How to blow away the people im auditioning for?
What should a Bio consits of for a film Producerer/Writer?
Does this name sound good?
Stage fright!!! Help me please!!!! 10points best answer!!?
can i find the script for arthur millers view from the bridge online?
Commercial? Industrial?
Smurfs Movie Audition?
Should I move to LA or NYC to pursue Acting.?
I need help from someone with acting or theater experience?
what does gertie wear in the musical oklahoma?
how can i meat the hot twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse?
Does anyone know any acting camps or classes that i can take in North Carolina?
what and who have an importance influence in your life?
listing for ft.lauderdales oakland pk amc movies?
Do You Like Hannah Montana?
What does this letter mean, can someone tell me?
I've written a play and I'm thinking about directing it?
who hates linsy lohan??????
Name who you think are the best and worst actresses currently in Hollywood (I am asking about acting talent)?
where do i find the whole high school musical script for free?
Did anyone hang themselves in The Wizard of Oz? My kids told me this.?
What live production in theater has touched you the most?
NEED a monologue!!!!?
Is this monologue overdone?
Help me choose from 4 monologues!! thanks!?
Je Suis Talent (modeling & acting)?
What dramatic techniques should i use for my play?
What young actresses have been in films about the medieval period or the renaissance period?
How to do an Improv?
What clothes should I wear in a Romeo and Juliet play for English assignment tomorrow? 10 points up for grabs!?
Where can I get a monologue for "I'll be back before midnight"?
Critique on Hamlet soliloquy?
I am 13 should I start swearing??
YG Entertainment Auditions?
do you know any solo performance theatre opportunities?
What does Antigone do when she is brought before Creon?
Is there any open auditions taking place this year?
I Am trying To write A Musical About myself But I Need A Title To Get Started?
How do you get an acting agent? *BEST ANSWER*?
What's your favorite.....?
Acting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?
Should I get a job working at a car manufacturing plant while I am working towards a Master's Degree?
So I write plays. What do i do with them to make them well known and hopefully become famous?
how do u become a actress or singer?
how to let my perents to let me become an actress?
Should I get black or tan character shoes?
How do you get better at acting?
whats the difference between naturalism and realism?
What Performing Arts/Musical Theatre colleges are there in England/London?
can you give me a sleeping beauty with a great twist ?
How do you get a acting agent in west palm beach?
Costumers: How much does leather typically stretch when wet vs when dry?
If you could meet your FAVORITE MUPPET, who would it be? This is Theatre and Acting"....Creative Answers Pls!
Les Miserables ending; is Jean committing suicide?
how does one enjoy a play?
I'm 12, is this a good plan to become an actor? These are my steps. Please help me!?
Is this a good short monologue?
So how do i become one of them?
Exercises/Good Books/Websites for Acting Techniques?
When was the lion king musical written!! I NEED AN ANSWER BY TOMORROW?
Do all talent agencies reject college students?
Auditioning for Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors!?
Is this a big role in the play?
can you introduce Verdi's Nabucco to me?
What's your favorite Broadway musical?
Which one is a better stage name (in your opinion)?
Has anyone read "Khanteya"? Oh,'s gripping, thrilling and inspiring! A real page turner-a must read!
Hi im 14 and i do acting and i am looking for an agencies to help me does anyone know of one ?
does anyone know of any good books on commedia d'ell arte?
Leslie Kahn, Ivana Chubbuck or Margie Haber?
what is the best movie of andrei tarkovski?
Where can you find auditions? (BESIDES THE INTERNET)?
Are there any great "hidden gem" shows on or near Broadway?
is Tony seeing some one other than me?
what are the 3 principal units in film making?
Is north indian actors sucessful in hollywood or disney in USA?
Scene name help!!!? I'm trying to think of a good scene name for me?
im interested in acting. :)?
What are some good songs to cry to ?
How to get into voice acting?
question about the play Pygmalion?
Open Auditions in London for Movies/TV?
Where can I find acting auditions in ALABAMA???
How can I make myself relax when I am already acting on the stage or infront of a camera?
A pullman porter movie with ossie davis?
How to get a lead in a play?
What kind of place is Clapham Grand Theatre?
How should one take Off-Stage Lines?
Body type for theatre...?
whats a good beauty pageant talent?
I want to get into acting but have no expierence! I am 15, female, live in connecticut?
I need a good monologue this audition please :) And some advice?
I'm in a play and I need to show irritation with another character. Any ideas?
Where can I find 3D film's backstages ?
SAG help?!?!?!??!?!?!?
What is a good song for a 14year old girl to audition with?
How do you know what dominant tone of a play is?
Looking for an African American Solo Acting piece?
What theatre school did Julia Roberts go to in New York ?
how can i make a play audition the best?
As far as acting schools in LA, how do I know which is the best or at least worth the money?
List of Broadway plays?
Good song for musical audition?
Are there any musical theatre songs very similar to this song?
what are 10 interesting or strange facts about the play Macbeth that are definitely true?
I was given two contrasting characters to perform in a play. Is that good?
hey who are some hot young actresses in hollywood?
Acting advice for a beginner, acting auditions in NY?
What musical part would you most like to play and why?
Where should an aspiring actor locate himself in UK?
how many seats in detroit opera house?
how do i become an actress like emmy russon?
How can actors have "acting technique" classes?
Is Egeus likely to be given Philostrate's parts?
have any good storyline ideas?
what do you think..need opinions?
Do I look like this actress?
When is the next Disney Casting Call?
Where do you start if you want to be an actress???
does anybody know any cool musical theater moves?
Tips on how to start writing a monlogue?
Is it weird that I'm shy but I love acting and performing?
want to start acting career?
14 y/o with questions about fame?
What are some tips for creating a GOTE sheet?
Carry Company talent agency in Florida?
Musical audition songs?
Name of a song? Musical Theatre?
what is a good song that suits Hamlet's mood in his first soliloquy?
Is the Creative Artist Agency in the UK linked to the one in Los Angeles?
80s wardrobe?
BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE !!! Let's get a group photo of all the previous James Bond actors...?
I want to be in Acting career, but don;t know where to start.?
Give me some suggestions for songs please!?
I have no experience or career in acting. My ultimate goal is to be an actor in the BBC. How do I start?
I need a monolauge for a queen?
Any suggestions on theatre blocking? i need help desperately?
does the way your voice sounds matter in an acting audition?
Breaking up asap??? PlZ?
i want to become an actor but live in north carolina what do i do then.?
research paper on mcbeth?
College choir auditions please help me to find a song ?
What wrestler sold rights to a musical based on his life to producer Pierre Cossette, in 2000?
Who is your favourite actor and actress?
I need a 3 minute oral interpretation pieces for forensics tryouts?
What Broadway Show had the highest box office grosses for the last week of 2004?
Help!!!! Christopher Durang Scripts.?
How terrible is the mezzanine seating at the Gershwin Theatre?
Is there a movie scene where a woman is rescued from a house fire?
What is the most effective way for memorizing lines?
Is Taylor Swift's Love Story in solfeggio Or what kind?
What are some good ideas?
What are some good plays for us to perform?
I want to know all about agents?
how does legolas never run out of arrows?
When did Christine Daaé and the Phantom of the Opera have sex?
I am creating a generic action movie trailer as a spoof, does anyone know some good, funny scores i could use?
I'm steamed up, are you?
Goos acting schools in new york?
Has anyone seen Phantom of the Opera? What play/musical would you suggest?
How Can I Stay Focus When Reading My Monologue?
Legit acting agents in Boston MA?
My mum is acting like a b**** lately what should i do?
HI everyone thanks for chosing to read my question. do answer it.....?
I want to be a musical theatre major so bad?
I am a woman in her 50s, and need a monologue to use for an audition. Suggestions?
Vocal range question?
Does anyone know?
How do you become an actress[16,I'm gonna be 17 in Nov] (10 Points)?
Into the Woods Audition Help?
What is an extremely good Comedic Monologue for a 15 year old girl.?
Is it a good idea to get day of show tickets?
Where do you go to get acting agents?
whats the meaning of track thought?
What A-levels do i need to become an actor?
plz help i dont know wat to do?
who to write a soliloquy?
The Sanford Meisner Center in Los Angeles?
Movies or Plays?
Male/Female musical theatre duets?
Are there any 100% acting classes in the UK?
i like to meet people but i m afraid of the stranger ,what can i do ?
Sonny with a chance audition question?
i wanna be an actresss....?
I need help. please.?
Help on a script for play?
Old movie actress?? ?
Romeo & Juliet ~ Love or Lust? Teenage Drama or Real-Life Possibility?
How do you talk with a nasal sound on stage?
All the people from "THE CITY OF JOY"can any of u help me with list or names of model coordinators in Kolkata?
Will some one please please write me a skit?
Who was that woman who sang while laying/leaning on a piano?
will i succeed?or just become a struggling actor?
does amx casting work?
How do you write an informal essay??
Do you think a teenager with abosolutely no serious acting experience would be able to star in any movie?
Metamorphoses Script
Is UW School of Drama a good acting school to go to?
Are there any good books on running childrens theater I should read. Our community theater is thinking about s
im going to a fancy dress party and need to find a costume, has any one got any tips how to make my own?
Does Brutus show heroism in julius caesar?
What are the best theatrical gels for creating these effects: nighttime, candlelight?
Alton Towers: Scarefest Entertainment Host? Classed as acting work?
I want to be an actress in NY I can really talk with an American accent. What should I do ? Thanks!?
Film Casting company?
My school music department is so constricted within the genre that students play?
what happen to theatrer after shakespear?
if you have a boyfriend and a girlfriend and you are an actress or an actor if you kiss someone in the movie?
Actors--do I need a new headshot if my current one is two months old...?
I have touble reaching high notes...Help?
Are acting schools.....?
I want a cool job like an acting job, do you know any cool jobs I could try to get?
i am aspiring to become and actress but i was never in a play is that bad?
What are some lists of jobs that i can pretend im playing.?
I'm 16 years old and I want to become an actress in movies. How can I make this happen?
What is Escanaba in Da Moonlight;the play?
Any ideas or website links to some comedy skit ideas for the radio for an age group of 17 and above?
For actress & actors out there?
Who is this famous acting agent?
Did you like "Movin' Out" based on Billy Joel's music?
i really need a monologe from juno and the paycock!!! PLEASE HELP!!?
I'm becoming interested in acting, how do I get started?
What are some good edgy/dark comedy scenes?
high school drama pantomime ideas?
i a, 13 years old live in Georgia and want to be an actress but i cant find any casting auditions!?
Do you need to have good skin to become an actor?.?
If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?
What do i need to where for my head shout ?
Is it hard to get on Disney Channel?
Do you like high school musical?
Nederlander Theater seating?
Want to try acting, very insecure and scared out of my wits though?
Is this an appropriate song?
Where can i get the complete script of A Streetcar Named Desire online for free?
where can i find maze megaburst space english dubbed?
How can I become an actress?
I am 13 and i want to be a actress how do i go about doing it?
Why do a lot of people dislike mimes?
i missed some of eastenders and was wondering did lucy die?
New video please rate my acting!?
What did Lady Capulet compare Paris to?
Could anyone explain this piece of text from the duchess of malfi for me please?
I lied in an audition?
Are there any qoutes by Eugene O'neil?
got a good audition song? HELP!?
Where can a 13 year old girl find a acting or modelling contract in england?
Stella Adler, Strasberg, or CAP 21.....Which one should I choose and why?
Please could you make a role play script ?
Can someone help me pick out a scene for a Showcase, please?
Why do a lot of people dislike mimes?
what are some comedy skits/performances we can imitate?
Bobby Darin?
Would getting visible tattoos tarnish an acting career?
How can I get a Producer to offer me a role in a guild production without me being in SAG?
How to become an actor (read below)?
Romeo and Juliet help!!?
Are there people out there that enjoy acting for the fun of it?
is dere any colleges in america that are like the ones in zoey101 or drake+josh or hsm?a website wood be good!
Who has seen Wicked the musical?
Who Are The Greatest Actors Of The Generation?
Where can I find acting classes in NY?
what is the tragic flaw of Duncan, in the play Macbeth?
Warner Bros. Address?
how to become a 12 years old actress?
how do i change list of theaters?
It's your show life what part will you play?
I need a movie or tv scene for my acting class?
What are the BEST performing arts schools in the US? Can you give me some reviews?
Do you need a Permit for Street Performing?
i have an disney interview this saturday and idk what i shoud wear ... any suggestions !!?
What is a good name for an improv troupe?
how a small key open a big door?
Talent show ideas for a family reunion? Please read description?
Best Living Actor??
ASAP! What are the similarities between Taming of the Shrew and the ten things I hate about you?
Looking for a monologue?
Screenplay structure, do you HAVE to follow this?
What are good monologues? 1 comedic 1 dramatic?
I am looking to begin a theatre acting career and I would like to know a good place to start!?
Names of famous plays and musicals-as many as possible?
What is the non-musical play, book, or movie that you would most like to see turned into a musical?
where can i meet casting agents?
To what does Brabantio attribute Desdemona's affections for Othello?
Where do you find true talent? Someone that deserves to shine!?
PLEASE HELP How to be more confident to audition for New Zealand's got talent?
Spring Awakening?
Theatre open auditions and what to expect?
Did hamlet have an edopus complex for his mother?
Do you like high school musical?
Where can I get sample follow-up letter for query letters sent to movie producers?
Questions to Auditions on Disney/Nickeloden/Others?
does anyone no any good agents in the uk for children and teenage actors/actresses?
Who has seen Phantom of the Opera in person?
Drama project help?!?!?
Are actors ever bored on stage?
What is a good way to practice cold readings?
The Odd Couple Script?
Will you be the next great actress? Do you want the starring role in RUNAWAYBRIDE MEETS DRACULA?I?
Acting schools in Boston?
how does it work when a director also do an acting ?
where I can get a copy of the Back to the Future Part 1 Die Hard with a Vengeance screenplay?
does anyone have pictures of actress heidi wermuth? and how to get in touch with her?
Acting or Plays In Las Vegas?
Do you have to be a good singer to become an actress?
does anyone know where I can find Anne Boleyn's monologue from anne of a thousand days?
question about an audition?
Do you put high school productions on your acting resume?
Is the John Robert Powers Acting & Modeling Agency a Scam?
Can somebody help me make my play longer?
5 minute scene for male and female?
Does works?
its a part from macbeth .. scene 7 .. tht i need to rewrite each line in my own words. can any one help?
Harold Bloom says to reject Falstaff is to reject Shakespeare. Do you agree?
Disney Acting?
How do you write a one act play?
i want to do modelling please guide me how can be this possible for me?
What techniques can I use to learn to cry on command?
please give me some tips for mono acting?
How can you tell if you're a good actor?
how do you get to the Disney Chanel. com/ scavenger sweepstakes?
What is High School Musical 3 rated?
Can I get a list of acting auditions for Boston?
Any Good acting schools or collages in India ?
Where can I find a copy of Tennesse Williams A Street Car Named Desire online?
Who plays Billy and Michael in the Original London Cast Recording of Billy Elliot The Musical?
Will the theatre let me watch new moon?
Help with a swedish accent?
how do you fake cry? like in acting?
ariza modeling and talent agency?
Would you walk out of a play for this?
Would anyone care to donate to a not-for-profit Theatre?
How to get started on an acting career?
i am a much more does it cost for director's hall?
How do I become famous?
I NEED to write at least a 100 minute play by TONIGHT, but...?
What movie should I go see...I just saw Taledega nights (who cares on the spelling)?
How do I get started with acting?
What fictional cannibal did the New York Times wryly call “just another eccentric foodie”?
as an actor can you be involved with multiple theatre groups?
What point is there in supporting the Arts?
Can u help me find acting agents & auditions? I live in China. So ur help is rili appreciated. PLEASE HELP!!!?
Can anyone help me find an audition song?!?! PLEASE.?
“Who plays miss Moneypenny in the early Bond films?
How to deal with an immature 'love interest' in a play?
What are some good improv ideas for acting class?
do ya'll like the movie the journal?
Where is the best place to see Wicked the musical?
Can Acting ever be an option for me when I have absolutely NO singing talent?
Monologue from a movie or show?
Suicide is an important theme in Hamlet.?
Need advice: Will go to Hollywood for acting in 2 weeks?
I want to direct a pageant?
how do i get myself known for acting?
A good cover letter for acting/modeling.?
Can anyone recommend a good place to begin acting lessons in Chicago?
Casting for Twilight?
If you've seen Wicked the Musical in New York and Chicago...?
Comedic monologues for teen girls?
How long do you think it will take for me to be able to play like a professional pianist?
sad songs and stuff why does this have to be 20 characters long?
Does anyone know of any drama performances in suffolk?
i am playing a part where i am supposed to be on shrooms. How should i act?
Who plays in The Breakfast Club?
What school do you have to go to to become an actress?
Where can I check for castings?
Where can I find a complete recording of the wicked musical?
how can a person (not from taiwan) become an actor or actress in a taiwanese drama?
Dos any one know the character descriptions for the characters of the Broadway show Little Women?
How to participate as a theather group on international festivals?
How old is Charlie Lansborough?
Song for school play is out of my range?
I want to act!! any advice???
Male Audition Monologues?
Has any one read or seen the play dutchman?
why are movie stars or singers uaually tall?
Don't fat people get a chance in theatre?
What makes an actress great?
skit on disaster managment?
How long do you take acting classe before you actually start acting on real tv shows?
Acting Help/ Acting books/ training?
How to become an actress?
is high school musical 3 good?
Memorizing tips?
Should I copyright my actor's headshot?
I wrote a 85 page horror screenplay how much time would it be if it were on-screen?
I need help with a name for our show?
After Shakespeare, who is considered the greatest playwright?
Acting Agencies in Jersey City or New York Area?
What is your all time favorite musical?
Do you really need to undergo training to become an actor?
How can I get a career in Musical Theatre?
i need quotes!!!!quotes from famous people, anything!!!?
Free born to entertain sheet music?
how do i get an agent to reprsent me in my acting career?
The sound of heaven is weeping... Can anyone identify this play?
Good Acting Classes/agencies/auditions in London, england?
how do i play the lion from the wizzard of oz?
What are your thoughts on Romeo & Juliet?
DRAMA EXPERTS? what is the effect of non naturalism in Theatre?
Acting School or University?
Any good acting agents?
Why is a musical fifth called a "fifth"?
What can I do to help me with remembering my lines for school play?
Why does Vince Vaughn's movie "The Break up" have such a bad ending?
What song should I sing for auditions?I havent got a good voice?
help. wht play would u pick from macbeth,athello,or hamlet? i appreciate it?
can you suggest a good acting agent in tampa?
Can someone help me with Burton accent?
wicked theatre show ?
tom stoppard?
Do I show too much emotion in this video?
How Can I Be Funny In A Drama (Play) ?
What is/are the theme(s) in the play Tragedy Of Othello by Shakespeare?
what is the wizards of waverly place family last name?
SM Audition Question?
What to expect at a casting call?
do u think Robert De Niro is communist???
How do I become an actor?
what happened to that girl agent on NCIS?the one who supposedly killed that one guy?
Hamlet Act 2 Questions?
If Superman had a daughter, what would be her name?
How can I develop the character of the Narrator in "Joseph?"?
I need help Finding 2 Monologues for a audition. They have to be 2 -3 minutes long.?
Speech Duo interp?
Acting with an american accent?
A ONE MINUTE monologue to audition for crimes of the heart?
I really want to get into modeling/ acting....can someone help me idk how to start ?
is there any reason why you cant contact a casting agency without an acting agent?
Anyone have a script?!?
Tiger Lily in Peter Pan- callback ?
I am playing Feste in a production of Twelfth Night. Are there any common tunes that Feste sings?
I am looking for a video or dvd of the original RENT musical?
Stage Name?
Whats the Meaning of "Ochuko" a deltan name in Nigeria?
Monologues for uni?
is it really easy for female to huge-kiss-touch strange person infrant of camera?
Would you say they chose a good actress for Bella in twilight?
where can i get auditions for any thing on Disney channel?
Umm scene names?Help Please!?
What part of On My Own from Les Mis is the chorus?
To be or not to be?
male extra here do I need to do makeup for a film?
One Source Talent: Scam? I need answers asap!?
A midsummer night's dream?
I love acting. Many think I have carrer potential, but should I pursue it?
Do you have to be born with the ability to play music by ear.?
In two weeks I'm going to California to check out the area. Because I am trying to pursue a acting Career.
What are the top 5 broadway roles you would like to portray?
Starter Actor Monlouges?
What play is this monologue from?
Do you need a headshot to be an extra for a movie?
Is the play Fences by August Wilson appropriate for college students?
Macbeth-Appearance vs. Reality?
Will doing Theatre Studies...?
What are the rules on les mid licensing?
I need to cry for my do you make it look believable?
A Commercial Major?
how can you find out if an agency is registered with SAG?
I am a kid but i want to be a great singer in my school!?
Is CEG Talent Management Agency free?
what songs would romeo and juliet have on their ipod?
13 and want to start acting,modeling,or singing?
where can i get the backing tracks for musical numbers for free?
Could my friend play either Dr. John Seward, or Quincey Morris, when he knows one is American, the other Brit?
i ealy want to try out for disney aduitions but i dont know how can some one help me
paraphrasing romeo and juliet?
Question about Legally Blonde the musical role?
High School Senior Skit Ideas?
What are some cool/funny tricks or talents that I could learn?
Do You Have To Become A Mason In Order To Become A Hollywood Actor?
Help choosing a monologue, suggestions please?
Tell me your fav Broadway song ?
Is it possible to be an actor without acting live on stage?
Acting, in Calgary? Where is the best place to get started in this city? I have no contacts, so far.?
looking for passion epesote of today?
Mrs.Gloop's German Accent!?
If you want to be an actress, are you prepared to do this?
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION Can I major in drama (acting) and Public Relations and minor in cinematography?
Is Ciara a man?!?
Are Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth the only Shakespeare plays they teach in school anymore?
how to find auditions near me?
how long does it take to learn to sing?
I need to find a monologue.?
Is there a karaoke for It Can't Be True from 13?
How to imitate voices from the wizard of oz?
Can anybody recommend young acting agencies? ?
Can I have some monologue suggestions?
I'm an actress currently based in the UK, but would love to relocate to New York. Any advice?
was macduff in macbeth a true family man?
Tips on Being Sweeney Todd?
My character is always made to be not important, what can I do?
What is your favorite play by Shakespeare?
Where can I find legit agents/agencies for acting an modeling?
i want to be in movies?
Has anyone directed Bye Bye Birdie, and if so, can you provide EASY set ideas?
Is it possible for me to still become an actress?
Where can you buy cheap theater tickets for the Lion King at the Lyceum in London?
HEEELLPP! any ideas on how to transform oedipus/arms and the man/macbeth/mother courage into a modern play??
Is there a way where I can pay for a short film to be produced for me ?
i need a really hilarious script to enact at collage ,can anyone here help me wit it?
How can I train myself to be an actor?
Disney Channel Audition 2013-2014?
Monologue For Drama School?
how do i know if i'm a good actress??? good enough for hollywood?
Is 16 too late to start acting?
What news does Michael Cassio bring when he enters?
This is not a question its advice for acting?
how to walk like a guy?
Can someone give me a good answer to why plays have to be seen, not read?
Anyone know Alot About Tim Supple?
how do u become a dominatrices?
I'm trying to make a movies?
Is the movie version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The King and I" the same as the stage version?
Who plays the voice of this character from Kids Next Door?
were to find a funny monolouge?
acting agencies in south west england?
is it tough to break into the movie business in LA?
What is a good Sondheim audition song?
Is Barbizon modeling/acting school a scam?
acting boarding schools in NYC?
What a career in set design is like?
where in usa are good agent for acting?
Childcare center for a sick child while I go to a Booking or a gig?
What explanation does Othello give as cause for Desdemona's affection for him?
I'm in year 6 I do acting classes but I want to be in shows ,what do I do?
What do you think about foreigners in american movies?
What is the best way to memorise lines for a play easily?
How would I find a theatrical agent?
should i be a actress or a singer?
I need help with a one minute 3 person monologue?
i want to become famous but how???
what about k-fed?
Should I tell my agent when an audition went badly?
Romeo and Juliet?
what year did spencer tracy die?
Fake stage kiss?
does any1 no any 1 minute long monologe?
is there a high school musical 3 coming out?
how many peoples are stay in mumbai,types of languages in mumbai.?
How do you prefer to spell theatre? theater or theatre?
Is this resume okay? What else should I add to it or take from it?
what is a very popular Kabuki piece?
Any auditions for disney channel Please answer and help me!!!!?
Do you have to be attractive to be an actor?
How to know if I am good in acting?
Is the traditional Pantomime dead in the UK?
HiAre there any agents acting in the Cleveland area?
Can anyone help me find a monologue?
Where can I find a handmade treehouse stage for puppets?
How to be sinister with a baby-face?
Help me find a monologue for two actresses?
can i get a get a link for a monologue for annie?
Does anyone know this play?
is there such a place as hollywood talent agency?
Good Audition songs for the Musical...?
What are some really good ways to practice acting?
What are some good female monologues that are dramatic and 1-2 minutes?
Cassius Costume with a Twist?
First date ideas?
where can i find curley's wife's monologue. and only hers.?
What do you do when you feel like a low ceiling has been placed over you and you just can't get past it?
My Director Picks Favorites?
Is this a soind career plan?
Macbeth debate!???!help!!!!!!?
how do you get into west end musicals without being in a theatre group??
Hi evrybody when the "emmy awards" will be held?
Does anyone have good monologues for a 14 year old girl?
I have to write an essay on actor. Not movie stars but actors that work in theaters. All i find is castings?
What is the most valuable asset an actor or speaker can have? Why?
I need a sarcastic monologue. Can someone help me?
Which characters are clashing with others in the story of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare?
How do singers vibrate their voice?
who liks dylan and cole sprouse?
Im currently beating myself up over not being able to remember a Musical?
who is hotter? superman or batman?
Private Investigator Accent Tips?
how could i get into the acting industry?
Need a two minute dramatic male monologue?
how cut a quater?
Help with make up for ancient Greek comedy?
what do you think about middle school drama?
Why is there a Theater and Acting category?
I REALLY wanna be an actor?!!helpppp?!!!!?
Which character would be more significant to play in Les Miserables?
Im really confused in acting!?
What broadway play would a 13 yr old girl and 10 yr old boy enjoy?
How do you imagine a young midwife named Jamie ?
Auditions for short films, ads etc in Ireland, in the next 6 weeks....?
Are there good acting schools in (Central) Florida?
Is my range wide enough to play Mrs. Lovett?
I'm searching for a serious casting agency on the web...?
does anyone know the steps on how to open a theater? anything im missing out on what i should do?
is machete out in theaters already?
Invitation to NCLR Alma Awards?
How does the relationship between Romeo and Juliet develop throughout Act 2, Scene 2?
vocal auditions?
Question about auditions and how to read monologues/cold readings....?
broadway camp?!?!?!?
Acting Agent/Interview/ActingCoach?
What's your favorite hobbie and why?
who said "methinks thou doht protest to much"?
where is indian idol 4th audition in mumbai?
Do you think i should do it. give up everything i have and move to LA.become an actor?
What are some good ideas for an Eponine audition?
Which is the best audition slot - first or last?
How can I go to an open acting audition and if this is possible, where would I look first?
Could you please give me some information of how can I contact Jean-Jacques Annaud or Alain Godard?
Good Acting Agencies that are Legit?
how much do you need to pay to go to an acting school in the company acting school?
Acting partners falling in love?
moulin rouge good or bad ?
Is Hollywood starting to offer Asian Actors/Actresses more opportunities?
will i ever meet or see dylan and cole sprouse?
Warner brothers actress?
What's it like to work on Broadway?
how to walk like a guy?
Help with acting please?
I need help for a Hunger Games Video!?
Pantomime Ideas For Drama Class?
Monologue male rape victim?
Who is your favourite number one actor and actress?
Pirates of the caribbean is looking for extras in Puerto Rico, where can i find the auditions?
First Acting Audition Ever!!!! HELP!!!?
Acting help?! Please?
Who designed the poster for the Broadway musical Wicked?
How do I analize a character for a play?
Musical Theatre song for a Male Tenor that isn't on the West End for my Drama School audition?
I need help with a christmas play?
Can you put commercials on your acting reseme?
How can I get a movie audition? Where do I look?
How do you become famous!? because i would like to be an actress all of my friends said that im a good actor?
How do you apply to be an intern for the show Grimm?
I wanna start acting but i need an agent please i need help i don't know where to start?
What is a simple and easy understanding of Macbeth?
I'm 13 and I'm shy, but I want to become an actress in the futur. What should I do to overcome my shyness?
clint eastwood's middle name?
which is the best shakespearian play and why?
Is Craigslist a legit place to look for castings for modeling and acting?
How much does a degree in acting actually help?
Does Pam Anderson have crabs or does she just look skanky enough to have crabs?
What style of drama would an 'Alice in Wonderland' production be?
Need Help With My HomeWork!!!!!?
Did orlando bloom,brad pitt,daniel radcliff take acting college before?
Can I Get a Lead Role In Dear Edwina Junior?
who played jack abbott on the young and the restless?
What list of reasons does Iago give for his villainy in the play Othello?
how to do voice impersonations?
Solo Performance Piece HELP!!!?
Why does Priestley finish the play ' the inspector calls' in the way that he does?
Where to find peter pan costume?
How not to get nervous while skipping on the stage?
Does any one know of any acting schools that are accredited in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania?
boy/girl duet from a play?
I need a short Halloween skit?
What's a 'talky,' uptempo, soprano song from contemporary musical theatre?
What's a good name for my play?
Should I go for the acting career?
How to learn to act...?
How can I sound wicked?
How can i get my good acting skills out there?
A good dagger in skyrim for me?
Why can't I cry anymore?
Where can I contact someone to sign up for Anime Voice acting?
what is the origin of the expression'break a leg' as used in theatre?
Do people in North Carolina have southern accents?
Funny grammy/ most likely to awards?
Please watch my play and review my performance (Max Points for answer)?
Has anyone been to any of the Wildrice productions in the Singapore Theatre Festival? Which is your favourite?
What is unrealism theatre?
What are some really funny joke that isn't offensive?
Romeo and Juliet in 1920's Chicago style please help!!?
Romeo And Juliet?
Did the globe theater has a raked stage?
Any sage advice for my 13 year old daughter is performing on stage tonight? It is a musical.?
What is your favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?
What are some good acting schools in canada or usa?
free play script for american playwrights?
Any old age makeup tips?
What is a good song to play when this happens?
How can I become an actress?
am i to late?
Does Disney Channel Host Worldwide Cattle Calls?
Shakespeare depict Macbeth as a tragic hero?
A good way to start a career in acting for a teenager?
I need a 1 min. long monologue with emotion and actions for an audition for a highschool play! HELP!?
What can I inhale to pretend I'm using cocaine for a theater play?
how can I learn filmmaking, with no money?
What are some tips for a 12 year old starting an acting career?
is there any other version of for good?
How to be Rebekah Mikaelson?
Is the Guildhall School of Music and Dramatic Arts a well respected and good school to study drama?
I wanna be an actor but...?
How can i work on disney channel as an actor?
Is Seussical the musical still on broadway?
OPEN CASTING CALL; North Carolina/Virginia actors needed for a low-budget indie flick.?
what is a good dramatic monologue from a play? please help, thanks :)?
National Youth Theatre (UK) - Searching for a monologue?
Is it too late to start acting?
what do you think of my film idea?
A line from the play The Crucible?
Should I answer yes or no to "Will you accept ensemble?"?
how to act and dress like Tamara from the MTV show awkward?
How do i become famous?
Has anyone seen The Coram Boy play, what is the flying mechanism called which could be used in any play?
Dr. Jekkl and Mr. Hyde?
What is Artaud ( The theatre of cruelty)????
What are some unisex names for characters?
how to get rid of nerves in front of an audience?
Which family is in bollywood for 5 generations. Give names of at least one member from each generation?
Questions about Agents !?
What should be included in a slate for acting?
How to get an acting agent?
Why are people so immature?
i want to start acting more professionally!?
How can I practice acting?
What's the big deal?
Does sandy from grease need to have blonde hair?
We Need Chris O'Donnell's Great Acting In Another Good Film - Will We See Him Soon????
acting plz i am serious?
Serious Help On English Script/Play!!! Expertise Help NEEDED?
Can someone help me find a character analysis for "The Madwoman of Chaillot "?
Where can I find movie quality or original costumes and prosthetics such as in Narnia, X-men, etc.?
One minute monologue for teenage girl?
Info on "Dream Girl" (Lucille Ball) that played at Mayfair Theatre in Portland-don't know state Dec 3 & 4 1945
i need a funny female monologue from a movie. help please!!?
how to get on america's got talent?
Duet for teenage girls?
Have you had good or bad luck with Kids Talent Network?
how do actors learn all those lines? what tricks do they use?
What are some cool ways to help high school students perform Shakespeare well?
What are some good children's books that can be used in a play?
How can I become an teen actor?
I would like to become a very successful actor but Hollywood sickens me.?
Any Good Poetry Selections??
Do you think it's wrong that they used white people to play black people in the WTC movie?
where is a good place to find accompaniement tracks for auditioning?
What classical musical has men in top hats?
Who was the first woman to wear pants in Hollywood?
I need a powerful male Broadway audition song. Help?
Does creon secretly fear Tiresias?
If you have seen both Romeo and Juliet and Save the last dance. please answer?
Thoroughly Modern Millie, character descriptions?
Loved Lion King but didn't like Wicked at all. Is Spiderman good?
Help Please!!!!!?
What musical should my school do?
Where are auditions for the BBC posted?
Do you need a agent for
he all you Josh groban fans i need help..........?
Top 10 broadway songs?
what is the easiest way(without an agent) to get info for auditions?
I want to become an actress, but my parents won't support me. Help? [I'm 13]?
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Helena's Soliloquy)?
Any IDEAS!?!?!?!?
Where can u watch high school musical 3 online?
When Reefer Madness came out was it taken seriously?
Does anyone have a sad monologue link?
Best advice on acting?
any one want to set up a therter company in south manchester ?
where can i get teenage free monologues?
I want to have a career in acting and i would like to do a little modeling but i dont know where to start?
if i got the lead in the Hs Musical and im only a freshman and i have 2 kiss a junior.... do u think thatz wro
what it means best director?? what a director need to do to won best director award?
I need more acting help?
What's your favorite musical?
i need help in finding a listing of all of the gay actors either in movies or on tv. This is for a group proj
How do I get over not making an audition?
where in london can i become an up and comming actress?
John Robert Powers?
The end of theatre, televsion or radio drama.?
What is currently playing on Broadway in NYC or LA?
Do you know where to get some free monolouges for competition?
If you could earn a great living as an actor/actress would you want to be be based in LA or NY ?
why are actors called "master"?
Things to recite in front of class?
what website would I go to to see musicals in theatres near me, ex the Producers and Chicago?
will LAMDA help give drama qualifications?
The Music Man audition help!?
Teen Monologues For Teen Boys !?
What do you think is the best shakespeare comedy ?
I am trying out for a play and..........?
What are poems?
Yes Man or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?
where can i find pictures of shakespeares plays???????????
Am I too young to try out for Natalie in next to normal?
can you take a child under the age of 5 to a broadway show?
Technically difficult musicals to produce?
How to start acting in Australia?
I have to do a skit for camp and I also need a team costume ideas for the skit and I am team yellow. Ideas?
in the "new" peter pan, the song they always played on the previews.. its pretty upbeat.. what is it!?
What are the words in the poem that Lord of Essex wrote to queen Elizabeth at end of the movie "Elizabeth 1"
how do you have great dream sex ?
how do you become a 'creature' extra in films and TV?
Does Adam Pascal blow the candle out in the RENT movie?
Hawaii 5-0 actor James McArthur (Dano) Who was his famous mother?
Is ProScout still a scam?
Have a suggestion to a director/producer?
Doe's anybody respect the 'Film Actors Gild'?
X Factor Audition Songs?
please help!?
Is there a proper order in which to list the production staff in a program?
Auditions for short films, ads etc in Ireland, in the next 6 weeks....?
How do I find a free acting coach?
!3 year old girl auditions?
How to become a pornstar???
Im auditiong for the breakfast club can you help?
Does America have Pantomines?
Need red cowboy boots for Footloose?
Did Wicked change the way you thought of The Wizard of Oz?
Where can I find a downloadable sheet music for Letterbomb from American Idiot the Musical?
Wedgie for Little Red and Boy Blue - feedback?
what are things that people like most about shakespeare?
What part of New York is Broadway Located?
Do I stand a chance at a decent role?
Do you think being naturally beautiful really helps when it comes to an acting career?
rock songs with a similar sound to the music from "spring awakening"?
sound of music audition tomorrow, what should I do?
what are some good names for pirates?
How to calculate the length of a play?
How to practice an accent?
i cant find any good monologues!!?
What's a good name for my play?
Was this the real Scottish Tragedy?
Almost 19 years old and wondering..?
i need a funny, random, quick and easy talent show act?
Is it a good idea to be famous?
Can i get your opinion on this headshot plz?
can anyone give me a free modern english version of the play ' macbeth'?
Acting tips for Catching Fire fan movie?
Mercutio's actions and speeches give us reason to consider him?
Doesn't it seem like EVERY girl wants to be a famous actress these days?
where can I find an online copy of "Waiting for the Parade" by John Murrell?
Theatre ( play ) in chennai. Need help!? Please...?
Do Chinese martial artists really float or fly during fight scenes like in the movies?
I need good examples of prose for a teenager!?
How can you find out about auditions in professional theater?
Any good Monologues that are about 45 seconds? (read description, please)?
how to make yourself cry for an audition?
How do you audition for an American Girl movie?
Whats it like to be a model/actor and how does it work?
How to build up my confidence when performing on stage?
Script writing - Action Question?
Hello! I need some help finding my 9 year old daughter a 30 second monologue!?
how long dors it take for a loan to go in to ur bank is it 7-10 working days ?
Film and Acting Camp at NY Film Academy - Florida?
I think I get what acting is about for actors and actresses - what do you think?
i have stage fright plaes help?
I wanna start studying acting..but iam afraid..please help me?
How much money do actors in commercials make?
when will rent be taken off broadway?
Good duet acting scene for two girls?
Should i o to school to study graphic design or acting?
can i become a famous actress even if i had a self harming past?
What movie with Johny Depp where he gets his eyes poked out?
Your thoughts on Malena?
how do u become a actress or singer?
what are some scholarly comments on the play the tempest?
How long do you think it would take to become famous?
Please help me?
How can I get in to a acting school?
I got the part for a play in my school. The play is called U lose: Game Over... Help?
Things you should never do while presenting infront of an audience?
Where can I find the script for Whose Life Is It Anyway?
I'm searching for acting auditions in Puerto Rico?
Why Does Friar Laurance Agree To Marry Romeo And Juliet?
What features of the face are most important in expressing ideas and emotions? How do mimes emphasize these
Ways to murder?
Are The NT Live Encore Screenings of Frankenstein an actual theatre performance or is it on a screen?
extras and acting ?
Any good POWERFUL/moving musical theatre solos for tenors? Must be from a musical!?
Allusions in Romeo and Juliet?
If I got tickets to The X Factor Auditions in Austin, does that mean I am guaranteed a seat?
Questions about Acting, Agent, more.?
In the musical "RENT". What was the name of Mark Cohen's Agent?
Is the Casting Website a scam?
Which schools are better?
Can you help me find literary devices in Romeo's speech in Act 5 Scene 1 lines 36-59 ?
Any open call auditions in Houston TX ? And also anywhere to find a personal agent ? SCAM FREE?
Anyone going to see CHESS the musical tonight in Watford?
Where can I find a dickhouse t-shirt?
Is there anyone that has been taking acting classes and has a good way of memorizing lines?
I'm 14 and finishing puberty and have a chance in the acting world and where could i get a agent ?
What kind of harp did the queen play in Beowulf?
what makes a good actor?
Please! HELP!?
how do you sell your script? and to whom do you sell it?
how do i get into acting?
Should I listen to my family or try to make it doing entertainment?
OK! How do you actually "follow" Your Dreams?how are you sure its your actual calling not just a misconception
Best Musical?
Humorous 'pops' pieces for speech/forensics team?
If you were to be an actor/actress, which part of a play would like to perform?
Shakespear Globe Theatre Description?
How do I go about this...? please answer, I need a better life?
Good audition song for legally blonde?
How do i become an actress?
how to become a succeful actor?
How do you organize an elementary school talent show?
Never Do - Acting question ?
who is nadiley woods movie star?
Beauty and the Beast jr audition song?
what role do parents play in a Hero's journey?
Acting help?
Where may i find a theather group for acting in new york?
How big do my hands have to be to play the Tenor Saxophone?
how did you find the DA VINCI CODE movie?
I need a 3 minute drama script!? HELP?
Monologue Suggestions?
where can i find will ferrells images in wedding crashers?
need good Dialogue for an audition?
does king lear contain any interior monlogue?
Is it true that Emeka Ike is married to Ini Edo?
What are some tips for speaking with a British accent?
What type of dancing should I learn for an acting career?
how do u write a movie screen play?
Quick help with a monologue?
Should I become a Disney Star?
how do you feel when people call you [******' ??
Need to Read some good plays, help!!?
Do you like Italian cinema?
I have to memorize a shakespere prologue and i cant do it!!! help!?
I want to apply for acting (no expierience) and I'm trying to figure out where to put these things on form?
Native canadian drama and theatre?
why am i scared to audition?
How do you find out about auditions for pre-production films?
Commedia dell'arte Gentle Fool mask information.?
Can anyone translate this Shakespeare play for me?
Where in Germany is the Passion Play performed live every 10th year?
All Shook Up the musical?
do u think its ok to play a boy when ur a girl in a play?
How Hard Is It To Become a Actor?
I am playing a wickersham brother in the play seussical with my school. I have no idea of what to wear!?
What song to sing from Wicked [need answers quick]?
I'm trying to locate a script for a play I once performed, I think it was called The Madam, can anyone help?
is Wayne State University the best college for a performing arts degree?
what is the song called that has the line: see us in the club we acting real nice?
how to do the wizard of oz skip?
Should i be a class clown at school or good or bad?
is it easy to become an actor?
Which is the best audition slot - first or last?
Acting jobs in Pittsburgh PA?
What are some creative ways to give theater tickets to a broadway show and make the night special?
NPR question:?
I have a low voce and 1 of my dreams is to sing ?
I can't preform in front of people. But I have to. Help?
I am teen actress- Hollywood Star.How to get into the acting industry in bollywood?
i need a good short and nice play......?
how can i get an acting job via website?
If training in acting is so essential, then how do you explain so many successful actors who had none?
Biased Theatre Teacher, ugh...?
I am trying out for the Musical, The Pajama Game. HELP, please!!?
At what age is it too late to start a career in acting?
How to get over my nervousness during an acting audition?
I need a good comedic monologue for an audition!!!?
Who are classed as "Heros" and "Villians" In the play Romeo and Juliet.?
i need a 30 sec. monologue what is a good website?
How do you recognise acting ability in a candidate during an audition?
can you still become famous if you have dyslexia?
Which Shakespeare play do u like?
Audition songs / Monolouge for teen girls?
Where can I find a Thom Pain (Based On Nothing) E-script/book?
What do you think?
Can you suggest any plays with good, funny monologue/ speech for mid-20's female?
hannah montana concert?
Verfrumdungseffekt/Alienation Technique Bertolt Brecht?
Desparate help someone? 10 points?
What's hot on Broadway on the moment?
Can anybody describe the style of the music in the lion king musical. I NEED AN ANSWER BY TOMORROW!!!?
Where can I find rights-free background music (contemporary instrumental or beat) for a short film?
Do I have good looks for Sm Entertainment?
acting do you learn how 2 cry?
I'm 14 and looking to act. Advice.?
How to become a actress?
What are some good Cole Porter songs for soprano that are not from "Anything Goes?"?
Drama Club?
Can I use Disney songs in a play without copyright issues?
How do I become a extra in a HOLLYWOOD movie?
Is their any casting auditions for the power rangers?
What are some ways to remember your lines for a script?
please help?
How do you become an actress?
what is motion, theatrically?
Is it possible for an actor/actress to never become famous?
What are the skills which are important in physical theatre?
I need help coming up with a title for my play...?
Where can I watch Chess The Musical online?
where can I find "Defte Lai" sung by Divna Ljubojevic?