I want to become an actor lyk on t.v and stuff but...?
monologue question....really important?
What some good 'Theatre' colleges in Chicago?
Has anyone seen Black Watch?
How much would it cost to put on a high school musical?
Do any agencies know when the auditions are going to be for "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian"?
What website is best for finding acting auditions in Oregon?
Help me find a play/scene?
how to study a one-act play?
I want to be an actor but...?
Which of these stage names sounds best for me?
is it too late to just start trying to act at the age of 18???
Is explore talent legit?
i need quotes!!!!quotes from famous people, anything!!!?
What is a good song for auditions from Guys and Dolls?
What is your favorite show that is currently on Broadway?
Musical Theater College Audition Song?
how to become famous?
how do i become a "disney channel" actress?
In musicals how do the songs complement the action/themes?
Do you think the show 'Teen Wolf' is going to need new member auditions for the new roles of the new alphas?
Do you know where I can find the script for "The sisterhood of the traveling pants"?
Talent show help, with music!?
how can i playing in porno movies?how can i apply,where do i have to go?
In the play "Our Town" written by Thortin wilder What is the major theme or moral of the play?
17 years old, living in San Francisco. Want to become an Actress, WHERE DO I START?
If you were an actor and was offered a character who smokes(not based on biography) would you accept it?
What's a Good Website That I Can Find Roles That Match My Criteria For a Casting Call or Audition?
Why were women not allowed to act on the stage in Elizabethan Times?
What other musical groups sound like these guys?
Worried about my future as an actor?
How many pages in Microsoft Word should a double spaced script written in Arial 12 should a One Act Play be?
I want to be a model/actress but my parents wants me to do a career in medicine, what should I do?
I want to play Elizabeth Proctor in the Crucible, what accent should I use?
i need to dress up as someone from a musical (not grease) for a party help me please
Auditions song help!!?
i need to find the monologue from titanic?
Do you ever dream you were a rock or pop star?
Help with ideas on funny or sad skit/script?
auditions ! audition! advice?
Is Malcolm Duncan's son in Macbeth?
I Want To Be An Actor, I Wish To Be In Films, But Don't No Where To Begin. Please Help? Thank You.?
Did a munchkin hang himself in the Oz?
shakespeare in an audition...?
I have to sing..... (please read) ?
Best site to find open casting calls for movies?
any parts in the musical pippin that doesnt sing?
In Romeo and Juliet were Mercutio and Benvolio gay?
If you were an actor and was offered a character who smokes(not based on biography) would you accept it?
Should Friar Lawrence have married Romeo and Juliet?
Tips on becoming an actress?
Are Michael York and Rachel York related to each other at all?
If you as a straight person had to act in a gay scene....?
Who here hates High school musical?
Bridge to Terabithia Monologue?
I want to become famous?
Disney channels number?
a silly script for 2 girls?
urinetown themes? 10 points :)?
Who are the lead and supporting female characters in the broadway musical "Curtains"?
Does anyone know where i can find a VERUCA SALT monologue?
Looking for the name of the group with a heavy set lady as the lead vocalist?
I want to become an actor and dont know where to start!!?
Wizard of Oz or Hook?
re-remplishing wine/beer glass?
URGENT! Can anyone tell me in which act was Sasha's monologue in Anton Chekhovs Ivanov?
What's a good musical for my high school to do?
Is Anne-marie Kampert Legit Sour Patch-er?
I Want To become An Actress...?
Can i buy 'A Very Potter Musical' on Cd?
My gf is kissing another guy for a play she's in, how do I deal with this?
what effects did superstition play in The Tradgedy of Macbeth?
Where are some dialogues?
I need ideas for a pantomime?
Are there any new Disney Channel movies or TV shows casting teenage girls?
Okay, final try....?
History Project Skit!?
Was Kermit and Miss Piggy a greater love story than Romeo and Juliet ?
if there are movie stars on this site will you identify your self?
Mitchel Musso fan???????
how does one get involved in acting?
Anyone need an actor in the Bay Area?
How to become an actor?
How can I become an actor?
was gaius julius caesar a bad man or good man?
American Lark?
What is a good monologue for any play audition?
i have the ugliest accent everr!!?
where can i become an actress and singer as a kid?
Which idea do you like better for my role play site?
Does this short scene from a screenplay sound good?
How expensive is filmmaking?
Can you start an acting career in your teenage years?
Help with A Midsummer Night's Dream!?
how to make yourself cry?
What age to go to university? (Acting)?
Does anyone know Ashley Tisdale's email address? Does she actually check it and write back? Please email me
how do i get an agents number for acting?
pantomime help please?
The play, Be my baby HELP!!!!!!?
Where in Cedar Rapids, IA can you audition to be in play and/or musicals?
Line Distributions in "Our Town" The play?
How to break into acting?
what are some acting producers or casting directors address and email so i can send my acting business cards?
why do you think dylan and cole sprouse don't want 2 talk to you?
Uncramble please!!!!?
Acting Auditions? (best answer is choosen) help please.?
What should you put on your resume?
Can anyone plz help me??
does any one have any good monologues?!?!?!?
Chicago or Phantom of the Opera?
I need a female Shakespearean Monologue!?
difference between SAG and Aftra contracts?
Harry Potter Musical?
In what area of the United States is the play "Our Town" set in?
What are some good 10-minute plays?
Im an aspiring actress, tips to getting to hollywood?
My vocal range goes from the C below middle C to high C(exactly three octaves.) What am I?
Can anyone give me a website that has lots of acting auditions in Australia?
Act snobby for a role i hope to get? HELP please:)!?
who else is in love with the musical wicked?
I'm in a play and want to get everyone in the cast a small gift. Need help with ideas please!!?
i want to be a scriptwriter....????
Suessical the musical?
How can i enjoey playing the piano?
Finding casting calls?
I want to be an actor..?
Are there any cool comedy or theater venues in central London...that are a bit different?
IM in a musical on FRIDAY!!!?
I want to become famous?
How do Broadway stars get paid?
what is an external instrument of a performer ?
please help me with this?
Is it legal to write a musical about real people?
What are good spirit day themes for school?
Talent show help please answer?
can u tell me a joak?
ever been in the show murder's in the heir?
How to land a role on Disney Channel Or Nick?
i would love to put on a play production produce and direct it myself,?
YouTube Users?! How do I sing?!?
which version of othello is used/performed most often?
My parents ambarrass me but they don't know?
How do I become a member of the WGAW?
Stage kissing my best friend?
Is this song overused? ?
Is being a actor at 18 too late ?
Wizard of oz audition-Wicked Witch of the West?
I have to wear this costume for the school play?
Voice/Acting teachers Please!! Do you think 16 is to old to start taking voice/acting/musical theater classes?
How to become a better actor with a low income ?
So which do you prefer?
Drama Schools Or Boarding?
What are good monologues for Dramatic Interp?
How to Cry?
Has Anyone Seen Rent?
Looking for an international agent in montreal, do you have any idea where I can find one?
what is the best horror movie that you seen before?
Share your bad audition stories...?
Where on the net can I find sound effects for a skit ???
What are some creative things you can do at an audition that will cause a director to remember you?
What kind of part is...?
Can a professional photography be qualified to do a actress's headshot for her resume'?
When auditioning, do casting directors prefer real theatre experience or drama school?
Who are these models?
When will be the next SM Entertainment Global audition?
What song should I audition for little shop with?
What is the format for a screenplay on a one hour sitcom?
Acting Classes being offered in East Tennessee?
I am 14 and want to become an actress/ comedian in the future. where can i start?!?
Whats the best musical you have seen and why?
what happens in Act 3 of Macbeth?
I have to brainstorm ideas for my prep audition class, can anyone help?
How to improve my auditions?
Nickelodeon Acting Question?
Song choices for Talent Show!?
I want to get an acting agent?
An element of drama or play about a gun?
Where is this gif from?
the broadway show Passing Strange?
I really want to impress my drama teacher?
what is an asm/understudy?
My Friends & I Wanna Make a Student Film. What do we need?
Should I be a director or screenwriter?
When + Where are Auditions for The Clique: Best Friends For Never? How do I contact Michael Lembeck (director)?
What to expect at an acting audition?
What is a good monolouge with a broad spectrum of emotions for a teen guy?
What color and type of flowers is the proper gift for a leading actress or actor in a live theatre production?
What do you think the purpose is of any Hero in a narrative?
were are the new moon auditions in vancouver ?
I've been robbed! How do I handle it without seeming full of myself? it without seeming full of myself?
Im a tenor 2, but my voice very easily, whats a good audition song?
who are the two main girl characters in the musical fame?
How to successfully host a Burlesque show?
What is a good audition song for Sweeney Todd?
Why do they always choose a girl to play Peter Pan?
Who was George Leonard Hertar?
Phantom Of The Opera?
What happens after Acting School?
Has anyone seen the play RADIUM GIRLS?
Where will the next Harry Potter auditions be?
theatre acting?
How do I explain this acting situation to my parents?
I have to kiss another guy for a role in the play and my boyfriend is angry about it help!!?
what are good colleges and universtities for acting?
ideas for script?
Name thi movies in which Juhi Chawla dies?
When & where did Amitabh Bachan Born? Date of birth if available provide?
For an acting cover letter, should I address it to both artistic directors listed?
Whats that chinese or asian show.!?? shou yet choo?? or whaatt!?
How do i get auditions? Any help much appreciated.?
Will anyone be auditioning for High School Musical 9: Corporal Punishment?
Is Fright Town really scary?
Where do you find the best (and cheapest) agent for acting?
what is a good instrument for 7 year old to play?
How can i get a theatre script?
Example of Oppositional Irony in Oedipus the king play?
What are some good songs for a musical auditions?
Acting steps plzz answer this plzz?
howdie there do you no how they get the figs into the fig rolls?
List of Broadway plays?
How can i learn a american Californian accent?
Why is it so unprofessional to call the agency?
what is the basic story line of the play 'A Raisin in the Sun' by Lorraine Hansby?
How do I contact an agent for my dream acting/singing career?
Broadway Musical Chicago instrumentation?
Would Shakespeare be as famous if he were born today?
How to start an acting career?
Any good quotes from Portia in the play Julius Caesar?
acting plz i am serious?
Should we always tell the truth...?
Stage name help??????????
drama competitions?
broadway musical?
Who really liked High School Musical?
how do i make an acting resume?
what is a good skit to do with 2 people for ur dads b day? we are 12 and 6?
What was it like in Romeo and Juliet's 1594 Italy?
Please name all the requirements to become a voice actor?
how hard is it to get into juilliard? what are thhe crednetials, credits, or classes needed?
What is your favorite Broadway show?
does anyone know if barney and friends wii be coming to Toront if so when?
Got a chance to see wicked free.?
"Cooties" from Hairspray sheet music, Broadway version.?
What is this Drama play called?
How can i become an actress?
Can you name the movie?
What is a good fundraising idea for my drama club?
Do I have what it takes to be an actress??
Are there different category's of voice actors?
What do you think of it so far?
Acting; Tips on how to memorise lines?
Acting resume info, help?
Modern to Elizabethan translation?
hey wazup i was wondering if anybody could find an acting gig for a 13 yr old or even modeling in florda near?
What is the best method for memorizing lines for a play?
Acting paid classes for business career or working as an extra/actor?
What are some themes of Romeo and Juliet?
I want to become an actress but i am from kentucky do i have a chance?
Macbeth - How important is Lady Macbeths influence on Macbeth?
Where can I find the songs by Alan Menken added for the Broadway Stage Musical of Disney's Hercules?
Any good classic monologues?
how do you become an acadamy award member?
Can i Teach My Self To Act?
Soon to be actor, please help!?
National Youth Theatre?
What is the full name of Pakistan actress Meera who worked in bollywood movies "Nazar" & "Kasak"
Should I get a manager or agent?
Ne On gon wa dami da?
I need a direct link to the trailer of THE HORSE WHISPERER starring Scarlett Johansson.?
Need a solo for an audtion! Ahhh!?
independent filmmakers help: i have 3 questions about my screenplay.?
What are some distinguishing elements of Nigerian theater/dramatic productions?
Can anybody find me a monologue?
Acting and Modeling Agencies?
i want to forget sm 1 plz help me?
Where can I watch Shakespeare's plays online?
How to change the actual sound of your singing voice?
Does anyone know a good song to audition with that's not overdone? I'm trying out for HSM at my school.
Give an example of Julius Caesar acting arrogantly?
What broadway / musical theater songs are good for auditions?
Video audition help :)?
how can I cope better with an overzealous and tactless director?
Does anyone have the script to once once on this island?
Wat do you think of HMS (High School Musical)?
Any suggestions for a non-cheezy high school large cast play to be adapted for dinner theatre? Please help!!?
How do I Get a talent agent?
The “Oedipus”?
whats the difference between studying film and theatre?
after whom is oscar awards named?
Good Talent Agencies in Arizona?
What do I need to do in order to become an actress?
Are any of the historic theaters in Downtown Los Angeles big enough to host broadway style musicals?
Whatr are the steps that i have to take to become a famous actor on Disneychannel?
What are some prose pieces for speech?
How have the language in each scene of othello reflect his changing emotions and beliefts?
Rabbit: Self-Assembly?
HOW much should I put on my resume?
Is theatre a dying art?
WHY is everyone on here obsessed with auditioning for the Disney Channel?!?
Can I get some help finding a war/peace dialogue?
How do I know if i am a good actor even if i seem great in front of the mirror?
Where can I meet Miley Cyrus?
Christmas Carol Auditions ASAP HELP NEEDED!!! (long-ish)?
im 14 and want to be an actress... HELP?
Which movie do you think is the best performance by Tom Hanks?
Whats a good audition song for Hello Dolly?
do you have the play soul gone home?
Where can I find a full show of Wicked?
I m going to an modeling audition tomorrow. how should i prepare? what will i be asked to do ??
Where can I find mp3 downloads of the Broadway show thoroughly modern millie?
hercules skit help?
Can you start an acting career in your teenage years?
For all you stage actors: Favorite character to play and why?
Can anybody tell me where there are good and affordable acting classes, both voice and regular acting?
Voice Over Auditions?
best scene to do from julius caesar for a skit?
where can i take acting classes if i live in palmdale,ca?
What are technical skills?
How old was Arthur Miller when he wrote the Crucible?
Would JMM talent represent someone who lives in DC?
How to improve my voice?
Theatres In Newcastle ?
famous movies, with a lighthouse theme?
Please Help with Macbeth Question?
I love acting, but is it too late?
Ways of improvingg my Singin?
Theatre Acting - Completely Naked Scene?
I think I want to be an actress... Any advice? I'LL ANSWER YOURS?
Two Noble Kinsmen for 3-4 Actors?
What song should I sing for my audition for "Oliver"?
What kind of acting role could i play as?
Need Help with story of (Macbeth)?
Where do you get auditions like this? (video included)?
Does Anyone play an instrument?
Acting Agents in Maryland!?
My sister has an audition today. I need help asap?
Where can I find the actual play for Les miserables?
When on Exchange Student Program can you...?
A script writer/director wants to do an audition for the role of a girl at my house?
what do you suggest doing with beginners drama club students? ?
why doesnt my name stay on the e mail when i sign in?
Audition dress?
characters in the play wanted a chaperon?
My mom doesn't support my dream of becoming an actress. What should I do?
"The Event" audition?
Is the musical "Wonderland" available for amateur performance rights?
What are some features of the Elizabethan theatre?
10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!!! Please Help?!?!?
John Howard Speech in Drama?
i need some british actors names?
What caused the Phantom's face to be disfigured in Phantom of the Opera?
Okay... all u shakespeare fans... help me on this!?
How is Death of a Salesman a modern version of Greek tragedy?
Where can I find good Skits for Kids 8-13?
What are some shows I should see on broadway?
How to make parents understand about separation anxiety?
Difference between experience and emotion and portraying and emotion?
are there audition in kansas city mo for a toddler and not modeling?
Is this a good plan? HELP!?
movie ideas!!!! ??? I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!?
How far below the stage is the pit at Jones Hall in Houston, TX?
What is the broadway musical play "Wicked" all about?
How can I get into some modeling work?
what is the difference between an opera and a musical?
I always wear stripless bra. Which brand/s is/are good and resonable price in SIN n Msia?
Is this houston acting school good?Has anyone tryed it?
Now Zoe's friend needs a last name.?
JYP ONLINE AUDITION (How do you get chosen?)?
how do you get?
How do you become a townboy?
Do you get nervous when you audition?
Did you think the movie "see No Evil" was good?
Ally Sheedy and Radha Mitchell were lovers in a movie called....?
How to get out of orchestra class?
Which Agatha Christie play holds the record as the longest running show?
How to become a director for one of the top 6 major Hollywood studios?
Where can I find a play script of "Wizzard of Oz"?
How do you get work as an extra (or 'supporting artist') in television?
I got a callback at proscout from hri talent agency?
Question for fans of Musicals?
are most actors extrovert people or is it just the ones who succeed that are like that?
top ten favorite broadway musicals?
Was William Shakespeare Gay?
is sex important in a married life???
what is philippine drama?
who is kirsty macaskill?
Could I get some song-suggestions for an audition, please?
I cant act/sing like a boy in the play?
How do you solve a problem like "Evita"?? (a.k.a. Elena Roger)?
getting involved with theater..?
Who is Vivian in the Musical State fair?
Why do you or don't you like Little Shop of Horrors?
What's a Good Website That I Can Find Roles That Match My Criteria For a Casting Call or Audition?
should you sing a song from the show your auditioning for?
What is the format for a screenplay on a one hour sitcom?
Teen Acting Classes / Theatres in NY ?
Hamlet Questions?
Can anyone recommend some plays?
Have a suggestion to a director/producer?
Whats your favorite play or musical?
Any tips, ideas, or suggestions about playing an orphan in the musical Annie?
What should I write on cards that I am giving as cast gifts?
I need to do some poses in the school play. I don't know any, can you help?
What show should I pick?
What qualities are needed to become an actress?
I'm trying out for a part in a play, any tips on how I could get the part?
How can i make myself cry?
Does anyone have a prop list for Singing in the Rain?
Writing a musical?
realistic looking 'fake' beer?
WICKED the musical?
The best acting schools near Marysville WA?
what is the best age to start playing a musical instrument?
Does any one know were there are good TV writing contests at?
what is the difference between comedy and tragedy?
The Merchant of Venice Act 5, Scene 1?
What is a good playwright idea for 9 girls and one guy?
Judy Garland?
List of reputable Universities to study acting?
Do you love (i mean LOVE)High School Musical 3?
Musical ideas? Help!?
how do you become a famous singer and actor in a small town?
How to say what you want to say?
I want to take up acting as a hobby, any tips and literature to do it at home?
which version of lets stay together do you prefer?al greens or tina turners?
Whats your opinion on Kristen Stewart's acting?
Got any idea's for a middle school production?
Fall Play: Alice in Wonderland?
hiw to act like a queen?
I need help with my movie?
Getting started in Acting.?
PLAYWRIGHTS...Please explain the term ''Aristotellic Structure'' in drama and in playwriting?
Acting in films?
What is your favoirte broadway musical or musical movie???
I'm playing Horatio in the play Hamlet. What should I bring in as a prop?
Any one worked with Images of St Louis model agency?
Jyp/sm/cube audition 2010?
Question about Lion King NYC tickets?
What's a good way to get started in theatre from a writers stand point?
How do i play this Role?
Extra acting agents/agencies!?
How can I get a custom recording from a famous speaker.?
How to auditioning for SM,Woolim,YG and else?
what is that sad emotional piano music they put on tv alot for talent shows?
how do u become a actress? or singer?
Where should I send my picture and resume to audition for Jane in New Moon?
Good looking actor,answer plz?
Do you think???
im 14 i wanna strat acting?
Acting Auditons For A 14 Year old?
I have applied to over 300 positions and have yet to get an interview. Why?
um weird stage problems lol?
heay like i am in a play and i am really worried i will get stage fright and ferget my lines help me!!?
girl in MTV ad, is she related to michael palin?
My dream is to be an actress, but I'm too shy!?
What's the best way to find out about castings if you're new to acting?
How can I show them what I got?
Anyone has a ticket to sell for RSC King Lear (week ends if possible)?
Oedipus Rex?
I want to become an actress, but I live in Virginia not L.A. and I can't move to L.A. because I'm only 13.
Is this talent agency good?
I need a show choir audition song please! help?
List of 'As You Like It' Characters?
My friends say I have too many musical instrument ..?
What's a good shakespearean sonnet or short monologue for a 12 year old girl?
What is chads achual name from high school musical?
How to get a good part in a school play?
How to do print modeling?
Headshot pictures for university theatre...?
'Stage name', should I use it?
Should I dress up fancy when I go to Wicked, the broadway musical?
Pittsburgh CLO Acting 1?
Best website for movies?
Need help finding a dramatic interpretation piece?
Thinking about getting into acting, maybe?
hi every1 so at the moment im playing peter pan in peter pan the BRITISH musical and the show is in a month?
this is a question about Shakespeare's female characters?
How can I cry for acting?
Is it too late to study theater/acting at the age of 16?
Do you think it is ok for a very talented and beautfil transexual-m2F to be an actress and be respected?
where can I watch anne of green gables?
What is a good place/website to find local Independent film castings other than craigslist?
10 points please!!!! Monlouge?
How do people cry on cue?
Macbeth question I am not sure about.?
um...i know a monologue is called a monologue....but what's it called when two people act???
Anyone know where I can find a video clip of Martin McDonagh telling Sean Connery to "F-off" at an awards show
I have to memorize a shakespere prologue and i cant do it!!! help!?
Music for Macbeth Play?
Does anbody know about the Disney Channel Auditions? And what I should do!?
What would be the best way to become a film director/actor?
helpp! drama, acting stuff!?
Acting, Agent, Manager, Florida, Help!!?
Does Zack Efron have an e-mail address?
Is this a scam???
what movie am i thinking of?
Audition help for "Music Man": I want to audition, and I have all the info, but a few questions about it....
I am looking for online acting agency? do you know any?
How do I tell my mom I entered an acting audition?
Does anyone know the opera that begins with an artist painting the central female character?
is 16 to late to start acting?
How can i become a famouse actress?
How can a stage actor keep from perspiring?
how do i become a fomous actress?
Why is in a lot of english toilettes the light on a string?
i'm working on a stand-up?
coach trip to westend show?
Would it Be Hard to Start a Acting Career at 23years Old?
Send My Audition For Disney Channel . Help !?
how can i get a monologue from disney channel?
Rocky horror music sheet. I need this so so bad for a try out on Tues. I just found out.?
What BROADWAY musical is good right now? NYC?
Does anyone know any TV auditions in SF ?
How many years of practice in drama/public speaking do you need to be more confident?
Does anyone know of a good website to mind 1-2 minute monolouges for auditions for a high school play?
i need ten words each to describe beatrice and bendick from much ado about nothing (shakespere)?
where do I find black history free play scrips to use for a church play?
Everytime my hubby and I have sex, I think of Superman...?
Is there a website that has acting auditions available?
Tips on singing at an audition?
Does anyone have any roles tha need a 11 year old girl in the bay area? I'm a dancer and I can make myself cry
Can someone please tell me what the Vakhtangov improvisation method/technique is?
can anyone audition for commercials?
young people theatre seussical staff?
Are there any main character girls in the outsiders?
should I go for it or not?
How can my mom get a higher voice?
How do you become famous!? because i would like to be an actress all of my friends said that im a good actor?
Where can I find investors for a new Off-West End play with a top director which was showcased at the National
How to become thane in riften?
where can i find current pictures of mike evans from cast of the jeffersons?
Is this a good way to start acting?
How should i start in acting? My mom and me were thinking John Robert Powers.?
What is the difference between commercial modelling and commercial acting?
Shy girl,grease play!!!?
Shakespear play????????????????????????
Question about acting?
What does Beat mean?
Is Mario Lopez a gay?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Question???
Audition songs????
Which broadway show is the best to see?
Could you give me a LINK to "The Miranda Trap" written by Lori Lenninger?
The Hunger Games Auditions?
What are some legit acting agencies for kids?
What are the ways in which actors learn how to move?
How to 'come out of my shell' in drama?
In Sweeney Todd, what makes the green grocer funny?
What is the best drama school in the uk for 16 years and over?
Who is the most overpaid actor/actress in the last 10 years?
What exercises should I do to get into character for my monlogue?
how to fire an actor?
how can i become an actor?
i am sunday scholl teacher and i need a skit for my childereen to do for the sunday any good websites?
What are some qualities for a female teenager to travel, free and easy?
Musical theatre auditions..... help!!!?
about acting, i need feedback on what you think please help.?
Has anyone out there heard Titanic the musical
What Are The First 16 Bars of The Song "It Takes Two" From Hairspray? 10 Points!?
how can i become actress when im only 15?
Can you please help me with my audition? (please answer/help!)?
I'm an actress currently based in the UK, but would love to relocate to New York. Any advice?
Tourmakeady Co Mayo.......anyone know the name of its main pub?
Does an Egyptian actor living in Egypt has a chance to get a role or a job in the harry potter new film ?
how to create trama effects for haunted house?
Where will i find script? ?
Does anyone know any good dialogues?
---- I Hope!!?
OMG my friend got a call from a casting guy from hollywood!?
How do i make myself cry on stage on cue?
Who else is a RENT head?
I am doing a school play and I don't want to mess up. How can I memorize my lines fast?
Could I be a male model?
Im writing a monologue and i need help making it sad?
How to find a good acting agent?
How do you get discovered please answer I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
costume help?
Which musical is your favorite? and why?
does anyone know of any actors who haveperformed in The Country Wife by William Wycherley?
has anyone ever seen The Prodcucers musical?
Acting Resume. HELP ME OUT, I BEG YOU!?
Do I HAVE to buy the rights?
any acting schools/clubs in basildon?
When is the next audition for SAREGAMA program?
How can I make a pumpkin head fly across the stage?
What are some good songs? please help!!!?
Easy techniques on how to fake cry?
how can we pray for the peace of israel if israel is killing alot of people as well?
How do Arlecchino show annoyance and stress?
Script for Disney Channel Bits and Pieces?
who was "ARNAKATA"?
where to find acting auditions????
Summary of the Oueen Mab Speech in Romeo and Juliet?
Is Hamlet playing in the SF bay area soon?
I'm trying out for Annie and I want the part of Grace I am soprano, any ideas?
Am I on the right track? Any help would be *GREATLY* appreciated...?
How to find acting jobs, in Australia?
Whose acting is much good vidya or Kangna?
Hetalia Role-play Partner Wanted!?
Audition song for les miserable girl?
someone help me deal with stage fright!!?
How To Become A Disney Channel teen star?
How does drama challenge perception?
Scene ideas for three 15 year old girls?
Example of an English musical?
Where can you audition for audio only animation films/cartoons/projects?
is this the true face of tv?
How great is William Shatner ?
Where is FUNimation's auditioning place?
How do I become an actor?
What is oscar de la renta's opinion on eating disorders?
Whats is Kareena Kapoor's and Shahid Kapoor's e-mail address??
What would my hippie character say in a play?
Headshots - Which One??
I want to be a director?
Whats the difference between an exectuive producer and just a producer?
Your moving to LA to pursue acting. What are 3 things you need to know to succeed?
Audition for "A Midsummer Night's Dream"?
i need a short play to read (need help now!)?
Can I view the 2006 B.E.T. awards before 2006 is over?
How could I dress up as a female version of Indiana Jones?
Is it true that Daniel Radcliffe went to stage at Broadway with no clothes? If so,where is a picture?
Will High school Musical 2 be in India?
Mp3 High School Musical (Stage version)?
Please Answer me!!!!!!!!?
How to convince my friend that the talent agent is a scam?
Guys, would you watch Legally Blonde on Broadway?
Is 'The Wise Kids' playing in San Diego Monday, March 19th?
please tell me exactly how the fifth season of 'smallville' ends and i will give you ten points?
Anyone else think Idina Menzel is absolutely amazing?
Could I pas for 14?*PICTURES*?
In the shakespeare play Twelthf Night .....?
I need to find out about auditioning for plays and musicals?
What would you want to see in a play?
what are some things that occupies space?
Algebraaaaaaa? I need helllpp?
Damn Yankees (reprise 1994 version) lyrics or script..?
what percent will unaccompanied minors have a sequel?
what are the stage dimensions of the pit at the barbican theatre?
Sound of Music: Could Maria be black? & what's a good audition song for Mother Abbess?
I would like to know how you get an acting agent when you don't live in a big city?
Whats your favourite musical, past and present ?
Help! What software do I use to create opening credits like in star wars?
How to meet online with film producers?
Question for CATS the musical! ^.^?
Can I be a doctor and Actress at the same time?
How to get a better singing voice ?
How can I deal with my nervousness in front of people in drama class?
Just give me one tear?
Where to find comercial auditions in Colorado?
acting tips...?
I need to make a makeshift costume as Eponine from Les Miserables. Suggestions?
How do you find open casting calls?
monologues help!!!!???....?
What are some musical events that took placeon April 5?
its said the ms. meyer might add to the saga if so would you come back and play your parts again?
where is the best place to start an acting career?
I need help with the play I'm in?
Hi! I'm playing Barnaby Tucker in my schools production of Hello Dolly and I need to do a character analysis
Is there a free copy for the script of "A Christmas Carol" on the internet?
Writing a play need some help? :)?
whats up with the happy and sad masks when it comes to theater?
Does anyone know where I can find auditions to be on Disney Channel?
Is 'Thesbian' a fancy word for lesbians who act?
In a play what does scene "1.2" mean??
I've been casted as Serena for my theater groups production of FAME. Costume ideas?
Do you no any good long sad monologues?
Who is your favorite character on High School Musical????
Here's a serious question that I want lots of people to have there take on....?
In your opinion, what is the greatest musical of all time and why?
why the weather become so strange?
What should i do if i live in Florida and i want to become an actress?
Is there going to be a finding nemo2:)?!?!?
Audition Questions?
How can I cry on command? please help?
Every line Alfieri has in the play A view from the bridge by Arthur Miller?
I need a Monulouge simmelr to the mad hatter or I need to know more about the character?
How to act like Christine Daae?
Acting? Is it possible for me?
I loved mr. james schamus hulk movie, how can I get in touch with him to show him my version for hulk 2?
Romeo and Juliet board game cards?
Who was Greta Garbo's most leading man?
Does anybody know if there's any community theaters in Lake County, Ohio?
Musical Theatre Audition Songs Help?
How can I get an agent?
Need a movie agent. Any ideas?
EVERYONE tells me I should be a model?(pics included)?
Any suggestions for an audition monologue and song?
Audition song for a female alto?
what ARE the parts or roles for youth female in the play miracle on 34th street?
What part should I play in Annie?
Uh oh im applying for an actin job, buy my Résumé isnt so great, should i make something up?
Elephants Graveyard play?
hi! im 14 years old! i want to be an actress! help!?
Can anyone tell me which monologue is this from? ?
Where can I find free sheet music?
HELPP I'm in LA trying to get exerience to audition for RADA, Guildhall etc..?
looking for a nativite play for 15 year old students in china?
Is it worth it to start pursuing acting at the age of 23 with not prior experience?
What type/genre of theater had large chorus and very few actors?? (10 points best answer)?
should i try acting just to see if its what i want to do in life?
where can i buy the costume of the king of thieves from aladdin and the king of thieves?
Anyone know where disabled actors get work?
I am Oliver Twist in a production. NERVOUS?
How can I find Wessley Snipes' e-mail or address?
Witches in MacBeth?
dos eney one know a celeb.?
Is Backstage the best site for open casting calls for movies?
Auditioning Advice?
Barbershop Quartet in the Music Man?
Women - do you prefer to be called Actresses or Actors?
Crying Monologues???
My brother did for a modleing agency and i did auditions for disney. They called and said he got the part.?
How can I get my 7 year old girl into acting?
Disneyland Paris casting auditions!?
West End London Theatre? Nothing!?
How to pretended to be pregnant!?
I'm 38 years old. How old is too old to start an acting career?
Does anyone know of a Shakespeare rep camp for kids here in chicago if so is it auditioned and where is it?
Does anyone know of any schools I can attend to become an actress?
i want to be a actress what do i have to do first?
I need a realistic estimate of my future in showbiz.?
help please! need very good advice, to be informed?
How do I get my baby into commercials?
How can I tell my friends that I can't play every day?
auditions for a musical?
Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare Play Questions ?
how do you get started as an actor?
Actors (male and female)--what part would you most like to play? Why?
How do we know Romeo and Juliets ending isn't going to be Happy?
I wanna be an actor HELP?
Are the 2010 Academy Awards Nominations going to be on tv?
Class Awards?
Is it okay to give up on your dream?
What are some good colleges for theatre in the midwest?
i am 13 and i really want to become a model or actress i have no experience. How do i start my career?
The point of dialouge between dance and theatre?
Broadway songs for tenor range girls?
School talent show help?
What are good modelling agencies in Sydney?
What are some examples in the text that show Hamlet's indecisiveness, his "tragic flaw"?
LES MISERABLES and the ARTHURIAN LEGEND?!!?!? How the heck did THAT happen?
is justice served at the end of the play in macbeth and if so what are some examples?
I am wondering if enyone knows wat happend to peaple like Liz Talor and Debby Renolds?
How many sides does the Globe Theatre have?
martial arts on the theatre stage?
What Broadway show is better, Wicked or Rent?
What actress's played the twins in the ORIGINAL "Parent Trap"?
how does the treatment of women play a central role in the play othello?
Which ones better?!?! 10 points!?
How can I break into the acting industry?
how many productions of the musical spring awakening has there been?
macbeth's minor characters? did they exist?
Audition song for Beauty and the Beast?
Do contrasting monologues simply have to be contrasting...?
I need an angry female monologue from a real play!?
script used for auditioning for a play?
how did you find the DA VINCI CODE movie?
how old should i be to start acting ?
Where can I find free sheet music?
what years did hsakespeare start writing and how old was he?
I don't understand this part of Macbeth? Is this a dagger which I see before me..?
Does any one know cole sprouses Phone number or e-mail?
Whats the best musical you have seen and why?
In Act II of Macbeth, after he kills Duncan, what does the scene of the murder look like? For example, where?
Where can I get professional script writers answers for my quessions in my scripts?
is row AA upper circle in aldwych theatre a good seat for two tickets £165?
I want to be an actress, but I lied to my parents i was going to college in LA?
If I were to play Tom in The Glass Menagerie would I need to put on an American accent?
thanksgiving play?
Where can I find the kind of clothes that Ryan from High School Musical wears?
Where to find acting roles?
How long do Foam latex Prosthetic masks last for a onstage musical production?
confensions and role internalization in dramatic monologue done?
Who Is Cooler...........................?
Emergency? Need help-Theatre question?
Where can I find a website that gives full play scripts?
Does anyone know any good musical theatre torrent sites or links?
since I make to be actor of peliculas for adults?
how do you audition for dinsney channel singing or acting?
is Wicked a good musical for the whole family ?
Can anyone give me tips on staging Olivia in Twelfth Night?
Staying in character?
Can someone please help me? Need help becoming an actress!!!!?
Your hobbys?
I need help finding monologues for a college audition. what should be put on the resume if I only did one play?
I'm a girl, but playing Romeo in a school play. How do I make my voice more teenage boyish?
Into the Woods audition song?
Musical audition and my throat is sore. normal?
Hairspray on broadway i love it!!!!!!!!!!! how bout u?
I can sing, act even dance but where can i start and how?
How to not OVER act .?
Ideas for broadway theme?
how do i act online?
How much should I charge to write a One Man Play for someone?
I need help finding a monologue for drama! Please help?
how d oyou make a head wreath ? what are they called?
I need a monologue?
Vincent Wallace Composer any decendants?
Acting!!in bay are?I need help?

How would I go about this in acting? would I have to pay and stuff how long would It take? (Read inside)?
Do u know any audition sites that are free.?
what is the disease called that actor have due to lot of acting?
Can anyone translate this monologue from 'Measure for Measure' into modern English ?
what television program are watching right now?
How do I start my porno career?
Representations of American history and culture in "Death of a Salesman"?
Is The Acting Corp a good school?
I need gift ideas urgently!!?
What are the requirements for being a pornstar?
I need helping finding monologues for my theater class in september. Please help me !!?
where will i be able to find risque photos of the silent screen stars?
HIPPIECHICK please read this!!?
if you an actress and you have to kiss in the movie will your boyfriend get mad at you?
What are some legit acting agencies, preferably in Canada?
I would love to work at an AMC theater because i enjoy movies, but i see that there is only young people there?
Where are there Community Theatres in NY for me?
evolution true or false?
who is your favorite character from Across the Universe?
I am looking for someone to do an English accent voice over for 5 words. Can I find this online for free?
I need a solo alto piece for a competition (Theatre)Help!?
I need something funny for my theater class?
Is starting with commercials starting small enough, or starting too big?
Song from Pajama Game?
About how much money should a non-union actor make if he does Repertory Theater for 2 months.?
how much do actresses get paid?
anyone have any ideas for funny skits? i make youtube videos but lately im running dry on ideas... any help?
How do I become a professional voice actress?
Musical theater school after college?
What are all the plays that Thespis wrote?
who was better in pireates of the carrabian jhonny depp or orlando bloom????
who was christina aguilaras vocal teacher?
Are there any acting classes availible in Duluth,MN?
Where can I find the script for a very potter musical?
In which play does the following quote appear? 'A plague on both your houses'?
Where is there a CHILDREN's theater acting group, near North Sacramento, CA?
Camp Rock 2: I'm confused on where to send the resume....?
Does school plays count as experience on a acting resume?
This is about acting?
does anyone else agree taht the tone of many ppl on answers is very rough?
Does anyone remember this PBS kid's show?
How does Shakespeare use dramatic tension and key themes in act 1 scene 1, act 2 scene 2 and act 3 scene 1 ?
I need monologue help. Can you help?
10 points best answer!!! What does the speech in here mean?
I need a surname for a character of a play. The name of the character is John; I need a surname, a British sur?
If I don't have much acting experience can I audition for a tv show or film?
Where do you find good acting/drama scripts on the Internet?
Where can I study Children's Theater?
Ideas for talent show?
Are there current movie actors who use Stanislavsky's Method acting? Who are they?
What should I include or do for my voice memo or video?
What should I do to achieve my goals as an actor?
is there a difference between "wicked" and "Wicked: a new musical"?
Wheres a good place to start an acting career?
1980's movie features a highschool wrestler trying to win the state championship Journey's Only the Young song
If homosexuality used to be wrong...?
How can you become a voice actor?
Anyone heard of the play Macbeth Did It?
Attention-getter for Alice in Wonderland Scene?
What is exactly "Independent study" in theatre?
where can i get someone to read a short story i wrote?
Drama Monologue Tips and ideas?
impressions of the theatre ?? what to say..?
How do I not laugh when I am acting?
I need a monologue for an audition?
how to get started.?
What do you suggest is the best way to get involved in the film industry?
play with two women?
Will actors/actresses dislike a screenplay if the actions are not written in the best grammar?
Why is it so difficult to watch myself on a video.?
where to look up auditions?
what are some good inspirational qoutes?
High school plays?
Any current london auditions?
hairspray broadway show why is aaron tevit (the present link larkin)leaving 'hairspray 'the musical?
any tips for me? I have to play a hillbilly type mother in our school play?
If all the world's a stage, where is the audience sitting?
Memorizing tips?
In my drama class we have to get one partner and do a scene from a perfecinal(sp)script in mine it is me and 1?
How big is the part of "Holly" in The Wedding Singer Musical?
Could I become famous?
I've been chosen for main part in a play and I love acting but I have some problems i have tp tak care of.....
Please give me suggestions about Acting?
Is it okay to audition with a Shakespeare monologue for something like a Disney musical?
Tips on playing the 'Dame' role in pantomime please?
where is the children's drama school "rangaprabhath"in kerala?
Do you need to be a certain age to see Jeff Dunham live?
who is "mongo" in high school musical?
If you get an acting agent do they have to be from your state?
How do you say in english...?
Help on our Drama devised piece please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what i have to do to register my story in tamil cinema(kollywood)?
I need to know where I can go to be an actress.?
I would like to be an actor (I know its not that easy) but what is the process? How do you get an agent?
Romeo and Juliet analyzation?
How do I format a play?
do you have to sing to be actresses?
how to be in a movie?
How do you fake cry? I need some help with acting...?
Act 2 Questions on Macbeth?
How to become an actor when your new at it? more responses please?
When doing acting headshots can i have black roots with blond hair if im a black girl?
How can I become a model without schooling or actress?
Hi, Iam Aryan (Sagar Prabha. I like acting very much. Can i get a chance to act with Hrithik Roshan or John?
What celebrities could play these characters?
Actor or Actress?
Can anyone give me a website that has lots of acting auditions in Australia?
Memorizing Lines?
i wanna be a famous actress? what are the odds?im 16?
Disney Channel Audition help?
IM 15 is it too late to be an actor?
Hannah Montana audition.....?
Play! Plays! Monolouge?
Any auditions in the Austin Area for a 13 year old girl?
Are there any auditions for 13 year old girls in the u.k. in acting at the moment?
Do anyone know anything about the agency "3 Arts Entertainment" and do they have a website?
Should an actor ever take a role as an extra?
How can I convince my parents that I really can act?
dont you hate it when they have actors play characters in movies that are much younger than they are?
i need help with my career and future?
Do you think a casting agent................??
Are there any college theatre programs that concentrate on Shakespeare?
romeo and juliet?
How do I prepare and get a good part?
Which costume idea would be better?
Please come up with a thesis to Antigone in regards to family, pride/Hubris & relationship of Antigone & Creon?
i am a 19 year old male from P.E and i am determined to become an actor. what should i do?
To play anna leonowens in rodgers and hammersteins the king and I, do I have to be able to whistle?
Whats a quick way to get over stage-fright???
i am trying to find a modelling agencie for 2 very attrative children in northern ireland. can anyone help?
Ghost stories theatre production?
I want to find some sort of acting club in my area?
URGENT!!! What time would be good for a girl to drop out of high school for fame?
How to start with my play?
I need help, i need a monologue for theater and FAST! it has to be DRAMA or SEROCOMIC.(serious and comedy)?
Can i still finish college while being an actress?? Please help!!!=]?
Where can I print a modern english (text) version of Macbeth?
Acting Tips? please help?
Aspiring Actress Preparing?
What is your take on "Wicked" ?
Is Tim Burton directing Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children?
Where can I get and 18th century dress costume for my mascarade theme for halloween?
What are some songs that relate to the first 5 acts of romeo and juliett?
Really nervous about a school play !!! Any tips people ?
Why do I laugh during a skit?
Who's a good actress to play a teacher who's 30-32?
Can anyone really be in a movie?
Best jobs for wannabe actors/skipping school to go to auditions and filming?
Which do you like better the Opera or Theater? Tell me why???
Im auditioning for Oxford Drama School, I need a contemporary monologue to audition with, any suggestions?
What's your favourite musical?
is there a reputable acting agency in Seattle? ?
Can one source talent get you on auditions?
whats the best audition songs?
Help! If I watch The Wiz one more time I may faint. What's another musical for my 3 yr old?
Teen Models?
i want to be a young actress but i cant find any jobs in my area?
Should I become a doctor or an actor?
what are some great acting agencies?
Has any ever been to Hammerstein Ballroom and sat in the 101 section seats?
is this a real deal acting agency?
My dream of Marilyn Manson being Jesus..?
how would i go by selling my playwrite.?
Would you pose nude ? If not ! Tell me where to find those who would?
why do ppl like high school musical?
Will you you flock like you did to see my 'Fa nny'?
Song for auditions. (Link to youtube included)?
I'm finished...with my screenplay! but I need to make the margins and the spacing of the dialogue different...?
i have a few questions!?
find out where santa clause the musical is being played in birmingham or worcestershire?
When should I try and get an agent?
Why do I feel embarassed saying my lines in this Shakespeare play?
I want to "spread my wings" an inch or so further in the theater world. How exactly can I do this? Help?
Any tips for drama club audition?
Appropriate monologue for NYU?
no one told me that life was going to be this way?
Where can i find tickets to see a London show with hotel included?
What can i sing for auditions for my school play?
I cant decide between BADA and RADA..where should i study acting?
Need a short monologue for a teenage girl. Any ideas?
What are some good duets for two females from any Broadway musical?
I've doing voice-overs since I was 11 yrs old. I haven't found any luck as far as going pro. Any advice ???
me and my friends are trying to make mini home movie skits.any ideas??
What song should I use for a High School Musical 2 Audition?
hi...i want to audition for sm entertainment and jyp but i dont know which one is right for me so plz help?
Why did Macduff kill Macbeth? In the Shakespeare play?
A female reciting a man's monologue?