wat does "being in the limelight" mean?
Good audition songs for High School Musical?
From where can I get a script for a scientific play or skit?
How many hours does actor have to work during pre-production?
In the play antigone, what was one thing that creon gained from his experience?
Engaging an audience?!!!?
What do you think of Brandon Thomas' play "Charley's Aunt"?
How do I become an Actress?
Is there much of a chance of...... easy 10 points?
A humorous scene inserted in a play to provide emotional relaxation is classified as _______________...?
Why are the America's Got Talent Auditions in Canada?
Is it harder to make it in Hollywood or Broadway?
can you work a SAG show if you are non union for SAG but are AFTRA!!!!!!!?
is it me, or are stage kisses usually to the left?
wicked theatre show ?
I’m 31 and I would like to go into acting.?
School musical help please?
Beauty and the beast tryoutttsss?
i am looking for a tape it was a guy who would tell stories about a town i minnesota maybe lake wabasha?
Realism music and naturalism music?
How can you tell your family that you wanna be an actress? Im 13 and afraid they might laugh at me.?
what's your favorites actors ???
Should I pursue my passion?
why is it that teenagers become so become violent when they have absent parents?
Where can I find a job assisting A or B-list actors?
What actor would play a war hero?
i am 14 auditioning looking for a comedic and dramatic monologue that have been published plays any ideas?
Tips on being an voice actress?
how can i become a disney channel actor?
Theres this play...?
How do I become a actor?
about the play, New Yorker in Tondo?
I want be an actor, INDIA?
where can i find this?
Has anyone heard of a movie called "Before My Eyes" currently being filmed in New York City?
does anyone know this quote from 42nd street?
Songs ideas for the High school talent show?
Work experience for actors?
What show has all these in it?
Does anyone esle want to do this or am I just crazy?
Can you suggest specific plays or playwrites that might have material like this?
how do i be on tv with my friend Bree?
How do I become an actress?
How can a 16 year old boy become an Actor?
Is constipated an emotion?
what or how do i find a talent agencie to become a extra in a movie?
how to memorize hiawathas childhood?
How Can I be a actor for Disney Channel?
define post modernism in a theatrical context?
Help with the choice of a one act play for a plays festival.?
question? serious answers please?
audition for percy jackson 2?
my English is prover so what can i do for improve my English language?
im trying out for a musical and i can't really sing but love to act! Do u think i have a chance?Honest Opinion
Do regular people have chances of becoming models?
I got cast as Scar, but I really wanted to be Timon...?
do you know of any contest for acting that can actually get me somewhere?
I feel like I have no talent, or motivation to get one... help please. :c?
Theater 101 assignment help!(wtf directing essay??)?
which actor or acteres played two roles in Harrypotter filmes ?
Please help me with acting/ agents?
Tips for having a successful commercial Audition?
I want to act on Disney Channel but my parents might laugh or say you can't even act.....keep reading please
Anybody have a high school musical fan club?
Should you staple your picture to your resume (acting) or print it right on the back?
Where do you go to become an extra in a movie?
Help! How can I get ideas for a screenplay?
acting plz i am serious?
Who is an actor that is about 6ft, muscular, and about 200lbs.?
How to become a better actress?
what types of partner do you like?
How do actors and actresses cry easily?
What is Acting?
What would be a good title for a article review on the Boy From Oz musical?
I speak six languages (The 25 annual putnam county spelling bee musical)
i have no idea what to sing! HELP ME QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!?
What Shakespeare play has the line?
i come from a line of actors and singers... but there careers were long ago?
Script ideas?? Please help?
Does a bigger Adams apple means stronger voice?
Theatre actor salary?
Looking for "Exercises in Style" video!?
Voice acting school?
What Is The Best Casting Agency In New York City?
Are The NT Live Encore Screenings of Frankenstein an actual theatre performance or is it on a screen?
which cirque du soleil show is better? O or Mystere?
jesus christ superstar- a bit more in depth explanation?
Aida by Giuseppe Verdi is it actually the story of the popular broadway play Aida?
Australian Aborigines?
Should I teach my daughter a lesson the "old fashioned way?"?
In the play Oedipus, what does Oedipus gain at the end of the play?
what are the top 10 broadway theaters?
Macbeth is the tragic hero of this play by Shakespeare?
All the world is a stage(drama students)?
help with drama and acting?
does anyone in the uk know what googles code is on ticketmaster for half price th tickets particularly WWRY?
How to act like a drunk teenage girl?
What are the essential plays?
What household items can I use as a tear stick or glycerin drops to make me cry in no time?
Headshot photographers(please help)?
Where can i find casting calls or agents in Houston Tx ?
RENT song "Contact"?
Why are most young stars...?
Contrast the classic to the modern movie of romeo and juliet?
What's the key to performing a good improv?
are academy awards and oscar awards the same ?
What songs in the "American Idiot" musical are tenor?
the best way to become an actor?
What was the globe theatre like?
Hamlet q..Act 2 scene2?
Acting question, Please answer... URGENT?
Who have Bin with Wilhelmina Models?
I'm extremely nervous for my play rehearsal, what should I do?
acting workshops/in portland oregon?
And they all went to the seashore?
am i good?(.s.)?
Monologues from Published Plays?
Where do you get your monologues?
What's the best live band you've seen, and where?
How tough will it be for me to pursue and acting career?
How do you count lines in a play if it's more than one sentence?
if you know stephen dorff: what you think of him and me?
Does anyone have a link for the English translation of Monteverdi's "Poppea" ?
In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night what does Antonio mean when he says "And grew a twenty years' removed thing"?
how hard would you tghink it'll be for an asian to make it big in hollywood who is living in australia?
Where does Kerr Smith live right now?
Distressed fabric..How do I "Burn" Holes in Fabric? What chemical is used?
Where can i get movie props?
Types of Audience Response in Theatre?
who loves hannah montana?
Are there any links to the lion king Broadway show part where scar tells the lionesses that Mufasa died?
Whats your favorite musical of all time?
Is the wicked witch a big part in the play the wizard of oz?
finding a talent (acting) AGENT ?
objects beginning from A-Z?
What's a good idea for a T.V. show?
are the seats behind the stage bad?
How hard is it to break into acting at 32?
What is the context of Life X3 ?
I need a song for my drama improvisation at school,theme is lonliness and i cant find a suitable song,help?!?
I have to create a short skit for my drama 2 class.?
How to become a pornstar?
how do you become an extra??
what is is called when actors portray animals in a play?
Is eight shows asking too much?
Is this a good headshot? I'm sending in a resume with this for an extra agency.?
I got a callback for auditions in hollywood!!! is it real???
Acting audition information?
Show Choir Audition Help!?
Ideas for musical/theatre?
is it better to study acting in new york vs California?
Whats the best Drama|Acting|Film school in Sydney ?
Did Shakespeare actually exist?
I want to be a famous actor?
Where can I get the 13 script?
Need help with Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2 translations?
How do you find auditions for movies and commercials?
Why do i always put my practice for acting off?
if you could live as a famous person for a day who would be?
Will his third season be Old Vic Spacey's long day's journey into night?
Why can't I get an audition?
Can you give me notes about midsummer nights dream?
I need a broadway song for my audition for the school play...suggestions?
Acting ... Pics included?
What are some famous quotes about acting?
What to sing for a Hairspray audition?
What do you like about Broadway?
is being an actress a good dream to have?
any tragic,death,suspense,drama Piano song? need for our stage play?
how do u join the DGA (Directors Guild of America)? and how much do u have to pay??
Audition song for Catherine from pippin?
What to sing for my Honk audition?
Macbeth Help?
What are some funny characters?
puppet show act for kids? 4 min time?
I REALLLYY want to be an actor!! Help?
shakespeare sonnet songs?
heay like i am in a play and i am really worried i will get stage fright and ferget my lines help me!!?
would you be a director or actors choose one only if you were to choose?
how long does it take to become famous?
Why is union membership and an agent the most important things, and not talent?
I need a humorous interpretation piece!?
Is it worth going to an acting conservatory? Please help!?
I need Poster Ideas for my Project for Chorus!!!?
What should i wear to an ACTING open call!?
How to cry while acting?
Showreel cliches for presenting?
Are you a Producer, Movie Director or Hollywood agent who is willing to invest my story Idea/ Manuscripts?
What do u think about High School Musical?
how can i get an acting agent to notice me if i live in St.charles Missouri?
Guys and Dolls?
in the follwong play what?
I need an advice from people with experience....?
Where is a good site to post my scripts?
Do i have to sing in Theater Arts? In high school?
Where can I find/buy human-size hamster ball at a store?
How do you get started with an acting career?
Can anyone comment on my play?
What is a director's/writer's term for a space off stage that actors can refer to, but the audience can't see?
Plays based off of Folklore or Fairy Tales?
i got the lead & now im nervous?
Does anyone have advice for a struggling teenage actress???
Good non-contemporary song for a musical theatre audition?
Whats a comedic monologue to auditioning with for Domina from a funny thing happened?
Going to audition for guys and dolls but can't sing!!?
College for drama major and portfolio/picture questions?
Bush 'Death' Film: Placing a Target on the President?
i'm wondering about the carol's monologue in kennedy's children. i would like the whole monologue. how long is
Hamlet-6 most important moment in Act 1&2?
where can I find listed auditions for the Hudson, Ohio area for theatre?
Is a phone sex operator really in the adult industry or is it acting or?
I really want to be an actor. Acting tips?
Please help! I need your play suggestions!! Any really good, meaningful ones?
Are putting on MTI show free if you don't sell tickets?
how to get started with acting? I'm 15 is it too late to start?
How can I find auditions for commercials without an agent?
High school musical audtion for Gabriella help!?
Do some actors enjoy doing sex scenes?
Romeo and Juliet literary Terms Act I:?
Anyone know where I can get a soundtrack from 1976 All Night Strut production that was at the Cleve Playhouse?
Which Are Good Pick Up Lines ?
Where can I get the original play script of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit?
Is craiglist a safe place to find talent gigs?
What is a good fundraiser play?
Which name fits best for an actress/singer?
will the modeling agency care if I have braces?
acting exercises to do alone?
If I would like to stage a "Peter Pan" play, where do I seek the approval seeing that its copyright?
Is there anywhere in the world where sexual acts are performed on stage?
I love acting so so so so much and I want an agent 13 year old girl?
How can I "act" like someone's aunt?
thinking about joining twitter for theatrical purposes. Should I go by my first and last name?
Does anyone know the name of the island in Shakespeare's "The Tempest"?
Does anyone have and idea for a skit/little play?
What are some modern comedic plays with simple sets and costumes?
Writing a new play...need some suggestions for the title?
How do I find an honorable manager for my acting career?
What is a good price for GOOD headshots?
Disney channel audition?
Questions about the first actor?
What are some cute love plays?
i want to cheiq sri lankan film & tele star rajitha rodrigo ones?
A question about Super Man?
Does anyone know a good talent agency?
how do you become a famous singer and actor in a small town?
give me 3 gerunds relating to actor?
how to contact fabulous flash cast?
Where can I find the high school version of Rent?
Whats a good stage name for me!!?!?!?!?!?!! help?
does anyone know a nice play that could be played in school !?
Beginning Acting for a 14 yr old?
Whats a good female Shakespeare monologue that can be cut between 17-20 lines ?
Jason Statham can only play one role?
is there any stuff that you put in your eyes to make yourself cry?
how far is floor d seats from the stage at the palace of auburn hills?
City college or csu? For acting?
Anyone see "click"?
Teenage monologue from a published play?
I need a funny teacher-student skit for teacher's day?
What is a good role play forum?
From the musical A New Brain. Anyone know how I can get hold of "whenever I dream" sheet music?
anyone a romeo and juliet expert?
how to stay calm while presenting a project?
Where can I find an online copy of the script for "The Good Docter" by Neil Simon?
please please help me?
Want to try acting, very insecure and scared out of my wits though?
Oliver the musical? Not RACEST?
How Can I Be Funny In A Drama (Play) ?
Have you ever seen "The Fantasticks"?
where can i get a copy of the Disney 'high school musical' script???
Question on Acting Age???
Do you have to be a good dancer or take dancing lessons to be an actor?
If i want to become an actor what should i do?
Whats a good musical that has alot of women in it?
looking for a monologue to do on my exam? what do u think is the best thing to do?
How can I stop smiling and be in control of my facial expressions?
Favorite Musical/Opera?
What actions do Marullus and Flavius take to correct the situation? (Caesar, Act I, Scene I)?
I go to a performing arts school in Tampa FL and I do plays so can I put that on my resume to be on tv?
Does anyone know who holds the rights to the 1973 Galt Macdermot musical "Via Galactica"?
Is acting worth the hard work?
I want to act, but where should i start?
what is street theatre?
who thinks that nicole n paris friendship are over for good?
How to contact Wlt Disney Studios so I can try and get voice acting jobs with them??????????
Where can a student find cheap theater tickets in London?
I'm goin on Stage?
what are the lyrics to hi ho the seven dwarfs song?
How can I because a young actress at 15?
does anyone know if once on this island musical have swears in it?
Need a stage name.. Help?
I'm looking for an acting role, Do you know where I can find an audition in a BLOCKBUSTER?
How can I get an accent?
What GCSE's should i choose to be an actor?
broadway musicals???
what's a good drama camp?
Did you get your SAG eligibility by just doing non-speaking background work....if so how?
School play ideas?!?!?
Should I move to LA or NYC to pursue Acting.?
Advice for my school play?
skins series 5 auditions?
I need a good idea for a horror movie?
How could i become famous?
What do u guys think about ..............?
What exactly is a movie or theater producer's job?
For my resume headshots how should i wear my hair?
If you were an actor.....?
Good musical audition song for 14-year-old boy?
Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just me?
do u like high school musical or hate it and why?
How to kick off your acting career at 18?
Good Secret for High School?
In the play Othello, what crimes did Iago commit?
Acting schools teaching different techniques?
Why are females most often portrayed as the lonely character?
What squeaked in Act one scene one in the play cherry orchard by antov chekhov?
theatre superstitions and traditions?
I am lokking for web sites for booking agents, models?
A full synopsis of 'The Venetian Twins' by Goldoni?
Do you agree that any woman can become a model, but she needs personality to become an actress?
I need help!!!!!:[[[[[please:]?
what are expected for future demand for actors?
Where can I find modeling or acting gigs?? I am having a hard time finding work?
I want to become an actress?
How do you know when you are ready for auditions ? (ACTING)?
How do I get and acting job in England?
any good foreing films translated of subtituled suggestions?
Does anyone has the analyzed script of Brutus,from Julius Caesar?
What are some tips on going to my first show on broadway?
Birthday gift for a friend?
From High School Musical who is your fav charachter?
Acting part?
How to teach a simple acting class?
Who's Dorkier??? Penny or Gertrude?
what does it take to becoming an actor?
Is this really all you have to do ?
Damn Yankees question?
What song is this? Played on America's got talent and Grey Anatomy.?
what is a good audition song for pirates of penzance?
I need a quick way to ease my stage fright nerves before tonight!?
I have an interview for an acting agency, teeth are a problem?!?!?
how can i play slender?
when was the wizard of oz colorized?
Political monoloques, HELP!!?
exactly when "first Harry potter film" filming started ?
i went to an audition and did terrible!!! i feel so embarassed....? PLEASE ANSWER?
Which actor's headshot would you pick to send to agents?
what should I start first?
Best acting agencies for a baby?
what is a screentest for filmakers?
My Daughter is looking for drama opportunities?
Who are some shy actors?
Monica's monologue about being a ********* in Maids of honor by Joan Casademont?
what is the term for the following type of plays...?
Belle from beauty and the beast musical?
How Do Aspiring Actors Get To Audition If They Have No Exp Or Related Degrees?
Actors when portraying a character, what is likely to happen after it ends?
When I turn 18 I want 2 be a model/actor, I want ur honest opinion?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
What is your favorite Shakespearean quote? (besides "To be or not to be")?
Do you think an American could be the Doctor on Doctor Who?
Drama School Personal Statement Help?
Whats your dream? only for the "teenagers"?
Thoughts on my dialogue?
Can Anyone Translate This Shakespearean Insult?
Is it easy to get an audition in LA if you're only there for a few days?
Did Francis Bacon ever accuse Shakespeare of ignoring conventional play structure of the time?
What can I preform for an audition?
Is it just the black and white film or did Joseph Cotten have African American heritage?
help me find a monolgue PLEASE!!!?
Please help me find the name of this play?
Only serious answers, please!?
i need help with a play?
Legit casting call websites? ?
becoming a move extra?
Well I be a good singer and guitar player?
I need to do a performed presentation and I am having so much trouble finding a good piece of lit. Any ideas?
who is the best music director in india... people told that nowadays ARR... but i cant accept..?
Can anyone help with a crazy monologue? ?
Will "Avenue Q" come to the West Coast?
What are some colleges that have a good acting/theater program? Especially in IL.?
What were the staging and production practices for Molier's play, Tartuffe when it was first done?
Is that all i need to do to become a disney star?
Audition for a musical. What song and/or comedic monolgue?
I need the name of a great acting workshop in Austin Tx.?
i need a short and funny skit and it should focus on diversity in india?
teach me how to write love letter too my lover?
What are good ideas for a talent show?
Why do mimes use gestures?
RENT fans: what do you think of my schools production of RENT? (video)?
Talent Show sword fight help!?
my theater teacher said this to me, is that good?
Has anyone seen the broadway show WICKED?
are indians succesful as an actors in hollywood or disney in USA???
hey I'm doing a drama peace and need to cry during it. how?
Is High School Musical 3 Going to be in thaters?
talent monologue for a beauty pageant?
Why are amateur actors trying to bring me down and make me feel bad?
Es cierto que Samara Morgan es intérpretada por Daveigh Chase???
who looks better louda cris or ti?
Any good managers ? ?
Theatre financing? Any ideas how to proceed with getting financing for a musical stageplay?
what is the "ocular proof" that convinces othello to have cassio killed and to murder desdemona himself?
What's the best way to go from Toronto Theatre Actor to Hollywood Film Actor?
How Should I Become Famous ?
I need a five minute long true story to present to my drama class?
Do film professionals really care about fi core status?
oklahoma! where is the oklahoma theater production located?
In serious need of acting advice?
Which London Musical (current) is the best?
Why is Theatre and Theater sometimes spelled differently?
i need a one minute monologue that is about a nostalgic woman, glamorous past but wants a new life?
Commedia and Tartuffe similarities?
Name for drama piece?
What are some ways I can take on a acting career from a small town in Illinois?
what is the oprera that "Susurrando il venticello" from?
What is the best way to audition?
songs best for girls like me with husky voices....pllsss...?
Who were some of Shakespeare's rivals during his lifetime?
Acting coaches in NYC?
If you could have any part in a musical what would you choose?
Im auditioning for a scholarship for college, what are some of the bet monologues?
How do perfomrers in musicals manage to keep up the energy every night?
are there audition in kansas city mo for a toddler and not modeling?
How much do West End performers (London) get paid?
How is there nemesis in the play Macbeth?
does anyone know anything about Trilogy talent?
Where can I raise 30,000 pounds to take a play to the Edinburgh Festival?
Picking a good season of shows for a community theater?
Career choice - What should I be? Director or Animation Director?
What are some good Broadway shows that men would enjoy?
The Curse of Macbeth?
Where would I find a Theatre summer camp for children in the U.K?
Looking for TV Auditions!!!!!?
Have you ever acted in a movie?
I really want to try out acting, but how?
Anyone know a proper name for a girl character?
What does brutus allow Antony to do after Caesar's death which cassius believes are mistakes?
info please on the first stop theatre company appearing at the Edinburgh festival fringe?
Is Drama School a waste of time for Actors?
I need opinions!!!?
Has anyone ordered from Playbooks Inc.?
How do I write a scene change in a one act play?
im 13 and heading to do my options. wanna be an actor or a snooker player wat shall i choose?
Whose theatre program is better: Clark Atlanta University or Spelman College?
Are actresses/actors paid less for non-speaking roles?
Monologue ideas for National Youth Theatre?
You Be The Director!?
tragedy example in romeo and juliet?
Should i Continue to build an acting career? PLEASE?!?
Dracula The Musical? help?
King Creon of Thebes declared that Answer Eteocles will be given a funeral and full honors while Polyneices?
does this mean she is not considering me for a lead? PLEASE HELP!!!?
What is a good modern straight play that takes place in the renaissance time period?
how can you find a good trustworthy acting agent?
What can you put...?
I'm steamed up, are you?
Your experience as a theatre family?
acting for the first time?
People say it's impossible to become a famous actor/actress?
Romeo and Juliet questions?
How can I make my voice lower?
are their any good tapes that can teach me how to become a good actress?
when you et and agent and go for auditions...?
Is having an all black or any minority cast rasict?
The King and I, Pirates of Penzance, or Fiddler on the Roof for a HS musical?
In Waiting for Godot, what are the characters waiting for?
Does anyone have the script to "Don't dress for dinner"?
Do you think I could be a good singer even without knowing how to do the "voco vibrato"?
How do you get acting agents?
Anybody know a good song for auditions?
how to get into.....?
Snow White Audition Song Ideas?
My parents don't support my dream to become an actress?:( please could i have advice from adults?
How do I become famous?
Is it that difficult to become an Actor?
Where should I move in England to learn acting and work?
What's your opinion of Saoirse Ronan?
Would you cut 10 years off your life to become famous?
How do you get an acting agent? ?
I want to be an actress when i'm older (i'm 14 now). However, i'm shy!!!!!?
What are some good sad , happy, mad (fighting going on) songs?
A few good men monologue - Video Included?
Do you think its possible(Look back in anger, John Osborne)?
What was your favorite Broadway Play?
How likely is it to become a screenwriter?
Stage Name?
I really wanna learn how to play the acustic but I have no help ?!?
I need a scene from a musical between two females, suggestions?
What type of headshot are essential for uk. I mean colour or b/w, size, full body, face only?
I am a British Citizen living in Ireland, if I want to pursue an acting career...?
Does anyone know about Chronicles of Narnia auditions in Indiana?
SERIOUS help on English script/play!!! Expertise help needed?
what was brecht's main aim in creating his theatre?
How am I supposed to act?
What are some examples of Method Actors in Hollywood? Non-Method Actors?
What is the quicker way of becoming a famous model?
Is Barbizon Modeling Agency a Scam?
Is it too late for me to start an acting career?
Who played Johnny Hooker in "The Sting" .?
how could you laugh when you are bored?
how long would it take me to become an actress?
how can i find a pretty woman with pretty feet ready to play dead role?
What is the monologue called?
How can I become a teenage actor?
What are good websites to help me pursue my acting dream?
I'm a beginning actor?
where can u find the high school musical script?
monolouge cruel intentions?
name of a musical with letters c d e f h i m n o o s s t u u?
Good dayjobs for actors?
Disney channel auditions and area?
How can I boost my chances of becoming an actress?
How is Romeo and Juliet, similar to Shrek, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast?
Costuming Question about Clergy?
i had a bet with my friend that Anthony Hopkins was the first to play Hannibal Lector on screen?
Does your high school make you pay to be in a play or musical?
how do i make myself cry on a drama scene?
The adblity of writers to completely identify with their characters is?
whats more humorous: high comedy or low comedy?
What are the qualifications to get an acting/singing agent?
modelling agency???????????????????????????????
Where can i find free duet acting scripts from plays?
need critical reviews on the play "Arts and the man" by Geroge Bernard Shaw?
What are my chances with acting?
Shakespeare Emoting?
How to become an actor?
WHAT ever happened to DRAMA?
Is character acting what directors are looking for when deciding to cast?
is wanting fame a bad thing?
how can I get involved in acting in Ireland?
What does "I don't pop my cork for every man I see" mean?
Could I use a Comic Monologue for Audition A Christmas Carol?
Where can I find the text of a Neil Simon play?
I want to become an actress but my mom wants me to get a college degree first, what do I do?
How long does it take to become a director?
hows my 8 year old son become an actor?
Just a thought on the life of acting?
Casablancas founded elite model management?
where i can download new arabic film?
what style of dance is best for theatre?
Where can I find out how many registered drama school graduates are currently working?
What are some good qualities of romeo in romeo and juliet?
How difficult is the music in the musical "Forever Plaid"?
Where do celebrities post their casting calls for music video's?
Need Audition Song!!?
I've no idea about acying but want to learn how to do I?
what are some of the best acting agencies?
"Et tu Brute"? were the words spoken by which Shakespearan character?
I am 14 and I dream of acting on TV stations like Disney Channel -- help?
how did taylor fry become ana actor?
where are seats 64 and 66 in the berkeley community theatre.?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 15?
Information on auditioning for pastorini bosby?
I need some help with this character?
Which film version of "Death of a Salesman" the most faithful to the play?
Is it an unrealistic fantasy to want to become an actress?
i want to become actor in movies what type of acting class i should join?
What is a good way to get over stage fright?
question about acting/being rejected?
Help with special skills part of acting resumé...?
i want a movie producer. where do i start? should i go to a school for that major?
about the movie SEVEN?
How to become an actor?
Witch molding agency, should I contact if I want to be on one of the "clique series" books?
Juliet- romeo and juliet-w.shakespeare?
Im am the lead in the play in an hour. How do i control my nervous shaking enough to keep my voice strong?
Could someone please explain the plot of "Cats" the musical to me?
the play at school?
Characters in Shakespeare's play that were of color?
HELP! Does anyone have any 30 second monologues about a 12 year old girls parents getting a divorce?
What is the best and worst mocie of all time and why?
4-6 Minute Monologue for female??
Wanna be a rockstar?
what is another word for musical ending?
I'm working in a haunted house this october and want more tips for my character?
Who plays the lead role in bengali zee tv serial RANI KAHINI?
Best acting colleges?
i got accepted into a site model agency on face book do i get paid?
Give an excellent title to my Short Film. . .?
auditions for a musical?
Anyone seen the movie Black Dahlia, if so is it a good movie?
Is this a scam or real?
im an actress but this scene is too awkword!!?
Is a phone sex operator really in the adult industry or is it acting or?
Thesis for Sophocles' Antigone?
What do u think about high school musical 2?
find scripts for free? curious savage?
I'm 12 and from Texas i want to be an actress how can i get an agent?
how do you hear your own voice?
What is the fee for Brightstars performing arts academy in Sydney Australia?
Some questions about monolouges?
Does anyone know how I can make myself cry while acting out some scene?
what does an actor do in films?
i need help finding a monologe. plz help?
Should I take on this many parts at once?
iz their gonna b a high school musical 3?
Is AMDA a scam of a school? or is it worth the money the school is asking for? Can I get a real job after AMDA?
who among you kwow the story about The Dangerous Liaisons?
I want to be an actress but don't know where to start!?
a speech or monolouge for drama???? due tomorrow please HELP????!!!????!?
are actors and/or acting looked at as worthless?
some more help?
name the movies in which Kajul dies?
Whats a good way to memorise lines for a play ?
Colleges in southern califronia that have a great (BFA) theater program?
How can I act with out moving to LA, more detailed question fromt he other one?
Film Promotions?
Who is Vivian in the Musical State fair?
Good Los Angeles acting classes?
is traque talent agency a scam?
how do i find an actor from spain,jose corodado?
talent show?
What is the easiest way to memorize a monologue?
How can I send my portfolio (or whatever it's called) to the casting directors?
Talent Show! Help Please!?
I need helping picking out a song for the talent show!?
what is a good audition song for a naive character?
How do I get into acting?
How many stamps required for mailing headshot envelope?
Do you consider boys into theatre gay or weird?
Give me the owner of the choc factory in Charlie and the choc factory, also how many golden tickets issued?
I need to write a 10 minute play where a character has a switch in point of view. any ideas? please! :)?
Glee or High School Musical?
Where are the biographies of this year's nominees for director?
good, comical, light-hearted monologues?
Does anyone have a link to a good female monologue?
Should i pick Romeo or Juliet.?
Does anyone know where the play Macbeth is playing soon ?
Does anyone else here love musical theatre?
In a theatre, is there any special name for the room directly underneath the stage?
How should i get a modelling job?
Charlie and the Chocolate factory West End Auditions?
How do you pick your headshot?
what are the foil characters in the play ANTIGONE?
what story do you think if you would like to present a play? can you give me some idea or title of the play?
Who would you pick? HELP?
I'm 13 am i too old to learn how to play piano?
What should I write about myself for a casting agency?
Acting Demos and Agents in the industry?
would u rather go to a musical or a play?
Is there a single act in any of Shakespeare's plays that can stand alone?
Where can i find a Christine Daee costume?
how do i get on tv and im 14 years old?
A Theatre In Warrington?
monologue on celebrities??
how can i start my acting carrier in usa as i'm indian?
Where can I find a full show of Wicked?
i would like to see images of costumes from the play 'our country's good' by timberlake wertenbaker?
What is the title of that play (a Pinter play maybe?)?
"Et tu Brute"? were the words spoken by which Shakespearan character?
What is a good monologue to use for an audition for 'Bye Bye Birdie!'?
talent agents in Singapore?
Do you have to dress up to attend a comedy club?
I remember hearing on the radio right around 1990 that an actor wanted to marry his childhood sweetheart?
why do you like acting?
what are some reasons why acting is fun ?! in a list?
Voice projection tips?
Will going to college help my acting career?
How do you make monkey noises??
all bollywood actress figure size?
Any ideas for auditioning for the Pajama Game?
Should I prepare a monologue?
humans void of emotion?
macbeth question. help?
Christmas gift for aspiring actress?
What part did you play in your school play?
Mistakes at a recital?
Need to advertise for my school play? NEED IDEAS!?
Does anyone know what this monologue is from? I can't find it anywhere.?
Who do you believe is MacBeth's greatest influence in his downfall?
What are some of the most famous quotes you have heard in a movie?
I need characteristcs from the renissnace period that will fit the 12 days of chritmas song?
what should my casting resume contain?
high school musical-?
I'm an aspiring dancer and actress. I need some auditions!!!?
Whats a good audition song for Hello Dolly?
help from famous people any1?
a talent agencie wants my social security number?
Any ideas for a talent show for inner city youth?
Scenes from plays 2 men 1 woman?
when will be the next auditions for kyunki?
Would you like to act in James Bond movie, what role would you like to play ?
Jamaica Script available.?
have to devise a play about tower hamlets-bit of a ghetto small area in england london?
Acting issues :[?
How to make it in Broadway?
Please help i need drama!?
What is the study: theatrology?
What's the best way to conquer stage frights?
Who is the youngest person to win an oscar for best actress in a leading role?
Id like to become an actor one day anyone know how i might be able to make it happpen?
What should I do to get Carman?
what do i need to start a acting career?
How many dramas William Shakespeare has written?
Are there any actors who haven't got a drama degree?
How can I get an agent so I could audition for We Will Rock You the musical?
Any experience?? Macbeth?
Who are the most famous 19th century playwrights?
What did you think of the Flavor of Love 2 reunion Show?
Why would someone assume I wouldn't know about Abbott & Costello's "Who's on first?" routine?
musical fun?
What were the top 10 movies in 1968 and 1969?
I realy want to start acting where can I get cheap lessons?
I need an idea for a play...?
English questions on Antigone.?
Cating Calls for Apple or other..please read?
How do you play The Star Spangled Banner on the trumpet?
What did Arthur Miller think of Mordecai Gorelik?
What would be a good seen from "Othello" to act out for a class?
Plays about a motherless boy/man?
Steps to take to become a model/actor?
what level of acting am i considered at?
Elizabethan theatre covers plays written where, and between what years?
if you live in or are from Paris!!!?
Is the Wizard Of Oz a one act play?
If you made good grades in school, would you still consider going into the acting business?
does it hurt to get your braces taken off, and wat does the orthodontist do?
i ealy want to try out for disney aduitions but i dont know how can some one help me
i want to become a model but i am so shy . what should i do?
How do continuity mistakes in movies and TV shows actually occur?
What should I wear to an acting school audition?
If you had the choice, would you see Avenue Q or Rent?
Tips on auditioning for Eponine on Les Mis West End?
I need a good eye catching line for my big brother audition?
Should i play hard to get?
where can i go to get a free acting class in south jersey?
Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2?
Auditions for Disney Channel! Please!? ?
The Phrase,"sacrificing one's self on the alter of the present....."?
how can i sell my film ideas ?
who played the first Greta Von Amburg on Days of Our lives?
is 16 a good age to audition for Julie in Saturday's warrior?
what is a great one-act play?
How can i articulate and enunciate when I am acting?
how do you memorize lines for a play? HELP!?
Do you think???
Books about theater life?
What key scene from Hamlet would b good for an Art Based project?
beggining acting and modeling?
Im 13 and I'd like to start taking acting lessons..?
Really need help with finding a monologue - 10 STARS!!! ...?
Which play is Shakespeare's best, in your opinion?
Trying To Change 2 Lines From Tonight Tonight For Talent Show. Any Ideas?
i want to buy the rights of the play oliver twist?
Agents for unexperienced 14 year old actors/actresses?
Tiger Lilly's solo?
Starting a Community Theater?
I need a funny modern monologue or funny modern play for a 19 year old boy?
I've got madger talent....!?
What are some actors who hate seeing themselves onscreen?
Where to study drama in London?
kk people i just wanted to know how old Romeo and Juliet were?
How do i become a bollywood actor ?
Lead Characters in Little Women?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe suitable for a 13 yr-old girl ?
career on the rise?
Good (Musical Theatre) audition songs from before 1960?
who used to read out plays before acting???????????
How to look and act like Audrey Hepburn?
Who out there likes High School Musical 1 and 2?!?!?
Disney auditions information?
If you are an actor who wants to model, what are the best resources to get started?
Which one is which? This is for those who know acting:)?
Once on This Island! Who should really get Daniel? Andrea or Ti Moune?
I'm bashful girl but I really wanted to go for acting. Any advice please...?
what play should i read?
What is the best way...?
actress. how to become one?
Film Acting! Please Help!?
which ex Southampton star wrote a book called man on the run ?????
Help!! How do I convince my Uncle and Aunt to let me live with them in NYC ?!?
Auditions and legitimate casting agencies in the uk?
acting advice for later in life?
In what Neil Simon (or other Playwrights) plays will I find good audition monologues for a Teenage girl?
I want to start a gladiator school work out and training reenactment group any ideas on how to start all this?
Can I please have?
Needing someone for help/ideas for a tv show?
I am a beginner in musical theater, do you have any helpful tips?
what are some great acting tip for beging actrees and what are great tips for read a script?
How to punish my 16 year old daughter for swearing in her theatre play?
Acting classes,schools or anything to do with acting?
Is Wicked on Broadway better then the West End version?
Romeo & Juliet is based on what Babylonian story?
drama and theatre - help before uni!?
When Romeo sees Juliet at the masked ball, he?
The five reasons to take up acting as a career?
Best way to present a monolauge?
How to become an actor in Hollywood?
I have this amazing idea for a movie tell me what you think?
What's your favourite stage musical?
where is pans labyrinth playing ? is it playing in massachusetts?
Did all film actors start in plays?
i want to be an actress butt....?
Staten Island community theatre?
How to get the part in a play.?
How are actors, whether in movies or especially on stage, able to memorize all those lines. I don't get it-I
dasanti talents chicago?
I am still looking for pantomime Dames! Do you think you are?
Does MTV email back everyone that emails them about auditioning?
I'm thinking of auditioning for meat in wwry, any tips?
What is your favorite current Broadway show?
Probably really stupid questions, but Is the UK production of Les Miserables in English?
Does anyone know what actor plays crazy jackson on that show you gotta see this?
How Can i get into Character when trying to perform my Monolgue?
What is hot for high school theatre this fall? In other words, what are the hot plays for fall?
Should I double major in nursing and theatre?
How tall do u have to be to play Annie in the musical?
Does the Ghost of Banquo serve as MacBeth's conscience? Is that why MacBeth is nuts in the Banquet scence?
Where can I watch High School Musical 3?
Why do you want to be an actress/actor?
What was the time period that Shakespeare wrote in?
Are there any broadway auditions coming up?
High school play/ musical?
HELP!! AMAZING female monologues!!!???!!!?
scared about an audition :(?
what does extra matinees mean when discussing a musical show?
Do you need experience to audition for iPOP?
can a foreigner become a hollywood actor?? 10 points!?
Ideas for play I have to write for school?
Advantages of a revolving stage in theatre?
I need help finding a school to act in?
Is Casting Elite Models a scam?
i'm a sport management major, but i want to take an acting class during college. will I be allowed to do this
Is orchestra row LL seats 405 and 406 close to the stage(nokia theater) ?
What plays have non romantic ingenues?
Have you experienced a delicious irony?
Does anyone have some funny skits meant for teenage humor about a pregnant girlfriend for a boy and a girl?
Besides Fiddler on the Roof, are there any mainstream Jewish musicals?
I want to know the September 2006 calendar of events at the herodes atticus odeon in Athens?
voice acting in melbourne?
What style of music was used in Annie the musical(1977)?
Which character has a bigger role in Seussical Jr.? Mr. Mayor or The Grinch?
This is a propostioin hear?
Hamlet Act 3 Help?
Good first impression with auditioner?
What can I do to overcome my stagefright?
how can i be a famous hollywood actor if im not livin in the u.s?
Can anyone suggest a good male monologue from pre 1890 about 60 seconds in length?
Is it better to go to a drama school or uni?
I really want to become a singer and actress! I'm great and so how do i do it??
why does celebreties have babies these days ????????
what are the main themes in billy Elliot and how they been translated onto the stage?
Thoughts on my monologue?
What was the theme music to the Thames tv series "Palfrey" of Westminster". Was it something by Bach?
If you were a clown, what name would you give yourself?
does anyone anyone ligit at all knows where de high school musical 2 auditions r being held?
How to ace my audition?
What is your Favorite Musical?
I need a one act play!!! Help!!?
does anyone know a good romance manga?
I am trying to locate dates and venues in british (suburbs, not London) for 2011?
What is the reason for reading a script over 100 times?
What websites can I get free and "legitimate" casting calls/ audition notices for the New York area?
How should i dress to portray the Phantom from the Phantom of the Opera?
If I go to the US on a B1 visa and audition , what will happen if i get the role?
What are good musical theater songs for low alto voices?
Are there any legitimate child acting/modeling agencies in NYC?
Is there any advice for a teenager who wants to voice act?
Romeo and Juliet Act 1 help.?
How do i get started in acting or singing?
what movie is good on a topic of leadership? please help asap?
What is the best way to get Oprah to give you something valuable?
What's the best technique when cold reading?
What happens if an actor spoils the ending?
What personalities should these characters have?
Does anyone know anything about Don Quinn that wrote a play version of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe?
Help to get rid of my anxiety?? Calling everyone: especially acting fanatics!?
SM Entertainment Acting Requirements?
Wicked Movie Information.......?
whos in love zack efron?
Help - How to tell my MOM.?
I need an idea for my next stage play. Any suggestions?
How can I become an actor?
I went to barbizon and iam not modeling yet what can i do?
What can I expect at a high school play audition?
romeo and juliet; more?
Tyler perry plays and cast members?
macbeth act iii?
HELP........I have a question.....?
Who is the best online retailer for cd's and dvd's etc:? And Why?
What play should we do? (10 points!)?
for what reason is macbeth killed?
How much do acting classes cost and do you have to pay to have an agent?
2 reasons to hold something over your head?
Anybody know who this guy is?
Songs for musical at school.?
Do cities still have musical trends?
hamlet help!?
What is secular drama?
Ideas for where (or from whom) a powerful witch obtains pieces of jewelry? ie: festivals/other magical people?
pooing myself on stage ??? xx :)?
I want to get in acting any suggestions or help would be appreciated thank you.?
Question for all you piano players/actors/actresses?
That spectacle I must attend in London?
What outfit is good to audition for a play?
school play. help!!!!?
Getting into acting???
Any Auditions Coming to Nebraska!?
I need help on my acting career?
grease, or hairspray?
Should I play Slender?
Does anyone know of any sad/dramatic teen/kid monolouges?
What are some good memorizing tips? I have to memorize a verse for a church thing but I need some good tips!?
I need a 20 line monologue by Shakespeare for my theater class?
What was your favourite musical as a child?
Where can I find cheap acting classes near Cheifland Fl.?
Who is the most dislikable character of The Glass Menagerie?
Where can I find an old fashioned costume for The Music Man?
what do i do now if i want to study theater in college?!?
What is some ideas for merchandise?
Who plays?
A Raisin in the Sun Set Design?
skit ideas?
Cross Dressing in Renaissance Theater?
Please suggest me the best acting school in India which doesnt cost a lot of money?
What are the conventions of melodrama?
what are some good acting class places in tampa?
Who was a theory teacher?
Do I need to get an agent or a acting class first?
What is the MGM slogan?
quote: my dogs eat nuts too?
how do indian movies misinterpret fact?
Does anyone know anyway that i can learn 50+ lines in a play with in 1 day?
whats the best way to cope w/ not getting a role in a musical?
Can someone find/write me a monologue about this:?
how to be have fat?
Where can I get the 13 script?
A good Shakespearean actor or not? You tell me.?
Will the Band Muse be coming to oklahoma at all?
How can I get into an acting career?
Help, Acting career? I am looking into becoming an actress.?
I got 5 minutes to perform an act which presents some basic info of the musical Sweeney Todd. Ideas?
Need help finding an acting agency!?
Cating Calls for Apple or other..please read?
Do guys like girls who play the piano?
Currently, I am in the process of staging an original spoken word stage production with?
Where is a place I could find a monologue for an 10-13 year old child from a play and or musical?
Do you think Pakistanis are allowed to be on Indian Idol?
Is it possible to start acting at 17?
tips for kissing on stage?
which is better mamma mia , or high school musical?
I need a few good plays for young people to act out.?
Into the woods audition tips?
Do you have to pay to go to an audition?
Does anyone know where I can find 2 scripts by Harold Pinter?
Am I right for acting?
What's the difference between color and black/white headshots? smiling and serious?
Should I go to college or try to make it in LA?
Good Monologues for Drama tryouts?
What is a good way to control your nerves before and while on stage?
What show to audition for?
i would like to try acting and possibly get a career in it but i have a disadvantage?
How do you get an acting agent in Sydney if you don't have much or any previous experience? Thanks?
Is "Long As I'm Here With You" from Millie a good audition song?
I am 14 and want to audition for Baby Louise in Gypsy?
In Romeo and Juliet....does Lady Capulet...?
How will i recover from this embarrassment?
Any good tips to fake a good cry?
Can anyone learn to sing well?
which is the best collage for acting ?
I want to become an actress on Disney Channel. Do you think I should go for an audition?
how long does it take to get a NY performing permit in the mail?
Do you think my dream will come true, i wont to become an actor.?
where should i go to get my headshots done?
What is Don Vito Corleone's real name?
What are my chances of being famous?
I really want to meet George lucas what should i do?
How do i become famous?
best answer gets 40 points?
Is there any website of well known Indian Author late Mr. P. L. Deshpande?
is the phantom of the opera coming to San Diego any time soon?
Can you start an acting career at 33 and have femme fatale roles?
what is the operah winfery show?
who wrote the play 'School For Spinsters' and was it a comedy? It was written before 1952. Many thanks
I'm a guy and need a pop 80's song for footloose audition?