Does anybody know how i can get to 007 in hollywood?
question about actresses?
Elizabethan Era Actresses?
Theatre Art questions?
"she has never learned to yield"(from Antigone) what does this mean? ?
I want to perform in Broadway musicals?
looking for Shel Silver Stein book of poems for children to recite?
How do up and coming actors find abt auditions?
Help me find a monolouge?
can any one give me a small role play on the topic IDIOT BOX for morning school assembly?
How can i be a good stage manager?
i want to audition for disney channel but how do i???
I love to sing and act and i practice everday. I really want to be famous, but is it really that easy?Howcan i
What are some contemporary plays with strong monologues for girls?
Are there any acting jobs upcoming in Illinois?
Do I have any potential talent to be an actor?
ok i wanna see who knows this musical as well as i do!?
Is theatre important?
Help! I wanna go for school talents show but I'm nervous?!!?
Can anyone write short comedy Scripts?
Romeo and Juliet Question.?
can i be a good diractore???
how can i join AFTRA?
whats a funny and short script for 2 females?
How to play the pat of Nia in the play 100?
Audition tomorrow...I just have a little question..? :)?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Question about acting?
what acting class are there in the Maryland and DC area and where can i get a good headshot done? Please help!
How to be like romeo from Romeo and Julliet?
Tips for auditioning for "The Little Mermaid Jr"?
I need to find a monologue for an audition? Help?
Not enough show's for an actor?
what is the role?
What is this play called?
ACTORS: How Did You Get Your Agent?
Is explore talent a scam?
How to get into acting?
I was cheated out of a role in a play I worked for! What should I do?
I need the name for a classical song! plz help!?
I really want to impress my drama teacher?
Names of some old musicals?
How do I contact an agent for my dream acting/singing career?
Have you ever been in a play?
Romeo and Juliet help,please and thank you?
i need an audition song!?
Degree in musical performance or musical education ?
Does anyone have video recordings of Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbacher?
does anyone know a good talent agency?
Small steps to becoming an actress?
what is a good broadway show to see?
how do I find out if there are open castings near me?
Model auditions help plzz?
Acting Dilemma : Training or a Job ?
I want to be an actress, what do I do?
Off Broadway shows in New York?
What is a good free online website to learn how to play piano?
I want to be an actor but can I provide for my family?
Who said "There are no small parts, just small actors."?
Where to find free plays online?
Are movies of musicals the same as the live musical?
What is the attire for Phantom of the Opera? ?
urgent: Audition song question, anyone willing to help?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe?
I want to be a voice actress, but I don't know how to get acting experience?
how to act really good!?10 POINTS!?!?
1-2 minute monologue for a teenage girl?
acting classes???????
2 Female Scene Needed! Please?
what kind of college should i go to to be a actress?
How do I get my child's acting career started in Canada?
I need acting tips!!!!!!?
i am looking for a winter skit for my daycare kids?
In Fiddler on the roof in L'Chaim, who are the other men celebrating in the pub with Tevye and Lazar Wolf?
How much does a lead Actor Make?
How soon is a cast list usually released?
where can i find the lyrics to La Traviatta, in English?
how can i build up my acting resume?
Who is Chris Putnam? I want to know?
I'm just curious, what do you think...?
would it be possible to win 3 Oscar awards before age of 30?
do you know who wrote this play?
Are the following good choices for a standard musical theatre audition?
Is David Hyde Pierce Gay?
What are the different blocking forms in play/drama/theater?
Any stage name ideas?
Help find a long sleeve floor length nightgown for my costume for Lady Macbeth?
when will glee be auditioning again and how young do they take?
Anybody know where I can get more information on
Who is your favorite character from Wicked?
Supposed to present letters of recommendation at the time of BFA Acting audition...?
Whats a good way to memorise lines for a play ?
What are the main language techniques used in absurdist theatre?
Who is, in your opinion, the hottest guy ever ?
Hilarious musical theatre audition songs for any age - female?
hi i'm trying to find the movie script for the movie lake placid does anyone know where i can find it?
is the actoress Anna Madeley related to the actoress Mel Martin?
Romeo and Juliet question.......?
Is there a way to access videos of actors auditioning for TV shows/movies?
casting agency?
Where can I find songs of Marathi Bana?????
Song to try out for musical?
i seattle a real thing?
How can I become famous?
Physical Characteristics of Disney Face Characters?
Ideas for school play? (Non-copyrighted)?
who went to the globe theater ?
what is your favorite musical(s) ever?
How can I go for a tour in Leavesden Studio, Watford?
A good monologue for a powerful young woman?
so you like oprah winfrey do you!?
Speech Duo interp?
Which activity should I decide on?
How do you go about searching for an agent and finding out about auditions, other than word-of-mouth?
A council for a future actress!!!!
Are studios going to leave california?
Would 'Educating Rita' be a suitable play to take my 14 year old daughter to? What is it about?
How long does it take for a movie to be Green-Lit?
how to act like a 10 year old boy?
Is fame and fortune a bad reason to become an actress?
what can i use instead of makeup?
Acting resume question ?
Hi. Can someone plz help me with a drama question regarding comedy skit. Plzzzz. Thanks!!!!!:)?
what is the theme of julius caesar?
How Do Can I Get into Commercial?
What do you think about theatre?
How to get an acting agent and an audition?
Who is the hottist Guy On The Movie She's The Man?
I want to join drama but I have a MASSIVE acting fear.?
What to do when you've received a bad part?
Audition- Lots of time, no ideas.?
Are these 2 Shakespearean monologues contrasting enough? I need 2 contrasting pieces for an audition?
{ Educating Rita by Willy Russell } Form And Structure Of the Play?
Baritone solo for all state???
Is there a list of legit audition websites?
How can I meet Harry Potter's director and film my own movie with him, cause I have nothing on me. ^_?
Why is the last scene in the Bourne Supremecy in the Bourne Ultimatum?
Which stage name do you like the best?
Memorizing script for movie...?
who was clint eastwood's farther ?
Do more gay guys or straight guys listen to the musical "Rent"?
One minute acting script for a girl ?
I want to meet sharman joshi, shreyas talpade...?
Acting schools that don't require A levels?
Who plays Ziva's dad on NCIS?
I sing really good, do you think I should be on American Idol?
how do u get to be on disney channel?
Acting Auditions Near Philadelphia?
How do you cry on demand?
from where i can get the complete drama script (english/hindi) for free??
Process of becoming an actor?
Why is Scout looking forward to starting school?
What do you do in acting class?
in need of a young alto audition song?
Avenue Q??
Does anyone know where I can buy the rights for the musical "Three hats for Lisa"?
looking for websites inregards to casting for modeling?
Veruca!! ? Helpppp mere plz!?
I'm Confused!?!? Could Someone Please Help Me?
what do you think of this piece for my 2nd screen test?
have you auditioned for a television show?
How do u gain weight? cause im really skinny and i am made fun of?
acting schools is it worth the money?
In romeo and juliet, what does soliloquy mean?
a good actress?
can anyone audition for commercials?
im looking for an acting school in Chico, CA or anywhere near the city of Chico! Plz tell me if u kno of some?
What are the scenic requirements for the play "up the down staircase"?
Does anyone know any depressing songs to go with this scene?
What age group is the musical 'Wicked' suitable for - in NY?
Can you get an acting job in America if your agency is based in Canada?
what is a good costume for a brunette who doesnt want to wear a wig? I want something original people!?
Auditioning for the School musical?
Do I have the looks to pursue acting??????
In the play Twelfth Night, which characters kiss?
Do you think Pakistanis are allowed to be on Indian Idol?
I am looking to make an awards show for a home movie what should they be?
does anybody no anything about highschool musical 2 except 4 wen it comes out?????
Can someone please describe this theater play to me?
What do you call someone who writes plays?
How do actresses go to uni or college?
Wats ur impression on the play "A midsummer night's dream?
20-30 POINTS WILL BE GIVEN- All Explained Below?
any mask/make-up design ideas for THE BACCHAE?
Should theatre be spelled 'theatre' or 'theater'?
Good acting agencies in Glasgow ?
biography Zarah por Ibrahimi?
Am I the only one on here who gets annoyed by these type of questions?
How To Deel With Acting Rejection?
How old is Miley Cyrus?
I need a skit for K-4th graders!?
Which headshot should I send to an agency?
What does it take to get a PHD in acting/ preforming arts?
What's the relevance of cross dressing in a theater production?
in the play Macbeth how is Macbeth commanding?
Can you take background vocals off of a piece of music?
Wizard of oz audition-Wicked Witch of the West?
a little help?
What's the best way to memorize lines for a scene?
Shakespeare wrote a quote on the world, what was it?
Who is Katya Tarnawski ? is she an Australian actress, writer?
Ashlee Simpson as Roxie Hart in "Chicago"?
How much oppurtunity is there left?
Is it worth it to start pursuing acting at the age of 23 with not prior experience?
What do you think of my idea for a play?
Who has seen the Play RENT and the Movie...which is better?!?
In the musical, Anything Goes, there is supposedly an old woman in a wheelchair? What does this part entail?
Can I be an actress with big boobs -teenager? ?
How can you audition to be on Disney Channel?
What are some good techniques of memorization?
Ideas For Scrooge In The Play A Christmas Carol?
How do I start writing a play?
I need to find the script for legally blonde the musical does anyone know where to find it?
What musicals do you recommend?
Should I include my vocal range in a musical resume?
Im looking for a real dramatic, challenging and not common, drastic man and women scene?
something outrageous to audition!?
Best New York acting schools?
Im 28 yrs old. Im from london, and ive decided to chase my dream of acting in LA. Am I crazy?
acting agent??
What Does "Number of talent needed for this project" Mean?
How is the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio?
How to find college students looking for actors for student films? ?
Give me an eample of a drama?
How long does it take to become an actress?
how do i get an agent to start acting?
how to make a comedy piece?
Help with coming up with Othello essay topics and thesis?
How many shows have one direction performed altogether?
In what way is Shakespeare's tragedy _Hamlet_ really about Ophelia, Hamlet's girlfriend?
Im having a really hard time coming up with an idea for my movie homework. I have to make a movie...?
how to stay calm while presenting a project?
Where can i find auditions for acting and what do i need to do to prepare?
if you were to select the best actor from al pacino and robert de niro who will it be?
what to expect at an audition?
Audition for the musical Hair?
ideas for a drama club play?
Is there any modeling or cting agencies closeby? (people who live in Maui)?
what is the correct pronounciation for "Iachimo", from Shakespeare's "Cymbeline"?
How do I copyright a script and how and where can I pitch it?
Is Amitabh Bachan jealous of Shahrukh Khan?
What are examples of similes in act 1 of Julius Caesar?
Should i take Drama in school?
How do I audition for Disney?
does someone need a lullaby? 1:00 east coast?
what exceptionality does Sean Penn has in the movie "I am Sam?
What are the Chances of Becoming an Actor?
i am trying out for a school musical.........................?
music vid?
what great musical am i thinking of?
Who is a good acting coach?
Actors? I need help with acting class, screen plays?
How do I become an actor?
Recent auditions for Boardwalk Empire?
Why is Alli Mauzey leaving Wicked?
How many years of school do I need if I want to be an actress?
what was life like in london when shakespeare lived?
Acting! I am looking for auditions.?
Why do they show people puking in movies now?
How old do you have to be to join Actors Access?
I really wanna be famous...?
Im looking to get my baby girl in modeling/acting. can anyone give me some help? Thanks!!!?
I wanna watch Broadway performances? Are they made into DVD?
i messed up in the school production and my drama teacher is extremely disapointed. what do i do?
Are there commercial moonologues for auditions?
How to wright and film a short movie?
How to be an actor on movies?
Does having a B.F.A. degree over a B.A. in acting really make a difference?
Help?? Im sure someone here knows the answer :)?
Any tips for a play reading?
Where can I find original Plays and Playwrights?
where can i find a good monologue that's five to seven minutes (prefferably not Shakespeare) ?
Need to find a monologue!?
What is a good female audition song for Bat Boy the Musical?
Walt Disney World's Face Character Requirements (Rapunzel)?
I fell terrible because im the understudy in my play.?
Who is better- Miley Stuart or Hilary Duff?
Anyone know any films about the 19th century?
I'm 14 and I think I want to be an actor... any help?
Wouldn't it be cool to have a play about Greek the gods and goddesses with Starwars playing in the background?
any audition ideas for a bass/ baritone?
How do I become an actor?
How do I become a child actress at 10 years old?
What is a good acting program in calgary?
i want to be a director!! serious help needed!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!?
Any good child/young adult agents in Chicago, Illinois??
Verbal Irony within Romeo and Juliet?
"As You Like it" by William Shakespere?
How to cry on cue?
Question about Macbeth?
what does the movie title mean, "The Devil Wears Prada"?
how to become a movie/tv star?
should i pursue acting and how can i do it?
Is Modeling a good to get into Acting in Miami? (Making connections etc.)?
I need helping finding monologues for my theater class in september. Please help me !!?
i want to become an actress?
Does any girl like play hard?
help!!?? shakespeare?
Where in NY can I purchase cheap and auth theatre tickets?
Which musical is your favorite? and why?
what is a soliloquy?
Ideas for a short film (15-30 minutes)?
1. Act, action, and actor come from a root that means?
is bradley cooper really going to be in breaking dawn or eclipse?
Is 'Blue Issue Agency' a Good Acting Agency?
Upper seats at a concert?
help! need ideas for skit ?
Were accents used in Manhattan Theater Club's production of David Harrower's Blackbird?
What time or times of year constitutes a theater season?
how do you make your self cry?
Can someone help me put the Lady Macbeth Soliloquy in Act 1, Scene 5 to the music of Hey Mickey ?
I am so upset!!!!?
Dramatic Societies accepting new works?
Should i try our for audition america?
How to become an actress without my local theatre - all they do is musicals?
Wanna be a rockstar?
can i get discoverd on youtube if i make videos of me acting?
Do you identify with the female characters you play?
Does anyone think that HSM2 will be really bad?
how do you become an actor or model at a younger age (17)???
How do U find actress from1900's. started in London.. Name is Julia James. Info greatly appreciated!?
Is Actors' Technique in NYC a rip-off?
Does anyone know of any monologues where an antichrist figure is figuring out who they are that are available?
how old is too old to try to get cast for acting?
How to contact John White/ Erik Stifler from Beta House and Naked Mile?
Whats an easy way to fake a brittish accent?
Can you help me turn my novel into an independent film?
Should I be an actor?
Name the best movie out there that most people do not know about.?
What can I use to cut myself?
How can become a girl and not be a tomboy anymore?
What are Friar Laurence's two occupations?
how much money do music directors make for musicals?
I'm doing a joker scene in drama?
How do you harden leather?
Which song should i play on my gutai?
Who is ur idol???
In films, how do they make it look like you don't have legs?
Are there any monologues in the play War Horse?
I'm an actress for my friends movie, but I don't want to do it anymore?
Dorothy costume?
Is it normal for the director of the musical to yell at the telling us we suck everyday?
How would i become a Phone Actress?
When you have a hilarious comedy to go on tv as a series, after you get the idea , who do u go to?
My 7 year old son wants to be an actor, where can i start?
What song should I sing?
The basics of comedy acting?
Will an acting class help me overcome my shyness?
Help me come up with a name for a male Swan. the female is Juliette the former male was Romeo.?
What do you do when the elves have the flu? (It's a play)?
What's the BEST thing 2 do before u go on a stage?
Why do people always assume that actors have easy jobs?
Name that musical?
some tips to help make yourself cry during a monologue/scene please?
Have you read the play "The Spanish Tragedy"?
Does anyone know if The Rocky Horror Picture Show is on stage in London or the south east?
Script on love?...........?
To be an Actor of Hollywood I need to have a good english?
I'm auditioning for "Legally Blonde: The Musical"-Need Audition Songs?
was a body double used in Adam Sandler's fim "Click"?
What do I need to audition for Sm Entertainment? And i'm emailing my audition can i email it using hotmail? Ty?
How do you become an actress in Hollywood?
Ways to get through an audition?
Which musical should I watch?
How can I get an acting agent?
I got this email and please take a minute and tell me what u think PLEASE?
spring awakening play?
STUCK! Can you help find a serious scene with two females and for 5-7 minutes long?
What are some good places to go for acting classes in CT?
Do you think it is possible to star on a high budget TV show/commercial/or film any time soon?
What is your favourite Robert Pattison Acting Performance?
How can I improve my acting skills?
i want to start acting ?
I want to be an actress but....?
good acting agencies in pittsburgh?
I am about to direct for the first time. I am doing My Fair Lady, any advice anyone can offer?
How do I improve my acting skills?
Accesories for Geisha costume?
I want to be famous, pls help.?
America's Got Talent Question, PLEASE HELP!?
Help with Bye Bye Birdie production!?
Help! I want to audition to be Charlie Brown ?!?
how can i get a full text copy of the script to the 1999 production of A Midsummer NIghts Dream?
romeo & juliet?
Costume For A Future Costume Event?
Where can I find the script for the musical Wicked for free online?
How does training for a broadway, or any theater singer differ from a conventional singer?
As the tragedy moves to a climax in act v, how would you describe macbeth's behavior?explain?
Volunteer Contract -?
*I Need More Actors?*?
What was your opinion of The Tony Awards last night?
Were there any ushers or Front of House representatives in Greek Theater or Elizabethan Theater?
Best NEW-YORK Modeling agencies for Teens/Kids?
What should be the name of my play?
what is the best monty python skit?
Info on Peggy Sawyer in 42nd Street?
What is the name of this song from Wicked?
Help with starting my script?
After Shakespeare, who is considered the greatest playwright?
I need an act I can do for a talent show in front of very pretegious personnel!!!?
Richard the III shakespear Q's?
What play should my class act?
why do some actors think pulling faces and shouting is acting?
Who is your favourite Actor or Actress?
Can you guys think of a monologue that reflects the ideas of womanhood?
Dramatic female teen monologues?
can anyone suggestion a classic monologue for me?
What is the best way to get started as a voice over artist?
Help! I need a monologue for an audition?
Survey: Romeo,Romeo where for art thou?
Can I get into a theater school ?
I Wanna Convince My Parents that My Dream Is Acting. How?
What movie, book, television show, or videogame would you turn into a Broadway musical?
Lost a bet and I have to dress like a girl. She wants me to ask what I should wear?
I want to be an actress for disney channel or Nickelodeon?
Major things in Acts of Macbeth?
legally blonde the musical the search for the next elle woods?
One minute acting script for a girl ?
When casting for the Wizard of Oz.....How?
good broadway musicals?
i want to be an actor,no experience tho?
operas/musicals about operas and musicals?
audition for musical?
Do you need to be pretty to be an actress ?
I'm Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, any advice.?
Need help! What is the difference between an Elizabethan Inn Yard, Playhouse and an Elizabethan Amphitheater?
how do i cry on cue?
Do you know A~N~Y~T~H~I~N~G about modeling? You get 2 pts!?
do you like a high school musical?
Do you believe everyone on Disney channel has talent?
Is it too late for ironic 9/11 Halloween costumes?
Have you heard of Theatre Works in the Bay Area?
Can teenagers be actors?
My mom wont support my dream, help!?
What is the best movie to rent?
How do u get discoverd by Disney and become famous?
Do you know Miley cyrus personality?
How are instructions in a radio play or television drama script indicated?
How do you become famous?
Audition For America's Got Talent.? HELP!?
Where can i find music for production of 'Sweeney Todd'?
what is the fastest/easiest way to become an actor-if there even is one?
What is repertory theatre?
Writting A Musical, need music?
How would I go about taking my own head shots?
i have a dream of being an actor and i just want to know how can i go about doing this..i am very well at it!!
How old is Louise in a 'Ater the end' by Dennis Kelly?
audition songs for Fagin from Oliver?
who?? do you wish to meet??????????
How to become an actress PLEASE HELP!!! I need you!!!!?
What are a few plays directed by Stanislovski?
Where can I find the score for the musical: A Day in Hollywood, A night in the Ukraine?
Give an excellent title to my Short Film. . .?
What is the song that was being played In Miss American pageant talent portion during the segway of contestant?
Is it possible to still be an actor if you dont have the money for school or an agent?
How do i deal with getting a crappy part in a musical when i tried sooooo hard!?!?
What are some other flop musicals?
if i want to open a dance and drama academt in la older, what shall i do?
What are some GOOD acting schools in california,LA?(s best answer)?
What is a good stage name?
Who in your opinion, out of all the Oscar-winning lead actors and actresses - who least deserved their Oscar?
I need songs that describe Romeo and Juliet (the play! Can u help?
In the musical Rent, does mimi die?
How can a production be capitalized when the length of the out of town tryout is so indeterminate!?
I NEED to start an acting career! How to get in commercials and how to build up to star in a tv show or movie?
Can u answer these Macbeth questions? Urgent please answer?
Viewing Movie Scripts?
im a begining actress and want to know what r popular tv shows,or channels that would b good to sign 4?
use of theatrical makeup for child actors in a play?
TIME MUSICAL/Does anyone have a copy of TIME the musical? Freddie Mercury Murray Head?
between tiffany talent,dramatic artists agency,and the kim brooke group wich one is the best ageancy?
can anyone send me a rap written by your self whic is sad so that i acn use it?
I need information on a romance theater hit about a man with a large nose named Simon D'Versheraq (Sp.?).?
Is the Lee Strausberg in THe Godfather same as the Acting Institue?
brad pit movies?
does anyone have a link to any type of acting auditions in Michigan?
Did you think Nessa from Wicked was actually in a wheelchair?
The best place in Australia for a wannabe actress?
What date does The Crucible take place?
I really wanna be an actress where do I start?
what makes a theatrical play sucessful?
How can I ask my parents if I can do this?
Scripts for auditions? Read Please you will understand better?
Writing a book?
If your in a drama club does that mean everyone hates you?
songs that make you cry?
Help me make my dream of acting come true!?
Where can I look to find out about National Tour auditions?
how do you paint large pieces of cardboard without warping?
How can i become an actress?? ?
Do I have what it takes to be an actress??
do you need a permit to play music in public?
I'm in a play and my character is male. What are some tips for pulling off a convincing guy?
Good scenes for two teen actors?
Anyone who's in theatre can you help me with this joke?
What is your favourite musical?
Would you be content if you got the part of The Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz the musical?
Where to find open casting calls?
Help, i need to find a monologue?
Has anybody ever been to one of NYU's Tisch Summer Programs?
my school is doding a funny version of cinderellla i need a monolouge!?
How can I become a famouse actress and singer? With out having to do the post videos on you tube?
How to become an actress in America?
Where do I find out about open auditions for feature films?
About Disney Channel...?
Backstage and Actorfest?
who is judy price?
Whats a good monologue for 13 to 15 year old females from a movie?
Best Acting Schools In L.A.?
I need songs for a musical audition!?
Who can give me advice on acting auditions.......?
TV Studio Audience Tickets?
Creative ways to do a monologue about your life?
Ideas for a partner scene?
What kind of jazz shoes to wear?
What is the best frormat to write a talent/model resume?
How to audition in New York City.?
Has anybody seen the musical Wicked?
there is audition for Disney and Nickelodeon in Coeur d' Alene Id at the resort, need imformation to enter.
For a play, how can I make myself cry?
how to become famous?
Is Miley Cyrus Cristian?
What is a Drama Queen?
Are there any good camps in or close to Oklahoma ?
How to download (safely:P) A Very Potter Musical?
What is a good song to audition for a school play with?
I am a 13 year old actor and singer . how do I get discovered?
From the play Oedipus the King What does Oedipus think is the rason that Creon urges Tiresias to blame Oedipus
how do i start out to be an actress?
Need a movie scene to act out?
I am trying out for the play A Few Good Men and really want to star if possible I need a good monolouge though
Does anyone know where I could find the play "The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From" free?
I love acting.....but?
I'm a girl who needs a voice for the white rabbit in the play Alice in Wonderland...any ideas?
How to become an actor? How to become a movie extra? audition in New York?
is jothika a good pretty actress?
I am going to a callback!?
Anyone know if Wicked will tour the UK?
Local Acting Auditions?
Do You Think I'm Over Dramatic.?!?!?!?
How do you make yourself cry?
where is an audition i can go to?
My musical auditions are coming up... and my voice is being sketchy, what do I do?
Anyone know who this guy is?
last week top 5 movies according to box office?
auditions to the films. what do they really want from u?
Which song from either "Rent" or "Cats" would be good to sing for an audition?
Where can I find a monolouge for theator?
Are there any acting colleges in miami, tampa or orlando?
Can anyone help me find an audition song?!?! PLEASE.?
How should a person prepare himself for an audition for Aida?
Hamlet ap english soliloquy parody help?
Reselling theatre tickets?
Where to find Acting Auditions/Casting Calls?
What act and scene did Lady Montague die?
who is the best dancer in bollywood hrithick,srk,salman,akshyakmr or any one els?
what i is the worst way possible to die?
Are there going to be Camp Rock 2 casting calls soon?
girls, what do you do when u see a huge bug on the floor near you? and why do most girls scream?
Which audition song?
Ok I'm trying out for a play whats an easy song I could sing for auditions?
What are some songs that are upbeat and have an "old show tuney sound"?
In the musical Rent, does mimi die?
What do u think about High School Musical?
How do you know if you're a natural actor?
What are the BEST MUSICALS? (Please explain what each is about!)?
do you hillery duff??????
should I not get headshots?
Why didn't Laura Ingalls Wilder have zits?
What 3 characters does Scout influence in To Kill a Mockingbird?
How can i interpret this message?
I got scouted by for acting? (JOHN ROBERT POWERS)?
I always wanted to become an actor on Disney channel any suggestion on how I can do that?
how can we make an ancient Roman skit?
What is "Abstract Of A Movie?"?
Macbeth Superstition?!?
broadway open calls?
Is this acting cover letter good?
What was Mary Coyle Chase's contribution to theatre?
what is the best monty python skit?
can i just go to an agent?
do mimes talk when not miming?
Little Mermaid Jr????????????????
Who is the hero in steven king's "the stand"?
are there audition in kansas city mo for a toddler and not modeling?
John Robert Powers???
thinking about being an actor?
In what scene did Romeo and Juliet get married?
Tips on playing a 10 year old girl in a play?
How do u get into acting??
anybody know any Disney Auditons in Orlando??
are there any outdoor movie events in orange county?
How can I be an extra in a movie?
Where can I find Open Casting Auditions in Massachusetts?
I'm looking for a actor and that can help me because I don't know where to start from?
can anyone tell me how to star in a movie?
How do get into acting?
greaseeeeeeee (the musical!)?
Helping someone with acting advice?
Does it help to be good-looking in acting?
Presently I am in the stagews of rehearsing for an upcoming original stage production and I am looking for?
Is the opera 'The Fiery Angel' being performed in London in 2007, and if so, where?
how can i cotact agirl who is rady to do acting as a corpse?
Am I wrong or dreaming,but, did didos white flag play at the end of pirates of the carribeans at worlds end?
Does anyone know a good audition song for a mezzo soprano? For You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown?
where is the locket?
Theater Forensics help?
My dream is to be an actress...?
What are some skills needed for acting?
Where can I watch Romeo x Juliet (anime) from episode 20 onwards?
How does an actor avoid being typecasted?
how can i audition for a fan-fic films?
I wanna be an actress?
Aspiring actress in need of some advice.. help?
Has anyone seen the Edward Scissorhands musical? Is it kid-friendly?
Sex without love by sharon olds?
What is the happiest nation on this planet?
My dream is to be an actress. How do i get there?
help with little woman scene?
what is your favorite musical?
I wanna play Sorry but no one will play with me.?
how do youy get to high school musical and do a mix up of the real movie?
i'd like u to judge this poem. say wutever you think?
How to become a famos actor but with no acting experience?
can i get into an acting collage with bad mark?
Where can I buy a dreamcoat as in Joseph and the Amazing Techicolour dreamcoat. All I can find is rental ones!
What are your thoughts on the popular musical "Into the Woods?"?
do you think that cinema is too commercial on these days? and bad moveis,weak actors?
looking for a piano player in maryland named calra islert?
When and Where are the auditions for Catching Fire?!?
Actor's Headshot Prints?
what is the service provided by the actress for inaugurating is called?
Has there been famous or well known actors who were once backround actors for film and television?
which are the best website for downloading mp3 songs without membership?
How do actors find good agents in California L.A?
How can I find child acting auditions?
Waiting for Godot and The Stranger comparing the two with existentialism.?
Hamlet Hamlet Hamlet?
How do you find a good movie or tv audition/casting call without an agent?
where can i get sound clips?what sites?
where can i download Romeo and Juliet video?
are the chronicles of ancient darkness going to be a open audition? and where?
How does one become a narrator?
Training Of The Actor.?
i wanna be a voice
Can anyone learn to sing well?
Les Miserables Chicago?
What are some good scenes from plays with Mother/Son?
1 Minute Monologues For Teen Girls?
Is the musical "Cats" good?
Realistically speaking, can a person of Indian origin be a success in Theatre in USA?
What kinds of things do they look for on an application for Costume Crew? (not hard, please read!!)?
Do you ever feel like abandoning this theatre section because of . . . ?
Is there any acting places in michigan?
Why cant lady Macbeth kill king duncan?
What are some good/ useful acting agents/ agencies in Philadephia and/ or NYC?
can anyone tell me where I can get sweet valley cast names with their pictures?
what do i do with this talent agency!?
If you know about 19th century props?
Are any of these good headshots?
Why are people so obesessed?
why does disney have a fake audience?
Who were the monarchs of England when Shakespeare' "the Merchant of Venice"was written and performed?
is this a good way to start my acting career?
I'm auditioning for a Midsummer Night's Dream?
High School Musical or High School Musical 2?????
Can a man do a woman's monologue for an audition if gender is not mentioned or suggested in the text?
I need to find an acting camp in VT that dosn't cost to much. Or in NH/NY?
would you be willing to be in a movie if...?
how does the human voice work?
How do I get back into acting?
i heard that there's JYPE audition,, i just want to know,from when untill when that audition is?thank you?
why are theater people called thespians? what does thespian stand for?
How do I get into acting?
View from seats at the New London Theatre?
Need advice on Persuing an acting career.?
Can I use my nickname on acting resume ?
When mailing agents is it better to use head shots or half body photos?
open casting calls! in melbourne?
Japanese Noh mask (please answer all questions)?
What are some voice techniques?
cruelty or humanity?
Fast fun musical theatre song?????
auditions for tv Commercial need to know which picture I should send in?
What can I do for my acting career?
Will you always get a response after an audition no matter what the outcome?
whats that monologue?
Could you give me a scary scene?
Help with GCSE Drama Plot Please!!!?
When are casting calls?
Julius Caesar help??
Auditions in Christchurch?
Monologue for marty from grease?
intro to theater?
What does it mean if someone refers to themselves a "realist"?
How safe is this really?
What is the best way to get a child into modeling/acting?
Am I crazy for being 17 and totally into High School Musical?
Good movie acting scene for two guys?
how do you make childbirth look real?
What are the names of Antonio's ships in Merchant of Venice written by Shakespeare?
Do you get alot of experience when taking A level drama?
Who are your favorite actors/actresses? performance-wise.?
How likely is it to become an actor?
What Broadway (or Off-Broadway) musicals should I see?
Does anyone know any agencies in fla that i can go to that arent scams?
how do i know if i have acting talent?
good audition song for into the woods?
What's backstage like?
Musical Lovers...What is your Fave Show?!!?
Is there a way to audition for the x factor online?
Bad things about Romeo / things that would make him a bad boyfriend? (romeo & juliet)?
Costume - 5 year old in 1953?
Am I pretty enought to get a talent agent?
are they going to put High School Musical 3 in theaters?
is censorship a good or a bad thing to have. Is it ok to censore entertanment if it means takin rights away?
Do you think that Shakespeare is a real person, someone else, a group of people...?
What should I make the floor look like?
i want to be actress?
Disney audition songs?
How can i become an actor/model?
How To Find College Students Film Making, Looking For Actors?
Best british actor/actress? past or present?
{ Educating Rita by Willy Russell } Form And Structure Of the Play?
What are the first 6 cities on the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels national broadway tour?
Need an audition song?
what are some good wicked the play quotes that i can say to people?
What's a good audition song for a mezzo-soprano?
Rent is closing on B'way- Opinions?
Which one is better ?Acting class or gymnastics class?
How many people have died in "Midsummer Murders" since the series began?
Is a good site?
Can someone tell me what these movie ratings stand for?
how do i control getting nervous in audtions?
Which 90's play shows some of the agonies actors would have endured during shakespeare's time?
South Pacific or Oklahoma?
Why is it taboo to say 'Macbeth' in a theatre while not on stage?
Will I be to old to start acting?
What is a Monologue? Please answer my questions! <3?
How do I get my play to be performed?
Is it worth it to hire an agent?
Any tips on how to learn lines for a play???
Do i send my resume to an agent? before or after?
Help with casting calls?
What is the most common way to be discovered in acting or music?
What are some reconizable acting agencies?
What are some good acting (for movies and commercials) and modeling agencies?
sistertosister-disneychannel-tammera,tia… i,mabouttocheckwiththedisneychane
what is the name of the woman on the new vauxhall corsa television advert?
Where to find the instrumental version/sheet music for 'I Can't Do it Alone' from Chicago?
anthing REAL to become a MERMAID?
does anyone here know the new nickelodeon show. I really want to auddition.?
How do you hold your laughter?
Les Miserables help??
in the the play "the clouds" how would you produce it on stage?
How to become a famous actress !?
Good monologue for women with a supportive/motherly speaker?
What did Antonin Artaud do to shock his audience?
Auditioning for an older character?
Should I see Matilda the Musical or Wicked?
A line from the play The Crucible?
Anyone out there need a superb cutter tailor?
How long will Eden Espinosa have the role of Elphaba in Wicked (NYC)?
Need Help W/ Research!!?
Do you study Directing?
will there be a high school musical 4?
Tips For My Audition.? PLZ HELP.:)?
how do I brew fake blood at home?
What do you suggest is the best way to get involved in the film industry?
Are there different versions of the CATS song Memory?
What is the best role I can play in Tom Sawyer?
theaters showing "VOLVER"?
im 13 years old and i enjoy acting and drama. What can i do to be able to do acting professionaly?
Why do you have to pay talent agents so much money?
Do you meet with an acting agency before they represent you?
top fav. songs from BROADWAY musicals?
What song should I sing for a Musical audition?
How long is the Disney audition process?
Need a singer for a school project all girl singers welcome to help :)?
Where can I find the credit sequence song from "My Best Friends Wedding" soundtrack done by Amy Locane?
Audition song for Secret Garden?
Anyone know if Explore Talent is a real company with real auditions?? Or is it a scam??
any TIPS for actresses?
do you like the movie and play "phantom of the opera"?
who was the first actor or group of actors that ever existed?
What is your favorite play or plays?
How do we act in a movie?
Is Lean On Me in the Style of the musical Color Purple?
The Actor's Nightmare?
The Diary of Anne Frank (the play)?
Have you read MACBETH? if so...?
RENT..mimi's solo's.?
iam planning to write a story about this-what do you think?
Good movie acting scene for two guys?
I want to make a short film and I need an idea for my story?
Attention musical theater directors--what kind of demo CD do you prefer?
I have a cold, should I audition with it? should I apologize for being stuffy?
I have my frist movie auddition tommrow, a little nervous...?
Shakespeare Emoting?
I wanna be an actor do i have the looks?
are the film and theatre industries institutionally racist/sexist?
Where can I find the instrumental to "Positive" from Legally Blonde the Musical?
Being beautiful is a pro or con for an actor/ress?
I'm going to How to Succeed on Business Without Really Trying on Broadway on Thursday.?
How to make realistic looking smoking on stage?
Help with a 30 second monologue ?
what should i wear to my play audition?
Where is the stage door for American Idiot on broadway ?
Rate my acting please tell me what you think!?
I've just realized that my aspirations of becoming a FAMOUS ACTOR won't come true. How can I fill this GAP?
What are some good places to go for acting classes in CT?
Is it an unrealistic fantasy to want to become an actress?
I am 14 and I dream of acting on TV stations like Disney Channel -- help?
why are talent agencies prohibited from advertising themselves?
Modeling agencies and coordinators at Bangalore?
How does one contact a celebrity??????
What twists could I add to Snow White?
Why do the costumes in the CATS video look different from the stage costumes?
Who are the 10 most important characters in the play Julius Caesar?
in acting, what is role play?
Dramatic Monologue - War?
i am trying to get into acting what should i do?
Why is Macbeth responsible for his downfall?
how to become popular?
Do you think i should do it. give up everything i have and move to LA.become an actor?
do you know any auditions for indie films?
Is there anyone who is low experianced in acting but has an agent in California?
Auditioning for "We Bought A Zoo" Age?
any help??????????
Studying to become an Actress? How do I know if this is an impulse or something I want to do?
does anyone have a list of agents in Los Angeles for kids?
what are the requerments for acting?
I want to be scene help me?
o2 arena or wembley arena?
Was it you, sir?
This TV series is considered Jamie Lee Curtis' big break into show business. The TV series was a comedy where
In search of an actor that matches this description!! Help please!?
Is David Prowse still active in films or has he retired from acting?
15 years old and wants to be an actress?
how can i become an actress? i want to be a actress in a small age?
i wonder would the day go by faster if i were to think of carmen elecktra all day long?
did true love exist between Romeo and Juliet's relationship. They only spent 3 days together!!!! Thanks guys!?
How old is Louise in Marion Bridge (the play)?
Was Caesar really ambitious?
I need more acting help?
Whot is a good example of melodrama?
What is a good play that can be easily adapted into an amatuer film?
How can I play D, E and A majour chords in C majour root.?
Help writing a funny commercial?
Which do you think Shakespeare must have said during his time?
What song would be the best to sing for tryouts?
does anyone know where my user name came from?
Actors, how do you keep from laughing when you are acting?
Are there any great comedic monologues for a 12-15 year old girl?
What Should I sing for my musical audition?
Qualities of characters in ancient Greek tragedy and comedy?
Who is this person? I never seen her before!?
Should I create a multi-media portfolio of my theatre work or will a one page resume with headshot surfice?
How to join the Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas.?
How much do actors get paid?
Shakespeare Rhythm and Pacing and syncopation?
Voice Acting?
How terrible is the mezzanine seating at the Lunt-Fontanne theatre?
I really need help pleez Can u tell which scene each song applies to in romeo and juliet?
If i tried really hard to be an actress would it come off?
Crying part?
what is Quintilian's method of acting?
Where to go to land an acting career?
how do you go about getting movies to show in a cinema?
I'm going to be auditioning for sleepy hollow....?
how old should i be to start acting ?
What is realism and naturalism in theatre style? (in stupid people terms please)?
Last Names, Please Help!?
Should I study something else in the industry ?
How to get an acting agent?
does short films have log lines?
Acting a Polish immigrant in a play...?
question? serious answers please?
how can I follow my dreams if my parents always disagree.???
Why would you not like to be scout from to kill a mockingbird?
I'm 13 and i want to act model sing and write but i live in the midle of nowhere.....?
do they ever play the old harry potters on tv anymore?
Does your high school make you pay to be in a play or musical?
Can I become both actor and a footballer?
Favorite musical?
Acting Agencies in Texas?
Acting Tips and Questions !?
A Little Night Music Audition (Anne)?
Auditioning for a school musical?XbiC0AA40008172218002"> people that have seen the musical rent,help?!?
Help with this whole acting thing? 10 points for help?
Why is the Theatre Doc so bitter (for lack of a better word) when he answers some of these questions?
Do you have to audition before you major in theater?
what are the six elements of theatre?
how do i know if i'm a good actress??? good enough for hollywood?
I'm 18, male and need to choose a Shakespearean audition monologue!!!?
What did the people in the following excerpt look like?
which is better?
Im a 17 year old female who has a baby on the way......?
does anyone know if there is a CD recording available of the Broadway play "Who`s Afraid of Verginia Wolf "
In the musical Man of la Mancha is Dr. Carrasco in any songs?
Ideas for a partner scene?
Where could i find a costuime from RENT?
my son has just got a place at college doing a B tech?
What course did Sean Bean take at the 'Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts' (RADA)?
can any one describe mono acting for me?
Have you ever worked as an extra on a movie set, what was your experience like, what movie?
Good female audition songs for RENT the musical?
How do you become an actor.?
do you think kristen stewart can act?
Who will you be cheering for in the Britains Got Talent final tonight?
does anyone kno how to apply for a job at new theater restauranf?
On kiss fm, i heard that there was a ad that was about there being talent scouts?
Is 'Misty' a good part in the play " 30 Reasons Not To Be In a Play?"?
Shoes for an audition?
What kind of skills do you have to learn to be able to get into acting?
How can I become famous?
Macbeth Act 4 Scene 2...Please Help!!!?
what is a good LEGIT modeling agency?
Can you take a blanket into a theatre?
Need Help? Who Knows A Lot About Theatre?
What should I write my play about? I have the characters?
what actor best fits into this made up character?
Do you get this joke?
I want a Good Stage Name?
What is your Favorite Musical?
I like to do musical theatre...and can't sing well?
South East acting agents...?
i want to be a actor but dont know were to start?
What musical has a nerdy girl and boy who fall for each other?
Do you think that Shakespeare is a real person, someone else, a group of people...?
I need a monologue. Help?
help, how can i get...?
Where can I find a black wig I can style for a CATS costume?
Are Robert Downey Jr. And Tony stark related, they look sooooo much alike!?
I want to be an actress. Does anyone know any good agents?
I need a funny duet script for two guys.?
Is it possible to be an occasional film or TV actor without devoting your life to the profession?
If you get an acting job on a touring show how long do you have to prepare?
Are there any knowlegeable theater people out here who know how accurate "Me and Orson Welles" is?
is the london dungeon scary?
What is a list of things or scenerios that i can use for an improv about starting a new school?
Who is the best male actor present in Bollywood today ?
What is your favorite musical?
why the costumes of our Indian heroins are becomming more worse day by day.where is our culture going to?
Where are some good play auditions in MA and RI?
would you buy are rent considering the stability of an actors life?
Where can I buy the sheet music to the musical "Ragtime"?
I want to become an actor ...?
Any one know what King Henry's super objective might be in Shakespeare's Henry VI?
how do I avoid stage fright?
Question about famous awards?
Is this picture good for a headshot for a part in a movie?
why is life un-fair?
A boy named _____ enters a room. What is his name and why has he entered?
how do i make a globe theatre?
thanx for answere i got but can i get more answer plz about how can i cantact the british actress polly walker
Audition song...?
Tips on Memorization (Specifically Shakespeare and Monologues)?
What do you have to do to become an actor?
what is a last minute costume for puck from a midsummer's night dream? PLEASE HELP!! thank you?
how to become an actress ?
Can you review some acting method books such as david mamet or..?
+10 points ; help me, please ? ...?
Which of these 3 pictures is best for an acting headshot?
What mythological characters does Shakespeare refer to in his sonnets?
How can I be a actor ?
who's hotter ishwaria rai or rani mocurjee(don't care 2 spell right right now)?
I know this sounds cheesy but I would like to know where to get advance tickets for breaking dawn pt 2?
Macbeth: what are your inputs?
Why is it that a lot of actors also have a knack for learning how to play guitar quickly?
Have we the answer?
I'm doing a presentation and I need a blonde actress.?
What is a good monologue for me?
What is (in your opinion) the best college to major in theatrical arts?
Im an actress but sometimes have stage fright how can i overcome it??
Monolouge help :) acting sad?
I think stuff and dream stuff and then a couple of weeks later it comes true !!?
Romeo & Juiliet......?
i wanna be an actor, but i don't think have the face for it. help?
How to act camp for a play?
i need to know?
Could someone please explain the plot of "Cats" the musical to me?
I want to become a famous kid actor on disney channel ? how can i be discovered?
whats and easy way to memorize the lines of a play?