Are they still showing Dont be afraid of the dark in theaters?
Can I please have some feedback on my monologue?
I need help finding...?
How can I become an actress?
To those who play SKYRIM?
How can I become a better actor?
tips on how to get into LACHSA?
How do ppl find auditions for movies?
Does anyone have any ideas on a well known play that my church can do?
How do you play D & C major arpeggio on the violin?
How can I convince my parents to let me do musical theater?
How many of you think Angelina Jolie cant act?
What's a good play to go see?
Bio Information form for school's playbill?
Graduate Level Theater Denfense?
What are the job duties of an assistant stage manager at a haunted house?
is romeo and juliet true?
what are the main themes in west side story?
Do you need a degree to pitch a Screen Play?
Do you think you're beautiful? Do you feel beautiful on the outside and inside every moment?
why is act 2 scene 4 in romeo and juliet taken out of movies?
will it be all that bad?
how to cry on cue?
Am I too old to pursue an acting career?
Theater and theatre?
What is the proper attire for the Phantom of the Opera?
Elizibethan theatre?
Considering the incident with Mel Gibson this week will it effect your decision to watch his movies?
how can i be an actor so i could be famous?
Is Rit still a good dye for fabric?
What career in musical theatre should I pursue?
Can anyone help to get the Script of a play "The dumb wife of cheapside"?
talent agencies???!!!?
Do you have to go to college to be a casting director?
How do I get a talent agent?
how do you become an actor or model at a younger age (17)???
How to become a actress?
About Hollywood showbiz :) ?
i think i want to be an actor???? Help?
what is your favorite bette davis films?
Did hamlet have an edopus complex for his mother?
which couple you prefer!Pitt-Jolie or Pitt-Jenifer?
I want to see a Broadway production, what should I see?
How can I become an actor at age 15?
how to dress and do my make up for a one act play?
From where can I buy classic English stage drama DVD & vcd ?
What do you do if you think you may be interested in acting?
Who Thinks Wicked Is The Best Play Ever?
Any auditions or casting calls, 16 years old, Australia?
What should the name of this musical be?
whre is Mr. Romeo Patajo?
what a good legit acting school in chicago?
is Jo Anderson Models & Talent Agency legit?
Central Ca Acting School?! Please?
why were woman not allowed to be on theaters in the 16th century?
I have an audition in a week and i just came down with a cold.?
omplete steps in play production to include types of rehearsals in Theatre?
What would be a good funny drama skit to do?
What are some legit alternative modeling agencies for teens in NewHampshire?
Name for a piece of theatre?
I would love to meet or speak with Garrett Hedlund!Does anyone know him? Can anyone introduce me to him?
name of movie, kids start playing a game and end up in space and cant stop till its over?
How many types of hats (roles) do you wear and how many masks do you try on in a day?
Do you like the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theatre?
Where is the best place to find auditions?
Have they casted for Avalon High yet?
Audition song...?
Howard Sherman wants to know what the Tony Awards means to you?
what are the best youth talent agencies in LA i live in virginia not a good place to start please help?
what do macbeth have i common with The Renassiance Period?
What are some other words for "murder"?
Can you help me with Romeo and Juliet?
who was responcible for the death of romeo and juliet? why?
How can you become an actor?
Can you audition for the The Glee Project if you're under 18 BUT have graduated high school and university?
where can i find a playbook for the musical anything goes?
What are the comparisons between Act 3 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet with the rest of the play?
How should I put this training on my resume?
What are some songs about being young in highschool?
If there was no "acting" in life, then what would people like Jennifer Aniston do for a living?
question about drama school?
Name for a group of four christian female performers?
Be comming an actress?
I can of audition for "Cats" and "The Music Man." Which one should I do and why?
Ideas for writing a musical?
How to be a movie actor?
What is the best West End/Broadway musical EVER?
Macbeth x x homework x ?
What actor could never be convincing in a tearful drama?
How much does an angent cost.?
What is the standard size of a platform.?
I want to know some works of art,apart from Hamlet,where it`s present the play within the play.Can somebody he?
Help Northerners and people who can do accents!!!?
do you know where i can find a free little orphan annie script online for free??
Compare and Contrast the characters of Tybalt and Mercutio?
What is the best musical theatre conservatory?
where can i find a script for a soliloquy from "Macbeth" that Lady Macbeth says?
Does anyone know any good short comedy skits with the script/lines?
Do the site, real or is it a scam?
Do you think the family plays a big role in the prevention of gangsterism?
How do I find an agent.......?
Free night of Theater NYC?
ProScout Model and Acting Meeting Tomorrow?
What’s your awkward moment story?
British accent?
What are the top-ranked UNIVERSITIES that has the best acting/theater program in the US?
HI!!! Any good monologues?
what did macbeth mean when he said this?
How do you know when there's tv auditions?
How do actors know......?
I have four Prints From the Original by Tony Crago-1973, One is Main Street, Tooraweenah. Are they of any Val?
what comedy/ mystery would be good for high schools?
how do comedians start off small and then go big?
do cover letters need to be stapled to the resume when sending them to an agent?
In movies and shows,do actors really kiss?
how do you force yourself to cry?
What method of acting do you prefer? Method or character?
Soprano audition songs?
Do you happen to know an on-line source for theatrical school plays for kids in Primary education?
how does the play 'much ado about nothing' exposes human weaknesses?
Any Small Young Girl roles in hairspray?
Did John Wayne and Roy Rogers ever meet?
What questoins do you ask Talent Agents?
Does anyone know of any good acting schools or classes in Montgomery county maryland or D.c. (im 13 btw)?
How big of a lead is Mrs. Paroo in Music Man the musical, not the movie?
Are there any good theater message boards?
what are the characteristics of Biff Loman?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show??
what does a braodway stage manager get paid?
Getting my foot into the door for acting. Where to start?
Which Broadway Play is better to see????
How do I become an actor after college?
Being an Actor without going to an acting school?
Wondering about S.M entertainment auditions?
Why do people think Ellen Degeneres can dance?
Seeking a Voice Over Talent Agent?
what Gilbert &Sullivan operetta has phrase "no palace and no court for me, no walls of stone and masonry"?
How do you get into acting?
How can I act like an evil elf?
Is anyone looking for a script for Wicked?
How do you sign up to be or audition to be in a Disney show or movie?
Examples of dramatic irony in macbeth act 2 scene 1 quotes?
best theatre groups in delhi?
are side seats bad for broadway?
Hi. I need to get a phoenix costume for my son ASAP and am trying to find one to buy!! Please help!?
What is better for acting?
If you did a bad audition due to some unforseen circumstances should you ask the director if they will let you?
Joseph and the Amazing Tech. Dreamcoat fans?
Whats the best way to practice acting at home?
Do you believe you're either born a good actress? Or do you believe you can get better with lessons?
Does anyone know of a good affordable acting school in ohio.?
explain for the play shoemaker holiday?
If i want to write a play, what do i do after that?
Acting class short scene help! ?
Where can I find Entertainment Industry Trade papers ?
Question for Oliver the Musical--Casting Nancy?
Apart from the gruesome Titus Andronicus, which of Shakespeare's plays do you like least?
How do I become a better Actor?
Why do people perfer dogs over cats?
is there any acting schools in Glendale?
Why is Soupy Sue in Urinetown depicted as pregnant with a leg brace?
is orlando bloom gay?
what is sharukh khan's religion?
I want to join airlines as cabin crew can i get that job and advice what will be my future job and when i get?
I want to major in theatre...?
HELP!! I need a melodrama monologue!!?
is it ok to lie about your age (only by about a month) for an acting audition?
Who said "Nothing attracts a crowd, like a crowd"?
How can I fake cry?
where can i find scripts for an acting audition that i can learn in about a week?
How does Macbeth's initial reputation help him become king?
What's your opinion on these NYC acting conservatories??!?
What is the line in "Macbeth" where Macbeth tells his wife she lis like a man?
Monologue idea's about death?
i need a skit with a bad starting and good ending?
Im going to an acting agency call back! Advice PLEASE! :)?
what did you guys think of highschool musical 2?
without background of amitabh anybody say that abhisek is hero...?
I know that there are acting classes in los angeles but can anybody tell me the on e that are really good? And?
Majority of greatest AMERICAN ACTORS out of NEW YORK or CALI?
What is a good audition monologue for the part of daddy warbucks in a production of Annie?
Decent dark plays for high school? ?
Ben Mitchell eastenders?
A writer giving human characteristics to an inanimate object is _____________________?
whatis the real name of the actor and actress that act romeo and juliet?
fill in the drama term blanks please!?
Do shy people make better actors?
I need Help With This catwalk i'm doing ! Please Help My Darlings x?
Can any Shakespeare experts annotate or tell me what's going on in this monologue?
how wwould you describe anton Chekhov's legacy and relative historical significance?
Wicked The Musical ? ?
How would I find auditions for the Wire??
Can you tell me some names of actors......?
How to become an actor in Australia or London?
i want to be spiderman is that possible?
what is interpretative reading? chamber theater? readers theater?
How to find a good acting job or become famous with out an agency?
On The Charley's Aunt costume, what kind of makeup should I use?
What is your personal favorite PLAY and MUSICAL?
I'm nervous about becoming an actress even tho i have a plan. is this normal?
Where can I find an original one person, one minute comedy skit?
how do i become an actress at the age of 15?
what is the style in byzantine?
what is jersey shore?
how's the theatre in the West countries look like?
2010 SAG awards best actress?
Lady macbeth's state of mind?
are you famous in your school?
My favorite musicals are Avenue Q and Rent, based on that, do you know of any other musicals I'd really like?
How many children does Gwenth Paltrow have?
Fast 10 points! Do u know of any modeling/acting agencies around....?
Y do we care what happens in an actor or singers personal life?
Is the Wicked musical any good?
how to get out of something?
Is Johnny Depp in New Mexico?
Does anyone know any Japanese or Korean movies that have Black actors or actresses acting in it?
Should I listen what others encourage me to do?
can someone tell me how can i download episodes for free?
I'd like to be an actress but should I even bother?! ?
Name for a piece of theatre?
Should I have gone to this audition today? please comment?
to what extent does the quote "'tis more to do with love than with hate" sum up romeo and juliet
Which do triple theart is the most important?
How to be a better on camera actress?
Stage Fright?
Got two questions about extras performing in a movie!?
i think i want to be an actor???? Help?
i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there much of a chance of...... easy 10 points?
hey... anyone no were i can audition for the 2nd twlight movie.?
How do I go about getting small voice acting jobs?
Special skills needed for acting?
Should you audition even if you have no idea how good an actor you are?
How can one differentiate between good acting and bad acting?
Any ideas for auditioning for the Pajama Game?
Will this change your mind?
where can i get experience as a casting director?
What is like to become famous?
Where are the adults only films are showing?
I need to dress up my kid with an international costume for a school activity? any suggestions. shld be simple
what symbolism by the drama of "Desire under the elms"?
What do I do to prepare the day before a musical audition?
Acting Classes or Theatre?
Is having no talent a talent?
How might a disabled but talented voice-over artist go about getting a home voice-over studio&software, free?
songs best for girls like me with husky voices....pllsss...?
PLEASE HELP! what are links in animal farm and macbeth?
good movie scenes for 4 people?
Central Ca Acting School?! Please?
How can I practice a southern accent for a school play?
Is C.N. Kins a guy's name or a girl's name?
How can I get into acting?!?
Can I be a doctor and Actress at the same time?
My sister tells me I'm a bad actor ?
What is Audrey Tautou's real age?
Have a skit idea? a hilarious one plez?
At the age of 15 where to start to be an Actor ?
How can one become a natural actor?
Weird things for my character to do?
what is a producing house in the world of theatre?
What were the main themes, political and social issues of the characters in Commedia dell arte?
do i need a coogan account to become an actor?
Where to hold auditions?
"Coriolanus" at the Stratford Festival--Has anybody seen it?
Where can I find scripts for kids to put together a play?
is there such thing as tragic character?
Can someone help me put the Lady Macbeth Soliloquy in Act 1, Scene 5 to the music of Hey Mickey ?
Phantom Of The Opera?
Can anyone help me please?
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players then who is selling the tickets?
What is the last name of dorothy in the wizard of oz?
Is Craigslist a legit place to look for castings for modeling and acting?
How to act better? .s for thespians?
I am 13 and i want to know everything about starting modeling all the up what to do and also the costs.?
i need two contrasting one minute monologues!!?
What is the Ides of March?
In high school musicals...?
Good monologues to perform?
Where can I find information about the job of Movie/Film Producer?
what are the best performing art [[acting/dram]] colleges?
Me Playing You're Not Here (Piano Version)?
acting classes in Dallas? PLEASE HELP!?
comedic monologue for a female?
In the musical "Funny Girl", who is Jenny?
Audition song requests?
Tips on being an voice actress?
Why was William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar" named as it was?
What would be a good monologue for a teenager trying out for Annie?
Music conservatory in the Philippines?
Julius Caesar movie project help?
How does a dream looks like?
Grants for small theater companies?
How do you audition for an American Girl movie?
Audition advice?
Name of theme song from novela eva luna?
For awhile now it has been my dream to become a famous actress, advice?
Shakspeare play - Macbeth > 5 short questions?
am fifteen. Jewish. Great potential. Excellent sense of drama. live in israel. how do i become an actor? tips?
Special skills area on acting resume...?
Does anyone know about the original crime associated with the one which inspired the play Equus?
''i'm going to rouge my knees, pull my stockings down'' - why?!?
What are some touring theatre companies?
Where the hell can I find a list for the upcoming academy awards of the nominees?
Acting and youtube? Possible?
how can i make a sock puppet? i need to make him look like a garden weed for a skit called the rummor weed?
Would you put this on an acting resume..?
i want to know the details rangdevata , god of theater.?
Is comedy the most difficult part of acting?
Help me find this monologue?
what are some good songs?
Trying out for a play? (Seussical The Musical)?
Interesting facts about Macbeth - Shakespeare?
i want to be an actress butt....?
ideas for a mystery play?
auditions... high school musical 2? when... where?
Who is the main character in 15 reasons not to be in a play?
What are some renowned acting agencies that hire international talents?
Famous EMERGENCY Help!?
where can i find current pictures of mike evans from cast of the jeffersons?
Can you become an actor if youre 25 years old.?
(serious question) Are you mean to the disabled?
Why do we still make theatre?
i have an audition next week and...?
Good Musicals for 7/8 grade play? Needs to be appropriate for K-5 audience?
Omg. help with a presentation!?
Can we do breakfast club as a school play?
does i have the looks for modeling?
In "The Secret Garden", in how many songs does Rose sing?
What's this monologue?
May I please have some advice on how to become an actor?
Play/Book: Any recommendations of plays/books where the central characters are abused siblings?
Great schools for Theater Education/Educational Theater major?
Can anyone help me? I need some quotes from Shakespeare.?
Would Waitin for My Dearie from Brigadoon be an overdone audition song?
what is the best way to get to act on Disney Channel if you live in Minnesota and you dont have any money?
Whats a good part in romeo and juliet?
Any Male Teen Monologue Suggestions?!?
Miss Pettigrew Live For A Day script?
i know this is retarted, but i really want to be a singer.?
Name a 1act play, written in 70s or 80s: 2 women have tea while their alter egos say what they really think?
Do you like movies?what kind of movies?
Directors: What are some traps that you have fallen into. . .?
I've been an actress for 3 years and I'm fed up with it!! What career can I do now?
what is the difference between in the play the glass menagerie and the movie?
does n e one have a website that has casting notices for low budget films?
I'm looking for a theatrical play...?
Making a "Wicked" Elphaba dress?
Who are the casts of Cowbelles. Give me their nicknames and real name.?
how can I put my 6y old son in the Moves??
Examples of violence scenes in Romeo and Juliet!?
What are the probability of becoming a singer and an actress here if you are from africa?
what is a good retort or reply to the phrase "you can't please everyone"?
I need an epic speech please!!!?
Using your eyes when acting?
legit uk child modelling agencies/ websites?
I have to do a sex scene in a film?
does anyone know were to get in acting audition in ga?
I want to be a film super star in hollywood who can help me I live in iran ? musical people!?
are there any sites that have free(no catch) quality christmas plays?
when did miley cyrus start acting on hannah montana?
What is the reference to "tracks" in Steel Magnolias play?
Is Into The Woods a good play for young children?
How do I become a disney channel star???
Movies that would be easily turned into a play?
What is the dress code for the Royal Opera House?
Do regular people have chances of becoming models?
How do get into acting?
One Source Talent Acting Agency Help?
How to cast a community theater play?
What is a director's/writer's term for a space off stage that actors can refer to, but the audience can't see?
On my side?
What song should I sing to audition fo rBye Bye Birdie???
How to get the nerv of quitting the play?
Does anyone know any unpopular female solos from a broadway musical?
How to play piano better ?
I m 19 years young Boy and I want to Become An Actor So,How Can I become An Actor?
give me information or photos of rajat tokas a teen actor of serial prithvi raj chauhan,?
Making Toast script!?!?
i need help coming up with a stupid talent?
Do you think actors who agree to pose nude for film/theatre lack dignity?
Quik Summirazation of the fight between Romeo and Tybalt?
What has Johnny Depp's best acting job been up to Pirates 2?
I want to know from Pakistanis if any one knows about Ayesha Sana's son death?Is that really true?
Model Expo??? ASAP plez answer?
What song to do as a contemporary ballad for a 10 year old girl? Does Reflections from Mulan work?
Who's READ the play entitled, "The True Adventures of Pinocchio"?
What is that Romeo + Juliet song?
Who is your favorite Indian Actress?
I need talent show/skit ideas?
who is ur favorite actor or actress &why?
can an individual write a television script and submit it to a production company for commercial reasons?
I am auditioning for Fiona in Brigadoon and would like to know if anyone has any song suggestions? :)?
Type of shoes to wear to an audition (theatre/film)...?
What brands of stage make up are good, and what is just a waste of money?
Best websites for casting calls and auditions?
Play recommendations, I'll try anything?
Is Anna Nicole Smith,our next Marilyn Monroe?Does she have hidden talents?
How should i get a modelling job?
My daughter is 13 and has been very persistent about acting... where do i start? who do i contact?
Do I need to go to acting school to go in auditions?
What is one of the best books to buy about acting for a 13 or 14 year old girl or boy.?
will you help me imagine?? the events following a govt taking 90% of income & wealth permanently off 90% ...??
How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Macbeth character traits?
I am looking for a good short play/one act play with characters in their 20's. Any ideas?
How to get bigger roles / How do i find out if i can act?
What is the name of this song from Wicked?
help with pantomiming ?
i go on stage in 2.5 hours.... HELP...i am so nervous?
are there any one-act or scenes from plays that are good for two young female actresses (15-25)?
Legit acting agents in CT?
What is the best way to learn how to play the Piano?
I need a broadway song for an audition, anyone know of good ones?
how to stay calm while presenting a project?
dose any one know how to make a lightsaber that i can use to fight with in a play?
Acting problems, help!!!!?
Please rate my acting tell me what you think?
I just want to know when the next disney channel audtions are. Please email me if you know the answer.?
can a 15 year old 6 foot boy become a actor?
What's the best way for a 12 year old to get into the acting business?
how can I get to New york from boston if i am low on $$, and how do I get an audition for a movie or tv show?
how do i know when and where auditions for american girl movies are?
who's your favourite playwrite of all time?
Auditions in Las Vegas?
What is a "Hollywood Ending"?
The Best Musical Theatre Colleges Around The United States?
Need to memorize a large Monologue in two days! Any tips? ?
What IS dramatic purpose?
Does anyone know any really good websites for getting into the acting industry?
Gertrudes thinks King death?
Local theater plays help?
Was Shakespeare referring to penis size comparisons when Lysander says?
What is your favorite show to see on stage?
How to become an equity actress?
Can anyone give me good ideas for a monologue and musical theatre song?
Acting online?? Is it possible??!!?
Where to send a Voice Acting demo CD?
How can i improve my acting?
Julius Caesar Act 1 help?
i need Caucasian and or mixed actresses for a film im going to be shooting?
Modeling and Acting School?
Need script material or ideas for drama performance!?
What's your idea about Salome script from Oscar Wilde?
Is it wise to invest my own money in a B'way production of my own play?
Has anyone heard of the play 'The Forest'?
Why exactly are headshots so important?
does any one know the play dancing at lughnasa? and if so can you give me an overview of the first act?
When is it too late to go for musical theatre?
female monologues? help!!?
good way to end my play?
I'm directing a group of children. I want to do a musical, but which should I do? How do I keep control too?
A good musical is best?
how to get into acting?
how to sound good and be confident on camera ?
Does anybody like the Phantom of the Opera?
What movie should I go see...I just saw Taledega nights (who cares on the spelling)?
Acting Lessons!!! :D?
Is the musical "Phantom of the Opera" good?
Whats your favorite play or musical?
do you think the love of romeo and juliet is for real?why or why not?
What is the average that people should quit trying to become an actress?
Is Barbizon Modeling Agency a Scam?
Child Actor Moving To L.A?
Audition for Audrey II?
Does anyone know of any talent agencies that represent in Floridia singing?
SAG members, how did you get your card?
looking for SFA Talent agency.?
movie roles for a 13 year old female!!!?
I hate high school musical and I was wondering does anybody like it?
how can i be a good actress as much as hannah montana?
Has anyone performed in either THE OUTSIDERS or REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE? (stage version)?
All the songs from Nunsense: The Mega Musical, Bye Bye Birdie, and Brigadoon?
What are some restaurants named after musicals?
I want to act?
Agencies in Brookhaven?
Will a theater bring back Oscar nominated movies just prior to the awards show? Examples?
What time period was the story of Madame Butterfly based?
do you ever feel like this about someone?
how do you get rid of a 14 year old kid that picks on his brother?
Please help! Im not sure...?
Yg mail audition callback?
Acting credits - 3 questions?
Monologue from a modern play?
Does Sandra Bullock have a boyfriend?husband?
Am I to old to act and make a career out of it.?
Mary Poppins Licence?
I need help with fake crying!?
Does anyone know any audtions or casting calls in Puerto Rico?
Can you guess the musical we are doing?
When are the auditions for the Broadway Revival of Annie opening in 2012?
How do i project my voice without screaming?
I want to do audition for the X Factor what shall I do?
How Can I Be A Pro Actor, Even If My Mom Doesn't Support Me?
How can you make fake blood using household items?
Acting Help... Starting out?
Any Auditions for Nickalodeon in dc area ?
Experience Actors/Actress PLease Reply!!?
How can i become a actor ?
Is it possible for someone to have too much talent?
Do you like James Dean?
I am more than your average teen and I want to be a singer or actress. How do I do that?
What is a good way to find local plays?
After you qualify for auditions of the XFactor do you go to hollywood?
is there any difference between camera used in bollywood and hollywood?
How was it deemed when Macbeth was dubbed both Thane of Glamis and then Thane of Cawdor. wasn't it unfortunate?
I REALLY want to act. Is it a stupid dream?
Beauty and the beast Audition Help?
if your going through a break up how soon do you let the next person in?
Help with Talent agents?
web site for Actors Equity?
What will you do when people start clapping continously when you have told just two sentences?
How do people become famous actors and/or actresses?
trouble with acting...all read!?
Is it ok to use a monologue without the accent?
How much would you make on Broadway?
Where is Pan's Labyrinth playing at? Closest to Santa Rosa, California.?
Acting Auditions/Jean in Brigadoon?
I want to become famous?
Can everyone act?
Help with finding auditions for acting in New Orleans, LA?
How to become an actor?
ACTING HELP: How do I pick an agent. Full story below... Please help!!!?
My daughter wants to audition for a musical at school?
I need some posh names?
how do i get rid of this problem?
What are 16 bars of sheet music from wicked and the song "the wizard and I"?
If you have nothing on your resume, but want to try out for the lead role in a television series . ..?
Death of Ophelia by Eugene Delacroix?
Should I continue doing theatre?
kpop audition,what do i need to do and what will happen if i pass?
juliet is only meant to be 13 but has there EVER been a production or film version where she was play by a 13?
Whats the story behind street performers?
Laffing Room Only?
Did anyone like high school musical 3?
Rocky Horror Picture Show??????????
how to make a drama script?
beginner director advice?
Help! I need acting auditions.?
Tell me everything you think about Hermia from A Midsummer Nights Dream?
macbeth makeup?
What are all the songs Stephanie J Block (Judy) sings in 9 to 5 the musical?
Seussical Audition song? Please help?
Twilight Teams What Team are You?
What is the best way to break into acting?
Who is more famous kevin costner and bruce willis?
Modernized Romeo and Juliet Play?
Audition piece?
I want to be an actress...?
Ancient Greek Theatre?
When shall we three meet again?
How do I get into a theatre carer?
URGENT! i need an idea for a morality play HELP?
Help me find this musical and/or song please?
Help with Noises off?
What are some good monologues for children 12-14?
Have you ever had a main part in a school play?
What shows should my high school do?
How great is The Lion King musical in London?
Audition monologue for college?
I need songs for a musical audition!?
How can I become famous?
Acting or Plays In Las Vegas?
To be an actress, do looks matter?
Can someone please send me the sheet music for "Suppertime" from the musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"?
What actress's played the twins in the ORIGINAL "Parent Trap"?
Is this fair- do I deserve the part over her?
HELP! I MUST find red gloves by tomorrow...RHPS!!?
Tell me the plot for "Guys and Dolls"?
When are the x factor auditions for NY or longisland?
i live in fort worth, tx and i am having a baby and i am looking to put her in acting/modeling?
What can being a movie Extra achieve?
Should i o to school to study graphic design or acting?
How can you deal with making a fool of yourself in acting?
help for an audition song? desperate!?
How can I get my parent on board with my acting career?
How do people become famous, when they are normal people that have no conections with famous people?
What is a good song for a robbery scene?
How can I get over stage fright?
Act 3 romeo and juliet lit. devices?
What do unemployed actors do all day?
How do I get an acting agent?
Is acting sometimes a way of releasing pent up emotions?
Are the Tony awards on tonight?
What is your dream role in theatre?
what is good scene to act out where there is two very dominant females in the scene?
The best "Play" in Broadway?
would u rather go to a musical or a play?
how can you find local actors for a small production when no funds are available. Production in Michigan?
I want to become an actress!?
where can i find a makeup/cosmetic school/classes in houston tx?
Does the pope wear a funny hat?
Wicked Character Qusetion (Part 3)?
how to become better looking ?
Casting calls NEAR buffalo ny?
please help!?
What is your opinion of Romeo and Juliet?
Want to get back into acting?
how to get a REAL acting agent in New York?
Is there anybody involved in musical theater I can interview?
How do you become a famous actor, without alot of trouble?
What are the basics in acting?
how do you make your self cry?
How can I act sassy and arrogant?
i wrote a monologue, is it any good?
where can i find emotional music for act 3 scene 1 for julius caesar ?
Does anybody know where to find a TEEN theatre club on Long Island, preferably by Deer Park?
does anyone know any good acting agencies in NY?
Acting classes please help?
What Broadway show would you like to participate as the lead man or woman?
Will i be able to have a life if i go into film acting?
Acting, Thespians, Theater, Performing Arts?
I'm an actress currently based in the UK, but would love to relocate to New York. Any advice?
how do you get into acting like for movies/xtra work i would love to do that but dont live in c.a.?
Musical suggestions for our theatre group? (see details)?
Is acting something you become better at, or is it something you either have or dont?
How appropriate is the Broadway show Mamma Mia for pre-teen girls?
How do I become an actor or model?
Who was a one time co-star with William Shatner?
trying to find a 'Rutger Hauer' lookalike actor?
Does anyone know anything about The American Academy of Dramatic Arts?
Do I sound more like a writer or actress?
Romeo and Juliet Question!!!!?
Difference between a musical and a play?
I would like to audition?
how can i get into Disney Channel?
Examples of Choral Reading scripts?
Build an Audrey II???
How can a 15 yr old teen be a disney channel actress?
Do you know something about acting school in Los Angeles or new york?
I need to find the script of the play, "the lover" (real fast)by by Marguerite Duras. Please help me!
Any good community musical theaters in Boston?
I need to find a monologue called Gym but it came from a book. Can someone help me?
how do comedians write such funny jokes? How do i write jokes good enough for a stand up routine?
What's a good musical for my high school to do?
Where would you get the cheapest tickets for the new musical 'Wicked' for tomorrow night (Thursday 5th Oct)?
In need of Holiday/Christmas Monologues, Stories, Skits, etc. ?
What is your favorite play or musical?
Audition Song Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do i put the "starring" section on wattpad?
How do you pay the Agent or do you pay the Agent when you get a part?
Who was the director of this production?
Pop up quizz anne frank?
why are Americans so obsessed with celebrity?
how hard is it to get into acting?
where can i find the ORGiNAL version of the wizard of oz? NOT the remasterd/ edited version?
Any tips on memorizing something long in a short amount of time?
If you were in theater or acting would you like to play the Villain or Good Guy?
i am a dancer want to go audition in new york does anyone know what visa i need to work there in a bar?
im in houston& i want 2 get noticed 2 become a model.does anyone have some tips on do's & donts of modeling
What happens if I don't get a callback?
How can I become an actor?
What is this joke in twelfth night?
Can you tell me an accurate website with legit auditions on it?
I'm steamed up, are you?
How much can you make stuff up on a resume?
Need to do a 3 min Monologue on Paperclips?
Have you seen us get away with it?
Auditioning of " Annie"?
Did Hamlet ever love Ophelia?
is drama important?
Who should I try out for in 13 the Musical?
Acting tips for the tempest?
Help with my would-be stage name!?
What is the "true" definition of a good actor/actress?
For all the stage actors out there what part of it do you love the most?
A Streetcar named Desire dived in eleven scenes?
What is the worst play/musical you have ever been in/seen?
Theatre in Paris- what are the best plays to see now? What are theatre companies that aren't too expensive?
Help with my singing?
I want to know about some good acting camps for kids around 12-15 years old.?
I need help on becoming famous?
How to become a film writer?
Which is a term not associated with musical dynamics?
Can i take my sister to an acting agency meeting?
If I were to do the make-up for the characters of the Opera " Gianni Schicchi', how could I get info to do it?
Who's the true hero in the play, Julius Caesar and Why?
Who is your favourite playwright?
What would Romeo and Juliet's ENSEMBLE wear?
Do successful NY theatre productions automatically become touring successes?
Would I get cast with this headshot?
What's your favorite comedic play?
Do you think I would make it to hollywood?
Does anyone know Miley Cyrus's e-mail address? Or maybe her dads.. Billie Ray Cyrus??
Looking for the FULL score for RENT the musical?
Didn't make my school play??
what skills would they be looking for at the high school musical 3 auditions?
Urgent Help If you READ kissed by an ANGEL?
Where can i find auditions for movies? With out an agent!?
Hi! I got A QUESTION!?
help help help?
Is 'If momma was a married' a suitable audition piece to do alone?
Should I give up on my dream of becoming an actress..or get a regular job?
My daughter wants to sing! What do i do???
How do actors in plays such as 'Equus' not get erections?
help with musical auditions?
Where can I find a script of "Ragtime, the musical".?
Girls, what are your honest?
About auditions...?
there is no index of character so sure as the voice?
I was approached for the new faces dc. is it a scam?
Anthony from Sweeny Todd?
Can anyone give me ideas on what to write in my monologue?
what is that Bebo Profile i cant find Daniel Radelffe's email in it can you tell me how to find it?
I need a short and funny, but appropriate skit ideas having to do with the news.?
Should There be a Musical for Lion King 2?
I'm looking for the name of a play.?
Rags to riches/small town-big town type monologues?
can some one tell the name of movie in which juhi dies bcos of bomb blast.anil kapoor was hero?
What is your favorite musical?
What can you do with just a drama degree?
Can anyone tell me how I can effectively and quickly smoothen my voice?And sharpen my voice?
Will Twilight be playing anywhere in March of 2009?
Where can i find tickets to see a London show with hotel included?
How do I get an agent?
Name your top three favorite books on screenplay writing?
How old will Charlie Chaplin be now?
Any aspiring film actors/actresses out there?
How to write screenplay for disney series?
one thing that dramatic songs and ballads have in common is that both?
acting/agencies/auditioning in Cda/LA?
How to prepare to take an acting class for the first time?
what song?
You probably get this all the time: Which character would you most love to play? In what?
Any drama plays suggestions?? Comedy ones? Love ones? Sad ones? ?
Does Any1 know where i can get free singing lessons online no credit card required?
who is a great current actor who does well in horror movies?
Where can i find a Christine Daee costume?
What should i wear for Disney Audition?
Disney Channel Audition ??? HELP ???
Comparison - Act 1, Scene 2 of The Tempest v. Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet?
Question for ameuteur actresses?
Steps To Becoming An Actor ?
Gong Fu Penda sense of humor?
Need Good Alto Audition Song?
This beloved children's animator holds the record for most Academy Awards and most nominations?
Why do people that acted as a child don't get veary good roles as an adult?
I need a good acting name!!!My first name is Michael, can't figure out the last name....?
Ok, so I got the part, but how do I play it?
Tips on how to make myself cry on demand.?
What is a good song to audition for Godspell?
hey can i have some movie ideas? :)?
how can l become a pornstar?
What is drama.............?
Is it possible for me to....?
Who is your favorite Broadway Star and why?
My little sisters want to get into the acting business...?
what is a good musical my high school can do?
How do I mark the accented words in a monologue?
has anybody ever seen the play "joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat"?
I want to become an Actress but I'm To afraid to Tell my Parents.?
I'm 13 years old and I want to become an actress?
becoming an actress?
What seems to be Paris's attitude toward Juliet, in Romeo and Juliet?
Does anyone know of a good high school drama production?
Will the fact that I'm a member of the National Youth Theatre help when applying to drama school?
what are characteristic of macbeth in Act 1 Scene 7? can you please tell me including the quotes.?
What are the similarities and differences between theater from ancient Greece and from the Elizabethan Age?
Jellicle Cats Choreography?
I need help with Macbeth!?
B.F.A. musical theatre degree?
15 yrs old in CA. How do i go about pursuing an acting carrer w/ no prior experience?
Is it better to be a singer who can act or an actor that can sing?
How can I fake an american accent?
Any acting oportunities in VA bch?
How can I get an Acting Agent?
What are good broadway shows for teens in New York City?
My favorite is King Lear but some prefer As You Like It. Which is your favorite?
i need to no how to play my immortal on the piano?
Will acne on my face prevent me form ever getting a role in a hollywood film ?
How can I become an Actress without actually having schooling for it?
Could a mezzo-soprano play the role of Enjolras?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe suitable for a 13 yr-old girl ?
I have to write a ten minute Greek Tragedy for school....any ideas on a topic?
modelling agency in Richmond VA???
masterpiece theatre term question?
I want work in Bolywood Films& Intersting withAmitabh,Salman Sunny,SanjuBaba,Tell me where contact to me?
What do you think of my play?
I'm auditioning for a musical & I need a female upbeat song thats not been overdone like hairspray wicked&rent
If i want to be an actress what do I do after drama classes?
Shakespeare Emoting?
Who would you like 2 go out with..brad pitt or orlando bloom? why?
trying to be an actress, but...?
What is your favorite Shakespear play?
I want to audition for my school musical but...?
hey guys' help me?
In the merchant of venice, what are three examples of how appearances can be decieving?
Could I be a model? (pics)?
suggest a genre or concept of a movie?
Looking for a good play with four female characters. Any suggestions?
who is the best music director in india?
Really wanna be a actor!?
Acting a flower... Actors/actresses?
Are there any Disney auditions for kids or teens?
What are the chances of me becoming an actor?
How do you know if your a good actor?
grand tier boxes seat plan royal albert hall london?
Good short comedy plays?
Whats the film and TV industry like in Australia......?
I am looking for the actual script for The Laramie Project. Can anyone help me?
Help for the sm entertainment audition please?
How to ace a cold try out?
Can anyone help me with my acting?
who are the best looking actors in world cinema?
What happens when you audition for an agent?
I'm searching for a job, I wanna be an actor, I wanna be a porn star?
well i am sachin from chandigarh, and i do like abhishek bachan and i want to try my luck in acting!!?
'An Inspector Calls' - Explore the ways the Inspector is presented in 'An Inspector Calls'?
what is Quintilian's method of acting?
I want to become a producer and screenwriter.Should I start a production company??
Can you take a video camera into a professional musical production in America?
Should my High School do "The Wild Party(Lippa version)" as our spring musical?
what to expect for audition to be a tv extra?
Film of Oedipus the King, Bernard Knox translation?
what are some songs related to the Julius Caeser play/book?
“Which Shakespeare play finds Viola disguised as Cesario?
How long should a high school director begin auditioning?
How can I memorize lines quickly?
what were elizabethan plays about?
Who is the best and the worst actor?
i wanna become an actress help!!!!!!?
who was gemma mckenzie browns agent?
I have a love for the arts. I am a tween and need to know all you can tell me about auditions and resumes!!!!!?
What are Good theater cIties?
Who will play the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele?
im a male who needs an audition monologue for the merchant of Venice any suggestions? shylock is cast already?
inspiring actress.....need help?
Who can help me with acting?
What are Modeling Auditions like?
Gay and i wanna be on disney channel!?
Do i have to have a Drama GSCE to become an actress?
What are some good audition songs for a 16/f/soprano with belt?
gospel singing audition?
In Act 3, scene 4 What do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth hope to achieve from the state banquet ?
I'm in The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe?
Am I too old for acting or modeling?
What are the actor's unions in Australia called?
How do I start my acting career?
what can i do for make actor means i want act in english movies its very important for me so please help me.?
getting a talent agent was kind of easy?
What do you think about movie actor/actresses who are exempt from persecution?
Audition help for Ragtime?
Where can I find good production plays?
Anybody want to start a role play with me?
Does anybody actually write sonnets anymore?
Why is it important that your headshot is 8" x 10"?
How do actors at a young age appear on TV?
what exactly is the meaning and the purpose of this line in Macbeth?
where can I find a real looking retractable knife for stage or film.?
Musical theater song for audition?
Wanna ba an Actor but how do i get there?
HELP........I have a question.....?
sir i m from odisha n wana be a roadie.there is no audition round in odisha.plzz suggest me?
What do you think of Wicked the Musical? ~Anthy?
Why do you think that there are people that don't belive in God?
who was the first actress in the world?
can a 15 year old 6 foot boy become a actor?
I need ideas for plays?
korean talent agencies for white men?
Can somebody can tell me a good agency for entertainment? And how to apply for it.?
Sims 2 voice over series... Auditions?
Any good soprano songs for teenagers?
I have two questions. Where can I can a copy of Pfeiffer's People? Question 2 follows...?
I NEED HELP! 10 POINTS! please!?
help for my HOME THEATRE ?
Do you have to live in california to be on disney?
PLEASE ANSWER..................?
How do I get actors or singers email adress?
As the panto season will shortly be getting into full swing and I have to rehearse each day now.?
Is RichMan, PoorMan starring Nick Nolte still for sale? And if so, where?
I went 2 the Movies with my Boyfriend and I really didnt talk 2 him I talked 2 his sis !!?
Grammar Nazi, funny for talent show?
So when the crew or whatever of a movie hold auditions...?
Antony and Cleopatra modern english translation?
Britains got talent?
do anybody know where i can find a good acting agent with no scam?
I have an idea that i think is amazing but the people i show it to hate it? I still want to persue it?
HELP WITH MACBETH. what are the stages he goes through after meetiing the witches?
What to wear to a Disney open casting call?
What is your alltime favourtie play?
Tips on playing Drbney in Don't Drink the Water?
I'm looking for the title of a play?
In the current touring production of Phantom, how does Phantom disappear in the final scene?
Can anyone help with a crazy monologue? ?
Does anybody know how to make this type of bracelet?
How to become an actress with no expirence ?
Do the cast of the show make you?
I'm looking for a light hearted or comic play for my 12 students.?
how did amanda blake get aids?
What kind of musical do you want to be written?
Is the rocky horror picture show scary? I'm 13.. haha.?
Can anyone give me a good character background for Ross in Macbeth? Thanks?
Help i need help finding a monologue?
How can I deal with stage fright?
Voice/Acting teachers Please!! Do you think 16 is to old to start taking voice/acting/musical theater classes?
when was Richard III of shakespeare was first performance? Please give evidence for the same.?
How do I look in this photo?
Do appearances matter in theater class?
a good actress?
how can i get an acting job?
How can i get on Disney's next big thing auditions for 2013?
How can I make myself cry?
Good talent agents in the metro Detroit area?
What's the difference between an acting manager and an agent?
I need ideas for a short film that involves only one character?
How do you find auditions for tv and movie roles?
What are good plays for 2 boys and 3 girls?
What is your all time, #1 favorite, Broadway Musical?
How Does One Perform a Monologue Correctly?
summary of the story "the great rade"?
I'm trying to get a casting.. Any tips?
i am 25 and i want to join theater group what is required for it and is there any cost i have to pay to join?|?
What's your talent? Do you have a special talent?
what are good audition songs for a musical?
How do I choose a monologue for an audition?
What are the first and last names of a Shaw character?
First scene in what?
My fair lady (musical) HELP!?
Will I Need a Monologue To Audition for The Role I Want?
I am an Actress / a script/ screen play writer. How and where do I sell my scripts please?
One person short film ideas?
The Good Person Of Szechwan.... by Bertlot Brecht?
I need help on AGENTS!!!!!?
Grease or High School Musical?
Which is better, using your parents or having a real legit agent?
Hello!! When can i find out when auditions are in LA?Do i need a agent?
how can u become famous on the internet?
Who wrote shakespeare's plays?
A good acting agency?
What are some tech week tips?
How do I move up a level in my local theater?
I'm 15 and want to start acting, what do I need to do to start it ?
Which career should I choose?
what do you think about noras decision at th end of the play? explain why with a detail from the play.?
Where Can I watch A Midsummer's night Dream play?
Are there any plans for a film adaptation of Dante's Divine Comedy?
What are some good ideas for acting out a "machine"?
personal and political satire in a midsummer night's dream?
what do you think of my musical/play?
How do I tell my mom I entered an acting audition?
Best Idea on how to get leading player in pippin?
Acting classes in Birmingham, AL?
Two Person 5 Minute Play Scene like "The Town"?
Acting career advice? Has beedmn in bug roles in local theatre?
What Part Do You Think I Could Play?
Acting career - better in the UK or Canada?
In Romeo And Juliet, Juliet says "this is thy sheath;there rust,and let me die",what figure of speech is this?
Ideas for monologues for an audition.?
Theater ideas for summer?
Musical theatre or 80's pop audition songs?
Drama School?
Does any know of any plays for African Americans?
In 1599 which company did shakespear become part owener?
Do you think I can act?
why didn't hamlet become the king of Denmark?
Macbeth Essay?
Any suggestions for a play with both tween girls and adults?
How to play minecraft ?
Are these good one direction seats?
What is a classical monlogue for auditions?
Which one is the sexiest site of christie brinkley?
Is a theatricial monologue different from a commercial monologue?
Good Comedic Monologue?
musical theatre auditions for kids?
how can i find commercial auditions near new jersey?
Interface modling agency ?!?
does gerard butler love his work or just for money?
What type of degree do you need to teach theater at a college level?
How can I find a talent agent in LA who will represent me if I live on the east coast?
Bella from "Lost in Yonkers"?
When does Titanic 2 come out?
Who has grown up to be a stone fox? Tatyana Ali, from Fresh Prince or Keshia Knight Pullam, from the Cosby?
which romeo and juliet do you prefer?
Pop musical theatre audition song?
What is the meaning of acting.?
10 points to the person who answers this movie trivia question.....?
Acting: Do you perfer fun parts or romantic parts?
I need a contemporary comedic monologue from a play!!?
William Shakespeare Macbeath or any other play narrative please?
What is this play/movie/musical?
Is it enough to love?
Where can I buy printable sheet music from A Little Night Music?
Drama class help How to act out the emotion hopeful?
how can i become can actress 13?
Acting help?
Do you think I could be a good singer even without knowing how to do the "voco vibrato"?
Is this Krapp's Last Tape?
What song should I sing for an audition? choose one, read details.?