how to become a writer? How to write? How does one become a true writer?...?
I have a good question , Do you have any good tips on how to be an actor and what to be aware of?
How and where to find agencies that represent cameramen?
Audrey Hepburn or Megan Fox ? ?
How to be funny while acting?
Help for improving singing voice?
How do you get in a movie?
In its a Wonderful Life, what was Clarence's original profession?
How does one go about starting an acting career?
Audition songs please help?
What Shakespeare play has the line?
do you know of any colleges where i could major in nursing and minor in musical theatre?
Where is Laura Bell Bundy going after her contract Ends with Legally Blonde The Musical???
Pros and cons of actors & actresses taking on controversial movie roles?
Do you have to be experienced to be an extra?
What do you think of Woody Allen?
Monologue help needed please!!?
What's your favorite movie ever??
acting classes??????????????????
does anyone know how i can watch full length episodes of disney channel shows?
Does anyone know how big of a role Frankie plays in the musical 42nd Street?
I need a monologue that's sad funny and angry?
What colleges are good for acting?
How does one get a job as a film set decorator?
Are there more blonde or brunette roles in the theatre world?
Ever seen a bway show using STUDENT RUSH?
RENT musical question (Mimi's death)?
I need the names of some famous plays...?
My school is doing Into the woods!?
in to kill a mockingbird how would you contrasts aunt alexandra to atticus?
where can i get a permit for my 13 daughter, so she can go to work?
what was the name of the famous theatre that william shakespeare and his acting company performed in?
How do I audition for Broadway? Do I need and Agent? Do they take Newbies?
Should I Include This In My Resume?
Does anyone here know the professional format of an theater/acting resume?
please name some good acting schools in kolkata?
High School Musical 2?
Renaissance newcast?
Has Anyone seen the play "fiddler on the roof"?
Should I take an acting class?
my mom doesn't agree with wat i wanna be when i grow up. what should i do?
what play should me and my 4 friends do ?
How could I learn lines for a play easily?
How do you read a script?
How do people become famous, when they are normal people that have no conections with famous people?
Titanic: my own musical?
Les Miserables School Edition Age Limit?
where can i buy a DVD of "The Mackintosh Man" starring Paul Newman?
I've been selected to play a "hippie" in our Xmas play. Any ideas on how my costume should look?
Does anyone know the name of this play?
short synopsis of as you like it?
musical audition song help!?!!?
Is acting an inborn talent? Please help me with this.?
Can you audition more than once for University Theatre...?
How do I apply/what steps to be part of a theatre company and do tours in London?
Child extra agencies?
Scripts for a movie ideas?
What are some majors available for someone who wants to be in theater, but not necessarilly acting?
Does anyone know if the 'Stranger on a Train' play script follows the book or the movie?
Where can I find Open Casting Auditions in Massachusetts?
Are there any non-singing roles in the musical "Lil' Abner"?
What is this AVN awards?
Good ways to remember a speech by heart and not to get nervous?
Murder Mystery Party???
Do you know the Addresses for fan mail actors/actresess on Broadway?
Who challenged who??
Can any one help?
what should i change my name to?
What would poison represent in a play/theatrical performance?
Literature..The Cantebury Tales?
favorite romeo and juliet quotes?
Where can I get footage of Carrie: The Musical in Stratford?
How much was Johhny Depps salary for Sweeney Todd?
If Susan Boyle was young and attractive.....?
how do you get an acting agent?? in the dc area?
what chacater can i be for my drama lesson tomorrow?
I have been given an audition piece to perform for entry onto a drama course?
what does Friar Laurence encourage Capulet to do after discovering Juliet's death?
is 16 a good age to audition for Julie in Saturday's warrior?
Props for a school play?
I'm a 13 year old boy and when I sing mu voice only on high pitch tho i had alot of auditions for disney?
What is the main thesis in Aristophanes play "The Frogs"?
What is a good costume for a Civil War play?
How to become Famous?
Do you have to be tall to play the queen of hearts in Alice and Wonderland?
im auditioning for the school play tomorrow..?
What is your favorite musical?
Why did I become a musician?
What's a good monologue I can do?
how do i get actors/actresses?
Know of any auditions in my local area or a good website to help?
What songs are good for an audition for a musical?
please help me find this word concerning gesture of an actor/actress?
Can you help with more songs?
I need help on the play The Crucible. Act one Scene One.?
How can I act like Timothy from "The Cay"?
what is a S-VHS?
Are there any acting jobs upcoming in Illinois?
What are the best versions of these songs from Les Mis?
what's the most popular movie?
List the similarities/connections how between starwars Luke skywaker and the king Arthur from the play ?
if you were pick actresses for the parts Goneril, Regan and Cordelia, who would you pick?
Are there good scripts on the internet for skits or something?
Macbeth?? HELP 10 POINTS!!!?
hi there are there any places in movies any1 needs a 12 year old for like in england or abu dhabi or somethin?
y do people always sing but cant sing and they no they cant and if u dont like this ? o well ugly people?
What are good acting agents or clubs I can join in or by southampton?
What are the differences between these terms?
Omg I am so nervous I am going to audition for disney channel .. etc..?
How can I begin acting? Or be a paid extra without going to agencies?
Does anyone know where I can find the sex scene and the scene right after in Romeo & Juliet? (1968 version)?
how do you become a 'creature' extra in films and TV?
What exactly is stage fright?
What are some themes for the movie "Ever After" starring Drew Barrymore?
Beginner sax songs using A, B,G, C, and/or D?
Is this a good stage name?
A question about types of degrees from acting/drama in UK?
I want to get into acting. But how?
where can i find embassies of pakistan?
Carmen musical fans. What is the name of this Aria?
Im looking for a flim but i dont know the title?
Starting a Career in the Acting Biz..
Is 15 too old to take acting classes and try to pursue a career?
How to make myself cry?
Live action role-play (LARP)?
Who was the first person who created the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar?
Private Acting Lessons?
Is Collins from Rent a Baritone ?
Who played Adolf Hitler during WW2?
i am scared?
do you like high school musical 2 the songs?
What do you think of this monologue.?
Martin Guerre (Musical)??
Plays and script writing: is there a formal term for a pantomime...?
Am I the most irritating person?
Who's your favorite actor and actress?
What ‘70s drama series opened with a scientist promising, “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him”?
Where can I see a traditional British pantomime in the US? (Or something very similar.)?
Is My Brothers Idea Better?
How can i memorize lines for a play quick????
how much time is needed in playing a part in a play?
what is the name of the town in Sicily where Al Pacino married his first wife Appolonia?
Should i do this audition?
New Joseph?
need help with improvising for drama class?
what to do while waiting for a cast list?
HELP!? Whats the name of this pornstar?
Theatre Questions? WHO CAN TELL?
Why did Tybalt kill Mercutio?
Can you recommend a favorite monologue audition piece for female in early twenties?
Is the part for Urleen in Footloose a good part?
has anyone read Macbeth?
How can i submit my pics to movie casting without going thru the crazy online stuff?
Am I on the right path to becoming an actor?
i want to be an actress on disney channel but i dont know if i can because i am already 14 please help.?
Tips for first time acting audition?
why do you you have to PAY for ProScout? agents say NEVER PAY FOR UPFRONT $. so why do they want $700?
what are the features of theatre/drama?
What would you do??
I want to be in a talent show.......................?
Are you for or against the existence of theatres nowadays? Why?
Rocky Horror show, has anyone been without dressing up?
has anyone seen honk?
what is the importance of Banquos speech with macbeth and the witches that give macbeth the prophesy?
What form is "March of the Royal Siamese Children" in The King and I?
Is acting and Fame the same thing or not??
I need a acting agents so who would I call for that ?
How can I cry onstage?
how to give a speach for english teacher to the audience ?
Where to put workshop/showcases on acting resume?
Rate my acting please and thank you?
I have a rehearsal on Friday night but there's a party I really want to go to. What's a good excuse I can use?
how much do soap opera stars make a year?
discrimination in othello?
where do i go to sign up for modeling / or tv shows / singing?
do you have to go to colloage to be an actress?
Where can I find the ORGINAL Dreamgirls stage play at?
Script and Characters?
How do I memorize lines quickly?
What is age appropriate for the show "Once Upon a Time"?
6+mins hilarious monologue?
Oklahoma the musical, Jud Fry?
Father of the Bride play script??
is tess a good character in the play crazy for you?
Ideas Please?
im looking for help on information to start acting because i dont know where to begin.?
Is theater the thing for me?
Does anyone think acting is really all that difficult?
What do you think of Eminem writing a new musical with Andrew Lloyd Webber?
Do you know any good, Acting camps for teenagers?
Musical In Your High School?
not being called...?
which show has the most emmy nominations, west wing, friends, mash or mary tyler moore show?
learn lines?
In Tartuffe?
How can I get into some acting?
I am a 14 year old girl, who really wants to be a singer/actress but how do I do that?
What should i wear to the Cirque du Soleil delirium show?
where can i find the script for A Cinderella Story?
Does anyone know a website that has broadway auditions/ modeling agencies for kids?
Is this what I'm supposed to do? 10points!?
Does anyone know of any opera tragedies?
Cosi fan arrangement?
How Much Does A Tony Awards Ticket Cost?
a revised updated shakespeare..sacrilage abomination or just sensible?
Does anyone know any free Tv or movie auditions?
Hello! I really want to be an little actress like Xyriel Manabat. How can i be? Please help me.?
What country does this person appear to be from?
Did eugene get trough to semi finals Britains got talent?
Beat acting agents - uk?
Do you think Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter, is making a mistake by acting in "Equus"
Does anyone think acting is really all that difficult?
What do you think?
does anyone going to see High School Musical 3 Senior year thsi friday?
What do you think of my actress video?
Auditioning for Sweeney Todd, what should I sing?
Film school/career help please?
I am Marion, an amateur model. I would like a stage name which sounds sexy but not trashy... any suggestions?
important question peoples!?
I need a good one-act comedy for highschool competition.?
How to pursue my acting career?
Shakespeare's play.. Taming of the Shrew..?
I really badly want to be famous.?
i am in a play where i must have a british accent, i need some ideas on where to go to learn?
how to get a boy to like you?
Can anyone name plays or musicals from other countries?
wicked stage door help????
what is a godd acting school i london?
who said it : life is but a stage and every man but an actor:?
I just got the part of Mayzie in Seussical Jr and have some questions.?
Acting Career Question?
About Johnny Depp acting,Which movie do you like more of Johnny?
What's the best way to start memorizing lines for a play?
What plot could I use for a 12 minute play on stage involving the 6 cluedo charcters?
Help about Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"?
How can I be an extra in a movie?
good acting schools for teens in los angeles?
can anyone help me find a song which fits with this scene?
What dialect should I use auditioning for the play "You Can't Take It with You"?
where can i get script for play?
Any advice on how to cry on stage?
I want to be a film acting coach, what do I need to major in during college?
Considering the incident with Mel Gibson this week will it effect your decision to watch his movies?
link for the William Gongereve's play( Love For Love)?
I need a stage name!?
Are there any other actresses with stories similar to Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe?
Play opens in two days and i just found out i suck, help!!!?
what is the easiest way to memorize lines from a play?
Doe's anyone like Charley off Big Brother?
anyone have any good female monolouges for a 15 year old?
Could I put this on my acting resume? please comment?
How can i copy someones body?
Whos a better actress hallie berry or Kate Hudson.?
How can I easily find info on auditions for specific shows?
How do you get work as an extra in Tennessee?
A midsummer nights dream! project idea/help?
I need some netball tips>?
What monologue piece should i do for my pageant talent?
who are the actors for the movie of mice and men the newest version?
Is there a new Three Amigos movie in the works?
The Sound of Music VS The Trapp Family Singers?
How do I become a more popular musician?
Do you think I would be passionate about acting?
SM youth audition video file?
what are the uses of "DRAMATIC PAUSE" in a play?
How do I choose a perfect monologue for an audition?
Do you think Jean Reno and Liam Neeson acting styles are same?
The best acting agenies in the UK for teens?
In your opinion, who is a very talented male actor and why?
whats the difference between a producer and a director?
Which play is Shakespeare's best, in your opinion?
Should I make a "follow-up call" to an agency after I send them my resume?
would it be appropiate to take a 10 year old to see Monty Python's Spamalot?
Anyone know who Eric kunze and Gina De Luca are??
How to make a good impression for a school musical?
some tips to help make yourself cry during a monologue/scene please?
i need song writing tips?!?
what act in macbeth best depict humanism?
Blood Brothers play :)?
AMP TALENT a good agency?i have an interview,what should i wear/makeup? what should i expect?
where could I get a screenplay/script for George Orwell's 1984?
What is the point of Musical Theatre International?
famous french actress in the gilded age?
What are good talent agencies in colorado?
What characters are there in the play Charlotte's Web?
who's the character(s) is responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death and why?
Can an Indian become an actor in Hollywood if he got enough skills to go to Hollywood ?
how can i get an acting job?
What Should I Wear To My Acting Class?
Antigone, the murdering and sleeping of/with parents.?
How to enter bollywood from assam as an actor and i don have any contacts pls tell me?
i need help with an audition!?
how to be in a commercial?
Is there going to be a fourth High School Musical?
What are some acting agents in VA?
Teen acting! How do I get there?
What is speakability and stageability in theatre? My textbook is so vague.?
How old should you be to audition for a role on Disney Channel?!?
who ever watch the treathre -phantoms of the opera ?Please share your opinion here?
do animals get paid for doing films?
Do you have to be pretty to be an actress?
How can I become an actress, when im only 13?
i need an idea for a panamine skecth?
Please please help with acting?
does anyone know how i can get a disney audition??????plz?
I have an audition for a musical on tuesday and im starting to get a soar throat!!!?
Who's Excited About Sweeney Todd?!?
How could I become a Disney/Nickelodeon actor?
How to know if I have potential to be a good/successful actress ?
I'm 16 & have want to act/perform, but i've had no acting/singing training, does this matter and is it to late
Need Help W/ Research!!?
What are good acting scenes with deaf people or asl in them?
I plan on moving to LA to be actress, any suggestions on good acting classes/studios?
PLEASE HELP! I need 2 contemporary monologues!?
Do you think that the fact that Romeo killed himself, proved that he truly loved Juliet?
how to act like you dont care?
Patsy Rodenburg Voice Seminar?
a script for movie/play idea?
What are some musical theatre alto songs that require a strong belt?
What is the funniest one-act play you have ever seen?
Uni to become an actress?
aspiring actress after high school?
How do I become famous at 14?
Audtion Outfit?
How Do I Improve My Singing Voice?
Musical Theatre audition help!?
if i got the lead in the Hs Musical and im only a freshman and i have 2 kiss a junior.... do u think thatz wro
is wanting fame a bad thing?
Do you think i should go to drama school?
Where can I find a monologue to play someone sexy?
How do i get into voice acting, In edmonton,alberta,canada ?
How do you prefer to spell theatre? theater or theatre?
beauty and the beast musical?
I want to be an actress but parents don't really agree?
High school theater: lights or sound!?
Should you go on an audition if you already had one that you haven't heard from yet?
Do u like the movie Greese or High school musical better??????
Algebraaaaaaa? I need helllpp?
do I really need A Levels to be an actor?
Do you know where any auditions for Disney channel dancing/acting extras are in Dallas?
how to make characters of 'inammorati' from comedy del arte interesting and not neutral?
What is Stanley Kubrick's view of world and humanity as expressed in his films?
Disney/Nickelodeon Audition Info?
If I wanna watch a Broadway show for the second time?
Looking to go to an acting angency looking for representation, what should I come prepared with?
Information about Queen Latifah?
Updated guess this musical!?
Find examples of 5 writing partnerships?
where can i find acting audition in st.louis,mo?
drama and acting? Easy 10 points. Please help!!!!?
im going to the pheonix theatre in london to watch blood brothers,do you have to dress up or can u go casual?
getting into acting?
One-Act Plays for 5-6 women?
How to play the hollyoaks theme tune on keyboard?
I live near Reading but cannot find cinema showing Pans Labyrinth, where is it showing?
How to be an actor. 10 POINTS!!?
how would i write a story about Cody Martin off of the Suite life of zach and cody?
i need to write a soap opera for my theater class i need help (see detail) ?
I want to study Musical Theatre, where should I apply?
Do u have Daniel Radcliffe's E-mail? When is his birthday?Plzz...!?
A Streetcar named Desire dived in eleven scenes?
What Play Is This? Any Help Would Be Great!?
is 13 too late to be a child actress?
How do I fake cry for acting besides thinking of something sad?
if you want to submit an original play for a`contest is it a good idea generally to give a short description?
is this a unique stage name?
i need a funnny scene for me and my drama partner. its 2 girls please help me?
Please help me.. Do i want to become an actor or is it my brain playing with me...?
I wann Be Sharpay Evans? (For A School Play)?
How can I watch the play Frankenstein?
PLEASE Help! How to start a play scene?
How do you find auditions for movies and commercials?
How does drama help you learn about yourself, and others? I just need some ideas.?
What color and type of flowers is the proper gift for a leading actress or actor in a live theatre production?
10 POINTS! What song should i sing for my school play audition?
How does the theme of ambition surface in the text of Macbeth?
I am taking a drama Gcse and for our final piece, we need to perform a 25minute play on change?
I have NEVER stage kissed before and I am nervous.?
i need help finding a monolouge for college auditions.?
I need a monologue!!!?
What are musicians who play for money at subways called?
where can you find open castings?
what are the two locations in Romeo and Juliet?
Where can I find a summary for Wagner's Die Kindermörderin?
is romeo and juliet true?
Our Town Cast Questions?
Is there a site for modeling and acting?
Are you a cultural snob?
Who should I audition for in my school's production?
why is it that my space called drama?
I'm 14 and haven't chosen drama as a gcse, can I still be an actor? And if so, how?
What is a good acting/drama school for someone 11 years old?
hey im annie and im 13 i really need your help?
what are some really good tips for a singing audition?
Is D&A Talent Agency a scam?
Wicked - The book or the musical?
Do you think putting your talents onto YouTube cheapens you as an actor?
does really a good site to get into modeling and acting?
what's a good way to get over being shy when you're acting or doing improv?
What universities in the midwest offer a musical theatre program?
a summery of two gentlemen of Verona, reasonably lengthy?
Are the annie auditions still going on?
Does anyone know of some talent agencies?
I need a good audition piece!?
i need a 3-6 min monologue urgently, please help?
American Idol audition. Help please!?
Am I Pretty Enough To Be A Model/Actress?
when does production begin? and where?
Taylor Swift or Lady GaGa?
how do i get into acting? I'm 13 and i would like to get into acting such as on like Disney channel?
Talent Agencies in The Greater Cincinnati Area?
how do i become a modle in ohio?
i am playing a part where i am supposed to be on shrooms. How should i act?
scene names for the letter s?
How can I find a talent agent in the UK???
What are some different careers I can look into having to do with movie production?
How can i become an actress in Hollywood?
Audition song for the Sound of Music?
How do i get around the sing-ey bits in ophelia’s monologue?
taming of the shrew help!!!!!!?
Doesn't this date it?
Which musical................?
How do you cry on cue?
Does anyone know of an excellent broadway play that is playing in late December of 2006?
Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare most powerful dialogue. Help please?
Talent SHow?
Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat?
Does anyone know funny characters to parody?
Is IPAC a well known agency?
which one in better? Alpacino or Robert deniero?
Auditioning for Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors?
proscout and model search nyc r they legite?
What is a good song to audition for a school play with?
Hey i was wondering if anyone knows of a way i could learn an southern accent?
Does anyone know of some fake parody names of big movies changed to western?
Who are the main characters of Romeo and Juliet?
What's your favorite musical?
When is one direction ever gonna play in pa?
Where are good acting schools in New Jersey?
I want to be a Ventriloquist, help?
legally blonde or hairspray?
How do I find a producer to get a reality and comedy show i am working on, but where do i go for the next step
How to become an preteen actress? (10 points)?
Is the main actor in avatar the same actor in man on a ledge?
Who do u guys think is more beautiful; Linsay Lohan or Hally Berry?
I cant find it on piano! Please help?
Witch steps do you gotta take to get into acting ?
Why doesn't Tyler Perry's enormous talent as a writer translate to TV?
well, i was wondering if any body knows who Erin capello is?
Any good ideas for a 5-10 minute play?
How to become an actress w/ a lot of experience?
phantom of the opera monkey music box SF? from play or movie?
what are the best movies have u watched during 2005?
What do you think about Johnny Depp?
plzzzzzz can any giude me plzz to contact the british actress polly walker?
Does someone know if Cabaret is also a play?
should i go?
What song should I sing for my school play?
i need a modern but yet a well known/popular monologue?
where can i find auditions for movie roles in houston texas?
Where can I get the script for broadway musical Beauty and the Beast?
What are the characters from the musical The Wiz?
Can I get sponsors for my acting career?
Contemporary or Classical?
Do I still have a chance of becoming an actress?
Is it true you cant bring Cameras to the Twilight Talent Tour?
Good monologues for male teen?
how to become popular?
Anybody know of good scripts?
How can I create a convincing scream of pain or agony on stage?
explanation on Hollywood management?
Does anyone have any ideas for a costume for my school musical?
i have a gift card for amc theater will it work at regal?
Acting help please answer best answer gets 10 points ?
I want to see Zach Efron in person and become his girlfriend and sing with him.?
Could someone please give me some good dramatic monologues for a teen age girl?
is there a website that tells you about shakespeare's hairstyles and fashions in that time period?
Little Shop of Horrors audition?? Help!?
Do you need to know how to sing in order to be an actress?
How do I write a scene change in a one act play?
anybody play an musical instrument?
which movie that you're waiting for?
What Should Our Play Be About? ANSWER FAST!?
whats a talent agency in toronto that isnt a scam?
Translation/analysis of Ophelia's monologue from Hamlet?
Actor friendly temp agencies in Manhattan?
Acting advice for university?
I'm having trouble finding a contemporary monologue.?
URGENT! ANSWER ASAP! Would Little Shop of Horrors be considered post 80's?
how did miley cyrus start acting?
In the play macbeth by shakespeare, how does Banquo foil (underscore the characteristics) macbeth? ?
tips for memorizing stuff?
Famous restoration comedy plays?
Should I be in the musical I am not interested in or wait for the one that I want to be in?
do you pay every modeling agency before you join?
need help with Macbeth!?
Please Watch This Monologue?
How do i become a teenager like the ones from icarly and victorious i'm 16?
is derek jacobi still the "daddy"?
acting disadvantages?
Does any one know anything about dazzling stars Talent agency in baltimore, Maryland?
which college has the most well balanced drama/acting program?
Is it a bad idea to audition with a song FROM the musical you are auditioning for?
Is Geoge Lopez the father of Mario Lopez?
I would like to learn British accent ,could you help me and suggest some cartoon(such as Mr Incridable) )?
How can I find Private voice lessons?
Who heard about a Russian actor who killed on the stage while playing his role in a play ??
Hi im 16 1/2 and i was wonder if acting would be right for me? where would i apply and other questions...?
what make up do the actresses do?
Central Ca Acting School?! Please?
What time and channel is the CMA awards?
Where can i find a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that is currently playing?
Should i try to become an actor?
i wanna to be a actor but i m a bit shy...?
Are there any requirements to be an extra in a movie? And if it's simply looks, would I fit the part? (pic)?
Good Audition Song for 'Aladdin'?
Could I be Dorothy from wizard of oz?
how can I learn filmmaking, with no money?
What is M.A.S.H they play about?
Please suggest a name for my new theatre company?
does SAG operate in the united kingdom?
I need help starting an acting career?
Who is a good acting coach?
do u know any acting agent in atlanta?
Proscout, model & talent search..?
is there any plays that a pre teen could be in in michigan?
How long can I expect this musical to be?
Do you guys know what the names are of Hannah Montana's backround dancers?
Where do I find the 'Find me' Monologue from the play by Olwen Wymark ?
A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Where is the Devil Wears Prada on tonight?
Do you think that Dan Radcliffe's .......?
The theatre overall impression ?? PLX?
Did Victoria Principal really play in Adult movies before she was famous?
any recreational drama/theatre groups in melbourne (australia) ?
What are the duties of a designer in theatre?
Auditions in New England?
Lady Macbeth Analysis: I,5,45-61?
whre can i get friendship?
What are the reasons of the poor quality of the Kazakhstani cinematography?
Phantom of the Opera: Team Erik or Team Raoul?
How old do I look?
What music is good to play in a nursing home?
What are some Broadway/Musical songs with..?
haw you filing ?
do i look pretty enough to become an actress?
How to tell parents I want to pursue a carrer in acting/music while still at a young age?
is the Cambridge CSVPA program in association with RADA the best drama course?
How does Duncan view Macbeth?
Is their any theater scenes for 3 women, that we can Audion with?
Would anyone know of a Good 1 min monolouge that is a Comedy.. It can be from a movie or even a play ..!?
Question on Talent Show!?
Need a play (3m, 2f)?
Who is your favorite movie actor?
Movie Trivia?????
I want to become an actress?
Where can I find the lyrics for the song "five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes"?
I want to be an actor.. but !?
Please help me?
Who knows about the play "Arms and the man" by Gorge Bernard Shaw?
I need a monologue about a women that loves to kill?
School appropriate jazz musicals?
which place is best for cinema study?
Physical appearance in application for a talent agency?
What 50's song should I sing for my Grease audition?
Is jrp (john robert powers) acting/modeling a scam?
i would like to know what kind of resume an actors agent needs in the they also need a cover letter and?
Do I have model/actor potential?
Where can I get the Rent the musical soundtrack from the 1998 version?
Acting "Black"?
School hours at The Neighborhood Playhouse?
Is there any skills or tips on memorizing lines?
(Funny Girl Musical) Fanny Brice costume?
how do I go about selling a genuine signed photograph of Charlie Chaplin?
How would I get to hollywood?
Looking to get into acting: LA acting schools? What "type" would you cast me?
question about theatre?
should i put me doing different monologues on youtube??? 10 POINTS!! PLEASE HELP!?
What kind of attire would a very successful woman director wear?
actors/ actresses similiar to Charlie Chaplin?
Are there any auditions for new moon? if so, where, when, and for which roles?
what songs do the whos sing in the musical seussical?
Any actors out there?
will i have to move away to become an actress?
If an Actor lost there movie contact wold there career end?
where to go for auditions for acting?
what schools do people go to to become illusionists and learn magic?
how do you find a real manegment company for acting?
Could I still get this role in a musical?
Ideas for a Pilot plot?
what is the lady in red monolouge from colored girls?
Should I put on a zombie costume and stagger around the cemetery?
princess mononoke, monologues for auditions?
How does applying the theories of Russian formalism, semiotics and structuralism to a play, Oedipus the King,?
what are good acting companies in the seattle area?
Audition song for West Side Story?
Funny Monologue for an audition?
What did the witches brew in macbeth do?
I Have a Question For Anyone that'll Answer?
Has anyone here taken acting classes from a John Robert Powers school?
is there any macbeth movie that shows the acts and scenes?
lyric help!?
Good acting studios in NYC?
HELP! Humorous and Dramatic monologue?
Please Read!!!!! URGENT!!!?
Does anyone take Theatre Arts/Drama in school, and if so, do you know anything about "Lost In Yonkers" play?
Is this monologue appropriate for college BA Theatre Audition?
How to I make sure my audition goes well enough to get a good role?
Summer theater camp...a few questions! Help!?
How much do eastenders actors get paid?
how do i become a actor?
Monologue for marty from grease?
If I Were In Charge of The World Poem?
how think u about iranian actors (cinema) ... do u watch iranian artistic films?
Should I take orchestra or theatre?
im looking to start modelling, how can i find an agent? i live in edmonton, AB. and im 15...?
What is the best way to fake faint?
What instruments can you play?
I want to be a disney channel actress....any advise??!!?
Nudity in Bollywood?
A Very Potter Musical?
What is a good Monty Python sketch for an on stage performance?
are there any colleges in the uk with screen acting courses?
After SM, JYP auditions?
How do I get a casting agency's attention?
Acting agent In the UK?
i have a reputable acting manager and am i allowed to do this.....?
i want to be an actress butt....?
What should an actor in my predicament do?
acting agencies/schools in north-central OH?..?
Can someone please walk me through how difficult it is to break into the acting industry?
Hello all!Does anybody know if the actor Rowan Atkinson teaches in any act school or college?
Talent Show Gotta Have A Gimmick song?
How much does it usually cost for a youth theatre company to license a show for eight performances?
who said "a man is a measure of all things"?
Admiration ANY IDEAS ? help ?
How can some people do excellent impersonations of others, vocally, while others do not?
How does drama reflect the phases of life?
Does anyone know who actress this is?
What do you think ? Does the name of Laura Ashley sounds good ??
How to get started in acting in Miami?
I really want to be an actress, but i have no confidence and im so scared of looking stupid?
Looking for a monologue?
How do i get into WAAPA?
Is it true that Shakespeare was born on his birthday?
How can you practice acting at home?
I need a snobby somewhat conniving or manipulative monologue, help please?
where can i find help on writing my own cabaret show?
Are you required to bring anything to a movie audition?
What is you favourite movie?
Drama School Application? Submitting a Photo?
question about modeling and acting???? Please Help!!?
has anyone heard of high school sucks the musical on youtube?
how to talk like a dumb blonde and like act like one? DOING A PLAY?
What are some majors available for someone who wants to be in theater, but not necessarilly acting?
How can i get into the Bollywood acting industry?
How much does it cost to mail a headshot and resume by standard U.S. mail?
Where can i watch high school musical 3 online?
Shallow short film plot?
I was wondering how I could bring music to school for a talent show audition?
how to contact an U.S.A agent from India for an disney audition..?
real or fake tears ?
Oklahoma musical question?
What do you think about John Robert Power modeling agency?
how do i memiorize lines?
do you think an actor is a professional liar? or talent with Art?
how to make a new girlfriend just in an hour?
Who likes "West Side Story"?
Acting on Disney Channel?
anyone know of any legit talent agencies in toronto?
can u give me the url of the site where i can get the sound of traffic horns,sirens all in total commontion?
Am I too short to play Bari Saxophone?
Duo Speech.?
im 14 and hes 16 and we are kinda famous?
Can you give me a list of songs out of grease the musical?
did u like the flim"a wednessday,"? ?
Play called "Caught In The Act"?
which one of these makes a good play?
does anybody know where i can get the song for you dont come out of thin air without the voice off of aladdin.
Audition Song Emergency!!! Need Help Now!!!! Read Details!!!?
Who is Cyril Chaib?
who thinks that nicole n paris friendship are over for good?
Modeling interview! Help!?
What is (in your opinion) the best college to major in theatrical arts?
How do I become an actor?
Are Rent and/or Avenue Q good?
how big a part is Gavroche is the play "Les Miserables"?
how do u get a acting agent?
does anyone know where my user name came from?
Macbeth (Shakespeare) HELP!!?
what is a good gift to give to a actor on opening night?
Song for Upper Soprano, from a musical?
Which musical is your favourite and why?
Anywhere know how to get karaoke music for the muscial Ordinary Days?
Does anyone know any good agencies for acting in NJ?
Should I audition for this play?
Is adelaides lament cliche for an audition song.?
How do I become a talent agent?
What are some songs that relate to specific acts in the play "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller?
in romeo and Juliet overture what does the clef symbol in the viola part mean?
Could anyone tell me who wrote "The handle came Orf in me Hand".. performed by a woman as a Housemaid
How can I get into the Porn industry without doing gay?
Were there any other movie-to-broadway-to-movies like Hairspray?
How would i show the development of the plot in macbeth in a diagram or chart?
i have to do a 30 second skit for school! i need ideas & its due tuesday! please help!!?
Can someone tell me how they do this trick? Check out the video.?
looking for people in the chicago area who like to see shakespeare plays, in chicago & spring green, wisconsin
Where In The U.S. is there a Small Town With A Lot Of Woods?
Where can i rent a pornstar?
can u interpret the painting of mona lisa by leonardo da vinci?
How to get an accent?
Could I be an actor at 17?
What are some good audition songs for alto range voices?
I need help finding local modeling agencies etc for my daughter in maryland.?
Can I read Shakespeares' "King Lear" online?
Grease or High School Musical?
I am 28 yrs old and want to change my life. is it too late to take up acting?
Help with confidence in acting?
Will a talent agency open a submission enveloppe from a different country?
Any christian writers out there to colaborate with?
what's the origin of the drama?
how much is one actor's (Or actress) lines altogether usually?
Why are actors called "thespians"?
romeo and juliet songs?
julius caesar drama class Xth?
i have seen many sex scene they look natural pl tell me do actor and actress really make sex before camera?
if you become famous?
Can you learn to be a good actor?
Easy 10 points!!! Ideas needed!?
what is the difference between comedy and tragedy?
How do I get an agent for voice acting?
do u want to be a actor/singer on disney channel?
What is the first step in becoming an actor?
What are the vocal ranges of the female charactors in Sweeney Todd?
best way to get into the acting/modling industry?
Teen Monologues For Teen Boys !?
Which would you rather see on broadway?
Can someone give me some August Wilson monologues...?
Modeling or Acting Agencies in the USA?
Why does Rapunzel go insane in Into the Woods?
What Musical Instrument Do You Play.?
can a shy person do acting?
how did the workers treat the 2nd class people with dinner?
In what play would your characters name be Justice Brandise?
acting agency/representation question?
Acting help.........?
do you think?
Quiz!!!! based on singin' in the rain musical
Hollywood is attempting to make another updated version of the play Romeo & Juliet.?
I've got ideas--more? I am 13.?
Acting classes or Drama School?
What crimes does Macbeth commit through Fear?
How can I get a script I've written into the hands of a producer?
shakespeare 'much ado about nothing'?
Antigone: quote needed please!!!!!?
what is musical theatre?
Can someone give me lyrics for "Popular"?
What types of theatre are there?
My fair lady (musical) HELP!?
How to become an actress in Delaware?
How to avoid blushing?
Can you please give me some characters?
where do i go to get a talent agent?
I want to write a play that will be 70 minutes long. How do I gauge how much dialogue to write for 70m?
So i live in a small town and want to become famous..?
Screaming in horror without hurting my voice. Can anybody help me with this?
Is there a website that has auditions in the DFW area?
What plays do you think every aspiring actor should be familiar with?
where can i watch 13 the musical online for free?
Where can I find the instrumental to "Positive" from Legally Blonde the Musical?
what some examples of love as a creation of violence in the play of romeo and juliet?
In the theatre show "Avenue Q" do the puppeteers provide the voices or do they come from off stage?
list all the ironies from the play arms and the man?
halloween costume...?
I'm 13, should I put my parents' phone numbers and emails on my acting resume, or my own?
in Shakespeare's time - why didn't females play in plays?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
romeo and juliet?
Would you let your daughter be a television star?
I'm trying out for Sandy in Grease and I don't know what song to sing?
Who was responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death?
What is a resume and headshot in acting?
What would a good song for little mermaid jr Auditions?
what actor appeard on columbo the most ?
Am I too fat to be an actress?
Which one should I use for a headshot (pics included)? If any?
Are all Broadway Plays Musicals?
What is the difference between a Shakespearean actor and a normal Hollywood actor?
Can anyone describe the styles of comedy and tragedy in Greek theatre?
How do you become famous?
Least favorite male pornstar?
What happens with an acting agents ?
The Wiz audition song for 13 rear old?
Do you have any tips for fake crying?
what should i determin about my screen play CHARACTERS?
Which is your favorite Grease, HSM, Rent, Hairspray or West Side Story?
Is there a Drama School in America that is amazing, and really hard to get into?
I want to be an actress but....?
who is the best agency for acting and how do i get them to be my agent?
When should I make a resume and get a headshot? (please help!)?
Acting issues :[?
Where should I got to get headshots in St. Louis MO?
If Eponine was a flower? - Les Miserable?
Why aren't Shakespeare's characters Christian?
Would love to be an actor but don't know if its meant for me.?
Where is Row Q Mezz for August Wilson Theater in New York?
Does anyone know of any modern 1 woman plays?
should i take acting classes?
I am a 20 year old actor, and can't decide if I should move to NY or LA...?
I need this memorized by tomorrow?
who will the oscars?
whats your favorite musical???
What are some good mime scenarios to teach kids?
Romeo and Juliet question?!?!?
Classical and contemporary monologues for a 17 year old girl?
Tips for a Musical Audition?
macbeth finally realizes that the witches and apparitions?
What are good auditioning songs for a musical?
I want to be an actor?
Iago and Tarruffe how do they compare as villians?
I Live in Beckton, London and I am searching for a college that would have a Screen acting / Acting course.?
how can i become an actress?
Anybody good in memorization (for acting class) please read?
In A Midsummer Nights Dream, who is Hippolyta's Attendant?
Any suggestions for my school play?
what is the ideal age to start training for opera singing?
I want to be an actress, but I feel so stupid acting in front of my theatre class at school. What can I do?
Does anybody know casting calls for children and teenagers that are free and include a payment?
were can i find acting agents and acting auditions?
Playing Princess Jasmine?
I'm thinking about attending a Shakespeare staged reading. What is that like, never attended a staged reading
Talent Scout Or Scam Artist?
who was the Hollywood Palace card-holder girl?
I need actors for my the heck am I going to get them without being able to pay them?
what happen to titus?
How can I make myself cry?
testing testing 1 2 3?
Is it too late to get into acting?
Need a good song to audition for "Our Town"? Please Help?
How can I become an actress for disney?
How come highs chools arent fair wen it comes to audtions for plays and musicals?
Theatre directors, do you know this?
Where can I watch Shakespeare's plays online?
I need a song for an audition?
I would like to contact CESD for an interview but how do I do that?
I want a cool stage name can someone help? :)?
Have you ever heard of nosebleed seats? I f you have, what does it mean?
how do actors/actresses cry in movies?
What to include in a beginners acting resume?
what ever happened to dianna ross's wealthy husband is he still alive and the sons she gave him how are they.
Is it wrong to pursue acting because my role model is an actor?
I Need a Free Site to find a piece I can try out for a musical with?
does anyone know of any good acting agents in or near cape cod?
Should I invite acting agents to my school play?
What are some renowned acting agencies that hire international talents?
k im really confsed... did the teen choice awards 2011 already happen?
Acting classes in Birmingham, AL?
Im doing a project and i have to be interveiwed to become an actor what would be some good questions to ask?
In a theatre, is there any special name for the room directly underneath the stage?
I'm 34 and female am I too old to become an actor? r there any actors out there who started later in life?.
What is the definition of rhetorical theater?
Your thoughts on Malena?
What Are Your Opinions On Becoming A Young Actress And Traveling To America In Order To Do So?
I am looking to write a movie script or edit footage of a film for someone free of charge!!!!!!!!!!!!?
plays for a high school? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is there a movie theatres in woodbury common?
My first audition and i don't know what to sing!?
i will give you 10 points. do u no where i can act in. . . . .?
when i sign with an agent should there be a registration fee?
I want to be famous! Please HELP!?
Where to get a viola in Poughkeepsie?
Rent the musical?
i'm wondering about the carol's monologue in kennedy's children. i would like the whole monologue. how long is
Has anyone ever been to Barter Theater in VA?
why is multi-role play used in drama?
Good Website for FREE Acting Monolouges?
Reactions to HSM2.?
did all the characters from the movie " wonderful wizard of Oz die?"?
les miserables coming to Detroit?
I need help with my play in school?
How can I become Famous?
please help me?! teacher or actress??
how do i apply for acting in twilight?
What do I need to do to become a voice actor?
How to play the piano in church?
Leave me alone, wonder and hope!?
I am in a play and i really hate my part?
Oedipus the king and Romeo and Juliet?
To all actors?
Cirque du Soleil?? I really want to go see it.. is it worth it?? how good is it??
Football factory soundtrack young zebadee scene?
how loves koga?
What does Bryce Anderson from Diary of a Wimpy Kid Say in Pig Latin?
Work entertainment permit now what?
where can i fond online recordings of jason robert brown's song for a new world PLEASE!!?
New York Film Academy - 1 Year vs 8 Weeks?
Are you full of it?
Do I have enough experience for Disney Channel?
How to become an actor in Hollywood if you're outside of the States?
Actor or ent. who was tryng to say merry chr?
What are the best audition songs for my vocal range?
What is a good commercial agency in Ca?
What is the best acting studio out of these?
Should I see Wicked the musical or Cabaret the musical?
Would you want to help write Battman* the musical?
Best actor: Hanks, Travolta or Deniro?
What star from hannah montana guest starred on highschool musical 2?
What does the quote "Hell is other people" from the play No Exit mean?
reliable websites for acting careers?
I need some creative ideas for my script?
i need to know where to find a drama play that has 36 parts for 16 boys and 16 girls.?
I am 14 years old and want to become a actress! Are there any auditions in England?
What goes into an actor's cover letter and CV?
Are there any Good monologues from "A Moon for the Misbegotten" ?
Who's The Best Arabic Voice Over Talent Actor ?
How long is a soliloquy??!!?
How can I become famous?
where and how can i get an agent for acting?
Who plays the singing boy in the beginning of Pirates of the Carribean 3?
Drama Class?
title for this play please?
Monologue help... please!?
Is it just the black and white film or did Joseph Cotten have African American heritage?
Audition Songs for an Alto?
Acting Schools in London?
Would this be funny for 8th graders to do @ a school talent show! i need your opinion!?
question about a part in annie jr?
I wanna become famous in 1 month?
am a actress but no one in school knows should i tell them?
Could you give me a LINK to "The Miranda Trap" written by Lori Lenninger?
Do you think that Shakespeare is a real person, someone else, a group of people...?
how many lines does Soleil from the Audition by Don Zolidis have?
Should aspiring actors delete their facebook?
I am auditioning for a theatre school and I need a song! Please help mee?
Any suggestions on theatre blocking? i need help desperately?
I'm looking for chase music for a chase sequence in a high school play...?
What is the historical imapact of the new Globe Theatre and its importance for today?
Can a sixth grader perform in an elementary talent show with their younger sibling?
Have you seen the movie, "The Nativity Story"?
What were Stanislavski's acting techniques?
whats the best audition song?
See braces in headshot?
What is the relationship between theatre and reality in a play like Twelfth Night?
I got tickets to Wicked seats EE9 &11 will we be able to see?
We need actors/actresses. Where do we find them for India?
Whats the difference between a struggling actor in Hollywood like say (myself) and one that gets roles?
Shakespeare play question?!?
I NEED SOme advice?
can someone help me????please????
What should I wear to Hobbit audition?
Headshot/Resumé & Agency Question. Please Help!!?
How to learn lines for a play?
why there is superstitions about Macbeth for Shakespeare?
I love singing and acting, but my confidence sucks..?
Any auditions in the Cleveland area?
I Need Help With My Character Sketches Please Help?
Is Mr. Zuckerman a decent part in Charlotte's Web?
Sick and need to heal Quick?
Guildhall school of music and drama, London?
What is your favorite Jodie Foster film?
I need to find a childrens Christmas play from 30 years ago - I think the name was The Innkeepers wife ???
I am performing in a play soon!!?
how do i audtion for a movie when i dont really have any experiance with acting?
Does anyone know where this is from??
High school PLAY ideas?
Really worried about my part in the play :(?
I would like to get my 7yr old son into acting and modeling where would I start??
what are the steps to emote?
How much does it cost to get in the theatre at River Oaks mall?
Advice on how to stand our at an audition for a school play?
how can i get a small part in a tv show or movie?
Do anyone have any information about Mike Evans of the Jeffersons that just died?
What happens to Othello throughout the play? Why do you think he is?
I'm audition for "Little Shop of Horrors" Thursday, June 10, 2010.. <3 (audition/monologue help plz)!!!?
I am to get work experience in January/February...?
Have you ever seen the play Wicked?
I need a skit or play in russian for my youth group. Christain themed.?
help i need a young chinese actress between the age af 10 and 12?
What song and monologue should I do for an audition?
Im Going to the Brodway play Wicked tonight. What should i wear!!!?
How come highs chools arent fair wen it comes to audtions for plays and musicals?
What can i do for my school talent quest i am in year 7?
Can u give me a list of songs for a play day at my elementary school?
Question to people who know about ancting an auditioning?
Good audition song for the Narrator in Into the Woods?