what can i do ?
I love acting. Many think I have carrer potential, but should I pursue it?
What Impact did "South Pacific" have on Musical Theater?
How can I find the AmEX site to sign up for free Bway ticket offer sched for 9/22.?
Where can I find acting classes in Orange County?
How do you apply for an acting travelling scholarhip?
My 10 year old daughter is interested in acting and maybe modeling.?
I want to be a actress.........?
I have an audition...and i dont know anything about the play?
How to prepare for an acting audition? I'm soo scared and nervous!?
If I were to audition for an acting role or drama school, what do I need to do?
As the panto season will shortly be getting into full swing and I have to rehearse each day now.?
I need a stage name!?
Why doesn't my mom want me to become an actress, which is my dream? Please help!?
what is a great one-act play?
are there any auditions in the usa at the moment?
Could I wear jeans to an audition?
how do i become a model or actress but im only 13?
Theatre is more challenging than cinema?
How do I make myself feel better after not getting a part in a school play?
costume question for ophelia?
What it takes to become a successful actor?
which is the best shakespearian play and why?
In the Wizard of Oz?
How do you audition for an American Girl movie?
Is there going to be High School Musical 5?
Why do people hate the musical CATS?
YIKES! HELP! AUDITIONS!what should i sing??
7) Examine the female characters in the play. Do they share a common role in Othello?
Coping with a tiny role?
I have tried modeling. no agent likes me. should i give up?
help me.. any ideas for jr high school play, modern ideas?
What props would you have for a community drama group who've been asked to perform in workshops on /AIDS?
Does anyone know a fansite or a fanmail address for Zooey Deschanel?
i need a short monologue?
hey umm... im 13 years old and i want to be on disney channel......?
what is the best way to get my toddler son into modeling?
what are some facts about stage moives and actores?
at the VERY end of the credits on 'Another cinderella story' where thet play a sweet melody whats it called?
How to control my stage fright?
I need urgent monologue writing help!?
Funny People or Orphan?
Have you seen he play wicked?
who was Georges Melies?
where can i find children audition in Dallas TX for a little girl.and a site for a monologais.?
How do I become famous?
Pursuing my acting career?
Audition songs/tips for Little Red from Into The Woods?
I want to play Mimi in RENT? Help!?
speech and debate pieces? monologues?
Is john robert powers trustworthy?
who has seen Cathy Hopkins?
how do i sing up for national geograpic kids become a star?
do actors have day offs?
What happens if a mime talks?
how much do child actors get per day?
Cinema club help please?
what are some easy ways to become famous?
does anyone have a character description of belinda blair from the play "Noises Off" ?
What Shakespearian play is this quote from:?
I need help thinking of a realistic monologue?
I have play auditions tomorrow?
where is Arcadia by Tom Stoppard playing at present/near future?
Where can I send my headshots and resume to, so that I can get into the acting industry.?
Titus Andronicus, William Shakespeare. Do you have any philosophical points on this tragedy?
Macbeth question, please help!?
Ideas to change my name to?
what are some of the examples of dramatic ironies in twelfth night?
is THIS monologue okay?
What roles did Feste Play in the Twelfth Night?
what is a good audition song for an alto/mezzo soprano?
When does New Moon come into theaters?
How long does it usually take for an acting agent to reply?!?
I want to raise money for a talent show, how would I go about doing this?
Anyone have any good scene names?
How do you keep your singing voice steady when you are chimmying ??
Any Opera fans...especially of Puccini?
How much does an average Kentucky Basketball ticket cost?
Can I take it back?
How much does Stella Adler cost?
What's the best musical around at the moment?
Can you start an acting career in your teenage years?
Name a good actor - and 2 characters he played that is poles apart.?
Who thinks that Miley Cyrus is really skinny for a 13 yr old?
does anyone know if there are any theatre groups in brooklyn or queens ny?
Is acting up again?
writers:monologue idea for this character?
Casting Call Magazines?
what is a good audition monologue for an 11yr. old girl?
Are we talking Buffalo?
Do you like my screenplay?
What song to use to audition for Kenickie in Grease?
Why is it so hard to be famous?
do u think having a show on youtube is a good way to get started in acting?
Was Mad Max shot at Seaford Beach or Sandringham Beach?
Am I too skinny?
I need to remember a script, about a paragraph. I don't have days, only hours to memorize. Any tips for me?
QUICK!! Someone help me figure out what this film making show was?
Acting for a 13 year old?
What are some of the most famous quotes you have heard in a movie?
What is the name of the famous musical piece from the opera 'Carmen' ??? And also, where can i get it from?
How to become famous?
What is the criteria for choosing the best picture in the Academy awards?
Where can study acting if los Angeles if Iam an international student?
Do you like my play script so far?
Cima talent Management?
I need two outstanding comedic and dramatic monolgues!!!!?
Will belting damage my vocal chords?
How do I get my baby into commercials?
What does "Waiting For Godot" by Samuel Beckett trying to imply on?
Hairspray: penny or amber? ?
Singers urgency?
What are some good books that an aspiring actor should read?
is the climax in Macbeth when banquo dies?
where is the best place for me to look for online scripts?
Need to wake up whole night!!!?
Have a look at this website...something I filmed?
Agency or "school" that you recommend..? Could I make the cut..?
I'm nervous for my acting audition ! Please help!?
whats and easy way to memorize the lines of a play?
Questions about: Acting agents, agencies, contacts, resumes, and cover letters?
im only 14, but im desperate to get into acting. Is it possible to get in acting if you have no experience?
What should i use for my costume for my acting class?
Which Thursday night tv show will have more following, Grey's Anatomy or the new Ugly Betty?
If given a choice, who'd you like to play in the Shakespearean drama "Othello"?
Can you please suggest a cool screen name for a new Hollywood action star? Specifically need a cool surname?
old movie where a body was cut up and paved with cement into the steps?? wife finds out - see's bloody steps
I want to be a top actor, but I'm losing my hair at 22 years old. Are bald men unlikely to be leading men.?
i want to strangle my friend for fun how can i convince him for this?
i'm looking for the words to Railing It Uptown, a 10 minute stage play.?
Musical Audition Help?
I really want to become an actress but what avenue (through the links in the details) are best?
I can't do the fall play in school because my mom can't afford it, how can I still practice?!?!?
Was William shakespear bi- sexual?
Favorite Broadway play?
did johnny depp do any shakespeare?
What is your idea of the quintessential American musical?
When you audition for disney as an actress what do you need ?
How do connections help you get representation?
8th grade graduation speech?
Help with High School Audition?
i need help finding a place online that sells Marie Antoinette inspired growns??
I got picked for stage manager and have no idea what to do?
How does the play Julieus Ceaser end?
We run a childrens drama school and this week we will have lots of hot tired parents sitting in a room waiting
Where (online) can I go to stay updated on Viva Forever the Musical?
steelbar theater website?
Acting websites needed???
How many agents should I email to see if they would want me?
I've always wanted to play a cover at my school?
). Assuming actor #1 plays Oedipus throughout the play (and only Oedipus) who would actor 2 and 3 play?
why do i hate acting school?
Play for two girls? URGENT!!?
does anybody have any good monolouges or movies or books that would have good monolouges in them?
Auditions for teenagers?
Acting Questions. Any Help Appreciated!?
Disney face character question?
Macbeth Act 1 question?
what kind of classes do you take for the acting major at NYU?
About to Snap Any Minute?
which one high school musical or camp rock?
what`s your idea about Ioan Gruffud?
how do you get into acting?
how should i find music for a play?
voice casting in singapore?
Is the musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on public domain?
Does wicked the musical have a happy ending?
examples of low comedy in twelfth night??!!!?
What song should I perform for my audition for Winifred in Once Upon a Matress?
What role does emotion play in the critical thinking process?
How to overcome stage fear?
please.. help with my stage name?
I'm wanting to get into acting, how can i make it to the big time?
What should my costume be for the play?
Arthur Miller. The greatest American Dramatist of all time?
is it too late to enter a pageant?
Does zac efron actually sing in the movie high school musical?
Whats your Favorite Musical Of All Time?
Auditioning for Sondheim musicals?
My dream is to be an actress...?
Facunda Arana and Natalia Oreiro?
Has anyone seen Wicked?
My son is interested in becoming an actor?
Where can i find free duet acting scripts from plays?
How do you find a good talent agent?
Writing a Play! Desperately need help! Please help?! (10 POINTS)?
Short comedic monologue HELP!!!?
CREATIVE PPL WANTED! =) Korean War Movie Project?
soliloquys in macbeth?
Is there any good Macbeth fight scene music?
why didn't i get the part i wanted?
Has anyone ever seen a mime in real life?
Is my acting any good?
Looking for a song.?
I am looking for an agent for my 4 yr. old son. where sould i look?
How far is the phrase "Hamlet is a man who cannot make up his mind" an adequate description of Hamlet?
You're too good Kristin.?
I'm filming a little movie for my school and need help with limited resources ?
In Harry Potter and the GOF, why did they hire an asian girl to play harry's 'date'?
What to audition with?
Does anyone know any good drama schools?Im in desperate need of an answer!?
how to play with peins?
5 Minute Musical? ?
where will new moon be filmed?
Which one should I try out for?
how to cry easily ( acting )?
Any intense chill bump monologue suggestions?
who was in the original Broadway cast of Grease?
Give an account of the premonitions in the play romeo and juliet,show how far they become true?
Role play question..rarr..?
how old is vanessa anne hugenson?
im in my second year at a performing arts college in nottingham i really want to go to an acting school after?
Phantom of the Opera. Musical or Opera?
what is the best site to see children's monologue?
who is the girl in the rainy yasmin birth control pill commercial? also in a "bold moves" ford commercial
do u guys know any acting colleges?
Drama club auditions...? Please help!!!?
does anyone know how to do that hand clap thing on the newsies?
Throughtout his life, What inspried Shakespear as a playwrite?
What kind of background or information do you need to audition for a commercial?
do you like the wizard of oz?
Can't find Alvin Klein's review of "To Gleam It Around, To Show My Shine," in NY Times, NJ ed 10/16/88 page 20
How much times have HUGE stars been rejected? More info below.?
Do some Disney Channel commercials have to do with parent's permission?
Shy girl signing up for acting classes?
any ideas for a 30 second movie or clip?
does anyone know when and or where a shakespearean plays in western washington within July?
I've got multiple personalities and can fabricate new ones at will. Should I take up acting?
Where can i find drama movie scripts?
Acting classes for teens in NYC?
how would you go about finding someone?
Is there anything more irritating than a precocious child actor?
Acting theaters for adults with disabilties?
Do I look like a TRANNY PORN STAR...?
How do you get starting in acting professionally?
What is Sherie Rene Scott up to now after Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?
What is a very dramatic book or movie?
I am looking for an easy very low budget to get my choir into choir dresses. Any suggestions?
I want to be an actress.?
Where can I find the script and score for [title of show]?
How do you do a comedic spit take?
How Do I Become Famous????
I CANT CRY ON STAGE!! Can you help me?
What are some good antagonist monologues from plays?
Annie Jr. Characters?
Cats-the musical?
What do you have to do to become an usher to a broadway play?
really bad stage freight :( help!?
What do you call a play or a movie that does not have a dénouement?
ANYONE--how can I obtain a copy of the 1958 movie short " T is for Tumbleweeds". Please help, I will pay.
Has anyone heard of Halo Casting acting company? Are they legit and worth the monthly dues?
Romeo and Juliet?
i wanna do modellng dancing and acting.?
How to get into the Acting Business?
I really want to be an actor?
Drama scholarships?? Acting ext?? such thing?
Would this be a good jacket for an audition?
would a monologue from romeo and juilet be appropriate for...
I am 16 years old and need two monologues for a big play this weekend.?
effect of cinema on youth?
Atmospheric Music?
Are there any acting classes in houston for 11 year olds?
bollywood actors?
Dramatic Monologues ?!!?
What are differences between the real Macbeth and Shakespeare's Macbeth?
Where in Othello does Desdemona's defiance of Brabantio in Act I Scene I used against her later in the play?
Presenting a eulogy for drama class please help?
Has anyone ever been to Barter Theater in VA?
Why are there no Italians in Macbeth?
Should I play softball or play the saxophone?
In the show lesmiserable jean valjean was imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread and what other crime ?
If I don't get a call-back for a musical, does that mean I'm not cast?
Wear black for audition?
How can I sign up for background acting?
I need monologues for a 9 year old girl to perform at auditions.?
I need emotional atychar contect no.?
Are there any good acting schools in Connecticut?
Veterans Day Skit Ideas...?
hi am 14 l want to become an actor now.?
How much are performance rights for an amateur cabaret-style show?
What do you think of my acting resume on IMDB?
I really wanna become...?
Will the RSC's version of Hamlet starring David Tennant make it to Broadway?
how much would a 2.2 oz star ruby be worth?
What's a good audition website?
Performing arts colleges?
I want be the star in hollywood but how?
how do i promote a new musical?
Camp Rock 2? help?
What did you think of the balcony Scene in Romeo and Juliet?
what is les miserables all about?
issweeney todd a real character?
can someone help me analyze “My poverty, but not my will consents" (from romeo and juliet)?
is there any free acting classes in Chicago?
Where can I find hip hop dance classes in Vermont????
How to develop an accent?
A nice drama/stage play to act out in school?
Can you do any impersonations?
Acting agencies in Washington DC area?
Acting and Acting Coaches?
read more?
How can I audition for Renesmee in Breaking Dawn, help me please?
How to start my acting career ?
I want to study Musical Theatre, where should I apply?
who is the best actor in bolly wood?
Comedic monologues for teen girls?
who plays miss doughtfire?
How can i become an actress?
help quick?
Do you know about the Lady Rothermere award for acting students? Where can I find more information?