Contemporary play: drama/tragedy, themes of terminal illness and interpersonal conflicts?
Can someone help me find a monologue from Lost?
Little shop of horrors the play?
Need Help...What's the American Avant Garde?
playing guneviere? SP sorry?
Real acting/modeling agency?!?
best way to memorize lines?!?
how does this sound?
Is LAMDA (& its Single Semester course) useful and a GOOD acting preparation?
How do I find auditions for shows and movies?
Should I help my cousin into the industry?
acting jobs in virginia?
I didn't get "the mist" at all, help?
Is Richard III (from shakespeare play) Similiar to Hitler? If So, How?
Can Anyone Help Me Find A Talent Agency In West Palm Beach, FL?
Fancy Dress Characters?
Fix dry mouth before performing in school plays/public speaking?
How do I get on Disney Channel?
What is the point Mercutio is trying to make in the "This is she!" speech in Romeo&Juliet?
How can I act drunk for a role in a play?
What is duality?(refers to two different things which are dependant on each other)?
What is shakespeares most popular comedy, and also the one that is almost ALWAYS used in college intro?
What is an acting monologoe?
Is "Wicked" appropriate for a first-grader?
Who's hotter?
who would be good actors/actresses to play Ed, Marv, Ritchie and Audrey from the book the messenger?
What musical instrument have you always wanted to learn how to play? and did u get there?
Are we good actresses?
Is 21 to old to start auditioning?
How much money would a lead in a west end musical earn?
How can I find copies of The Police Gazette, 1878 - 1885?
Why do people bother going to the theatre to see a play?
whats so improtant about romeo and juliet kissing and meeting to bring us to the end of the story?
any good acting sites for creepy storys?
Can you have two agents, if one is for principle work and one is for extra work?
does this picture work as an actors headshot?
Any pornstar agencies that i can contact with?
What is a good fundraising idea for my drama club?
What do I need to do to become a actress?
How do I find auditions?
did CBGB close?!!!??!?!!!?!?
I really want to follow in my best friends foot steps..... but...?
How can someone (legally) perform a very potter musical?
Does anyone know any good Contemporary Realism Plays?
what are some good talent agencies for teens?
What are some good ideas for role play?
Does this sound like a good stage name?
Why does every actor in hollywood wanna be a director?
What is your favorite musical? why?
What is Hamlet's attutide to good and evil throughout the play?
Okay, I was just asked to do this modeling job, but I'm on hold for a big feature film! How can I pick!?
RADA audition 1 (experienced please)?
I'm a theatre major/playwright--if I teach, where and what grade level? Can I teach drama in the US?
role plays for high school students?
where can i find dialogues for women online?
Does anyone know when the next MTV skins auditions are going to be ?
Acting Camps in PA?
What is the overall mesage of the play The Phantom of the Opera?
Do you have to be a good singer to become an actress?
Looking at acting intensive courses. Anyone know anything about New York Film Academy or Acting Corps?
Confusion: What should be in a demo reel?
4 am the musical by jonathan dorf?
what is a contemporary theater arts?
Views on Macbeth, the play of William Shakespear?
What are the ideals of the character of Cyrano de Bergerac in Rostand's play?
Did anyone see Company on Broadway?
What are some good memorizing tips? I have to memorize a verse for a church thing but I need some good tips!?
Acting...where to start?
Is being in a calss play considered a real play?
What is row B like at the Apollo Victoria theatre London?
Is making it in Hollywood all about looks?
Should I report my teacher?
How to develop your protagonist in a play, and create a character that the audience can feel for?
Is there even a point in being in High School plays?
Does anyone know where HSM3 auditions are being held?
What songs in the "American Idiot" musical are tenor?
where can i find sheet music?
What musical has a nerdy girl and boy who fall for each other?
Acting/Modelling Agencies (UK)?
im looking for help on information to start acting because i dont know where to begin.?
What is a good site that discuss how to put together a movie.?
Going to be in a small film , i'm nervous what can i do to calm down and do good?
Can girls have a tenor vocal range?
I need a phone actress - anyone for hire?
is the ability to sing that important for an actor?
what does Raunchy humor mean?
Why is it that when you get involved with acting that when you watch a tv show or film it looks less real?
Is Robert Pattinson going to play Edward in Breaking Down?
College audition help!?
why should our school put up cinderella as a production?
"living statue" ideas?
I want to become an Actress!!!?
What is the most passionate love scene in all of Shakespeare's works?
sbs kpopstar affect regular auditions for instance afffect weekly sm auditions?
who's the best living irish playwright?
Have you ever worked with theater or movies?
Advice on Script Writing?
What musical should I see on Broadway?
can you explain what happened in the play of julius caesar - the scene where his ghost visits brutus .?
Chase Bank Matching Grants To Nonprofit Organizations?
What is a creative and solid title for my essay about Creon in Antigone?
How to play slender man?
Question about Aladdin Jr.?
Does anybody know the musical BABES IN ARMS?
can you have an acting agent and still use a call in service for background acting?
What are good 2min monologues from 1930-1940?
Ophelia is to Hamlet as ______ is to _______. ?
which comtemporary American playwright is often considered the most prolific writer of comedy and tragicomedy?
Could someone tell me where I can find a free script for " For whom the Southern Belle Tolls"?
i want to become an it worth a try?
How to get over stage fright?
What is Antigone about?
What would be a funny way for jesus to die? (high school appropriate)?
Could you be an actor at age 10?
What do you think of my audtion for Annie cresta off hunger games?
hello i have to play a talk show host in hosting a discussion panel in school tommorow. Any ideas?
songs that could be played when presenting sports awards??Answer asap!!!!!?
i want a short and simple skit of 6 characters having some moral value?
Do you know any online/skype auditions for acting?
I am 12 and a tenor, and I need an audition song for Guys and Dolls Jr. Any ideas?
How do you cry on cue?
movie/tv extras casting companies in the uk for a teenager?
does anyone have old yiddish records, books etc?
Acting Audition advice????Pleazzz?
Me and my friend want to get puppets and do Avenue Q songs etc pi** takes etc what puppets can anyone suggest?
can you get an agent that can help you in more then one field?
Does anyone know how to jump-start an acting career?
Where can I find free sheet music?
How do you find a good talent agent?
What do i need to bring with me to my first acting audition ?
I need to write a play for only one person...?
In the Merchant of Venice, what was the content of Portia's father's will?
Where does Disney Channel get money from?
how far above his own level of intelligence can an actor act a part....also..?
Do you also think the most attractive actor/actress to you is actually talented?
Do I take the part even if I have to get naked?
Do you know any websites that have scripts from like Disney Channel? Such as Victorious?
Info about being a theater tech person/stage manager?
Do you want to be a famous celebrity?
help help, competition, duet scene needed!?
PLEASE HELP!! I NEED a scene for tomorrow!?
Central theme (message) The Hypnotist Seance?
I didn't get "the mist" at all, help?
What is the best way to memorise lines for a play easily?
what do you think of my screenplay idea?
Likely candidates to be cast as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde if ever there will be a movie version of Wildhorns musical?
Audition Sides for a Short Film?
american accent tips?
My son is in a play for Oklahoma's 100 year celebration. He is a robber. What should he wear?
The names of the three watchmen in Much Ado About Nothing?
Can anyone help me learn my lines?
I've never taken an acting lesson before but is it still possible to be a great actor and be on par with best?
How can I practice acting?
Midsummer nights dream project?
Where can I find the kind of clothes that Ryan from High School Musical wears?
im 19 and was wondering are there open auditions in the uk as i dont have an agent yet, this is my dream!?
how do you become famous???
death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal?
how I can be confident in acting?
Are the best Acting Schools in L.A. and in NYC? What are the schools name etc?
I'm going to Pageant of Masters on Friday. What's the suggested attire?
why did they make another high school musical? ?
Which quote from the play Romeo and Juliet would most describe Juliet?
I need a 30 second monologue for an old lady!?
I need a scene name starting with *E* because my name is Emma Please help me Ive tryed everything?
In romeo and Juliet how does Capulet change the wedding plans?
I want to know about film direction books and websites? can any one help?
Where to study acting in Los Angeles?
Play duscover bad restar qwer?
Can someone explain my seats to me at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver?
I want to act ... PLEASE HELP !!!?
Quotes from Macbeth??? Act 5?
Is there a single troupe performing a certain musical like the Book of Mormon all over the country?
How do u direct a musical. And choreograph it? Tips steps, any info would be appreciated!!!!?
Want to be an actor.....?
Does anyone esle want to do this or am I just crazy?
do i look like renesmee were are the auditions?
Can you please help me find the acts and scenes from the play Macbeth?
What would a director need to know to effectively direct the witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth?
What should I wear to the theatre in New York? (Broadway)?
Has Anyone seen the play "fiddler on the roof"?
how can i get over my horrible stage fright?
Prison Break Casting Callas?
What is the best method to learn lines when acting in a play?
Are you satisfied with the cast of Twilight?
whos the best actor/actress ever?
Do you have to be outgoing to become an actor/actress?
How long is The Rocky Horror Show on stage?
hi iam an aspiring african american actor! iam 16 years of age?
In A Streetcar Named Desire, do the characters ever address the audience?
What Australian Drama School benefits inspiring actors the most?
I look around and I worry- who will re-create the great female roles when I'm gone?
Does anyone know any information on the Glee open casting calls?
Casting Call for DC?
Question about casting agencies?
Does Anyone know Miley Cyrus' real e-mail address? plz, I need It desperatly?
What do you think of the first chapter of my story on Quizilla?
The Rocky Horror picture show musical?
Is doing non-union stuff necessary to an acting career?
Where in the UK can I buy Stage makeup?
audition tips and help?
Where could I find monologues from the Harry Potter movies or books online?
can i be a ballerina???
i need help to find a monologue please?
Funny or Evil or Angry girl monologues?
why do disney channel find actors in western areas and not in asian areas ?
Do u like emraan hashmi? Why?
What is the name of the song in School of Rock, that they play in Schneibley's van?
Where can I find the lyrics for the song "five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes"?
Anyone know the name of the actress who plays a fairy in the Dodge Magnum commercial?
How to become an actor?
I need 1 female monologues needs to be like 5-8 minutes?
I need a musical for a small high school to do. Any Suggestions?
Does anyone know how to get auditions for films or for west end productions?
How to create confidence?
Could you name me the 5 best fainting scenes you ever seen in movies?
where r some affordable acting class for teens near Bethel,NC?
Wrote a kid's what?
Where can I obtain an audio recording of commentary for the 1970 Grand National?
Where can I find children's play auditions I corona ca?
3-5 minute monologue?
I'm in a play and my character is male. What are some tips for pulling off a convincing guy?
Help! I'm a guy and I need songs for high school musical audition.?
SHOULD i Just give up on my dream of acting if. please read?
How do I become a film star/ model??
how can i find a group of rentheads in ny or nj?
Mac Taylor (from CSI:NY) or Gil Grissom (CSI:Las Vegas) ,who's the sexiest?
Can you wear character shoes OUTSIDE the theatre?
cast of modern actors for the play Othello?
read more pleez?
who is the best acter hrithik or shahrukh?
Could i be an actress ?
Could someone please suggest a play that is as scary as 'The Woman in Black'?
why did the cinema star in....?
where can I find auditions In Ireland?
does anyone know miley cyrus' lastname?
Ok I'm trying out for a play whats an easy song I could sing for auditions?
I need Ideas for a short play I'm writing for class?
What songs can relate to Romeo and Juliet?
some one tell me who is the singer of "i'm leaving on a jetplane donno when i l b back again"?
I need an operetta song for an audition?
Can I major in Musical Theater with no experience?
are there any beauty contests in singapore where PR's can also apply?
if you can't hear a tree falling in the woods could heard a mine falling in the woods?
Which Acting School do you recommend?
I want info. about playwright's that write for schoolchildren?
Does anyone have any theories on the symbolism of the birdcage in Pygmalion?
Was William Shakespeare Gay?
how has theater changed since shakespeare?
Who plays Frankie Valli in "Jersey Boys"?
How to get a main part if I'm in year 9? (8th grade) ?
Is there a place to look up ALL of an actors' work?
Does Marian Paroo have any type of accent in The Music Man?
how do i find about auditions for les miserables in london?
What elements make for a great play? What themes do you enjoy most in a play?
how much do you need to pay to go to an acting school in the company acting school?
In Chicago, The Hit Musical, What Is The Name Of The Last Song?
Where can i find music for production of 'Sweeney Todd'?
Did you see high school musical 3 ?
were ar the disney channel auditions at?
Review and rating for: CESD talent agency - LA, Daniel Hoff angency, and Osbrink Talent Agency?
What story should I write for a Shakespeare themed scene?
acting schools and auditions HELP!?
How do I become a comedy actor, I think I'm talented for that?
how to be in a movie?
i ealy want to try out for disney aduitions but i dont know how can some one help me
Does anyone know character descriptions for the musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?"?
how can i become a famous actress?
What are some good musicals?
'Absurd Person Singular' by Alan Ayckbourn?
husband of mel martin?
tips on memorizing lines for a play?
Looking for Casting agents?
Is having gone to Drama school a neccesary pre-requisite to work as a screen actor in the UK?
Large ensemble musical??????
what should i wear to the kennedy center?
Is this resume worthy of applying for an agent?
Is the play The Marriage of Figaro a comedy?
What's your favorite Oliver Twist song?
bbc are coming to my school for a casting session in the program they will give you a make over if i.e if you ?
What cast of Rodgers and Hammerstein's of Carousel should I get?
how can i know about tryouts for broadway musicals?
I've just realized that my aspirations of becoming a FAMOUS ACTOR won't come true. How can I fill this GAP?
How to be a better actress?!?
How can I possibly go to Hogwarts?? huh??
How do I look in this photo?
so, what do i do? help?
Is my Talent Agency Legitimate? Casting Workbook?
Does any one now where can i find disney channel audition scripts any help?
2 act plays for 10 or less characters?
what cities did the lion king national tour go to, and when are they doing it again?
Best broadway play to see in london while i am there?
example of speech choir presentatation?
how do you interpret or perceive a musical?
poverty and illiteracy cause violence and insecurity?
beauty and the beast?
does any one have a funny skit?
Do i need to loose weight to have more chance of getting acting roles?
Highschool musical...good? or bad?
What should I do? (this is important)?
A good high school comedy involving mainly males?
Really Good Dramatic and Comedic Monologues From a Play?
What is the best way to start a play production? Do anyone know any theaters in NJ for rent?
What is puck from a midsummer night's dream's last name?
vacancy of tv actresses?
I Want To Become A Famous Actress, Any Tips?
How did Melissa die on the O.C. last night?
Current alto songs for a middle school musical audition. ?
I Need Help, Theatre related!?
Anybody walkin by on d street cud go 4 Theatre?
Can my daughter still model/act?
Im going to be starting a drama club and im looking for some good plays we could perform NOTshakespeare please
Can you help me with audition songs for an alto?
Prop ideas... FAST!!!?
Where can I purchase television scripts?
What are the main events in macbeth?
Memorizing a monologue!!!?
What's a good Maximum Ride monologue?
Mu audition and my exams are really close, shld I give up my audition?
where did the billy elliot set in?
Anyone have any good scene names?
I'm directing a play, and on the set i nees a waterfal. Does anyone know how i can make a waterfall for stage
top ten acting schools in LA?
I need help finding the 1918 Hamilton King print of the Theatre Magazine cover!?
Television Shows????
How do theatre performances help the economy?
South Pacific or Oklahoma?
Could sending letters to production companies make me an actor?
In the west end musical Gone With The Wind who played the roles of Scarlett's children Wade, Ella and Bonnie?
my theater teacher said this to me, is that good?
where can I buy REALLY good costumes online?
Transylvanian Costumes...?
Is acting out the window?
Is it OK to be quiet?
Do you have to be outgoing to be a actress?
Can I send an audition for acting agents in la by video?
How should Von Schreiber (The Sound of Music) be played?
How could I start an acting career?
How to become an actress PLEASE HELP!!! I need you!!!!?
Do actors get in trouble with their spouse if they have to get in close relation with another person on film?
Do you need A levels to go to all drama schools in the UK?
who's your favorite actor/ actress?
boyfriend problems?
In the Tempest why did Antonio not have Prospero and Miranda killed?
What has Johnny Depp's best acting job been up to Pirates 2?
I want to become an actress!?
How can I become an Actress on Disney Channel?
Does anyone know of a good show to see at a theatre in the Norwich area?
who were the members of the chambelain's men(shakespears's acting company)?
how to find a sound like the sound of waves and the sound in the jungles?
How can I not be nervous when acting on stage?
please suggest a musical instrument?
Do I have to kiss a girl in hollywood acting audition?
Is it smart for an auditioning/aspiring actor to go to grad school?
Good Acting Websites?
What do you think the max. age would be for Annie...?
I would like a female monologue please?
Aspiring actor - should I do a nude scene?
Play rights?
I am trying out for a play... HELP!?
I am a 10 year old boy who needs a sponsor in acting how can i get help ? i need to move to Orange County?
Romeo and Juliet?
I am 14 years old and want to become a actress! Are there any auditions in England?
Best American Actor of All Times? Why?
Question about Everyman? (Morality Play)?
Is The Phantom of the Opera in Budapest worth seeing, considering the fact I don't speak Hungarian?
In the Play “Rhinoceros” by Ionesco, Why do people turn into green while rhinos are gray?
Wanting to be a Female Actress?
i would like to become an actress some day, what classes should i take? theater? i want to do justplain acting
Actor who resembles this drawing (SECOND ONE)?
question about "Death Of A Salesman"?
Les Miserables address?
What was the worst play you ever saw?
is it lame to be in a musical? in middle school?
What was the "mousetrap" in Tartuffe?
who was the girl who sang make my stamin go berserk in the repeoduction scene in grease 2?
Hi does nyone know an agent or somebody that can make me famous?
Romeo and Juliet. Tell me what you think?
Les Miserables Question Help??? Please look if you think you know!!!?
Cheapest place or website to print out my headshots and get them sent to me?
how do i know if i'm a good actress??? good enough for hollywood?
Where does Uma Thurman live?
Is it true that if you go after your dream it will come true?
What Saturday Night Live alumni have won Tony Awards?
writers look here?
what's the best musical ever????????????????
how bolly wood has affected indian economy?
Is having a Talent Agency represent you, the same thing as having an agent?
Need: Good Female (20-25 y.o.) Comedic Monologue...?
how should i do my make up and hair for playing juliet?
What are some things Rocky Horror midnight showing casts make the "virgins" do?
screenwriter terminology: "prelag"?
does anyone have any tips for learning lines from the play "for the love of norman".?
what is your favorite LOVE song?
Would I get the part?
What celebrities would you cast in a fictional production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream?
My mom isnt very supportive of me wanting to be a actress?
how to tie a pirates head sash?
Macbeth x homework x ? ?
Any recognizable or successful actors - do you have a fallback career?
Drama play for like middle school?
what is a play analysis?
Looking for 1940's Female Music?
Last chance to star in a school!?
I'm auditioning for a play and it says to email them to schedule an appointment?
What do these theatre terms mean?
Ideas for Stage Names!! read on..?
are they really making a high school musical 3?
I feel Pretty?
Will you tell him he's wrong, wrong?
Know any good theaters in the Washington DC area?
What part did Tom Hanks play in Forest Gump?
Tyler perry plays and cast members?
how can i know i am agood actor?
What do you think of my acting??
Can someone help me make a scenario with the given vague script?
I am 13 and didn't pass the only audition that ever happened in my country and I i think I am going to die!SOS
In the paly, "David and Lisa" what is thr falling actoin? (I NEED THIS TONIGHT, DUE FOR DRAMA CLASS TOMM.)
how can the audience do a lot in keeping alive the drama tradition in the community?
what do you think about cinema on these is downward journey i think.And you?
How much would a casting agent or acting agent cost?? An what's the difference between the two?
i have stage fright plaes help?
Should I dress up fancy when I go to Wicked, the broadway musical?
Starting a Career in the Acting Biz..
I wanna about scripte play?
Tony Hawk American Wasteland I need help getting the green dome in Beverly Hills from Boone?
i NEED a monologue from Children's Hour?
10 points to the best answer...?
How many accents should actors be able to speak in?
Where can I down load half a play script?
i need to put up a play on any one aspect of jawaharlal nehru plz help with anecdotes and ideas..?
Whats so funny about knowing more of tactics than a novice in a nunnery?
Fire on stage?
Would this commercial gig be worth the trip to L.A.?
screenplay writing help - is this scene heading correct?
Is it possible to have a major in Theatre with an emphasis on acting, directing, AND playwrighting?
Acting classes in california?
well this is kind of stupid, but i want to know of any ways that i can be discovered in the-continuied below?
I wanna send my headshot out to an agent is this headshot good?
Hey lovelies<3 HEEELP!! Me and my 13 yr old sister want to become famous actors FAST. like UBER fast. Anytips?
how did puritan women dress and how can i recreate the look?
Fiddler on the roof?
has anyone been in the play Summer of Koas or the musical verison Kamp Kaos??
How can I get started as an actor?
Modeling audition?.!?
do i have to pay the rights to a whole play if i am only performing a scene from it?
If I'm playing the horse's rear-end in the pantomime, is it a good idea to fart for realistic sound-effects?
How can you stop your face from sweating?
Have you ever seen the ventriloquist: Jeff Dunham?
I need to have a spanish accent for my schools production of WSS?
Would you want your child to pursue acting? Why?
How to act like Christine Daae?
I am a teenager trying to find auditions in manhattan, without an agent- can ross reports help?-read more?
apply for lauhterchallenge?
Broadway Song for Auditions?
I need to dress up for a presentation in university, the theme will be sci-fi. Any ideas?
Are there any good modeling/acting places?
what is a good gift to give to a actor on opening night?
Need to create a parody for Act IV Sc.iii (lines 1-122) Julius Caesar?
I want to act? anything in North Carolina? any auditions? Casting calls?
acting agents in fl and cal?
I started how to kill a mockingbird and i don't understand it.?
What do I wear to an acting audition?
How do you get bald goofy people with fake black glasses to answer your questions?
what charector should i try out for?
I am a small time actor wondering if I should take an ensemble role of Bye Bye Birdie.Should I accept it, why?
Help with Macbeth english question!?
can a shy person do acting?
I want to become an actor, where do I start?
I neeed help & tips for drama class... PLEASE HELP.?
poweful speeches or monologues about feeling free / freedom?
Who is your favorite actor?
I want To be An Actor Be I Don't Know Where To Start..And I Don't Want To Do It In School?
I want to become an actress. How do I break it to my parents?
Does anyone have any information on a drunk character in the play "you can't take it with you"?
Who is the person in the Les Miserables picture?
Is this a real agent?
daphne de temmerman?
Could I turn a public address into a monologue?
is it okay to lie on your resume?
Okayyy, so I am in HSM. BUT WHAT TO DO?
Shall i take home Paris Hilton tonight?
I would like to know when and where will Canada's next top model audition will be?
I'd like to do 'VOICEOVER/voice-related WORK FOR TV/RADIO. Where could I get info re training etc?
Can you make it into Disney without experience?
What's so good about high school musical?
where can you find open castings?
I'm conduction a resume workshop. I was wondering what kind of activities can I do?? I need good ideas, helpp!
Does anyone know if the idea of the "hex" ride at alton towers is copyrighted?
Why do so many people oppose people that have dreams of getting into Hollywood?
Good singing & acting & dancing ideas?
How can I deal with my nervousness in front of people in drama class?
I'm almost 15, am I too old to learn to play the piano?
What is a good 2 girls play?
What is Melodrama? example of melodrama?
where should i start?
Is there any tips for acting practice without a teacher?
How to come up with a role-play?
Do you have have a permit to film at your own sound stage?
Where can I find Public Domain Plays?? I need websites, I cant find anything. Please and thank you!!!?
Doesn't this date it?
Actors are overpaid pretentious pillocks..?
Are there any Haunted Houses in Wilson NC?
call back tommaroww!!?
What's a good Jim Carrey moment to act?
What is Miguel Pinero's "Eulogy for a Small Time Thief About?"?
How to become an actress in UK without a degree?
What is a good monologue to audition for Godspell? URGENT!?
What is the significance of Romeo and juliet act 3 scene 5?
How can I become a theater actor?
Is there any acting agents in DC or Baltimore, but please no phonies.?
Help with Impersonation?
Name of hilarious stage act who did a chewing gum routine?
eating skit. tips.?
who is the best actor in the whole world?
Need info about Child modeling ?
when will be the audition for saregamapa 2010? I want to participate in the show .?
Are there any open acting auditions being held soon in Edinburgh, Scotland?
Has anyone worked with ELIZABETH EBBELS or DARYL MORK? are they any good?
How long should a script treatment be?
Acting Schools in LA?
Movie Musicals Suggestions To Watch?
Are there any voice actors that are not on-screen actors?
What Developments have there been recently in theatre lighting?
does anyone know of some acting companies that will take girls as young as 17????
To go to uni or to take to the stage?
What are some good acting exercises?
how can i find entertainment and fine law???
classical humorous womans monologue?
How to make my self cry for a show?
whos a fan of Amanda Tapping?
Where can i take the official renthead test?
How do i become an actress on disney channel?????
how do actors learn all those lines?
What's your favourite play?
Do you think you're beautiful? Do you feel beautiful on the outside and inside every moment?
Desert play outfits?
What is a good mezzo audition song?
Is Star cast auditions a scam?
do you need...?
what to title my red riding hood parody?
Should I add student film work to my resume?
How do i know if im good enough??
"I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" and "Drama Club Must Die!" scripts?
what are some good tips for debating?
Good musicals on YouTube?
what do you think about hollywood and it`s actors?
script on anchoring on modeling?
I NEED information on a theatre ART DIRECTOR. level of pay? evailablity of job? educational background? etc.?
I need the script to the crucible (the play not the movie)so if you can please get a website to me as soon as?
What affect did Moliere have on theatre history?
stage show "That'll Be The Day"?
I would like to start acting?
How can I become an actress, when im only 13?
Please help. Character question for "How I learned to drive" for monologue tomorrow?
Is it ok to sing a song from the musical you're auditioning for?
I need a song for my drama class for a scene! Please help!!!?
Help! I live in Texas and I want to audition for Breaking Dawn part 2!?
Do you need a credit card to book tickets at Queen's Theatre (London) over the phone?
I want to be an actress on disney channel one day. Currently I have no experience.?
auditions ! audition! advice?
Acting and confidence building?
Michael Biehn is an exceptional act, why he didn't make a fame for himself?
Prank call script Help ?
actors/actresses interested?
Do you know any movies that reference the University of Maryland?
need help finding a scene for showcase?
how do i practice acting as a hobby?
What about a "tech week"??
What's a good community college and university in California that will help me become a successful actress?
Where can I find a witch who could fulfill my fantasy and turn me into a frog?
Any agencies for 11 year olds in toronto?
How do you over dramatically cry on stage?
Do i have to have a Drama GSCE to become an actress?
I'm thinking of auditioning for meat in wwry, any tips?
Who / What do you think was responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?
Looking for mature female vocalist to try out new compositions. Ideally living in Cornwall.Lyric Soprano.?
Find a line or sentence that describes Oedipus in the play?
How do characters says movie titles in scripts?
Is there a school near Dulzura of how to be an actres for kids?
What is a reliable source to find THEATRE ACTOR AUDITIONS in Montreal?
Do you have to have acting experience to get an agent/ be cast in films?
Any tips on projecting your voice?
why can i not get on?
Ain't Misbehavin'?
Acting Classes?????????
im 15 and im wondering if there are any acting auditions soon?!maybe film or tv?!?
How do I discover if I'm good at acting?
should the play julius caesar have been called marcus brutus or "the travails of brutus"?
Poll: Favorite musical?
do i have enought talent to become a model?!?!?
I would really like to become a professional actor. I'm looking for help from someone who is truly experienced?
How can i be an actress on disney channel?
what is the fastest and easiest ways to become famous?
What do people ask u at at proscout interview?
Auditions, etc.?
Where can a 13 year old girl find a acting or modelling contract in england?
help me paraphrase this monologue?
What main characters should my friends and I be for our webshow?
Seating - Her Majesty's Theatre?
How much does an agency cost?
Do you think that I act like Amanda Bynes?
Hi, can someone please tell me what the ready set action website is?
how can u become an actress in disney channel?
Would I still be famous in acting?
How to outline a monologue?
How do I Role Play?............................?
Smtown auditioning questions?
Who has seen Wicked the musical?
...HELP!! Hairspray A Book Or Musical First?
Rocky Horror Picture Show?
How can I become an actress/ singer?
do you need to have american accent to be an hollywood actor?
Costume ideas for playing an orphan?
I am an inspiring actress.. I made callbacks for our HighSchool Play, but i got cut.. DO i have what it takes
How did the Phantom of the Opera get that face in the original play?
How can I become a pornstar?
are you famous in your school?
I am low in confidence but I want to be on TV or in the theatre?
What Broadway musical should I see?
YAHOO and away or is that pretty pointless?
How can you get into acting?
Othello act IV scene 2 help?
What must I do to become an actor?
I am on a acting course at Salford and I feel like I may have my ability to perform, what can I do?
Othello. What interpretational possibilities can cinema provide the movie director yet not the stage director?
what do i do to get in a modeling thingy?
script to a play?
What is a good lawyer speech for an audition?
Favorite Broadway Show?
Therater exercises?
How do I get the role of Eva in Evita?
My dream of Marilyn Manson being Jesus..?
best bollywood actor?
what song to sing for musical audition?
Do you think ill be abke to make it in broadway?
would this be a good idea?
how to become an acress with no acting lessons i can not afford them?
Where Can I Find Ideas For A Dracula Play?
What's the address for the Breaking Dawn principle actor casting?
Question about a musical?
His Dark Materials...onstage?
Could I please have help on hand movements for one of the Shakespeare sonnets?
how can i get into voice acting?
do you people like the play "romeo and juliet"?
Werewolf pants?
Hamlet Hamlet Hamlet?
Casting calls in Georgia?
for a coverletter is it okay to start of with saying what your names is cause i never meant an agent yet?
I am in the drama club.........?
i really want to be an actress but i dont want to work at my community theatre i wanna be in movies or tv show?
Should i move to la to pursue an acting career?
How does my short play sound?
Toddler modeling or acting agencies?
how to get a ticket from the rehearsals from Metropolitan Opera?
getting a script?
young people theatre seussical staff?
How to get started in acting?
Who once wrote a play about King Herod and the pressures on him, that led him to slaughter children under 2?
Song help for "White Christmas" Audition?
Audition help for musical theatre?
much ado about nothing costumes?
Female audition song for Reefer Madness?
so far leigh whannell has any wife?
I know this sounds stupid, but...?
How to give somthing of myself to you?
Performers for sweet 16?
is showing love in open (where there are lot of people around) ok...???
What's a good community college and university in California that will help me become a successful actress?
What to include on a demo reel?
We are trying to market our local community theatre. Does anyone have any ideas?
get anthony zaki´s mail?
Do I have the same chance of being an actor?
Does anyone know of amateur dramatics groups in West London or Richmond area?
What's your favorite Mariah Carey song?
I need a good CLEAN play for about six or seven girls of the ages of eight to12.?
is there away for kids to become famous?
How can I find out when, and where the next tryout for the show?
Has anyone gone to a disney channel audition?
THE LIBERTINE monologue in modern english ...Help please!!!?
If you want to be an actor, should you have a back-up plan?
For all those who've seen Wicked or heard the Soundtrack?
What is one dimensional acting?
How to become a pornstar?
I want to be an actress. How do i get discovered at 14 years old?
Are news reporters really mean in real life?
im going to sing a boy george song at school?
How do I be a Actor at the age of 14?
My mom isnt very supportive of me wanting to be a actress?
Do you like the commercials in the movie theaters?
Anyone have contact information inorder to be an extra on High School Musical 2????
Who became the first director to win a Tony Award for both a play and musical in one year?
How do you get your children in modeling without spending a fortune? Where are the free competitions?
what plays did stanisvlaski write?
where can i find complete information of actors and actresses?
how do i become a cinematographer?
I want to be an actress, any tips on hwo to get more confident? Read additional info please?
Titus Andronicus?
Are there any children in the play "Don't Drink the Water"?
I'm a TV actor and I recently found out I'm being considered for a pretty big role... okay to call the CD?
Do you think that Mac commercials are getting pretentious?
Shakespeare's characters?
how do you make bird calls or cricket noises with your mouth?
Are there any Shakespeare plays where, as part of the story, a man dresses in drag?
If you were given the chance??
how to prepare a skit for 'international drug abuse' day?
What name do you think is better if I want to be an actress?
elizabethan ruffle collar?
Who do u think should win 'I do anything' ?(Oliver Twist competion)?
What College Major would an aspiring Voice-Actor go for?
Can you still become an actor even though you minored in theater?
How do I work for Disney ?
Can I get an audio file of the legally blonde musical entr'acte?
I love acting so so so so much and I want an agent 13 year old girl?
Does anyone know anyway that i can learn 50+ lines in a play with in 1 day?
Does anyone have any answers on how to get into showbiz?
i want become a singer for my auntie how can i do that?
The opening section of the Canterbury Tales that introduces the characters is called the ___________?
Auditioning Tips?
My school is having aditions for High School Musical how should I try out?
does anyone know a list of the top performed musicals in America whether in broadway, commuinty or local?
Description of Patty from Peanuts?
Who is the king in "Macbeth" when act 3 begins?
Are they accepting non-union actresses for the Young and the Restless open casting call this week?
How many actors can you have in the complete abr. works of shakespeare?
Who does the better Memory, Elaine Paige or Streisand?
how do I contact someone who replied to a question....?
What are some 4 person ensemble plays, 2 guys & 2 girls?
Tips for an audition?Please?
Amda (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) auditions? ?
theatrical makeup pictures?
Help for Auditioning?
funny scenes for two girls? URGENT!!!?
Do you like the commercials in the movie theaters?
Help with16 bars of a song?
Does anyone know who Freddie is in Bye Bye Birdie?
Which monologue should I do?
Help with props for a play?
Has anyone seen the musical Godspell and is it any good?
Should school plays/chorus be listed under experience for a FIRST ACTING RESUME of a minor?
What does "Keep your hands at the level of your eyes" mean in Phantom of the Opera?
am i considered a prodigy?
Which part of Julius Caesar William Shakespeare would be the best to perform?
othello... Iago is one of the most despised villains in all of Shakespeare.?
How to become a famous actress?
There was a movie out a few years ago that was supposed to be through the eyes of a drug addict, what is it?
what does "status quo" mean?
what are the materials there about INDIAN INK by tom stoppard?
tOdAy Is mY bIg DaY...?
How do i get an acting agent?
do I make money as a male model or actor with one source talent?
Hi, has anybody ever sang "Any old Iron" in an audition for East15 acting school?
scary orchestra piece.?
Who is the worst successful actor of all time?
Is there a difference in talent between somebody acts on Broadway or in Hollywood?
How can I get over my singing stage fright so I can do more musicals?
What is a humorous high school puppet show?
how do i get rid of stage fright?
What method of acting do you prefer? Method or character?
Is there any Western equivalent of the Takarazuka theater?
Will this talent agency book a lot of jobs?....?
I wanna be an actress?
i neeeed a 1 minute monlouge that wasy to memorize...does anyone have a good site or idess..pleaseeeeeeeee?
why is high school musical so popular....?
Which would be the best career choice, fashion design, acting, or a homicide detective?
Help for Cheaper by the dozen audition!?
Where can I get a monologue for "I'll be back before midnight"?
Where to get real costumes from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
Please heeeeeelllllllllpppppppp meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where Can I find a Website for Actors?
what is the name of the website that sells the rights to plays and musicals for high school performances?
In Romeo and Juliet, Why does the Capulet have a party?
Good audition songs from broadway?
do you know any good shakesphere plays?
Does this look good enough to be a professional headshot?? I am new to this and tried helping out my friend?
romeo and juliet?
What is a 10 out of 12?
I want to become an actress?
why do ppl like high school musical?
Is Seussical the musical still on broadway?
Audition song for Les Mis?
Who is Jade Coker and is she living in the U.K.?
About Johnny Depp acting,Which movie do you like more of Johnny?
I need a very short play for 12 year old girls. There are 8 girls. It's for aGirl Scout ceremony. Suggestions?
Im in the musical Cats? Not sure what its about?
Are there any Disney Channel shows casting extras right now?
where can i get good costumes?
Where do you look for up-to-date auditions?
What and how do you..?
Who do I give my acting resume too?
Audition songs!!!?
how do i become an actor?
What are some good OLD musicals I can rent? something like Chicago and Annie.?
Should you audition for a show with a song for a man if you're a woman?
What is the most effective way for memorizing lines?
How can I become an Actress without actually having schooling for it?
Are there any known scenes in cinema in which a "sleeping" actor is actually asleep?
Any help for getting acting jobs?
Proscout recommendations?
Can someone help me write a skit about conflict between 2 bikers and 2 skateboarders?
odd couple female version scene?
I am going to my school social and the theme is walt disney. What should i go as?
Similarities of actors and authors?
What laptop do I need for college?
Which Romeo and Juliet movie do you like more? The 1990's version or the 1960's?
I got picked for stage manager and have no idea what to do?
30 second monologues?
Question about acting/auditiong?
how do i keep from geting into drama at school?
Where did Romeo stay/live when he was at Mantua?
we have a play but no stage to perform on, where can we go in rockingham co. under 500.00 dollars with a stage
audition advice?
I Need a Comedic Monologue?
How can I become a theater teacher?
How to become a better technical writer?
What is Key text that describes Macbeth in Act 1 of the play?
Will there be a High School Musical 4?
How to confront my director without offending?
what plays do the characters D'Amville Touchandgo and Quadratus appear?
Am i able or eligible to work in disney?
Matinees on wednesdays...?
Pantomime??? Help?? Please?
Ok I need help with my acting.?
If I want to be an actress do I need to have a degree?
Which Shakespeare character has the most spoken lines? (I used to know this, but I don't remember)?
good agents in orlando florida?
Fencing and stage combat question?
Where to get started in acting?
How do actors really start out acting?
Is their a web sight with real studio recording numbers?
i am an actor wanting to have every type of training to add to my resume.?
Are there any ways I can increase my chances of becoming a profesional actress?
Any experienced actors out there have any advice to give me?
Good music to play while people entering a theatre?
Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Katharina's Wedding Dress from The Taming of the Shrew(1967)?
What are some good audition songs for kids?
how do i deliver this monolouge so its perfect?
is there a nude scene in the musical hair, if so where?
How do you be more serious in Drama Lessons?
what do acting agents do?
How do i get into acting?
how did the witches prophesy influence macbeth fate?
who was the eighteenth century director and teacher of acting noted for defining the craft ?
Being An extra in A movie?
I can't find any auditions!!?
Do actors record their lines over again in a studio?
In the musical "RENT". What was the name of Mark Cohen's Agent?
what is the musical "Young Frankenstein" about?
Is Macbeth's ambition to KILL or to BECOME king? Or both?
Can anyone help me with a name of a song from a musical?
What are some good websites for cast calls in acting?
do u think its ok to play a boy when ur a girl in a play?
in acting, what is role play?
where can i find the names of these ppl?
how to get an agent for an actor?
Did anybody out there do Theatre Studies at University?
Who do you think is the best character in any play and why?
Is the Youth Film Academy a scam? or for real?
14 and ready to act? MONOLOGUES?!?
In the early years of the 20th century, the playwright and social commentator George Bernard Shaw remarked tha?
For an acting cover letter, should I address it to both artistic directors listed?
Does being an extra help on a resume?
What happens in that last ethereal, sliding, eternal second when you realize that you’re in love?
where can i find a script for a soliloquy from "Macbeth" that Lady Macbeth says?
How can i enjoey playing the piano?
Where to submit an audition Video? PLEASE ANSWER?
A Twelfth Night Quote by Viola to Olivia?
if you have seen West Side Story, please answer!?
Can I attend a theatre if I have pink hair?
Need help for acting career?
I'm looking for a Monologue! How did you all find one that was perfect for you? websites, books, frend what?
how can i become a teen actress?
What do you think of the Hollywood system ?
What should the name of this musical be?
Modern to Elizabethan translation?
question about peter pan play?
Waiting on director to contact me,help?
i got cast in my school play of annie as lily st. regis does anyone have advice?
Wanna Become A Singer Or Actress(Any Age)?
Little Women book by Allan Knee?
Juilliard Acting Future?
Any one seen Noises Off at Arena Stage in DC?
What to wear for an audition?
Adition Question?
Theatre geeks!!! Costume ideas?
People that work for disney channel open?
Have you ever been to Rome? What do you think about this city?Please be realist.?
I need a comic monologue for girls!!?
How do i keep from turning red?
Does anyone have a free script for Annie (the musical stage production)?
I Got the part of Eliza Doolittle HELP!?
what do you do in drama class?
Sherlock Holmes Parts?
Need some acting tips...?
I want to be a famous actor, but how?
Ideas for my Acting name?
for a few dollars more 1965 - as Remake "yes or no"?
I want to be an actress but im scared?
Is there any chance I could still get into acting/become an actor at 17?
Whats my part in the School Play?
will actors and actresses really go nude in films?
interesting/easy-to-read Restoration plays?!?
Do most LA acting agents get their audition info from the same place?
Any Auditions in Pittsburgh for a teen?
Help make a decision for summer theatre program?
What are the Red Vine quotes from A Very Potter Musical/Sequel?
what is high school musical 3 about?
How to tell my parents?
Who else is a RENT head?
A broadway/musical theatre career?
Who is better Aly or AJ?
Female Characters in Monsters on Maple Street play?
Meisner or Method?
Whats the best way of becoming an Actor?
Are these worth a look? (Wizard of Oz versions)?
Glee or High School Musical?
Good musical theatre songs?
Why do people think they can become actors overnight?
Help please!!!!?
what is the best acting agency in chicago?
How Do you become a casting director?
Name of playwright has numerous different spellings of his name first and last initials?
I need Help?
What are some good ideas for acting out a "machine"?
pro scout talent agency?
Monologues? Or acting tips?
I have a degree in Bio, but I am thinking about studying films, would it be too late to start now?
Where can I get a copy of the movie "Ice Hotel"?
Has anyone seen pirates of penzance, the theatre show, is it good?
Would i make a good male model?
how can i get someone to sponsers me for modeling and acting?
uncommonly used musical theater audition songs?
How to prepare for musical auditions?
how to get a 3 year old into acting?
who knows this question?
How can I make myself cry?
What are some possibilities?
In the movie of your life, who do they choose to play YOU?
keanu reeves=worst actor ever?
Is it too late to start acting?
Contrast the gentlemen callers in Raisin in the Sun and The Glass Menagerie?
Can someone give me a good tittle for my play?
e-mail address for George C. Wolfe, Composer of the musical "Harlem Song".?
what side of Antigone in seen in scene 4?
What do u think about the flim " The Davince Code " ?
How do i get about getting into the acting business? (teenage girl)?????
Can someone help me decide which of 3 westend shows is the best between?
What famous person should i introduce in class?
I am NOT liking my new play. What do I do?
I got a callback for the wrong character... WHAT TO DO?
What does it take to become an actor?
Is it better to get leads or get a more professional experience?
What's a good Duet song for 2 male Performers?
modening and talent agencies for tv shows?
Rapunzel parody ideas?
Where is Laura Bell Bundy going after her contract Ends with Legally Blonde The Musical???
talented and unemployed. New to Austin, Texas and missing theater terribly?
Do you think a 22 year old guy with no acting experience could still make it into mainstream Acting....?
Should I become an actor?
How to write a recommendation letter?
I want to play straight characters but im gay?
I'm a girl auditioning for a musical, any ideas?
what should i call my free concert ?
Being an Actor without going to an acting school?
Should I pursue an acting degree?
What are some goodschools, where I can get my MFA?
How do I get auditions for Disney Channel?
Where can I look to find out about National Tour auditions?
How can I practice acting alone?
What is it like living out in New York as a Broadway actor?!?
Do Broadway shows play year-round?
What is Romeos motivation in act 3 scene 5? Explain how you inferred this?
Any good ideas for a high school play production?
Having theatre withdrawals...?
Basically What Is the Broadway show WICKED about?
Should I give up the dream of becoming and actress and just stick with a normal career like everyone else?
"she has never learned to yield"(from Antigone) what does this mean? ?
Im trying to figure this out...Who is tony soprano?
Romeo & Juliet: Why did it matter that Capulet changed the date of the wedding?
What are some reliable casting agencies?
Are there any good plays that can be done at the highschool level that are Native American in theme, story?
What song should I sing for an audition?
Costume For A Future Costume Event?
How far can agencies find auditions?
Do you know a hilarious play, or scene/monologue that I could use for a drama piece?