Shoes for an audition?
how do i get an agents number for acting?
HELP! Very quick script writing help please?
if john robert powers is a scam, why has it been around for so long?
Scene Names for Emily?
How long do tickets for Shaftesbury Theatre take to be sent?
What would you expect from a 20 year old actor?
What are ten main facts about Macbeth?
how do i memiorize lines?
how do you stage a fall in a play?
What are some common popular musicals?
If you had to cast in a musical?
I need help!! Im going to a call back for the musical White Christmas! Charcater analysis?!?!?
Hunger Games Catching Fire Auditions?
Where can I print a modern english (text) version of Macbeth?
Is it bad to wear a hat to a theatre audition...?
what is the funniest scene you ever saw in a movie?
Can i be a film actress while staying in school?
What are the best SF and LA talent agencies to submit to?
What's the best Neil Simon play?What's your favorite movie adaptation?
I need Acting additions?
Need 15 sec commercial ideas for audition,HELP.?
Do you have any ideas for my "Blood and Guts" section of my Stage Makeup class?
Are there casting opportunities in north Dakota?
Help me find a play please?
Is anyone else getting annoyed wwith high school musical?
does anyone have tips on how to become an actor thanks?
High School Musical 4 auditions?
My child's grade school is performing the play Jungle Book. I need some ideas on how to make tree costumes.
I really want to be an actor but where I'm from it is very difficult to do so,what can I do?
What is the best way to audition?
Given Part I Don't Want to Perform?
I am playing an role in a play that is really embarrassing!!! How to cope???!!!!!?
glamorous stage names?
I have to stage a play with no set, as in the play doesn't call for ar set, how would I go about doing that?
Teen acting workshops in orange county?
How Long is LOST gunna be on Hiatus?
What is the musical Wicked about? And is it good?
How do I become famous ?
Pride and Prejudice musical sheet music?
How does Hayden Christensen use his eyes so well in Star Wars Episode 3 when he turns to dark side?
how do i audtion for a movie when i dont really have any experiance with acting?
When The Lion King travels off Broadway does it use the moving Pride Rock?
I'm trying out for a part in a play, any tips on how I could get the part?
what is the history of the music hall in england?
How to become a screepwriter?
The female characters in ‘Hamlet’ are objectified and contained by the male characters.?
i need kollywood actor actress gallery which site useful for me?
rock hudson stared in a movie he was a doctor there r many but this one was different whats the name of movie?
how can i get into acting in London?
I need help with Macbeth?
How do I make my child rich and famous?
modeling websites (detroit)?
Monologues??? help please!?
help for musical audition nervousness 2?
Where do you find when Les Miserables is going to be casting in West End?
Good monologues for Drama College Course audition?
my son 7 has to go to school as a pantomine character, but remain cool, Who should he go as?
Has anyone heard of multi-slde die-casting before?--any imput?
How to become an actress?
Acting school auditions- What do they look for?
What is the best place for castings?
Marshae Kidd audition?
Can u suggest me a good name for acting school..?
Macbeth Act 3 Scene 4 where else has macbeth talked about a snake?
Has anyone seen the movie about those cute talking cars, whats your rating, one to ten?
i play saxophone in high school,and i tryout for all state.Does smart music help with all state tryouts?
i want you guys to be honest with me about an acting career.?
famous stage rights (famous plays)?
would anyone be able to give me a good template for a performing arts CV?
Volunteering for Community Theater?
What does it mean if an actress is "green"?
Where do i go to audition for a movie?
what is a good website for acting auditions?
Are dream theater and liquid tension same band?
What is the role of the flower girl in the play, Cinderella?
What's do the average movie directors look for when you audition?
can someone give me a website with vancouver auditions ?
what do i need to record a voice-over?
What is the moral of the play Romeo & Juliet?
Homestuck Cosplay....?
Is it unprofessional to invite your future director to one of your shows?
Audition song suggestions for Henry in Next To Normal?
Have you been to Epidauros?
i need help making a budget for a reality tv show i am making. any one able to help me do this?? ideas??
What are the best acting university in the U.S.?
Good Musical Theatre Songs?
What do I wear and do for my audition?
Acting class near 37363?
Thoughts on Rocky VI?
Can somebody tell me how old Cosette from Les Miserables is?
How can I get a(n) helper without me paying cause I would LOVE to BECOME AN ACTOR ON DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!?
Lookn 4 Merry Christmas Skit. Ea per had a letter. Letters were wrong at first but were fixed durin the skit.
how could i make a room look like the artic very cold ? for a youth group.?
I'd like to be an actress but should I even bother?! ?
Trying to remember lines for my monologue?
i want to watch slow sex scene any suggestion?
Audition Song?
SAG acting and union acting?
ever seen blood brothers musical?
How to act in love on stage?
What is the salary of a Broadway actor ie. Starting role in Grease?
Can someone please summarize what the play "The Lesson" by Lisa Rosenthal is about?
How much would West End Tickets cost to see Les Miserables?
does anyone know how to create an "audition" video? ......?
Should I quit my play and let people down or do what I want and quit?
Step by step on how to join Actor's Equity Program?
Who likes High School Musical?
How do i play the high notes High B through High G?
Am I too old to start acting?
How can I become a succesful actress?
What is the lead role for a male in Brigadoon? I don't know about it, are there fun upbeat songs and dances
I have to do a sex scene in a film?
julliard or nyu for acting, help?
Is this a sign this actors agency, is fraudulent?
I have a question about acting!?
Where can I get the High School Musical 3 Script?
Good Audition Songs?
How can I be a real actress?
What is the difference between a montage sequence and a Soviet montage?
can anyone tell me the directions to the High School Musical Game??
How could i get my short films viewed?
how to i get stared to become a actres?
Best colleges for on-screen acting?
Where are some acting workshops in Memphis?
im looking for a good place in aurora for childrens theatre age 12 any sugestions?
How do you act out a script?
Can anyone suggest a theatre arts IB extended essay on Shakespeare?
My school is putting on a production of Frankenstein In Love and im in charge of costumes?
Help me feel better about my part in a musical?
What is the ensembles role in Hairspray?
Should i rent...?
how old do you have to be to work at the amc theater?
Help me come up with a name for a male Swan. the female is Juliette the former male was Romeo.?
What should I send? Is this too much to send? Too less?
i want to make a projct so i want a make a reserch of any national library and i need help?
Who are some of the most famous actresses on Broadway right now?
Which Musicals would you recommend?
what do you think of this monolouge?
Looking for somebody to watch on youtube?
I need a 2 people scene.?
What are some good Beatles costumes?
Would it be better to pursue a television/movie career or a theater career?
What's your "take" on Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors"?
How would I start an acting career?
I need advice for theatre acting career?
im very nurvouse on stage and i want to be a actor?
doesanyone know how to contact the casting agency that is casting the harry potter movie? and any good agent?
What are good places for acting that are not scams in the NYC area?
Helllpp!!!! need some Jackson 5 songs!!!?
if i write a play where can i send it?
A Project for English Class?
Teen acting auditions?
Has anyone worked with Casting Hub before?
I need a help, coach me on music.?
does anyone know when the new harry potter movie comes out in theaters?
Help with a stage name ? 10 POINTS !?
I'm auditioning for musical theater?
Am I told old to become an actor at 32?
how do i become a voice actor?
what does the movie title mean, "The Devil Wears Prada"?
What and how can this?
what is the best way to memorize lines?
Burlesque show in Northeast, anybody?
How do I know if a set design career is for me?
How to distinguish characters in a scene?
Is it necessary to have a degree in acting/theatre to become an actress on the stage?
Would a NYC agent accept me?
What musical stands out as the BEST one of all times?
What's your favorite musical???
I need someone to role-play with?
What is the best acting website to find acting auditions?
I wanna start my acting Career right away?
How can I become an actress? PLEASE HELP ME?
How can i become a better Actor?
Cindy Lou Who monologue?
Beginner's acting classes in London..?
Good bitchy character songs?
How do I make theatrical custard pies?
Should I still be an actor despite...?
Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet (Good or Bad)?
Acadamy Awards?
Looking for a monologue!!?
I am looking for an acting agent? I'm a teenager. Any Ideas?
how can i get over my horrible stage fright?
How does it work and what..?
Contemporary Female monologue suggestions from real plays or musicals?
Can someone give an example of a character from a play who drew power from a hidden source?
Trying out for School house rock musical?
I am 15 and I want to become an actress, I would love to be in movies and t.v. shows, but how do I do that?
If a Shakespeare text is "Translated by..." or "Edited by..." what exactly does this mean?
I got a part as an understudy....?
How to be a good actress for school?
what is some good props to show in class about Paul Robeson?
How can I possibly go to Hogwarts?? huh??
How do I get over stage fright and how can I improve my acting on my own?
In the play, the wizard of oz, how many songs does the wicked witch of the west sing?
Why should we wait for May 2007 to watch SPIDER MAN 3 ?
There's a person on this forum...?
Non-university acting classes in London?
What to do for the talent show?
Does anyone have any ideas...?
Does anyone kiss in the play A Piece of my Heart?
Hayworth-Sinatra musical?
Who's Rico Rodriguez manager/talent agent?
How to become an actress?
Who wants to be chosen as Macy on J.O.N.A.S?
What is your Samuel Beckett like?
How can I improve my acting?
I was working out at my schools gym and one of the coaches asked me what major was?
what is your favorite move/television show why or why not?
Where can I see Les Miserables (broadway musical) in the United States 2010?
appropriate mean girls scene?
I tried out for Sharpay in High School Musical tw2? I don't know if i can sing please tel me!!?
HSM3 Extra Casting?
I'm 16 years old and I want to become an actress in movies. How can I make this happen?(10POINTS!)?
Audition song for the sound of music?
Are there any good 10-14 minute plays out there?
how can i get famous?i want to be an actor.?
What characteristics does an actress have/need?
how could i make a room look like the artic very cold ? for a youth group.?
would i have to pay Ashley's talent up front?
What is the perfect cast if wicked ever goes to the big screen?
what are some good musicals for a new high school theater to do?
What types of people where there in the Globe theatre in the 1600's?
How to act Titania? From a midsummer night's dream? read info..?
I need help picking a stage name!?
How should i take it? please help?
i need a 10 minute momologue for module resit and it has to be from a scripted play have any good ideas ?
What are ten main facts about Macbeth?
any tips on how to do a good New York accent??
In Romeo and Juliet is Friar Lawrence mentioned in Act 1? Where?
Is this a good audition song?
Lost a bet and I have to dress like a girl. She wants me to ask what I should wear?
I need LOTS of pics of the 1968 version of Romeo & Juliet?
Part of Stepmother in Cinderella the musical?
do you think an actor is a professional liar? or talent with Art?
i think i want to try some acting and ?
I desperately need sheet music from the musical "Bare: A Pop Opera". Please help?
How to cry on demand?
How to become a famous person?
how do i get auditions in L.A? where do i get the numbers to call? do you need an agent before going?
Is Moonstar Management a legit talent agency?
Does anyone know of any acting auditions in Northern Ireland?
Summer theater camp...a few questions! Help!?
Acting Routes?
What Is Your Favorite Broadway Musical?
I want to audition for a Tv show...what do I do?
What website can I watch the movie vow for free? ?
Do the monologues used in AMDA auditions have to be 2 minutes long each?
Where do they get the actors to renact air crash investigations series. To me,?
Really funny short plays?!?
are the film and theatre industries institutionally racist/sexist?
My Mother is entering a playwriting contest and needs clarification on the rules?
What are some good websites I can use to become an actress?
PlusRp how to become....?
Need help from modeling experts please? :) i choose best answer! ;)?
I'm in a musical tomorrow but I came down with something today! Help!?
what songs should i sing for my first cd?
Need some help here.....?
How to get famous?please fast?
do you need a college degree to become an actress/actor?
I need ideas for a 3 to 5 minute skit for my church ?
Do you have to be a member of sag/aftra to get an acting gig?
want to play six Degrees?
A one minute comedic monologue from a play for a 19 year old girl?
Help me find a tryout song?
Should I be nervous for my first day of community theatre tomorrow?
is anyone here a Ford model...Maybe in NYC?
what was that actor's name?
Can you suggest any acting books?
will ramin karimloo ever come to broadway?
Who is Heresun Management?
What is with all these 12-14 year olds obsessed with acting? Do they realise they have competition?
How can I find child acting auditions?
I sound EXACTLY like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and I do not know if I should sing in my HS talent show. Help?
how do i stop feeling like this?
ERRRGH! I can't remember this word...!!!! I'll explain it, tell me what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What do "celebrity" actors mean when they say this about acting?
What personality traits does Shakespeare have that are reflected in his plays?
Casting calls for teens?
Do actors have to pose nude/topless to survive in the industry?
what is jersey shore?
why is Opera so popular?
I am a high school student who has been chosen to direct a play. Could I have some input?
I need some good monologues!!! soon, help PLEASE?!?
What's a better part in Seussical?
How were the moors/venetians regarded in Shakespere's day? Look at their reputation in England.?
How to Kiss A Girl Onstage?
i'm indian, will i get a chance to work in disney or in hollywood as an actor?
I am looking for a scary/horror monologue for an audition and can't seem to find any decent ones. Help?
Are seats B 14, 16, 18 & 20 good seats to see a show at the Auditorium Theater in Rochester, NY?
Who had to approve shakespeares plays?
Help with a quote from Mcbeth, please.?
are there any auditions in wilmington,north carolina ?
how can i get an english accent (from england) if i have a mexican hispanic/eastern european accent?
In Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, was Kate really "tamed" or was she just playing the game?
How much dancing is required of the lead female characters in Little Shop of Horrors?
should i act?
What is a famous line from shakespear?
In the king and I musical do anna and the king ever kiss? a?
why is mercutio's death a turning point in the tragedy? (in romeo and juliet)?
can anyone translate or tell me wht these words mean? it is part of a song from the musical Chicago?
How can I become a part-time actress?
I'm thinking of auditioning for meat in wwry, any tips?
Where can I find acting opportunities/ casting calls? Please help!?
Any female audition songs for "Suessical the Musical"?
Can I become an actress?
How do I get an acting deal?
Can my kids (age 5 and 6) see the play wicked?
Are these schools good acting schools?
How do you use the exploretalent website?
Romeo and juliet, hatfields and mccoys?
How to become an actress now !!!?
what are the different types and forms of a contemporary theater?
Will I get the part?
Is "Think of Me" from the phantom of the opera too cliche?
Who are some people that do good male voice overs?
In the wizard of oz what song does Glenda the Good witch sing. I have auditons & I need to know what she sings
Acting Career, Schools, Etc? 16 Years Old!?
How can I overcome lack of self confidence and stage fright? PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION.?
Does anyone have ideas for a church dinner theater?
How to become Famous?
What is a good monologue for a teenage girl?
What do you think of my voice acting? Nobody's answering!!?
My Favorite Of All Time (Actor/Actress Performance). Care to comment ?
Broadway: How to get box seats?
What do you think of my acting?
Who was Oliver's love interest in Shakespeare's "As You Like It"?
preforming arts camp in 2007 in pittsburgh PA?
PBS Masterpiece Theatre, Sun. 9:00PM?
Shakespeare advice?
I'm looking for a monolouge for an 8 year old?
Hi, My stepdaughter wants to act or do commercials where is a good place near West Palm, Florida?
Where can i find one-on-one acting coaches in los angeles? I can't find any online...?
kissing scene?
Which European ethnicity has the toughest time succeeding in acting?
Fiddler on the Roof Costumes?
Which scene from the hunger games is best for a radio play?
im playing feste for theater monolgue and my teacher wants a deep cockney accent.... please help meeeee!!!?
Ithaca or Syracuse Theater Program?
So is Nigerian actor, Desmond Elliot really dead?
Is Garth Williams Casting, LLC a scam?
what acting school did hilary swank go to?
I need help finding a comedic audition Monologue!?
What's your favorite musical???
i want to know the list and latest sched of all coming indie film prod.for movies,comercial for t.v advertise.
what is your favrote movie ??????????
What do you think of Jesus Christ Superstar?
Super Funny monologues for girls! 9-15?
Macbeth allusion meaning please?
What is with Cognito ?
Should I put 'playing age range' on my acting CV?
what is a policle dog, as in cats musical?
Hey i wants to be an actress, what age range do you think i can play?
australian casting calls?
Do you know A~N~Y~T~H~I~N~G about modeling? You get 2 pts!?
Help on a attack scene?
Nikki Snelson is coming to my town, how can I convince my parents to let me go to her workshop?
Are you a student of Adler or Strasberg?
How to do to play in a music video like rick genest did for lady gaga?
What do you . . .broadway . . .?
in the Shakspeare play, Macbeth... What were the conditions of Scotland in Act 5?
does anyone know where I can find a copy of the script from Friends? PLS!! I really need it!!?
Any ideas on how to start acting ?
how do i get a big part in eastenders?
i need help please i have a dream that i need to have come true its all i think about?
help. Skit?
I'm About To Start High School. Which Classes Should I Take If I Want To Be An Actress/Singer?
why do the men in the wine shop refer to each otherasJacques?
Hmmm....What monologue?
Broadway Majestic theater Phantom of the Opera seating help. Center orchestra row B vs H?
What is the name of the acting scene where two gay men go on a date?
4 weeks to learn script?
Has anyone ever heard of Vian, Oklahoma?
Can you buy tickets to see the filmed TV auditions of "America's Got Talent"?
How to find a good agencie?
How to you become an actress?
How do I make chizzled face features on men using stage make up?
I have a French pronunciaton Q... Anyone have a link to how to pronounce the title and charcaters from........
how do you become an actress?
Is Hervey/Grimes a good talent agency in LA?
I need help finding a great monologue! Please help?
Does Daniel Radcliffe have sex with the horse in the play "Equus"?
What is the best musical you have ever seen ?
Who thinks Dylan and Cole Sprouse are HOT!!!?
Monologue selection help!?
What colleges in Tennessee have good light design programs?
how long does david mamet's play "the water engine"?
Audition for Kim in Miss Saigon?
What to do when you can't make it to an audition?
Are there any reliable UK audition websites?
I need a good headshot?
What is a good song to audition for one of the three girls in little shop of horrors?
how can i find free monologues about lesbians?
How to act like a woodfairy?
Looking for info on Masquerades from Romeo and Juliet's time?
where can i find pictures of famous princesses of ancient times?
Stage name help??????
is it me or do i sound like miley cyrus?
I lost my voice with big performance in 6 days!?
Is the theatrical version of Pride and Prejudice a musical?
How to make Actors feel uncomfortable?
What is your favourite musical?
Acting classes near Cumming, Georgia?
is this appropriate to wear to a teen acting audition?
A clown that cries !?
How to get into voice acting?
how do i become famous ?
What song should I sing?
Has anyone taken an acting class before? If so, did you like it?
I'm looking for a rehearsal space for my sketch group in LA?
Should playwrights be charged submission fees for entry in festivals, contests, etc.?
How can I start acting?
Do you believe that a College/University degree is necessary for success in the Theatre industry?
How do most people become actors?
need help with play?
I need help for an audition of The Music Man?
What song should I sing for Bernardo West Side Story audition?
Why is in a lot of english toilettes the light on a string?
Two questions about TV and scripts...?
How old is Masha from the seagull?
What are some good resume sights!free and if I never had any past job expirience what am I suppose to put?
What method of acting do you prefer? Method or character?
Where can i apply for an audition to be in the movie "Catching Fire" ?
TV/Film auditions for teenagers?
Hi, does anyone know where you can get a really funny play for 3 females?
Whats is the most famous broadway musical of all times?
What is a good prose piece of about 20 lines?
Pick a name-Gilbert or Tyler?
Why did the Charles Schultz Estate not approve of the play Dog Sees God?
Does anyone know anywhere in ohio where I could get an audition for theatre?
What do you think about Johnny Depp?
I want to be a screenwriter?
Who is your favorite actor?
Can anyone suggest some musical theatre songs for a young female?
How many awards did Adele win at the awards?
When will the modeling agency contact me?
Can someone tell me the steps to become an actress at my age?
How can I learn to cry on cue?
i hav no idea of where to start looking for film auditions! can u help?
ugh! high school musical?
Are BIH Studios legit?
Is there any group or community on or google of the people who wanna be scriptwriters?
Do actors use real ammunition while shooting for war films?
agents for acting?
Are these seats good? Wicked @ Gershwin Theatre NY?
Is there a recording available of the "Candide" concert with Kristin Cheoweth and Patti LuPone?
Approx. how many people audition for parts in a Broadway musical?
What is the origin of the term "spirit gum"? Is it related to the 40s-50s comic book character "The Spirit"?
Am I going to be a wizard tomorrow?
which is a lot harder to do as an actor? comedy or drama?
How kan i become an actress?
where do you find auditions that is in ireland..?
seasons of love how to act?
yo peeps i need to kno this HAVE YOU SEEN THESE PLAYS?? i need reviwes!!and discrptions?
Spring Awakening script or play?
What should I get on my resume for an agent?
omi gosh please i need a answer!!!?
i want to be a actress?
if u were famus what will u do..?????????
When auditioning for a shakespeare play, should i prepare a monologue of the same play?
anything goes audition songs?
How to do an American accent?
How to gain more confidence with people?
is anyone else in the world scared of global warming?
do u think Robert De Niro is communist???
What musical should I see?
how does a small theatre company go about getting rights to produce camino real by tennessee williams?
name of the movie that Ulf Ekberg as a King in it !!!?
I am auditioning for the show Alice In Wonderland at my school. What part should I try out for?
fanny mendelssohn age of death?
Im 13 how do i BECOME AN ACTRESS for Disney or nick?
what is the theme about justice in oedipus the king?
PLEASE HELP!? Do you think this is enough experience to get an acting agent?
What would you want in the aspects of production (of a play) to be?
macbeth!?ia m writing an essay on a ighly emotional scene in macbeth i am wanting to do it on th"morning aft..
Wanting to be an actress, tips ?
how can i get into acting or modeling?
I don't do drama in school, will this effect my acting career?
How do I need to block my monologue?
Is the Moulin Rouge Film going out on theatre?
What are some legimit talent agencys ?
Where can i find information and photographs of Chris Thickener of Gregorian?
Macbeth Act 3 Scene 1 Questions?
I know this sounds cheesy but I would like to know where to get advance tickets for breaking dawn pt 2?
Tips for learning lines?
Who is your favorite character from Wicked?
Evil, bitchy characters?
Contemporarary one minute monologe for a teenage girl?
a few questions about Julius Caesar?
For a play, how can I make myself cry?
HI! Im looking for a local choir in EUGENE OREGON! I would like to find one for high schoolers? HELP!?
can anyone recommend a good acting school or program in Chicago?
How is a roast joke made? What are the vital componants?
who paid least to get into shakespears plays????
Can anybody give me alot of information on the musical 'Guys and Dolls? Like plot and anything else helpful
Does anyone have a short synopsis of the play The Crucible?
Childcare center for a sick child while I go to a Booking or a gig?
Perfect song for school musical? Please help?
What do you call a person who hands out programs at a play?
Need help with a script xD ?
How can i become an actor/model?
Favourite Shakespeare play?
Ideal audition songs for two "Nunsense" roles?
I'm auditioning for a kids plays and i need help with my audition !?
Romeo and Juliet characters?
Do you you think that your end will be as prolonged as Antonius Blocks'?
I'm currently in my first year studying acting and have just got over a really bad throat infection,?
Do I have to be homeschooled in order to become an actress?
Is this a good resume for a beginner is mines.?
Is The Pillowman going to be staged on the East Coast anytime soon?
How do you get into character?
What are Some Good Songs I Could Sing For My Call Back?
What to expect in a drama school audition?
How much does a costume designer make?
I have a acting spot that i really want. but im WAYYYYYYYY too underweight?
Question about King Lear Act 1?
Acting academy in toronto?
What are good drama plays for teenagers to perform?
Any casting calls for 12 year old girls?
what is a good monolauge and musical theatre song combination?
Do you know of any A list or B list actors that did not attend an acting school?
should zoe saldana portray nina simone?
I have to kiss a boy in my drama class for a skit?
What is the order for Bows in State Fair?
What makes the PLAY 'Dark of the Moon' relevant to high school?
Need help on what agencies In CA, need your help!?
Help me find this musical and/or song please?
What is the story line of the musical, "Is there Life After High School?"?
Cast list results...Help?
Do you find this text funny?why, why not?
I was chosen to play Juliet, and Romeo is...???
What's the funniest play you can think of?
where can I get the permission to direct a free of admission version of WICKED?
what are the best acting teaching schools in london?
I am looking to begin a theatre acting career and I would like to know a good place to start!?
Macbeth?? is it haunted/cursed story???
I need a thought for the day?
Can someone please explain the appeal of INTO THE WOODS to me?
does anyone know of some good kid agents that arent scams?
I'm from New York ,but I moved upstate several years ago,and I can finf and acting school.can someone help me?
Need help with scene!!?
a dancer or an actress!!! maybe even a!! advice plz from anyone!?
Ok , it's 2009, Is mama I want to sing coming out?
Wicked Musical London?
who thinks the white girl on the Flavor Of Love should have gotten eliminated instead of the black girl?
I see the assassins have failed?
how to make melted crayon bookmarks?
does anyone know a Tyler kimball?
where can I find a copy of oedipus rex online?
how has proper theatre audience etiquette changed over the years?
where can I get a script on the internet of one of tyler perry's plays?
Where can i audition???
The musical Anything Goes - help! :)?
I want to be an actor on tv?
Sick and audition tomorrow. help!?
I really need a good monologue to use! Please help!?
Free Download site for musical theatre albums?
Can anyone suggest where can I find an acting coach for a foreign (italian) actress in central london ?
Why does Romeo kill Tybalt?
Wondering about Starwars trilogy...?
Monologues help drama class?
Creative Theatre Audition Songs?
Diversity Britans got talent?
Is it normal for actors/actresses to have self esteem issues?
Stage name suggestions for aspiring actress?
How can i become VERY ill before tomorrow?
Having something to eat and then off to bed-nite nite anyone that wants to do the same - sweet dreams!?
Does anyone know any monologues from PLAYS??? I really need one for school and cant find any?
What is a good/best monologue that is 8mins longs?
How to make a bird tail for Seussical?
i am trying to get into acting what should i do?
How To Get Into Acting In Los Angeles?
For acting and being cast into movies or commercials/ads do you necessarly need an agent?
How can I fake cry?
Scripts for auditions? Read Please you will understand better?
Solo Performance Piece HELP!!!?
Has any one ever heared of Model search America?
i saw a unicorn with two horns?
i want to become famous,im only 13 and do what ever it takes someone help me!?
I've no idea about acying but want to learn how to do I?
are actors payed for acting in dream or flashback scenes in movies?
In the Breaking Dawn movie...?
How Do I Convince My Parents to Sign the Permission Slip for a School Talent Show?????????????????????????????
What is a good audition songs for seussical the musical?
Need to learn an accent by tonight?
what was the plot/moral of the broadway show IN MY LIFE?
Should I go to acting summer camp or directly audition for acting schools?
What do you think of my acting resume?
What modern actors would be good to play a couple in their 20's with a 9 month yearold baby?
Why do people in Shakespeare plays take 20 years to die?
Would it be appropriate if a muslim girl be an actress??!.?
what is the name of the 13th ghost?
what is the slime made of that is used in the kids choice awards?
Need name of a play: "Major ______"?
Who said, "Gort, Klatuu Barada Necto"?
Hmm can anybody tell me, if you have to be asian or something like that for the SM entertainment auditions?
how to get the girl to see you for how u are with being yourself?
What does it mean when people say "Hercules Hercules!" in a feminine joking manner?
i need a good duet comedy scene?
What is the Scottish play, and why won't actors say it by name?
how long to find acting agent!?
How do I find some auditions for acting in Texas?
What is your Favourite Musical?
What is anti inhibition?
Telugu star Suman!?
How do I write this appropriately for screenwriting? The POV is on someone's feet as they walk and...?
Who do you look at when performing a monologue?
What's A Bigger Role/Lead in the Musical Hairspray: Edna or Link?
Does anyone nowhere I can find a script for JOLLY ROGER AND THE PIRATE QUEEN?
Does anyone know any ideas for female movie monologues, age range 16-25 years old?
How do you rate how good an actor/actress is?
who should play Annie Cresta?
Anime Voice Acting?
I need a monologue!!!?
Whose acting is much good vidya or Kangna?
What should I be for halloween?
can any one tell me where little miss joycelyn jee esien of the 3 non-blonde fame was born?
New York Film Academy?
do you hillery duff??????
I need help with coming up with an argument in Hamlet?
Fez (that 70's Show), where is he supposed to be from?
Did hamlet have an edopus complex for his mother?
I need actors for my the heck am I going to get them without being able to pay them?
What are some of the best known plays, excluding Shakespere?
In the Musical "Guys and Dolls" what is the main song? PLEASE HELP!!?
Why is it that people (particularly students) say that guys who act or take theatre/dance class r gay? read on
should I email a rude casting director?
What do I wear when attending a play?
What are the steps to becoming a successful teenage actress?
do you think i can act?
i need a quick way to memorize my lines HELP ME!!!!!?
I think stuff and dream stuff and then a couple of weeks later it comes true !!?
What is hot for high school theatre this fall? In other words, what are the hot plays for fall?
Nothing from a chorus line for audition?
Do you think Kristen that plays Bella from Twilight is pretty?
Do you know any drama skills/techniques?
Name the London Theatre with a revolving stage, opened in 1958/9 on the north bank of the Thames?
Please help me out!?Teen Choice Awards?
What is Traverse Staging like? ?
How do I become and actress? ?
Why is sound important for a play?
Can you revise a copyrighted play?
Ideas for a script urgently needed!?
What musical stands out as the BEST one of all times?
13 years old, want to get into a 15 film at the cinema, any tips?
Really good acting schools in NYC?
Shakespeare - themes in Macbeth?
Musical Theatre songs pretty please?
monologues from books.?
Can you give me a summarie on High School Musical 2?
do you know if......?
Are there any current productions of Moliere's play Tartuffe in the San Francisco Bay Area?
Is this a good resume? I want to be an actress?
I'm being bullied for my exceptional talents?
How do i stand out at an acting audition?
How big is Alexi Darling in the musical Rent?
a naked scene in a show?
audition for Midsummer...?
i got accepted into a site model agency on face book do i get paid?
I have a school project to do and it involves creating a movie trailer!!?
Romeo and Juliet the film?
where is the best place around northeast georgia to find a way to become an actor that is for free?
Your favorite musical...?
who is the director of back to the future?
Did any nick shows get filmed in new york?
Getting a Job as a Backstage hand in a Show?
Is this a good short monologue?
I want to be Snoopy in my play, any help?
The best singers ever.Who and why?
How did Brutus's decision to not kill Antony hep determine the outcome of the play (Julius Caesar?)?
How well matched do you belive Romeo & Juliet to be?
How can you rig a branch to brake as if shot?
Contemporary Monologues---HELP!!!!!?
Female monologues?
Can u give me an example of a dialogue for drama?
Can someone help me with the Merchant Of Venice?
Why are there so many struggling actors in Los Angeles?
Building acting resume
Is there any good circus/carnival plays?
I've done a course in voice-over.How do i approach for a break in Radio commercials and dubbing?
When did the concept of received pronunciation in the English language develop?
i make fun of fat people but my mom is obese.. is this right?
where can I find the text to henry beissel's play "for crying out loud"?
I'm a comedian, but work nights and it's killing my open mic opportunities...?
Did you ever think call-backs for theatre roles are useless.?
do you have some places i could go to type and do pictures on?
Im so nervous :(...... Please help!?
What play to do with 3rd-12th graders?
Who could play the cast of A Streetcar Named Desire?
what are some things that can help you get into character as an actor?
where can i start to be an actress in malaysia?(theater)?
Monolouge for drama i need some ideas?
Best way of learning lines for a play? Actors please help!?
Auditions For Acting!!!!?
were to find a funny monolouge?
wher can I get "real" information of real acting casting auditions in new york city without paying or giving o
Could you still be an actor without relevant qualifications?
Simulating setting someone on fire on stage?
HELP me to become a celebrity?
help please?
Do you reccomend an agent to get started as an actress?
Does anyone know where on the internet I can read the play "Lies, Lies, Lies" by Pat Gabridge? Help please!!!
High School Musical Or Camp Rock.????
where can i download a coppy of the script for the play "Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of fleet street"?
Hairspray or High School Musical??
JMM talent?
RENT in German?
Anyone been to a Harry Potter open casting call? What should I expect?
What is the best show youve seen at the theatre? ie broadway?
What has Johnny Depp's best acting job been up to Pirates 2?
Forensics?????need help?
I need to find a sight where I can type text and hear it said with an Irish accent?
Why hasn't the Stratford Shakespeare Theater in Connecticut ever opened?
Where can I find information on the characters and plot the play, "Carnival"?
What songs would the character Courfeyrac sing in the musical Les Miserables?
How to get a role in a play?
How to become an actress without experience?
where can I view a script of Brian Clark - Whose Life Is It Anyway?
tom Sawyer Re-enactment?
I want to start acting, and ive been looking at a couple of casting call sites.. anyone got advise for me?
Does anyone know were a talented actor and musician should go to get noticed?
Who wrote this poem "Apart"?
Does anyone know about the play in Nov. in Dallas dealing with men and women in relationships?
Hollywood auditions, what are they expecting?
Acting with a bad script?
Theater question?
At my school, you don't audition to be in plays and there's only one play opportunity a year.?
I am a really good actress and i want to at least be an extra in catching fire?
I am a teenager and I can't find any auditions for films! If I do its already too late! What should I do?
i need help please!?
What play by shakespeare came right after romeo and juilet?
NYFA summer camp (3 week) is pricy enough, but how much extra will room and board cost?
Compare and contrast the role of PTH and mechanical forces acting on the skeleton on bone remodeling?
Please, please help me :(?
Significance of Romeo & Juliet death scene?
How can I make myself cry on cue?
Any idea for a School play?
ever read the Talmud?i was taught about it in a dream?
Suggestions on starting a career in acting?
Did you know that actors are sensitive people?
Can anyone give me character descriptions for the musical 13?
My school is doing the play footloose..please help?
How do I find an opportunity for voice acting?
do you think that acting is a talent? I mean everyone can act, they just have to be a different person?
Who would like to learn how to play a piano in a short period of time?
Barbizon audition read description!?
What is a good song to sing when trying out for a musical?
Acting tips??????????
Why do Forkbeard Fantasy combine visual electronic arts with performance theatre?
Who wrote the one act play "Listen to the wind"?
Can someone please name the quote from Macbeth used in "10 things i hate about you"?
What are some characters from Missoula Children Theature's Jack and the Beanstalk?
what's a bachelor of fine arts in acting ?
how to start my career as an indian filmstar?
Is The Acting Corp a good school?
How to look and act like Audrey Hepburn?
I WANNA BE AN ACTOR, im 15 freshman boy, how do i begin being an actor, is it smart to become one?
Tough girl names for a mean tomboyish character? ?
Where do you find acting Classes in cities that aren't big like L.A or Chicago or NY?
Have you ever seen the play Wicked?
I need a funny one man skit. any ideas??
can someone give me the definitions of these dramatic devices ?
Have you ever acted in cowboy theater?
Musical auditions soon?
Who has the bigger lead?
trying out for musical, help!?
What are some good auditioning tips?
How do actors really start out acting?
Amateur actress tips for 13year old female?
wen is harry potters b'day??? can ne1 help me out plz?
i need a 8 to 9 minute scene for three people. two females, and one male. we are high school students. ty(:?
Has anyone seen the Broadway musical, Wicked?
where can i find the high school musical script?
would it be possible to win 3 Oscar awards before age of 30?
How to fake OCD? It's for my school play :)?
Saying "Macbeth" onstage! What do you think of this superstition?
What can you do with a degree in theatre?
do you practice reading scripts EVERYDAY or just some days (PLEASE I NEED SOME ANSWERS)?
is this a good discription?
The blue man group, is it a good show?
Where would I start an acting career?
I only have four fingers on one hand, will it be harder for me to get into acting because of it?
How to become an actress with unsupporting parents?
Why were women not allowed to act on the stage in Elizabethan Times?
How to be mysterious?
how do i get an agent? How do i find out about local plays/auditions?
who is currently starring as Elphaba in Wicked?
which one do you think is better camp rock or high school musical?
I want to put on Into The Woods?
whats a good play for high schoolers?
Help me with my Monologue!?
How do i become an actress???????I'm 12?
Say something beautiful.?
Help with Shakespeare quote...?
What is the best way to memorise lines for a play easily?
Does creon secretly fear Tiresias?
Which is better, 12 Colour HP Vivera inks or Epson UltraChrome K3 inks?
Have to run a theatre workshop?
an epic movie!!! a movie about a legend ... Do you think abhishek was best suited for dis role?
Is Deborah's Stage Door a good theatre program? Is it a lot of money?
what is "star-crossed"?
Can I sing 'Stars' from Les Miserables for a talent show even though I'm a female?
In the musical "South Pacific", what's the highest note Nellie sings?
Are the Acting Corps a reliable source to learn acting from in Los Angeles?
why don't casting directors give asians a chance to prove themselves in acting?
Two Desperate Questions Help!!!!?
im going to a acting audition tomorrow, should i have my hair natural or should i do something with it?
Oedipus Rex, Electra, Medea play summary?
do you know any romeo and juliet songs?
what is a monologue?
Where can i find on the internet scenario about acting?
how can i become more confident when speaking aloud infront of a large group of people?
I want to be an actor, but my parents...?
What are some of the most iconic operas in western civilization?
where could i get a summary of the play "Everyman"? I couldnt find it in spark notes?
What is the difference between the women in the plays DANCE IN LUGHNASA and THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE?
i need ideas for a talent show please!!!!! read on....?
do you think she doesn't want to say goodbye to me?
what is the easiest way(without an agent) to get info for auditions?
What's your favorite musical?
Is there a musical fitting with these details?
are model guns dangerous?
How do I get auditions for acting jobs?
Acting Classes for Adults?
I need help in order to find A FAMOUS SOLILOQUY for my acting class?
Do you think this is a good script for a short youtube movie?
Super Funny monologues for girls! 9-15?
what was your most memorble theatrical experience, either on-stage or off?
why is it important to believe in what you are doing onstage?
What impressions can you do?
How can I get into the acting industry?
Do You Have To Be Super Pretty For Movie Auditions?
How long should my script be?
in acting, what is role play?
Aspiring actors and actresses. Do u wanna become actors because u love acting alot. Or coz u wanna be famous?
I got a part as an understudy....?
If You were casting someone to play the role of Queen Elizabeth, who would it be?
Why didn't Adam Sandler play the voice of the homeless guy on 8 crazy nights?
What do you think of my short film project?
Which should I see: Phantom or Wicked?
Interface modling agency ?!?
what actress today could play a sweet, old lady? i need help!!?
What is the best way to get auditions?
How did America change as a result of Mary Pickford?
What song would you play at your funeral?
Any good monologues? PLEASE HELP!?
Ideas for my Acting name?
audition advice?
On average, how many people audition for a Broadway Theatre?
How do i become a famous Actor?
ME and my bestfrend are in a talent show. But she has stagefreight?
How many people have won all 4 of the major entertainment awards. Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy? Who has 3 or 2?
Please answer if you are a actor,actress or model?
how do u find out about auditions for films????
Need to know to get into Tisch at NYU?
Is it possible to maintain a full-time job and pursue acting?
Does anyone know the top 5 dance colleges in the U.S.?
im 17 turning 18 and want to be an actor, help!?
whats a good play to read?
What are the theatre conventions of the Stanislavski System?
How long do you think that Will Swenson and Gavin Creel will be in HAIR?
Is "A fine fine line" a good song to audition with for an alto?
Musical Theatre Songs?
what is right color of white horses of Napoleon?
What if you feel like your life is a high school movie?
Commedia dell'Atre: What is a stock character?
What are some acting exercises that you can do at home in order to strengthen your acting abilities?
Good female monologues for anatomy of gray audition?
How loud is a blank acorn shot from a gun in a theater?
Theatre vs. Cinema?
Harry Potter??
What is a non equity?
What is the play with "I love you to the moon and back again."?
Mustardseed from a Mid Summer Nights Dream.?
What would happen if actors mess up their lines too many times?
how can i know i am agood actor?
Plays with only two actors?
would you go to the theatre rather than the pictures if it were more affordable?
What are the rules of getting a headshot? Please help!?
Song that tells story? FAST FAST FAST PLEASEEEEE?
Who is a fan of shakespere?
Mime setting up a shop (commedia dell'Arte)?
i want a date with eric schweig before i die?
Where can i find Viola music sheets?
Need some opinion on doing acting full-time?
I'm going to How to Succeed on Business Without Really Trying on Broadway on Thursday.?
play...our town question can someone help?
I want to audition for a Tv show...what do I do?
Is it too late for me to start an acting career?
Good Acting Plan!?!?!?
i want to be an actor,no experience tho?
really want an acting career..please read!?
Audition song for rizzo in grease?
help finding a movie?
Are there cases in which acting in an extreme manner is actually better than aiming at the mean?
Canadian, Ontario agencies?
whats is the theme of romeo and juliet when they first seen each other on the dance floor love at first sight?
What are legit acting agencies in Chicago?
How should I prepare for a voice over audition?
Need funny female monologue, EMERGENCY! I'll choose best answer for ten points!?
how many kissing scenes are there in anything goes?
Hey i wants to be an actress, what age range do you think i can play?
Doc in West Side Story?
Peggy Taylor Talent Inc.?
How can i be an actress as a disney channel?
How to sabotage someone going for the same role as you?
Help with Noises off?
I heard it is easier to pass the audition by JYPE, is it true?
Help Gaining Musical Motivation!?
please tell me the name of a movie director that looking for new talent?
Why do u think people like going to plays?
Just need a bit of advice.....?
How do you get an individual minor entertainment work permit in Texas?
What part should I accept?
Event names in NYC which are "Musical or Technical" in nature ?
How should bottom and titania's duologue be performed in Act 3 Scene 1 of A midsummer night's dream?
duet/solo auditions in 2 hours please help me!?
Oklahoma the musical, Jud Fry?
any acting jobs in Beirut?
What does GTF stand for in a play script?
a streetcar named desire reaction paper?
where it was filmed the french movie "A Very Long Engagement "?
What's a good monologue & song to audition with?
What are two good monologues from modern day plays?
Why do you think Demi Lovato went through an emotional stage?
what are ways to help kids learn their lines in a play?
Where can i find commercial auditions?
Fiddler On The Roof - Bielke?
Who has a cheeky monkey grin?
answer ASAP!?
I looking to produce my play write, how do I go about fing investors?
Whats an easy way that I can become famous?
Where is the best place to study Acting Classes? New York or Los Angeles?
i want 2 act what should i do 2 get started ?
Where can I get a "Free Wesley Snipes" t-shirt?
How do people become famous actors and/or actresses?
Female monologues from contemporary published plays?
Is there a lower chance of getting into acting if i don't live in the city?
i need your help on finding a monologue(comedy) but i want it to be about me playing a crazy teacher ?
Shall i let my cuzen watch breaking dawn part 1?
What are some acting camps near cleveland ohio?
Summer theme title for Pageant?
I want to study Musical Theatre, where should I apply?
Trying out for a musical.....Help!?
how is my acting can i be a cool actress?
How can I get an acting roll on Coronation Street?
How is the play Mamma Mia?
do u wanna join the group.?
Is there a website which lists when Broadway stars will be on vacation from their shows?
How I can find an actrissing job?
Does anyone know if there is a recording of the movie musical version of Cats?
Which monologue should I choose? #1 or #2?
i have a knowledge problem, pls help?
So I just listened to Defying Gravity from Wicked and am completely blown away...?
Idina menzel?
what is structure in drama context?
I really Dont Like my Headshots What should i do!!?
Where can I find details about a one act play called "Scrambled Eggs"?
Can this happen in acting.....?
How to become a pornstar?
what is the most famous version/production of the musical Cats? were there any famous actors/singers in it?
I have a dream of becoming an actress.?
Seeking a dramatic male monlogue with a lot of sadness...?
can anyone suggest me about theatre workshop in chennai ?
i need a stage name, my real name is sarah jane louise any suggestions?
Are there any modeling or acting auditions?
Places like imta (international modelling and talent association) that arent scams?
I'm auditioning for Kristine in A Chorus Line- what song and monologue should I use?
What to expect for my first audition?
If a mime fell in the forest would it make a sound?
Should i get my headshot in color and half my body or in black and white and only my face or what do youthink?
tips for memorizing stuff?
Rocky horror picture show long beach?
serious question?