What is the name of a play or plays that has a PI or Private Eye as the main Character?
How much did the Play Station 3 cost in black friday?
What monologue should I do for my Shakespearean monologue?
What's Matt McPherson's innovation?
Monologues From Movies?
How do I audition for a movie or tv show if I live in Massachusetts?
Should I wear makeup in my headshot picture for an audition? Read details!?
Do you think....?
Does anyone know of any good acting clubs or theatres 14-year-olds can join?
acting and drama class?
Should i become an actor?
I need a "nice name" for a small theater!?
Who thinks there should be more life-changing theatre that instructs and influences social change?
Do you thin there is any virtue in acting? If so, what?
How can I see Gershwin's musical "Crazy for You" on video or in person in the next 2 months, by 2/07?
Do you think i should quit my drama group?
Why do professional headshots cost so much?
¿Someone has the complete play of "The merchant of Venice" from William Shakespeare?
Why did I get rejected as an actor(commercial print)?
If you could be in any musical production, which one would you be in and which character would you be and why?
if minnie mouse wasnt going with mickey,who would she be with?
How to end a short comedy film?
What are topical musical shows also known as?
what should i do?
Does anyone remember this PBS kid's show?
What are examples of passions that voice actors have?
Where and how can I submit my screenplay to a movie company or a free contest?
I want to become an actor and I want to know how to control my voice tone and facial expression as great actor
Bollywood dialogues using numbers?
what would be a good idea for a short, easy film?
How can I tell my friends that I can't play every day?
Noire-themed Macbeth movie for English class...Help needed? What music should I use, lighting, filming?
being a worl class director?
Tips for Annie audition?
do you know any iranian actress or actor and what is your i dea about them?
an actor's signal?
How do I become more out going?
When did they start calling 'actresses' 'actors'?
What is the name of a typical theatre layout?
characteristics of eatern theatre?
Did Al Dubin and Harry Warren produce any other musical works beside Lullaby of Broadway?
Teenage actors/actresses?
What is your dream role that you would like to play in a musical?
Scoring a role as an extra for disney channel? [pic]?
what is the contact number of Indian idol 3 audition?
getting started?
Pretending to be a puppet?
Who has the best male speaking voice?
In need of a philosophical ending for my Macbeth Blood Motif Paper!!! HELPP?
Seperate Degree idea. Do you think i should do this?
are there more actresses or actors?
who is tim kang?
Help finding a relatable monologue?
Why are all these tv people letting Opus Dei's pr people eductae them on it's secrets?
How do I start an acting career?
Is this a big deal?(acting/casting)?
Question about enunciating to people who have to speak to audiences regularly?
how to audition on sm entertainment online?
who is the chines actor on discovery atlas commercial?
How can i become a famouse actress?
How to act like an 11 year old?
I'm traveling to New York for Acting and Dancing Auditions. Where's the right place to start looking?
Disney Channel Auditions ?
Do you have to be an actor to work as a theme park character?
How great is The Lion King musical in London?
Acting career steps??
does anyone have a promo code for The Wiz?
Could you be an actor at age 10?
lion king question please help!?
I want to be an actor when I'm older?
acting director get paid as director?
What does it take to become an actor?
High School Musical 2?
In an audition for acting, what are the people going to ask you?
Romeo's Role?
Is there any web site to learn about mimicry?
How do you become an actor/actress?
what special talents do you have?
Has someone published Rodenberry's screen plays for the Star Trek series please?
who is the actress that plays bella swan in twilight?
My "friend" wants to be an "actress"?
Who were Marc Antony's 'friends' in Julius Caesar?
Is there a likely chance you can become famous off of myspace or youtube?
How long Will Earl Carpenter play the Phantom at London?
Which female name is most beautiful and memorable?
what do you call the kind of scene where the actors cant talk?
Haunted House - How To Be Scary?
What does this quote mean...Romeo and Juliet?
do you think high school musical should have been on the big screen?
[This question is for females only]?
I will be visiting Ashville, NC the 2nd weekend in August. Are there any live theater performances scheduled?
easiest scene to direct from sctreet car named desire?
What is it like being a theater major in college?
Another good idea for a screenplay?
what are your top 3 favourite musicals? Not movie musicals but theatre musicals! If your three match mine then
What's your favorite musical?
How Hard Is It REALLY to Move to NYC and Become a Stage Actor?
Struggling real hard to play with both hands constantly on the keyboard, anyone care to share a bit of help?:)?
Where do I start off to set out doing acting?
What are some really good and homely colleges for Theatre/Acting?
What should we base our musical on?
Any tips for a young aspiring actor? Will do commercials, film, TV, anything!?
What are some activities to do with a high school theatre buddy troupe?
is it scary to go to an audition?
What would be a more sensible career to go down?
How do I join the National Youth Theatre in the future?
Audition monologue for the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?
For english class, i have to make a news report for act 3 scene 5 from romeo and juliet?
I want a stage name for acting?
lookin for a scene name .. ?
ok to get tattoo as an aspiring actor?
wat is the best outfit to wear wen ur girlfriend is bout to come to your place and there is nobody at home&why
Romeo and Juliet 'Bargaining' scene?
College in Ohio or California for acting?
What does "Lay on MacBeth," and "Hail King of Scottland," mean in the play MacBeth? Please help!?
How does one go about getting on the books of Ray Knight casting?
I wanna become a teenage actor...?
how to be in a porno?
Help with acting classes???!?
Toronto Academy Of Acting?????
Any ideas for a good drama play?
Should I forget my dream?
Short video/ sketch ideas!?!?!?
Is Borat really up for an emmy?
There are many theories that state Shakespear did not write a few of his plays.What are some examples of this?
Does anyone have any great ideas for a one-person monologue script?
Hey i cant seem to find a website to see highschool musical 3?
Is acting on the side of school a good idea?
I want a star on television?
how do you audition for disney channel?
Who wrote shrek musical? ?
Good audition songs for the part of Dorothy?
What is your favorite Shakespearean quote? (besides "To be or not to be")?
I have a modeling audition and i put weave in?
in acting, what is role play?
As part of film making, what comes after Post-production?
Do you think I am doing this for fame?
Where can I find a script for Thaswachuthinck! by Volf Roitman?
How to block a scene???
Need a list of antiheros in Theater plays?
Is Sweeney Todd an innapropriate movie for someone who is 13 yrs. of age?
can i be an actor??????
I have a younger cousin, who has an interest in pursuing stage acting, whats the best way to get into this ?
Help from anyone who goes or auditioned for LaGuardia High School? (Drama, singing)?
What is the in-text duration of Macbeth?
I only want to act- Be an actress?
what is the best monty python skit?
I just had a respiratory virus and I'm worried...?
Scene from a play that is like "The Notebook"?
Does anybody know if it is likely that a Broadway show will sell out around New Years?i?
Why do people dub movies, tv episodes or shows?
I need good names for a Music Summer Camp :]?
The Crucible time line?
how do i become a model?! please help me!?
How Can I Get An Agent so I can Audtion on Disney Channel?
Trying to find auditions!?
Does anyone know if there is extras needed for any movies being shot in michigan if so please tell me?
How can i practice acting?
I would like to join Brit school?
would you rather die or watch the high school musical?
I've never taken an acting lesson before but is it still possible to be a great actor and be on par with best?
what is best video of twelfth night?
what means alot? a kind heart or a good face?
anyone got ANY advice to help me with my ...?
Where could I find monologues from one of The Omen Movies?
High rate of suicide among actors has to be because acting is such a repetitive job, who agrees?
Is the Sound of Music good?
Your moving to LA to pursue acting. What are 3 things you need to know to succeed?
did kristen chenoweth and idina menzel get along during/after they performed wicked?
Does any 1 want to play on FaceTime ?
What does a background actor or dancer in a Broadway musical earn?
How do you get started on writing a good broadway musical?
Eagle Eye, West Side Story, or Grease?
why does cassius want to get rid of caesar?
What kind of questions do they ask in a interview for an a top notch acting school?
Is music related to acting?
Give textual examples in Romeo and Juliet when romeo is kind to another character?
What are some of your favorite musicals?
I have stage fright..?
In the musical Rent, what drink does everyone order there?
Titanic Musical Problem...?
Doe's anyone like Charley off Big Brother?
Is there any auditions going on in Atlanta for Disney Channel in 2013?
read more pleez?
Magicians? i need help,Stage props cheap?
Is this too expensive for acting class?i?
Acting At 13 ;) Really need help?
Why would a director do this?
Overall Process of Stand-Up Comedy?
Where can I download The Coney Island Adventures Of Dr. Moreau script or soundtrack?
Good audition song ideas?
john robert powers acting school ?
The point of dialouge between dance and theatre?
Anyone know anything about PTTP acting school in Deleware? Auditioning in 2 hours...Is it a solid program?
How long before the show starts do you have to be at the theatre for a musical?
what should i look into for musical colleges?
Remember me?
Tuabie Kushlicks' Jacques Brel - JHB, Where are they now?
Hi I'm a 13 year old girl and want to become an actress and model now!?
Why did some Ancient Greek plays survive and others didn't?
What exactly is Brecht on Brecht about?
Do you know how can I contact Alejandro Jodorowsky?
Can you tell if this is a scam?
Can someone tell me a popular name in the 1930's that starts with a "T" for girls?
Doesn't this date it?
what do i need for acting?
What counties can actors make more the 500,000 dollar a year?
please answer this question?
do you have to go to acting school to be an actor?
I need help creating a stage name?
Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Rent staring Neil Patrick Harris?
What can be a 'wow' factor for our musical play?
is the new legally blonde with bailey hanks as elle good?
We have to present a skit of one of Shakespeare's tales in the class...?
Being a successful actor?
What actors didn't go to acting school/college?
Which Theme For A Musical Would You Rather Watch?
How to be an Actress?
Questions about acting and agents??
can i get a talent agent in los angeles if i live in canada?
Do you have to live in Milwaukee to submit to Modelogic (Wilhemina)?
How hard is stage acting in a musical?
Is Schoolhouse Rock Live! a childish musical? Is it any good?
I am 42 yr old hispanic mom looking for a part in a movie or a commercial any one knows of an audition?
What are some acting collages?
Who / What do you think was responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?
What are good jobs for people who want to be an actor?
whats and easy way to memorize the lines of a play?
How to get over stage fright?
what type of music is this???
Is anyone in the City Sidewalks play from Erie First Assembly of God?
Help? Tips for a talent show? Please? :)?
How can I improve at improv?
What are some possible plays...?
where can i read Shogu Chara!?
Ideas for a short "Grade 8" play on how to respect yourself?
Are the best Acting Schools in L.A. and in NYC? What are the schools name etc?
How do I take the next step into the film business?
Tips for an audition!?
Monologue needed for drama class?
Is there any historical accuracy behind Shakespeare's play, Macbeth?
mulberry street poem by dr seuss words?
where do i get the script to "dreamgirls" the play?
where can I start as an actress?
well I have to audition for the glee club and I was wonderingg what song I should do?
I need to find a monologue of the play The Pajama Game. Anybody know of a website to get one from?
Acting "Black"?
How do you get on Broadway?
do you think it is possible for me to become famous?
disney face character audition help! how to get rid of anxiety?
ROMEO AND JULIET significance of the title?
Monologue Help Please?
do n e 1 kno where i can get the lyrics to songs from any of tyler perry's plays??? heeelllpppp!!!!!?
where do celebrities go to get their awards and stuff?
Where Can You Get Demoreels Made in UK/London?
Has anyone seen the movie or a production of CATS?
Who is the most important playwright/ play/ of recent times?
how do i memorize hamlet's to be or not to be soliloquy?
Fight with paris hilton (kinda)?
HOw should i play this character??
What's the best acting school in New York City?
programs or good films about young people partying?
30 second female comedic monologue?
Where can I find a easy 1-2 minute monologue from a theatrical piece?
How do you perform sex scene?
Should i go to school for acting?
I am looking for cheap inexpensive acting classes or some kind of training in Manhattan during day?
what is dance?
Where can I buy Rockettes tickets in bulk?
I have a few questions about acting ?
Cant remember name of a musical?
For those of you who live in Southern California, Has anybody tried any of these Casting Agency's for "Extras"
Need help finding an audition song!?
HOw do i die?
15 yrs old in CA. How do i go about pursuing an acting carrer w/ no prior experience?
good songs? 13 yr old girl. Please Comment?
how do i look 9 months pregnant?
how do you become famous???
Do you have to sing well in order to be involved in live theatre?
Please! HELP!?
Can i get a one minute monologue please?
How can i pick up a british accent naturally or learn to speak with one without bastardizing it?
What is your favorite movie?
Im doing a play and i need to learn an iraqi accent... antone know where i can hear one on the web?
Was Shakespeare a misogynist?
Audition song...?
Should I become a Disney Star?
Whats your favourite stage musical?
Is this an okay headshot photo?
what side of Antigone in seen in scene 4?
Struggling real hard to play with both hands constantly on the keyboard, anyone care to share a bit of help?:)?
how many performances have you done???
How to be an actress?
does SAG operate in the united kingdom?
When your trying to become a better Actress, what are some things you can do to improve?!?!?! I'll do anything?
I didn't get a part in the play?
good songs for musical audition?
How does a teen get started in the acting biz without any cons?
Musical Theatre College Questions?
can you take a child under the age of 5 to a broadway show?
good acting agencies in melbourne, australia...?
What type of mask is this?
act 3 scene 1 in romeo and juliet?
How can I project my voice?
Musical in November and i need to audition?? help xx?
Small group musical suggestions? PLEASE!?
Why do actors change their names?
Shakespeare's Macbeth--essay ideas?
high school drama plays?
What's the one thing that you like about the actress Natalie Portman?
Urgent!!WHAT DO I USe as props for a gas station ?
I would like to know about Talent Agencies in the Maritimes.?
Acting agencies????????
Am I a Juno look-a-like?
script on line for Arsenic and Old Lace?
Can any indian go into hollywood?
Stage Fright?
Audition song that shows a wide range?
dose tessie in annie?
How can i make my voice more versatile? Any tips?
Will "December Boys" be playing in any theaters near the San Gabriel Valley?
Whos your favourite actor/actress?
Anyone know anything about the musical Laguna?
What is the best way to memorize lines?
Your favourite Janacek opera and why?
How can i go to hogwarts wizard schooL?
how many monologues "types" should i know for auditions?
Team Edward or Jacob?
Wheres a good place to start an acting career in atlanta Georgia?
Video audition help :)?
Can someone Please Type the full Monologue for The Member Of The Wedding?
Can anyone become an actress or an actor?
what does this means? <3?
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night?
do you think romeo and juliet are responsible for what happened or are theu just puppets of fate?
Some Macbeth questions?
i want to be an actress?!?
Does disney accept video auditions?
if you have seen West Side Story, please answer!?
What is your all time favorite movie? And what is a good quote from that movie?
does anyone have a copy of the script for "the kissing scene" writeen by Carl Martin, September 1988 Publish
College computer labs are so interesting - interested in an update of Don Carlos left on the printer?
Where can I buy a Jean-Paul Sartre Script to produce a play?
Do i have an accent? help!!!?
Pippin the play? Is it too old for a five year old?
***Desperately need the help of my fellow theatre people***?
is acting an art?
How to be good at acting?
I want to become a Talent Agent?
Who provide grants for Indian Theatre?
I'm young but am interested in becoming a singer and/or actress...?
Tartuffe Questions Help?
What kind of role does the Mayor in Bye Bye Birdie have? It appears to be very minor. Is it worth auditioning?
I need help? Try and make me cry?
What should i change my name to?
Directors vs. Actors... How do you keep to your concept yet give the actors freedom to act?
What talent agencies are in Virginia?
can anyone pls tell me some of the famous indian dance & drama schools in u.a.e ?
Anyone know any.....?
What song should I sing for my audition?
Acting???? I need some adivce...?
Why do you think that there are people that don't belive in God?
What does it mean to Block(In a Play) ? ?
How do I.....?
was Sweeney Todd set in the 1700s?
How to become an actress?
Disney Channel Scam Audition?
In your opinion, what is the greatest musical of all time and why?
what to see in the westend?
I need stage name help...?
How can I analyze Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet? What are the most important parts?
Maximum Ride Casting?
What agencies do Disney and nickelodeon work with?
How old do I look?
I wanna be an actor but I'd never be able to get naked on camera! Is that a problem?
My first commercial audition: handing in headshot?
What is the best acting book ?
I want my stage name to be different then my real name, do i have to go through all of that crazy legal stuff?
What Broadway show should I go see in New York?
Audition songs for Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella?
How Do I Find An Agent In The Same State As I Am?
Is A 4 year College Better Then a 2yr Community College For Theater?
How do I get a hollywood agent if i dont live in california?
Do my nerves play with me?
Monolouge - Help need for an auditon from a play?
What is the ACTRA Union (Canadian) pay scale for actors?
why isn't jennifer lopez as popular as she's suppose to be?
If i live in NYC and i go to a GREAT acting school what would be the possibility of me becoming famous and?
Dramatic Monologue?!?!? URGENT?
any one know about th new moon auditions?
What does one learn in a beginner "Acting I" class?
What are some REALLY good chick flicks?
How do actors and actresses stage getting their limbs cut off?
I am interested in the modeling career but I am afraid that I would get scammed?
I Have a hard time writing songs what do i do ?????
Is my musical theater attire appropriate?
Nicknames Beginnin With M?
What is a good song to sing when trying out for a musical?
I have an audition tomorrow. What does an office mail delivery guy wear?
Who's had an inductions ceremony for Thespian Society?
Monologues on Unattainable Love?
Play scripts for teenagers?
Uh oh im applying for an actin job, buy my Résumé isnt so great, should i make something up?
when one day all of us have to die then why we fear death?
What do you think of Keanu Reeves?
I want to play straight characters but im gay?
Acting Auditions????
I need singing tips; I have auditions on Monday!?
new comedy maybe to set foot on BBC?
disneyland auditions?
Kyle XY: Matt Dallas~Amazingly hot, or what?~?
I kinda need help with my monologue......?
Do you think pre-teens should model ?
What are good ways to become famous?
how do I get on deal or no deal?
My dream is to be on tv but I dont know how!! Please help!!?
A Raisin in the Sun...?
what are some possible topics i can pantomime for acting that could be 1-2 minutes long?
Has anyone here attend the ABFF?
How do u pick a stage name?
I want be the star in hollywood but how?
Ideas for writing an urban drama about a new rapper?
Does anyone know of a good modeling agency or any place for children modeling?
Are these good audition songs?
What exactly does a movie or television show producer do?
i need a few acting tips?
Legally Blonde or Wicked?
what is an asm/understudy?
Shakespearean Plays Question?
Question for Oliver the Musical--Casting Nancy?
What are the 4 basic question a storyteller should ask about a story?for script writting?
How does a 35 year old man get into acting?
What's a good play to go see?
Is there a website that has auditions in the DFW area?
Whats the first steps to becoming an actor on disney channel?
Who is your Romeo?
Where can I buy, not rent, the white dress that Ula wears in the show The Producers?
does anyone know miley cyrus's blog?
Who sings "Raton Y Queso"From El Cartel De Los Sapos show and where do you download it for free?
Does Miley Cyrus have braces behind her teath?
I need to make an angel costume that will look somewhat decent in about 1-2 hours, any ideas? Help please!!!?
How can I become a Disney Channel star?
Who Are Top Ten Directors Of The World?
Who played Diana Berry in the Original Off-Broadway Production of "Anne of Green Gables"?
I really have a crush on this boy I have tryed smiling at him but it kind worked he smiles back but i want him
Disney Channel audition!?
how to be better at comedy acting?
Julius Caesar Speeches?
Is it too late for me to learn how to play the Violin?
will i ever have my own tv show?
I need help choosing an audition song!?
Romeo and Juliet Act I what do you think?
What is a monolougue in acting? And where can i get one? What is a drama game?
How Can you get Started in the (acting-business) as a teenager?
Any good monologues for an audition?
Can a 12 year old play a 16 year old in a movie?
Do you think I'd be an ok actress?
I need a legitimate acting agent in the new jersey area?
would Macbeth have killed anyone if he had never met the witches?
Would becoming a porn star help or hurt your chances of becoming a successful mainstream actor?
1 minute dramatic female monologue?
A question about Broadway shows?
Ideas for talent show?
acting agency cover letter?
Suggest me some good movies...?
where do i go to become a disney channel star and have my own show
Anyone over 50 need my help?
How old is Hamlet?
Does anyone know a good acting school in houston?
Who are some good talent agents?
How is the Haunted Castle in Gloucester, MA?
Why/how do tv actors and actresses get paid so much, since television is free?
How to act like Megan Smith from Privileged?
Is The Pillowman going to be staged on the East Coast anytime soon?
What is Jill Tanner's objective in Butterflies Are Free?
Am I funny? I need help/input on this!?
Where can I get the 13 script?
Where are some all girl acting lesson classes in New Orleans?
How do I become a brilliant filmmaker and transform the film industry?
how can i become a actor on disney channel or nicolodean? im 11 and in florida.?
Is it possible to get the addresses for casting directors to send them your headshot/resume?
what is hilary duffs email id ???
is this a good acting resume?
who know how I can get the text of "Kean" of Jean-Paul Sartres ?
How do I get a talent agent for movies?!?!?!? I REALLY need help!!!?
Who do you look at when performing a monologue?
Annie charaters?
MJs doctor killed a musical icon?
What can I use as a fake pregnant belly for a play I'm in?
Role playing basics? How does active role playing work?
How much of an importance is height for a man if you want to be an actor?
Is it too late to get into acting?
What shows have you seen on Broadway in NYC?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live In Michigan?
What is SAG? (Screen actors guild) But what is it? and what's Union and Non-Union?
what is the best speech to prove you want be an actor and model ?
Stage names ideas???
Should i get into acting or not :/?
how can i relate lady macbeth's line, "Out, damned spot! Out, I say!" to the theme of appearance vs reality
Monologues help pleasee?
what are the adult acting rates for film, tv and commercials?
how can i be an actress in t.v shows or films?!?
A summary of masks in drama?
A Short Summary of 'Our Countrys Good' - The Play! QUICK!TEN POINTS!?
I sometimes stumble over my words???? :/?
Who is the best actor ever?
I need a dramatic monologue?
What should i do to be creative for a puppet show?
important question peoples!?
How did Harry Houdini die?
i need help on becoming a disney star!!?
If I wanna be an actress, what do I do?
what is the term used for d 2 masks,one which smiles and the other which frowns?
must you be good looking to be an actor?
list five charateristic of a professional?
what dose it take to be a actress? list all the steps and work plz! How much practice or experieance?
What is harder drama or comedy?
Should I forget my dream?
How do you become an good actor?
Should I report my teacher?
Help with this monologue please?
Musical theatre project?
Should I try to become a actress?
What should I know for this audition?
How can i become an actress?
Anyone have any tips on being a guy (For females)?
how much does it cost to go to manchester school of acting?
What are the chances of my girlfriend becoming a famous actress?
what are the problems of getting some weed to relieve my mother's chronic spinal pain?
Is height important for acting?
Who really liked High School Musical?
Where can I find movie auditions?
Broadway Shows in NYC?
Best microphone for voice acting under $200?
Is it possible to play piano without knowing how to read notes?
could i possibly be a famous actor?
Who are your favorite and least favorite characters on The Walking Dead?
i want to be an actor! so how do i get started?
I need the blueprints for Shakespeare's Globe Theater?
Can anyone comment on my play?
Where do I find a agent?
where can i find Rent-broadway pics?
What is the best casting call site?
Casting Director Question?
How do I discover my hidden talent?
A broadway career/musical theatre?
what are some good sight with monologues for teens?
How to become an Actress in canada?
How do I become an actress?
Shakespere's Macbeth quotes?
I really want to be an actress, how should I start out?
How do you find out about modeling auditions not scams?
Where can I find a video of Miley Cyrus performing at the Kids Choice Awards 2008?
do you need an agent for film and tv castings?
Where can I find a comedic 30-45 second monologue for a teenage girl?
where can I go in the Washington DC area to be considered for a sitcom or movie?
complete the sequence Worm, butterfly, hog, dolphin....?With regards to a grand entrance by Russell, Quinnell?
How early should i be in line for a worldwide audition?
What is the basis of Othello and Desdemona's falling in love with each other?
does anyone know where my user name came from?
Academy Awards?
Help finding a comedic play with heart?
Which Monty Python Actor Spent the Most Time in Drag?
what classes would u recommend an inspiring actress to take in highscool besides her academics to help?
What is a good monolog for me to use?
How do i become a young actress at 15?
How should I go about this?
I need some help with impromptu speeches?
actors: what do you do to calm ouy nerves before you perform?
where is Phantom of the Opera playing currently that is near if not in Connecticut?
Do you look down on actors?
Does anyone know of some intense dramatic plays with a female character?
what Disney Channel acting agencies are on the net?
Who knows the play Annie?
Who was the Eastern European director credited who is known and the the Method?
I have a panto audition tomorro any tips?
how hard is it to get into a theatre collage?
Contemporary Musical Theatre Songs for an alto?
How do you get a job as a 12 year old.?
Hello, how coud Mel Gibson speak with a good British accent in his film of Hamlet, while we know he's American?
What is centre-stage in drama?
What is this famous line from? ("STELLA")?
how do i become a model, an actress, and a musician,?
I need a good idea for a monologue?
Any true scary stories that happened to you?
how can i look and act like that girl in high school musical?
I want to get my daughter into modeling acting etc. :)?
How do you become in the adult industry?
Comparing and contrasting Macbeth and Hamlet?
I need some Wizard names.?
acting and the industry?
Backstage at Adelaide Entertainment Centre?
what song should i sing for an audition?
how to become popular?
Music for pantomime play?
What term does Mr. Mushnik use on Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors?
Where can I find a copy of the play based on Verdi's "Il trovatore?"?
"black box" in drama; why?
How to become popular?
Playing Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit?
Help/tips for writing monologue for a character with a split personality?
Websites for auditions?
babette in beauty in the beast?
Was it love or lust between Romeo and Juliet in the Shakespeare play?
If I have ever done one good deed aI regret it? {shakespeare}?
we have a play but no stage to perform on, where can we go in rockingham co. under 500.00 dollars with a stage
What does "Keep your hands at the level of your eyes" mean in Phantom of the Opera?
How to become a famous actress?
Are there children/teenager roles in the play "Witness for the Prosecution"?
Which do you like better the Opera or Theater? Tell me why???
What do you think is the best musical of all time and why?
Did anyone see the drowsy chaperone?? What were your thoughts on it?
Which musical is your favourite and why?
anybody know the names of indian actos working in USA as an actor??
what is the scenery like in the play "midsummer nights dream"?
Where can I get a monologue for "I'll be back before midnight"?
what are your criterions to give your vot for or against an opera singer?should it differ for a man or woman?
I want to become a famous actor how?
Is this okay (Auditon)?
How many more musicals can Andrew Lloyd Webber cash in on?
Help me. What is a good audition song?
How do you know when actors aren't acting?
Interested in becoming an entertainer, does this sound like a good plan?
What is the time peroid for Commedia Dell'Arte?
How to Act like Tony stark?
when are they doing auditions for camp rock 2
What are some controversial plays/musicals?
Blonde actresses between 27 and 34?
Do you need an equity card for an equity principal audition?
How do I fake cry like actors and actresses?
Looking for a musical theatre song for tenor?
Where can I get the soundtrack to CATS?
Too SHORT for ACTING? Does it matter in Hollywood?
Acting???? I need some adivce...?
are there any actors/actresses who are in friends and the big bang theory?
What do I wear to a musical?
How to become a BIG Hollywood movie director?
Feel good songs???
So I write plays. What do i do with them to make them well known and hopefully become famous?
Is moving from MN to LA a good idea right after high school ?
Does anyone know a link to the script of "Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates"?
How did traditional clowns in Japan look like?
sweeny todd?
Twilight, Love it or hate it?
How can I take my child to work as an actress with professional actors?
I want to audition for Elaine in Arsenic and Old Lace?
what to expect at a casting call?
how much is $4oo.oo per 520 square feet?
Performing arts techniques?
What does a callback from an agency mean?
Can my friend Sam be an actor?
I need a monolague for a guy!!!!!?
what does this means? <3?
What do the dolls do in the musical, Guys and Dolls?
Cheep Halloween Costume Ideas?
If you are a good person you would read and try to help me!?
re-remplishing wine/beer glass?
Everyone plz answer this!! DO YOU KNOW ANY??really important?
Parents don't believe i can become an actor?
Acting schools in Boston?
does anyone know of any shows that are or have been on broadway that my child might know? or any at all?
Does anyone know any good theaters near st.louis MO? PLease let us know!!!!?
How do I memorize a monologue?
Upraising Director Needing Help!?
Music Video ideas for the song Boston by Augustana?
Where does costume makers and like make up artist for broadway and dramas and plays...?
can anyone help me think of a sketch that lasts for 20min to be played on stage?
I need a monologue - and FAST!?
What act and scene does Capulet turn bad?
how do i become an actress ?
who did mel gibson play in letal weapon movies?
How does Portia die?
Why did the musical Aida stop touring in America?
What are the requirments of becoming a porn star?
What are legit modeling agencies in Alabama?
How much did the script costs and royalty fees for the play A Streetcar Named Desire?
I need help finding a 10 minute dramatic female monologue?
what does it take to become an actor?
What's the best live band you've seen, and where?
What degree would be useful in pursuing an acting career?
Wicked - The book or the musical?
How do actors pay for a 3 year BA degree at drama school? (Eg, RADA)?
If you're a model/actress do agencies keep you from seeing your family?
What is the meaning of the song "Will I loose my Dignity" from Rent?
What are some good male monologues that covers; African American people/rights/struggles and or heritage?
what are some songs that i can use that relate to twelfth night the play?
does any one know how to become an actor?
songs that make you cry?
Where can I find open auditions in central NY?
If auditioning for a male role in Alice in wonderland what monologue do you suggest?
does anyone know where i can go to become an actor(child)?
Do you like the commercials in the movie theaters?
HOW would i go about...?
Have any of you heard of Venessa Paradise before you heard Johnny Depp was Dating her?
Does anybody know where the america's got talent auditions are?
what type of food did romeo and juliet eat?
Monologues for 13-17 year old girls?
Are adult film actors eligible for Actors' Equity membership?
School Show Questions?
Pantomime!!! help?
Theatre Club for a Freshman?
hi my name is Elizabeth i need to find casting calls in dallas tx for acting?
In the musical Honk! can the Cat be played by a girl?
A question about thetre in Shaksperes time?
how would you design a set from a script?
Who should I contact?
what movies are showing at the arvada town certer theater?
Staten Island community theatre?
What is the color of the silk suit Wining Boy sells Lymon in The Piano Lesson by August Wilson?
is And Turning Stay by Kellie Powell a published play?
Help with macbeth summary?
i want to start acting, but how do i get an agent and where?
How old is Rebecca Gibbs?
What is the act and scene of Macbeth where Macbeth plots to kill Banquo's Son?
How to perform as the opposite gender?
I need help with my show choir audition?
I need to find the answers to these questions about the globe theatre?
Where can I find the lyrics to "The Pajama Game"? Does anyone have any audition advice for Prez?
Anyone know where I can get an "All Shook Up" script by Joe Pitriero...?
I going be an actor but i don't know where im going to move LA or NYC i don't like the cold but do like NYC?
How can I become a Actor. Do I have to go to acting school first or what.?
I'm doing acting class at the end of this year? what happens in acting class?
I just want to act!=( Can someone give me places to go in Houston to get work?
What is the best theatre college?
I have a audition for a musical today, I'm super nervous!?
RENT isn't exactly a "disney" musical....?
is it really easy for female to huge-kiss-touch strange person infrant of camera?
Mechanicals names in a Midsummer Nights Dream?
how to get into character? (Anne Frank play)?
I want to become and actress what do i do?
What does National Youth Theatre look for?
What is the best way??
there is a radio show in class and i have to present jokes in class. can u give me some good jokes?
Where did Miley Cyrus here about the Hannah Montana auditions?
So I want to go into acting lessons!!!!?
Contacting an Agent.?
what 3 instruments should i play out of these?
Is it true????
Has anyone seen this play?
anyone go to london colney school in the 80s?
most annoying song from a musical?
I have rehearsal until 9 every night this week?
how do become and actor on disney channel?
A good monologue?
What is Easiest way to hush a crowd without embarrassing yourself?
looking for short male monologue?
Any scripts for a teen girl?
Quiet Casting Directors =(?
Help on Tee Shirt design?
What is a good idea for a Junior High musical?
how to become famous or get on X-Factor?
When u create a voice demo, for voice acting, who or what do I send it too? ?
Where can I buy prop glasses?
Why/how do tv actors and actresses get paid so much, since television is free?
how do i become a famous actor?
Am i too old to try acting?
What is an H/R?
anyone want to rip there arm off when someone mentions high school musical?
How do i start an acting career?
The Diary of Anne Frank (the play)?
Need voice actors for a video game series?
please answer anyone please?
How to become an actor in a drama? i.e: Inbetweeners?
Please answer this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Does anyone know a website or a script for the indian play the Mahabarata?
Are there any auditions open for kids?
Theatre observation project?
What do you get when you cross my parolled jobless cousin with a 7 iron?
Audition song for Les Mis?
where can i find play auditions in Los Angeles/Hollywood?
What is the inciting incident of the movie Casablanca?
When is Monique Colman's birthday?
Has enyone seen the Anne frank tv flim?
how do I become famous i can sing and act but how do i become famous ??
how can i convince my mom that i wan tot be a actress?
Im an actress but sometimes have stage fright how can i overcome it??
Am I Very Gay?
who is ross in Macbeth?
Is this acting course a good one?
What cultural events are on August 12th, 2006 in Denver, CO?
What's a good audition song from a Broadway show?
what song should i sing?
When can I start becoming an actor?
whats the best audition songs?
What's a good upbeat alto audition song if i am auditioning for the little mermaid at my school?
Is it better to have short or long hair when your trying to be an actress? ?
I am auditioning for a school play ?
in Shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream, why did Oberon want the changeling?
I have to stage kiss a guy I actually like?
hey guys i really want to be an actress and being big someday. any tips for me?
Finding 'Alexander' script?
MEMORIZING Romeo and Juliet HELP! (10 points)?
did lionel ritche die?
Talent Agencies in New York that aren't scams?
I enjoyed reading Macbeth. What did you think of Lady MacDuff?
What's you favorite musical?
After watching the Sound of Music, choose ONE of the following questions to complete:?
Audition/theatre help!?
Going to see BREAKING DAWN ON SUNDAY!!! shud I b sooooo excited?
How can I make a living out of acting?
looling for a theatre organisation to collaborate with on exchange programmes from europe or the united states
UK Film Auditions :)?
What can I use to cut myself?
I need a scene for 1 male and 1 female?
Information and Experience with Kids International Agency?
I want to be a film super star in hollywood who can help me I live in iran ?
How to become an actress?
Why did Shakespeare's plays often have only roles for men?
I need some HILARIOUS skits to do.. please?
What is the name of this French film?
Ok so i want to film comedy videos?
Anyone know of a website that has a list of plays on it?
the story behind the fledermaus?
Stage fright?
"Workshopping" a show means what?
Teen Choice Awards 2011?
How can i get my good acting skills out there?
how do i become famous and get loads of money?
acting auditions and agencies?
Can the mall theater help me get an acting opportunity on a film?
I need to dress up my kid with an international costume for a school activity? any suggestions. shld be simple
THIS IS NOT p o o rn?
Does anyone have tickets that they can give away for The Voice Australia live auditions?
"Wicked" fans, please answer!?
Question about screenwriter finding agent?
For the last few months I have lost motivation to become an actor, is it possible to gain the passion back?
What would be a good thesis statement over who most exemplifies a tragic hero; Antigone, Oedipus, or Creon?
Watch the Guns and Roses Video titled: Since I don't have you.?
I need acting tips!!!!!!?
How do i become an actress???????I'm 12?
Im currently rehearsing for a play about the slave trade but Im having trouble picking up a southern accent.?
Whats your opinion on Kristen Stewart's acting?
can you put monologue in your own words?
Do vampirs exist? and where?
What is the song Suddenly Seymore about?
wicked the musical?
Is my acting good or average?
Where do you go to audition for disney?
What to wear to a Tyler Perry play?
do you have to be able to sing and dance to get into Sylvia Young?
How much does it cost to get into an acting school?
I need a shot skit with some kind of music in it. Please I need it Fast!!!?
At the age 30 a guy wants to become an actor! Can he be? Shall he go for his inner voice?
What was the poison Romeo drank in Romeo and Juliet?
how do i become a singer?
History Project Skit!?
Could I become an actress & go to college at the same time?
When auditioning, do casting directors prefer real theatre experience or drama school?
Did Guy Hovis and Ralna English of the Lawrence Welk show remary?
What are scenes that songs play in Transformers: Dark of the Moon?
Little shop of horrors the play?
How should i audition?
Tattoo- Acting career?
sheep costume for a nativity play that i make?
Funny Costume Ideas?
Talent Agent in Minnesota?
want to become an actor?
How can i learn a american Californian accent?
New York Film Academy? Is it a good school?
How to look and act like Audrey Hepburn?
How can I tell my friend he can't sing?
is there a difference between "wicked" and "Wicked: a new musical"?
Do you have to be short to become the <ideal> actor?
How to become an actress??
How does macbeth commit the 7 deadly sins in the play?
I need ideas for planning a Mystery Dinner Theater (no murders) - where should I begin?
how can i learn to hit the high notes in singing!?
Romeo and Juliet the film?
In Les Miserables , was the act of detaining Fantine in prison fair and just? why?
do you believe romeo and Juliet won or lost?
question on experience for acting?
how do you buy 8mm movies?
Who wrote the following monologue and what play/Movie is it from?
What is harder drama or comedy?
Is there ANY Disney Channel Auditions in U.K this year?
Who is considered the most beautiful actress in Bollywood?
Can a muslim woman become a professional actress with a hijab?
which disney princess could i audition for?
What to wear for an audition?
Has anyone seen Les Miserables? If so how was it?
What's the right to do with the girl I like in this stage?
How do you show a character's point of view when writing a play/script?
Disney costume?
How to Fake-Scream on Stage?
Was Macbeth a good man?
Can I study Psychology and Acting?
Musical Audition Help?
how do you make yourself cry?
I have a Lady Macbeth speech?
How can I become an Actor on Hannah Montana? God bless?
Stage Name!?
Am I to old to start an acting career?
Monolouges for three?
What are some legit acting agencies?
Stage names for girls?
What is a good script to audition with?
Romeo and juliet help! Anyone know stuff about the character Friar Lawrence?
I want to become an actor.. Please answer!!?
How long before the show starts do you have to be at the theatre for a musical?
Adam Pascal?
Is there any difference at all between the play and the screenplay of A Raisin In the Sun?
where can i find acting auditions in Indianapolis Indiana?
Help with my script?!?
When someone asks you to do an exposition of a play what are you supposed to write?
Is 30 an okay age for a beginning, aspiring actress?
Im going to audition for the play "once upon a mattress" and i need to pratice and sing a broadway style song
Help! I'm Ophelia and I've no idea what I tunes should be singing! (Ophelia's madness)?
Acting classes in Sacramento?
Anyone seen the play "A Piece of the Heart?"?
Should I carry on with this career plan?
question for actors/performers?
Are there any male/female duets where the guy and girl hate eachother?
Romeo and Juliet help,please and thank you?
In William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, what advice does Friar Lawrence give Romeo in Act 3, Scene 4?
My parents don't support my decision to be an actress (long story)?
Audition/interview questions? Tomarrow.?
Extra Casting Calls In Georgia?
How should I go about doing this?
what movie is good on a topic of leadership? please help asap?
What is a good musical theater song for a 14 year old girl?
please give me some ideas for a costume to wear for cats the musical. cheap if possible?
who was tony booth.@?
Is B.I.H. Actor's Studio a scam?
Is High school musical conert sold out in your city?
Should I invite an agent to my show? Please read!?
What is the website for the Cambridge Theatre London?
what could you tell me about the history of the play "Arsenic and Old Lace"?
Do you think that the fact that Romeo killed himself, proved that he truly loved Juliet?
I'm afraid to perform because of the people in my cast???
do you knw where to find a........?
Were Jekll and Hyde and City of Angels broadway musicals?
Elizabethan dress/costume question?
How do I get into acting when I'm homeschooled?
'a streetcar named desire question' 10 POINTS?
how to develop a brooklyn accent?
As an actor, how would you improvise if this happened in a production of Phantom of the Opera?
How can I overcome lack of self confidence and stage fright? PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION.?
Is it Good to Audition with songs from 13 the musical?
Julius Caesar Act 1 help?
where i can find afforable acting school in nyc??
Need help deciding on an agent?
The Crucible play. I really need some help..?
Legitamate Talent agency's in las Vegas ?
Aah Solo Talk Tomorrow, Any tips? ?
Im looking for a child talent agency or agent how do i go about doing so?
can youBe the first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds ?
How can i join Sm agency?
Is the song "Anyone Can Whistle" overdone for college auditions?
What in the world is a "Penda Opera"??
acme talent in NY, will they allow ppl 2 audition 4 them or do u have to give money or whatnot?
improvisation is a critical skill as it frees the soul and develops the actor: i need help on this essay!?
What was it like in Romeo and Juliet's 1594 Italy?
Is this agency a good agent
How do we act in a movie?
Actors and musicians: Can you see the audience in a medium lit place with a spotlight on you?
Who knows where I can get a copy of the play THE WOMEN by Clare Booth Luce.?
Do I have a good body/voice/talent/etc. for TV?
I need someone's honest opinion.....?
What's a trusted modeling and acting agency in the Philadelphia area?
Do I have to go to drama school to become an actor?
Auditions for MI High on CBBC?
Will SM ENTERTAINMENT pay for you to go to Korea if you pass the first round?
Do you think Mandy Patinkin or Antonio Banderas did a better Che (Evita)?
Favourite Shakespeare play?
How can you learn how to speak with a British accent without moving to England?
i'm acting childish...@ an age of 24...?
How to become more popular?
What is this picture about?
Are any male actors 16-21 interested in being part of my music video?
Les Miserables--the Dream Cast scenes?
What to put on acting resume?
Any one know where i can find an audition?
how much does the whole fee cost at one source talent?
Name of opera?
To whom should i post a story or script if i want it as abollywood project ?
What is your understanding to the concept with the support of specific examples ?
Is Fabnewfaces a reputable agency?
what french term means to let the actors perfom without editing?
Anybody know a good song for auditions?
Do you love acting? If so, why?
does anyone know where the auditions for americans next top model are taking place for cycle 8 or 7?
how can i find an acting coach* near me?
How many plays did Shakespeare write?
Anybody? Student Films?
Which parts in "The Comedy of Errors" should I cut if I want to create a 20-minute play based on the play?
What are some other extra agencies in Los Angeles, besides Central Casting?
Hi. I would like to know if script writers work in groups. if so, how do they do it?And how much are they paid
Could I host a show on PBS?