where/what is the "Mezzanine" in a stadium?
why peoples hide there talent ?
How Can I OverCome Stage Fright? Plz Help Me! Don't Ignore This! Plz Answer This!?
How can I become an actress if I'm shy?
What GCSE's should i choose to be an actor?
Whats the best way to learn lines for a play?
I need a female contemporary monologue for class?
Stage Combat Corset Help?
Why do most British actors have good American accents?
How do you play bajosexto?
Audition kiss? Nervous!!...
what is your favorite classic tv show out of these:?
dramatic monologue fo a 13 year old girl?
is this a good way to start my acting career?
Is anyone obsessed with Wicked, the musical?
Best place to live to start an acting career?
Looking for a good audition song.?
how much time is needed in playing a part in a play?
How do you get an acting agent?
The musical 'Phantom Of The Opera', is it worth watching?
is high school musical 3 senior year rated r?
How do I act like Glinda with my arms and legs?!?
Acting tips needed from experienced actor, thank you! :)?
Can students play Edna and Wilbur in high school productions of Hairspray?
1700s theater customs (Sister is in the Show Amadeus)?
Is it right to walk out of a production no matter how bad it is....?
why Bollywood?
Can someone please give me some teen movies/Tv Shows?
What is Les Miserables about?
how can i read the play lend me a tenor?
when did jamie foxx start acting?
Is Milaeon Talent Agency A Scam?
who is the best director in history of cinema ?
i wanna be a star?
How much to costume designers/set designers earn?
How can i become an actor?
I Need An Audition Monologue!!?
Anyone know a proper name for a girl character?
Any advice for a girl playing a male character?
What is the theme of Rilke's Duino Elegies.?
How do you get an Agent that can help you audition for disney?
Would it be a goode idea to wait until I finish my acting classes to get my agency?
Which agency do cast extras for Harry Potter 6?
What's the microphone situation for High school musical sing it, on the PS2?
How does imagining the audience in their underwear help overcome stage fright?
I'm a 22 yr. old (23 in Feb.) inspiring actress, and I don't have experience....?
Where can I buy a checkered viola?
Hamlet- ESSAY help please?
I am a 13 year old actor and singer . how do I get discovered?
what did macbeth mean when he said this?
what age should you play 7 minutes in heaven?
What do you need to put in a resume?
When is the best time to go to LA/ Hollywood for auditions?HELP!?
What are your views on TV and other so called stars being awarded Honours?
What are some good dramatic/epic classical songs (like you would see in a movie)?
do you think someone shy can become an actress?
Should I audititon for a Major Role without experiece?
I need to know how the seat numbers run at the theater at madison square garden, i am looking at section 101?
How did Elizabeth theatergoers know which type of play would be showing that night?
How can I meet X-man's Director to cast a movie?
dose anybody no this song?
What are Some tips for memorizing lines for a play?
I have to perform a monologue tomorrows and I'm sick! what do i do to keep from straining my voice?
what is your favorite classic tv show out of these:?
Are you a high school musical 2 extra??
Help with Drama Cub try-outs!?
Where are good sites to get glee stuff?
what website do I go to for Idaho Shakespear festival in Boise?
French Musicals?
Which modern actors would you cast in "Merchant of Venice"?
I'm looking for work in tv or film. I work in the art department, any advice?
im 14 and i love to act does anyone know of any acting auditions i can go to?
Should i give up my acting career for my gf....(PLEASE)?
How do I find an opportunity for voice acting?
were can i find an acting agent??? for teenagers?
Did i do good on this audition?
Did a munchkin hang itself on the set of Wizard of Oz?
What would be a good monologue from "Angles in America"?
I'm researching a play called Hello, Dolly! and can't find the names of the characters that sing the songs?
Where on the internet can i learn how to play gospel music (amazing grace) for free? ?
Stage name help please :)?
I'm want to audition for Eponine in Les Miserables. Which song should I sing?
I made it into the school play but need help!!!!?
does anyone know what the song is in this scene?
Who's seen Wicked???
Once Upon A Mattress...?
Advice on workshop ideas?
What is SSN on
Anybody have any photos or ideas of what I should do for this makeup assignment?
how many people play musical instruments?
How do actors make themselves sob?
any good musical? like high school musical or hairspray?
Acting interview??????
What do you think about John Robert Power modeling agency?
what's the best modeling and acting agency in San Diego?
Is making a High School Musical 4 pushing their luck?
Antigone Questions PLZ!!!?
What's the best musical on broadway, right now?
I need an extremely comedic character song for a girl for theatre?
(10 points best answer!) acting questions?
I am 13 and i want to go to acting school any good ones in Pennsylvania?
What BROADWAY musicals are out on VHS and DVD?
i am not a professional actor how do i become one pleaseeeee help!!!?
what do look under 4 two similar pictures and then a scary face comes up?
Do you think I have a chance in becoming an actress?
Trying out for high school musical!?
How can I boost my confidence and get rid of my stage fright?
This is an acting question.?
I was cast as Mary for the play Stuck...?
Galway arts festival ticket problem?
Grease or High School Musical?
Why do actors use stage names?
anyone want to help me find this script?
How much are Wicked tickets?
Where can I get into a theatre program in or around the Allen, TX area?
Do you believe the acting industry is "unfair"?
Why Am I So Afraid Of Getting Old?
he friends, i want to be an actress, how should i start my career.even u need help sum time, pls suggest me na
In the play "The diary of anne frank" What are the differences of Dr Dussel...?
How can I improve my creative writing skills?
Am I to old to start persuing my life long dream again? Which is acting.?
How are California State University Northridge's Theater classes?
Live do the actors and actresses remember their lines?
What are legit acting agencies in Chicago?
Could you give me a title for our presentation?
If you wanted to pursue a career in acting should you go to a website such as
Help asap... Sorta like stage fright. read description ..?
questions abot julliard,, - -"?
who is the main character in the musical "Grease" the broadway play.?
Know any good monologues?
In the acting college of Hollywood?
i would like to become an actress some day, what classes should i take? theater? i want to do justplain acting
Is there any tips for acting practice without a teacher?
What is modern revisionist theatre?
ashley tisdale?
This is a follow up question about Casting for extras- What is the best agency to sign with?
Where can I find cheap acting classes near Cheifland Fl.?
What play is this monologue from?
Can anyone tell me that of played the role of Abhimanyu in the Mahabharat serial made by B.R Chopra?
do you people like the play "romeo and juliet"?
Acting Auditions???!!!?
Will We One Day Have No Use for Real Life Actors?
Where is a good place to start my career as an actress?
Auditioning songs?! help?!?
what acting exercise can i do at home to be a good actor?
At the play of pyramus and thisbe in Midsummer night's dream, does Quince incorrectly read the prologue due...
What are some good audition songs for Avenue Q?
What is the attire for Phantom of the Opera? ?
Who was the better Javert, Philip Quast or Norm Lewis?
Is thirteen a good age?
I am looking for fake pregnancy pads to represent 3 months, 6 months and 9 months for a play we are doing?
How many tickets do they sell at Jersey Boys rush?
Am I A Tenor Or A baritone?
how can i get famous/noticed living in a small town where nobody beleives in me?
I want to act...?
Acting audition question?
simple question, is mel gibson gay? only if you have seen him having sex with a guy or he told you he was?
Special Skills to put on acting resume...?
What to expect at a modeling company interview?
has anybody ever seen the play "joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat"?
where in Minnesota, usa can i find tapes on when you are mine ie caundo seas mia?
We shouldn't we fight fire with fire?
what's an AMAZING Belting musical song for an alto?
What is the cheapest website/place to by london theatre tickets from?
Are there any Disney Channel TV shows having auditions and casting right now?
does anyone know who christian and ariana savalas are?
hows my singing? rate? videoo?
Dramatic Play for University Directors Project?
Audition song for the musical, Parade?
What are some good agencies for acting as a background person or an extra?
I am writing a script for my drama exam and need help...?
A good upbeat audition song?
How does a person find a job in the filming industry offices?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
Is ellesmere port specicalist school of performing arts school open tomorrow(friday)?
Is there anyone hiring an actor? I am a mexican american looking for an acting gig in or near Atlanta. Thank u
Where can I find the Cat in a Hat play script?
If I want to becme a movie producer, should I study cinema or theater arts?
Cyrano de Bergerac homework help?
I am an actor, how can I get in touch with an talent agent?
Why can't you use your phone/camera etc during theatre show thingys?
i want to be extra or a main role...?
Twilight fans, I need your help with an Oral Interpretation question!!?
Modern talent agency real or scam?
What is the most disturbing celebrity kiss?
Are u reading this if ur a beginning actor how long must one wait for their first audition ?
who played tina turner on the tina turner movie?
Is it Impossible to get into the Movies !!!?
Help on audition for young around 13 year old girl in a concentration camp?
Critique my monologue?
What is the best possible seats to have in the Hummingbird Centre Toronto, ON, CANADA?
Top Ten Favorite Musicals?
who is playing in money,men and goldiggers play?
What differences are there in the school edition of Les Miserables?
How do I do my hair? I'm performing in wicked!?
Othello Act 1 Scene 3 - EASY10 POINTS?
What is the best musical of all time?
what are some personification from Romeo and Juliet play?
Anybody who knows theater schools, give me as much dirt as you can on the Tisch at New York University.?
Do you know about any theatre thingie any amateur could use in order to practice?
Can anyone answer questions about Stephen Sondheim's musical Into the Woods?
The similarities between 'Titanic' and 'Romeo and Juliet'?
I'm auditioning for the musical Oklahoma any song suggestions?
Any Acting Agents in Chicago you know of?
What is the Malayalam actress Sunitha do now?
I want to be an actress, where should I act?
what is theatre like?
How prominent of a character is Monsieur Thénardier in Les Mis the Musical?
How 2 become an actress in america?
Could someone read my comic fairytale play? ?
Seussical the musical?
How can I become a famous actress?
Should I use my normal voice for my monologue?
how old is mercutio?
How do i make myself cry on stage on cue?
Any suitable websites for teens?
What do i need to become a secret agent?
Why are Restoration comedy characters named so transparently?
How to burst out of my bubble? [shy]?
Does anybody know a good college for acting?
Is the play "our Country's Good" a comedy?
Audition: Seven Brides For Seven Brothers?
What do you think ? Does the name of Laura Ashley sounds good ??
Starting an improv group? Tips?
I'm an actress looking for a big break.Where can I find full detailed casting calls online without paying???
Whats your favorite Shakesphere play?
Published Play Monologues?
please answer! do you think i would get the part?
what is the best way to get to act on Disney Channel if you live in Minnesota and you dont have any money?
Comedy of Errors lighting project?
How to practice for Talent Auditions?
INPORTANT EMERGANCY: Where can I find good acting lesson/technique classes in thornhill, ontario (Toronto)?
Whare about the next audition of Sa re ga ma pa in kalkata?
Does a Avenue Q DVD exist?
Which musical is your favorite? and why?
Song ideas for Alice in Wonderland audition?
What's a good name for a comedic play, a parody of all superhero movies?
Is there even a point in being in High School plays?
What's your favorite Arthur Miller play?
I need a female actress that fits this description!?
Help! How to impress the judges for musical theatre?
Who to audition for in Fame? carmen or serena?
Any info on a play banned in the 1930s?
How old of Tom Sellack??
Audition for the role of Katherine in Taming of the Shrew.?
Does medeival times change their show for new year's?
How do I make a resume for acting ?
Is anyone looking for a script for Wicked?
Is Tom Baker Dr. Who still alive?
I need someone to help me with a detailed analysis of a movie theatre and be creaytive about describing it?
In the play Romeo and Juliet how does Friar Lawrence show his spiritual love for Verona and Romeo and Juliet?
How can I get started in the acting business?
Would you play another gender if it was a role you truly loved? Could you pull it off?
What can my empty popcorn bowl represent in a relationship?
I need a dialog skript for the nativity play !!!!?
I'm auditioning for the part of Julliet in a school play, what will help me prepare and stand out from every1
How do I calm my nerves before a play?
A big name hollywood agent wants you to stand in on a movie, what part would you like to play and what movie ?
What is your favorite Jodie Foster film?
Do you need to call an agency long before?
Short man act scripts/ ideas?
enunciate words at an acting audition?
What are some descriptions on a circus?
What would be good for an audition for a musical?
In the book/play "the tragedy of Macbeth" what title does Macbeth receive after the opening battle?
Good plays for high school?
help with W;t?
need good advice plz!!!?
can a shy person do acting?
Really Good one minute monlogues and Acapella songs? Please Help?
why to hope?
I need a 3 minute drama script!?
Know of any good monologues?
I am an aispiring actress and today I just found out they have two roles for me what should I do?
How many performances have there been of Phantom of the Opera, considering all different languages and venues?
Sheet music for "Hey, Big Spender"?
What Would be a Suitable Musical that could be cut down to half an hour for a group of 13-14 year olds to do?
I need a first person monologue were Im only talking and no other characters it needs to be 10 lines or under?
Acting in Commercial pay?
Humorous Interp. Question?
How can I audtition for an independant horror movie?
what character did walt disney say he created on a train ride from New York to California?
Who was going to be the backup actor to play 'Bluto' in case the originally casted actor couldn't?
I want to be an actress..?
How can I become more funny?
Scene Queen??????????????
kissing scene?
what plays do the characters D'Amville Touchandgo and Quadratus appear?
Hi i'm 13 years old I have long brown hair and I am short and skinny. I love to act and I am amazing :)?
I'm about to turn 18 and I am moving to NY to start acting (movies & tv), but Ive been told several things!
MacBeth Questions!!! HELP PLEASE!?
What is the difference between a story and a play?
How to become a famous actress?
anyone know the lyrics to any of the songs in Babes in Arms(robert and hart)?
What song should I sing for a Seussical audition?
Im confused about acting. HELP?
im writing a short play, however i have no ideas at all. Its suppose to be a 10 min play. anyone have ideas?
Does acting build confidence? ?
The site star search casting i have been a member for a while and still havent gotten anything auditionds HELP?
Acting in High School...?
Should I pursue acting?
What's the meaning of "Teflon celebrity"?
Know Of A Good Part To Audition For A Theatre?
I am looking for an Agent in modeling, don't know were to start, can anyone help?
Free Download site for musical theatre albums?
In what mood is sebastien in the latter part of act 4 of twelfth night by shakesphere?
is it too late for me to become an actor?
Cha Cha Digregorio from Grease?
What to do at the audition for the sound of music?
Does anyone know where I can find the text of Samuel Beckett's play "Footfalls?"?
Best Shows on Broadway This Fall?
Do any of you know if they have stopped filming Pirates Of The Carribian yet?
im trying out for my firts school play the susical and i have to sing 16 bars wat song should i sing?
i need a name for a character im creating ?
Learning to play the Violin?
Movies that would be easily turned into a play?
What was the name of those skits?
Who do u guys think is more beautiful; Linsay Lohan or Hally Berry?
What is a headshot and what is it for.? Thanks and God bless?
Acting, can this happen?
how does a 13 year old girl become a actress in the next year?
What to expect at acting class?
What Object Can Define the Characters of Antigone?
I need some phone numbers for acting jobs and that are with Kids Background?
does superman wear underwear?also Batman and spiderman.?
Should I add things I am going to do on my acting resume?
which movie is better is that bluffmaster or kal ho na ho ????
are we good actors or what?
how can i become a famous actress?
How to start acting as a college student?
I need to figure out what sort of thing to wear for a mini performance of the last 5 years...?
When is the Acadamy award???????
The blue man group, is it a good show?
I AM VERY SHY and i have to act PLEASE HELP ME!?
A good high school comedy involving mainly males?
Tips for a musical play nerves?
a good monologueeeeee?
At what sport did Liam Neeson excel?
Anyone seen "Damn Yankees" I have call backs? Need help!?
How to create a mermaid show in NYC?
how can i get over my horrible stage fright?
What is your favorite song from the Musical Rent?
Whats an easy way to fake a brittish accent?
How to purchase VIP tickets to concert?
I have yet another audition.... How do I act humiliated?
When is the last time you went to a musical and did you enjoy it?
auditions for SM entertainment?
I need and Actress for a story can you help?
Can you name some actresses who have performed from a young age onwards?
Does anybody know in what episode or movie Inuyasha kiss Kagome and hug of Inuyasha show?
how many...?
How do i act crazy like hamlet?
Questions about working as an extra/background?
I'm nervous to be in my first play because I have glasses. Can someone help me feel more confident?
How to memorize a monolauge?
How to dress like Enid Hoopes from "Legally Blonde"?
Scared my Dad won't take me seriously about starting an acting career 10 points?
Experience in acting. URGENT?
When does '500 days of summer ' start playing in theaters In Toronto?
Where can I find Royalty FREE children plays?
Jonas Fans : Help ? =)?
PLEASE i really need a synopsis of stage door the PLAY not the movie!!?
Please help...Romeo and Juliet?
I need a monologue. Help?
Do you own any musical instruments?
If you had 400 reputable agents to apply to, how many would u apply to?
What do you think of my drama group's project choice?
I'm auditioning for the part of Julliet in a school play, what will help me prepare and stand out from every1 can it be trusted?
Are actors that play the role of a teenagers the same age?
my parents dont think that i really want to become an actress?
high school musical play??
what should my stage name be?
I need a monologue that sounds like a crazy lady?
does anyone know when the phantom of the opera was first performed on stage?
i have an audition tomorow and dont know what to wear?
What is Angelina Jolie's mailing address..........if a fan wants to send her a gift?
Any tips for acting with puppets?
How would Shakespeare's audience react to the Witches play and why is this different from a modern audience?
How do i become a teen actress if im extremely shy?
How hard is it to make it as an actor in Los Angeles? READ DESCRIPTION?
Is the guy on the Uswitch advert Mercutio from romeo and juliet?
The Fantasticks?
Auditions for Children's Theatre...?
Is it possible to get an agent with no experience or training?
I am looking for advice on directing theatre?
does anyone know any diversity acting auditons in michigan?
Who's HOT and who's Not?
i had a bet with my friend that Anthony Hopkins was the first to play Hannibal Lector on screen?
What was the intro song played at the start of The Mighty Boosh 2008 Tour.?
How many open-air theatres are there worldwide?
Is being 17 too old to start an acting career?
Need catchy name for theatre company?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Please help me.?
I have an acting audition on Sunday for an agent. I'm 13. Can you give me any tips on how to impress the agent
How to get an acting agent?
what movie is good on a topic of leadership? please help asap?
Disney acting please help?!?
front row of upper circle theatre royal drury lane?
night of the living dead 3-d?
How can I find child acting auditions?
can you visit the law and order set? where is it made?
Can u write me monologue about the book Fergus McPhail?
So, how's Wicked (the musical)?
What films did triple h play in?
I got the lead role in one act play but i have alot of lines to remeber any tips on remebering them?
acting auditions for teens in Michigan?
Merchant of Venice! Help?
Hows does one go about being an actor IF..?
I love acting and would like to act on the big screen. Where do I start?
Which school should I attend?
Where can I find kids acting classes in West Virginia ?
Which play did Creon say this speech?
I was chosen to play Juliet, and Romeo is...???
high school drama plays?
What's the best, or most recognized acting school in Toronto, Ontario?
Question about Lion King the musical?
I would like to be an actor on the family channel?
In "Antigone" is Creon guilty or redeemed at the end of the play?
trying to find full size animated or statues of a childrens winter wonderland?
why did men play as women in shakespeare's plays?
When does the Teen Choice awards start and what channel?
What are some questions to ask during an interveiw?
Favorite Musical anybody?
What do you think of my musical taste? IS THERE A UK EQIVALENT??!??!?!?
Why can't my school perform Wicked?
How to get into a play?
suggestions for an audition song for a blue grass musical???
How do actors and actresses get paid?
Does anyone know where I can get a recording of some of the songs from the musical Footloose?
Please Help - Monologues?
should i be nervous at a movie audition?
This is about acting?
What clothes and makeup should I wear to an acting Audition?
What are some ways in which I can become a successful clown, and entertain children?
Where is the best place to look for acting jobs ?
what songs does the chorus sing for willy wonka or what scenes is chorus in?
similarities between the comedic styles of twelfth night and some like it hot?
Do any girls play battfield bad company 2?
multiple choice questions on Romeo and Juliet, help!?
I am 13 do i have a voice? Watch the video?
Can anyone help me to answer this question in Drama?
What is Julie Covington doing now?
Where can you find degrassi auditions? &i know you have to be a Canadian citizen to audition,questions on it?
what would be better for me to go in to first acting or singing?
why is he acting this way?
Where can I learn a Cuban accent?
Filmmaking Video Editting Software.?
Who is directing the current STAGE version of the sound of music?
What anime character should I cosplay?
What does method actor mean?
I've randomly decided that I want to be a singer when I grow up. Is this possible?
Acting resume help?! (Not enough experience?)?
Need a monologue for an acting audition? ideas please?
So does anyone have highschool musical audition advice?
John Robert powers?
how is the conflict resolved in the phantom of the opera?
whats a nice title for a play themed for modern greek dramas n roman lit with highschool students as audience?
What are some good film, acting schools in the United States close to the east coast?
doo you think miley stewart and oliver in hannah montana will go out together???
i want some information about movies festivals in greece?
who thinks the sprouse twins are cute?
does Sidney Poitier have a mailing address?
What song should I sing for my school's musical?
Disney Channel 2011 Talent Search?
could i possibly be a famous actor?
I want to start an acting career...?
need help for acting pleazzzze ?
why does disney have a fake audience?
I signed up for the drama club?
What does this mean in theater?
How do I do a British Accent?
Is there any way I could get into this show?
Anyone have great audition tips?
I need help with Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar"?
Help on writing a monologue?
Who is the female lead in Shakespeare's Loves Labours Lost?
i need advice plz..?
Top Acting School in Mumbai?
Please help me with this problem?
explain this dream.....?
I have to do a sketch for a audition?
Is this school a scam?
What are good plays for ages 8-14?
I feel guilt for one of my mistake but can't make sorry to god for that how can I do that what I do yaar?
How Do I Tryout For Disney Channel or Hollywood Records?
how do I get into acting?
What does being a natural actor mean?
Acting colleges/schools?
Where can I get a copy of the skit "Heaven's gates and Hell's Flames?" Thanks!?
How many people who want to be actors become them?
How do I become famous?
New web-series on Youtube. I need opinions of it, its not long at all. Please give me feedback.?
Which London play should I go to?
how did you know what type of play was being performed in the elizabethan era?
Is American Talent Showcase a scam?
Where can I get a DVD of the show "Caroline, or Change" for a friend with leukemia?
High school musical script?
Another You're A Good Man CHarlie Brown Question?
im 17 160 5"11 nice body great actor.dancer,singer how do i go about getting on disney channel or a audition?
I need a 2 people scene.?
What are the different parts within a musical?
What are the essential plays?
Tryouts for a musical! Opinions please?
How long should I go to school for acting?
Which site gives me free download of bharatiyar songs?
what are different type of acting techniques to learn?
Interview with a theatrical agent from Gersh Agency?
How do I become famous? I want to be an actor but I'm already studying in university?
What is a good slow song 2 sing 4 a contest?
Is there anyone in or around the Asheville NC area who would like to meet & disuss independent filmmaking?
Can any one tell me what "character actor" means....Is it diff than regular actor?
Is there any website that tells you upcoming REAL auditions ?!?
Is there any musical like sweeney todd?
Is "Its oh so quite" by Betty Hutton a Broadway song?
making movies?
Is it normal to feel this way as an actress?
How do i become an actress?
Talent Agencies in Georgia?
Acting agents! or anybody else, what cuts the line for you to accept sombody and be their agent?
An audition asked for a headshot or recent picture.. how should I take it?
How do you stop nervous laughter onstage? My daughter needs to know!?
Why do all Super-heroes wear spandex?
Chances of becoming a actress?
What to wear to a Disney open casting call?
In the play Hamlet how does Hamlet put pressure on himself?
Does anyone know Danielle Panabaker personally?
Monologue? Song? Plz help!?
If I want to go into an acting career what should I study in HighSchool?
how can my 11 year old nabor become famous?
Broadway plays where the setting is taken place in new York ?
Reasons that Romeo and Juliet is NOT relevant for a modern day audience?
Actor who resembles this drawing?
Why do people always assume that actors have easy jobs?
Theatre- Practice Acting Help?
Help finding two monologues!?
who is starring in the pantomime Snow White at the pavilion in Weymouth this year?
Please tell me sites, or stories about any good Legends/Fairytales/Myths/Fables from the Philippines.?
Is High School Musical 3 good?
Are there any acting auditions in the UK?
what's the average salary for a famous actor?
Who is your favorite OBC Rent Cast Member?
What is a reason characters in the play "The Crucible" are persecuted?
I want to try acting...should i move to LA?
I want to act but don't know who to contact, help please!?
Musical Theatre Collages in NYC?
Tips for auditions? Any advice would be appreciated.?
What's your favorite accent?
How can a person practice "acting"?
should i pursue acting, or just forget it?
can someone help me understand this script?
Do people in North Carolina have southern accents?
T.V Adverts (help on agents)?
togetherness skits anyone??
What in your humble opinion is Shakespeare's funniest play?
What do you do if you think you may be interested in acting?
Antony and Cleopatra modern english translation?
Free wi-fi at the grand ole opry hotel?
How to get enough courage to tell them?
I stay in jacksonville florida and I'm interested in acting but I'm having trouble looking for a talent agent?
I want to become an actress, but I am afraid of failure. What shall I do?
How long is Les Miserables running length inckluding break at Queens theatre, London?
Where is the best place to move to get famous?
Can i become actor at 22 with an engineer degree;my heart still beats for silver screen?
i need sheet music!?
What are some colleges in the US with good drama programs?
Theater history buffs: Which play owes it's success to a newspaper strike?
ahh please help me with an idea!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the artistic eras?
How can I audition for Disney Channel?
do you have any tips for auditioning in a play?
Is it common to see actors naked in Theater?
What is the dress code for attending Broadway shows?
What is it you like about Wicked the musical?
What is the highest note for a female in musical theatre?
Need to smoke for a play, need starter tips?
What does Chic-see mean?
Really good plays for kids?
What qualities does a good director (for theatre) have?
I DESPERATLT need a 20th century play monolouge ?
College audition monologues and entering undeclared?
Is there a class that teaches the Theater Dialect?
john robert powers students?
what's a masterpiece project ?
do songs make you cry???
Name a list of things that actresses need to be able to do.?
Dose Any one have any suggestions for a talent agent on the east coast?
Rejection by modelling agency?!?
Should i do this audition?
Ideas for surrealism theatre piece?
Difficult situation?
Are there any auditions for theatre in Dublin this week?
magazine/newspaper with talent agents and where i can get it online? I mean from where I can e-buy it?
I need to make a short,funny skit on recycling?
is getting a BFA in acting worth it?
how old do you have to be to get to central school of speech and drama?
how much to hire a C or D list actor (in £ preferably)?
Group Broadway songs for a Competition?
What is your favorite musical theatre "power song?"?
Is everybody in the world incompetent?
Is '' a legitimate audition site?
tell me 10 moods or situations where the following lines can be used?
elen's kids?
Work experience suggestions?
What is a Character type-out Audition?
What is the best musical you have ever seen ?
am i pretty enough for sm auditions?
Anyone know where to find good Midsummer Night's Dream wedding/reception ideas?
I'm in a confused situation right now please help!?
Theatre Major: MUST SEE MOVIES?
Song lyrics for a monologue?
So does anyone have highschool musical audition advice?
What is Swing ( the position you see in Playbills)?
May sound shallow but there is a standard... am I pretty enough to be an actress? pictures inside?
Will anyone be auditioning for High School Musical 9: Corporal Punishment?
Actors - what's the single best piece/piece of advice to give a new actor?
oh i want a short comedy and funny story of animals which includes 6 characters . time of the drama - 5 min?
For a high school talent show?
I am thinking about auditioning for a local production of High School Musical, but i have no acting experience
best musical?
Can my kids (age 5 and 6) see the play wicked?
kyle busch?
What would be the best song selection to audition for "Guys and Dolls"?
What should you put on your resume?
Help on becoming a character actor?
Can anyone think of a scene (movie or play) with 2 guys and 2 girls? preferably a comedy?
how do you think my singing is? i have never took lessons?
monologue for west side story should i still do it?
christmas play please help(:?
Monologues 2-5 minutes?
What are the key requirments to create an effective piece of Melodrama?
wait wait wait wait I MAKE BABY?
Can anyone tell me where i can search for casting calls for disney channel and sign upo for them onlineforfree
A good song for a mezzo-soprano college audition?
i would like to see images of costumes from the play 'our country's good' by timberlake wertenbaker?
Talent agency reccomendation pls?
How do I become a successful actress?
Why is it hard for very sexy models to become actresses?
Playing Hermione?
How does the Guild 40 Gad play does it play well ?
What is the name of Sam Jackson's wallet in PULP FICTION?
How do i get my parents to let me audition?
Are there any agents in weymouth (acting).?
Does anyone know when Jarrod Spector from Jersey Boys birthday is?
what is the opening music in a musical before the actual musical begins?
Pay for head shots?
Why would someone want to view a movie that blasphemes the Creator?
What is a great character to play their life story?
is it too late to just start trying to act at the age of 18???
Fiddler on the Roof, King and I, or Pirates of Penzance?
Sondheim vs. Webber?
Birimingham Accent?
If any director of any movie ask u to act in movies what role u are going to select?
Can I cosplay if I plan to go into a serious career?
How do you find acting auditions?
Need help choosing a good classical monologue for audition....?
What is the best website to go to so I can find a auditions for teens?
Which part of New York is better to live in to start an acting career?
Im trying out for High School Musical @ my school. we have to sing the play's songs. any tips or suggestions?
Questions about what song to song for my musical auditions?
Does anyone know where I can find lyrics to songs from the musical, See What I Wanna See?
Is Team Studios a Talent Agency?
where can i find a script of macbeth in modern day english?
Monologue selection help!?
What's the diffrence between Hair on bway n the movie?
I'm looking for a song to audition with?
what is a good musical my high school can do?
Can anyone please help me with choosing a good Acting School?????!!!!! Please?
Agent Etiquette Question?
Is it possible for an actor/actress to never become famous?
Question about Lion King NYC tickets?
How do you get auditions at 13?
Is it a bad thing to only think about becoming a actress?
How do you solve a problem like Maria?
if minnie mouse wasnt going with mickey,who would she be with?
How Do I Cry?
I am really uncomfortable playing a role?
Would a Storyteller Vacal Soloist have speaking lines?
Play Script: The Cold Equations?
I am pirate in the school play?!?
does anybody know when high school musical 2 auditions are and when?
I would like to know if Brad Pitt is in the Guns N' Roses Video titled: If I don't have you?
What are some great tips to help one get into a school play?
Could I be model/actor, Is there chance ?
How to act in love for a play if you have a boyfriend?
Have you a minute?
Does anyone like miley cyrus?!?!?!?
When and where will the Catching Fire extras casting be?
i want to be an acctress...what should i do? or where should i go?
Does anyone know any good duo skits?
what actor plays tonys dad on iron man?
Funny monologue after 1950!!?
HORRIBLE part in play!!! WHAT DO I DO???
miley cyrus?
Can you suggest a great monologue to audition for Beauty and The Beast? Thank you!?
Have you been in a panto, if so, who did you play?
Here is my audition story for x factor what do you think?
how do you make your self cry?
A name for a small live theater?
where can i find the complete script for the movie sin city?
A low cost shotgun microphone? Husband wants a boom mic for Christmas?
How to parents I want to learn howto play gutair?
Broadway auditions during thanksgiving time?
How do I get more acting roles?
or..what if you knew a guy who was very involved at your community theater and he decides to go off and start?
any acting jobs in Beirut?
Oh no. the guy i like is acting weird?
If your biological father was never a part of your life, can u please answer?
I am 13 year old girl and I want to be an actress. How can I do it, where do i start?
Has anyone ever heard of the Jason Bennet Acting workshop?
do actresses have to be as thin as models??
Need Help? Who Knows A Lot About Theatre?
How To Find A Casting Director? And Someone Who Can Get You To A Recording Studio?
what's your favorite part about being an actor/actress?
Help/tips for writing monologue for a character with a split personality?
a dancer or an actress!!! maybe even a!! advice plz from anyone!?
How should I play this character?
Audition for Beast (Beauty and the Beast) Song and Monologue Help?
Perfectly petite agency???? do you know anything about them how are they?
What is so appealing about Pamela Anderson's fake breasts?
What song to audition for Babette in Beauty and the Beast?
What is your favorite Shakespeare play?
will ramin karimloo ever come to broadway?
howcan i get into acting career? i want to act and want to take it as a career in on small screen as well as b
High School Musical!?
i grew mary jay by this video....?
Do actors have any other jobs beside then just 'acting'?
Should I quit acting?
Acting Techniques 101? Actors Answer?
What do I wear to go see the Nuter?
My future career in Acting.?
How do sex scenes work on hollywood?
Going to audition for school play, It's a Wonderful Life, Tips?
Does anyone know New Faces Models first hand?
What are some show stopping songs for auditions?
auditioning for school plays?
I want to know if there is any private acting coach . That are well known in orange county?
ugh! high school musical?
i m searching for one one act play....?
I need ideas fast! Im writing a play?
How to start acting if you dont live in a big city?
look down look down, don't look them in the eye...?
What old hollywood actress do you think I should dress up as?(pics included)?
where can i get auditions for any thing on Disney channel?
Audition in Three Days, Need a song?
high school musical?
WORRIED in LA trying to get exerience to audition and get into Cambridge or RADA etc..?
I cant afford to move to NY or LA, how can i get into acting?!?!?
Need help for theatre costume!?
What are some differnces between Romeo and Juliet the movie and the play?
what's slang for tabloid magazine?
do you think creon is reasonable or antigone?
Romeo and Juliet play, help on dance?
Is John Cusack really the mean person they say he is?
Help with Shakespeare's - The Merchant of Venice?
Theater Question!?!?!?
if ur a nervous shy person how can u overcome it if you want to be an actress or actor?
I'm an actress currently based in the UK, but would love to relocate to New York. Any advice?
In Romeo and Juliet, how long was Act II like how many days? (aka the balcony scene)?
I Need to Write a 30 Minute Play?
how can i become more more confident when performing infront of my class?
Looking for a monologue?
What time or times of year constitutes a theater season?
Look Model and Actors Agency?
Les Mis Hosiery?
The joker is real? (Theatre shooting)?
Do i put my schedule on my resume?
Does anyone know where there are any acting auditions in Edmonton Alberta Canada?
How many pages does a script have?
Do I have good looks for Sm Entertainment?
What to wear for a drama audition?
I'm nervous about something, can you help?
how do you change your voice? i do acting and i dont like the sound of my voice?
Do you like Romeo and Juliet?
What is your favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?
Do actresses parts dry up as they get older?
I went to an auditorium the other day
please email me at
I need help choosing between two audition songs ! Please help!?
Where can I find monologues from Doris Roberts on Everybody Loves Raymond?
What are some good audition songs for female character actors?
symbolism and irony in the play "You Can't Take It With You"?
What is the acceptance rate for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy?
what is the history of the clown?
How do I audition for "The Walking Dead'?
I wanna be an actor... and wanna do non commercial as well as commrcial movies... but don't frm where 2 start
can anyone get info on a playwright named phillip or fredrick wiggins who wrote a play called shawnee park?
Acting Classes in South Florida?
I have an audition on wednesday and for that audition I must prepare a monologue help?
Is this a good acting plan?
My first kiss is going to be a stage kiss, I don't really want it to happen like this! What should I do?
Is Attire of a Character in a play a dramatic technique?
Which is the worst James Bond Film?
Where is the best place to go for hoilday?
Broadway duets for girls?
Any more SM Audition Tips?
What is that part of the Crow in the wizard of oz musical? ?
I'm going to a Broaway show this weekend?
Can I add these classes to my acting resume?
am i too old to learn how to play the piano?
where can i find play auditions in Los Angeles/Hollywood?
How do I get an agent for voice acting?
Macbeths act 4 questions?
Is the musical "Wonderland" available for amateur performance rights?
Is there some real girl fond of doing some acting as dead i want some pics to complete my studies paper?
i want to be actor?
On show such as "Two and a Half men" do the actors and actresses use cue cards and/or teleprompters?
My daughter needs a agent she is in the acting business. She is a SAG. member she has also been to school .?
can you audition for a show and not be in acting school?
Where can I watch Broadway Shows like Mary Poppins,Hairspray, and Grease online for Free?
How to become an actor?
I want to do theatre outside of school?
where can i get an awesome duet acting piece?
How does proscout work?
What Is Romeo Montague Full Name? And His True Name.?
SM Entertainment Audition Questions .?
i have to sing in my music class oh no?
I Really Want to Become an Actress But I Can't GO to Acting School help 10 PTs?
Voice acting needed (male londonish accent)?
Into the Woods Little Red Riding Hood!?
How can I develop my voice for news reading ?
is there a chance in acting for me??
How do you perform a monologue without choking?
Are All Art Works (all forms) Political? What do you see as Political?
Lead into the woods role?
How do I become get into acting?
Where can I find an two person emotional scene ?
How do I overcome this ?
i need a play from Guatemala so if someone can find one for 10-18 characters that'll be great?
what classes would u recommend an inspiring actress to take in highscool besides her academics to help?
Should I put plays I have been in at church on my actress resume' or is that not legitimate?
Ben Jonson's "To the Memory of my Beloved Master..." means what?
High School Musical 2 or 1?
how do i impersonate celebs?
Can I have two agents as an actor?
I would like some murder images to use for a flyer?
What do you think of my acting resume?
How to be a good living statue?
What is the name of the song at the start of the x factor auditions on Saturday?
what kind of white gloves do i need to show up well in blacklights??
Soon to be actor, please help!?
Acting Tips: Crying on Cue?
what should i wear to an audition?
A song for a funny presentation?
I need a scene for 3 teenage girls, 10 mins or short. help?
Could i become a model or actress ? Pictures inside?
Greek Theater mask ideas?
What forces have altered the way we look at the landscape of contemporary performance?
15 year old actress? Needs help?
What kind of man is oedipus in the play by Sophocles?
Christmas gift for aspiring actress?
How do you start an acting career at 14?
i need a website with Monologues from PUBLISHED plays?
stage fright........?
I need specific steps on how to get an agent and how to become an actress and stuff. Help!?
how long do the britains got talent audition shows in london last for?
Do you "love" acting?
Which acting program?
does workaholics still play on tv?
How to become a theatre actress?
Question in death of a salesman literature?
All the "K" movies of karan johar's are an utter nonsense like ekta kapoors "K" serials isnt it?
do casting directors take people who cast because how they look or how they act?
bye bye birdie audition?
what did mickey say about the magpie in blood brothers?
Dirty Dancing on stage?
What's the best international acting agency ? ?
script learning lines?
How are actors hired? ?
what is the cheapest acting agency in kansas city?
10 POINTS! what are Hamlet's feelings and thoughts about revenge?
If I hold an f-1 visa, can I audition for roles in Los Angeles, and Can I take acting jobs that have no pay?
is there anything wrong with being a straight man and liking some musicals and live theatre?
Difficult situation?
Do you think people in to musical theatre are gay. ?
How many open-air theatres are there worldwide?
Do actors in Old West shows use real 19th century guns, or just look-alikes?
Hamlet Act One, Scene Two?
I'm looking for a song to audition for "How I became a Pirate" auditions for a mezzo soprano girl.?
Acting school???????????????????
What are some good ideas for a high school musical?
Shakesphere Bio?
Can I use Sweeney Todd for my school play?
What is the purpose of a drama or play? what is it supposed to communicate or offer to an audience?
Songs for audition for school play?
Who owns the Rights to WICKED the musical?
Wanna become an actress...?
What is a good name for an improv troupe?
how do i become a proffesional actor?
how to i get stared to become a actres?
Is it a scam or this place legit?
Anyone know of a successful broadway mezzo who uses their head voice alot? (doesn't belt alot)?
how do i become a model/actress?
About Disney Channel...?
Where can I find information on movie and commercial auditions in FL?
Who do u think should win 'I do anything' ?(Oliver Twist competion)?
i want to act in plays, should I.....(plz read whole question)?
How do I get an agent for acting?
How do I become a actress?
actors with the name james and four letters for the last name.?
How is the romantic mood in Romeo & Juliet created in Act 1 Scene 4?
Help! How can I pursue this?
University theatre auditions...?
where can i find a legit acting agency in the uk?
how do i become a actor?
ok so im in a play and im one of the main characters. i have two days to memorize my lines and im freaking out?
I want to put on a production of Rent. How do I do that?
iz their gonna b a high school musical 3?
In the play Julius Caesar, what religion were Brutus and Cassius?
Where can I buy second hand conveyor belting in Australia? I need about 600mt at this time.?
Acting Q- How do i reach genuine emotion?
Help!!! I can't memorize my lines!!?
Recommended song for my musical theatre audition?
Which seat is best in Lyceum theatre?
HAs anyone ever used for disney channel auditions and actually got the job?
How should I begin acting?
character for haunted house guide - bad idea?
Acting Classes in Northeast PA?
What should I do in a small town?
Auditions! I really need help! Sorry it's so long! ?
I play the piano now, but I miss the violin.?
What does the term beats mean in theatre?
How to become an actor?
What time period is the play Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling set in?
When is one direction ever gonna play in pa?
I'm a TV actor and I recently found out I'm being considered for a pretty big role... okay to call the CD?
Does anyone have/know any funny monologues about harry potter?
Upcoming Casting Calls in Orlando, FL?
How do I become an actress? ?
Anyone got 2 good monologues that uses an accent and is for a teenage male?
How do you get into doing technical stuff for theatre?
Well, I recently found out that my good friend and I are good impromptu actors, what can we do with this skill?
experts on medieval theatre?
Which is more fun: Being a lead in a musical or the chorus?
how can i become a famous actress?
I am also looking for an upbeat song from a musical for my audition for Grease?
Just give me one tear?
Any good Glee dialogues?
auditioning for a musical?
I am about to be in a play. How do i get less nervous?
Can anyone teach me to do a scottish accent?
Is this a good monologue?
14 year old actress looking for a role?
Is the Phantom of the Opera performance in Budapest in Hungarian or in English?
how can you get into acting on tv ?
hate in romeo and juliet?
Theatre decore (landscape).. please help?
How to find college students looking for actors for student films?
What to wear to a modeling open call?
Can you still be an actor/actress if you're not thin?
is a scam?
Who in your opinion, out of all the Oscar-winning lead actors and actresses - who least deserved their Oscar?
How do actors make it in Hollywood?
Two plays in the Globe theater, 1997?
Do anyone on Deviant Art like to Role Play?
Does anyone know if San Jose, CA or San Francisco will have more acting work in TV, Extra work, TV commercials
I REALLY want to be an actress. What do I need to do to become a successful actress?
Present objects, placed in the past.?
where can i find a cheap agent and cheap acting classes?
Who made Oscar Wilde's line, "Whats in a name?", famous?
What were some of the most popular movie theatres of the 1950s?
Know of any good monologues?
Am i too old to try acting?
What does it mean when someone says "you're alive"?
What is a good thesis for macbeth apperance verse reality?
Is there an online guide to applying mime face paint?
Is it hard to become a writer for television shows?
Acting career tips& info, please!?
how can I be one of the teens that hold the awards on stage at the teen choice awards?
Why is it so difficult to watch myself on a video.?
a monologue from a famous movie?
I turn 22 this wednesday. Im jus curious is 22 too late to even consider acting?? being an actress??
What should I do about this ? ?
Where can i find the organization called The Model Actor Studios?
Is 'Wicked' not one of the most amazing stage plays ever?
Which witch is which?
what should i wear to an audition?
Should I go see the da Vinci Code?
Whats the best way of Memorizing a Monologue?
How to know if acting is natural talent for me?
What are some good acting schools in Nevada?
What Do YOu think is THE GREATEST MOVIE line ever?