My talent agent wants 15% and a 3-year exclusive. Is this reasonable?
Is actors access any good?
Today in the Indian cinema who is the best comedian?
How to interpret this Shakepeare monologue?
i need help..?
Teen acting?
I'm gonna be a man for a school play!?
What's your favorite Mariah Carey song?
is it okay to audition for a play with a white character even though I'm black?
I can't decide what type of teen i wanna become.?
What do you have to do to become an actor?
Can you wear character shoes OUTSIDE the theatre?
Ideas for comedy storyline?
Does acting sound like the right career for me?
how can i improve in training my voice as a communicator to be?
macbeth act iii?
What are some good songs for an audition for a 15 year old girl that's voice cant go very high?
What are some Good Awards to do?
Do you look down on actors?
do you watch prison break?
Which D is High D?
How do I find community theater auditions in my area?
My boyfriend is a rising ACTOR?
Does anyone know where the auditions for Disney Channel in Dallas, Texas are being held?
Who of you knows acting?
what is that thing called that directors use?
I want to be an actor when I grow and?
Auditioning for americas got talent?!?
When is the casting call for Hot 97's Full Frontal Fashion Show?
How to fake cry??? Please answer!!! ^_^?
Can i be a film actress while staying in school?
How do you become an actor/actress?
Improv Question for a Theatre Class!?
where can i get a script of chicago the musical (not the movie)?
what is reb brown doing now ? Is he still acting?
Which of the following is true as Macbeth progresses?
laughing/smiling during a scene?
miley how did you become famous?
Should I have my own make-up for a professional play?
can i get apply for music/acting agencies if i'm pregnant?
Pleaseeeeeeeee help me!?
Acting tips, how to make voice deeper for a male role( i'm female)?
i want to make a projct so i want a make a reserch of any national library and i need help?
good music for a commercial that displays what someone can do in a city?
How many rivets in the tin man in the wizard of oz?
What acting schools are good and arent scams in tampa, florida?
Is it too late for me to start acting?
what name is given to acting without words?
I want to be in a woody allen movie is that too much to ask?
I need help British accent.?
My girlfriend got the part of Annie in Annie.?
anyone know any acting agents in victoria?
Musical Theatre audition songs? (read details please!!)?
Writing A Script Question - Very Importanrt?
how can i audition for disney?
Need a monologue from a musical!?
Monologue Ideas for National Youth Theater Audition?
Do you think it would be cool if Les Mis turned into a movie,only this movie would be the musical version?
Ideas for High School Plays?
Can someone give me lyrics for "Popular"?
Other stories that are like Romeo & Juliet?
I want a star on television?
What are the best Talent Agencies in Los Angeles?
Should I stay with my Childcare agency or go into theatre?
How do you make fake barbed wire?
Is my 6 year old daughter to young for modeling and acting ?
Do Steven Spielberg or Mel Gibson have a mailing address or an agency you can communicate through?
monologues for men actors?
How do I speak more clearly onstage?
The best Actors in the world. English or American?
Will this change your mind?
Can someone please translate a romeo and juliet monologue for me? TEN POINTS!?
Theatre Acting - Completely Naked Scene?
Name 3 differences between actors today and actors in shakespeare times?
Whats your favourite musical?
how was lady macbeth loyal to her husband?
As You Like It play @ Kutztown University?
what is a theater show about a cat that was made into a movie?
Bellatrix Lestrange Monologue?
Kissing a Girl for a Play?
?? for professional Actors RE: Equity Card & SAG?
Can Anyone Audition For A Small Acting Role or Extra Part?
name 4 play's becides romeo@juliet that william shakespeare wrote?
how did Amor know that yna is her real daughtR(IN THE PROMISE SERIES)?
Please read my scholar ship paper? Do I have a chance at winning it?
I would like to know if my two all time favorites,Robert Walden and Kenny Vance have any illnesses or vices.?
what's the best way to learn lines for a play?
how do i become famous? 10 ponits and 5 Stars!!!?
Should i go act/model or not?
what kind of costumes were worn by the characters in the play - merchant of Venice?
what are the instruments of fate that led to the tragic ending of Roemo andJuliet?
Does anyone have the elevish words from the beginning of Pete Jackson's movie "Fellowship of the Ring"
Is this a good headshot for an acting audtion?
most overratted actor?
Is this an okay monologue for my grade 11 drama class?
Where should I send my picture and resume to audition for Jane in New Moon?
Can you buy Kiki Dee in Blood Brothers on DVD?
Which animal would Juliet be?
Aren't You Just Piss Off, At The People Who Say They Love Acting, But Just Really Want To Be Famous?
What to do when you keep getting rejected at auditions? Please help!?
How can I be a New Zealand actress?
Has anyone seen Phantom of the Opera live?
Have you ever done Movement? How is it different from a dance class?
I want to become a new me?
Where can I find a Casting call for teenage girls in the orlanda florida area?
eastenders or coronation street??
film/movie/tv acting classes bay area?
I would like to start an acting career?
Does anyone know how to get into voice acting in or around Bellingham, WA?
How can someone with only acting and stagehand experience successfully produce a play?
i need help about my future, cam you help me?
I am an actor and I need help with a new role help me :)?
light show on live concert?
I need some Wizard names.?
need anchoring script for farewell party?
where do i find a play script of scavenger hunt?
where is the + plus sigh next to my nick name?
Thoroughly Modern Millie?
how do i find acting/drama classes in my area?
Is Disney going to have another nationwide talent search?
Good songs for auditions?
How should a documentary script be formatted?
when does high school musical 2 come out on tv or theaters or w/e?
Do you know any actor websites ?
For the last few months I have lost motivation to become an actor, is it possible to gain the passion back?
If you need a talent agent for Disney but need experience with extras and commercials how do you get work?
Skit or short play about heaven?
Musical Theatre Audition piece?
Is Actors' Technique in NYC a rip-off?
what should i expect?
i have stage fright?
Stage Fright?
Is Spamalot the same thing as Monty Python?
How can you tryout or get on saturday night live to do a skit or a show?
Does anyone know any good agencies or auditions where I can perform Japanese songs or model Japanese styles?
heeeeeeey,Any tips on acting?
Do u really think that ''The Da Vinci Code'' is a matter of serious concern over religiosity? if so how ?
Hansel And Gretel Drama?
How can I get extras work in the U.K. without paying any money up front?
Can u give me the plot of High School Musical?
I want to become an actor but i dont know where to send a resume or anything. can someone plz help me?
do you have acting tips?
Does Disney Nationewide casting go to Utah? or only major areas?
WHich is better Camp Rock or High School Musical?
how to Make it an an actor?
Would it be okay to sing We Go Together from Grease for the audition for Bye Bye Birdie?
Where can I get a script of Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera for my High School? (not Webber's musical)
Who is, in your opinion, the hottest guy ever ?
A Midsummer Night's Dream?????
How to be better at Acting? ?
best play/s that is/are easy to perform?
Actors, directors, people that go to acting school, ect. COME HERE!!?
what are three reasons why fine arts plays such a large role in society?
I want to become a stage hypnotist how do I get started??
How to become a famous actress?
Can you translate these Macbeth quotes at least one of them please?? i don't understand them. / = new line.?
NEED HELP~~~~~PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Murder mystery costume.?
Have you ever been to an opra? Which one(s)?
What are some good scenes for arena staging?
Is it too late for me to start an acting career?
Stage name of Frederick John Wescott theatre impessario?
Which of Jeff Dunham's puppets do you like more?
References for a drama club resume?
Where can i find the "Ms. Congeniality dance" on the internet?
I am a 20 year old actor, and want to switch my name....I need good suggestions on a snappy short name...?
Can someone help me with an audition for Sleeping Beauty?? (please help)?
In Side Show (the musical), which twin is which?
High School Musical with a lot of kids in it?
I Am Desperate For The Answer...?
does anyone that lives in St.Charles or wentzville Missouri know where i can go for acting rolls?
Good website(s) that look for extras?
How to act out a monologue?
Does anyone know where/if I can purchase the Anthony Rapp (Mark Cohen) scarf from Rent?
how can i make my sentences sound better?
what are fan films?
plays for a high school? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What broadway musical is the song " Nashville" from?
Are any of these good headshots?
How to write a review for a musical event?
moneka yarzolsky is daughter prisdent s of poland where she is now?
Was it common in early 1900s to wear wig while playing role in theater?
Girl playing a guy's part?
What is your favourite song from Les Miserables???
has anybody done any research work on 4d/3d theatres?
As an actor, is it easy to put on a british accent fluently?
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar?
Can someone please help me find a scene for 1 girl and 2 boys.?
How was Shakespeare different from other Renaissance artists of his time?
What does having a stage face mean?
How do you get a minor role on a tv show?
Is being a tv extra a good way to start?
does anyone know anything about julius caesar?
Who said, "Women and slaves are absolutely worthless beings!" and why?
Do you know any female comedy monologues?
testing testing 1 2 3?
do i have the looks for modeling?
School play auditions tomorrow...?
Im 13 and i want to do commercials?
What is the BEST website for acting auditions in your town?
I have a question? What are Juliet's Motivations for marrying Romeo???
When are auditions for...?
One of my dream is to become an actress, BUT I'M A SHY PERSON!!?
It's not easy but what's the easiest way to get in America?
I just wanted to know where I could find auditions for movies or shows in Las Vegas?
My Hynkjij Ud is acting depressed as a floating pear should be, PLEASE HELP!?
How Can I Make My Self Look More Like An Actress?
please help me please ...?!!!!!?
What's the best musical ever!?
I need Confidence for acting please!?
How to not be nervous telling my parents...?
Who is Actor ------Hoffman called in 4 letters ?
what is the song called that has the line: see us in the club we acting real nice?
what is the theme song for the original romeo and juliet movie?
Am I too tall to be a Hollywood actor?
how long can 13 year old actors/actresses act on camera and need to study?
Wait...I dont get it...?
Stagecraft/Tech theatre help!?
Wicked Costume Question?
Is it okay to write a script with yourself in the lead?
At the end of the play"The Miracle Worker" Anne Sullivan sang a lullaby to the doll, what is its significance?
information on Jim Carrey?
Does anyone live around Charlotte, and has experience from JRP? ACTING,MODELING, Pleasee..?
Is this monologue from a play?
Is J. Pevis a legit agency?
How can a Performace be episodic?
what kind of talent do i need for acting?
need some clowing short skit for one person?
Who is most likely to get this part?
Need advice on acting !!?
how can i become a porn star or get in the adult films industry?
Will you vote for the best musical out of these?
How well do you know the story hamlet?
What is the best musical in the world?
Guys and Dolls school play?
help me find a good topic for a play?
Stage Fright!?
in finding acord?
I am looking for a funny Christmas play that teenagers can do for our town program. Where can I find one?
is thrre an opera the bartic bride?
PLEASE HELP! Beauty and the Beast Audition Song?
What *easy* Broadway song should I sing for my play auditions?
Voice Actors/Actresses: A question about dubbing?
romeo and juliet?
What song should I use to audition for Les Mis?
i am wondering if this casting call is legit?
question for actors/performers?
Macduff (from Macbeth) and Maximus (from Gladiator) both become heroes. Compare their quest for vengeance.?
How the film "Twister" was made?
I just want to know if tickets from this website are authentic?
I have a Ticket to hannah montana Premier tommrow?
How much would a casting agent or acting agent cost?? An what's the difference between the two?
Whats the best way to do well in forensics?
I wanna be famous for something you know I wanna be known for something I'm talented in but........?
any good agencies in Las Vegas?
Is it appropriate to email headshot/resume if an email address is listed with a casting call? Cover letter?
Any suggestions for a non-cheezy high school large cast play to be adapted for dinner theatre? Please help!!?
stage crying?
What is the best way to memorize lines quickly?
How do I better myself as an actor?
I'm embarrassed to perform in front of my class.?
What are some good OLD musicals I can rent? something like Chicago and Annie.?
I am looking for an instructive video on how to beatbox?
I need ideas?
Could i become an actor?
Have you forgotten your heritage?
i want to have funny full form of "NIIT" for funny skit for niit?
What have YOUR GREATEST acting teachers ever tought you?
Where can i go in St.Louis or close to St.Louis MO for acting tryouts?
wich foundation suporting rheatre?
Is anyone else annoyed with all the 12 year girls asking how to become famous?
Zach Braff Question!!?
Does it help to be good-looking in acting?
Question about Extra Acting?
I want to become an actress!?
Are there reliable auditions for disney and nickelodeon any time soon in the San Francisco Bay Area?
Putting on Plays and legal rights?
Why are there no famous native American actors?
Is High School Musical 3 good?
Ideas for a funny news film?
What are good places to start up an acting career?
RADA acting course audition question!?
acting age?
Help with STEREOTYPES!!?
What should I do for a talent show?? i need answers fast and if i do a dacne what song?
Stage fright?
Do you believe it is correct for Donald Trump to receive a Star on the sidewalk in Hollywood?
I Need an Audition Song?
What personality is better? For a play that I have to write?
When will a good "Phanotom of the Opera" play in the area of Detroit, Michigan?
Modeling Open Calls NY?
What are some of the central themes of Macbeth?
Would a Black Person Playing Romeo Be An Anachronism?
My data projector bulb has gone green instead of white, whats causing this?
Any tips on how learn lines ASAP?
Would you be able to do a sex scene with a member of your family if its just acting? - read whole question pls?
Can I Act. I'm in a wheelchair and I stutter.?
What is a good monologue/scene theatre book to get?
A high school fall play audition question? ?
My IT show is based on Educational Material, Latest Inventions and Interviews.There is no public in .Just Host
How to get a license for becoming a real theatre/drama group?
Whats the fastest way to be a young actor ?
how to play hard to get?!?
My Favorite Of All Time (Actor/Actress Performance). Care to comment ?
How can I be world famous actor?
Which characters sing which songs in the musical Movin' Out?
12 year old wants to become actress! Info.?
Is a scam yes or no help please?
High School level musical?
Script for a movie adaptation...?
How do I wear my hair to my audition?
monologue ideas for teenage girl?
girls only if you impersonated a 80s singer who will you be?
ok people i have a question involving a 13 year old kids future?
How can I become famous?
What are some legit acting agencies, preferably in Canada?
I'm 22 with no acting experience, is it too late to start and become successful?
where can i find a monologue about breakups?
How To Become An Actress ?
I feel that my talents have been wasted as a mime. Is a mime a terrible thing to waste?
Horror story!?
Who is Channing Tatum dating right now?
Where to go for acting classes? (and many other questions)?
What acting agencies are trusted and worth my time?
Why do u forget my lines infront of people,?
Has anyone taken an acting class before? If so, did you like it?
how do actors/actresses cry in movies?
everybody has been telling me that i should get into acting i just realize that i should what should i do?
What are some female broadway songs?
Interesting monologues For 13 yr old girl? Answer very quickly! I need sleep but need to get this done!!!?
Yet another question about JONAS...? lol?
Do myquesha hardeman love demetrius abner ?
i was just wondering if anyone know how to have a slightly british slightly southern accent?
Monologue help (not finding one, just getting emotion in it)?
What are some differences in Romeo in the play by Shakespeare and the movie with Leonardo Dicaprio?
What do I do if I love to sing but can't seem to get myself on stage to audition for a musical at school?
How can i practice acting on my own?
I want to be a Voice Actor but have NO SKILLS?
Looking for a good monologue any suggestions?????
he friends, i want to be an actress, how should i start my career.even u need help sum time, pls suggest me na
Does anyone have Mark Dunn (the playwright) e-mail address?
I want to audition for Supernatural on the CW?
How can i get discovered by a musical producer?
do u like the suite life of Zack an Cody well if u don't who cares that is my fave?!!!!?
What is the context of On My Own from Les Miz?
What are some good plays for gcse drama?
When did entertainment awards (oscar, emmy, etc.) become political statements rather than awards for talent?
Where is the stage door for the Broadhurst Theater in New York?
SHORT SCRIPT NEEDED -school friendly?
What song should I audition with?
Is acting really that difficuklt?
question about drama school?
Kenwood kdc396, pre-outs acting strange.?
What does peppermint patty from the peanuts look like?
how to get free theater tickets?
OK! How do you actually "follow" Your Dreams?how are you sure its your actual calling not just a misconception
how do i get my acting career started?
Is it an unrealistic fantasy to want to become an actress?
Song suggestions for Side Show?
Am I to old to act and make a career out of it.?
why does brad pitt love angelina jolie ?
SHOULD I? SHould i enter for the musical? I'm in yr 9, and have picked my options for gcse, my two reserves...
Get over nerves for audition?
who is the sexiest actress in hollywood toay?
What song should i sing for my high school musical audition?
Anyone have a good monologue for me?
Are these reasonable prices? Is this acting class a scam?
I'm 14, could I still be great at acting if I just start now?
Where can I find a copy of the play "Too many Cooks" by Frank Craven?
17th Century French Theatre?
A Girl "Phantom of the Opera"?
Copyright for songs used in a musical????
Screenplay writing help please?
Where can i find free only monologues for 10-13 year olds?
Need Help with story of (Macbeth)?
Is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo an acress?
Tell me the meanings of "Sunrise, Sunset."?
who is playing prithviraj chauhan's role currently on 24 octr 2006 in star plus telecasted on friday saturday
Do Talent Agents Cost Money?
How can I become an actress?
hello iam an apsiring young director?
Disney National Talent Search?
First Audition, Nervous-Excited!! OMG?
is cesd talent agency good i want a legit one just checking?
Do I need to move or stay where I am for a talent agency?
2010 SAG awards best actress?
screenplay writing help - scene heading?
What's the correct form for an acting resume if you're not in a union??
Madama Butterfly Italian/English Translation?
Is it possible for actors and actresses to make money without doing slutty things like love scenes or kissing?
Where can I find acting classes?
How many auditions will your agent get you per month?
Galina's popular dress?
did kim basinger really sing in the marrying man?
Preparing for an audition?
Are there any performing arts schools in Houston that are not high schools?
How to have good emotions while acting?
music - i love it! how 'bout you?
Am I a good actor? (Video).,.?
I'm thinking about getting another facial piercing but will this affect any chace of acting?
Ive been asked to play a villain in the village pantomime?
Favorite Musical?
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players then who is selling the tickets?
Looking for a site to prove to a real pain in the butt that the Romans built the first revolving stage. Thanks
sorry i recently asked better seats at aldwych theatre, i ment what seats are better in the upper circle?
How do I start writing a play?
Do i have enough experience to get an acting agent? Please read!?
What song would you play at your funeral?
Where can I find The Wizard of Oz DVD?
Help with talent scouts?!?
where can i find maze megaburst space english dubbed?
summary of act 1 in "Life is a Dream"?
How do I set up my own theatre company?
Theatre Homework!! Help Please!!?
For acting whats the best position to be in?
What is a good 2 girls play?
Modernized version of Macbeth, ideas?
How to get over stage fright?
Why does everybody want to be a Disney star?
ACTORS!!! What do you do to make yourself more believable, when playing a part?
How can I overcome lack of self confidence and stage fright? PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION.?
What do you think of Zac Efron?
Music Man jr. Zaneeta?
how do I know if Midsummer night's dream is going to play in my local theatre?
I am in gifted classes, but I want to be an actress - Would it be a waste of intelligence if i did?
Hamlet or omelet?
is it possible for me to get into acting when i have low selfesteem and insecurities ?
Info About Theater Camps, etc.?
First Cazt Audition :)?
What is the difference between a character actor and leading man? (Can an actor be both?)?
What's the BEST thing 2 do before u go on a stage?
How does nycasting work? why do you have to pay?
Can people tell if you gave them a gold star for the Glee auditions? (10 points!!!)?
What to send in for audition?
Why are Brittish actors more polished then actors in US?
If Hollywood was going to do a remake of The Wizard Of Oz what role would you try out for ?
Will acting/modeling interfere with my school work ?
Looking for info about actor Jerry Hernandez?
Theater performing?
What are your thoughts on Kieran Culkin?
I want to give Audition For Ekta kapoor's new serial"Karam apna apna". how do can i make it. plz suggest.
for anyone who has read "A Dolls House" by Henrik Ibsen..?
meet dylan and cole sprouse sweepstakes?
Does Superman have the power of super sleep?
Actor/Actress headshots site that casting directors use?
How to become a voice actor in cartoons?
help! i have a project on the globe theatre due and I don't know what to make it out of.?
Does anyone know where on the internet I can read the play "Lies, Lies, Lies" by Pat Gabridge? Help please!!!
Talent Show Songs Help!?
acting is it a good thing to do?
Sheet music for Harnick & Bock's new song Topsy Turvy - Fiddler on the Roof?
Ideas for a script urgently needed!?
Anyone knows if Beauty and the Beast (Broadway musical) has shows in July??
what's the best way to get noticed?
Which plays have similar scenes?
free piano sheet music?
i want to become a bollywood actor, how do i do this?
the nurse is supposed to be only half hour but she is really gone for how long?
i am looking to become a model/ actress any advise on how i should persue my dream?
i need homework help with act 3 macbeth?
Dressing a boy for cleopatra role?
If you were offered 1 million dollars for playing a horrible racist character in a movie, would you accept?
will the audience will notice the difference?
How to get into the acting business?
Stage fright?
Powerful female monologues I can practice?
Whats an obituary for lady macbeth?
Are you a comedy writer living in Essex who wants to join a fantastic comedy writers group?
so i have to do a scene for my acting class. it is a mime scene. it has to be done with music.?
Will films and commercials, promos..etc.. give credits to actors even if they are not released?
Is there a way to get Idina Menzel Tickets, when the show is sold out?
Is johnny depp a good actor??(objectivly!!)?
hello all ..please can any 1 help me to know how to contact the british actress polly walker?
Anyone there in London who has joined Alsorts drama school?
Question on auditioning for a musical?
How do we get Singaporeans excited about local theatre?
I need ideas for a drama skit?!?!?!?
What is the correct pronunciation of the last name of the actor Brian Blessed?
Hi! I'm an actor. How much REJECTION should you take before you decide that maybe acting isn't for you?
how much do I hve to weigh to look good infront of cameras im 5.3?
What is the best site for an acting opportunity?
Audition in Three Days, Need a song?
How do I get acting experience?
I'm looking for an acting school in San Antonio, Texas for my 13 year old son. Any help out there?
Concert quesition.. Please help!!?
Ok I have an audition with Disney Channel tomorow. What should I wear and how do I do really well with it???
I want to become a actor can i b?
Arquette and Associates?
What does cold reading mean?
where can i find korean horror movie scripts?
Yay! I got the part of Annie in Annie!?
List of Broadway plays?
how to become famous as a young kid and older?
film schools in so cal besides la film school new york film academy usc and ucla?
What's a smaller hook?
charateristics of poetic drama?
Theatre Major vs. Acting Classes?
acting auditions?
What is the main song for The Sound of Music?
Where can I take an acting class/workshop for adults near Nashua, NH?
does anyone know where i can get the script for "The Last Cigarette" by Steve Fetcher?
Should you see The Wizard of Oz on DVD before going to see the Wicked musical?
In Macbeth, what evidence is there to support that Macbeth's cruel behaviour is caused by his loss of emotions
Should I give acting a try?
what actresses started acting @ age 15 or 16?
How can i send an e-mail for Mrs .Dakota fanning-actress-?
Scene Names for Internet ;)?
Who rebuilt the Globe theatre in the twentieth century and exactly what year?
I would like to get the Contact of Lohithadas, Jayaraj, Kamal & Blessy?
What do you think of Eminem writing a new musical with Andrew Lloyd Webber?
Who became the first director to win a Tony Award for both a play and musical in one year?
Want to be actress, what can I do daily?
Audition Songs For "Working"?
Starting an acting career and taking classes?
how can i get an acting job and who know someone in the acting bus.?
ACTOR role for my book people over 30 yrs old please answer?
If you could be a character from Bram Stoker's Gothic novel "Dracula", who would you be and why?
Are there any 100% acting in the UK nationwide?
are you famous in your school?
where should i go to take acting/dancing classes in Chicago?
Was there ever a dramatist with the surname Baier?
Ideas for opening night gifts(budget)?
Is 3 years of my high school theater class enough acting experience? ?
Any Good Plays To Read?
Advanced or Intermiediate Drama?
Question about Sydney theatre companies...?
what musical do you most want to see?
I need help with my homework from the play Oedipus the king?
Becoming a teen actor, but don't have the experience?
Which is better..........?
How do you become more confident as an actor/actress?
fifteen year old wanting to be an do i get started?
What are some dark plays/musicals currently on the West End?
I'm 14, love drama, so play games, am I weird?
what is the best jackass stunt for me to try?
Are there any good acting courses in Syracuse New York?
Is it ironic that Antigone and Ismene are comeplete opposites trait-wise yet they are sisters?
How would Tony Soprano get money back that was owed to him?
stage dialects?
what names do you like?
should i do it??
Audition for an agency?
how do you become a actress?
have you seen high school musical 3?
How to get a stage name?
Where do I get my script copyrighted?
Tips for an actress in training?
The Crucible play. I really need some help..?
Monologue about being perfect?
In the play/book Macbeth what are some differences and similarites between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth?
Shakespeare Twelfth Night?
should i be famous just because its been a dream to??
Is Whinafred the main charectar in Once Upon a Mattress?
Deep voice, could I have a talent?
what should i do about changing my name for acting?
Kid auditions for commercials in the San Francisco Bay Area?
How to improve my acting resume?
What movie is more like the play of peter pan?
i want to be spiderman is that possible?
I need a good ghost story for drama.....?
do you know nicole kidman ??what do you think about this actress?
suggest some sites?
Do you guys know any acting auditions in Ontario for beginners?
natural acting? and tips?
I need a script for the stage musical Oliver!?
Are there any good acting classes in Orange County?
i got into the school play, now i'm nervous...?
what is a good musical audition song for a 13 year old soprano?
Need help finding acting classes?
What is a good "mad" monologue?
Finding American Monologue for Audition!!?
Some Good 30 second monologues?
URGENT! ideas for a musical theatre set?
Is "Im Alive" a good audition song for Spring Awakening?
Can I get an agent without paying anything?
what broadway musical became a 1962 Oscar winning film (3, 5, 3,)?
Which play would you love to be in? Which part would you most love to play?
Has anyone seen the new production of Grease on Broadway?
a talent agencie wants my social security number?
Acting career, idk what to do? HELP!!!!!?
How much of an importance is height for a man if you want to be an actor?
Which University am i better off attending to study Acting?
I love to act, but how do i get started?
What should i do if i want to be a actress in nyc?
What to wear to a Broadway show?
Scenic design software for Mac?
Monologue Suggestions or sites?
Doesn't this date it?
Which monologue should I choose?
Dramatic Scene for a guy and girl?
What are some musical theatre songs about being single?
The play Julius Cesear?
Doth any of thou want a backstage pass?
SM Audition Question?
where can I find a comedic scene from a play made within the past twenty years with a man and a woman?
I went to an audition today and.........?
Is there a musical version of "Willy Wonka" If so, who holds the rights?
Do you guys know where I can find this monologue?
What is your favorite Broadway Musical?
i need help on duets?
Macbeth questions [twenty]?
How do i start acting in Chicago?
Help with acting and/or modeling!?
what is the name of the film with the highest profits/income and the loweest budget?
can anyone give me the list of school of dramas in india?
How to start acting as a college student?
Questions asked at a modeling agency interview?
In Wicked, what are the main vocal parts?
Best Acting Agency In Toronto Area?
I need to find a monologue for an audition.?
how can i become an actor?
what was the best play you performed in?
Would u like 2 make money as an actor or actress?
Which song should i play on my gutai?
wjlb katt williams presale password?
Preparing for an!?
What are some American plays were technology is portrayed as a monster?
why was xmen recently played in 3700 movie theaters and "an inconvenient truth" was only played in 77
What are Stanislavski's questions that you should know before portraying a character?
My dad's views on theater?
Has anyone else seen the musical RENT besides me??
Cheap but good acting in NYC?
what side of Antigone in seen in scene 4?
How can i book tickets for satyam theatre?
i want to get an audition for a film for 14 year olds?
Is there a website where I can search for a prose piece?
Why are theaters deep red in color?
How do I handle this situation?
my group is doing a play like the one john dwayne aka THE Rock did in Game where can i get the music?
What happens in that play "The Winslow Boy"?
who are some of your favorite actors?
Comedy Group.... Tell us what you think?
Need help choosing an audition song!?
why nobady like me?
I'm not sure what to audition with for drama school?
How can i make myself cry?
Can I get parts in american films through british talent agencies?
I always wanted to be an actress but i dont know where to begin.?
Does anyone know a good acting school in B'lore?
Should I see the play or movie first?
Jersey Accent help please?
monologue help?
What is the auto-biography of Max webber?
Best film acting colleges/universities in New York?
Looking for a good cinderella wig?
New Spiderman movie New actor?
Who wants charlie and the waitress to get together?
how to best make armor for a play?
How's the play "Camino Real" by Tennessee Williams like?
can someone please help i need info?
Miley cyrus: just wondering your opinion and the teen awards when she performed didnt it look like?
My son is interested in becoming an actor?
who is your fav actor and actress?
Is this a good monologue to audition for Mme Thernardier in Les Miserables?
what is vocal awareness?
whats the genra for romeo and juliet?
Where can I find a short script for 2-3 people? Online?
What do you have to bring to auditions?
Need dinner theatre play for upcoming fundraiser. Son studied a play in drama that was a southern type comedy?
what do i do in a annie audition?
What r some of the Characters in the foreigner?
How does someone become an actor in Europe?
What do you think of the movie Gladiator?
how many member countries comprise the SAARC?
My favorite actors=)?
how can i become a pornstar?
What is a good monolouge to audition with for "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
is anyone a kid actor?
What is the in-text duration of Macbeth?
Do any of yah know a talent agency?!!!!!?
Are u going to Confessions Tour????????????????????????????????????…
How To Know If Your Cut out for Acting?
Advice for a young filmaker.?
who composed the song "Happy birthday to you"?
I am auditioning for the tonny do I tell my jealous friend?
Help on interpreting the script into a character?
For standing tickets can you be under 16 and be accompanied by an adult?
can i play any where am i age over?
What key in the revival of Finian's Rainbow is "How are Things in Glocca Morra?"?
Any real celebrity here?
High School Portfolio?
I want To be An Actor Be I Don't Know Where To Start..And I Don't Want To Do It In School?
My question is how can you watch your wife/husband?
On a theatre resume, should I put (leading role) next to characters I played which were primary characters?
Is jrp (john robert powers) acting/modeling a scam?
whats the Best Female Broadway song to sing?
Macbeth play??
In the play "Into The Woods" what are all of "Baker's" songs?
Ok, so, I need help. "Zombie Prom..."?
how can i becoming a actress?
Are there any good plays going on in michigan?
Julliard Acting/Drama..What for ?
What is a great comady one act for highschool students?
Playing role of a female music executive in 1969. What should I wear? How should I talk? What was life like?
What is Method Acting?
I need a skit about space for kids?
What is the best free Disney Channel Auditions website?
I am considering becoming an actor on screen.?
Does anyone know any good audition speeches pieces for a 22 year old female?
How well do you know broadway? first one to get all right wins s!?
a dramatic work with a happy ending ....?
How to ace audition and get in?
What is the suitable demantion for build a cinema with 300 person who watiching move in it?
I really need some help on Drama homework!!!!?
how long would it take to get pretty good at violin to join a orchestra?
Can you be an actress without going to stage school ??
Good monologue for women with a supportive/motherly speaker?
were are some acting lessens/teachers in red deer alberta?
What does Shakesperes play title 'Much ado about nothing' actually mean. Is it somthing to do with noting?
What does it mean to have a "look" as an actor? Esp the term " actors gotta have a look"?
what contemporary play has good comedic or dramatic readings for the multiracial character, preferably Latin?
Im having writers block...themes from Julius Caesar relating to the Crucifixion?
where can I buy REALLY good costumes online?
Does anybody know where I can watch "Wicked" the full musical?
Does anyone know if there will be a sweeney todd revival this year?
How do i go about getting involved in my local theater?
How do i become a great actress?
What is your favorite song from the Musical Rent?
how do you become?
i want to be an actress?
where does an fully trained actress whose been out of the business nine years go to get started?
How do I act like a cop in this play?
What are your thoughts on Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical anticipated for 2014?
What are some Grease Song Covers?
Help! I need a Dramatic monolouge from a published play for a female teenager help?
how do I find the theater JCS performed at four years ago?
Theme of Julius Caesar?
Teen Acting Classes / Theatres in NY ?
What's your top 5 favorite broadway musicals?
What is considered a body shot?
What's The Best Musical You've Seen This Past Year?
AHHH im realy confused is there going to be a friends:the moovie coming out 2014 and is there going to be a?
Writing script Help needed?
high school musical?
Acting tips: Subtle Emotions?
What are some great screenplays to study?
Should I try out for Grabriella or Sharpay in High School Musical?
How do directors choose actors for their movies?
Where can i find acting jobs for teenagers?
hey can u guys help me find a poem that rhymes for an audition please?
where do i audition for acting in Sacramento?
If you were an actor and was offered a character who smokes(not based on biography) would you accept it?
I went 2 the Movies with my Boyfriend and I really didnt talk 2 him I talked 2 his sis !!?
Where can I download Legally Blonde the Musical and Wicked for free? Please HELP I am a huge fan!!!?
Why don't some people have an imagination?? -gah...?
I just saw Phantom Of The Opera [the play], and have no idea what happened. Can anyone explain, please ?
What are your top 5 musicals?
i have tickets to dirty dancing at aldwych theatre in london in april, can i meet cast backstage?
What would be the best school in New York for someone wanting to do musical theatre/Broadway?
How to play a villain?
Which is stronger in the play, Romeo and Juliet, Love or hate?
does anyone have any advise about becoming an actress if you do please tell?!?
What is a Franchized Agent and what is an Non-Franchized Agent?
what is your favrote movie ??????????
where is the famous Othello castle?
Need help please i need to get the determination to ask this girl out?
Why are the plays at my community theater so clique and overused?
The BRIT School Agency?? Does The BRIT School have an Agency?
Really wanna be a actor!?
Getting an acting agent?
Weird Request...?
Whose fault is it that actors today aren't as great as those before?
I really wanna be an actress?
I want to start acting, and ive been looking at a couple of casting call sites.. anyone got advise for me?
what is the best way to memorize lines?
Is This Craigslist Ad for Actors Credible?
Basic Instinct - Did Sharon Stone do the deed for real with Michael Douglas?
Is being dorothy from the wizard of oz good or bad?
without background of amitabh anybody say that abhisek is hero...?
Cheap RENT tickets anyone?
What's your favorite musical?
For local theater musicals do you have to have a lot of acting experience? Or is a kick *** audition a bit of?
How much money can a teen actress make?
how do you act insane?
What stage last name sounds good with Camille?
best way remember lines for play?
What modern day actresses would be good to play a young mother?
How can I ask my parents if I can do this?
Should I take this acting job?
What do you do when your acting teacher is an arrogant wanker?
What is the muscial Chigaco about?
POLL<<Who plays the best villain in movies ?
how to create ur contacts?
Sassy mannerisms for character?
Is stella adler in LA a good school?
Does anyone know of amateur dramatics groups in West London or Richmond area?
When did Bernard Shaw say "Although I cannot lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelettes"?
Is this what you call a script?
Any thoughts about a beginner actress cover letter?
Is the main actor on avatar really handicapped?
what is an acting/acadimic school in nyc?
I think stuff and dream stuff and then a couple of weeks later it comes true !!?
Where can i see Alice in wonderland on stage if i am in Rome,GA?
difficult dramatic monologue?
What can I do with a technical theatre major?
i'm currently writing a story plot for a drama serial. how do i actually write a proper script?
What Would be a Suitable Musical that could be cut down to half an hour for a group of 13-14 year olds to do?
Im looking for this movie?
Passion vs Responsibility in Macbeth?
does all the girl firt?
Little mermaid the musical?
Is it an unrealistic fantasy to want to become an actress?
East Coast accent help?
Trying To Change 2 Lines From Tonight Tonight For Talent Show. Any Ideas?
The crucible by arthur miller?
Audition for Tiger Lilly In Peter Pan?
i want go in some decoration field where which i can show my talent? plz help to what to choose after 10th.?
Does anyone know anything about High School Musical 2??
Pajama Game Audition Song?
Who the hell are the High School Musical?
"Friends" scene, help me with this line?
What really creeps you out?
Hey guys. I am auditioning for a females part in Bat boy. Do u have recommendations for a suitable song?
Will stage school help me get an agent?
how do you start acting..?
I can not stand myself for acting like a child i?
What are the current Broadway shows on tours throughout the U.S.? Which ones are planning a tour? More info?
where is the movie failure to launch by sarah jessica parker filmed?
Why should a person go to see a play?
What to do to overcome stage fright?
Which audition song is better?
Do internet casting agencies work?
did the parents of rocker David Was have acclaim as actors?
Why do People underestimate The Arts and the Entertainment Business? Why do we favor Academics more?
I have started production on a non-union feature, but became Actra before it was finished. Do I have to quit?
Where can I download a copy of Arthur Miller's The Crucible?
Do Talent Agents Cost Money?
Introduction to drama questions?
How to be a better actor?
How can we tell him he's wrong, wrong, wrong?
Do you think i will make it?
Are you good at remembering script/ cue lines?
do you think vanessa hudgens deserved to get fired?
What is a good one act play?
when are auditions being held for catching fire? and where are they? and how can i audition for them?
What Play would be better to go see Chicago or Rent?
I have a natural poker face, how do I look angry?
What does the quote from William Shakespeares "Midsummers night dream" Act II Scene I mean?
what is capulet's reaction when juliet refuses to marry paris ?
how do i control getting nervous in audtions?
how could i learn acting and work in it with out cost , by the way i have a theatrical certificate from egypt.
Auditioning for Maria Von Trapp! ?
im 15 and like high school musical do i need to grow up or is that ok ?
how can i become and acter at the age of 13?
Has anyone ever heard of the actor Chase Kennedy?
Question about acting?
Should I put NYSSMA (my level and score) under experience or training on my resume?
How can a 14 year old get famous?
Halloween Costumes?
Do people look at men who like musicals and plays and stuff like that as being gay?
Help needed with year 11 play idea?
I need a talent agent?
Why are the insides of theatres always painted red?
Help for improving singing voice?
Documentary filmmakers -- How do you ask for permission from a company to show their product in your doc?
How to scream well onstage?
Has any one seen the musical Spelling Bee?
How can I take care of this?
Is it possible to be miraculously discovered as an actress?
What should my stage name be?
Skit ideas for 3 girls?
how do you make fake rock/ash for a skit?
How long is "so you think you can dance" tour show?
Good audition monologue for Miss Hannigan?
what did secretaries wear during the medieval times? Please help me my daughter is doing a play!?
Acting Tips?
Any tips for auditioning?
How do I play a terminally ill character?
Where can I send my headshots to, so that I can get into the acting industry.?
i want to go for a part in the school play?
What is your favorite Shakespeare play?
Does anyone know any Acting Theaters in st.louis?
Are there going to be any castings or auditions for HSM4 or any other disney channel movies in London?
Name the motion pictures that Louise Brooks made in Europe?
How do you get into SAG, modeling and acting?
I have some questions about becoming an actor?
Where can i write to Mel Gibson?
How much do headshots cost?
What is the process for interviewing with a Commercial agent? ?
please help were can i find acting audtions sites !?
How to pronounce les miserables?
Twelfth Night: Or what you will - Part 7 HELP PLEASE?!?
Hows my acting in this video?
Best, affordable microphone for voice acting?
should i keep my dream of being a famous actress, or should i give up?
Did Nanki-Poo marry Ko-Ko?
How do I get an early career in Voice Acting?
What are some one-man pantomime ideas?
Chloe Moretz acting opinion?
ANTIGONE HELP (Literary Criticisms, books and articles)?
Theater Lovers - Feedback Needed!?
Can you help me find a good theatre group in new delhi?
My daughter wants to become and actress or model. We went to what we thought was an audition that turned out?
Anybody talk with an accent?
HELP!!!! On forensics!?
How do I become an actress in movies and such?
Can someone please suggest a musical?
How to read perfect in front of a lot of people?
Audition For Sound of Music????
I need a good one-act comedy for highschool competition.?
Help me write a mini bio for the playbill?
I am in drama,and we are writing short plays for two people...?
Does anyone have good ideas for a Forensics piece?
I'm writing a soap opera play for homework what should I call this new soap opera I have no ideas?
What plays do the characters D'Amville Touchandgo and Quadratus appear?
what do you think ? about the Sonet ? or 2?
Opinions on the play at the fox? Has anyone seen it? White Christmas...?
what props can i use to enact james bond?
Upbeat Musical Theater Song?
Has anyone honestly gotten a role by contacting the addresses on Alan Blates' websites?
Should I sing and speak in the accent for my audition?
I want to be seriously famous and my biggest opportunity is now. How do I get my parents out of the way?
Have you ever been in a play?
Where can I learn a Cuban accent?
Who started the trend of using television screens as set pieces in modern musicals?
How to get in acting?
Musical Lestat?
How do I find casting calls?
what is the orchestration for company by sondheim?
Can an Ugly girl be an Actress?
In Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, was Kate really "tamed" or was she just playing the game?
Why Are The Characters in Made In Chelsea act so wooden?
What are some famous shakespear or other quotes?
Is "Marcell Black" a catchy acting name?
What decides where a musical will play?
whats a good song 2 audition for a 13 yr old?
Why don't some people have an imagination?? -gah...?
What impressions can you do?
What else should I add to my acting portfolio?
Getting an acting agent with no experience?
can anyone give me a sight where i can find scripts for a drama play??
Looking to try modeling/acting?
what should be on my play resume?
what happen to theatrer after shakespear?
How to get an quiet soft shy voice?
Little Shop of Horrors Audition Help?
Can I buy a video of a musical?
Has anyone heard of kiddin around modeling agency in atlanta, ga.? Good or bad?
how to become a actress?
What percentage of actors/actresses are successful?
Acting questions ..please help?
Good monologues for a high school production of Beauty And The Beast?
Were can I addition for a television show close to me in Minnesota?
Know of any beginner Improv classes close to the Long Beach/Los Alamitos area?
Should I give up on my dream on becoming an actress?
do u know any good web sites were i an get good drama tips from?
How can i folloow mi dream???
I need a really funny comic monologue?
Help with Theatre study guide?
Is it possible to become an actor with a mixed receptive expressive language disorder?
Do you know any scary movies?
Which Song for an Audition?
Just HORRIBLY screwed up an audition and it's blown all my confidence. What can I do?
how do i.....?
Does anyone know where this is from??
Where can I find a free online copy of A Long Walk to Forever by Bryan P. Harnetiaux?
What's a popular musical that contains a "H" and an "I" in the title but no "N" or "G" Any ideas?
Teen Acting Classes nyc?
About how much money does an actor or an actress make if they act in a super hit movie?
How Can You Become An Actress in Disney Channel If Your In The Philippines?
Do you like getting all made up and performing in front of people?
I'm a 14 year old who has written 3 musicals and needs advice?
I want to be a pornstar?
Should I go to college or become an actor?
I am wanting to get into acting , were do I start ?
Are there any acting things to do in hot weather?
I am going for Amy in the musical 'Little Women' but I don't have a song, any suggestions?
What do you do when your acting teacher is an arrogant wanker?
Where can I find a free audio drama bible?
Does Highland Park, Texas local have a community theater?
Have any of you seen the play "Breakfast with Mugabe?" If yes, what did you think?
Will there be a Disney Channel Audition at Daytona Beach?
Does anyone know a popular modeling agency in toronto?
how can i become a actor on nickalodean?
what is the name of the love story play/puppet show of a man with a life-sized puppet woman?
Should I put gems as tears on a mask?
What are some playwrights who wrote prior to 1900?
Am I too old to get into acting?
my dream is to become a singer/actress on Disney, but i don't know where to start.-help?
How does the film Singing in the Rain illustrate positive and negative aspects of the use of sound in film?
What actor play Jesus Christ, and many years later the Devil?
Can you use a fashion photographer for headshots as well as for fashion shots?
Whats the most embarrasing thing you've ever done in a play before a live audience?
What's your favorite.....?
Anyone who knows about theatre!!! Help!?
Neil Labute can be compared to what playwright?!?
how did you find the DA VINCI CODE movie?
How can I get involved in community theater?
What song should I use for a High School Musical 2 Audition?
Open Casting Calls For Teen girls?
I thinking no1 is made 4r me?
Any suggestions for a funny light high-school play?