Which song for an audition?
can someone help me find Act 1 scene 2 lines 40-41 in Shake spears Macbeth?
What broadway show would you see first?
Can a person learn how to act good?
Does anyone now how to download this site?
techcrew/ production staff for a school musical?
Julius Caesar play question?
I feel I was born to act. Help me?
1O POINTS; Name some musical songs :)?
Is the actor John Mahoney from Fraiser gay?
Romeo and Juliet Act 5,Scene 3?
i regret not doing acting?
Does anybody know of any good, dark prose pieces?
Have you seen the extra casting call for Transfomers 3?
Funny then Sad HSC Monologue?
I Need Help with Skit ideas for a youth group event! Got any ideas?
where can i act in private?
Can you tell me about 'Funny Girl'?
You are responsible for your own expenses? ... WHAT?!?
Best 3 chapters 1-20 in Noli Me Tangere to be made into a play?
How to get less nervous when auditioning?
How can I get agencies to remomber me at an audition?
My school is having a fiddler on the roof play how long do u think it will play for ?
What is acting??????????
mini iMovie ideas (that are child ok)?
Good Ways To Remember A good way to remember a Script or Certain Lines from a script for a drama exam?
How does a 10 yr. kid in Chicago get into acting and modeling?
Is God in Art?
How can I get information on theatre workshops in mumbai? How can I start a career in mumbai theatre?
Good tenor musical theatre song for master workshop?
How can I get started in acting?
Is Les Mis 25th anniversary the full musical?
Do you think Miranda Cosgrove is pretty?
Macbeth help?
Are you a multitasker??
Musicals in the style of Les Miserables?
If given the chance to pursue acting, would you stick it all on the line and go for it, or stay in a more?
i want to be an actor?
Do you have to purchase rights to a play if doing a community theater musical?
Could I get a part in this play? comments please?
How does Juliet know that it is morning at the beginning of Scene 5 in Romeo & Juliet?
What are the names of the Von Trap Children from the Sound of Music?
what are songs in style of little shop of horrors?
Is it weird for a girl to play Ponyboy in a production of The Outsiders?
What type of monologue would be best for a "Little Women" audition?
how can i relate religion to rosencrantz and guildenstern?
quick questions for me?
Was minstrelsy racist?
Mime Music for my class?
movies being made in melbourne between 1/7 - 30/82006?
What plays has your school performed?
Is this radio ad legit?
Could I be an actor at 17?
I need an audition song for Oliver! and fast!!?
How much do extras get paid?
hi are row A stalls good seats at alwych theatre for £199 for two?
I have to create a short skit for my drama 2 class.?
When someone asks you to do an exposition of a play what are you supposed to write?
How do i tell my parents i want to be an actress?
We run a childrens drama school and this week we will have lots of hot tired parents sitting in a room waiting
one who earns a living by play a musical instrument?
Do I need to move to a big city to pursuit acting?
i am going to a scout jamboriee and have to be an assasin does anibudy no what is a death sock .? =]?
I am about to audition for two musical theatre productions...?
how can I make a facial hair piece for stage?
Can you make a acting myspace like the singers do?
What is a good monologue to use for an audition for 'Bye Bye Birdie!'?
What do we learn about Macbeth through his thoughts?
what are some acting tips.?
I want to beomce and actor what should i do?
made up names of travel agencies?
Have you had good or bad luck with Kids Talent Network?
Has anyone seen the musical, WICKED?
Who is Ur fave. actor/actress?
What are the best talent agencies in Pittsburgh?
Shakespeare's Plays?
Fave Musical?
In a film when it says ''Casting by etc'' do they put forward suitable actors for a part?
I am an inspiring actress.. I made callbacks for our HighSchool Play, but i got cut.. DO i have what it takes
Songs for acting school auditions?
Who can I contact for casting information for DC shows?
Vocal nodules or voice change?
am i too old to learn how to play piano? please read (it short :D)?
Any suggestions for a good dramatic short skit or an excerpt from a play?
Am I Too old For Acting, advice?
What is a good theme song for thieves?
How many Disney Open Calls do they usually have each year?
what is cinema and its elements?
Audition Song? Anyone?
USA and UK schools and conservatories with good music, musical theatre, and/or drama programs?
In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet why were the Montague's and the Capulet's fighting?
i have an auditon tomarrow what should i wear?
How does one acquire the services of a great agent? Do you approach them, or do they approach you? Thank you.?
Things to bring to a Disney character look alike audition?
What does an executive producer do?
script for scary play????
Acting audtion tips please help!!?
How to practice acting?
How to get a small role in a film?
What weird talent do you have?
Drama School.............?
Fairytale slapstick fight scene - Boy Blue, Little Red, The Knave and Goldilocks - feedback please?
Does anyone know where I can download the MTV recording of Legally Blonde:The Musical?
Who is killing European cinematography step by step?
I am looking for the name of a skit and drama about abuse, suicide, and alcohol?
any tips for memorizing lots of lines?
does anybody no where I can find william shakespeare music that he usde in his plays?
Guess the broadway play?
What was the last...?
The lyrics for "There! Right There!" from Legally Blonde?
hey guys i really want to be an actress and being big someday. any tips for me?
Acting classes to be an actress?
Any on-set tips for rookie actors?
Is it me, or does Ashlee Simpson look just like "Flip-Dogg" from the movie White Boys?
Which shakespear play would be easiest to make into a modern story?
As an inspiring actress, which type of dance should I study first?
What affordable acting classes are there for hobby actors?
What distinguishes David Williamson's plays?
who won 1952 toni award for top banana?
How does one become a filmmaker without paying a dime?How do you get into Hollywood without much sweat?
Do you need to be a naturally good singer to become famous?
My parents don't support my dream to become an actress?:( please could i have advice from adults?
Zanna, Don't! Sheet Music?
How would you describe the person in this picture?
How do i become an actress?
is there any any school in matamoros where they give acting classes?
the play OUR TOWN questions please?
What is a acting evaluation ?
When submitting your cv to agencies, does the headshot have to be by a professional?
switching major to theatre...penn state university?
who thinks jennifer aniston and brad pitts will get back together?
How to get into the SAG as a union actress?
I need some scenes from a play!?
is it hard work to get to the west end?
whats the story behind this monologue?
What are Some tips for memorizing lines for a play?
I want to be an actress so bad, please help!?
What is the best play you've ever seen or read?
Does anyone know of any agency that involves acting and modeling?
who can tell me sites of wallpapers from celine dion&nicole kidman,thanks?
when is the next casting call for antm cycle11 in ny?
is the weird witches prophecy in macbeth correct? fleance didnt become king, so were the witches wrong?
What are/is the lessons in the play Antigone?
What would your response be?
How much acting experience do you have to have to be in a tv show or anything like that?
Is Acting An Attainable, Practical, Possible Career?
Q: What does HSM stand for? P.S. I know the answer!?
How many plays have you been in so far?
Can anyone explain why so many people are so stressed over the film "The Da Vinci Code" ?
Talent agencies/ Talent agent !?
What is your opinion of acting in film/television, but never involving yourself with theatre?
which one are the best drama schools in the US (NY and california)??
How do I deal with people that mock me for the fact I am a girl playing a boy's role in Romeo and Juliet.?
Grant Macewan music audition prep?
Who's your favorite actor and actress?
is anyone good at helping someone with a impromptu speech outline?
so im shooting a commercial...?
Macbeth experts please help me im stuck on a question.?
Acting help....?
List of LA Talent Managers?
Props to use in One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest?
How do you send a video Audition.?
How do you think Catherine Hardwicke did with directing Twilight?
What does it mean when someone says my monologue is "very risky"? Please help!?
I am going to my school social and the theme is walt disney. What should i go as?
Does becoming famous really mess up your life?
What roles does food play in out lives?
did kareena did right by leaving shahid?
What Agency is Danny Pino with?
What Are The Differences between the phantom of the opera movie and Broadway show?
How do I get addresses for famous people to mail them a letter ?
Is this a good title? Plleasseee help! I have to go to bed soon!?
I need a funny monologue?
does anyone know about an audition in Miami for Disney channel?
where can you download pirates of the caribbean?
Is john roberts power a good investment for actors?
who likes bieng in plays becuase i love bieng in them?
What are some good ideas for a high school musical?
Where would I find information about the musical, Way Out West I'm a Dress?
Audition for a talent agency in my state?
How Do You Impress The Director At A Disney Channel Audition?
I'm looking for a movie. The catch phrase is "Write that down."?
Help buying Shrek the musical music?
HELP!!! PLEASE??!? I apologize in advance for the terrible spelling in the beginning, ran out of room. ?
Using quotes, how has Macbeth changed throughout the play (and same question for Othello?)?
I'm about to turn 18 and I am moving to NY to start acting (movies & tv), but Ive been told several things!
Can someone walk me through what an audition is like and how I need to prepare?
Do you know anyone why i cant any good musicians to play in London???
Which West End Show????
Need acting help!!!!?
How do i become a teenage actress?
Are acting classes really helpful?
Do you know where is a place were you can do acting lessons in uk (sheffield)?
theatre progran of wizord of oz?
Need to know where in Kansas City area the play "High School Musical" is showing.?
Does America have Pantomines?
What does it when a play audition Color-inclusive and Ability-inclusive.?
How can we tell him he's wrong, wrong, wrong?
i have a musical audition coming up... help me, please?
im getting a cast...?
All I need to know is how to break into the industry and how to put my name out there.?
Music choices for Romeo & Juliet?
Equus The Play (10 points)?
I am wanting to take acting lessons, anyone know of any good programs on the east cost?
What is the symbolism in Shakespeare's Macbeth about food?
what is the name of the girl who played in emily of new moon?
Should I re-email a casting director?
Can you audtion for and acting role in a TV show or movie while attending a dramatic arts college/academy?
Who was the teacher in rudolph's reindeer games?
Who is going to the CircleCinema this weekend in Tulsa?
What is the first curtain on the stage?
Where is this monologue from?
Any good monologues?
Our Town Monologue...?
What is 16 bars in superstition???!!!?
In Theater what does the "space between" refer to?
WHich actors do you think would play the gears of war characters the best?
Good plays for 2 girls?
what is the play death of a salesman about?
hey does anyone know where i can find a chair that a queen would be carried in sort of like a lounge chair.?
we have a school play about romantic comedy musical. what are your advice?asap?
What exactly are the first things I should do to get into the acting industry soon?
Does anyone have any ideas for an audition package for a Huck Finn type that is 5'10 with blond/brown hair?
What do you need to become a successful actor?
Any casting calls from Disney Channel ?
i have to sing in my music class oh no?
What should I bring to a performing arts camp?
when are auditions being held for catching fire? and where are they? and how can i audition for them?
Comparing Juliette Capulet to other women of the time period she lived in...?
How to create a convincing horror story?
Do you know any monologues that would be good for me to act out?
what is your favrote movie ??????????
What to wear to a "Footloose" musical audition?
Should you always bring a professional headshot to an audition even if it doesn't ask for one?
is there any musical theatre backstage online games?
in same year who won two tony awards one for best playwrite and ond one for musical?
Who is your favorite Indian Actress?
how to find casting calls?
How can someone get into acting?
How does the character of Creon in Antigone link to the themes of ‘pride’ and 'the clash between the ....?
What is the process of becoming a professional actress?
Dario Fo monologue? Why do I need atleast 20 characters to answer question what BS.?
Auditioning for Nickelodeon?
What are the benefits of submitting film to Sundance Film Festival?
Give me an eample of a drama?
how do i become famous?
Byker clothes?
Is Taylor Swift democratic or republican?
who is born in barbados and what is like there?
How do you say in english...?
Musical Audition Pieces?
How can I make a realistic looking moustache for a play that doesn't cost a lot?
acting 4 young ppl in great falls montana?
how do I get an acting agent in san francisco?
AMC theaters, do I need an ID?
Is "breaking into acting for dummies" a good book for beginners?
How do British actors pass of American accents?
Are there any good plays?
I have a movie script written but i don't know where to take it?
Does anyone know of acting classes in kentucky or northern tennessee?
How did Hannah Montana get on TV or sing songs.?
What is the best Broadway play of all time?
Which would be the best show to watch at the theatre with my boyfriend out of these?
where do i find broadway auditions?
how many lines are found on a musical staff?
Has anyone seen the musical WICKED with Idina Menzel ?
CED agency?? HELP!!!?
Ho do you overcome stage fright?
Drama Schools? ? ? ? ?
is WICKED a popular play?
A site that has commercial scripts??
How do you stop laughing?
Different kinds of stage lights/lamps/systems?
How to I start acting and training at 14?
Should I or shouldn't I talk to my theatre teacher about this?
Christmas Play?
how will i keep a straight face in theater?
I want to act so bad! Any tips?
Where to find extra jobs? (TEEN)?
i need a funny, random, quick and easy talent show act?
i got a phone call from john casablancas is this a scam. Do they just want money? Should I believe whats said?
what do you think?????
What is a good West-End Play to go to in London?
If you had to choose a role from Wicked, which character would you rather be?
How do I get an equity card?
Has anyone seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show live in theatre?
Any info on the performance "The Pirates of Penzance"?
Is this why my theatre is empty?
Atlantic Talent Agencies?
which two colors does it take to make the color green?
How do you prefer to spell theatre? theater or theatre?
Who is the atlanta singer named Minnie T?
Where can I find a two girl scene on the internet?
What do i do if my parents don't like my dream?
I performed in front of my whole school and blew it, what should I do??!!?
Good goodbye and thank you songs from musicals?
how would you like you girl or man ?look like and who would you like to do it fast or slow?
How can I cry on cue?
What's the best opera you've ever seen?
hellllpp please..?
Where do I find angry or sad monologues online?
Auditioning for a school play?
How do you memorize your lines for an acting part?
what are these three plays all about by karoly kisfaludi?
Has anyone seen Leah Luv in the film American Gukken? It is disgraceful...:)))) unbelievable!!!?
help with an audition?
How does a play get on Broadway?
is it possible to become an actor without taking classes????
Not enough show's for an actor?
Ant and Dec to present Britains got talent??
Is the setting of a school overused?
how do i force tears when acting?
Where can I raise 30,000 pounds to take a play to the Edinburgh Festival?
should 9/11 be made into a musical?
what does brutus say about antony at the end of julius caesar?
Acting character development for a young shy maid?
what type of food did romeo and juliet eat?
Being a successful actor?
Could Everything Be Erased ?
does the same girl who plays the girl in thriteen play the same girl as bella in twlight?
Does anyone know how to get rid of nerves when acting ?
does anyone know any good sayings quotes from shakespeare?
How to make choreographed fights look more realistic?
Can you guess which broadway musicals these song lines came from?
Websites to apply for acting jobs.?
Example of Concealment in Macbeth. Where is it?
Is "The Game Plan" out in theaters?
POLL: What did you last see at a Theatre ? ?
where did antonio's ships sail to in the merchant of venice?
Am I alone?
What do you do to audition for a voice acting movie on youtube?
How do I teach myself to act?
when auditioning for theatre or movies I look them in the eye &?
What do i write in the e-mail for this audition?
Could anyone help me create a script that's perfect for testing out my stereotypical RP British accent?
What is a good song to sing when trying out for a musical?
My Uromastyx is acting strange.?
auditions for tv around england?
AHHHHHHHH i want to be an actor!!!!?
Does anyone else not like watching the video of their performance?
philippine stage play scripts?
Antigone (scene 2)?
monologues about work?
i am looking for a dscount code for tickets to phantom of the opera in NYC. The show is after 8/11?
Where does Alan Tudyk live?
Can anyone give me information on whether LAMDA classes are conducted in Abu Dhabi?
Good, upbeat musical theater audition song for teen girl?
How do you play hard to get?
which college or university has produced the best actors?
Two main elements of drama are plot and setting. ((TRUE//FALSE))?
best actor of the last 25 years?
Helpful ways to memorize?
What is a good audition song for the part of Eponine in Les Miserables?
What happens if an acter sneezes during a theater performance?
I need some advice.?
Can I have voice and diction lessons to change the sound of my voice?
Theatrical Flying Effect?
Where can I find the work of Leonard Bernstein that was influenced by Gustav Mahler?
Sleight of Hand in a play?
How do you become a cast member on Saturday Night Live?
How to get a good talent agent?
What's that song from Les Mis?
How do I become a film star/ model??
i am looking for the scenic design by darin keesing of a midsummer night's dream HELP! please?
How much oppurtunity is there left?
can i send my script to dream works?
macbeth abc's?
I.m 17 and would love to act and model soon but should i go to modeling and acting school frist?
Who is the next husbend of Elisabeth Taylor?
oedipus the king?
is it kinda easy to become famous at age 14 i want to join cesd or aka coast to coast maybe?
Playwriting techniques from famous plays?
How much will it cost to license "Into the Woods"?
How to deal with stage fright?
Is there a way to play sheet music online?
War Horse vs Wizard of OZ THEATRE?
Has anyone seen the current London production of Hay Fever starring Judi Dench? Any opinions?
how do i get in acting?
In acting what is an extra ? ?
Which do you think is best? Shakespeare question?
How do i get started with acting?
How do I say this in Elizabethan?
DO u like musicals?
How do you blow a bubble (this has to do with pantomime)?
Anyone know of a website where i can find monologues from musicals?
I am wanting to start writing a one-man show and advice on how I should start.?
How do i get an audition?
I need a skit!!!!?
Im looking for a script writing partner in Virginia...?
Where can I find the kind of clothes that Ryan from High School Musical wears?
what is the best film and acting school inthe u.s?
how do i put on an improv show?
Where is the best place to buy cheap (London) theatre tickets from?
Will The Les Miserables be shown in America or just Britain?
Does my modeling/acting agency hate me?
Is Les Miserables worth seeing?
Should i fake a stage kiss in our high school play?
Can you help me with my French accent?
Need an amazing rock song for school talent show?
how am i going to become famous?
what are some recent italian horror films?
Ever heard of a production called 'The Bard'?
What is with all these 12-14 year olds obsessed with acting? Do they realise they have competition?
Acting jobs for kids in HK?
Do you ever feel like abandoning this theatre section because of . . . ?
Who loves the Phantom of the Opera?
What is it called when.....?
Are all Broadway Plays Musicals?
what television program are watching right now?
ambition in mansfield park?
Housekeeping outifts?
if you have braces, can you still be an actress?
I got a part in a play but does this sound right to you?
Is it a good idea to have two directors for one play?
What is a descent teen acting auditions website?
Bijou light board troubleshooting?
Does anyone know of any female duet titles from musicals that are upbeat & fun to sing & dance to?
Am I doing the right thing in order to pursue acting? Is it too late for me? How to fund an acting career?
who is the best actor/actress in the world ? and who is the most beautiful actress&the most handsome actor ?
Does anyone have any info about starting an acting career?
Can canadians join SAG?
Merchant of Venice! Help?
What is a legit talent agency that's world wide?
what does marlon brando quote "actors are at best poets?" mean?
Why isn't everyone an ACTOR???
What's a good monologue about something Beginning from a play?
Questions about ROME AND JULIET. ?
Is there any kissing scenes in "The Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespear?
How can I be an actress?
Marilyn Monroe or Lauren Bacall?
why doesn't disney use the same speaking voice for singing?
Are there any famous actors who are fearful, have social anxiety, stage fright, or don't like being stared at?
Can I go persue acting with auditions and go to college at once?????? in LA?
I'm a really good actor, so how hard is it to become a decently paid working actor?
Questions about Acting classes?!? 10 points!!?
How far is too far with method acting?
what type of piano Michael Kamen plays for the symphony of nothing else matters?
I need help with some plays....?
were can I find acting classes?
What is the most prestigious acting camp that casting directors might be impressed by?
good song for an audition?
Ladies, following the extended success of the play 'The Monologues' ..?
How can I see Tamil films?
where can i find shakespearean monologues?
(QUICK) What Scene and act is this in "Romeo and Julliet"?
What should I do? Acting or Model?
Can somebody please give me a stage play which feature a "goodbye" note from the wife?
How can I memorize 23 lines (for a play) in 3 days? PLEASE ANSWER!?
is Wicked a good musical for the whole family ?
Where Can I Find Practice Scripts For A 12 Yr. Old Girl?
What are some good interview questions to ask a cast member of a Play?
Anyone know who's currently playing Billy in 'Billy Elliot: The Musical' in London at the moment?
What are some qualities of a good talent agent?
Which musical is your favorite? and why?
what are the truth behind politition and actor?
What do they call it when a movie starts someones acting career?
Citibank Identify Theft commercial: Who is the casting director?
How many years do you have to stay for acting classes to get work? (if you have an agent)?
best way to increase my vocal range?
What is your favorite musical from Broadway and your favorite Song? I like West Side Story and The Jets Song!!
Who is the hat man? Is he real?
Are there any free acting schools in London?
I am an actress is it okay if you don't get a "callback"?
Walt Disney World's "Look A-Like" Auditions?
Whats a classic costume idea for a Theatre Class party?
where can I find photos of Tiffany Bolton?
How to become popular?
"Sneaky" music to play while doing a pantomime?
what is a cool and unique opening night gift for an actor/actress?
How can I get over this acting issue?
Are there any acting classes online for teenagers?
any silent scene/play idea?
Why should someone give you a free ticket to an awards show?
Where can I find auditions? ?
I am trying to draw a scene from Macbeth. What is a good scene?
My 9 year old has amazing talent!?
what is so powerful about the story or Rent? (this counts the broadway show and the film)?
Want to go in to acting... Is it to late, please read more?
When you are an actor do you have to pay to go to the movie premire in a different country?
Do you know any acting agencies for kids?
Do you think putting your talents onto YouTube cheapens you as an actor?
Does any one personally know Lisa London or Catherine Stroud?
Question About Acting School, Job etc?
Who would play a better Hamlet? Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sly Stallone?
i am 14 auditioning looking for a comedic and dramatic monologue that have been published plays any ideas?
what are the importance of a sound director in film making?
Any Theatre Groups in Liverpool?
Are there any good acting classes in Orange County?
Who, Macbeth or lady Macbeth, is more cruel in the killing of Duncan?
Acting/Modeling Questions?
Do you have to have training to do a casting for online voice-overs?
drama scripts?
does someone now a good movie agent?
I am a high school play director looking for a play I saw about 12 years ago. Blues - it was about homelessne
What is the song "Class" about from Chicago the Musical?
can you help me in make up?
My talent agent is making me pay 99% of my earnigs? (10 POINTS)?
What am I doing wrong?
Comedic one act play for two girls in high school?
Becoming an actor...............?
Have you ever been to a Broadway show, which one, did you like it?
i have to do a 30 second skit for school! i need ideas & its due tuesday! please help!!?
Any tips for acting with puppets?
what are somethings that get your focus of the audience and on your scene?
What is your favourite musical? (film or on stage)?
How could I be a part of High School Musical 2 as an intern, extra, or helper to pursue a dream?
whats a good way to start an acting career?
What are the best universities for studying creative writing (in the USA)?
Monologues from fame and rent?
I love acting!! Y'all wanna talk about it?
what is the original order of the songs that bernadette peters sang at carnegie hall?
driving miss daisy?
is dream makers studio auditions a scam?
Good last name to fit my first for acting?
What do actors do when they have to act in an intimate love scene when they really have real - life partners?
How can I prepare to get into julliard? Do you think I have what it takes? Am I on the right path?
what happen to theatrer after shakespear?
I Need Help With My Theather Arts?
How do I practice for Improv?
Acting question: How do you..?
What is the name of a TV/stage play that features a couple ignoring a ringing phone?
Do you love Tommy Flanagan?
Who is my Favorited actor in the Philippines?
Macbeth Act One, Scene One?
can someone help me??how can a girl from Greece perform in a American film?
What are good scene names for t?
Audition Songs for a guy?
how do u find ur talent?
Help me with getting rid of my stage fright, please?
what other blacklists did hollywood have beside the mccarthy era one?
Who no where you can sign up for an audition for Broadway?
Who should I be for the living museum?
What's the quote from "Macbeth" where Macbeth tells his wife she is a man in a woman's body?
show me oratorical piece with the theme make dreams real?
My school play try-outs are tomorrow. Any tips?
What should I sing to audition for Minnie in Hello Dolly?
Whats the difference between a symphony, a concerto and a sonata?
I was just curious about how acting and fame works?
Discounts/Promotional offers for Christmas Carol at Trinity Rep????
What are some examples in which Katharina hates Bianca in the shakespeare play The Taming of the Shrew?
I am 14 years old and want to become a actress! Are there any auditions in England?
Romeo and Juliet?
want to be a model!!!!!!?
is it possible?
How to become an actor for nickolodean?
How can I get into acting?
How can I pursue my love of theatrical makeup/ customes?
Can I play Guitar good?
I'm trying out for a part in a play, any tips on how I could get the part?
i am a 16 year old boy want become an actor.?
In some productions Tybalts second line is spoken after a dramatic silence.?
How do you calculate how much rehearsal time you will need for a play?
what does "OK to split seats?" mean?
whos a fan of Amanda Tapping?
humorous monolague?
how can i become an actress with no experience?
Why do i need school if i wanna be a movie star?
Should I be an actor?
Is the acting job hard to get into?
how to scare people at a haunted house?
this is a long question.?
In the musical Grease, why is the worst thing Rizzo can do to "cry in front of you"?
In act 1 scene 3, of The Merchant of Venice, who are ALL the characters?
Please help me: I need a (possibly) funny 3 min monologue for a woman?
how to write a play?
Does anyone know of a really good musical?
I needa hilarious humorous interp for speech but i cant find any good ones 2 male caracters i like but whatevr
In scene Act 5 scene 5 of Macbeth, what two pieces of bad news is Macbeth given?
Research question; Chekhov and Ibsen?
How can I contact Harold Guskin for private acting lessons?
pls help me i gotta submit my project or she will fail me!!(mad ads)?
Macbeth Shakespeare?
how do you gain acting experience to get an agent?
How do you fake cry? for all of the people who know how to fake cry.?
I want to be an actress.. Im 14?
??? wierd !?
Which do I need to join first, SAG or AFTRA?
What is a casting website that actually works?
I want to become C.B.I. officer plz guidance ME!?
What song to sing for audition Musical Theatre?
is this a decent audition monologue?
What are the people behind the theatre play?
Who would you get to play you in a movie biography?
Les Miserables Question?
Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Why?
Whats your opinion on Kristen Stewart's acting?
What is a good song to audition for a school play with?
Casting calls for teens in Atlanta?
Who should I dress up as?
How to get started in the acting industry?
Can titanic be a stage play (preferably not a musical)?
explain this dream.....?
I am trying to find info Jeremy pipon.?
Name some actual American anti-heroes??
What is it like to act in a Shakespearean play?
Teenage girl monologue?
What are the chances of me becoming "famous"?
Feedback makes me happy good or bad!?
Fading a picture into another picture within a video?
I want to BE an actress?
I do not understand anything about Romeo and Juliet?
Please help me.. Do i want to become an actor or is it my brain playing with me...?
New York Auditions??!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
What was your favourite musical as a child?
First on stage kiss for school play?
what skills would they be looking for at the high school musical 3 auditions?
I want to become an actress, but I live in Virginia not L.A. and I can't move to L.A. because I'm only 13.
Play Monologue: Do you think I got the part?
i am looking for a christmas play about a living nativity that gets arrested and has bickering angels?
How can I become a actress?
What does a stage manager do?
Anyone else read this script?
Are there any movie characters....?
Do you have to audition for drama club?
i want to be a actress more than any thing i whould donate a organ for it?
how can I get an email address for angelina jolie?
Doesn't it seem like EVERY girl wants to be a famous actress these days?
Is jrp (john robert powers) acting/modeling a scam?
Acting for Beginners?
Do you think people in to musical theatre are gay. ?
Should i be a pornstar?
gael garcia bernal?
i want to know an indian actor Kiran Karmarkar's residencial address and date of birth?
im going 2 be 13 soon and i want 2 try 2 go acting but my parents dont really support me,what should i do?
Is "Im Alive" a good audition song for Spring Awakening?
What are some good ideas for a movie plot? Preferably comedy but anything is fine.?
A synopsis of "The Birthday Party" play by Harold Pinter?
Ok i need a script for a play. It must be 2-3 min. long and for at least a 7th grader. Any suggestions. Help!?
How do you know if an actor is acting or just playing themselves?
Do you know of any really old funny comedy song fom the 30s, 40s, made up of a singer and noises, or singer?.?
Please help. My dream is to become famous, i dont know what to do?
Where can I find Kabuki and Noh theatre recordings?
How to become popular?
what are some basic steps/tips to writing a play or opera?
how do i get into acting with disney channel?
Do you have to be Latina to play Mimi in Rent?
In drama what is optimum vocal range?
Does anyone know roughly how many theatre experiences you need before contacting an agent?
Do you have to be a good dancer or take dancing lessons to be an actor?
what are some of the Philippine contemporary issues?how is the church intervening with it?
How do I mark the accented words in a monologue?
Can i still get headshots even though i have braces?
how will I write my resume for an audition?
please please answer?
Mystery Dinner Theater?
How can i make myself cry?
Can someone please help me get ideas on what i should write next in the play iam writing for my drama club?
I need a minute long comic monologue, can u help??? 10 points to best answer.,?
Can someone give me a character description for Rupunzel in 'Into the Woods'?
how could i do this?
M.A.S.H. script?
I'm doing A Midsummer Night's Dream and I want to get the lead part. Can you help me?
Help/tips for writing monologue for a character with a split personality?
what do drama students wear?
I am auditioning for a town play...?
Does anyone know what I'm talking about???
14 year old girl interested in modeling and acting, nyc area?
cafe's for playing music?
I need a very short monologue for an audition tomorrow. Any ideas?
summary of macbeth on act 2?
Macbeth Act2 help please?
How can I get started in the acting business?
Where can I get a monologue for "I'll be back before midnight"?
Where I can find references citing the benefits for children of participating in theater?
I have write an essay about I learned from "Hamlet." I have some ideas below; I'd appreciate any more you have
What are your thoughts on this speech for my Speech & Debate audition?
Acting is my secret passion but I'm afraid to show any1 what I can do?
Stage/Floor Management?
How do I stop being so over obsessed with Disney Channel?
Voice actor help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Good audition song for musical theatre course?
read more pleez?
Does anyone know how I can meet Brad Pitt?
What are good songs to ding for a musical theatre audition?
into the woods?
Are there any free OPEN AUDITIONS for 14 year old boy actors in London or Essex?
how do you get an agent?
Is 13 a good age to start acting?
Should i become an actor or model ?
I'm looking for the name of the author of a play called Pastiche?
Can anyone give me a good Synopsis for Shadow of A Gunman by Sean O'Casey?
What is a good broadway song to sing for a musical audition?
Open call for modelling agency?
How do I become famous?
Auditions for Disney Channel! Please!?
Where can I get some nice pictures of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast?
10 points: Tell me in your own words the plot and conclusion of Romeo + Juliet?
streetcar name desire?
How do I get tickets to the play "Equus" opening in March of 2007 in London?
Is SAG-AFTRA Philadelphia a scam? If so, what are some good modeling and acting agency in Philly?
Does my director like me?
Forensics?????need help?
do you know of any good script for a short play?
who is acting in movie called yatra?
Have you ever said the word Macbeth in a theatre?
Once on this Island Audition song?
is robert redford married?
i cant find my international thespian society card. how can i get a new one?
What is the name of the play?
What is the Play "Doubt" about? Is it worth seeing?
RENT isn't exactly a "disney" musical....?
Can you get in trouble for throwing rotten fruit in a theatre?
what to do to become an successful actress?
Acting/Modeling in Ohio?
Im an aspiring actress and need a very good acting school,in New York City because thats where im moving to...
What is the best musical you have seen ?
How can I get $45,000 in two years if I'm only 13? Is there even a way?
How to deal with a role that you hate?
Do you think I have enough experience to get an acting agent?
How do you read a script?
I have always wanted to act and?
If you were married to an actor/actress, would it bother you that they had to do sex scences in movies, TV?
is Sacremento,CA, a good place to live?
im just wondering how to get into the film industry?
what is a acting audition "call back" mean? Why?
how do I become a backstage runner in film or theatre?
How to speak like a Chav?
How does one act evil, mysterious and seductive?
Drama (acting) help? Need help making a decision?
Can you learn how to act like a professional actor without natural talent ?
Am I too tall to be an actor?
What's your first impressions? (pic)?
Options for getting a degree in theater arts?
My dream is to be an actress. How do i get there?
How do you find auditions for movies/tv/etc.?
Hey! I need A little help.. Please?(acting Prego.)?
How old is Audrey supposed to be in Little Shop?
Where can I find a short script for 2-3 people? Online?
I know what is a resume but what is the headshot ?
Can you help me become an actress?
Which adjective best describes 1980's acting?
Musical Aduations help!!?
Will the Lion King Broadway come to Australia (2010 - 2011)?
can you tell me some things about pepper in annie the musical?
The Tempest....?
How to act evil/demonic?
Nobody believes in me that I can become famous!?
Audition video help......?
Need fun theatre games/exercises for 2 young boys (8 and 13) to help with awkwardness on stage.?
Can anyone give me a synopsis of the 1929 play "Rope"?
I want to be an actress, where do i start?
i have a musical theatre show tommorrow and a sore throat... help!!!!! what can i do?
I want to become an actor?
i messed up in the school production and my drama teacher is extremely disapointed. what do i do?
What should I write for my monologue?
What's a popular musical that contains a "H" and an "I" in the title but no "N" or "G" Any ideas?
Bush 'Death' Film: Placing a Target on the President?
SuperHero Casting Calls?
how does one convince their job a family member died when its not true?
We have a High School Musical play in our school and I got sharpay!!!!!!!?
Into the Woods Audition!?
Status of Feeling Electric?
song to sing from a play?
a list of all plays in manhattan on broadway and off-broadway?
Does anyone know where this is from??
Can anyone give me some agents in atlanta?
Characters in Shakespeare's play that were of color?
i want to be a actor?
How do you start an acting portfolio?
I need to compare and contrast Malcom and MacBeth from Shakespeare's Macbeth play?
Are all Broadway performances musicals?
Rocky Horror Picture Show - LIVE!! [VA]?
watis the meaning of thelife?
I really don't have a talent to be an actress?
What is Manchester School of Acting's email address?
Song ideas for an audition (for a 16 year old girl)?
Who is to blame for Romeo and Juliets deaths essay?
Marshae Kidd audition?
Where did the musical instrument drum first used?
i need advice plz..?
Drama performance ideas?
Who likes the Broadway musical "The Secret Garden"?
Do u like mimes??
I want to dialects and accents for acting, but...?
What jobs can you get with a Musical Theatre Degree?
Aren't You Just Piss Off, At The People Who Say They Love Acting, But Just Really Want To Be Famous?
audition for big time rush?
What is a good contemporary monologue for a 16-24 year old female?
what qualifacations do u need to become an actor or drama teacher?
How many callbacks do a show typically have?
How long does the London theatre show Stomp last?
I want to make a movie!?
how do i change list of theaters?
Will the musical "Wicked" be opening in Toronto?
Creative name for a clothing line?
How does an average child actor get to star in an international movie?
Is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead a bad source of material (monologue) for use in a theatre audition...?
How do you audition for SM entertainment?
Did you have a dream last night?
recording of Goodman Theatre's "Grapes of Wrath"?
I'm Really Upset Because of this play......?
how can i become famous?
Has anyone ever written a screen play?
I am so shy and I am an actress/singer and it just doesn't work! Help!?
Any chance of getting an agent? (NZ, pref)?
What are the conventions of melodrama?
Question for actors ONLY!?
i want to be an actor?
What does cesd (talent agency) stand for?
I want to be an actor in hollywood but I'm from the Philippines. What should I do?
Have you forgotten your heritage?
Does anyone know where I can find humorous or dramatic interpretations for Drama competition online?
Grease Play in Sarasora, Florida on May 25th, 2008???
Joan crawford posterrr?
how do u get an agent or manager?
Dacning in little shop of horrors?
What's this about the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
help searching for a script...please!?
What to wear at a theatre audition...?
How can I get the 'sweeney Todd' white strip of hair for a fancy dress?
what are the best acting agencies or ways to get started without having to waist my time?
What are some good acting/modeling agencies or companies for children?
What do i expect in a vocal audition for a masterworks chorale?
in the play a street car named desire?
What song should I sing for my Beauty and the Beast audition?
Does anyone know of a good (modeling/acting) agency or agent for children in San Diego?
Hello I got a call from a modeling/ acting agengy and I was wondering if it is a scam?
What Agency is Danny Pino with?
Any good theatres in Toronto?
Is there a short comedy script for three girls?
Do we need a handrail on a platform during a stage play?
What is your opinion of live theatre, and why do you feel that way?
What was the Incas cultural?
How does someone get into cartoon voice over work?
dracula musical from forgetting sarah marshall?
I need to know about a burlesque guy Fred Irwin?
do u think its ok to play a boy when ur a girl in a play?
what happens during a juilliard audition for drama?
should I audition for it?
Becoming a disney face character?
What is revenue for a play?
Ronnette from Little shop of Horrors?
is al pacino dead?.........?
Help with Talent Agents?
What is the play, Wicked about?
Can anyone help a 13 year old persue her acting career?!?....PLEASE?!?!?
I wanna become an actor!?
I'm interested in acting, but the only experience I have is Drama in high school.?
A question about acting?
Almost, Maine play: are there more vignettes?
In a hall for a show, what are the stalls?
What should I do? Life goals. Really big question..?
I want to be a voice actor please read?
Does ticketmaster give out tickets before a concert starts?
How can I become an actor?
Takeout agencies for violinists?
Why do horror films play on peoples mind?
i need some ideas for TV production class?
Does anyone know if Jack Benny was gay?
What is a good acting/drama school for someone 11 years old?
Should I take acting lessons?
What was William Shakespeare's most famous play?
I need help finding a monologue?
My friend has callbacks for the school play, and she seems stressed!?
How can I gather enough emotion to make myself cry for a monologue?
would you go out with someone that is the same sex?
What is a good London theatre show to take a 10 year old to?
Does any one else like phantom of the oprah besides me?
What is Phoebe's role in Shakespeare's "As You Like It"?
can someone answer this honestly :) model/actress?
i need help planning an act for my schools dinner theater?
Does any know of any plays for African Americans?
What to sing for auditions?
Is 16 to old to want to start acting? 10 points to best answer?
What are some good acting tips?
Need to have lines memorized by Monday help (musical)?
Juliet Physical Traits?
does anyone have a idea for a 2006 remake of "Antigone"?
Nerd for drama? Please help!?
I got an e-mail on friday from FAITH CASTING AGENCY did anyone else?
What's the cheapest way to get into acting!?
Where can I find a monolgue from the King and I?
Best acting colleges?
most actresses/actors on tv went to drama schools at an early age, are they after school places or full time?
in my acting resume under my hair color what color should i put if i dye my hair? the natural one ?
Monologues for girls aged 16-18, by British authors?
What outfit is good to audition for a play?
Okay. So i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for songs for auditioning for musicals?
can you become a actress if you neve acted be for?
dont want 2 be famouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
High school musical on stage karaoke?
Actor (MALE) long flipped up blonde hair. Any names in mind?
need a script for an audition?
Trying our for Drama. Any tips?
Where online can I get FREE David Mamet or Tom Stoppard Play Scripts?
How to play Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
I play the flute and...??
Is there going to be a high school musical 4?
Broadway solos for a competition?
What must i do to become an Actor/Actress ?
Which play should we do???
Substitute props for cellphone in a play?
Open Question: What would you say your most favorite Broadway Production is your favorite?
Nickelodeon Acting Question?
im a guy 19 is there a place i can learn acting and get in a movie?
Can anyone help me with starting my acting career?
Studying Theater but already have a bachelors will a one year program be enough to prepare me?
How to make audition tapes?
tips on acting?
What are Antigone's strengths and weaknesses?
Who has seen High and Low the Japanese movie directed by Akira Kurosawa?Did you like it?
What is your favorite musical play and song?
Should I continue with theater?
What are some good plays for young adult girls?
What is exactly "Independent study" in theatre?
In the play (also a film) "You Can't Take It With You" is there a character who is drunk in any of the scenes?
What's a good monologue about something Beginning from a play?
what do you think of acting in movies vs. theater?
Romeo and Juliet?????!!!♥♥♥?
I need help with acting...?
Name three Actors/Actresses?
The Wizard of OZ?
Advice for an aspiring actress?
I need two one minute monologues from a movie or tv show!?
Where do we get the posters of t.v actors?
Where can i get this script?
Information on Shakespeares original performance conditions?
I wanna act?
how can a person become famous with his ideas?
i need your imput in miley cirus.?
Should i be an actress?
what sort of piercing does mandy murders have?
What elements of his plays did Shakespeare borrow from Greek Tragedy?'?
How do you become an actress & singer without any experience?
Who do you contact about prices and seating for BET AWARDS?
Where can you get sheet music for the musical the book of mormon?
Auditioning kids for commercials - why are they so rude?
some young beautiful actresses?
What are free good acting classes online or youtube?
How can a 14 year old get famous?
Who else here HATES the music from Rent?
Where canI find a website with tips for writing a screenplay?
Why does Priestley finish the play ' the inspector calls' in the way that he does?
To become an actor on shows like victorious, icarly, and drake and Josh do I have to go to the nickelodeon....?
A career where I can write screenplays on the side?
Monologues from Stage Door the play (NOT the movie)?
is there a college in america for acting?
What should I name this production?
Can you give me free sheet music for any Stephen Schwartz musical - preferably Children of Eden or Wicked?
Drama experts:?
Themed Halloween Costume?
Derive an expression for the force acting on a dipole placed in a nonuniform magnetic field.?
I need a good 1 minute monologue!?
Any one miss the spirit of 1968 or 1981. Remember when we were the world?
How i can make my bad voice to great voice with out having a voice lessons? only at home?
Whats the best way to fake a fall and a head injury??!!!!?
Pre-teen Acting Career?
Anyone know a proper name for a girl character?
What is your favorite musical?
byebyebirdie question please:)?
What are some skills that acting agents look for?
Can you add to a monologue that is not yours?
did "click" make't you to have a explosion of sentiments (I've cry ed and lough end thin kt etc)
Can you recommend a good musical show to see in london please ?
i need to know this line from wicked!?
should i keep acting? need ur opinion?
do u have to go to drama school to be an actress?
What's your favorite movie ever??
what should i do to get copyright for free? is it possible?
acting auditions GA for ages11-13?
What are some modern day Tragic Heroes?
auditions info?
Questions on Julius Caesar!?
Opinions of the use of Nudity in Theatre?
Well know actors/actresses who have been in a theatre production, and also been in the film version?
Why is 'Macbeth' considered unlucky to thespians?
Do actors and actresses really "do it" during sex scenes?
I have the lead role in a play, we're putting it on today and I'm really nervous, any advice?
A monologue For me myself and I?
What are the top colleges for acting?
Help me identify this actor!?
Does anyone know of a good acting school in oklahoma city?
Would you rather have you own tv show or be a guest on one?
Where can I find a good recording of an Alabama accent?
puppet show for theater arts class pictures?
What is a good idea for a commercial?
Neep help with clowning ideas?
How to get the role of Annie from Annie?!(acting tips please!)?
How do I find the names/credits of actors/actresses in tv commercials?
What is the greatest Broadway musical/show of All Time?
How old were Romeo and Juliet in Shakespaeares play?
does emerson college in boston, masssachusetts?
Should I go to college for acting or not????????