Do you think!!!! Please Help?
Does anoyone know any instrumental songs for a pantomime?
Romeo and juliet Read act III, scene iii?
Can you think of a better response?
how did a character got effected by society in taming of the shrew?
How do you get famous when you live so far away from Hollywood? Better yet, how do you get noticed??
Wear hair for audition?
Stage name for girl (me)?
Questions about Acting classes?!? 10 points!!?
How Do I Become Famous????
I need to find a child's monologue for a Peter Pan Audition. Can u send me a link or monologue?
my friend is 11 years old and is a really good actor and wants to be an on disney channel please help him?
i'm auditioning for the role of the nurse in romeo and juliet, what monologue should i use?
The old sixties musical; Leader of The Pack?
What do you think about attending KD Studio in Dallas?
dwayn stevens?
Actors and musicians: Can you see the audience in a medium lit place with a spotlight on you?
i have the ugliest accent everr!!?
Send acting audition tape?
who to write a soliloquy?
Is Baskow talent agency a good agency for actors?
Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" performance on Saturday Night Live...?
What's your fave Musical on stage?
AHHHHHHHH i want to be an actor!!!!?
Acting Audition Questions...?
What do you have to do at an audition?
how can i get an acting job?
I need a plot for my drama project!?
Is this a good way to start my acting career?
Acting, Thespians, Theater, Performing Arts?
Why does my voice break sometimes when I sing?
how do you call a play or movie where all the action is in the same room ?
How do you make a composite card for modeling?
What is your favorite show that is currently on Broadway?
Good monologues to audition for Fantine in Les Miserables?
How can I make myself cry on cue? I am an aspiring actress and would like to know to make scenes more real?
Background Information of Sweeny Todd (musical)?
What are some examples of madness in the play Hamlet?
auditions for into the woods?
Does macbeth have a good side and a bad side?
keys to make a drama script/show????!?!? help am i capable?
Star Search Casting Information?
question about script writing ?
How did George Lucas justify/or pretend not to see the BLATANT racial/ethnic stereotypes in the SW Prequals?
I need a monologue that will last atleaast five minutes for my junior prize speaking class.?
who is cooler spiderman or superman?
Modeling agencies that take 5'3" models?
Can u please send me a link from where i can download the script of Howard E Roger's Yes Means No, for free?
Shakespeare and casting non traditionally?
who is leigh whannell?I realy realy need help,any one?!help me!?
Is CESD a good agency for TV/Film representation?
can you put curry in tea to feel better from a cold?
Help me figure out how many pages my screenplay is?
Angry shakespear monologues for women?
Help! Someone could give me names of schools of drama in LA?
Where can I or how can I make a meorial or donation forAmerican Airlines Flight 11?
Compare and contrast the final days of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth?
I play the piano now, but I miss the violin.?
would Shakespeare want woman performing in his plays?
Where are amateur theatres in London?
Which Teddy sang lead vocals with Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes?
In A Christmas Carol...What part could I get? (Details)?
i like going to be an which site i can register?
Is the production of performance in theatre about art and professionalism or just for money?
Who can give me some theatrical sayings?
What should i do if i live in Florida and i want to become an actress?
Why am i acting goofy?
Musical Theatre audition songs? (read details please!!)?
Whats the best part to play in a Mystery Play?
What is a good poem that i can audition for a play with?
How do you pronounce the last name of Herbert von Karajan?
Guitar Smells, What can I do?
Are actors of the same show typically friends?
Disney Channel Auditions?
Are you an actor / actress? If so, what tips can you give me?
can you help me, i need help figuring out what play to read for my audition at UCLA?
What's a good monolouge for me?
sintex 2000ltrs 3 layer water tank MRP?
what is a good story line for this movie possessed by the heavenly angel?
What is this musical?
Any theathre games/warm ups?
Roughly, how many people are auditioning for "x factor" online?
Any ideas for Pantomime for music? I NEED A PLOT AND A SONG?
What is the difference between acting & real life?
i need a costume for A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE please help?
what's the difference between "theater" and "theatre" ?
Broadway's Wicked Will Welcome Tom McGowan Beginning May 3?
Where can I download or watch Romeo and Juliet 1968 version online?
NYU musical theatre department?
Acting classes in Los Angeles, CA?
tell me more about actress it 4 my homework and it do tomorrow?
Where can I find some free, short comedy duos?
Can you get chosen randomly on the streets to be an Actor?
I was thinking about auditioning for you're a good man charlie brown?
Songs to play In the background of a skit?
For guys, will you date a lady that is older than you?
What acting agent does Rupert Grint, Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe have?
how could i know the email of the actor and model of halle barry?
Need some good drama agency suggestions?
How many years of acting school are recomended because i was only going to do 6 months (im 13 btw)?
How can a 13 year old like me get acting work without missing school?
What should I do about college?!?
Hey. I want to Audition in SM Entertainment.?
How can I audition for The Hunger Games?
What to do when writing a play?
is eugene a main part in the musical "Grease". I am playing so I want to know?
what is a lic? a license?
How do I become an actor?
What should i know about headshots and a portfolio?
what 3 instruments should i play out of these?
How can somebody be an Actor or Actress on Disney or Nickelodeon?
How can i learn a american Californian accent?
What is your favorite play or theater production?
What is your favourite phantom of the opera scene?
I wan become an actor help me?
Need help in choosing an instrument?
help me start my acting career!?
Shakespeare's Richard III: To what extent can it be argued that Richard III was actually a force for good?...
Sick and audition tomorrow. help!?
Should an aspiring male actor go with short or long hair?
im nervous about drama club. what do you do in it and what if i embarrass myslef on stage? ?
what is the difference between religious and secular theater?
Group acting scene 4 men and 4 women?
Good musicals?
How does one go about getting into the voice-over industry?
what musical instrument is played but never touched?
Little Inez in run and tell that...can a mezzo-soprano sing her part?
Where can i find a screenplay of Little Black Book?
Shakespeare's play: Julius Ceasar...what happened in it??
Upbeat musical theatre songs? ?
What is an H/R?
can i audition for degrassi?
Would this be an appropriate monologue?
What Did you think of " The Producers"?
Is 'Is it raining? I hadn't noticed' the most irritating line in cinema?
I need the full script of the musical "Friends"!?
What happens after Acting School?
personality script help?
Help!!do i have an accent?
Good role playing sites?
In a British play called "Noises Off", Mrs. Clackett (Dotty) mentions "the royal." What does she mean?
High School Musical (Question)?
what does act 1, scene 5, lines 43-52 mean from romeo and juliet?
Film Auditions and castings in london?
I need a first person monologue were Im only talking and no other characters it needs to be 10 lines or under?
Was Shakespeare left or right handed?
Would anyone like to Role-play with me?
To anyone who saw the play of George Orwell's 1984 at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2008?
Where is the best WEBSITE to get wicked tickets for the San Antonio or Salt lake city Tour Performance? ?
is peter and the starcatcher a musical (the one on broadway)?
macbeth essay , body paragraphs?
Any last minute tips for an audition?
I am auditioning for a drama group soon, but how do i get more confident?
How do actors remember their lines?
In the play "The Long, Short And The Tall" has the welsh character got a big part?
Where can I find instrumental-only versions of Disney songs?
Can we do Chicago as a Senior class play?
Who knows the place of Hildegard of Bingen in theatre history?
how much detail are you allowed to put?
Will my country tis of thee be a good audition song for me?
Are you an actor?
How could a person become a director?
Any chances of me becoming a pro actress?
Is "Fiddler on the Roof" still playing on Broadway New York?
highschool musical concert?
What characteristics of an actor defines he is the best in acting?
How to get started with an acting career?
Any Broadway auditions for teenagers?
Where do i go to audition for a movie?
I want to start a Spoken Word Club/Contest in my university how do I go about this?
What is the plot and the characters for Fiddler on the Roof?
I am 13 and i want to be a actress how do i go about doing it?
fan sites on russell brand?
Thinking about getting into acting, maybe?
Which monologue do you like better? (Diary of Anne Frank)?
Screenplay writing question - what's the correct way of writing this out?
Where are voice acting lessons/classes in Cleveland, Ohio?
Can being a background actor help you with experience on being a real actor?
Macbeth Act 2 questions?
What are some good NYC Broadway shows that are out right now?
Where did Miley Cyrus here about the Hannah Montana auditions?
What kind of acting/modeling jobs have you gotten?
What is Equity and an Equity card? Acting related!?
what is significant about Banquo reply?
Can i have more of a benifit to become an actor if im an extra in a lot of movies and shows?
Disneyland Charecter performer question.?
Back to the 80s musical? (preparing for the audition)?
what is the function of a production company?
will I be famous someday? 10 for best?
whats the best way to organise shows with celebrities?
When you get a hole in your sock, where does that little piece of cloth go where the hole is?
Titus Andronicus or Julius Caesar. Which monologue would be better to present?
Have you seen War Horse? reviews please?
what is the point of acting like something your not?
Watch In The Heights free online?
How many times a week does a running west end show rehearse?
What kind of sites that will help you get casting calls and get discoved as an actor for free ?
what would a note sheet for an asylum patient look like?
definition of literature in theater?
What are good monologues from plays for 10 year old boys?
Could i be a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz?
Monologues??? help please!?
what is the message behind this musical?
How do i publish a musical?
Plays made entirely of monologues?
I'm trying to do a ONE ACT PLAY which is comedic, horrific, dramatic or mysterious. ...?
How to get to america and begin acting carrier?
What to include in an audition video ?
any1 now how i can find info on a 19th century. if so give me the link please?
How would you describe this play?
Play live indian radio stations on the net,not just music.?
I want to be a film acting coach, what do I need to major in during college?
How much did the high school musical stars make out of the 3 movies like how much did the top starts make?
Who became the first director to win a Tony Award for both a play and musical in one year?
play at Holland Fest, Cedar Grove WI?
romeo and juliet paraphrasing help?
Audition nerves?
Whould you rather be an actor or a singer?
I need to write a monologue on lady macbeth, any idea's?
For my acting class next week I have to recite a monologue from a film, which one would be good?
How to become a film director?
What is the best musical?
Does the safety bar obstruct the view from mezzanine row A at the Gershwin Theater?
Any Casting websites for the UK?
I am attendind an audition for Deal or No Deal next week, any tips?
I need a funny modern monologue or funny modern play for a 19 year old boy?
how many of you people have heard of the broadway musical "wicked"?
I'm getting a degree in English and History and want to be an actor?
If your a good writer can you be a good actor?
Where can I find a complete list of oscar nominations for the past 78 years? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
Re: Romoe and Juliet?
If I Were In Charge of The World Poem?
How do I get noticed by a manager?
What is the differences between Theatre and movies?
Who is Harry Potter?
does anybody know?????
Rejection by modelling agency?!?
Should i take musical theatre in community college?
How do you know if a talent agency is fake?
Are there different versions of the CATS song Memory?
Can I attend a theatre if I have pink hair?
What is the definition of a character actor, and in what way do they differ from any other actor?
Colleges with double major for musical theatre?
Should I put gems as tears on a mask?
where are local audtitions for acting in pennsylvania?
I have no experience or career in acting. My ultimate goal is to be an actor in the BBC. How do I start?
How do I audition for S.M. entertainment?
plz suggest me funny skits to be performed in college functions like fresher party?
Casting Advise?
I have the flu, feeling Not well, have rehearsal tonight for musical, should i go?
Is it possible for me to major in acting?
I need an example of either irony, parody, or satire from A Midsummer's Night Dream in Act 1 or 2?
Ideas for a basic Macbeth costume?
is there anything wrong with being a straight man and liking some musicals and live theatre?
Why is Romeo and Juliet so important?
Is there any improv type of place for people who want to improve public speaking skills, but not become an?
What can we act out in our drama club?
I need help with macbeth test?
Need some Ideas about Hamlet?
What should Finch's smile from "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" look like?
Who do you think is the best actor: Dylan Sprouse. Cole Sprouse-Raven Symone-Ashley Tisdale-Orlando Brown?
What is your favorite play or musical?
I've never actually seen Les Mis live. What's the reaction to Gavroche's death?
Do you think I could become a actress?
i am looking for a short play (under 20 minutes) preferably a dark comedy?
Does anyone have music for the Forbidden Broadway theme song?
Back to the 80's audition help?
Is there anything more irritating than a precocious child actor?
Need a light board for my theatre company?
What are some really good songs to make you cry?
Are there any acting classes/groups in Kilkenny/Carlow area of Ireland?
how to perform a speech by elizabeth cady stanton?
How to start with my play?
im need to know who to get reconized.?
What's The song that play's In the Berry scene of the hunger game's?
need a good, fun one act play to perform. ideas plz!?
where could I get a screenplay/script for George Orwell's 1984?
What is the actor Hunt Block of As The World Turns doing now?
I am looking for good monolouges?
Ideas for bimbo names?
How should i present a speech on being a director?
Wicked Musical Anniversary!!! Happy Wicked Day!!! Who has the 8/5/08 video of wicked?
What song should I sing from hairspray?
any one know about th new moon auditions?
please help!!! any suggestions please..need it asap..?
Who does Flavor Flave choose?
Can't remember the name of this play!!!??
good audition song? please help =)?
Should I get into acting?
I need ideas for a three minute monologue or story for my theater class.?
Suggestions for adult actors/actresses fitting the descriptions?!?
New Joseph?
Does your Y!A persona ever "break character"?
What's a good male character song for an audition?
can disney channel accept a 14 year old boy?
where can i find a one min comedic monologue?
What are some "Dating Game" questions that I could use that correspond to Romeo and Juliet?
Lizzie Borden (murderer)- types of clothes she wears???
What is your dream role that you would like to play in a musical?
***Desperately need the help of my fellow theatre people***?
Why do we get nervous before going on stage?
Which Musical do you like?
what are those mobile no of mobile numbers of music directors in bollywood?
What is a good reason why I cant be in a horror film if I am a famous actress?
I curious about the porn industry. How do yoy get your foot in the door or at least hear about auditions?
Do I need to prepare songs for Disney channel auditions ?
Why do Directors say 5,4,3,2?
how do you become an actress?
13 the musical Getting Ready quesions?
How does Javert find John Vel John again in Les Miserables?
Is there pathetic fallacy in macbeth (Act 2 scence 1)....?
Im a great actress but how do i get reconized?
What are some good casting websites?
what do you think of helen mirren?
We use blank gun shots in theatre, are they as loud as real ones.?
were can you buy tickets to monty python's spamalot and where is it playing?
How would a teenager looking to get into acting acquire an agent?
what are the 5 major scenes in romeo and juliet?
I've got a lead in the school musical?
omg! help this poor little tween... pweetty pwease?!?
What should i see at the theatre?
IF you were reincarnated who would you like to be ? from Gods to Goddess to Queens and Kings and Heroes?
How would you tell whether an actor is being themselves or acting?
I want to make a short Film guys so plz tell me a nice story for my short film?
Play recommendations to read?
I'm looking for the full script of T. O'Ruairc's "The Spectrum Six" can anyone help me find it?
I have my own back end of a horse costume- Am I too late for pantomime?
Becoming a voice actor?
What do actors use instead of alcohol whilst acting?
Theaters in Dallas,Texas?
Need costume ideas!?!?!?!?!?
how can you be happy and you are sad or having a problem ?
How can a person in their 40's get started in an acting career?
why is using space effectivley important in drama?
How can you become an actress in hollywood?
What are your views on TV and other so called stars being awarded Honours?
Help choosing between Arena and Maac?
what are the requerments for acting?
This is my dream job?
Are there any super heroes with a mohawk?
Great brat audition monologue?
My dream is to become and actress!?
how can i get a foreing job with my degree? I live in Nigeria?
A Play disaster.?
Guitar Smells, What can I do?
What can I do for a dramatic literature activity?
Is it foolish to want to be an actor?
Who plays the lead role in Mary Poppins?
What vocal part is Bambi in the musical Curtains? What else about this character should i know?
This is a propostioin hear?
What should I sing for auditions?
18 to late to start acting?
how to become an actress???????????/?
Themes used in Shes the Man and Twelfth Night?
Is The prologue in act 2 of romeo and juliet a soliloquy or a monologue?
What is the quickest solution to cure a lost voice?
How do I make a fake cut wound for a video?
Help finding a contrasting monologue?
Why do people become actors?
Whats your favorite musical?
Good music for school competition?
Has anyone ever scared themselves into talking yourself out of the many talents.. See Below.?
What is the most popular musical genre today?
why peoples hide there talent ?
Can anyone tell me about Equus?
what is a good 5-7 minute scene?
What's a good way to learn drama lines quick!?
What is the welly boot dance?
"And live a coward in thine own esteem" MACBETH?
I need a very funny comedic monologue! help!?
Birimingham Accent?
Who are your most hated and most abhored celebrities?
Hey i wants to be an actress, what age range do you think i can play?
I need to find a play in Philly. Its hairspray and done by teens... its also a camp... please read!?
Advice for auditioning for Candide?
were could you go to cast for movie extras or commercials or to come out in magazines ?
i am trying to find a modelling agencie for 2 very attrative children in northern ireland. can anyone help?
Actors/actresses (the crucible)?
is it normal to get castrated?
How do i become a famous actress or singer?
Advice if you can please..?
I am looking for a script for a murder mystery play with some comedy. Can anyone suggest a free download?
Help with an audition?
How do I convince my parents to get me an acting agent?
is my credit being sent to my address anytime when should i receive my card?
Australian acting questions?
Does Europe have famous and rich actor?
What age should you be to play Annie?
is zac cute from Heigh school muscial and heigh school muscial 2 ?
Hamlet question 10 points- what are some similarities and differences of......?
How can I get into acting?
Im wanting to go to an Acting class/camp. I need a good one for beginners of course. Can anyone help please?
I Got Talent Scam? Please Help!!?
Does anyone know when and where i could audition for a role in New Moon?
I need a stage name!?
Which of these names suit me best?
Do Actors Enjoy Their Job?
Who are some of the most reputable talent management agents / scouts / agencies in Los Angeles?
Can you help me find a prose piece dealing with love, hate, anger, or anything to do with teens?
How can i convince my mother to let be audition for a play tomorrow??
what is different between love & live, what is similariti between love & war?
how would i access some explicators for a shakespearean sonnet?
what is sharukh khan's religion?
in high school or middle school if any of you have done drama club or classes...?
As a young actor, is it better to keep your real last name or switch it to a shorter one?
Why doesn't Tyler Perry's enormous talent as a writer translate to TV?
THEATRE DOC HELP ME! Do you get an agent while your doing community theatre and school plays? read description?
Drama skit fairy tale retails help?
Need to make a skit for english class...?
Do you think that Dan Radcliffe's .......?
What is the first hindi film of filmmaker Hrishikesh Mukherjee?
Durang Female Comedic Monologue?
what would be a perfect song for auditioning for the school choir?
Could someone please tell me where I can find powerful christmas plays for church?
info "phantom of the opera"?
Are there any tutorials out there for DIY headshots?
Oedipus the King by Sophocles takes place over how many days?
is the murat in indianapolis having any events tonight?
What song should I sing for my school play?
Im choosing my GCSE's and I'm not sure about drama?
i want to become an actress?
Never Do - Acting question ?
How did Peter Facinelli get into Tisch?
Theater: looking younger?
What is the point of Musical Theatre International?
cirque du freak movie auditions?
I need a musical theater piece for children between the ages of 7-16. Any idea?
If you were on a date with Brad Pit and you exultantly farted in front of him what would you do.?
Is this agency a scam?
Can you give me some example of a short Declamation Piece?
What are some really good dramatic and comedic scenes for Thatre?
i want to be extra or a main role...?
fast and upbeat beatles songs?
H2O can we take part as actress in this film?
how much is a voice actors pay in a year?
which are the best seats to have at the Liverpool Empire Theatre?
In the Play Romeo and Juliet, what are three examples of how the theme is "Love is Blind?"?
Guys and Dolls: Which role should i go for, Sarah Brown or Miss Adelaide?
Who else plays Joseph? (The cover for Craig Chalmers)?
What are some good monologues for christmas?
Theatrical special effects?
I want to sign up for the school play and I'm stuck on this question?
How would you paraphrase this excerpt from Shakespeare's Measure for Measure?
College Audition Help!?
How many years of acting experience is considered good for big time directors?
how do you get over stage fright?
lighting for modern day 'trojan women'?
Help with high school play audition?
What do you think of my actress video?
Is there an acting term for a situation in a film that is presume to be done?
How to sound like a boy (acting for girls)?
Character Analysis's of Romeo, Tybalt and Mercutio; Romeo & Juliet?
Got a job in 'craft services' along with being an 'extra'. I'll be serving coffee and beverages.
Two questions about TV and scripts...?
Does Julius Ceaser have a middle name? If so what is it?
Where can i find a Mimi from rent the musical out tonight costume?
If you are a legit model scout or agency would you please give me your email address so I can mail my photos?
The Next JT check out the link?
can anyone remember who the lead black male was in the black mikado in london theatre play 1976/1978?.?
I want to Act....Which direction should I take?
I want to be in Seussical the Musical...?
Please help me find the title to a play.?
Why won't theater companies talk to me after I audition?
Does anyone know any legit good modeling and acting agencies?
The Drowsy Chaperone is showing in what New York Theatre?
University or community college for acting?
Going to first audtion ever.have been asked to prepare a broadway piece not from the show, suggestions?
Who do u think should win 'I do anything' ?(Oliver Twist competion)?
Does anyone know what agents look or in a teenage actor?
how can i be original and individual when acting?
I want to major in theater in college. Need help with audition process!?
What musical to watch in london 18th-21st may?
Acting auditions in Singapore?? or concert?
how am i going to become famous?
is there anyway to watch the book of mormon (play) leaked online?
I want to act?
Whats some good music for when the audience is entering for a concert/ theatre show?
What are some really good film noir movies?
Are there any or will be step up 5 auditions?
Theatre and movie help!!!?!??!!?
In Act II, what imagery (comparisons) does Romeo use to describe Juliet? List three.?
I need AMC theaters human Resource Number?
Have you had good or bad luck with Kids Talent Network?
Where do you audition to be in a show?
Help! I am doing a skit and I need scipt ideas! (OTAKUS PLEASE)?
have you ever met famous actors?
What are the actual names of the Smallville and Scrubs theme songs?
What is a good belting audition song for a 12 yearold girl?
Where would I find information about the musical, Way Out West I'm a Dress?
does anyone know of any open casting calls for feature films in the Los Angeles area?
Coping with not getting called back for a role?
How the Grinch stole Christmas? HELP ME!!! For my play?? URGENT!!?
Where can I purchase a radio controller for led's for use in a costume?
What does sheet music mean?
What is a good duet for two girls?
Hamlet Q..Act III Scene I?
What role did I get for Alice in Wonderland?
can i be an actor??????
Audition Monologues Anyone?
What do you think the purpose is of any Hero in a narrative?
How to get an acting job at 13?
acting agencies in toronto?
Sweeney Todd??
Acting techniques 101... I'm reading for a part, never had formal acting training.?
Help about Marcy audion, J.O.N.A.S.
How do i meet up with a tv producer and how do i post my television idea to them?
i need to try to get a talent agent. what's the thing to do?
A casting call website for movies?
I received a call from an acting/modeling agency...?
I need to find an acting agent?
Do you think i'm gonna become an actress or singer?
Do i have an accent? help!!!!!?
Can a minor start their acting career on their own?
tommorow! help please?
How can I become a famous actor?
Can somebody please tell me how to get a good agent to be on disney channel?
I have a few acting questions.can anyone answer anything but CORRECTLY?
How do u become a star on Disney Channel?
How do I get an acting agent in Toronto?
What acting agency's are good?
What is the best and worst mocie of all time and why?
What is this metaphor comparing in the crucibles?
Is Othello (the play) racist?
I wiIn August, will it be on stage in London any theater play (not musical) starring any well known actor?
What do you have to do to become an actress?
Is there any acting places in michigan?
Romeo's mean by the speeches?
whoever wants best answer put down a title of a broadway play?
who do you think is the best Actor or Actress and whos the top acting company
I am auditioning for a play called the man who came to dinner, can you help me?
Any tips for acting in a blackbox theatre...?
Musical Theatre Advice :)?
Best Actor? And what are your reasons?
How can I easily find info on auditions for specific tv shows?
Is it good to take a scene study class?
How long does it take for an acting agent to find you a role (Film wise Tv/movie)?
What is a good interp piece for me to do?
What are some good monologues for a 14/15 year old girl?
where can i find the whole script for Rossini's The Barber of Seville?
Marshae Kidd audition?
did true love exist between Romeo and Juliet's relationship. They only spent 3 days together!!!! Thanks guys!?
I want to be an actress?
What's special in Big B, I mean "Amitabh Bachchan" which makes him so..... special?
Acting Agencies in Florida?
I'm going to an open casting call but I dont know if I should memorize a monologue?
How to get over stage fright?
Does anyone know a play which consists of two male characters?
What famous person can you impersonate?
What play to do with 3rd-12th graders?
How can a 14 year old get famous?
There is a drama script about the woman at the well. How do I find it?
How can I get into showbiz?
I want to be an actress on tv ,ive been acting for 5yrs and have an agent but not going anywhere,suggestions?
whats the best site to find modeling auditions castings, open calls and stuff?
what'syour middile name ?
Whats the best advice i can give my male mate who wants to be a porn star??????
How to network in the film/television industry? (without college)?
Do you like live theatre as opposed to TV or movies?
If you were an actor/actress, which role would you like to play?
How to start writing a play?
How do you become an actor/actress on eastenders?
Does Robert Pattinson responds to fanmail? And how can you get it noticed?
I'm thinking of writing a modernization of Romeo & Juliet. Would it be okay if I changed it around a bit?
What actor has been acting for the longest time?
Which musical, with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston, was based on a 1912 disaster?
Is my fake Australian accent any good?
Does anyone have the character descriptions for Mame the musical?
Acting help! Auditioning for grease...?
Lost amulet of Mara in skyrim, can i get a new one?
the play wicked?
I am very shy and i wanna be actor?
My daughter just got "accepted" into the Pacific Modeling & Acting Academy. Is this a scam?
Louise Brooks fans:What do you think of my video?
are there any famous actors/ actresses out there using ?
can you become an actor if you have tatoos?
in your opioniog who are the best actors and actresses??
Could I be an actress?
Which is your dream play to be in?
How was your first stage kiss?
i need your help very soon!!!?
Would this be an appropriate monologue?
How can I be a tree? 10 POINTS?
what's you favorite Shakespeare play?
What part of acting are you best at?
How should I present myself at a Casting Call Audition ?
Musical theater lovers: What role in what musical would you absolutely LOVE to play?
i want to know about famous amphi theaters i nthe world introduce some webs?
romeo and juliet?
fancy dress?????? what do you fancy?
Where can I find out about auditions for commercials in Toronto?
why was xmen recently played in 3700 movie theaters and "an inconvenient truth" was only played in 77
My sister has an audition today. I need help asap?
How can I become a famouse actress and singer? With out having to do the post videos on you tube?
Audition monologue suggestions?
Being involved in theatre even if it's not my main profession?
Where Can I Buy Those Wolverine Claws That'll Automatic Come Up After You Press A Button or Something?
Any people stereotypes ideas?
what is a good agencythat i can get to start my acting career?
Does anybody have the complete lyrics to "I Played the Part," from "Slings and Arrows."?
Anyone know a few good books on acting?
William Esper acting classes?
Who likes Chloe Sims?
Where can I write to Michelle Trachtenberg.?
okay you wanna play rough? okay ....?
how are broadway plays funded? Difference between Broadway and Off Broadway?
High School Musical question?
open auditions?
Audition details of Indian idol 4.?
What's your favorite acting line by Denzel Washington? And why?
Are there a lot of acting opportunities in Atlanta?
Do you have to be pretty to be an actress?
How to cry on cue in acting?
Any one worked with Images of St Louis model agency?
Is this a good stage name?
Can you help me, please?
know a monologue and audition song for "little women" audition?
Questions on Epic Theatre?
Do you need to know how to sing in order to be an actress?
Why are actors called "thespians"?
Are floor seats good seats for a concert?
which are the famous indiandance & drama institutes in the u.a.e & india &?
Do you know of any modern Romeo and Juliet adaptations?
When i get an agent, should I still put my personal contact info on my resume along with my agent's info?
oscar...penelope cruz?
Does anyone have any ideas???
How do i post an idea to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber?
Lord of the rings on stage?
Why do actors risk moving at a young age?
should i take my banking details to a acting audition?
Who here has performed in a production of "The Real Inspector Hound?"?
Should i enter the talent show?
so in my drama class, were working on mimes..I NEED HELP! IDEAS PLEASE!?
I really want to be an actress?
What universities in southern California have a great theater program?
Do you put both your stage name and real name on your acting resume?
how can i break up with girl hom i have already proposed?
what is your favorite musical?
Is it weird that the only thing that cheers me up is music?
ughh people help please?
Has anyone seen the musical Whit Christmas in Seattle?
What is your Favourite Musical?
Is a good way to get a comedy idea out? or is it fake?
musicals or plays?
where can I find critics reviews of plays in swansea?
Has Julia Roberts played a murderer, or any "bad guy" roles?
What sort of person is Kate, from the musical 'Annie'?
What is an ensemble in drama?
Good topic to compare/contrast Broadway musicals?
I am searching contact to U.S.actress Alex Bond Winslow.?
acting for me?
How can I become a s l u t?
Can I be an actress with braces?!?
The Broadway show "The Lion King" is coming to it appropriate for a 2 year old?
How do I become a famouse singer, without no money?
how do I become a Wizard?
I want to be an actress, but....?
Why do most theatre programs require you to sing at the audition?
has anyone ever taken introduction to dramatic art?
Have you tried John Robert Powers? What were your results?
Casting for a 16 year old girl in Willy Wonka Jr help!?
what is the answer and example of force is acting but displacement is zero?
Acting in Seattle Help!!!?
i need a monolouge for a youg women.?
How do you make your voice sound better so people will listen to you?
Do actors in plays normaly go to bars after a play?
Websites Like..? HELP! NEEEED Opinions and Examples :)?
Any suggestions?
HSC Drama Individual perfromance?
Which of these names suit me best?
i want to be an actress butt....?
What was the worst play you ever saw?
What BFA Acting Programs offer auditioning by sent in Tapes.?
Ideas for netball awards? ?
How can I become an actress?
i need a monologue FAST!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where can I find reviews for old plays?
does theatre help you get discovered?
Is it true that Idina Menzel is on vocal rest for a few years?
is tower prep coming back?
Nobady Know Good Acting Universities?
do you have any tips about acting! I need help!?
What kind of thing's do bullies say?
How can you cry while trying to act?
what do u think of bill kaulitz?
I'm going to a Broaway show this weekend?
How do I know I have potential to be good at acting?
Hiding seams on Masonite floors?
How to do Judy Garland's make-up in "The Wizard of Oz"?
I need help with a good stage name...?
Help on becoming an actress?
Does Shakespeare give you a headache?
talent show contest....? HELP?
What is your own very special piece of Shakespeare?
how do i become an actress at 14?
the best : Gary Sinise or Tom Hanks ?
How do I become a pornstar?
For theater class we have to create a character and bring in a prop. what prop should i use?
How to become an actress?
Is having an acting dream far fetched?
How can I convince my mom that this is what I want to do?
Does anyone have any tricks for memorizing a part in a script?
MACBETH ACT 1 please help me with this!!?
Can someone help me with a good stage name?
Anyone know where I can find auditions for Christian Films?
Porter scene from Macbeth ?
Are there any acting auditions near my city?
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players then who is selling the tickets?
how does one get into acting?
SomeOne Please Tell Me Some Awesome Tips On Improving Your Voice?
im looking for a short 2-3 minute dialouge from a PLAY and web links?
Using Matchmaker as an audtion song..?
How can i become a better actor?
Should i do this audition?
What is the Ides of March?
What happens to Uncle Fester at the end of the Addams family musical?
Do I want to be rusty or vi in the footloose musical?
Is there an alternative to buying expensive theater/play tickets?
How do I create a personality?
Does anyone know miley cyrus' myspace url?
My daugter,who is 13, wants to act.Where can I find a company that will take young teenager 13 on up?
What words should I exaggerate when performing this Shakespeare sonnet to my class??!! PLEASE HELP!!?
Where do I get tickets to Rowan Atkinson Live .. Nov 12th? (UK)?
Should I try acting?
convncing my parents?
How to get my identical twin baby boys into modeling/acting?
I want to be an actor?
anyone know anything about drama school in mandi,himachal pradesh,india --so plz reply soon?
What to get a guy who has lead role in school musical?
What are the best acting colleges in Canada?
What is your honest take on the profession of acting?
How can I be alerted when a show is casting extras?
What is a monologue that deals with racism?
Which would you rather be? An Actor? Producer? Or a Director?
what is henrik ibsen's dramaturgy and it's impacts on the audience?
Why do you want to be an actress/actor?
can an accent change?
What is the role/function of THEATER in society?
question about partial-view seats for Wicked the musical?
Is Talent 6 a scam sight?
I want to start acting, but I'm having difficulty finding classes?
How much time for rehearsals?
Question about the character Malvolio in Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare?
Can you give me an English/European novel that has been/can be adapted into a play?
Can someone tell me where (city, country) was the Flower by Kenzo commercial filmed at?
I really want to become an actress but i'm bengali and my parents are 16 btw?
how did miranda cosgrove get discovered?
What is the height of tallest famous actors?
How do I become an all around better Actor?
Do you have any tips on how to remember your lines when you only have yourself to study with?
Need help with my resume for an audition?
Where should I study acting?
Good theater audition song for a beginning singer.?
why are people so in love with jonny depp?
how can i get rid of stage fright?
Is the recorder (musical instrument) really that easy to play?
Fake Tears For Acting?
I need a 1 min 30 sec song for talent show?
How do you rate how good an actor/actress is?
I think I know but not positive.?
what should i do??????????
Self-submitting to casting director... please, help to choose the way here?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe still on?
Disney channel auditions 2012 ?
I need a musical theater school in Los Angeles...?
How to know if an Talent Agency will call me back after an open model call?
hi i am a singer and i write my own songs what should i write this song about?
Is there a dark musical versoin of alice in wonderland?
Abrams Artists Agency?
is she really my friend?
How hard is it to get an Academy Award?
Would it be easier to start out as a voice actor, than a screen actor?
What are some good songs for a talent show?
Acting and modeling when I'm 13?
How do you know bad acting?
I would like to...?
How to find (and afford) a performing arts high school?
Says who :Most of the time I don't have much fun. The rest of the time I don't have any fun at all.?
What roles did Feste Play in the Twelfth Night?
Annie Jr audition song?
got talent? does it cost money?
Any suggestions for a comedy script that will work well for reader's theatre?
In the musical, Anything Goes, there is supposedly an old woman in a wheelchair? What does this part entail?
On the Wizard of Oz where does the red brick lead to?
What is harder drama or comedy?
After a Disney Character Audition, how long until they call me?
Why do american television programs use adults to play high school kids?
I want to become an actress singer, and dancer but afraid to tell my parents what should i do?
Auditioning for Sweeney Todd, is this a good song choice?
Where and when are the 39 Clues auditions?
What happens in a music audition for a university?
what are some review sites for acting agencies?
Aren't Broadway shows, plays, and operas technically racist?
Romeo and Juliet setting?
who is the ugliest Hollywood actor?
What is that thing that the actress have in there ears?
Is this a modeling/talent agency scam?
Is one source talent a scam?
I need two boy names for my characters?!?
Group Broadway songs for a Competition?
Is my dream ruined, because i can't afford it?
I what to do acting? any place to start?
"What and Why" do actors / actresses wear under wigs?
Is it easy to get an agent if you only want to do 'extra' work?
Female monologue for drama class?
how can i be a famous hollywood actor if im not livin in the u.s?
Is this reall Broadway??
What is the funniest play you have seen?
How do you write a scene?
what was this romantic comedy called?
I have to kiss someone in a play but i have no kissing experience HELP NERVOUS!!?
Why is acting a hard business to break into?
whats a good song to audition with for a musical?
What is the first word Troy (Zac Efron) says in High School Musical?
I dont know if i am good enough to be an actor but i really want to be, what should i do?
I need a good reason to convince my mom to allow me to enter for an audition..?
what is so powerful about the story or Rent in comparison to other stories put into film and/or broadway?
Duo acting pieces for girl/girl.?
Acting audition advice?
I'm making a Midsummer Nights Dream Soundtrack need help!?
Why does Brutus misjudge Antony so much in Julius Caesar?
what song should i sing for musical audition?
What songs in the "American Idiot" musical are tenor?
I need some help for my acting career.?
need to find online written notes on theatre management?
what are some lines in the play Romeo and Juliet that describe Mercutio?
How can I achieve this? Where do I start?
I got a B in GCSE Drama, does this mean I'm bad at acting?
What's a good summer or year round drama school in the United States North East?
Is Miss Saigon a good Musical?
Where can I learn a British Accent?
what musicals would ask for african american cast members?
Has anyone out there every directed the show GREASE (High School Version)?
please help?
Does anyone know when High School Musical 2 will come out?
How do you become represented by the CAA (creative artist agency?)?
Should I major in Theatre?
What about a cowgirl?
moulin rouge good or bad ?
How to become better at acting ?
Does anyone know where I can find a somewhat realistic looking gun that shoots confetti?
Current letters of recommendation for MFA Acting?
The Block ^^V?
I can't find any auditions!!?
which outfit would you pick for the "mannequin" actress?
Auditions for New Moon in San Francisco?
i love high school musical!!!!?
can anyone tell me how to write a monologue?
Could I still play Christine Daae? POTO?
Question about acting I need advice? Please help!?
what does this mean: can you tell me an easy version of these lines from macbeth, act1, sc.3, lines 127-141.*?
How to give somthing of myself to you?
I need a quick skit for church anyone have any ideas?
Which headshot is better for sending to an acting agent?
I want to be a director what can I do?
Does anyone else see a spooky resemblance between Shakespears "Othello" and the O J Simpson case?
"Big River" (a musical) have you seen it? Is it good?
Is eloquence a natural-born talent or can it be acquired through hard work?
twain by the tail play for theature?
Amateur adaptation of Macbeth? (Lady Macbeth suicide)?
hey. do actors that play in movies that dont make it to movie theater still get paid?
Steps in becoming a teen actor?
New York accent?
Choir Section Leader Help?
Any humorous interpretation for Asian females?
If I go to the US on a B1 visa and audition , what will happen if i get the role?
How do you become famous?
Lady Macbeth can best be described as a even more ambitious than macbeth or subservient to macbeth?
what would be a good part for me in godspell?
How do I continue my career as an actress?? Advice?
How do you memorize lines for a play?
Has anyone used American Express to get discounts on Broadway show tix?
who is the best actor of the world???ur opinion?
"Wedding Song" from 'The Lark' ??
Funny monologue that is 1 minute and 30 seconds for a teen girl?
How to show talent in your Major?
List of female characters in Bugsy Malone?
Any pantomime ideas/tips?
Altering your voice for a play?
Whats is the most famous broadway musical of all times?
How do u guys see the new superman?
what two actors/actresses would you love to see co-star together on the big screen ?
can ya'll write me a simple mini christmas play? the person who writes the best play will get s. plz, plz
What actors have actually been in SAG before?
Help?! What should I do!?! 10 points!!?
What to do with my life *act or not to act*?
please help me please ...?!!!!!?
The film...The Usual Suspects....I do not understand it...can you provide a resume??
i need help please! i need to known how to...................?
How do you get into Juliard?
script for class play?
if im famous do i go to any specific school?
How do you show a casting director through your resume and cover letter that you are good with comedy?
Is Zac Efron going out with Asley Tisdale or Vanessa Ann Hudgens?
What part did Tom Hanks play in Forest Gump?
Tyler perry plays and cast members?
original monologue ideas?
Rejection by modelling agencies?
Child Entertainment Work Permit?
What can I do to teach myself to act? I'm to young for acting classes I want to get into movies?
What can my daughter do for her talent show she is 11 years old with her friends!?
Do You Think I'm Over Dramatic.?!?!?!?
I need to pull together a duet for two guys....?
what do you think of these names?
how to become a better actress? advice, anything?
how does theatre designers use costume as a means of communication to the audience?
How can I make an IMDb acount for myself?
What is a good broadway song to audition for a [highschool] musical with?
Who played Butch Cassidy in the 1969 flim?
what is the musical "Young Frankenstein" about?
What kinda show are these?
I need a complete cue sheet for Chicago the musical?
okay i know someone else all ready asked this but plz answer!!! how do i become an actress?
How to become a model at 15 years old.?
Who is the better Star Wars Actress, Natalie Portman or Carrie Fisher?
i freak out when i have to play my instrument in front of people?
I have no talents HELP?
I need ideas for play!!?? Im a writer...?
Idea..........?About my ambition?
How Do I Become Famous????
Shy girl,grease play!!!?
Madison Lintz & Commercials?
How can I get a job narrating audio books?
Julius Caesar Play??
What agency is recommended to become a actor?
What are the best seats at the Majestic Theatre in NY?
where can i get tickets 4 britain's got talent?
Advice on playing Little Red Riding Hood (in Into The Woods?)?
Suggest me a song for an audition!!!?
the whole acting/ audition thingie?
Auditioning sick??
What are some good audition songs when trying out for Beauty and the Beast?
Will you become a successful actor if you are self consious ?
how do you become famous???
Is the Sharon Kemp Talent Agency a good one? Has anyone heard anything about them?
I need a list of 20th century plays for a college audition.?
How much oppurtunity is there left?
in the play/script of the miracle worker, what are 3 miracles annie does?
does anyone know any good theatre shows in London.?
Are any Actors In London interested in The Method?
Is it normal for the director of the musical to yell at the telling us we suck everyday?
how can i be a good film director?
What do directors look for? :o)?
Need help acting thank you?!?
drama! acting school?? help pleasee!!5 MIN ONLY =[?
Inder Mannocha is appearing in the fringe 2006.can you pinpoint where?
How do casting directors know you are perfect for a movie role?
What is your opinion of 'Blood Brothers'?
has anyone checked out entertain the nation website. great new talent playing the piano?
Is this a good play to do?
I want to be an actress, but I hate standing up in front of people. What should I do to get over this fear?
What's a good name for my play?
In the Comedial version of medea?
Which is better to have for acting/musical?
Is the rocky horror picture show scary? I'm 13.. haha.?
Free Monologues?!?!?!
Help with acting!?!??!?!?
What's a good topic for a 1-minute monologue?
Need Help With a Particular Song from Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens !!! URGENTLY!!!?
To be or not to be? Whas he really asking that or was it part of his illusion?
How can you find casting agencies for extras that r legit?
Who here is auditioning for Macy in J.O.N.A.S?
Is it necessary to move to Los Angeles to be a working actor?
i have a painting by maria callas i need to find out its worth but dont know how any ideas?
Best seats....?
Where Can I?
good song for my school play audition?
Aida (The Musical) tickets?
Best drama/performing quote?
how do i become a famous actress ?
Don and dell de rio.?
Do you think I could become a actress?
Script of play Carousel?
How do I support this 'Macbeth' essay?
trying to memerize lines for a play help please!!!!!?
What to wear to a musical?
Who is the worst actor ever, and why?
im my class's class clown but im loosing material. any one got any good material?
My chances at obtaining my dream...? ?
What is Nicolas Cage's new address in England?
I want to be a TV/film actress?
Is there a french horn part in the high school musical version of Footloose?
What show should I see?
Question in Drama?
Legit agencies in Texas? And are SAG agenies good or bad?
How do Community Theatres find good Directors for their plays?
Omazingly cirque!?
Do YOU think this is fair casting?
Has there been famous or well known actors who were once backround actors for film and television?