Any help with preforming foreign accents?
cartoons of nursery rhymes?
What are good sites that show how to do scene make up?
Is it possible to purchase tickets to 2 separate shows at the TKTS booth without having to get back in line?
What's a good acting college in australia?
What musicals might we be doing?
who likes the color yellow?
Which acting or modeling school is better Barbizon or John Roberts Powers?
What is a good Audition Song for Hairspray?
Los angeles acting agencies?
Does anyone know any site where we can get one-act comedy plays for school?
How can I start my acting career?
Should I give up on my dream of becoming an actress..or get a regular job?
How can I become a voice actor?
What is the Name of this song that comes out in Romeo And Juliet 1968?
can u help think of a drama storyline?
Help me with my dramatic structure! [Romeo and Juliet the play not the book]?
Lady GaGa General Admission?
if you answer this question i will bo sooooo grateful?
does miley cyrus have a real myspace and instant messenger?
what other play writes could you recommend for a BIG Arthur Miller fan?
~Costume Suggestions*~?
Where can I find the script/copy of the script of Sabina by Severino Montano?
I want to be an actress now and i mean now no excuses so how do i become an actress now and i mean now so how?
how can i appear confident??
Seen Wicked the Musical, what is your fave song?
looking for a theater for my first play need to find a place?
should i keep acting? need ur opinion?
What's a good play to do at a high school with a lot of girls?
What's the best way to conquer stage frights?
Where Do I Get Bugsy Malone Music Sheets to play on piano?
how can you make yourself not nervous on stage and over an audience?
does an agent help you find auditions or does a manger?
I need a movie monologue!!!!?
I want to become rich and famous fast s!!!!?
Im Scared To Show my talent?
What's your favorite hobbie and why?
Why not the people give bonus points for a best question like they give extra points for best answer?
If I put my play "Bongo love, the war years" on You Tube would I be able to get grant funding for production?
Is there any place in or near Niceville, Florida that I can take acting lessons?
good idea for talent show?
Hi I'm 19 and would like some help with getting involved with acting.?
Where is William Lamar Lovett?
need an idea for drama play?
I need a name for my play?
I need help on how to portray this theatrical roll?
I need an upbeat song from a musical for a very low alto!?
I want to become a professional actress?
play writing?
Voice of the common man in Macbeth?
i want to be a actor but dont know were to start?
What's in a name? That which we call a rose would smell as sweet.?
what is the difference between religious and secular theater?
what is your favorite musical?
is pirates 3 any good?
Lost a bet and I have to dress like a girl. She wants me to ask what you'd make me wear?
I'm 38 years old. How old is too old to start an acting career?
Is This True About Acting Industry?
what is the theme of the invention of hugo cabaret?
Could I be an actor at 17?
Does you know where i can get the sheet music of Any Dream Will Do?
poverty and illiteracy cause violence and insecurity?
I need an idea for a talent show (its mandatory).An its on monday.?
Best Acting School In Bombay?
does anyone know any good theatre colleges in Atlanta, Georgia?
How can i learn to cry on cue?
what is censorship?
What do you think of this film crew?
Does anybody know any REAL talent agencies in Virginia ? I'm setting my mind to get an acting agent(:?
Can playwrights download cash from the internet the way people download their work for free?
acting HIGH SCHOOLS in florida?
Macbeth English 20-1?
i want to be an actress but how??
What are you thinking about onstage?
How to cry on cue? For a live scene!?
Where can I find a costume?
How to become a wizard?
Tips for auditioning for drama class?
What is a good song with a lot of different musical instruments in it??
Requirements for becoming an actor?
if god u say choose any one,obtions mother & girlfriend, why?
Nose ring or lip ring?
which animal killed juliet&romeo?
In Shakespear's "Romeo & Juliet", How does Juliet act like a foil when around the Nurse?
Who is the youngest movie director/producer?
Describing macbeth's character in scene 1 ?
I need a song to sing for musical auditions.?
Help, I need an advice?
How does one meet a music/tv/movie celebrity?
What's a good way to get started in theatre?
Ideas for nativity play?
Where's a good website to get one acts?
My dream is to become an actor.?
Is this a good way to start my acting career?
Do the site, real or is it a scam?
I was approached for the new faces dc. is it a scam?
does Donny Osmond play a part in White And Nerdy?
HHN FLORIDA auditions, do i need to bring a monologue?
If you've seen the Lion King on stage, would you recommend?
How to look and act like Audrey Hepburn?
What is a good Christmas Show or Play in NYC?
Is Psycho Beach Party Appropriate?
Where are the best acting schools?
I need an agent for my disney channel auditions but I don't know who to call.HELP!!!?
what is a good song to audition for spring awakening with (female)?
Is there a sure-fire method to become a famous A-list actor?
there is a radio show in class and i have to present jokes in class. can u give me some good jokes?
Who would you cast as... ?
Where can I find legit acting audition websites?
16 Bars of Stepsisters' Lament? Help!?
I need a two-person scene for an audition!?
How do you get started acting?
I Am 16 And Would Like To Be An Actress How Should I Go About Doing This?
why do we have to go to school?
i have to give a speech to my english class... i have stage fright what is the best way to get over it in 2 da
how do movies use the arts to make them more interesting?
can anybody plz tell me abt the timings of South Delhi Polytechnic Commmercial Art Course?
How can I find an acting/modeling agent for my child?
How do I become famous?
i need a 2 minute monologue?
What to include on a demo reel?
How long can I expect this musical to be?
acting working papers?
What is a good source to read regarding language-based plays?
Can I still do a musical theatre degree?
Was Romeo a serial philanderer, who would have dumped Juliet as he did Rosaline, had they lived longer?
What happens in the musical Wicked?
what is the all time best musical theatre show you think there is?
What are some good 16 bar audition songs from the 1980's rock n' roll genre?
What plays/playwrights do you not have to pay royalties or get rights to do?
I need to write a monologue on lady macbeth, any idea's?
A question about Super Man?
In the Tragedy of Julius Caesar?
Is it tough to learn how to play the piano?
looking for ways to sign "I won't try!"?
i need help!!!!!!?
Theatre Major vs. Acting Classes?
What Shakespeare play has the line?
acting or modeling jobs??
what does the title anne of green gables mean?
What are some other good playwrights?
What are your favorite musicals?
Romeo and Juliet Help?
HELP! Humorous and Dramatic monologue?
Is it inappropriate to wear shirt, jeans and sneakers to a broadway show?
Who is the most hated celebrity in Hollywood?
Why are Disney Channel show so addicting to watch?
which version of lets stay together do you prefer?al greens or tina turners?
Help planning my masquerade ball sweet 16?
LA or NYC for Acting Career?
Suggestions for a good solo to stage?
Fiddler on the Roof costume ideas?
Hair dilemma for theatre audition?
I wanna start on an acting career but dont know the 1st place to begin?
Where can I find the script for "This Is Not Glandular" By Dan O'Neil?
Which headshot should I pick?
HELP Banned?
Any Good Broadway shows?
How do I 'cry' whilst singing on stage?
Is Come To Your Senses from Tick, Tick... Boom! a good choice to audition with for a part in Rent?
Help with Hamlet please?
What setting would be best for the Taming of the Shrew?
After attending the Margie Haber workshop can I hire an agent and go to auditions?
Can I ask for help for the unfair threatmen done by international organization?
IMDb actress credit help?
Help Me Project My Voice!?
My life time dream is to become an actor?
What is the modern day equivalent of 19th century girls who had to play piano for their family's entertainment?
Bush 'Death' Film: Placing a Target on the President?
Child modeling agencies?
Is the Chicago musical worth seeing on Broadway?
Writing a screenplay question?
I need a creepy, "Poe-esque", dramatic monologue!?
Is this the only black role in this musical?
What's your favorite musical?
Which is the Greatest love Story Movie you have Watched?
What would you do if you had a choice of going to The Making Of Harry Potter or Wizard of Oz The Musical?
What are the 10 top broadway shows?
Songs for an auditions? Please help!?
Does anyone know where I can get....?
must you be good looking to be an actor?
If given the chance to pursue acting, would you stick it all on the line and go for it, or stay in a more?
Rock Of Ages Musical?
Acting if you're willing to read and help. (preferably people with experience, and knowledge)?
How to get an acting commercial agent?
What's the best path to take to become an actor?
Romeo and Juliet?
who can give me a copy of the script of R'meo Luvs Dew-lhiett? please....?
Why do people have to behave so badly in theatres nowadays?
Legitimate Acting Agency?
Does anyone have any acting audition tips?
How to CRY on the SPOT?
I need help with "Elizabethan Drama", specially in "Hamlet"?
i want to get into acting sooo bad but i dont know any acting agencies i can trust. please help!!!?
will there be a high school musical 4?
Elvis at Christmas?
looking for biblical plays?
REAL PROBLEM help please?
How to act a nasty character?
10 POINTS: what is a dramatic convention?
Good soprano audition songs for: Oliver! and Once Upon a Mattress?
Ben Mitchell eastenders?
Where can I find legit acting casting calls websites?
Tartuffe play?
when will the tony awards air again? i missed them last sunday - thanks!?
When a casting director says "keep in touch", what does that mean?
BIH Studios.. is it worth it?
Can someone please explain the appeal of INTO THE WOODS to me?
how can i get an audition to be in a serial like gossip girl?
How hard is to become or be an actor? What are the pros/cons of being one?
Help - Looking for similar musical artists?
I want to be a teen actress?
what is the best musical ever, in your opinion?
I'm soooooooo excited!?
Im 14 is there any potential in my voice?
I have to play 4 characters at my theatre class!?
how does one get into acting? or extras on tv movies?
How do seemingly average people get into acting?
Please Help!!?
Best American Actor of All Times? Why?
Song to audition for Miss Saigon?
monologue for a man? Something from a play. something light and maybe funny?
Do you think its possible(Look back in anger, John Osborne)?
What is Nora's objective in this scene from Ibsen's Doll House?
I'm 14, could I still be great at acting if I just start now?
what do you need to do to become successful in acting?
Stage fright and i'm an actress ...?
HELP How can i get famous in the music industry without having a talent other than an excellent ear for music?
Does everyone really have a special talent of their own?
What do I do? Don't laugh?
Hannah Montana...?
Can short people be models?
Are long running theatre productions good or bad for live theatre?
Is it better for a beginner to start out in theatre or just start auditioning for films or commercials etc?
How do i know if what i feel is true?
How can I attend a film audition?
what are the top playwriting programs in the US and Abroad?
what is an asm/understudy?
Disney Channel Acting!?????
Do yu have to be good at Theatre acting to be good at acting in Movies?
How do you start off a screenplay?
Film non-disclosure agreement question?
How many ACTORS does it take to change a lightbulb ?
actors going from place to place help?
where do i find a piano teacher in bangalore?
I'm looking for a mind-blowing, absolutely brilliant piece to perform for a Drama project. ANY IDEAS?
PLEASE!!! can you tell me the difference between visual arts, film arts and theatre arts?
Open casting calls on broadway?
is it me or do the entire cast of Harry Potter need acting lessons?
Where is a good place to live in California for aspiring actors?
do songs make you cry???
Do I have to pay to get into an acting agency?
What kind of person does it take to become a film director?
do any of you know of a good agent?
How can i modernize the story of Macbeth?
Help me? I need a short play on courage?
what do you think ... please check this out?
Whats good right now in theaters?
do songs make you cry???
Who is your favorite actor?
What do you think about movie actor/actresses who are exempt from persecution?
How do you use a calculator on the computer?
Acting Teacher-how can I do it?
whats a good school for an aspiring actor?
I'm trying to come up with a good name for the main character for my script that I'm writing. Have suggestions
research paper topics?
Who was the first ever Joseph in the Lloyd-Webber and Rice Musical?
Auditioning for a disney character?
who is familiar with shakespeare? in the play Macbeth,..?
I'm 14 and finishing puberty and have a chance in the acting world and where could i get a agent ?
What are the best...?
Please Help!!!!! Acting!!!?
What should I wear for my play?
Whats the Meaning of "Ochuko" a deltan name in Nigeria?
how do you feel??????????????
What are musicians who play for money at subways called?
Who is your favorite actor?
The tempo of a piece affects its mood and character?
How to become anoreix?
Where can I get the script of Doubt free?
Which famous playwright?
How does Friar Laurence act in Shakespeare. What characteristics, voice, walk etc does he have?Have to act him?
i need a monologue TODAY that has been a commercial! help!!(i need a commercial that i can use as an audition)?
Into the Woods Audition song?
Is get connected modeling legit ?
Idea's for my monologues ending?
Is there any amature dramatics societies that I could join in Bermonsey or Ballham or any where in S London?
Can normal people be nice?
Is this a good acting resume?
I need a skit for two girls and one boy serious and preferably sad. Any ideas?
Comedic Male Monologue?
How do you properly describe a scene in a screenplay?
I got a terrible role in a school play?
What song should I sing?
Has anyone every seen the musical "Sweeney Todd"?
Mercutio makes fun of Romeo's sorrow over his love for Rosaline?
in the theatre in the seating chart, what's the name of...? and also how to dress?
Help with names for my characters?
Is 23 too late??
Oh my gosh i figured out Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montanas email !!!!?
acting movement- what story could i tell by moving?
How do I make a fake cut wound for a video?
Question on becoming an actress ? please, read the whole thing!?
how can you make yourself cry?
what can you suggest for a musical play that's best for kids to watch?
Question about Macbeth?
What is the difference between the various method acting techniques?
Is being a actor at 18 too late ?
Steps to becoming an actress?
Is there a website that lists schedules of all 2007 opera performances in the U.S.? Thanks!?
Why is the word blood used so frequently in the play Macbeth?
Help! Drama class question?
Any Bollywood auditions in Sydney?
Please help i really want to be an actor?
Actors & Directors: What is the finest line of any play ever spoken?
What's the best way to book tickets for the opera in Rome?
Is Wicked the musical good?
I want to be an actress but I'm only 13 but I am ready to take whatever to get there?
Any monologues from monologue books?
Scary/horror/thrilling one acts?
what are the ages of singers who audition late for sm audition?
Is there anyone out there who sings, dances, and plays a musical instrument all at an advanced level?
What is your favorite musical?
Any tips 4 memorizing something really fast...?
what genre of shakespeare plays do u like most? (comedies,tragedies,histories...etc.) and why?
Hi! I m neil, can any one tel me summary of shutter island.....? M in a gr8 confusion:?
18 and want to find an agent in London?
I think I wanna be an actress, what do I do now?!?
Who Knows these questions? Need help. No idea?
What song fits Romeo and Juliet When the first fight of the play begins?
Wanna play a Theatre Arts game?
what all should i look for in a photograph to grade it good average or best?
How do they make the ads for DirecTV?
How to lose my Spanish accent for a play?
what are the similarities beetween oscar wilde, sarah kane and alvin ailey?
Is the actress Jane Seymour of jewish descent?
Audition Song?
need fake cigarettes for play?
Disney Channel Auditions?
what happens! please help!?
Was Romeo and Juliet real?
Is sanit james school in alabama agood school for acting?
How do I contact Adam Sandler's agent to give him a movie idea, which he is the only one for the part?
What's a good play to go see?
How impressive would an actors/actresses resumé have to be to get into Hollywood if they were successful here?
Who wants to be an actress/actor?
Help with my first audition?
Offered a possible role in a movie?
I'm an actress, where do I start?
How to do Judy Garland's make-up in "The Wizard of Oz"?
What should I be thanking modeling agencies for in thank you letters?
I'm looking into acting?
Talent Agencies in Charlotte For teens and kids?
What acting studio would you recommend attending: Maggie Flanigan or William Esper?
Are there any disney auditions for disney in sav, ga anywhere?
Funny/fun teenage skits to do with two girls?
What monologue would be great to use to try out for Tevye in fiddler on the roof?
Teen Choice Awards 2011 Tickets?
The Suessical jr.: which role is better, mayzie or gertrude?
Where Can I Do Musical Theater?
Wish we had a standard answer we could direct the "Disney Channel Hopefuls" to?
I have no experience, if I went to a Disney Open Call, what they get me through?
I want to become an actor ...?
i need help?
How can an aspiring actor lose his cockney accent?
Can an Armenian guy make it big in Hollywood as an actor?
How could I fake cry for our "play."?
First acting auditions?
When you think of the show "Wicked" what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Portfolio for theatre design major?
i have movie idea for sell?
How can I become an actress?
How should i wear my hair to an audition?
How can I convince my boss that I shouldn't have to go to this meeting this morning?
would i be good as a scene?
Which Actors And Actresses Have the Best/ Worst Chemistry?
audition tips?
Is this fair? - best answer gets 5 stars*****?
Can anyone tell me how to apply for performing rights for the musical Oliver.?
Have you got any relatives who work in showbusiness?
Any ideas for a drama piece on PTSD ?
i need acting advice?
who among you kwow the story about The Dangerous Liaisons?
theatre acting?
I need a song for Light in the Piazza audition, any suggestions?
best a level choices for drama?
Should i go for an acting career regardless of ethnicity?
why do they call the parts actors play "roles"?
could you provide me the summary of once on this island?
Which stage name? CHOICES?
Where can I addiotion to act?
Can u become a actor by auditioning through YouTube?
What classes would i take in college?
How Can i get into Character when trying to perform my Monolgue?
Where can I find a Database of British Theatre Actors of the 20th Century?
where can i find the diary of a wimpy kid audition pics?
what themes in the play Macbeth are related to Lady Macbeth?
What is the number one song in america? Auditioning for a musical help!?
What musical has a nerdy girl and boy who fall for each other?
Drama colleges in and around north london?
I want to audition for SM Entertainment through email for modeling.?
What are some majors available for someone who wants to be in theater, but not necessarilly acting?
How to become an actress?
Do you think High School Musical 2 is going to be a hit?
Everyone plz answer this!! DO YOU KNOW ANY??really important?
Trying out for Titania in mid summer night dream?
help with my monologue?
I want to be an actor in israel, have any tips on where to start?
why is hindi actresses so sexy in their attire ?
What steps can I take as a freshmen in getting on to broadway in the future?
Can you do this after you get accepted into the BA Theatre program...?
I'm taking part in a script writing competition tomorow and i have no clue how to do that. Pleeeease help!!!
Which hamlet movie is most similar to the book, which version with what actor (who plays hamlet)?
What does a Major in Drama do at college?
Similarities between King Lear and Waiting for Godot? 10 Points?!?
Acting tips/suggestions...?
modeling agencies?
I have to be an anorexic character in a movie we are doing for french class?
Should I audition for the play?
acting scenes between two unexperienced actors?
What musical should my school do?
what is the play Othello about ?
do you play hard to get ???
why am i so afraid?
What are some good monologues I could use for an audition?
I'm trying to prepare myself for an audition. Help?
whats the best place to move in california for acting?
Where and how do you start acting?
what is the database of mr. nihar kumar sharma?
Undergrad Acting at Tisch?
Good photography places to get headshots in Los Angeles?
I am auditioning for Bye Bye Birdie at my school; any song suggestions?
such a dilemma! next to normal or les miserables?
Am i the only one who thinks romeo and juliet is stupid?
In A Streetcar Named Desire, what kind of accent does Stella have?
I want to be an actor but....?
Are there any acting places in Spokane Washington or Hayden Idaho ?
what is the significance of Banquo's ghost?
is there a website where good Indian drama scripts are available online?
Are there websites that talks about Philipoine cinema during the American period? Can you cite any of them?
Too Spoiled Talent Agency.Does anyone work there?
Any ideas for a soprano solo?
What to wear to an audition? Please Help?
haw can I becom actor in england?
Have you seen the extra casting call for Transfomers 3?
Community college for acting?
How can I get started on being an actress?
Has an African-American ever portrayed Christine Daae in any major "Phantom of The Opera" production?
How can I convince my mom to let me audition for a show?
Juliet's last name was Capulet, so what was Romeo's?
want to take acting classes??
Does anyone know...?
i am interested in acting but i don't have any work exerience so what to do now?
Ideas for Props for Small Project?
Roles of Men and Women in 16th century?
I'm 14 years old and living in Dublin. I love acting and have been going to drama since i was 5.?
What song should I sing for my audition on Monday? (broadway song) voice of a ten year old alto/soprano voice?
Should I really follow my dreams?
How do you memerize a monologue?
Acting and Modeling help!?
How can I become an actress?
Where can you find good pictures of Death of a Salesman...?
Songs/ characters in the spirit of Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors?
Which song should I use to audition for Ursula?
Where can I find a script of "Sweeney Todd" online?
Why is Antigone so hard to understand? ?
What are things we use/say/do that is influenced by musical theater?
what are the 4 controllable qualities of life in theatre?
What is the play, Wicked about?
How do I step out of my comfort zone to get used to acting?
Can somebody give me tips to crying on cue?
Where can I find a tiger print sheer body-stocking or bodysuit preferably with long sleeves?
is anyone an actor on here?
How can i get a Producer down here?
I need humorous monologues quick!?
How much do union actors make per day minimum? When does your pay get higher?
I need some links! help me?!?
Do actors/actresses have a natural acting talent, or is it all a learned ability?
Is Eponine Cosette's best friend?
child actors and parents of ppls will you tell me for my son what movie auditions are like.?
When principal photography starts shooting on a movie, when will they release the photos?
Where to go to download movie scripts?
Dreamcatchers Talent Agency?
Which Shakespearean sonnet is your favorite?
How can my eleven year old sister become a child actress?
Which is a better one-year acting school: Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute or New York Film Academy?
Im 13 years old. Not much experience.?
Where could I find a 20,000 leagues under the sea original black and white props.?
Idina Menzel is WICKED !!!?
Probably really stupid questions, but Is the UK production of Les Miserables in English?
My mom's taking my pictures for an acting convention...?
What do teenagers wear these days? I want to know because iam playing a teenager in a school play.?
If I were in a musical carrer what would happen after college?
hello everyone in los angeles ! i wanna move to los angeles and become an actor next year ! below are details?
Acting Agents in Newfoundland?
Which part of New York is better to live in to start an acting career?
how to be in a porno?
List of importance of Alice In Wonderland characters?
where can I go to get an audition for a movie?
How to memorize a monologue quickly?
How do you make monkey noises??
Christian Drama Group name?
can I audition in SM ent or JYP ent on email?. If not, what are the other ways?.help me please. thank you. <33?
Any tips on making a satire?
In Romeo and Juliet...?
What is the character Luisa like in the play, 'The Fantasticks'?
Can you give me the e-mail of emma watson?
Why do the actresses cry when they get an oscar?
Is there any way to send acting resume to agency or agent via mail?
What's a good monolauge?
What is the last name of dorothy in the wizard of oz?
Audition Monologues for Females?
What's the name of this acting high school in the uk?best answer s and ill answer ur question as well?
Who do you think is hot Miley cyrus or Emily Osment?
byebyebirdie question please:)?
I am auditioning for Fiona in Brigadoon and would like to know if anyone has any song suggestions? :)?
Disney Channel?
How can I get a hold of the soundtrack to the musical "Rent" when it was in LA?
im presiden of a play next month and I m out of idea of what to have on that... and it must be entertaining...
Good skit idea play?!?
how does aeschylus show conflict between mother-right and father-right in the trilogy?
Is THE TERMINAL by Steven Spielberg a true story?
National youth theatre?
how do you cry on the spot?
How to be discovered? (acting/musical theatre, UK only)?
where can I find a copy of oedipus rex online?
A Project for English Class?
how did a character got effected by society in taming of the shrew?
Plot for an acting script?
How do you write a good play?
Where can i find comedy duet scripts that are short and free from the internet?
Reasons why Macbeth is to blame for his downfall?
hey... anyone no were i can audition for the 2nd twlight movie.?
How do actors remember all those lines?
Which background casting agencies in NYC offer free registration?
How can I find a good community theater in my area?
do you think high school musical should have been on the big screen?
AHHHHHHHH i want to be an actor!!!!?
Romeo and Juliet Act I what do you think?
Does it sound as though I should research acting as a career?
Could a Sikh Girl Survive in Hollywood?
How do i find an agent?
more than one Agent..?
What is the importance of the Dumb Show in Hamlet?
green screen - back drop?
How to audition for gersh agency?
Auditions at the Hyatt in Dallas on April 26th?!?!?
audition monologue for Martin Crimp's "Attempts on her Life"?
How does a 5 yr old actress cope with an underaged scene or line that she has to say?
Which musical you find most interesting?
Plays by Whitney Ryan Garrity?
What is a Shakespeare sonnet about letting go?
What is the appropriate dress for a Broadway Matinee?
total drama action questions?
Is it hard to get into the movies !!!?
What are good parts of scripts to memorise for an open audition?
Are there any musical theatre songs very similar to this song?
mad red nasal is an anagram of which american actor best known for his comedic roles?
Any good ideas for a high school play production?
Does anyone have any tips about the acting world and how to get into it?
Would 'I Dreamed A Dream' from Les Miserables be a good song to sing at a talent show?
Does anyone know of acting places in LA?
How to get in to acting?
How can i get famous ASAP?
16 bars so much better?
Alternative to bare feet on stage?
Do any of you like the musical Joseph and the Amazing Multicolored Dreamcoat?
harry ptter actress?
College Decisions for Acting?
How did Jennifer Lawrence get a talent agent with no experience?
How can I become an actress at this age?
What should I do I want to become an actor?
Easy to remember cell part definitions?
i need billy bibbit's monologue from one flew over the cuckoo's nest THE PLAY!?
Who's seen the new Superman movie?
look a like actresses?
How do tv actors memorize all of their lines?
How do you become famous?
how can i watch full lentgh episodes of disney channel shows? on the internet?
How to prepare for a musical play audition?
Group mime for four girls?
How Do You Not Smile While Acting?
I am looking for acting clubs or organizations in livingston or florham park, new jersey.?
What would motivate a bride and her maid of honor to sleep together on the eve of the wedding?
Need help with an English play?
What is the average pay for actors at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament restaurants?
I'm an aspiring foreign actor but I want to be represented by a local agency?
Does anyone have any suggestions of Broadway Musicals that contain French or the subject of France?
What are some good acting exercises?
Acting Auditions In or around Glasgow?
Can anyone summarize Romeo and Juliet for me?
how could i get an agent?
where can i watch high school musical 2 online for free?
Audition Help?
Where can I get this mask? (link)?
All the casts for "Wicked the Musical" ?
simple acting resume templates?
Disney Channel vs. Nickelodeon?
how do people get famous?
how exactly does one get one broadway?
Can I Become An Actress When I'm Older?
the wedding singer?
How would I get started in voice acting?
How do i cry on demand?
Where can i get an air mortar for a movie effect?
What do you think of my film script so far?
How does your imagination work?
What was the name of that playwright (sp)?
Terrified to start acting class?
Where is a good place in los Angele's to take a head shot?
Actors: Do you mind being a tool in the director's vision or would you rather be a collaborator?
Need music for my monologue please help!?
What Asian plays can you suggest?
What is the best musical of all time?
Did all film actors start in plays?
Where can I find Broadway scripts?
im scared 2 tell my mum i want 2 become an actress but i dont no y. how can i gain the confidence to tell her?
How i can make my bad voice to great voice with out having a voice lessons? only at home?
How much training do you need on an acting resume?
I am thirteen in advanced theatre art n I would like to find a place that is free and productive what do I do?
How to gain acting experience without an agent?
Macbeth Essay Help please?
How to not turn red when presenting?
Romeo and Juliet Awards?
How can I become a star on t.v?
What does this Shakespearian quote mean?
Has anybody seen the musical Wicked with kerry ellis as elphaba??
Do you think people in to musical theatre are gay. ?
i'd like u to judge this poem. say wutever you think?
What is a sample of an actor's short monologue?
What do you think of Jim Cartwright's "Road"?
Acting Audtions?
How to make "prop" feces?
Anyone know any good two person scenes for a man and woman?
Whats your favorite Shakesphere play?
In the PLAY Peter Pan, Do Wendy and Peter have to kiss?
Who understands the Phantom of the Opera?
Tips on fake crying?
Why do SO MANY people want to become entertainers? [Singers, Actors, Models,etc]?
Where can i chat with Antonio Banderas?
Context, of the Hamlet Monologue, "To be or Not to be"?
What are the differences between the West Side Story balcony scene and Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene?
I am an actor and it's becoming obvious that I should do something else with my life...What should I do?
Im going on britan got talent?
Phantom of the Opera. Musical or Opera?
Do I look like a man? Pic included?
How is Nurse a dramatic foil to Juliet in the play Romeo and Juliet?
i was sun bathing in my garden one day and i was dreaming of me becoming an actress and how do i become one?
how do you become a bond girl?
I need a Movie Producer?
What is the film reviews tone and length?
What's the best way to memorize lines for a scene?
Are you more likely to become a famous actress of you can speak other languages/have some special talent?
What is the importance in Romeo and Juliet's little sonnet they exchange in Act 1, Scene 5?
Audditoning for grease?
alliteration rhymes?
Any Idea how to portray Charles Ives' life story in a creative way than ever??
name of places on a stage in a theatre?
Are there different category's of voice actors?
Does anyone know any monolagues on days of the week? or diolaugues?
I high school I directed a play that involved 3 girls sitting in a bedroom talking about things like sororitys
Which monologue do you like better?
Titanic: my own musical?
Plot ideas for a play.?
How much is does it cost if you get into Zuri Model and Talent?
any good monologue suggestions for a teen girl? preferably funny...?
What are some really good ideas for plays?!?
Looking for a good school?
did munchkins really hang themselves in the wizard of oz?
In Macbeth, were Malcolm and Donalbain accused of killing their father?
Is there a website that you can find audition updates???
how many stars were on the flag in 1933?
Does anybody know when theres going to be a musical in IL???
Audition monologues for teenage girl?
If I want to be an actress when I grow up what would be a good way to practice?
British accent?
Im going to see "A Midsummers NIght Dream " tonight -dont know Shakespear very well?
how much money does online acting cost?
Fun audition song?
How can I be an extra in a movie?
What happens with the money young actors/actresses make?
I am looking for a funny Christmas play that teenagers can do for our town program. Where can I find one?
What is Dorothy Gale's hometown in Kansas?
Where can I find extra jobs in NYC?
can my daughter be a model?
can you check my dialogue?(:?
Acting auditions in the UK?
Which actor won most awards in india?
Who does jodie foster play in silence of the lambs?
When the Majesty's theatre just opens in the morning can you get cheap tickets for good seats? (phantom)?
what is a good 5 minute movie ?
How to write a review of an actor's performance?
Best performance by an actor/actress that you have seen...?
Does anybody know any acting schools?
Does anyone know who published the play "Bird Germs" by Eric Pfeffinger?
Looking for info about actor Jerry Hernandez?
name:who is the actor of 80's,height around 5ft.4inches, very heavy built,is bald,usually plays humorous roles
Should I go to John Robert Powers acting school?
Please write down the details of this scene from Midummer Night's Dream.I must draw this scene. (read details)?
How to get started in the showbiz industry???
Am I too old to become an actress?
Is it possible to become a successful actor without going to acting school?
I am 13 and didn't pass the only audition that ever happened in my country and I i think I am going to die!SOS
Audition monologue for college?
Help with the 1700's?
A technique for memorizing dialogue?
What are some great trio musical scenes?
do you ever feel like this about someone?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 15?
What shows have you seen on Broadway in NYC?
Are there any acting Classes near me?
I want to be a pornstar?
I am a really awesome singer and I want to try to make it?
Im scared of getting rejected?
im going to the pheonix theatre in london to watch blood brothers,do you have to dress up or can u go casual?
Broadway or Film/Television?
1 minute monolouges?
How do you become a famous TV/ film actor/ actress?
is acting or theater gay in your opinion?
complete this title "the lady and............"(walt disney)?
Can the dead turn off the T.V.`s?
I want to become an actress.?
What do you guys thing i should do for my drama club besides acting?
What do i need to have with me to become satanisim?
Do you kno any assistant directors that are famous?
Do true actors and actresses have to be beautiful?
Could modelling help my acting career?
Do u want to be a singer or an actress?
i have major stage fright!! answers needed now!!?
Where Can I Find Viral Auditions For Shows Like TrueBlood and House MD?
How would a twelve year old be involved in acting?
What is the funniest monologue you ever heard?
what is a good creative title for a julius caesar essay?
List of Broadway plays?
In this video of Spring Awakening, where was it performed at?
What to wear to a tv audition?
Is there a good dramatic monologue where your treating a dying person?
what is love?
Host of SNL?
Does talent really run in the genes ?!?!?
Is there a name for what actors are doing when they pretend like something is there but its not?
can I at least somewhat act?
Want to get in to acting in the UK where do I start?
Do anyone know websites are phone numbers for acting auditions?
How to become an actor in northern virginia?
Will you please critique my acting?
I need a "serious speech by a young person" for an audition?
If you had to watch a video of an artist making his debut, what would you like to see?
is auditioning for one source talent hard?
ok what if a 13 year old kid wants to be a movie star and has talent and knowledge in this field .keep reading
What is the point of attack and the inciting incident in the Play Hamlet?
I luv to act but...?
Any pornstar agencies that i can contact with?
How to act shy?
SM audition 2012, questions heeelp ?
Have you forgotten your heritage?
How would you go about starting a community theatre?
Musical theatre project?
Is it difficult to get an agent in LA or NY?
Could this go on an acting resume?
What are some legit talent\acting agencies in LA?
What is my vocal range?
If you are an actor/actress, how many shows have you done?
richard sullivan?
what's your favorite musical?
If you are auditioning for a character that is English, should you sing your audition in an English accent?
Auditioning for AGT!!?
Which would be a better song choice for this audition? (please comment)?
I need a female monologue?
How is the theatre in Seattle?
Who here wants there school to do a better production then some stupid one know one knows?
Which broadway show should i see and why?
how old was marlin monroe when she was born?
I'm wondering about this audition for Disney?
What is the difference between a Disneyland face audition and character audition?
How do I fake cry like actors and actresses?
Actors/Actresses just starting out or experienced?
How can I raise funds for my local drama group?
How do I create a persona?
How do you get on Inside the Actors Studio?
Does anyone Know any good Acting Agencies or Amatuer theatre companies?
Are there any other people in their 30s or older, studying to be actors? I'd like to hear I'm not alone?
How to start acting?
How do I convince myself that I didn't get the part?
How to get over this?
What are some acting tips?
Why did kate winslet do so many nude and sex scenes in her movies?
Monologue and audition song suggestions?
How do you audition for an American Girl movie?
ACTING CAREER at los angeles?
Can being in a modeling agency help with acting jobs?
Why isn't everyone an ACTOR???
There are various sites where one can read hollywood fim scripts.Is there any site for Bollywood film scripts?
Hows does one go about being an actor IF..?
How to act like you're in pain?
does violet sing a song in charlie and the chocolate factory the play ?
Acting classes?
Is 40 too old to start acting? Not to be a celeb, duh, but to be in movies?
Juggle School and Musical Theatre?
how to play call me maybe on the drums?
Has Jill Storm stopped acting in movies?
I need help British accent.?
is Johnny knocksville gay?
I need a background suspense music for a radio drama?
So an agent will do the rest?
Suggestions for theater in Chicago weekend of Nov 4-5?
I need help making a stichomythia dialogue?
I need names for a story?
what was the globe theatre?
Why is there Broadway?
Accomplished stage/theatre actors: Question?
French 1 Play Scripts?
does anyone know a number i can call for disney channel auditions in houston ?
In my school play, I'm a zombie! I need to know how to make fake blood without Corn Syrup?
What "skill" seperates the soap actor from the popular film star?
What readers should know before reading les miserables?
will i ever have my own tv show?
Im tryiing out for a play?
Memorizing script for movie...?
how many of you people have heard of the broadway musical "wicked"?
romeo & juliet?
how to lust for someone(acting)?
should you wear your colored contacts to a acting audition?
Public speaking/Stage Fright. Controling a shakey voice and hands?? PLEASE HELP.?
What is the value of the original script of "McBeth"?
What is the musical "Sweet Charity" about?
I am going to a play try out?
Acting part?
Should I tell my agent when an audition went badly?
I have a monolog i need help on?
Whats a funny topic for a video?
Film, acting schools in new york?
What do Elizabeth and Darcy end up doing at different tables?
Where cant i find a Acting School in Puerto Rico?
I'm 14 how can I become a actress?
What is the approximate running time of the musical "The Fantasticks"?
Where can i find acting aditions?
I am a high school student who has been chosen to direct a play. Could I have some input?
I want to be an actor but only like movies and such no stage what do i do?
How many percent of acting graduates got jobs relating to acting?
What is this song from a musical?
Can Canadians audition in the US for film and tv projects?
What is the term for this?
i want to get a music track for my drama 'the merchant of venice'?
Any ideas for an on stage school performance for grade three boys?
i need to know where to find a drama play that has 36 parts for 16 boys and 16 girls.?
How will I memorize a song in just a day?
who came to hear word of juliet's vows to romeo?
Two different psychics have said that?
What did Broadway theatres do to commemorate the death of Fred Ebb?
what is the exact meaning of HELL ON THE EARTH.. Can anybody answer my question in just three words yes or no?
What are the elements of epic theatre?
Can Someone Help with a Theatre writing I am Doing?
How can i get an acting agent?
Who is the greatest dramatist or playwright of the world?
Looking for two seats to Sept. 4th performance of "rent" at the Nederlander Theater in NY.?
Would everyone please stop doing others' homework?
Concerning Susan Glaspell's play "Trifles"?
Aspiring actress wanting to start a Youtube?
who has seen blood brothers?(by willy Russell)?
What part is it?"?
How to find auditions for plays in minnesota?
Good Comedic Plays For High School Students?
costume for a part?
i make fun of fat people but my mom is obese.. is this right?
Should i become a model at 13?
Acting college or acting classes?
What is the best theatrical experience you have had,,,,?
I am playing Penny in my school play Hairspray! Any comments for me?
Do you know anyone why i cant any good musicians to play in London???
how to get my mom and dad to support me with acting?
Neil in Dead Poets Society?
2) What does the letter Claudius writes to the King of England ask the King to do to the bearer? ?
What show should I see?
would you be a director or actors choose one only if you were to choose?
what are some professional associations for actors?
Why are we tring to get points?
If i am plus size do you think Disney would hire me if i auditioned to be a non face character?
what are some good plays a middle school could put on?
In the Phantom of the Opera, why do they have to keep their hand and the level of their eye?
do you know where i could get a 2 person comedy short script for 2 females?
What is a good straight play for a ahigh school to perform?
When did they start calling 'actresses' 'actors'?
tips on acting?
Drama movement assignment?
In Romeo and Juliet why is it ironic that Friar Lawrence ...?
Want to act study acting in LA?
Who would you write to or contact if you think you have a really good idea for a play or a movie?
which version of lets stay together do you prefer?al greens or tina turners?
I need some advice on acting, And memerizing lines?
help with my dream please?? (experienced people please)?
Help finding a really good acting summer camp?
need help finding a monologue?
I want a playbook for my acting class, what do you recommand?
Whereabouts of a Television actor?
Can anyone help me find this movie?
Has anyone ever done Noises Off?
Movie: A Perfect Murder. What language does detective Mohammad Karaman speak?
What is your opinion of "Method Acting"?
what is an important exparience of brad pitt???
Movie acting: how to act socially awkward?
Who thinks that Brenda Song is Hot?!?!?!?
How to act when scheduling/ auditioning for an agency?
I want to do a community theater play or musical but i need something that is well know and has a small cast?
Does anyone know the meaning of a Saint Genesius?
How does one "model"?
How to get into acting?
What is a good audition song for Spamalot?
Advice for bringing your personality out more..?
How can you prevent stage fright?!?
Who was the black host with James Earl Jones and Cynthia Nixon at the Tony Awards?
What does it take to become a successful actor?
Was the 2006 version of the movie V for Vendetta the only one made, or are there more versions?
Advice for Drama school auditions?
Is there a minimum age to start acting school?
Another shaakspear question?
If they were going to make the movie of your life, which 3 actors or actresses would you pick to play you ?
In the Merchant of Venice, what were the terms of the bond between Shylock and Antonio?
Can Arab actresses act in LA and Hollywood and become like English actresses there?
HOw should I act out this monolouge? u agree?
The Broadway show "The Lion King" is coming to it appropriate for a 2 year old?
A musical , with a comedic female lead and a comedic male lead, and with 5 soprano supporting roles ?
Footloose national talent search for the lead role?
What should i do for this talent show?
How to get over my stage fright?
Which broadway show should i see and why?
How can I become an actress?
What roles should I got out for?
Looking for a good stand-up comedian to go and see?
How long does it take -in general- to develop an accent?
What is the shortest amount of time an actor can be in a B'way show's cast if they are a child?
I need help creating a script for my church, and the theme of it is "ACCIDENTAL BURGLAR."?
Which Shakespeare play do u like?
Does the boy who plays Oliver in 'Oliver' mime?
please can u give me some idea for...?
how do i become an actress ?
How do you pronounce Polixenes?
What is the song called and who is it by..that goes like....He knows Im unfaithful and it kills him inside?
I want to work as an actress in ROGUE PICTURES! :D?
How are scenes filmed in a movie?
What is a good musical for kids?
Likely candidates to be cast as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde if ever there will be a movie version of Wildhorns musical?
My parents don't support me of my acting dream, HELP!?
how is roleplay different from roletaking?
Question about Wicked the musical...please help!?
does workaholics still play on tv?
How to become famous?
isn't dirty dancing the most romantic film of all time?
Trying to get copyrights on a tim burton film to make into small play production? Help!?
what do you thing is going to happen to this world with wars breakin out left and right?
Opinion on the RENT tour cast?
What do you think about Oliver James? Got any gossip about him?? pls. answer me....?
what is the mailing address of the Korean actor Lee Dong Wook?
What is the Music Rent about and what kind music is it?(please be as specific as possible)?
What's a good comedic monologue for a college acting class?
Which Famous Actors Are Broke (10 Points for write Answer plus 5 Star rate)?
Hi, what are some good talent agencies for young actors in Long Island, New York?
Is there anyone that has been taking acting classes and has a good way of memorizing lines?
Good child modelling agencies in london?
Acting help, PLEASE?!?
Show Choir/general audition song help?
whats the best actiing or singing agency near Orlando, Florida?
auditing for a musical?
How do you reach the high note without screatching?
I want to be an actor in Hollywood. I am an Indian. What Shall I Do ? Can I get some Help ?
What was the initial purpose for Greeks holding dramas?
I need a poem by Monday! Drama homework?
what can i do in london today?
is "resistance" by muse easy to play in a band ?
Which English actor's catchphrase was "I think the answer lies in the soil"?
How can I make myself not laugh?
acting schools?
Should I be a director or screenwriter?
Please answer this question for me!?
I want to raise money for a talent show, how would I go about doing this?
Where to get a Commercial Agent?
help!!! anybody happen to have the script for james and the giant peach:a play? now?which they can give to me?
I am 17 and have been searching for auditions to be on Broadway, i cant find any, any help out there for me?
Shy girl,grease play!!!?
After watching the Sound of Music, choose ONE of the following questions to complete:?
Can she sing?
im going to a acting audition tomorrow, should i have my hair natural or should i do something with it?
Can anyone come up with a good Wicked related display name?
Please help- audition song for seussical?
Name the is a murder mystery play by Agatha Christie?
Songs that describe these characters from Romeo and Juliet?
The stage show Havanna Rakatan is it any good?
what is the best 2 minutes speech i can do for an acting audition?