How do you act like a GHOST for Halloween?
reasons for having chorus in greek theatre?
I've recently become interested in Acting, and im a junior in high school. I've never acted before.?
has anyone ever heard of the play: football theatre; First Down and Frankenstien to go?
Who are the lovers from A Midsummer Night's Dream?
how do i actually become an actress?
i need to find some movie or play auditions?
For every film I make, should I include actors of previous projects for roles & even xtras, & make database?
How long does it take to pick up an accent?
Acting agency question?
What happened to bad actors in the Roman Theatre?
Compare and contrast the way a playwright develops a dramatic scene with the way a novelist does.?
I have fallen in love with Musical Theater. Should I pursue it?
(for the aussies out there) are there any theatrical or screen auditions open in the NSW, ACT area for a 15-16?
does anyone know why shakespeare used violence in romeo and juliet?
Does anybody watch disney channel? Did you know that High School Musical 2 is coming out?
school play auditions?
What do you think of Zac Efron?
tell me about sheakerspear poetry?
how would i go about finding a theatre technician job?
there's this girl at my drama group, who always wants the lead!?
Ladies, if you were an actress and the script called for you to?
Help with acting!!?
What are some hilarious (pretend) talents?
How do you beat nervousness?
How should i take it? please help?
talent agent?
make up artist on film?
Starting an acting career?
Moving to Los Angeles?
Who all has AIDS/ in the musical RENT?
Should i try out for modeling?
When did Zendaya Coleman start acting professionally?
Do you know any good topical jokes that I could use in a panto?!?!!?
how do get throw a play called Jesus Christ Superstar?
Do you like the musical, 'The Phantom of the Opera'?
Is this a good acting coarse to do .?
what are some acting offices in the US?
Do you think it is ok for a very talented and beautfil transexual-m2F to be an actress and be respected?
does any one want to join me in a new medis ?publications co . i am starting?
Any other site then to find legit casting calls in chicago?
Charlie Angels Scene?
Help with an idea for a ten minute play!!?
What makes a script good? The characters or the story?
can i still become an actress at the age of 22? and how do i find out about auditions?
What should I do if I want to become a director of my OWN stories, but I can't write them?
what is the best way to get into the disney spotlight?
good acting books also how to get into acting?
What kind of clothes should I buy, if I am in a black istory play acting as Sojourner Truth?
Draco Malfoy monologue from A very Potter Musical?
I need a skit for two girls preferably funny as sonn as possible?
"Et tu Brute"? were the words spoken by which Shakespearan character?
How to overcome stage fear?
I'm looking for Voice Actors?
Eagle Eye, West Side Story, or Grease?
What is the definition of sex? And who can have more sexual gratification between man and woman?
Who is Madan Jawar?
Can I still be a professional actor if I minor in theater?
Small steps to becoming an actress?
How to be sure i will get a part in my school play?
why do so many british actors play americans?
Is my resume good enough to apply to an agency?
Theater songs from before the 1950's?
How long it would take you to remember 1500 -word speech?
Is martin and donalds model and talent agency a good agency to get started?
i just saw in a magizen that rob and kristen go out ?
who plays flynn on shake it up?
What is a funny skit for 8 kids?
Where can I get the Rights to WICKED the musical?
I need a title for this play! Help?
Does my modeling/acting agency hate me?
how tall was dorothy dandridge?
How to dress like a thug/prisoner? ?
Who arrives at Caesar's house and interprets Calpurnia's dream?
good romantic comedy......setting in high school?
Why is Buffy the vampire slayer a good show?
How exactly does work?
How do I break my girlfriend into modelling?
Where can i find a monologue of a 13 year-old in miami,florida?
who is madison pettis talent agency?
what is putege in drama and theatre?
Is there a website to help american learn to speak with a "brittish" accent?
What's an idea for a modernized Scarlet Letter skit?
Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene Help plz?
Geeting an Agent for Acting/Singing in Canada? Help Please?
How could I make A flaming sword gimmick?
How Long Is 16 Bars of A Song Time Wise (Approximately In Minutes)?
acting classes in north carolina?
Is there an online review of Steve Martin's "W.A.S.P." which was performed at Edinburgh?
Where can I find Australian casting calls & auditions listed?
Please tell me the caption of "Do or Try"?
does all street theater suck?
who is the best agency for acting and how do i get them to be my agent?
Do you think I would be a good actress, or Model!? Please answer!!!?
Is it really unusual to be talented at basketball and musical (singing,acting, instruments, dancing,etc.)?
Do I need acting lessons if I want to be on a commercial?
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde?
How To Land A Job Like Miley Cyrus?
How do i become an actress on disney channel?????
what should i do to show people my talent?
Are there black people in the musical Hello,Dolly!?
how do you get into an audition???
I really want to model..?
Song appropirate for audition?
WHat are some good serious plays that I could find a monologue out of?
Can anyone help me with performing?
Hi. Does anyone find STUDYING acting really abstract and difficult? If so any suggestions to help?
A question for actors about monologues?
what a good legit acting school in chicago?
what is the first theater play in spain?
Scene for three teen girls?
How to get acting experience without an agent?
How can I be in commericals on television?
What if I have already Payed for Casting Hub?
Is it too late for me to attempt on becoming an actor?
whats is the word for a person to kill their own king?
What does it tell an actor that you can't sleep after his bone chilling performance in a movie?
Macbeth x homework x ?
does anyone know what characters welcome on the usa channel in the US means during the ads for future programs
where can i find a video of this particular monologue?
What personality traits do you need to be a model or appear on tv commercials?
what is one way to be discovered in acting ??
broadway tickets?
Actors/actresses advice on dating during rehearsing for a production?
Is it smart for an auditioning/aspiring actor to go to grad school?
what are the stages of getting an acting agent?
is 16 to late to start acting?
Do you prefer the Theatre or the Movies?
Website for Disney Channel Auditions?
is the musical 'lennon' still showing in new york?
could you class pantomimes as published plays?
Quitting my job to pursue acting?
How do you become an actor.?
How do I become an actress?
Acting suggestions?
acting agents south west england?
where can I download Andrew Lloyd Webber's Think of Me for free?
What is the time period, or setting, of the Broadway production of "In The Heights?"?
What goes in a resume?
Did you see high school musical 3 ?
what 3 instruments should i play out of these?
Is 13 too old to start acting? ?
Middle School Musical tomorrow!! HELP i dont know what to where!?
Who is the greatest dramatist or playwright of the world?
Broadway auditions??
How many seasons will NUMB3RS have?
How to be attractive for an audition?
does anyone know where auditions are for clique movie?
i am14 and i am trying out for a musical and i can not sing and to goet the part i want i have to sing?
How do i make a great speech on an idol?
How do Casting Companies Get Paid?
Stella kowalski?
Is there going to be another Twilight moviie with Bella's daughter in it? And who plays Bella's daughter?
How much acting experience is required?
I have an audition tonight for a theater production. Any tips and/or advice?
what do u think of this script wrote for my freshmen class its suppose 2 be on suspense not long?
Do you think I have what it takes to become a model/actor? PICS?
Is the wicked witch a big part in the play the wizard of oz?
UK Acting agents for teenagers?
Mary Poppins London musical?
cheapest way to get tickets for london theatre/musicals?
whats a good acting school thats not a big rip off?
What should I write on cards that I am giving as cast gifts?
Who plays the dumb/nervous audition actress in Nine?
What is the difference between a degree in Theatre and a degree in Theatre Studies...?
Did Laurence Olivier. help Derek Jacobi polish his Longfellow?
what high school musical 3 is gonna be about ?
Why are some people terrorized for loving the Arts?
Where can I find auditions for Disney Channel and Nickelodeon?
How to Convince my parents that im serious about Acting?
Should I give up on my dream of becoming an actress?
In movies how do they make two of the same person..And make them touch eachother?
free sheet music for Seussical?
does mitchel musso have a girlfriend?
How can I CALM my NERVES when I'm in front of an AUDIENCES?
What's hot on Broadway on the moment?
snl or madtv sketches... for female!!?
high school musical?
I have a callback for the american girls revue in LA.?
How do i do it????????
Challenging Tenor Musical theatre song?
how do i become an extra, and will it boost my cv for an acting career?
Any Broadway Auditions?
If you could act any role, what would it be?
How can i make myself cry?
stage technology?
What the different between a Oscar award and a Tony award.?
What do you put on an acting/singing resume?
How do you cry when you act?
What's a good actress stage name?
Favorite Musicals?
what is the biggest selling musical world-wide up-to-date?
Does anyone know the exact quote from the broadway musical JEKYLL AND HYDE?
serious question..please help me?
I need help with midsummer's nights dream?
Going to audition for school play, It's a Wonderful Life, Tips?
Good website to find good agents for actors? With a little info about them? PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Why is it bad luck to say the name of the play Macbeth in a theater?
Would this be a good monologue for an agent?
Where can i meet the act at The Lowry Theatre, (after the show)?
British accent?
Im 13 years old and i want to be in a YG entertainment?
If you were writing and you wanted to show that a gun was being fired, what would you write for the sound?
How can I tell if a photographer takes good headshots? Please help!?
Audition kiss? Nervous!!...
who knows where i could get the instrumental version of celtic woman's version of You Raise Me Up?
How can I convince our theatre director...?
i have to do a humorous speech or a short play for speech team what should i do?
i'd like a score sheet for a modeling contest?
How can help one to become desciplined?
Should I take an acting class in college even though I don't know if I'm good at it?
How to make "Wicked" figurines out of clay? [Elphaba, Glinda, etc.]?
I want a part in a play but I'm too scared to auddition?
who is best actor in indian flim ind?
What do the letters "ER" stand for on William Shakespears shirt?
I'm Making A Movie but i need a topic.. help?
What are some websites that post audition information for theaters?
Need a good play for a group of girls?
Has anyone played Lady Quigley in Robin Hood?
How does a guy begin a career as a pornographic actor?
what is the difference between an opera and a musical?
Was "Singin in the rain" filmed in balck and white?
where are auditions for a show or movie?
Shakespeare's Hamlet?
Prop ideas to symbolise characters emotions?
Where can I find the movie, The Passion of the Nerds(2005)?
How to start modeling or acting ?
Funny Monologue for school audition?(:?
Acting courses/schools/classes in Malaysia?
what are the differences between Old Comedy and the New Comedy from the Greek playwright Aristophanes?
what did you think about musical theatre?
Where to learn..??!!Plz help!!?
Whats the best way to practice acting at home?
Looking for an acting agency?
dreaming of being in heaven there is a closed coffin?
Acting classes in muncie in (10 points best answer)?
are these songs appropriate for school.?
What to wear to my audition?
Do people under 18 need entertainment work permits for all states?
I know the phantom of the opera takes place in france, but is it a french play?
What Book is this? It consists of dialogues and monologues.?
Characters in Pippin?
How to fake OCD? It's for my school play :)?
if you become famous?
What to wear to a Disney open casting call?
where do i go to try to be a 13 year old actor?
Does anybody know where I can get some Free casting calls in LA other than and
Is 'A Streetcar Named Desire' set in the 1940's or 1950's?
so should i go to this casting agnecy?
What are some controversial plays/musicals?
How many school plays did emma watson participate in?
sos!i need to find specific style songs for wedding reception!HELLPPP?
I am picking an audition song, what should I pick?
Do you have to pay to act?
I want to act on Disney Channel but my parents might laugh or say you can't even act.....keep reading please
how can i be better at acting?
I need a ten minute monologue about mental illness?
if you could turn your ex into a thong and sell him in a shop?
Trying out for a musical?
Acting classes near sacramento?
I need scenes for my drama class?
movement to music ( mime)?
do you think i'm pretty enough to be an actor or something?
nick conti ,actor-age? married? kids? parents still living?
What are the exact dates that One Direction all individually audition for X Factor?
Who's seen Wicked???
How hard would it be for me to learn to play the piano?
Romeo and Juliet. wat religion were they.?
Does anyone know where I can find a website that will help me write a script for a play?
Will a public speaking class help me get into a BFA acting program?
Who actually is the merchant in the "Merchant of Venice?
Which is better: Celtx, script buddy, or five sprockets?
Where should i start off?
What does it mean to schedule a callback for an audition if I'm in charge of auditioning?
HAHA! I'm laughing at you!?
where can i find info on the life of tenesse williams the playwriter?
You can't answer this question - - -?
Is it possible to be an actor without acting live on stage?
how do you get to the Disney Chanel. com/ scavenger sweepstakes?
Favorite song from Wicked the Musical?
who would you say is the most talented actor and actress of our time?
what do i need to do to become an actress?
what are your favorite musicals?
How to hire actors to perform one woman show?
Zero or Topol in Fiddler on a Roof?
difference between SAG and Aftra contracts?
how can you cry on cue (for acting)?
how do you memorize lines?
Anybody know contact addresses of directors?
how do get into.......?
Is the Moulin Rouge Film going out on theatre?
What is the difference between a Disneyland face audition and character audition?
what are the roles of booster club officers for a drama club?
What is your favorite musical?
From what plays can i find good "proper english" monologues for men?
Any sage advice for my 13 year old daughter is performing on stage tonight? It is a musical.?
Im 13 how do i BECOME AN ACTRESS for Disney or nick?
how can we makes our lives beautifull?
How do i deal with getting a crappy part in a musical when i tried sooooo hard!?!?
I need a good monologue that's easy for a 14 year old girl?
how to develop my communist character?
romeo and juliet question, help?
Do you like this monologe?
I want to become an actress but I'm shy?
I'm looking for a song to audition with?
Good play for a movie I'm making? + 10 points?
Which is the best company I could go to become an actress?
Is the tune for Castle on a Cloud from Les Misérables the same as a church hymn?
How can you audition to be a HUMAN character (child) on sesame street or Barney?
What are the elements of epic theatre?
Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3?
Does any one know Coles E-mail?
what is a good name?
Who have Bin with Wilhelmina Models?
How to get into the film/tv industry?
MEMORIZING Romeo and Juliet HELP! (10 points)?
Fairies or spies? (10 POINTS HELP NEEDED)?
Help, I need an advice?
how to write a simple play. and the difference between act one @ scene one.?
How is Macbeth driven by ambition?
I want to preform a two person scene from high School Musical (the movie or "On stage"...any scenes online?
Voice acting, agent, training, what?
How to start an Acting Career?
How do you make new friends if your going to a new school?
Need help finding a comedic or dramatic contemporary monologue. (Maybe Tyler Perry)?
I need a monoluge from a musical. PLEASE HELP ME!?
please i need help so i wont make a mistake!?
Acting scenes for 1 girl 2 boys?!?
If I am an aspiring actress, and I will be getting braces soon, do you think people will still hire me?
HOW does Ariana Grande stay in character when she's playing Cat Valentine?
How long does a TV show script have to be?
does this picture work as an actors headshot?
Catching Fire Auditions!? .s!?
how to become an actor?
What is your favorite Shakespear play?
Have you ever been in a play?
Physical acting class question?
How do i get over stage frieght?
Can anyone point me towards upcoming auditions held in melbourne, australia for teenagers?
How to best portray Mayzie La Bird in Seussical Jr.?
Where can I find auditions for legit talent agencies in NYC?
On what day?
What to do about role in Into the Woods?
i am presenting a monologue tommorow, any tips?
i need a minute sad monologue?
Am I close to the stage?
Can anyone give me a great site where you can find acting tips?
How to get into acting?
casting calls?
radio auditions for disney?
Is making it in Hollywood all about looks?
how can I learn filmmaking, with no money?
How do I get an acting agent in LA?(on a budget)?
how to find acting jobs though i don't have an acting experience?
where can i find a contemperary dramatic monolouge about pregnancy?
do u know wht's the full form of idiot?
Theme ideas for duct tape dress and tux?
how do i get tickets to see a taping of the suiet life s zack and cody??
Aging classical actor with disabilities is moving to Boston and is seeking info re small flats and rent.?
should i go back to dance?
How old is Hamlet?
How much does Kylie from the Windows 7 commercials make?
Acting? Where do I begin?!?
How to scream when acting?
How do you fake cry? for all of the people who know how to fake cry.?
Im am the lead in the play in an hour. How do i control my nervous shaking enough to keep my voice strong?
Tips for an improv audition?
How old must you be to audition for X factor?
best musical ever!?
Tell me something i dont no about johnny depp?
is explore talent a good place for an actor?
how can i get a monologue from disney channel?
which is your caracter?
storytelling ideas to young children?
What are some good beginner acting classes in NYC?
I need a 2 minute 2 person script please help!!!?
Theatre Question? Songs?
Non-US citizens(singaporeans/staying in other countries), any chance to act in disney films?
How to get into movie auditions in the UK?
How do you submit a play to Deep Dish Theater?
Who Played the wife on Spencer for Hire. TY.?
Can anyone suggest name for a team of developers and QA?
auditions for teens 2012?
How to start an acting career?
I'm a singer, not yet known. I need some good lyrics to sing. Can anybody help?
I want to PURSUE my life! Please read!?
Exercise to build chemistry between two actors?
Good plays about pirates?
list five influences of the supernatural in the play macbeth?
Does any one know anything about dazzling stars Talent agency in baltimore, Maryland?
are there any plays to tryout for?
What are some REALLY good chick flicks?
Please answer this question for me!?
HELP. Contemporary Female monologue not completely overdone?
I'm 16 and I want to be a dancer, am I too late?
two hander musical for a male and a female?
What is a callback and what happens at the callback? Please help!?
What is the best broadway musical to date? And why?
how long has the musical CATS been performing?
How to become a voice actor on funimation?
What would you do??
do i have what it takes to be a model?
I am trying to find three entrances I can do for the object exercise for my acting class. Where can I find it?
Is it too late to start acting?
trouble getting into character?
Give me the birthday of Bengali superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee, please. And his bio, if you can.?
Is this a good logline?
Does anyone know if there are any improv comedy groups around Olympia, Washington?
Will a website help me? (with acting)?
What would be a good audition song for 'The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland'?
Are wigs appropriate for auditions?
what will you do?
Songs for musical auditions?
how do you become a singer?
Would my skin tone affect my affect my chance of winning auditions?
How do I know if this background casting agency is legitimate?
Good audition songs for Meet Me in St. Louis? Please, not to sound annoying but it's urgent?
why do we have do do shakespear at school? ?
Which modeling agencies aren't scams?
Is There a Android App For Actors to be Notified for when theres a Movie comming to Town?
What to be prepared for when going to a talent agency?
Becoming an Actress!!!!?
How old is Johnny Depp?
MODELING QUESTION - Booking jobs through an agent?
I have a Hamlet Question?
I want to do acting but I don't like theatre, can I get away with it?
can anyone give me a summary of the cruel intentions?
Guys and Dolls...?
How do you make an actress/singer out of an ordinary girl?
best monologue for a theatre competition
Good Audition Songs For Beast in "Beauty and the Beast?"?
how to cry on cue?
I have a play coming up and i have to kiss the lead.?
Can someone make a costume for me?
where can i hear the violin part 2 music from Wicked for free?
Any tips for drama club audition?
How would an older woman dress in the 1950's?
What part should I audition for in Beauty and the Beast?
if i got the lead in the Hs Musical and im only a freshman and i have 2 kiss a junior.... do u think thatz wro
What are good contemporary musical theatre songs for a tenor?
What is an H/R?
I have to read a short play for my theater class. I have no idea where to start, any suggestions?
Macbeth x Homework x ?
Character names in the play "Night Mother"?
What is a good method for memorizing spoken lines?
if you could turn your ex into a thong and sell him in a shop?
is it easy to become an actor?
Screenplay Paper Question?
What is the better choice when auditioning for a musical?
How can i become an actor?
what are some comedy skits/performances we can imitate?
Does auditioning first or last increase your chances of getting a part?
Audition songs for 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee? (see details)?
How do you make fake barbed wire?
Can I be an acter even if I don´t have a nice voice?
I am getting a headshot but I have braces...?
Guthrie Theater MN - are these okay seats?
In the hobbit, will tauriel be legolas`s girlfriend ?
Any humorous interpretation for Asian females?
How to produce a profit-share play?
How can i become an actress?
Aida the Musical and "faith" song by George Michael?
How can i be on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon?
Are you with me?
Celebrity Talent Academy, London Auditions July 2012?
How to meet online with film producers?
I'm Chloe I'm 13 and my dream is to be an on screen actress but I'm fat and ugly and im 5ft 9in i go to drama.?
Can anyone help me? Please!?
is denzel washington the best actor on earth?
How do I do a British Accent?
What do you get at the movie theatre?
Help with an RENT audition piece?
what is secance in cinema?
Little shop of horrors sheet music?
Can i be in commercials or movies?
opinions on columbia college's theatre department?
In Julius Caesar, what warnings did Caesar ignore that led to his death?
Short, funny, holiday skit?
I want to become an actress but I have so much question that need to be answered can anyone help?
Do you like the play, "Les Miserables?
Making up for a poor audition at call backs?
I am helping write a script for christmas about an evil elf that turns good. What will be a good male name?
How to play G-sharp minor on ukulele?
How can a 15 yr old teen be a disney channel actress?
trying to get that scene look?
How to get a cheap acting agent please!?
Casting calls for young actors?
can you dance with your spirit?
I am trying to get into modelling and acting...?
Do you think Mary Poppins was a virgin?
Camp Rock 2 auditions?
What's the name of this theater group?
How do you like these songs for a Betty Rizzo audition?
When does New Moon come into theaters?
Auditioning for Annie?
What are your favorite quotes from A Very Potter Musical/Sequel?
How to act convincingly and get over stage fright?
do you love JIM CARREY ?
I want to take acting lessons for like being a TV actress t?
I am Marion, an amateur model. I would like a stage name which sounds sexy but not trashy... any suggestions?
what is the first step i should take to become a TV Actor?
how can i become an actor, I think i have serious talent?
American Idol audition. Help please!?
What did woman wear in 1927?
John Patrick Shanley Doubt (play)?
What do I do to find out if these people are real talent scouters?
How do I find my own unique speaking voice?
dylan sprouse is online!?
How do you spice up a talk show presentation?
Describe the features of the Venus of Willendorf. How would she compare physically to the typical Stone Age w?
DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE- School Play... help please?! [.hairstyles.]?
How do I become an actress?
are there any open casting calls to audition by submitting an audition tape?
i need the lines for the balcony scene in romeo and juliet...?
What is that musical that.......?
Help with an essay!?
How much are acting classes? And how to become one?
Dramatic skit for 3 or 4 people?
where can i buy large feather fans for a dance skit?
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story?
Katherine in Taming of the Shrew?
What is the Amazing Grace Conservatory (in LA) like?
How can I start acting?
sm audition questions?
What time does the matinee at amc empire 25 end?
What is Audrey Tautou's real age?
I'm writing/directing a play set in 1850s New Orleans. Suggestions for movies/sources for accent/dialect?
What character does Maria Arena Bell play on The Young & the Restless.?
who is nicole kidman's husband?
My son wants to be an actor/model. He has no experience but really wants to be an actor. Any valuable advice?
How many times in a year do you go out to the theatre and see a play?
HELLLPP Female monologues from these authors?
how to fake doing cocaine?
What makes an actor a good actor?
Why does Romeo kill Tybalt?
I my daughter needs a agent she has had a hard time finding one?
Disney Channel Nationwide Talent Search?!?!?!?!?!?
A not-overdone female Chekhov monologue?
what is the plan Friar Laurence proposes to Romeo?
What does "Keep your hands at the level of your eyes" mean in Phantom of the Opera?
Is a director in a way a camera man?
Why do some actors make it big after a TV gig and some don't? what makes the difference between them?
anyone know the best way to get into bitpart/tv/film extra?
Where can I find a good vocal or acting school?
Question about getting my headshot?
Why did they change 'actress' to actor'?
modeling/acting agencies in florida?
In the musical version of Les Miserables, how did Fantine die?
Dramatic dialogues for one man and one women?
Why do people say to performers before a show, "Break a leg"?
What's the cheapest way to get into acting!?
I'm 16,guy, and I 'll be in a play,in a girl's role (19th century) how can I get used to wearing female shoes?
The sound of heaven is weeping... Can anyone identify this play?
What was the "moment of final suspense" in Hamlet?
Is starting with commercials starting small enough, or starting too big?
Acting opportunities for teens?(Arizona)?
how to abuse a slave in the right way?
Should an aspiring male actor go with short or long hair?
I Need an ACTING Agent? Or a CASTING Agent?
how to cry easily ( acting )?
Hey you! Tell me what you think on my acting!! Video:))?
Going to see BREAKING DAWN ON SUNDAY!!! shud I b sooooo excited?
I want to act?
H2$ help to find a monolige?
I have to read a line from a famous play for an audition. 60 seconds or less, any suggestions please?
Inspirational Character Day?
Good Monologues to use for an audition for Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) and Greylag (Honk!)?
where can i buy the costume of the king of thieves from aladdin and the king of thieves?
will there be a high school musical 3 ?
describe the meeting between nora and krogstad in the play of dolls house by henrik ibsen?
I need to find a Hawaiian monologue?
Bharatnatyam DVD?
What broadway show should I see next?
If I wanna watch a Broadway show for the second time?
most annoying song from a musical?
How can you practice to be a actor?
which character is suitable for me for the fancy dress competition in my school?
How can I become an Actress?
How is it that an actor earns an Actors Equity Card?
Movie Ideas!!!!?????!!??!!!!?!!!!? PLZ HELP!!!!!?
In Macbeth, example of dramatic irony (Act 1 Scene 4)?
I have this really annoying teacher, i want to get at her without geting into trouble.Give me a good prank.?
Can someone tell me if warner bross is recruiting actors for the carrie's diaries?
How to play bloody mary? ?
Romeon and Juliet help?
how long does it take to hear back for a casting director?
what is Brenda Song's email adress?
Are there any classes for film acting?
Queen Mab in Romeo and Juliet. HELP! .s?
Any recommendations for plays in los angeles to watch?
Best place to sit at the theatre?
Modeling/Acting Agencies?
how do you become an actress?
Whats your favorite broadway musical?
why do people ask so many questions?
Auditioning songs?! help?!?
What's that song from Les Mis?
Shakespear's theatre and how his plays would have been performed?
who can tell me about a horror movies called the rings?
Is the setting of a school overused?
What is the song used in the snow storm finale of slava's snow show?
I am auditioning for Diana in "A Chorus Line"?
Why do I strive if this is the result?
Jesus Christ Superstar in Detroit?
Do you think acting is embarrassing?
I need a stage name HELP! ...?
im going to a fancy dress party and need to find a costume, has any one got any tips how to make my own?
When should I do Drama School?
Good audition songs for a professional company, for alto and two minutes?
Where is Nickolodeon's "Spectacular" being filmed?
how do i get an acting agent?
are modeling/acting scouts/agents free?
In OKLAHOMA (the musical) does Ado Annie ever kiss Will or Ali?
has there been more than one version of the play macbeth? If so which ones are performedmost often? Why?
Really nervous about a school play !!! Any tips people ?
Did the Broadway musical Wicked ruin your view on The Wizard of Oz?
Acting help PLEASE!!!?
How to write an Outline for a Screenplay?
Legally Blonde Theater Characters Info?
The best theater?
Acting head shots for teens, a couple of questions?
How Do I become an Actor???
What was rome like when Julius Caesar was alive?
How can a ten year old girl become a movie star?
What's ur fav Broadway Musical!?
Ideas for opposite characters in monologues?
Acting how to get started?
Besides Oklahoma! what musicals or western plays are there?
what show was buchanan high school in?
Jane Austen Monologue?
I am so upset!!!!?
what was the name of the famous theatre that william shakespeare and his acting company performed in?
how are romeo and juliets personalities differnt?
what was the purpose of theater in the 20th century?
which of the amendments had raised the tenure of lok sabha to six years?
Does Anyone Know Where I Can Audition for a TV show? Or become famous??
how many plays have u been in?
ACTRESSES/DRAMA STUDENTS - Could you fill in this questionnaire for my textiles A-Level?
I need to make up an improv game?!?!?!!?
The Broadway show "The Lion King" is coming to it appropriate for a 2 year old?
Please, please help me :(?
How can I get out there?
What roles does food play in out lives?
im 13 and i wanna be an actress a really good one that is on show or movies?
what is a good one minute monologue for a play that a teenage girl can do?
High school talent show song ideas?
Actors - Retaking a college course?
What does it mean if something is "on Sale TDB"?
Do u like highschool musical?
I'm about to be 16 and I want to start acting. Got any advice?
Is Northeast Talent Connection a good agency?
I have a musical theatre solo and I need costume ideas!?
Where are the YouTube America's Got Talent auditions located?
How do I get over not getting a role in a play?
Hey how do I audition for disney ?? help?
Good names for a play about renessaince?
naturalism solutions to human problems?
I Need Funny Monologues?
If you were to be on stage for acting, speech or a comedy act, what would make the ideal or the best audience?
Are here any roles for kids tv shows? Like The Big Comfy Couch or Arthur?
HELP!! i need a monologue based on one of my teachers.?
Adverage salary for lighting designers?
This is for everyone. Favourite audition song(s)?
Acting help PLEASE!!!?
I NEED help finding a monolog for a audition for tomorrow , help i'm not sure how long it...?
What monologues for Juilliard work best?
How should I do my hair & makeup for head shots?
Songs that Lucindia in "into the woods jr." sings?
What kind of a background am I suppose to have for headshots?
How to get over a bad audition?
What is the best musical for a high school to put on?
what first levell would you advice me to have a credit history,i have just gotten a ssn card.?
HELP!! need a monologue for a beauty and the beast audition, quick!!!! cant be from beauty and the beast!?
How do I begin acting in Brisbane?
Do you think muscials that become movies lose their magic since there's no audience interaction?
I need some ideas for possible movie scripts/ideas for some Porno movies I am going to be filming?
Monologue from Baltimore Waltz?
What are the signs of a good actor?
I found the link and then lost it? Monologue list?
well im trying out for disney on acting for a new show on the 5th this will be my first audition but ive taken?
Suessical the musical?
Who arrives at Caesar's house and interprets Calpurnia's dream?
Who is the best actor ever?
Can Scuttle in Little Mermaid Jr. Be played by a girl?
How do I act like a cop in this play?
How do i become a child actor.?
Can anyone give advice on getting started with doing Voice acting work?
How long do Foam latex Prosthetic masks last for a onstage musical production?
Should I audition for gypsy?
Acting college in NYC?
My sister tells me I'm a bad actor ?
a question about Miss Saigon?
Any ideas for my show?
Is the hunger games appropriate for A grade school play?
Help Me, Talent Agency Information!!?
I need to kbow where to get singin gigs around my area,can someone help me?!?
Can a British actor work in the US?
Looking for contemporary play monologues!!?
will the threepenny opera come out with a cast recording?
Help with finding an Auditions?
What can anyone tell me about "Lend Me A Tenor?" A play by Ken Ludwig?
best musical?
Good Audition Monologue?
Where can I print off scripts on the internet that would be suitable for an amateur drama group?
When you are auditioning for a movie, are the other people that is auditioning watching you?
I need help with auditioning for a school choir?
Monologues? Or acting tips?
How long do I have to go to school to be a play director?
How to become a pornstar? What are some legit agencies?
What is a good Christmas musical audition song for a mezzo soprano?
Does movie and theatre acting use diff. Techniques ?
Any tips on auditioning for a musical???
Examples of the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet ....?
1-2 Minute Monolouge?
Is it possible for a Vietnamese- American to become a Korean Actress?
All my life people have accused me of acting.....?
what happend to actor Tyrin Turner who starred in the movie Menace to Society?
what a cinema want for success?
What is this role in the musical GODSPELL?
How to act silly in Drama Class?
What do you guys think of the musical, Les Miserables?
how do you get over stage fright?
How do I get an acting and modeling agent?
What are som fantastic comedic scenes for my acting class?
how can i get a role or a job in the harry potter new film ?
Getting noticed at a big casting call?
I want to pursue a career in theater...?
What roles does information play in development?
Any Auditions in Grandville Michigan?
Songs for a talent show?
What should I wear to an acting audition??
Do you think the play Romeo and Juliet is appropriate for 14,15 and 16 year olds?
what is a publishes, manager, agent, assistant and do you really needed to be in the acting business?
What Theater school is better; Stage coach or Sylvia Young and why? (and maybe Italia Conti)?
Agents,casting directors,ect. How do I break into the acting World!?
What's a popular musical that contains a "H" and an "I" in the title but no "N" or "G" Any ideas?
where can i model?
Thespian points on college application ?
Has the musical "Enchanted" moved to theater yet?
if you were trapped on a island, what actor or actress would you have with you?
Agencies for auditions in boston?
in the movie vendetta is it her father?
Does anyone still play..?
Can actor Daniel Craig become the greatest "James Bond" ever?
What are the different types of acting techniques?
What's The Best Musical You've Seen This Past Year?
How does one become a filmmaker without paying a dime?How do you get into Hollywood without much sweat?
good uni to study drama ?
What Theatre is producing "Waiting For Godot" in New York Next Spring?
Quick question: Do both Romeo and Juliette die in the play Romeo and Juliette?
relaxation techniques for an actress (in plays)?
A sad goodbye song from a broadway show?
*I Need More Actors?*?
Ok too serious stuff let's ask some really stupid stuff?
how to not smile when your acting?
How old were you when you started acting?
English help/oral, Romeo and Juliette play.?
Anyone have Skit ideas?
Who won the Family wizard competition?
Easy songs for a musical theatre audition?
The Lion King musical in the west end?
HELP!! im auditioning for a show and they want me to sing a sweet disney like song! what should i do?
Will auditioning as a Disney actor/singer allow me eligibility into the actor's union?
Ideas for a commerical about a winter Olympic athlete!?
do u think i could be an actress?
I want to be a model and an get into acting also. Does anyone have any advice for me ?
i would like to ask stuffs about the glass menagerie for my play report...?
i have stage fright plaes help?
What is Intimate theater?
What has Johnny Depp's best acting job been up to Pirates 2?
How can I be informed when a specific show is offering casting calls for extras?
would your boyfiend or girlfriend live you when you kiss in the movie?
Any good drama schools in Cardiff?
Does anyone have the musical "Fame" scirpt?
question about drama school?
do u want to be a actor/singer on disney channel?
Acintg Agent?
looking for the logo for denver-carrington and colbyco from the tv series dynasty?
How do I become a comedy actor, I think I'm talented for that?
Do you know any great acting schools in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada?
How do you film this?
how would you describe africans peoples skin ?
Is Taylor the Latte boy from a musical?
modeling jobs for me?
Do I look like an Alisha or Trisha?
where is indian idol 4th audition in mumbai?
Which do you think is best? Shakespeare question?
Two Macbeth QUESTIONS PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????
Can someone help me develop a monologue?
Cameron Mackintosh Production Office House.?
What is a good Acting Agency to go with?
Audition help please?
Question about acting?
Can I make a BIGMovie Production of PETER PAN?
how do actors all of a sudden get "ripped" for a role?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe?
In Desperate need of a monologue!?
Romeo and Juliet Question; Why is it ironic that Romeo killed Tybalt and Tybalt killed Mercutio?
How can I turn this into a dialogue?
Do you have to look like a supermodel to become an actor?
extra casting agencies?
So you have to give all this up for acting?
Can you become an actor and stay in school?
Will and Grace both attended what NY college?
Ways to practice/improve Acting?
How do u start to act 4 disney?
RENT cast?
Does anybody know of any open casting audtions for upcoming films?
I need help with auditions. I don't think my parents will let me! But is there any way I can convince them?
Talent Scout Or Scam Artist?
Why do you think reproducing human emotion is so difficult and only great actors can do it well and naturally?
Musical audition help?!?
How old do I look(regarding acting)?
Who is the female lead in Into the Woods? The Baker's Wife or the Witch?
Are Broadway Shows Sung Live?
John Robert Powers?
pl give actors name who playing as saibaba in ramanandsagar serial?
Peeled grapes or mirrored walls?
Accent help? Need to master English accent?
"Whatever Lola Wants" appropriate for 8th Grader?
who says the prologue in romeo and juliet?
Michael von garrison parole?
What are your views on Daniel Radcliffe starring in the play Equus?
What to do when you have to kiss someone in a play?...?
do i have a good chance at starring in a big budget film?
What kind of an actors agency is "walk-on agency?
Good Plays to perform with 4-5 people. Read Detail.?
I have not seen any of the high school musicals?
What are some good plays with teenagers//twenty year olds in it?
Wicked - The book or the musical?
What do you imagine Romeo and Juliet looking like?
How do I start acting without spending a lot of money? ?
Could Elle lift Dakota Fanning? Can you give photo proof?
Thinking about getting into acting, maybe?
Goth-ish makeup tips (PLEASE HELP!!)?
What song should I sing for my audition?
I'm auditioning for John Robert Powers, what should I expect?
wicked the musical on dvd?
Is 5"9 and a half to tall to be a actor?
rent costume?
Acting Student wanting book for Script Analysis?
Any states other than Chicago and California that I can find work in acting?
Will I get the part?
Is it possible to be an actor without being able to sing and dance?
Is it possible for me, at age 17 and no experience whatsoever, to become an actor? ?
What theme can be drawn from DREAMS in a Midsummer Night's Dream?
how can i become an actor or model?
What Wesbite will let me know about open casting calls for musicals in NYC, and on tour?
Need help choosing/finding an audition song!?
Good duet pantomime idea?
International Talent and Modeling Association?
what is the password of audition latest patch?
Is IMDb Resume worth it?
If you had the chance, which role would you like to play?
Does anyone know where Passion the Musical opened?
What are some historical events they may have influenced modern day theatre?
do songs make you cry???
Bollywood Actress?
why does scout begin cursing in To Kill A Mockingbird?
George C Scott appeared in a version of Beauty and the Beast a few years ago and I cannot find a copy of it.?
Has anyone ever heard of an actor named Bob Simon?
does i have the looks for modeling?
Acting coaches and acting schools in L.A?
Mean Girls the Musical?
Have u guys heard of Dylan and Cole Sprouse or the Broadway musical Wicked?
How do you pick a job cuz I want to be a singer or a actress?
Looking for a Musical to direct. Do you have any favorites?
How could I get Miss trisha actress address?
What is considered the finalized and best version of Candide?
where the heck?
How to find an acting job in Vancouver?
Whats your best talent?
Where and how do you start acting?
Have you ever met a movie-star before?
What should I do about this ?
In Amateur Theatre why are you required to become a member to act in production at that theatre?
How can I get into a a SAG / AFTRA productions as an extra with out being a SAG / AFTRA member?
What type of poetry do people say when they're in coffee shops and say it expressively?
whats the difference between a producer and a director?
Romeo and Juliet!!!!?
Is Helen Wells agency in Indiana a scam?
My Dream of Being an actress..?
Dose anyone know where i can find info on addition for acting? here oregon?
dose any one know where an acting school is near cape coral???????????????????????????????????…
french actors/actresses?
Hamlet, letters??????
What is NYU Grad School Acting program looking for in a potential student?
I really wanna teach myself how to play the ukelele ?
Solo musical songs for low alto singers?
a question about a career in acting?
please, make me feel better???!!!???!!? story?
Looking for a Dramatic Interpretation Script?
i'm almost 15 and i want to be an actress, how do i go about that?
Is B & B Model and Talent agency a scam?
Has anyone ever heard of the online school called "Online Film School"? Does anyone know if it's legit?
is natasha better than natalie?
Has any one ever momped up blood in a grocery store?
what song should I sing?
Where can I find and contact producers to send my comedy scripts and material to?
Why cant lady Macbeth kill king duncan?
I'd like to become a professional actor?
Name the best movie out there that most people do not know about.?
what are things that people like most about shakespeare?
how could I become famous?
how did you find the DA VINCI CODE movie?
How do i get in the acting world?
Looking for a musical!?
Does anybody know where i can get a clipart of the cupid that is in the romeo and juliet book?
This years school play is Bugsy Malone?
Has anyone heared on the musical 'Just so' ?
Can I make it as a professional actor without illumanati?
anyone have any thoughts on the theme of women in shakespears hamlet, espesh in regaurds to that context?
i need to put up a play on any one aspect of jawaharlal nehru plz help with anecdotes and ideas..?
Hello, guys ...............I'm italian?
Is there a part in Macbeth where any of the characters wish they could go back and start over ?
What does Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy reveal about him?
Searching for the perfect monologue for Shakespeare Abridged.?
ya i want to get started acting !!?
The actor Gene Wilder appeared at Bath Theatre Royal.?
What song should I sing for audition?
whats the best acting talent agency in Melbourne?
how can i be a radio jocke?
Street Theatrre !!! HELPP!!!!! (URGENT)?
What song is best for me to sing?
How to get into acting at 15?
high school musical 2- song title question?
How can I make myself not laugh?
How can you tell if your singing through your nose?
newsies broadway??!!!?
Audition question about a college play?
List three types of comtemporary comedic forms?
rectification: which pub is god blessed enough to have casting directors inside, drinking, in london?
What is the point of a musical if it has nothing to do with music?
Is dagaz talent agency calgary legit?
Is there going to be a High School Musical 3?
is Vin diesel gay?
Title for my one-act play?
What is a good song to audition for 'In The Heights' with ? ?
What words would you use to describe Juliet's nurse?
One of my dream is to become an actress, BUT I'M A SHY PERSON!!?
Which characters would you recommend I should audition for in West Side Story?
A musical video on traditional indian walk.. have a look..?
Are Britain's Drama Schools considered superior to American Schools?
Who is obsessed with Shakespeare's work?
Wizard of oz relese date?
How can one create a theatrical "Earthquake-like" effect to shake an audience in their seats?
what papers do they give you in plays?
skit ideas for Japanese class?
What are some really good broadway shows?
I WAnt to be an Actor ?
is the movie "The Exorcist" sac-religous?
What is Elton John's given name?
Where can a 13 year old girl find a acting or modelling contract in england?
i want to be an actress in hollywood?
Funny Monologue for school audition?(:?
How can I become an actor?
Musical theatre audition song. . .?
How do I Get Rid of Stage Fright?
Question for 2008-2009 Freshman (High School) next year!?
1920s Scenarios?!?!?
What do you think about married couples, when doing acting roles involving themselves in kissing scenes?...?
When does the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera (Love Never Dies) come out in New York?
Does anyone know any good dramatic monologues that are about are under or right at a minute?
Anyone have a list of female stars who smoke??
Who is a good actor to play a drunk man?
What is the name of Angel's boyfriend in the musical Rent?
What songs will be effective in staging The Yellow Wallpaper?
Legally Blonde the Musical?!?
Some Macbeth questions?
Gaps please, that didn't show in the play!?! for my Romeo and Juliet play script!?!?
Can u tell me the meaning of this Name Portia?
Talent show idea help?
Am I too fat to be an actress? Please help!?
What are the similarties of Mel Gibson's Hamlet and the play?
How do I act motherly?
Help picking a stage name?
im about to enter middle and im trying to decide if i should go into drama or choir. what should i do?
What's a good monologue for a 20 year old, female?
American play written before 1960, father hates whitefish, son gets drunk at lakeside club & meets floosey?
Ideal audition songs for two "Nunsense" roles?
Would it be appropriate to use this monologue for my audition?
Jobs or occupations "list online", that promotes "World Peace"?
any body a acting agent?
Wanting to hire Blast! cast members for master class/private instruction. Is this possible?
I want to become a actress ?
open auditions and agents?
Cloak Sewing Patterns from Phantom?