Where can you find Mystery dinner scripts for free online?
be a better actress?
Please help! Is there a monologue i can use in charlie st. cloud, the lucky one, safe house, or the proposal?
A Winter's Tale auditions? Help!?
And then there were none tips?
how long does it take to learn how to play the piano?
can anyone pls tell me who the 1000th created man on earth is?
What would be the easiest or hardest character to play in a movie or TV show?
what is your favourite musical/ theatre production?
Need words to the first 16 bars of "Me" from Beauty and the Beast.?
Ideas for school play? (Non-copyrighted)?
can someone please clarify the role of the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera? I believe it is C. Daae's father
is mohanlal is the best actor in malayalam?
why do actors/actresses date other actors/actresses?
Which play?
Do the have alot of cuss words and stuff on the night listner??
Actors: What's the most memorable line of dialogue you have said on stage?
Did you learn the alphabet forwards by singing a song and if so would rapp work good for reverse?
help with the play Julius Caesar?
is it hard to be an actor?
I need good audition tips.
Acting lessons? Help?
Shakespeare's Plays?
Help on making disney audition video?
I think I'm falling for my acting partner?
How to get into Voice acting work?
I need a list of british accent movie .could you help me?
Romeo and Juliet silent movie?
How do I act like a psycho at a Haunted House Job?
How to quit my theatre class?
What play should i do for drama?
i am in NEED of a Mayzie La Bird costume from Seussical the Musical!?
Did all the top movie stars like brad pitt, and denzel washington get acting training?
What's the difference bewteen a "speech and drama" course and an "acting" course?
Doe's anyone like Charley off Big Brother?
Female Monologues from a play?
Was Bill Hudson married to goldie Hawn or did he just live with her ?
in romeo and juliet What happens to speed up the plan,?
What are the critical roles needed to create a television show? e.g director, producer?
how would you give a definition for a Broadway musical?
Does anyone know when Gwen Stefani's baby is gonna be born and give a site where I can actually see this baby?
What is your favourite les Miserables song?
Am I at 19 to old to pursue acting? Is my father right?
HELP! phillipine help for acting?
I need an audition song for Into the Woods!?
how do i get into acting? I'm 13 and i would like to get into acting such as on like Disney channel?
Places to do Youth Musicals in LA?
I am playing Penny in my school play Hairspray! Any comments for me?
Do you think pre-teens should model ?
Which is the best Acting University on Los Angeles? Does it have Directing classes also?
how can i become an actress on tv?
16 & pregnant n teen mom auditions????
where can i find a script for a soliloquy from "Macbeth" that Lady Macbeth says?
If a mime fell in the forest would it make a sound?
Will somone play minecraft with me?
How to get into indie theatre?
10 Points For Best Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
In "Macbeth" what is an aside?
why is life un-fair?
Can I get a referral for an acting agency from somebody who isn't signed with the agency?
monologues about work?
do you know any ggod websites I can go to to find a good casting call?
Where can I find the Anyone Can Whistle play script?
I need help!!!!?
Menotti title roles?
With what emotions should I say this monologue for my audition?
plain looking actresses?
Are row A dress circle good seats at aldwych theatre?or upper circle row b seats 7-8?
Which is the best musical - Les Miserables or Lord Of The Rings : The Musical?
How can i get an american accent?
I'm not an american Citizen, can i still get acting jobs (Professional)`?
George Bernard Shaw's "You Never Can Tell"?
How old do you have to be?
musical boarding school?
i want to act but i dont know how to get started. helpp ?
what do you think of my singing?
What is it like to audition for disney channel? Do you really need an agent?
What are some lists of jobs that i can pretend im playing.?
Anybody know where the auditions of harry potter are held ?
How long does it take for someone to get established in piercing, modeling, and voice acting?
Help me find a comedy play please?
How Easy Is It To Get Paid To Do Improv?
do you play a musical instrument?
I'm in a play and I'm playing a guy, I have all the technicalities down but something's missing.?
Does anyone know of any websites with really cool/ interesting Wizard of Oz set designs?
How do i become an actress???????I'm 12?
What is better? Having a B.F.A in theater or a B.A in theater?
What's the most real-looking fake blood?
Im 13 and want to be an Actor?
Im 13 and my first kiss is going to be on stage! Please help!?
How to prepare for musical auditions?
Why does Idina Menzel gasp so much when she sings?
What is the age range for the ideal Oliver in Oliver?
Any ideas for a funny monolouge?
Do you know any good plays?
Romeo & Juliet Act 2 Scene 4- Who, What, When, Where, & Why of Romeo & Juliet!?
Angry shakespear monologues for women?
Talent Agencies in Texas?
What subjects do I need to take to do drama at college?
How does Greek Theatre affect modern theatre?
Does anyone have a good technique for blushing on demand?
How do child actors go to school while filming?
i need a place for my band to play other than the exit?
Another resume question...?
What are some great woman monologues?
what do you like better?.................hannah montana or high school musical????????????????????????????????
How do I get the part in a play ?
How do I get over my theater family?
I NEED ideas for a speech class lip sync on stage! Please can anybody help with inspiration/ideas?
What should I do for my theatre arts class?
I'm looking for some really good Character songs for auditioning. Also I'm a guy if that helps...?
I have rehearsal until 9 every night this week?
Is West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein categorized as a musical, a musical comedy, or an operetta?
how to act creepy??????????????
In the Taming of the Shrew, who is the true Shrew?
Broadway Song for Auditions?
Aida the Musical, who was it written by?
Y do we care what happens in an actor or singers personal life?
how do you think my singing is? i have never took lessons?
Braces affecting The Event?
Have you ever thought of becoming an actor/actress?
dennis joseph o'neil?
where do i find a acting agency?
High School Musical(1 or 2) OR Hairspray???
school play props question?
Innocent Audition Monologues?
top acting classes in dallas?
William Shakespears-Macbeth?
High School Musical or Life With Derek?
What should I call my tv show?
What are some upbeat well known mezzo soprano musical theater songs?
How do I analyze a character such as Elphaba?
Why is Othello a tragedy?
cuidado con el angel last part drama does marichuy go back to juan miguel!!!!!?
So I am auditioning for Cabaret in a month and I am trying to figure out what to sing. Any suggestions?
Help I Need a Good Female Teenage Monologue?
is acting or theater gay in your opinion?
What do you do in an audition in macker entertainment?
Modeling/Acting site?
How does the talent for word play affect the fortunes of the characters in Shakespeare's "Richard III"?
Acting? Please read and Answer. Easy 10 Points!?
when are the auditions going to take place of roadies 6.0 ?
What is a good middle school audition song? I am auditioning for my school play and don't know what to sing!?
What day is the teen choice awards on?
How long is Antonique Smith going to be in RENT?
Do anyone know of a website where I can get free, short scripts from?
Favorite musical theatre song?
Doc in West Side Story?
will idina be playing elphaba on the january 23, 2007 show of wicked in the gershwin theatre in ny?
Disney Channel Auditions?
I need a monolouge?
Name Act III of Macbeth?
I want to become a actor.?
Fiddler on the Roof, The King and I, or Pirates of Penzance?
How do I make my high schools musical?
can someone give me a list of australian actors and actresses that have made it big in hollywood?
Is there a High School Musical 2 coming up? If yes, what is it about?
Anyone know any Celibrity emails?
are there any schools that are very creative for many types of art in ny?
Do members of the I.A.T.S.E. get good jobs?
Has anyone seen "The Blue Man Group"?
how do you?
i need 3 agent names for women!?
how to become famous!?
How many people do you think they auditioned for the new Freedom TV ad?
do acting agents cost money???????
Sheet music for Cinderella?
how can i start my acting carrier in usa as i'm indian?
what happens in An Inspector Calls?
I need a good Acting camp?
I have no experience in theatre but am cast in musical with experienced actors... how do I prepare?
Sheet music for "I Have a Love" from West Side Story?
Should I go see the da Vinci Code?
What's the best way to start memorizing lines for a play?
Duo interpretation, need ideas?
MACBETH: what traits does Duncan show that exhibit him to be a king?
Which Play Should I audition for?
How do you become famous?
How to become popular?
High School Musical - School Production Script?
what can you learn from romeo and juliet?
Please answer..about acting!!! :D?
Where can i find episode 24 of romeo x juliet?
How to enter bollywood from assam as an actor and i don have any contacts pls tell me?
Answer this dilemma? and film and myself.?
help writing a song?
The best way to make your dreams come true, is to wake up!!! "Do you like???? Christopher?
What is a "blank verse"?
Do you believe in natural talent Or learned?
Steel Magnolias Remake??!?
Getting an acting agent?
Are actors/actresses intellectual types?
I'm in a musical, and i'm the lead role. how do i get rid of those opening night jitters?
is phantom of the opera inappropriate?
where will be audition of Indian Idol 4 in Delhi? Please tell me the exact location in delhi for the audition.
how do u become famous???
how can you become famous?
Where can I find opera auditions in MN for teens???
how do you feel??????????????
DRAMA CLASS?!!??! Help, too shy for this class!!
Question about Theatre?
Help Me Find An Acting Agent ?
i a'm a actor my height is 5'6 with shoes 5'7 some body say actor need a good that true?
What does the deck crew do?
Is Drama School a waste of time for Actors?
Need to find a play for theatre class!!! PlEASE HELP!!?
Are there any modeling agencies in Michigan?
What are good monologues from plays for 10 year old boys?
how do i get an agent?
If I wanted to study Children's theatre, where would I start? I studied Geography in college.?
In the Hamlet, what are some examples of indecision?
What is the name of the play written by Wolfgang Maria Bauer?
I want to work for disney?
What are the diffrences between "wicked" the book and "wicked" the musical?
Does anyone know where I can find acting/singing audition?
In act 4 scene three of romeo and juliet!?
Macbeth Act 1 scene 6 question?
How do actors earn money if they're not currently playing a role?
what is a play-novelette?
Can I become a great actor?
what do you have to audition for macker entertainment?
Anyone know any reparable children's talent agencies in NYC & NJ???
Macbeth - Act 1 Vocabulary Questions?
can I be an famous actor?
A monologue or dialogue for 2 girls?
What are some musicals that involve accents other than standard American?
do you know any good comic relief plots?
How is Juliet introduced to the audience on romeo and juliet?
Hi everyone! I have a question that I'm dying to get an answer! Please READ!!!!!!!!?
Do you have any tips to help me get the lead role of Troy in HSM2 at a summer camp?
Is there a parody of the soliloquy "to be or not to be" ?
Curious about becoming an adult film actor?
school play, monolgue?
who is the best english producer?
Good song to use to audition for Sandy in a musical?
Good RADA audition piece?
Was Ashley tisdale at the vmas?
Actress in California?
what is your favorite quotes?
Are there any really good Drama groups near Watford or London that is also an agency?
Do you have a gun in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me. Which actress said that and why?
Is this school a scam?
Any auditions in Florida?
Casting director sites for Background Extras!?
the life of andrew lloyd webber?
How to play a funny character ?? High School Musical ?
Aly & Aj Michalka ♥?
i want to act in plays, should I.....(plz read whole question)?
How do I become a "triple threat"?
Funny Trivia Skit Ideas for 6 People?
Can a comedy be a tragedy?
Play scripts/drama assessment? ?
Will i be able to attend Hollywood High ?
In The Merchant of Venice, why does Shylock offer the bond to Antonio?
Is it too late to start an acting career at age 12?
How do I learn to do a british accent without hiring a professional?
Do you think putting your talents onto YouTube cheapens you as an actor?
How can i make myself cry?
i think im pregnant im 14?
Julius Caeser play ! help ?
jrp and other acting classes thing..?
What are some good movie ideas to film?
Could I start an acting career with commercials and modelling?
How I become an actor?
I want to audition for a musical called Little House of Horrors?
How many ACTORS does it take to change a lightbulb ?
Need help with scene!!?
Where can I find acting lessons in my area? ?
Yes Man or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?
How can I be funnier? And make people laugh?
Does anyone that lives in newyork know where there is a auditioning place?and is it hard to act in front?
Why is union membership and an agent the most important things, and not talent?
Help to get rid of an accent?
I'm so bored that I'm asking random things...
where is 'Her magesty's theatre' in London?
I need the last name of an 11 year old female play character.?
where was the movie'the paintedveil'filmed?
What is the most valuable asset an actor or speaker can have? Why?
is lion king a true story?
How to fake cry!!!!!!?
you are a play boy photographer?
Should I still make audition even if I have braces?
I'm looking for a monologue that flows into a song?
What are the chances of me becoming an actor?
End of drama school-agent showcases?
How can get a role as extras in SPIDERMAN REBOOT PART 2 (any others interested?)?
Is this audition song appropriate for the show?
List of Shakespeare characters (servants)?
New Stage Name Please Help !?
Idea for a film? Help?
where do i find auditions?
wat acting agencies are there in dallas besides the cambell agency?
Has the movie Tristan and Isolode came out on DVD yet?
Would I have a better chance of making it as an actress living out of Nashville or out of Rochester?
Can someone answer this question about the play Sophocles Antigone Oedipus the King Electra?
What musicals don't contain original music?
whats a good comedic monologue to audition for a acting agency im 14,?
high school musical 2????
Hints and Tips - Irish Accents..?
How Can I Audition For EASTENDERS:E20 the new spin off show?
I am going to start acting classes and I need help with my voice because when I'm nervious ....?
How can I become a successful actress?
What awards were those? PLZ HELP!?
What are some creative things you can do at an audition that will cause a director to remember you?
who is nicole kidman's husband?
Can you help me i have stage fright?
Where is the play endgame by samuel beckett set?
i need help, i am having an audition to get into this school and............?
Who is your favorite actor?
War Horse vs Wizard of OZ THEATRE?
Civil War Reenactor Attire?
What do upcoming actors/actresses need for prospective employment opportunities?
What is British drama of twentieth century?Who are main authors, their plays, artistic trends?
i'm looking for free printable play scripts from the 1800's era.?
where can i find the whole script for Rossini's The Barber of Seville?
I lied about my age can I get in trouble?
Doe anyone Live in Victoria Australia thast acts?
Best acting schools in the uk?
Western actors in Chinese cinema?
What is a good idea for a school play............?!?!?!?!?!?
The Seventh Seal by Ingemar Bergman?
does anyone know the violin notes to This is me?
How can I take my acting career forward?
Can you reenact someone manerisms?
what is the best Chaplin movie?
Where can I find a 2-3 minute long, female solo monologue?
can some one give me a sex scene from a turkey movie and turkey series?
I wanna be an actress when im older, so what subjects should i take in year 9?
Talent Scout Or Scam Artist?
Broadway auditions for teens?
Anyone know a good monologue for Reno's angels in "Anything Goes"??
do talent agencies only sign pros?
I need a good audition song?
i want to become an actress but my parents wont let me? pro membership...?
tell me the definition of drama,manual,dance, and audiovisual expression???PLEASE ( or perhaps the sites)?
I need help picking a monologue?
Hannah Montana audition.....?
legally blonde the musical!?!?!?!?
How Do People Find High Paying Fun Dream Jobs?
There's a play I saw a bit ago and was wondering if anybody knew the name of it?
What's better modeling or acting?
I need help finding a monolague for my drama class! Please help.?
Good audition song for Footloose?
Disney on Ice?
What is the song Amaryllis plays before the piano lesson song in the music man?
I want to be an actor.?
can i become an actor by sending audition tapes?
I'm going to the Pantages Theatre in LA to see the Lion King. What type of attire is appropriate?
What themes are presented in the story Of Mice and Men?
Anime Voice acting career help!?
The Last Time?
I need an audition song for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?
scared about an audition :(?
I want to become a famous actress? Where do I start?
Buying theatre tickets on-line?
Do most sucessful actors move to la to get an acting carrer or do they get a agency outside la?
Actors- who shot your acting headshots?
How to get my first acting agent?
Can some one like get me the lyrics to the new the other side of me lyrics?by hannah montana!?
Give me an eample of a drama?
What quality makes a voice sound older besides pitch?
Why is it better if alan baltes submit your stuff?
Professionally acting in Northern Ireland/America?
Where is the best place to live in LA for an actor?
Name for my play???
What are the best plays on in London at the moment?
rosencrantz and gildenstern are dead?
Traits of Macbeth?
Can anyone give me information on the play 'Defying Gravity'?
Please could you tell me what you think of the synopsis for this short film. Advice is needed if possible?
Hi I am looking for any auditions in Canada, for work in the acting business. Thanks.?
recommendation for a broadway show?
What are your greatest fears of being an actor or actress?
Musical theater lovers: What role in what musical would you absolutely LOVE to play?
Serious and Much Appreciated Macbeth Help?
does anyone know any stage plays for 2-3 female characters?
Does anyone know the differences in the seats for Wicked (LA)?
I need a fake accent to use for a play?
Can a Pisces girl be a good voice actor or actor?
Can someone tellme some facts that relate to the character of newman noggs from nicholas nickleby?
A boy named _____ enters a room. What is his name and why has he entered?
I need two sing two songs for an auction, any suggestions?
SM audition application form?!?
What is chads achual name from high school musical?
is a reliable site?
is it hard to become a voice actor?
Why are musicals so gay?
Can anyone answer this?
I'm really interested on been an actris.?
If you mess up with SAG?
My son is in a play for Oklahoma's 100 year celebration. He is a robber. What should he wear?
im starting my own porn movies and starring in them where would i find clean able bodies to preform with me.?
Play adaptations - how do I secure rights?
Im going to an audition for Disney Channel this weekend...?
High School Musical Ice Tour Life Guard?
When they had the premier of Phat Girlz, did they have theater seats big enough for the stars of the movie?
How do actors cry tears on cue?
As the panto season will shortly be getting into full swing and I have to rehearse each day now.?
i want to become an anchor,program host,what are the prerequisite for it?
How does one force crying?
i want to join a drama club?
monolouges(no idea how 2 spell that)?
If auditioning for a male role in Alice in wonderland what monologue do you suggest?
where can i watch or download wicked the musical with Jemma Rix as Elphaba?
x-factor auditions?
How do u become an actress?
Does anybody know what play the first few lines on this monologue is from " he needed us and you shut him out.
Voice Actress?
Plz Help!!!!!?
Aniston or Jolie?
Where I can get a list of non-famous Hollywood studios?
I got a pretty important role in a play at university drama society, any tips to remember lines?
Is There anywhere i can download the stage version of the Phantom of the opera plz?
Does anyone know a scary play I can watch in London?
i have an audition and its really important please can u help me :)?
if you were to hang macbeth in shakespears play give reasons why and quotations to back up your evidence?
How tall are Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus, Mitchel Musso, Jason Earles and Billy Ray Cyrus actually ?
could i be a good musician?
did bachna ae haseeno win any awards in the star screen awards 2009?
What is a good song to sing for auditioning for Honk! The Musical?
actually i want to talk wit great AMITAB BACHAN, can i have his cell phone no? if yest then please tell me how
Last lines in Film, Literature, Theatre.?
Newcomer Actor Question?
ok i can act REALLY good when in front of a mirror and alone. i freak out around people though,?
jealous i wanted that part?
What are some cute/ funny twin ideas?
Monolouge for 13yr old girl?
IF I wanted to be an actor?
movie or commercial roles for a 13 year old female!!!?
who is pforzheimer in legally blonde the musical?
Would acting agents take me if...?
brad pit movies?
Marilyn Monroe in "Don't Bother To Knock"?
Based on This was I cast for play?
Where is the best place to buy a music instrument?
How can I get one direction backstage passes.???!!!?
In the movie Castaway, what was in the FedEx box that Tom Hanks kept the entire movie?
how can i get started in acting i live in buffalo, ny?
What are some colleges in the US with good drama programs?
The Secret Garden Musical in High School roles?
How do I make an acting resume?
How many songs are there in high school musical? what are they called?
Question for Oliver the Musical--Casting Nancy?
How to apply theatrical makeup?
Easter Plays?
Can Anybody Find David Kenneth “Sex” Soller's Audition Video?
a question?
Is a reliable place to look for casting notices?
IS this acting school a FRAUD?
Help on conclusion after how fate foreshadows romeo and juliets death?
My dream is to be an actress(because I love it)?
jekly and hyde or mar 21 12?
I want to get into acting, how do i get started?
How do you become famous? ?
Romeo and Juliet Remake?
Does this sound like a good idea?
i love lucy script please?
Does anyone know where I can get....?
What's your favourite musical?
Can I get alist of upcoming Acting Auditions in dallas texas?
Is Meryl Streep overrated?
Acting question..... please help!?
acting class?
Acting Classes or workshops?
What type of dancing should I learn for an acting career?
Who sang the old song KaKaKatie?
i want to act in the serial left right left?
How to get acting experience without an agent?
What to expect from Stella Adler NYC interview?
What to wear to A Chorus Line?
Help with characterisation of Saint Joan.?
anyone know any good plays?
Can you help me with this scenario problem?
Anyone got any ideas for a school play?
Famous Shakespearean Dialogues?
Auditioning for Angel in "RENT: The Musical"?
In act 3 of the crucible what happens to citizens of salem when they offer evidence that questions the court's?
PLEASE HELP ME out, Acting and education does it work?
(QUICK) What Scene and act is this in "Romeo and Julliet"?
How to get that "old blood" look?
How to become a actor in Australia?
who are good actresses to play Veronica Lodge?
I'm about to start my acting career and i need a stage name!?
Dose any one know how to play "against the wind by bob segar" on eletric panio?
hey. i need help from a youth. i have an audition and I'm suppose to put on a British accent?
What is the name of this play?
Before becoming director ,in which field was nagesh kukunor?
are rosalie and jasper supposed to be twins?
need to find acting class?
How to play someone like you on piano?
can anyone give me some serious advice to help...?
is sabrina the wierdest person ever??!!! And anissa is such a brat!!!!!!! teehee....?
Plays containing rape scenes for research?
What is stylised acting??? please help?
need ur help?
how can I get an email address for angelina jolie?
YoUr FaVoRiTe T.v. ShOw...? and Actor?
I need a duet scene for two teenager?
What do you think of a black Annie?
um alittle help here!?
Audition songs for the musical "Chicago"?
Audition Questions!!!?
I'm Cambodian ,I like American movie I find the wonderful stories ,how to bring them into movies in Hollywood?
Whats the easiest way of finding actors for a LOST fan film?
Is it hard to become a TV Producer?
is alice in wonderland a play?
Audition songs for Fame?
All you BBC fans out there, Do you think Benny Hill is funny?
I would like to be in a movie!i have done some school plays and i sing +dance+act.Please some one help me!!!!!
How hard will acting or modeling be if I'm not white? (I'm Hispanic and I live in Miami."?
Im auditioning for a play and i'm terrified!!?
What musical/play has the song 'i hate musicals?'?
Acting/modeling help!?
How hard is stage acting in a musical?
School Play,Skit,Drama related to Christmas?
How to become a nerd?
does anyone one know who giovanni spano is of so please can you give me a web address of him please. Thankyou.
What are some acting techniques that can help develop a character?
Resources on comedy?
what part of her appearance does hermia believes helena has exploited to win lysanders loive?
i need a 3-6 min monologue urgently, please help?
why people of india go to see ramleela when they already know the whole story repeated again & again?
how do you write a play?
Musical Theater question?
first impressions of Stanislavski?
Is Johnny Depp a wierd nit or what?
what's the play "black comedy" about?
What is a better title for a script called "a new life"?
What happens when you audition for an agent?
Artist agencies in Toronto? (Acting)?
How did Miley Cyrus Hear About The Hannah Montana Audition?
If life was a three act play, what act of the play are you in?
Why would someone want to view a movie that blasphemes the Creator?
I need a humorous interpretation piece!?
Auditions for teenagers in London?
I love acting and want to become an actor. How would i do it?
I need a good play?
need a stage
When acting, how do you get into charachter?
Has anyone been to a Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey event ?
I'm young but am interested in becoming a singer and/or actress...?
Ideas for theatre piece please? read description for more...?
I am trying to locate dates and venues in british (suburbs, not London) for 2011?
I am 13 year old girl and I want to be an actress. How can I do it, where do i start?
has anybody made a play based off of the movie Elf or do u have any ideas? share, plz!?
How can improve my acting?
How to become famous?
What size paper do you use for your acting resume?
I have to act as Paula from the act called Drinking Companion from the play Confusions. Any tips?
have dylan sprouse and alyson stoner ever made out?
I want to be an actress but do I have enough training to book a job?
Set Design & Construction: How to simulate a 5-story, concrete & steel max-security cell block?
How to become actor ?? I want to be actor ? where to apply?
how can you cry while acting?
What kinds of awards and honors would you put on acting resume?
What is it like going for an audition, and what are some good techniques?
If you were offered 1 million dollars for playing a horrible racist character in a movie, would you accept?
I have a bad character?
on that 70s show is it true that they would mostly improv everything?
A line from the play The Crucible?
How Can I Dedicate My Self To Having a Acting Career?
Writing a character list : What do you dicover about your character from doing this?
good monologue for brighton beach memoirs audition?
When do you think I will start acting?
Famous Shakespearean Dialogues?
where online can i get a west side story script?
Where is a Guys and Dolls Junior Script? Please Help?
Need title for short film?
Hi, my name is Conrad Jones.I would like to purchase, or rent the movie,Kings of the Sun.?
Do you think Mary Poppins was a virgin?
Shakespeare advice?
What questions do they ask in a model agency interview?
Any ideas for the plot of a one-act play? Anything will help. It is to be inspired by a song about being young?
help on playing hermione granger?
who was the king of scotland after king duncan die in the play Macbeth?
acting, i dont know where to go,?
What's a good monologue I can do to audition in an LGBT Anti-bullying play?
I don't know what London play to see?
I want to act?
What does 32 bars mean in music?
What should I write a play about?
Profanity in Romeo and Juliet?!?
How can i make myself cry for a drama performance?
i need a star costume im saying the star in the sky ?
I really want to be an actor and well for now i'm going to do plays but there's a problem?
Why does actor/actress never close the door in the movie?
does al pacino have kids?
what is the best site(s) for broadway/plays in general videos?
Would love the rocky horror musical to be on in London.?
Who wakes up in midsummer night's dream act four?
Interested in the history of theatres?
what do i need if i become an actress?
I'm 13 and I want to become an actress, any tips?
What's the best way to get over stage fright?
What happens to Scotland after Macbeth becomes in POWER!?
Was Juliet Capulet French or Italian?
What's The Best Musical You've Seen This Past Year?
Why is RENT going off broadway?
Why do i always put my practice for acting off?
What is a good period drama scene to perform for an agents night showcase? For a twenty-something year old?
costumes in acting, please help?
Phoebe Buffay Monologue?
Do you have to get a pass if you are an actress and want to go to a premiere and go on the red carpet?
Where can I find the latest photo of Jay North star from the TV show "Dennis The Menace?"?
What is a good female audition song for Bat Boy the Musical?
Drama people! Help! One act advice?
Modern situation based on Twelfth Night?
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actresses?
Need help finding names for these characters?
Use of the word Jove in Twelfth Night...?
I need a five minute long true story to present to my drama class?
Anybody know any legit talent agents is Louisiana?
what is fashion?
What are common things a magician would do that could go awry?
I heard on the radio kids from like 7-16 i think can come an audtion. I forget the number... ? help!?
I'm currently in my first year studying acting and have just got over a really bad throat infection,?
do casting directors take people who cast because how they look or how they act?
can i meet richard fleeshman?
should we have a national theatre for wales?
what do I do to become an actress?
Is there a play about internet saftey?
Is Shrek retarted??????????????
Today in the Indian cinema who is the best comedian?
My Narnia Audition help?
the best : Gary Sinise or Tom Hanks ?
does anyone know were there are acting classes in Los angeles?
Does anyone know where i can Audition for a Movie?
Should i enter the talent show?
How can I prepare to tryout for a play?
When did you actually called yourself an actor?
how do actors form differnet countries become big in the u.s?
Does anyone remember PeeWee's Playhouse?
Please help me with my film script?
What's the next step?
Where can I find a talent agent in the Atlanta area? (Please read description)?
Does the drama need a protagonist?
can someone act out a scene of what they think happened at concentration camps?
Anybody Help me please?Q about dancing?
i don't have a nice voice to sing...any suggestion for improving my voice?please i need it for my drama class
will i suceed to go back and get a job in the usa?
How do you get an acting agent?
should you sing a song from the show your auditioning for?
Les Miserables examples?
How do Actor's make themselves cry during a scene ?
Who saw the broadway 'Wicked'?
Going to first audtion ever.have been asked to prepare a broadway piece not from the show, suggestions?
my six years kid having fancy dress competition in her school.the theme is advertisement.can u give some idea?
When Romeo arrives at the tomb, he discovers Paris and?
what are the best books to read for a teen (15) who wants to start acting?
How can I become a better speaker and stutter a lot less?
Can anyone tell me...Why isnt Toni Childs returning for the 7th season of Girlfriends? What's the buzz?
Forensics?????need help?
do you have any tips about acting! I need help!?
Does Othello kill himself in the end?
Who do you think iz the better actor between Denzel Washington, or Will Smith?
Any suggestions for a play to do at college?
How Much Money Does it Cost to Go to The Young Actors Theatre Camp?
Who will be starring in Chicago in London after Brenda Edwards & Ashlee Simpson leave on 28th October?
how do you join actors equity?
HELP, I don't know what to do!!?
tom jones tele west arena. anyone going?
Legit Acting Agency websites?
how do you feel when people call you [******' ??
is 15 too late to start becoming an actress?
What is/are favourite musical(s)?
Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1?
Has anyone heards of the play "Dolls"?
Do former child actors/actresses still get checks from their show?
Which actress would be the best to act as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet? ?
does anyone know where my user name came from?
do you like your name?
how do you become a film critic?
What are some good 3-5 minute female/female duet acting scenes?
do any of you know this musical?
Could Someone Please Interpret This Monologue For Me?
Could i win miss america?? plz open?
what does a casting director look for when sending auditon tape/ect??
Can I spray paint character shoes twice?
what are the pros and cons of various seating arrangements at Neal Blaisdell arena for Cirque du soleil?
Where can I find an orchestral (or Karaoke) CD of all the songs in the Musical Peter Pan WITHOUT vocals?
Acting classes in high school and beyond?
how i became an actor in india?
Malvolio + Maria = ......Lady Gaga?
Joseph & the amazing technicolor dream coat. What are the characters and the leads?
What is a good musical theater song for a 14 year old girl?
Are casting agencies for acting free?
How long does it take to be an actress?
Love never dies London?
How big of a lead is Mrs. Paroo in Music Man the musical, not the movie?
is any famous actor looking for a ordinary girl to date?
Arsenic and Old Lace?
How do I create a theater design portfolio.?
What musical songs should I put on my iPod?
Who is Jody Christopherson Playwright?
Will Cats the musical be showing in april - may 2011 in London?
how can i.......?
Is my 6 year old daughter to young for modeling and acting ?
please answer!!!?
Has an actor or actress ever been nominated for both supporting & leading roles in the same year?
Good song for musical audition?
Are they still showing Dont be afraid of the dark in theaters?
where is 'a few good men' script?
How to become a successful actor in Hollywood.?
I am a Malaysian . Can i go YG entertaiment audition by email?
Monologue ideas, please help?
actors help!!!?
What is a good audition song for the x factor?
what are some good websites to apply for acting and modelling?
in his treatment of cassius, brutus is characterized as... [multiple choice] i need ur help!!! thanks?
I will be visiting Ashville, NC the 2nd weekend in August. Are there any live theater performances scheduled?
If Florence from the Odd Couple was an animal, what animal would she be?
I want to be an actress but I have a speech Impediment.?
How can I find an agent to represent me as an actress?
Does any one have eMail of Kate Beckinsale?
Should you audition even if you have no idea how good an actor you are?
what should i do to not get STAGE FRIGHT????
Could you please give me some dialogue lines for a boyfriend/girlfriend / husband/wife scene?
How long does it take to put on a school play?
Julliard or nyu for acting, help?
which is better for harry potter?
Why are there no children actors on disney jr?
Help with Monologue choices?
ariza modeling and talent agency?
How to ace an audition?
Lady Anne Richard III?
does anyone know any good acting schools for teens inmaryland?
Acting advice is needed lol:)?
neil simon wrote a play about a girl that want to be in braodway but her uncle do not let her?
suggestions for the best play ever written!?
What is a good broadway song that is not over done?
Any Options!!!!!????0_o?
auditions for tv Commercial need to know which picture I should send in?
Should I drop out of college and pursue my dream of becoming an Actor?
Can I get a copy of the script of the play the marriage counselor by joey ouellette ?
Am I able to play Gavroche in Les Miserables?
Scenes between two girls? HELP!?!?
What famous person can you impersonate?
how many writen words on an average does a speech of 2 minutes equate to?
What to say to my theatre director?
What does Creon do to Ismene and Antigone?
What actor could never be convincing in a tearful drama?
What makes Puccini's Tosca the quintessential tragic opera?
Why do we put any credence in what a "celebrity" has to say?
Greek Theater! (10 points 4 helpful answer)!?
Acting Help! 19 Years Old!?
Missing school for acting?
Where and when are auditions for Septimus Heap: Physik?
Which musical you find most interesting?
Highschool Drama Club?
what is the name of the movie, filmed in moundsville, wv. that george kennedy had an acting part in???
Abrams Artists Agency?
What is the greatest musical you have seen live?
How can I better myself as a actor and impress people?
does anyone know why brecht wrote galileo?
Anyone know anything about Technical Theatre?
macbeth question ! HELP?
Piano help?
howcan i get into acting career? i want to act and want to take it as a career in on small screen as well as b
Organizing musical theatre binders?
Does anyone know any good acting schools in new york?
Two person scene, preferably dramatic and contemporary?
backstsage help?
What are some good scripts that call for a small cast?
has anybody got any techniques on remembering lines for a play?
Please!!! im begging you! some help about nyfa and acting?
Does anybody understand David Storey's play 'In Celebration??
Do my essay so I can play video games?
What are the characteristics/elements of farce?
Need a Title, PLEASE!!!?
If I go to the US on a B1 visa and audition , what will happen if i get the role?
How do I explain this acting situation to my parents?
i need a free skit for two females.?
Has anyone heard of any short story/piece/monologue called Limbo?
The Music Man Acting Tips?
Any suggestions about how to get famous?
I've no idea about acying but want to learn how to do I?
I want to be an actor when I grow up?
I am auditioning for the first time! Help?
Who is your favorite Broadway Star and why?
help me???????
I need to pretend to be a casting director for a Romeo and Juliet
Does anyone know if there are any (OFFICIAL) recordings of Wicked other than the original Broadway Cast?
Adult acting classes for a beginner in Dublin?
Acting question?
What is the significance of these passages from MacBeth in relation to the play as a whole?
Help me about SM ENT. Audition?
is david hartman the son of actor david hartman?
How do I join SAG?
I have some questions about SM audition! Sorry, my english is not good!?
dancing auditions?
who is the 20th century playwright of absurdist theatre who's works fall under the title "comedies of menace?
Iam an actress from Southamerica.?
Which is stronger in the play, Romeo and Juliet, Love or hate?
How do you properly Slate in an audition?
2 questions about Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice"?
How to act in the background without taking away from the other performers?
Question about the Wizard of Oz Jitterbug?
Open casting calls on broadway?
Which Les Miserables Soundtrack is best?
The Importance of Being Earnest play help!!!!!?
What is it that people hate about High School Musical 3?
Where can i read a LINE BY LINE explanation of shakespeare play midsomer nights dream?
What are my chances of becoming a Hollywood actor?
Question about men playing female roles in Shakespeare's times?
In V.i.260 of Hamlet, Shakespeare has inserted that Laertes grapples with Hamlet. Who initiates this?
The one to watch award in choir?
How soon could I expect a call back?
does someone need a lullaby? 1:00 east coast?
What sort of musical is 'Moulin Rouge' considered?
what was the title of shakespeares first play?
Do you know a good agent for an actress in europe?
What song best fits the theme of MacBeth?
The Pokemon Musical..?
My vice principal keeps acting like a douchebag?
WhAt ShOuLd I dO fOr My AuDiTiOn?!?!?
Can you please recommend me an interesting topic in theater?
Ideas for a story?
good acting agencies in melbourne, australia...?
Would this count as experience for an agent?
In Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House" where was the location set?
I am in second year university but want to drop out and go to acting school? HELP?
In Romeo and Juliet, who is roselin? is she a girl romeo loves before he meets juliet? if not then, is?
What is the best way to fake faint?
Toto was the only Dog, in the Wizzard of Oz. How did the Wicked Witch know what he was?
where can i find a critical essay on Macbeth?
Can you only get your SAG card in LA?
I Want to Become an Actor. Help Please!?
Any advice for getting over stage fright?
Is yodeling the most useless talent or what?
Can someone tell me what idea Hamlet is expressing in this part of the soliloquy?
Is it unusual for a play to have more than one break?
What To Wear and Look For Artful Dodger?
Good plays (not musicals) for High School Setting?
i wanna name of sites that i can free download movies?
How many of you go to plays at little theaters?
what to wear to an audition?
where can i find a ringmaster costume?
Is it too late to get into acting?
what do you think of high school musical 2?
Does anyone know PETER STORMARE or Nick chinlund? Do you like them?
Tearjerking monologues for a teenage girl?
what is the symbols that henerick ibsen use in ghost?
What do actors do during a sex scene?
auditions tomorrow? singing?
In the play Antigone, when does King Creon state exactly what he plans to do the those who violate his law?
Do You as a Actor Like Reading All the time?
I'm nervous for meeting with a modeling agency because of my height?
Where to go to land an acting career?
How to make choreographed fights look more realistic?
What are some of your favorite musical songs?
a fun upbeat song for my montage?
what are some movie titles that start with question?
Has anyone ever heard of the musical "A Very Special Gift"?
monolg help?
is there a official website site for Haywood Nelson that we can contact or send emails to for Haywood Nelson?
Good audition song for a musical???
I want to be an actress. How do I get started?
Is it true that Daniel Radcliffe will bear it all in a London Play?
Has anyone noticed Dorothy is smaller in re-turn to Oz?
how to change Romeo and Juliet quotes to modernday?
What did Jerzy Growtowski's approach to acting involve?
Can someone please explain the appeal of INTO THE WOODS to me?
Romeo and Juliet?
Which is better to do Union acting or Non-union acting?
I'm seeing the phantom of the opera in NY @ majestic theatre. Dress code?
i need a comedic duet for two females?
~Costume Suggestions*~?
What are some good acting tips?
I want to be an actress but if that doesn't work out than something in the law field?
wheres a good talent agent in DFW area?
Pointers for memorizing lines in a musical or play?
Will I become a successful actress of I join UCLA?
I'm trying out for a Beatles- themed school play tomorrow and need to choose a monologue. What shoudl I pic?
How do you audition for an American Girl movie?
I am playing an role in a play that is really embarrassing!!! How to cope???!!!!!?
Fiennes siblings?
So an agent will do the rest?
Julius Caesar: Does the population know that Caesar is to be crowned on the Ides of March?
Anyone have Creative minds?
who?? do you wish to meet??????????
How do i find an Acting Msnnsger in CHANDLER, AZ?!?
How to become an actress?
do girl like to do death acting?
I have an acting question?
where to go for auditions?
Play about devotion and faith?
Midsummer Night's Dream music suggestions?
HELP!! URGENT!! What are these called?!?
How can I find casting calls? And how do you get a agent?
I'm auditioning for Wendy in "Peter Pan", what are some good audition songs for that?
Does your high school make you pay to be in a play or musical?
How Constantin Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov each stage a play in general?
how does someone outside the u.s. source a talent agent?
How do I make a beginner actor's resume and cover letter?
How to fake a sprained ankle?
what do you know about puppet theatr?
Should I contact the agencies..?
Pajama Game Auditions?
Where are the best seats at the Hobby Center in Houston?
American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York?
I need a monolog from HAIR the musical.?
I am 14 years old and want to become a actress! Are there any auditions in England?
I want to be an actress. but I have no money. ?
Duck Costume for a play?
Where will i find script? ?
why would my best friend old crush be mean when i was being nice to her.?
can some one please help me does any one no any good mr.capone e songs off the album dedicated to the oldies?
i auditioned for alocal communirt movie and they told me....?
What Are Some Of The Best Acting Agencies in Miami, or South Florida?
Anyone else play Pavana Capricho on the violin? what should I look out for when playing it?
what is meant by 4D sfx Theatre ?????
I have no talents...?
What are some good ways to become disovered as an actor/ actress?
aim romeo and juliet projecttt!!!!!!!!?
Acting In Forensics?
4 maximum ride auditioners HELP!?
Gossip, would you listen if you had the means to ?
Auditions In Houston, TX?
Drama help. What is a good scene one of my friends and I can do?
How to get an acting career started?
What are some allusions for Romeo and Juliet?
What is your opinion of 'Blood Brothers'?
who is best at acting:pawan kalyan or mahesh babu?
What is drama.............?
Di you enjoy the musical Wicked?
Monologue Help!!!!?
Acting advise please? Getting into character.?
Geeky Names?
How to become an actress?!?
Is the Palais Royal a theatre? Can anyone give me a good website for info?
RENT--April's Last Name?
which play does ! to be or not to be come from?
What music should I prepare for an open audition for Little Shop of Horrors?
My Director Picks Favorites?
Where can I buy prop glasses?
were can i watch alvin and the chipmunks for free?
is there any auditions for teens in richmond va?
Do you have any good books or websites to get a dialogue for two thats 15 minutes or less?
What Are The Differences between the phantom of the opera movie and Broadway show?
What are good musicals for middle schools?
I want to get into modeling?
I am looking for a monologue...?
Any good ideas for my story?
if you were des?
Audition help! For the Sound of Music?
What is the best type of acting for movies? Naturalistic, stylised etc.?
exactly how long is the fourth original Harry Potter film ?
I need a comedic monologue?
Actor looking for auditions in the Houston area, is there a website that lists them?
I'm short, fat, not handsome plus I'm Asian and i wanna be an actor what can i do?
How to rewrite this sentence? Study and rehearse roles from scripts in order to interpret, learn and memorize?
Good Musical Theatre Performance Songs?
Reason why im in this detention camp (impro at drama)?
Geeting an Agent for Acting/Singing in Canada? Help Please?
Who's your favourite Joanne Jefferson (from Rent) and why?
What are audition procedures like? & what is some good advice for auditioning?
Screenwriting Question?
Need a monologue for an acting audition? ideas please?
How do you cry on spot in film?
What are the greatest musicals of all time?
What dance class would be best to help a career in acting ?
Im Trying to find an over the top kind of funny monologue for a high school theater contest? For a male.?
Need an audition song...?
what word or phrase would best describe act 3 and/or act 5 of the play julius caesar?
Any one know anything about a Legion sound mixing Board ?
Are movie theaters really becoming a major outing?
i wanna never user ID cobemayman2002.How make it ??/?
good audition songs for an 18 year old female?
Did the Broadway musical Wicked ruin your view on The Wizard of Oz?
Stage names ideas???
How do you find out about Disney Channel auditions?!?
How does Shakespeare make act 3 scene 1 of ‘Romeo and Juliet so dramatic and tense for the audience, ?
where can i listen to a demo of the songs from snoopy the musical?
Acting scene 4 females?
How much does an angent cost.?
i want to be in movies and i want to know how to start out?
I want to see Zach Efron in person and become his girlfriend and sing with him.?
I've got madger talent....!?
Are there any links to the lion king Broadway show part where scar tells the lionesses that Mufasa died?
where can i write to barry levinson creator of oz on hbo?
is it me, or are stage kisses usually to the left?
Where to study acting?
Ideas for bimbo names?
How was segregation in the musical Hairspray?
Is 'Wicked' not one of the most amazing stage plays ever?
How to find acting auditions?