Where can I find/buy the play: All kidding Aside by Charles R. Johnson?
pirates of penzance, anyone seen it!?
Is it true when they say everyone can act? ?
what is the opening music in a musical before the actual musical begins?
Really Angry Monologues From Published Plays for Females?
How do I become a young actress?
Catching Fire auditions?
Is the rocky horror picture show scary? I'm 13.. haha.?
pick me a song?
Is this a scam???
does all the girl firt?
How can I get into musical Theatre?
how do you get famous without having a talent ?
Is one source talent legit or a scam?
can i be a succesfull actress without taking drama in school?
How can I get noticed ?
Who is better at acting or singing out of this sister duo? Aly or A.J?
Is there a beautifull girl,who can play electro guitar?
A humorous scene inserted in a play to provide emotional relaxation is classified as _______________.?
Does anyone know a good acting coach or school in Chicago?
Any Acting opportunities around Hamden,CT?
what movie is good on a topic of leadership? please help asap?
any GOOD song i can use to relate to romeo and juliet??
What does it take to become a Movie/tv show director?
Is it possibel for me to make it?
Can anyone help me in this comedy play???
What do you think of this video(acting)?
Good Agent & Super Heroe Names!?
Urgent Acting School Question ?
What happens if I forget my lines on stage?
How is the best way to become a professional actor/actress?
How to tell my parents that I want to be an actoress?
can anyone help me make a monologue?
Are there any teen thespian groups in savannah georgia?
do you like ashley tisdael ?????
If you're an actor, what are all the reasons why you love it so? What's fulfilling about acting?
I really want to be a singer!!! Please help?
I lost my voice with big performance in 6 days!?
Is having an all black or any minority cast rasict?
i know this acting place its called john robert powers its in hollywood i want to go therebut we dont have?
make myself cry?
What do you need to do to become an actress?
I need you everyone, please.?
which movie had the best affectionate kiss you have ever seen?
Does an Egyptian actor living in Egypt has a chance to get a role or a job in the harry potter new film ?
What State To Pursue My Dream ?
Where can I as a small town 15-year old begin a foundation for an acting job?
Is it possible to be straight, male, and like musical theatre?
Is Les Miserables any good?
looking for scrooge child character costumes?
Romeo and Juliet on Verizon Fios On Demand?
The musical "Chicago"?
Im working in a skit with the biggest nerd in my school and i cant cut her from it what do i do to cope ?
Actor Headshot- What to wear?
Niceklodeon Casting calls infromation?
Good audition monologues (for this situation)?
The play(s) Blithe Spirit And Lucky Stiff?
where can i find someone to co-write "the book" for a rock opera?
How do i become popular?
What should I bring for my shows tech week?
what cateigory in the phone book for acting agent?
today is my first acting class, any tips?
HSM i can't take my eyes off of you download links? plzzzz?
How can my drama class raise $30,000 for our musical?
I want to be an actress but have no experience?
can somebody help me fnd an ating agent in hilo hawaii?
What do you wear to a Friday night Broadway musical?
Does "Oliver" have a happy ending?
What does one do when working in the "crew" of a theater production?
Some good ideas for a Christmas musical?
How to make a T.V. show at a young age?
i would like to volunteer acting any ideas where?in london?
Did you like the dark knight?
Hero is to supporting character what star is to?
How to write a murder mystery?
What are the words in the poem that Lord of Essex wrote to queen Elizabeth at end of the movie "Elizabeth 1"
What's your view on Jamaican plays would you be interested in seeing one?
what is the falling action of the play"David and Lisa"? (I need this tonight for drama tomorrow!!!!!!!)
Karaoke version of Big, Blonde, and Beautiful from Hairspray reprise (Velma only)?
discuss the symbolism of thunder and lightning in Act 1 Scene 3 of Julius Caesar.?
Is Sondheim really off limits for auditions?
Should I give up my dream?
Any Actresses out there?
Is the recorder (musical instrument) really that easy to play?
who like michael jackson and where is he..?
Who played the character of Max Bialystock in Mel Brook's the Producers on sstage in London or Broadway ?
How could shakespare play be interpreted and presented scary to today's audience?
Who are the Bird Girls in Seussical exactly?
Does anyone know any monolagues on days of the week? or diolaugues?
Baritone/Tenor solo?
What are some types of archetypes of tragedy in Macbeth, Othello and King Lear?
How to be successfull at a casting call?
What exactly is a ballad?
What is/are your favourite musical(s)?
What could be the reason she's acting this way?
I consider Citizen Kane the great American movie of the 20th century. What other movies . . .?
Which teen actress can fit this description?
How do you become a martial artist star actor?
Do you know any well written contemporary plays starring a female aged between 16-25?
Do you know who the main Director for Hannah Montana ( Miley Cyrus) is?
Does anyone know where I can get some form of buzzers for a talent show we are doing in school?
Is this being a 'camera hog'/'attention whore?'?
I am new to voice acting and need a cheap Microphone?
Tips on acting practices?
I Am 16 And Would Like To Be An Actress How Should I Go About Doing This?
Do you prefer the theatre or the movies?
10 points to the best answer...?
Good bitchy character songs?
What is the synposis of the play "Night Luster"?
help with audition songs?
How does Shylock show the theme of Hatred in the Merchant of Venice?
How to find movie/commercial/tv auditions?
Is having no talent a talent?
Dont you think we are totally being taken for a ride with this new cirque de celebrites tv show???
do you have any suggestion for a great Christmas play?
Why is act one, scene three in Romeo and Juliet an important scene to the whole shakespeare script?
I need a similar song.?
i need life changing hlep i need to knwo where to go to make certifics and awards?
Female monologue about death?
camp rock v.s. high school musical?
What broadway show should I see next?
do any of you know of a good agent?
Is this a good resume for a beginner is mines.?
What does rejection mean in film industry?
How to become famous in under a year?
where can i buy El clon soap opera?
auditions ! audition! advice?
Auditioning kids for commercials - why are they so rude?
Is the play Wicked appropriate for a 12 year old?
can someone please i mean please give me a list of legit talent agencies or managements in NY?
how does the everyman play reflects its era?
How do I prepare for this audition?
to be a broadway actress...?
What steps do I take to get my acting career going?
Where can i look for ramayana script for role plays?
Help writing a funny commercial?
Acting: Resume skills - horse riding?
14 year old wanting to become an actress or model?
About Frayn's play "Donkey's Years", on in London's West End: if it were a movie, what would the rating be?
I have to produce a school christmas show, any ideas as im rubbish at stuff like this?
I am wondering if there is a video tape of the broadway play Tru?
How do you think this character acts?
How To Make A Voice Acting Demo Reel?
How to become a pornstar?
What role, if any, should entertainment celebrities play in American public life?
help??? do you know anyone that can sing and wants a popstar audition.
Gay porn stars seem to actually enjoy being porn stars. Do you agree?
GIRLS: Would you take this role?
What drama school for contemporary acting? UK?
Im looking for an online school thats not a scam!?
How t practice acting at home?
I need ideas for a Cab Driver outfit!?
What to do for speech in acting class ( high school )?
As an actor/actress. How did you deal with vicious nasty peers?
Monologue ideas?????
Is Cirque Dreams: Illumination by Cirque du Soleil?
who hate High School Musical ?
When will Auditions be for Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Titan's Curse?
why do females play men in panto?
Im making a pantomime. Trouble is i have to make up the story and characters. Any Ideas??
does anyone know where i find The More the Scarier script?
give an example in romeo and juliet where romeo tells juliet the truth?
How do I make a fake cut wound for a video?
What are the effcts of an unequal relationship in Henrik Ibsen's a Doll House?
The best place to go to study theater?
I need a good alto song.?
why shuold we not getting entertainment allowance and it's exemption from Income Tax?
how to make prop paper bullets?
Musical theater competition?
Why are theaters deep red in color?
Ups and downs of being an actress?
Help me identify this actor!?
Would you like to see me in a romantic movie? or a comedy?
How can I find an agent to get me into TV commercials?
what to wear to an audition?
Do You Have To Be Super Pretty For Movie Auditions?
Are diamonds a girl's best friend?
modeling agency for children in OHIO?
"bad to the bone" theme talent show?
Where can I download a libretto for David Simpatico Disney's JR alice and wonderland??? Thank You?
What should I do for my career? Please help!?
Audition song for Anything goes?
Headshots - Which One??
Acting Resume Help Please?
Can I have any drama with scripts related to freedom movement?
Why won’t Friar Laurence leave Romeo and Juliet alone at the end of scene vi?
Is it too late to start acting again?
Why am I so mad about my auditions?
Websites for monologues?
Does ANYONE know of a good male SHAKESPEAREAN soliloquy i.e a powerful speach from a SHAKESPEAREAN play?
does anyone do drama?
is it easy to make it as musical theatre composer in the USA?
Do you have the same name as a celebrity?
What is the last name of dorothy in the wizard of oz?
What would be a creative way to present a poem...without looking like a fool!?
Audition! Jekyll and Hyde!?
Are TV and Commercials jobs still in LA?
What are you doing now?
How does the broadway show Lion king travel?
Good Place to live in Los Angeles for a working actor ?
How can I get my husband to go to the theatre with me?
Character development?
What is that one song they play at rollerdromes?
Can a sitcom writer precast?
Do I have to take acting classes?
Is improv common in film/television auditions?
I am looking for a horror film about old men.who killd yang people in vilige .there ar weekand and some rock p?
can someone give me tips about method acting?
what are the shortest roles ever nominated for an oscar?
Give me an idea on what to do on our short play?
Suessical the musical-has anyone ever been in it?
hey can i have some movie ideas? :)?
How do I become a disney channel star???
Any Gilbert & Sullivan performances happening in southern Ontario now or soon?
monologue for a guy (23). i need help finding one for a class?
What are some occupations that Actors/Actresses do while they are waiting for that "big break"?
Help!!! Can you answer please?
Who was in the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in June 2008?
What is a SAG card? Where does one get one? Acting Card?
Longest Musical/Play in History?
Any Good Acting Classes?
I am doing "beauty and the beast" for school.How do I create firework effects for a song on a low budget?
Radio City Music Hall-Music- Scene 8- Santa's Workshop- what song did Mrs. Claus sing in the muscial sing?
How could I become an theatre Actor with little experience?
im thinking of setting up my own drama group but im totally stuck on names ... any ideas ?
Please suggest me the best acting school in India which doesnt cost a lot of money?
What are good audition songs for a musical?
Does anyone have advice for acting?
Someone asked me this question, and I have written an answer based on medical terms.what about your P.V.?
where can i find this...?
Drama play ideas for 3 people?
how to get into acting?
Memorizing tips?
My Girlfriend wants to perform: in movies, theatre.. where can she find places to go for auditions in boston?
Giving a title to a play?
How to be in sketch comedy?
Need Advice For Megara "Meg" Costume From Hercules?
Can I sign with more then one agency?
My first and last wish is there i want to become actress ?
robert de niro?
Annie help?! ( 20 characters)?
HELP! Where can i find a good FEMALE TEENAGE Monologue?
As a young actor, is it better to keep your real last name or switch it to a shorter one?
How can I become an actress?
Can I get some suggestions for a female musical threatre solo?
For my drama class I have to impersonate someone completely opposite from me. HELP?!?
How can I become famous? It's always been a dream?
Help me find a monologue for one act auditions please?
RENT I want to know if u like it or hate it?
im making a video for theatre and i need some funny ideas for a scooby doo spoof.?
a play that will catch the eye of alot of people..?
How do you practice your acting skills?
If you were an actor/actress, which role would you like to play?
how much $ can an actor make in as a star of an off broadway traveling show?
what's better to play? changling or mamma mia?
How to act drunk?
what would you find backstage at a theatre performence?
how to make characters of 'inammorati' from comedy del arte interesting and not neutral?
What would you think?
All actors out there, please help!?
Funny Female Teen Monologue?
Can a Religious Jew work at William Morris Endeavor to become a talent agent?
Atlanta Models and Talent?
if you were given a ticket to the opera, would you go?
Do Unattractive Actors Get Paid More to Play Embarrassing Characters? ?
What would you honestly do in my situation?
What should my stage name be?
is taking an role as an 'extra' a bad career move?
Help with an abstract drama scene?
i need a dialogue or an excerpt from a play that has to be 10 minutes long!!! please help!!?
How can I make myself cry when I do a scene?
look at this statement and tell me if its true?
Besides Wicked and Momma Mia, can someone recommend a great Broadway or Off Broadway show?
How can i develop an English accent?
Why don't west end musicals get released on DVD?
How to get noticed?!?!?!?
Being a technician or actress?
What do you need to be an Elizabethan noblewoman for the Renaissance Faire? with musical?
Going to audition for school play, It's a Wonderful Life, Tips?
How much do actors spend on training?
audition for musical?
What do you think of my Glee audition?
How did the medicine in the Elizebethan age affect Shakespeares plays?
Is it possible to become an oompa loompa?
I want to start going out on auditions but I need some advice?
After Walt Disney, there are two people tied for having the most academy award nominations. One was John Willi
Anyone know this play? Please help?
What is the proper attire to attend a cabaret show?
How do you speak with cockney dialect?
Do you think you're beautiful? Do you feel beautiful on the outside and inside every moment?
what is the difference of the sub plot versus the main plot?can the subplot be cut (shakespeare twelfth night)
All my children Screen Plays?
Is 17 too late to pursue a professional acting career?
Mark Whalberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Musical auditions soon?
What are good ways to become famous?
Hairspray auditions? ?
what is a good website that i can easily find casting calls and auditions?
I am going to try to make a film but i need some reall good help, i do know tips i need more proffesional help
I am casting.I am Romeo, Whilst be my Juliet?
Is the play Wicked appropriate for a 12 year old?
LA acting agent questions?
how do i audition for glee?
How can one possibly be come an actor or actress in his or her home country?
Modeling interview questions?
Can someone please suggest a musical?
how can i get disney channel auditions in nigeria?
What is your favorite funny monologue?
Where can I get the free script for "Scrooge:The Musical"?
Do you guys think that i could be an actress??
how do i memiorize lines?
Are there any new Disney Channel movies or TV shows casting teenage girls?
Do you think I could be an actress?
How Can I be a actor for Disney Channel?
To be or not to be...?
In a situation for auditioning, PLEASE ANSWER?
OPEN CASTING CALL; North Carolina/Virginia actors needed for a low-budget indie flick.?
Is it true that people get more beautiful as they get older?
One of my dream is to become an actress, BUT I'M A SHY PERSON!!?
Why is a Pantomime Dame played by a man and a principle boy played by a girl?
memorization help?
I really want to be famous but I don't know how to get an agent and get auditions.HELP!Thanx.?
what picture of macbeth do we get from what we hear ?
how to be an actress?
Which is a better name?
i need a script of this play?
Any suggestions for a high school play - NOT a musical ?
Acting opportunities in Toronto?
What do they call it when a movie starts someones acting career?
what is the best state and city to start an acting and modeling carrer?
Are there any GOOD Agencies / Agents that I could contact?
do acting agencies have open calls? What modeling agencies have open calls?
Trying to get into the acting business ( I live in Ireland)?
Aspiring Actor Help!!, oppinions needed please for headshots! Tnx!?
what is a good audition monologue for insanity of mary girard?
what are some historical references seen in the musical 42nd street?
I need to find a love scene?
How do I get into acting as a beginner/amateur actor?
What are the different genres and forms of drama?
house hold pantomime ideas?
whats the literary term for a character who greatly impacts the outcome of a story, but isnt directly effected
Who is the best Elphaba?
What to wear for an audition?
What to do to become a better actress?
Is 18+ too old to become an actress?
What is a good japanese drama?
How to make a resume for model/acting?
what member of the Dreamworks troika was called "the operator" in a year 2000 biography?
What are the chances.?
How can I get a decent quality headshot for cheap?
Does anyone know of any upcoming auditions for Nickelodeon and Disney Channel?
Is there any free, easy to use stage lighting design software?
I need to create a bow and arrow for theatre that looks like it fires and hits a target but doesn't. How?
Is there a way to stop stage fright?
Advise about an acting carer please help?
Is this a good headshot for acting?
Romeo and Juliet scene, Capulet orchard?
can somebody help me?i want to find something about stunt's of India.?
Tips for an audition?Please?
If you could have just one superb talent, what would it be...?
help with an audition?
My mom said if I booked a role on a major TV show, she wouldn't let me have it!?
Did anyone see the musical Wicked in London?
for people in san diego....?
Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Why?
is AMTC a scam? Is there another way to fulfill my dream?
Sketch vs. Situation Comedians Transforming into Dramatic Actors?
can someone give me an example of an actor's resume of an actor who doesn't have much experience?
what do you think of my movie idea?
Have you ever directed a play or a musical?
Professional theater...?
If I become an actress will I be succesful in this partcular way?
what would be my major at Julliard?
Where could I write playwright and activist Eve could I get a letter to her personally?
How would you describe Romeo and Juliet's romantic love for one another?
gimme gimme gimme !!!!!!!!! please?
What was the initial thoughts of the play Teechers when it was first performed at Hull Truck in 1987?
What is the character Saint Monica in the show The Last Days of Judas Iscariot like?
Have you ever seen the movie Bye Bye Birdie? *please answer*?
RADA shakespeare certificate anybody?
Whats your favorite musical of all time?
I wanna get into acting?
I need an amazing monolouge suitable for teens!!!?
How much does it cost to get someone famous to visit my house?
Can anyone become a ainger?
Should i give up my dream of becoming an actress?
I'm a trained actor. How do I break into Independent Films. I live in San Francisco.?
What is a 16 measure upbeat? PLEASE answer this question i NEED this!?
What's the best way to avoid complete poverty while a struggling actor?
v r celbratn annual day in skul. i m supposd 2 prepare script 4 a telugu skit wich is funny ngivesanicemsghelp
Advice for a want to be voice actor?
what act and scene is the quote All the world's a stage" from Shakespeare's "as you like it"
what are broadway duets that can be sung by teenagers one male one female?
Does anyone have any ideas on stage set designs...?
Can you think of a better response?
Do you think that Shakespeare's plays are much ado about nothing?
Musical theatre audition song options!?
In the book 'much ado about nothing' by shakespear?
Why do actors and actresses refuse to admit that acting is unskilled labor and is not creative at all?
mystery script ideas?
How do I portray a creepy salesperson acting wise?
No one believes that I'm a real super hero.?
what songs has juliet simms (automatic loveletter) sung in?
How do you stop nervous laughter onstage? My daughter needs to know!?
where did music come from?
Broadway shows/ Which one should i see!?
im 14 im going to a model open casting call what happens during the process?
Would putting "dirty blonde" for my hair color on a resume sound unprofessional?
Drama play for like middle school?
Good acting classes in london (uk) ?
What do they Characters in Romeo & Juliet think of Count Paris?
What do people say when they are high?
What do you say when they turn the camera on you in an audition?
What Audition Song Should I use for "OKLAHOMA!"?
Who played "Boq" in the original Broadway cast of "Wicked"?
there is any website to see telugu films ?
anybody know how to contact Meangan Good?
If i want to memorize a monolouge, what can i use to record me saying it and have it repeat over and over?
Who is the tragic hero in Antigone?
My auditions for drill team are tomorrow im nervous does anyone have advice?
Who are the founders of Comedy?
I am auditioning for the musical Snow white and the seven dwarfs and i really need help finding an audition so?
Lion King on Broadway seats?
What other musicals are part of the satire of Urinetown?
scirpt of oedipus rex?
i want to move to Los Angeles in pursue of my acting/comedy?
how to fake cry when acting?
is the violin very hard to play?
I want to act!! any advice???
What are the ages of all of the characters in the play "No Time For Sergants"?
Looking for a good song that will make you cry?
Who is the most hated celebrity in Hollywood?
comedic monologue from a contemporary play for a a girl woman age 16 -20?
What was the last thing you saw at the theatre?
MY COUSIN WANTS TO KNOW... How would he go upon being a porn star, how would you start off, seriously?
How to get the lead in school play?
Can anyone tell me the name of the hispanic actor who played in the movie (Towongfu)??
Importance of Being Earnest Script?
How to find a female companion for watching stage plays in Bangalore City, India?
whats your favourite musical song?
I am 13 and i live in the uk i need help picking a song?
I want to be a musician.....?
California Community Colleges with reputable theatre programs?
What are some tips for auditioning?
If you had to pick one, which play would you be in?
I'm only 12,not old enough for American Idol,are ther any scholorships for singing/?
auditions anywhere????
Any Good *Teen* Dramatic Interpretations for Drama??
do you still get an email although you didn't pass sm entertainment?
I need acting tips!?!?!?!?
What is the best way to get a child into modeling/acting?
High School Musical - School Production Script?
Hello, I really need your help. I have an audition coming up, and i really need a good musical theater song.?
Length of Gavin Lee's contract?
DESPERATE Need of help... I need this for a new start! (read discription)?
Is 'glee' part of musical thatre?
Top 100 Best Plays of the 20th Century?
Wizard of oz relese date?
people make fun of my accent all the time i need some good come-backs?
What should I know about the play MacBeth?
whats the best acting agency in illinois?
About Roman Costumes...?
Anyone know a great acting school in san diego ?
i would like to be an actor but i dont know how to start, what do i do?
How to become famous in NYC (new York city)?
Is the Strand Lighting Preset Palette II (32/64) Lighting Control Console compatible?
Does anyone know if Jack Benny was gay?
What schools are there for Dramatic Arts in Australia?
What year did gone with wind play at the laurel aribian theater in mississippi?
plz who know where i can this film called [the woman of my life ] i live in nigeria and also [when you are my]
What is probably the best modeling agency in New England?
Im 13 how do i BECOME AN ACTRESS for Disney or nick?
Looking for a monologue for my HSC and i want it to be related to dancing in some way so i can dance in it?
im non union and if i send my resume and a few headshots to a disney show like wizards of waverly place ...?
Actors doing Extras work?
I need information on the play 'HEARTBREAK BEAUTIFUL'?
Just got an acting what?
Graduating college what's next?
has britain really got talent??
How can i become a pornstar?
I'm in a pantomime at a theatre and the shows are while i'm at school. Would i be allowed to attend them?
Custom music for The Crucible??
Old-fashioned recitations?
Christopher Marlowe plays on in London?
Do you honestly think I stand a chance?
Was Hamlet's love for Ophelia that great, that he would have died just for Ophelia?
High School Theater PROSES Work!!!?
Best scene from "Much ado about nothing"?
What is " Pilot Season " to actors ?
Heard of BMG Modeling Agency?
What is the best way to get into character for a play?
Is there any specific way to write a movie script?
need some Easter play scripts?
Do you Play any instruments? If so, what?
Rights and Royalty Costs for MTI Shows?
Good 'beginner' operas?
What is the Wicked Witch of The West's real name before she became wicked?
i need to make a 2 person fight scene, no weapons involved. please help me!?
Good part for me in Into the Woods?
acting school in summer ?
Which show should I see on broadway when I go to New York?
What 3 characters does Scout influence in To Kill a Mockingbird?
I want to know if anywhere a job like as i can give a voice to cartoons,speacially for donald duck.?
How can I write a good play?
Examples of Physical Comedy?
Is there a soundtrack version of RENT from the 2008 final performance with Eden Espinosa?
I m 19 years young Boy and I want to Become An Actor So,How Can I become An Actor?
acting and working?
Who is the worst successful actor of all time?
I have to write a play summary, and this play has multiple but similar stories.?
How to be Punjabi anchor when your education is not related to theater ????????
theater class?
Can actors that are contracted main cast members of a show guest star on other shows on other channels?
can anyone tell me how to get a foot in the door with acting in movies?
i wana go to an acting camps wich one is the best?
I want to do a community theater play or musical but i need something that is well know and has a small cast?
what actress today could play a sweet, old lady? i need help!!?
Why do actors and actresses refuse to admit that acting is unskilled labor and is not creative at all?
Is there going to be a High School Musical 3?
Help/tips for writing monologue for a character with a split personality?
What does it take to be an actress?
i want to work under this production house . as i m learning acting from ftii (pune) .Can i ? How ? please hel
How to audition for disney channel?
Why do people think Ellen Degeneres can dance?
Aren't You Just Piss Off, At The People Who Say They Love Acting, But Just Really Want To Be Famous?
What are some examples of good Modern Tragedy today?
What's your favorite musical?
Is there going to be a high school musical 3?
goldrush round 8, challenges 11,12 and gold challenge?
How is modern british identity presented in the first scene of the play 'Jerusalem'?
Where can I submit my piano music, and how or what will I need?
Theater Production Questions....?
I'm currently in my first year studying acting and have just got over a really bad throat infection,?
I need a Monologue!!!!!?
Is this a good plan to become an actress?
how did heff's girl friends get there?
Is nothing sacred?
Does having eyes in different colors and being Latvian hurts my chances of getting into a UK drama school?
23yr old Hispanic with the dream to become an actor, do I stand a chance?
Tragic hero assigmnent- A comparison between britney spears and macbeth?
iam working on my graduation project... help?
hey guys, help!?
how to be a famous actor in hollywood when you are only a middle school leavers?
How to set up a profile for a talent agency?
Acting help for Shakespeare?
does anybody have a list of the upcoming disney channel auditions for this 2010-2011 year?
My resume for acting?
what is the maiden name of Lillian Munster?
How do you make yourself cry?
Are there negative effects of using rehearsal techniques in drama?
my face book is slow and acting up how do i fix it?
Which musical CD should I buy?
acting schools is it worth the money?
Does anyone know where I can find 2 person acting scenes?
Can I Majoring in Theatre?
How to get an acting agent?
Need Help!!?
Has anyone noticed...?
Theatre observation project?
What is acting really about?
AUDITION SONG HELP.. I'm brain dead...?
The Colored Museum by George Wolfe??
Pre-Battle Speech/Monologue??? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?!?
Who is the main girl in Anything Goes? Reno or Hope?
How do you make the musical crank for a ack-in-the-box?
What is a great acting program for a teenage girl in NYC?
When is ghost the musical showing till?
Help with auditioning for a musical? (In high school)?
Should I try out for the musical?
Acting schools? help?
Can you get chosen randomly on the streets to be an Actor?
how do i become an actress?
Shows Currently Having Viral Auditions?
What is your favorite play or plays?
Any tips on a good acting portfolio?
How did Max Records get acting work?
i am a Flim maker and i need to know what is the best school to go to?
Is acting worth the hard work?
Are there any childrens theaters in the Hartford area with open auditions?
I want to take theatre arts this year as one of my college courses. But I am afraid of being too shy.?
How do I find my "type"?
Nerissa in Merchant of Venice?
can you take a child under the age of 5 to a broadway show?
how do you get into behind the scenes work at the local theatre?
Harmonica Players... here's a rookie that needs your help?
Do you have to be an actor to work as a theme park character?
When should i try to get agent?
Do you like musicals/Broadway shows? If so, which one is your favorite?
new to acting! need help w/ auditions!?
SINGING LESSONS????how long????
Careers to go into after a theatre college?
Does anyone know of any Chronicles of Narnia the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe community theater auditions I
Who was the oldest actrress to play Norma Desmond in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Sunset Boulevard?
do I really need A Levels to be an actor?
Do you know something about acting school in Los Angeles or new york?
How to become a new you?
What is the name of the musical about people auditioning for a play?
How do i get involved in an acting and modleing class?
Will i be able to attend Hollywood High ?
What to expect at a Disney lookalike audition?
Do you like my play script?
Could I be the next Miley Cyrus...?
old india movie julie wicth the cost?
Richard Wagner?
How do actors cry tears on cue?
soundtrack for drama scene?
Where do we go for donations for our movie?
I need a copy of "The Phantom of the Opera" script for a drama paper. Help!?
How do you get an agent?
Song that the character Jackie sings in "murder on the nile" when she's drunk?
Besides Wicked and Momma Mia, can someone recommend a great Broadway or Off Broadway show?
What's a great two person scene?
where is a good place to get a headshoot thats very very very cheep?
I need a character of a theater play that fits with me. HELP?
How can you tell if you're a good actor?
what effect did religion have on william shakespeare and his plays???
Did you quit the play in your school before?
for a screenplay, does It matter if....?
How can i be an actor?
What are your favorite plays(that are NOT musicals)?
How does the magician keep the rabbit from pooping in his top hat?
How do I make a fake gun for a stage performance???
Props for act 1, scene 5, Romeo and Juliet?
I need a short story idea for storytelling club for my festival. any ideas?
Does anyone have any suggestions of Broadway Musicals that contain French or the subject of France?
What are some legitimate acting and or modeling agency's?
What is a good acting/modeling school?
Is jills casting agency a scam?
can you give me stage directions for Friars part in romeo and juliet act 5 scene III?
What is an up-tempo Contemporary Song? And whats a ballad?
What are the differences between Theatre and Drama?
the musical spamalot?
Help? Tips for a talent show? Please? :)?
Is it harder to be an Actor or a Movie Director !!!!?
Julius Caesar question? Shakespear.?
How do I find updates on the internet on recent future productions of William Shakespeare's Hamlet?
How old were Romeo and Juliet REALLY supposed to be?
who is going 2 watch high school musical 2?
Would Disney's Lion King considered a "Musical"?
Who do you think is the best comedy actor?
what is your opinion of your child to become a actor or actress?
summer drama camp, please?
Help!!!! My teacher is the musical director!!!!!?
messege in the bottle"movie"acter&actress?
Titanic: my own musical?
How do YOU decide what monologue to use for an audition?
You see, i have finnished my very first opera and i need to find out how to submit it! How do i do it?
Anyone know where I can find this acting scene?
I am Marion, an amateur model. I would like a stage name which sounds sexy but not trashy... any suggestions?
Where can you buy Wicked tickets?
Please suggest me a good play???????
i'm looking for Lion king in Hippodrome performing arts center in Baltimore any idea ?
is violin a king instrument?
What is a good way to get my daughter in acting. Withoutthe ripoff ppl?
what is anti theatrical criticism?
Well-known plays/themes loosely connected to the theme of transformation for a school production?
Is explore talent a scam?
Are there any disney channel auditions in boston summer 2010 or 2011?
Where can I get Lion King show tickets in New York for 8/11 - 8pm show, cheap and at the last minute?
Romeo and Juliet quote translation; act 5 scene 3?
What does it mean when a director says this to an actor?
Where can I find scene suggestions for Chekhov plays?
Auditions this Tuesday!! Help!?
What audition monolouge would you reccomend for a person auditioning for Snoopy in "You're a Good Man, Charlie?
Who is Alex Law?
does anyone know a good acting school?
HELP! I need a scene for districts!?
Character questions for Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray?
Help me with a nickname?
What is the name of the play in which the storyline goes it always snows and Christmas is inexistent?
Help me decide on my future/dream?!?
theater work in hyderabad?
Plays similar to Suburbia?
he friends, i want to be an actress, how should i start my career.even u need help sum time, pls suggest me na
Did a soundtrack to the musical Lestat ever came out?
What do you think of my acting resume on IMBD?
I need a Checklist of "things to do" to ensure the smooth running of an Amateur Musical Theatre produciton
Is Taylor Royall Talent agency legit?
When a young actor smokes in a movie....?
Who would you want to play finnick in catching fire?
I want to be in a play HELP!?
What does "The greatest fall that ever fell" mean in The Merchant of Venice?
script writing margins?
where to go if you want to be an actor?
Renewal of my acting agency contract? Some guidance please!?
What is your LEAST favorite hit musical?
I'm doing a stagecraft project on a budget and was wondering what plays require no or little stock scenery?
Where to get the Hungarian text of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?
What and where is a good place to...???!!!???!!!?
hi my name is lissete how do u get started in disney?
I need to cast an actor for a role - Central Manchester , playing age 9, Male?
Any ideas for Jacobean Monologue speeches?
where could I get a screenplay/script for George Orwell's 1984?
Can i ever become a successful actress?
tips for not geting "stage fright"?
How do you prefer to spell theatre? theater or theatre?
Explain this monologue?
What are some good Acting classes or clubs in Atlanta?
Is there a kiss in the musical Annie Get Your Gun?
where does the verse: "what light thru yonder window breaks?" come from?
How do you become famous?
what is song that in the backround of FX channel promo for ncis ?
I want to try out for American Idol when I am older, but I have really bad stage fright.?
Are citrus fruits good for your voice ?
THEATRE HELP QUICK- Monologue/Audition for Mice and Men?
I'm working on a musical that requires smoking onstage. How do we do this without hurting the actors' voices?
Have you seen "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennesse Williams????
What should Malcolm and Donalbain do in Macbeth?
What're your favorite musicals?
What are some musical theatre songs for a character actor tenor?
I want to be an actor, but my dad doesn't support me.?
What can I use as a fake pregnant belly for a play I'm in?
I want to be?
Has anyone been to a Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey event ?
How to convince my drama teacher to put on Les Miserables?
Hey Guy Who Know This : "WHY LIFE IS SO COMPLICATED & SO DARK ? " ,Who Wants Light up The World? ME? YOU?HE?
Where does Uma Thurman live?
true and false julius Caesar PLEASE HELPPPPPPPP?
anyone? Merchant of Venice impossible?
Themes for mimes aged 9-12?
people on JERRY SPRINGER: are they for real?
How can I get over my stage-fright?
i need help on how to tell my parents i want to become an actress?
I need a good audition song.?
where to get How I Met your Mother Script?
What campy TV cook-off did one Japanese critic describe?
Acting Audtions?
How do I become a play writer?
How to get into acting?
auditions in bay area???
Hello!! I'm canadian and I love acting. I mostly act at the church whenever we have special presentations.
Should you have to pay money to model?
how do you know if you are meant to be an actress?
I neeed help & tips for drama class... PLEASE HELP.?
What is this from? "We're painting the roses red, painting the roses red?"?
nick or disney?
Who would you pick for the cast of "Julius Caesar"?
all i want to say it's dat sunshine production's modeling agency is a scam!!?
Where can i perform for a play in tampa, florida?
I need help!!!!!:[[[[[please:]?
sheet music and c.d/tape?
Black roles in Hairspray?
What is a good audition song for Brad from The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Is Vancouver a good place for a new actress to start?
Tips on how to memorize monologues?!?
how many oscar awards did walt disney win?
camp rock vs high school musical?
14 year-old aspiring model? x?
What is the name of the actor that plays "kyle" on the clients list?
should girls be allowed to audition for male roles?
What are the chances of my girlfriend becoming a famous actress?
Is Schoolhouse Rock jr a good musical?
devoid of comedy ?
where did elias kotias attend high school? list all schools please.?
im trying to loose weight but i love food and hate exercise...?
tape auditions?
What is the play Pearly about?
What would a good song for little mermaid jr Auditions?
Why does the phantom of the opera always cause trouble and kill people?
movie theater business plan?
what is a soliloquy?
A Raisin in the Sun...?
Are there any good acting schools in Riverside, CA?
I want to learn acting as a hobby - Where to start - Any clubs in bay area? (In or around Berkeley , CA)?
i know this is retarted, but i really want to be a singer.?
Books about theater life?
how do i become a union actress?
where is indian idol 4th audition in mumbai?
I need an audition song! Any suggestions?
Disney Look Alike Audition Question?
Can my daughter still model/act?
I want ideas for a mime act!?
What age group is the musical 'Wicked' suitable for - in NY?
Theatre Resume Questions?
How Exactly Do Actors Not Laugh At Their Own Comedy Skits? is not working?
Is there gonna be a La Cage Aux Folles Recording?
Please answer this question for me!?
Send acting audition tape?
PLEASE ANSWER!!! Do you know any good plays for a school play?
How are sound effects indicated in a stage play these days?
What century/year is the play "As You Like It" set?
Can being gay affect your musical theater career?
I want to take acting classes. what should i expect it to be like?
how did you pretend to give birth when you were younger?
Feedback makes me happy good or bad!?
Help ten points for Answer!?
what is the point of theatre today?
I want to be an actor but...?
How to dress up as Christine from Phantom of the Opera?
Suggestions on starting a career in acting?
what is the good age to start ACTING?
How do you choose quality headshots when dealing with photographers?
do you play any instruments?
How to get into this character's mindset?
Songs to sing for an audition?
Talent Show Help PLEASE!?
Do extras actually audition for bieng an extra?
acting agency in washington d.c?
Where can I buy a dreamcoat as in Joseph and the Amazing Techicolour dreamcoat. All I can find is rental ones!
What does the phrase "The kind of Girl Designed to be kissed upon the eyes" mean?
How does someone go about making a Stage Name?
dramatic difference if a murder is carried off stage or if its carried on stage in front of audience (macbeth?
Character names in the play "Night Mother"?
When will Tom Stoppard's Arcadia return to Broadway?
When you're an actress or singer under 18, do you get you spend any of the money you earn?
How can I become an actress?
When your in an acting class, are you ALWAYS on your feet?
ok so im in a play and im one of the main characters. i have two days to memorize my lines and im freaking out?
What should I sing for Oliver!?
Do players in community theatre get paid for lead roles or is their performance strictly for applause?
Should I try out for Drama Club?
If ur 1st kiss was on stage does it still count even if u have no feelings 4 the boy but u still got a thrill?
How can I get in touch with Harold F Brooks - editor of the Arden Midsummer Nights Dream?
who is nicole kidman last hausband?
The Crucible Play by Arthur Miller Act 4 Questions?
trying out for Perchik in fiddler on the roof, help finding lines/monologues?
Which side of the stage is stronger?
Do you have to do theater if you want to act in movies?
Help with a thesis for Macbeth?
how can i listen to the sound track of the stage play hair?
What are good camp awards?
Have you seen the movie "Pelle the Conqueror" ?
Is Disney casting any new TV shows currently?
what are some tips for auditioning for the school drama club?
How much experience would I need to get into a Talent Agency?
And Then There Were None characters and descriptions?
Who knows the play Annie?
Tips for someone who has never acted before?
I am Having great trouble in finding a monologue for auditions. know of any good plays i can check out?
How hard is it to get cast if I have a receding hair line...?
Where can I buy the suit worn by Trey Parker at the 2011 Tony Awards?
going to the cinema???
How did I do on my monologue? Video link included?
Musical Theater college in Texas?
i am 14 and would like to get into acting in scotland?
Can i become an actress?
how can i become famous?
How to be a better actress?!?
How do you make youself cry?
What's your opinion of Saoirse Ronan?
have you ever heard of Clementine Von Radics? details!?
good monologues to do?
Konw of any good depressing monologues?
What is the theme of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman?
why do people say a Film degree is useless?
In the movie, The Taming of the Shrew, how old are Hortensio and Grumio? and what is their function ?
What musical do you think is long over due for a revival?
i need lyrics and/or songs from The King & I to reference at a dinner i'm presenting at...any suggestions?
do indie films pay good?
agents and labels, I'm trying to do a speech and maybe get an agent or label in the prosses? help? please?
How Limited are the "Limited View" Seats at the Apollo Victioria Theatre in London?
What are your favourite films and/or stage productions...?
What ideas do you have for a costume for a 17 year old boy, going to a costume/dress up party?
Is it too late to be an actress and be rich and famous?
i want to start acting, but how do i get an agent and where?
Advice Please - Film Career/Schools, Beginner, etc.?
i want to do something fun, MUSICAL and enjoyable for work experience any ideas?
i need to find a 2 minute speech from a play?
DOeS anyone know of a legit sag agent that has auditions or open calls?
Do You Think I'm Over Dramatic.?!?!?!?
Who can't wait for High School Musical 2!!!?
i am 18 years old, how can i become an actress when i live in Chicago?
What's your favourite musical?
i need two simile off of shrek?
On my own- Les Miserables (where to start the song in an audition)?
How to become very deathly ill?
Is there anyone else here who LOVES David Krumholtz?
Sound of Music Accent?
question about play rights?
what are the 3 things u will bring in an island?
Can anyone tell me of any kid lit titles from any other countries?
What is your favourite musical?
What would be a good song to sing to audition for the musical Curtians?
What is your dream role that you would like to play in a musical?
Need opinion of story idea for production house I work at.?
Was Clara Bow a redhead?
what model agencies are good to start out with as a beginner?
Who is your favorite Elphaba?
Are there any Disney Channel TV shows having auditions and casting right now?
can you add personal comments in a resume?
MTV Roadies auditions venue -- Bangalore?
Audition Rubric: What would you put on it?
Where can I find good materials for a college production play?
The first players speech is often cut in performances of the play. explain why it is important?
How do I become a movie Actor?
Hello, I really need your help. I have an audition coming up, and i really need a good musical theater song.?
Where to learn Cinematography?
Anyone know of acting auditions in Philadelphia?
R U ready to act in a Hindi movie starting this month,have to invest 5 lakhs Rs.not in the lead role?
I need help portraying my character?
Troika talent agency?
Appearance vs. reality in act 2 of macbeth?
will i ever make my dream come true?
What *easy* Broadway song should I sing for my play auditions?
Random role play characters?
Is is wise for me to go to college for Musical Theater or not?
Anyone know any casting agencies for under 16s Extra work?
Sweeny todd real or fake?!?
What is a good musical audition piece for high school?
Have you seen he play wicked?
informationg on the movie on american me?
Acting Major vs. Musical Theater Major?
What outstanding qualities does lady macbeth show in act 1 scene 7?
for all females to answer!!?
Romeo+Juliet article.?
Where can I buy a copy of The Mystery of Edwin Drood and By Jeeves! script?
Can you audition for disney channel if your not in SAG?
Female monologue in Rumors by Neil Simon?
Is there a script available for a stage play titled "Seven Days in May"?
The best Christmas pageant ever?
how would i start out becoming an actor?
What costume should i buy (playing sandy)?
Where can you find a 5 to 10 min murder mystery skit ?
Waiting...... for Godot?????what is your take?
Which musical do you like better, Hairspray or Rent?
My life time dream is to become an actor?
Modeling and Acting?
Where is the option screen in Hit N Run?
Q: the Globe theatre and the Elizabethan theatre?
please help me now?
ummmm..can u try to answer this deciently!!!?
What happens at a disney channel audition???
Is my headshot good enough to send to a casting director?
I've always wanted to be an actress but, I'm shy and scared to.?
How do I become an actress if I'm afraid of being rejected ?
Irony in Macbeth is this Dramatic irony or situational “This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and..?
is 14 to old to start learning to play an instrument?
seven deadly sins?
morality quotes in macbeth?
Hey im 15 and i need a workshop monologue!!!! URGENT!?
Author's look here?
hey can i get help please?
Title for a Sad Film/Movie?
Johnny Depp question.....?
What is a musical you are currently in or were in recently?
Any tips on how to combat stage fright?
Acting acting acting acting?
I was born with a talent, that's is playing soccer, indeed am good because whenever i play i leave a name in?
i want to act!!!?
1. How does Banquo know that Macbeth will not remain king? A. Macbeth is sick. B. He thinks Macbeth?
Can an Ugly girl be an Actress?
How can my little sister get into acting?
STAND UP COMEDY - Does anyone have comedic themes with examples of what makes a routine funny?
my dream is to become an actor. what is the 1st and best step for me to go to. help please. thank you?
Help!Need a Rap for my skit!!!?
is there a play in the armstrong Theatre?
What's a good song for me to sing at an audition for a musical?
On BROADWAY is it true stars don't come to the stage door after matinees?
how long does it take to become an actress ?
is there any auditions for liverpool theatre ?
Im confused about acting. HELP?
what is a good way to impress a high school director, for the play Annie, or any play really.?
I'm bashful girl but I really wanted to go for acting. Any advice please...?
Do you find gay actors not very convincing in straight roles?
Dialogues for teen girls?
Is there a likely chance you can become famous off of myspace or youtube?
Can anyone suggest a good theatre show in the West End?
I want to write an articale out of it so i am just looking for some information?
Character for theatre!?
What do you think about George Mason University?
I need a song for an audition that's pre 1965?
How do i become a famous actress or singer?
I had tickets for a Broadway show this past week, but I missed it... what can I do now?
Would it be okay if my brother took me to a disney channel casting call instead of my parents?
is the new legally blonde with bailey hanks as elle good?
I want to be actress how should i start out?
Has anyone heard of SFA talent agency?
How long are original casts usually together in musicals?
Can anybody recommend a show to see in the West End??
compare and contrast the movie joan d'arc with the written play the maid of orleans?
What a career in set design is like?
Does anyone have the promo codes for the Broadway shows in NY (Phantom of the Opera, Spiderman or Lion King)?
Pros and cons of auditioning for my school play?
How can I get the lead role in a school play?
Things that could help auditions?
Music Man auditions!! Please help!...?
tips on acting?
Is it too late to be an actress at my age?
ive forgot what a set piece is in speech and drama,help?
What's the best musical ever!?
I would like to get into acting, I live in Miami, FL.?
does anyone know of a website that has good and free monoluges i can use?
How to become a extra in a movie?
can you explain the reason for the spelling theater and theatre?
Can I Get a Lead Role In Dear Edwina Junior?
Am I a good enough singer for a musical?
Where can I find short skits for ages 6-8 to perform?
Upbeat musical theatre songs? ?