How would I look for a job in acting? I'm 14.?
James Bond????
Starting a theater class in the fall. Any tips or suggestions?
How can you become an actress at age 14?
Can you tell me about 'Funny Girl'?
I want to become a "fire-breather" (it will a part of my burlesque act). Where should I go to learn this?
First ever acting audition; tips needed?
So i live in a small town and want to become famous..?
How are the plays Hamlet and Macbeth similar?
what are the names of the charecters in the stage play "The Ice Cream Man?"?
Why is friar Lawrence to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet?
Romeo and juliet makeup?
What pictures would look good on an acting moodboard? ?
How much does the average Broadway actor make?
Advice on my acting career?
what does macbeth mean when he saids "make our faces vizards to our heart,/Disguising what they are?"
Any good one-act plays for 2 characters?
Ideas for a High School Play?
How to Voice Act Multiple Parts with Only One Actor?
WHICH book should I get? between these two directors?
Preparing for an audition! HELP!?
Im writting a screenplay here is my premise.?
Audition opportunities?
if you were in...?
what can be a modern day situation similar to the play the Glass Menagerie?
Who's that guy from the St. Louis audition on America's Got Talent?
How to become popular?
what should i do for play production?
how can you get an acting agent?
In romeo and Juleit, is he considered just "Friar Lawrence, or "The Friar Lawrence"?
Talent agency application help?
Help with a Shakespeare Monologue?
I want to do a community theater play or musical but i need something that is well know and has a small cast?
King Claudius Costume? -- Hamlet?
I want to join a stage school based in west midlands area,(England)please help?
what are some taskes in a typical actors face daly?
HELP! Teen wolf auditions?
How many lines of verse in a sonnet?
Should i go act/model or not?
Does anybody have any suggestions for a song to sing at an upcoming audition.?
any suggestions for this?
How to become a model?
If the Omkara Film is without B*C*, M*C* & C* Then??????
Othello alternate comedic ending?
3-4 minute DRAMATIC female monologue from a published play?
Name three American Broadway musicals that changed the face of musical theater and why.?
I want to be a voice actor but I don't know how to get started?
HSM Reality Show Auditions?
what is the differences between Greek theaters and Roman (Colosseum) ?
is it copyright infringement to take pictures at a school play?
Where did Stanislavski expect his actors to be in character?
School play audition tips?!?!?! HELP!!!!?
Interesting straight plays?
What's a really good play with african american characters???
Can anyone give me a good site for finding a talent agent?
How do I help my students cope with stage fright?
Serious/Quirky audition monologue for a guy?
do you need to pay a down payment or deposit when you reregister for young actors camp?
Any advice on theater kiss?
Would Mulan Jr be a weird choice of show if there's no one who is Asian?
How do I get rid of my Baltimore accent?
What is the best way to get into Technical Theater?
type a 10 minute play that is due TOMORROW need help?
What can I do to learn how to act drunk?
Desperate to become an actress. What can I do?
I need a short story idea for storytelling club for my festival. any ideas?
I keep getting a warning ( looks like a yellow yeild sign ) icon which says critical system warning?
When did backstage crews in theatre start wearing black?
What is a better acting name?
I'm doing a theatre project...?
does anyone know of any shows that are or have been on broadway that my child might know? or any at all?
Who would you cast as ... ?
How do I get tickets to see Little shop of horrors in London?
In macbeh, lady macbeth saids "you lack the season of all natures, sleep" How does that describe sleep?
In the play, the wizard of oz, how many songs does the wicked witch of the west sing?
How do i sound 'real' in acting?
Anyone interested in joining a Youth Theatre Group in Liverpool?
what are the diffrences between the Iran's cinema and Hollywood?
Do they check your grades for a school play/musical?
Nunsense the musical?
how do i contact the cesd talent agency please!!!! i want to join?
Can I put this on my acting resume?
How can i become famous at the age of 14?
Acting for disney advice?
why was xmen recently played in 3700 movie theaters and "an inconvenient truth" was only played in 77
"Ten Little Indian" Script?
Young Actors Camp in LA
Please help...Romeo and Juliet?
Can someone help me with the Merchant Of Venice?
I need help with a stage name?
can i get steven spielbergs email id to give him my script?
how do i become in actor in califonia?? im from texas..?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
Sites to find acting auditions Michigan?
Good Dramas For Teens To Perform?
How do I improve on my improv?
Lady Pirates of Captian Bree?
How do people become actresses or singers?
Why do rada trained actors not move their top lip when talking?
Nahid the"Jewish" I am searching for you,delving into streats and rivers,GET ME,i miss your smileWhere are you
Nervous about my first acting class tomorrow, any tips?
When are they going to start casting and having auditions for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?
Does anyone know of any good acting schools/coaches?
Wicked... the next Cats??
Who is the person behind the eyes in my avatar??
Difference of Standby and Understudy?
How much do photographers usually charge for doing actor's headshots?
Am I too old now to start acting?
what musicals have you been to?
How do you send an online audition an post mail audition for SM Entertainment?
Who is the the best actor(es) in the world?
Theatre in South Florida?
How to become a succeful actor?
Is it possible to be on a t.v show while in school?
What is the website of the Repertory Philippines?
Being a celebirty: Fun or awful?
im very nervous for an auditon with a theatre can you please give me a way to not be nevrous?
What musical instrument do you play? ?
help with some drama work?
Does anyone know what a "character side" is?
Where would I be able to obtain a copy of the 1932 rendition of "Arms and the Man" directed by Cecil Lewis?
I want to be an actress for Disney Channel; please read!?
If all the world is a stage and we merely players?
Should I quit my drama club?
Cast yourself in your favorite role in stage production. Who are you?
Do high school play directors take into account an auditioner's appearance for a role?
How did Heath Ledger play The Joker in Dark Knight Rises?
What is the difference between franchised agents and non franchised agents?
how do you act?
Broadway stagedoor question?
is there any macbeth movie that shows the acts and scenes?
Does anyone know if CW Productions - The Model & Talent Expo is legitimate?
What genres are these movies?
I have terrible stage fright and an audition on Monday? Help?
What was the playwright's intention behind Little Shop of Horrors?
What's the website that Jenna Hamilton from Akward goes on?
Working with a script before the audition?
can u think of a drama storyline that lasts 8-10 mins?
How do I get an agent?
Romeo and Juliet Act 1.?
i messed up in the school production and my drama teacher is extremely disapointed. what do i do?
I have to write a responce poem to Macbeth play.. but we havent read the whole book yet.?
Whats the ''College Road Trip'' end song?
Can anyone help me with rhyming the word dish?
Directing movie's?
I need a monologue from a play?
Should i be in this musical?
Theatre classes for teens?
The best song to sing at a musical?
Help with picking a monologue please!?
Harold and Kumar scene:?
can anyone tell me how to tune the viola?
What do you think of my audition for glee?
Where in Australia is better for an acting career?
Good alto audition songs for a musical?
What is the first step after high school to become an actress?
okay who saw the " Legally blonde Musical" on MTV?
Are you an Actor/Actress?
Can any one help?
What is a good and creative wat to surprise my girlfriend with theater tickets?
who wrote singin' in the rain?
help me out?
i really want to b an actress and singer but i need to find some auditions anyone out there that can help me?!?
A coffin for Django - 1966 as REMAKE yes or no?
Are there any personal acting classes in Boise?
What is the play Cinderella Jr. about?
memorizing lines..?
what's the quote from hamlet about "life is a play? and we are mere actors?" the exact words please
Anyone seen Oliver! in Pinole, CA yet?
Best places to study musical theatre in New York or London?
Monty Python's Spamalot??
Is it good for an actor to look young?
Does anyone have any tips on acting in a horror film?
I want to be on in an acting class but I am too shy?
Do you think Jennifer Aniston ever watches "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"?
name of a musical with letters t t r e e i a h w y s c?
Does anybody remember the broadcasts of Gilbert and Sullivan operas by the D'Oyly Carte?
Where can i find the instrumental version of In my own little corner?
what can i do for my school talent quest i am in year 7?
How to become a model?
Hey I'm auditioning for this show, and i need a song that can show off my range. I'm a kid-teenage tenor.
On Set Tutoring for Acting?
My class is doing the music man. What part should i try out for?
how to be a good actor?
i want to ask about how i can play?
What could I contrast with The Seventh Seal?
What is a good back up plan if I don't make it as a actress?
How do you become a camera operator for tv and film?
Do you think Taylor Swift CMA awards dress was pretty? ?
Which musical is your favorite?
Honest opinions of the musical Rent?
Sister Act the musical question?
who's is familiar with shakespeare?
Any good child acting agencies?
witch colage would be better for acting?
What is the target audience for Les Miserables?
Where can I download a copy of Gilbert and Sullivan's' The Gondoliers?
why people of india go to see ramleela when they already know the whole story repeated again & again?
I want to dress up as someone from a musical for halloween, where or how can I make a costume?
if you were going to make a remake of the wizard of oz ?
Does Casting companies really find you jobs as extra, actress etc.....?
What are the most common types of special effects / fantasy / wound makeup you have had to do onstage?
What are some good play audition pieces?
Any good monologues to do for 'The Wedding Singer'?
How do you get over stage fright?
what Brand of guitar do Rodrigo y Gabriela play on?
i need help?!?
free plays online?
what is the best and easiest scene of Mcbeth to act out?
Have you ever heard of.....?
Who looks more like Maid Marian?
do you think that acting is a talent? I mean everyone can act, they just have to be a different person?
How does a 14 year old get famous?
How did Harry Houdini die?
Which Musical?
i make fun of fat people but my mom is obese.. is this right?
help! please i need help!?
Is a side-stage for a concert bad?
What is the best broadway musical to date? And why?
How can i be an actress with out moving to LA?
Can anybody tell me what is the last play Lindsay Kemp is currently performing? And Where?Thanks a lot.?
What highschools in buffalo are good for wanna become actors ect.?
Does anybody know any good acting agencies in Houston, TX?
What is a good broadway song to audition for a [highschool] musical with?
Can you please help me summarize my Monologue?!?
what is different between love & live, what is similariti between love & war?
A Midsummer Night's Dreams by Shakespeare. What would happen if...?
I think it is ludicrious to put Jim Carrey before Chevy Chase?
I need a good acting name that rolls off the tongue, my names Arman?
Is this headshot good enough to send to an agent?
is My Name geeky?
how can i learn music?
What are some good school-appropriate monologues?
Auditioning for my school's musical! I need help!?
HELP PLEASE does anyone know of?
Why is the grass always greener on the other side?
In a BFA Theatre program do you get credit for?
explain "i have no joy of this contract tonight."from the play Romeo and Juliet (act 2 scene 2)?
How old do you have to be to audition for the show big brother?
I have to wear this costume for the school play?
hi there,who knows the forms and types of philippine theater?im mhackie?
Backing/Instrumental/Karaoke Track for "Springtime for Hitler" or "Betrayed"?
How to memorize better??????
is this a good headshot picture ?
Acting lessons/classes online?
which romeo and juliet do you prefer?
which disney princess could i audition for?
what's a 'white dress' genre of movie?
who killed donalbain in macbeth?
Film and TV acting classes West Midlands?
How i can make my bad voice to great voice with out having a voice lessons? only at home?
Talent agencies for 15 year old wannabe actress?
Hi, does anyone know if it is too late to audition for Catching Fire for a part besides an extra?
Who are the greatest actors and actresses of our day?
do u think cho chang (Katie Leung) is ugly or pretty in the movie?
Wicked cast in San Antonio?
Can somebody give me a good description of 8th grade drama club?
What s alicia rivera's schedule?
Actress tips for a 14 year old?
School Play Auditions......?
What are some gaps and silences in the play Othello?
What kind of music should I do for my play audition?
How to speak with an American accent?
How do you contact Sarah Michelle Gellar? How do you contact the real celeb?
does anyone know how i can get involved with special effects latex..prosthetics...etc?
What about sound recording in live concerts?
Has anyone ever taken an ivana chubbuck acting classes?
Have you seen the movie DERSU UZALA? If so, did you like it?
how to get the person sit next to you out of the bench?
i want to be an actor! so how do i get started?
Othello alternate comedic ending?
Where can I get the 13 script?
im writting a story whivh i want putting into a play or a book or both who can help me?
What broadway / musical theater songs are good for auditions?
How do you feel about using Flash to create modern, animated adaptations of Shakespeare?
Does anyone appreciate mimes?
Help with acting? Juliet Capulet.?
When will the teen choice awards 2010 tickets go on sale?
What song do I use to audition for The King and I?
if i show a movie in my restaurant and charge a cover, which i normally dont do - do i have to pay royalties?
what should i become?
Why is Romeo and Juliet the greatest love story ever told?
Which site should I use for casting calls?
In The Taming Of the Shrew, how old are Hortensio and Grumio? and what is their function in the story?
Any ways to become Famous?
Acting classes in oklahoma city or surrounding area?? and community theatres?
Do you think I will ever become a famous actor?
Is nothing sacred?
Feedback makes me happy good or bad!?
When I go to an audition, how should I act around other people auditioning?
who would you say is the most talented actor and actress of our time?
Will Breanna get famous?
what does this line from Tamming of the Shrew mean?
After your first audition(for acting) is that it?
Any adults here with webcam modeling experience?
How to stick out in a chorus?
Best colleges in Indiana for modeling and acting?
In the movie of your life, who do they choose to play YOU?
bridge to terabithia- the play, i need help on casting!!?
Im 13 and i want to be a actress in a movie or a show so i can have experience?
Is Hairspray on Broadway in New York Still Playing?
my life creara? help.?
I'm in a musical, and i'm the lead role. how do i get rid of those opening night jitters?
Is acting a talent.?
Does anyone know any good but cheap summer acting courses or theatre companies?
What is the best way to track an obscure actor?
Anybody looking for a fandub actress? :D?
When I see prunes, I think of Measure for Measure. Why?
Do you know where I can find the lyrics for the songs in the musical Guys and Dolls?
Casting Call Pro help? :)?
what are the differences between acting for stage and acting for film?
Translating modern English into Shakespearean English?
is there an agency who would buy my lyric?
Where can I find footage of Francine Everett online or otherwise?
When performing on stage how to do get over your nervousness?
Will Joanna Lumley benefit from the publicity she gained by supporting the Gurkhas?
Where can I find short skits for ages 6-8 to perform?
Anyone know of any acting classes near me?
What should be included in a Theatre directing portfolio?
What do Nickelodean and Disney Channel look for in auditions?
what are the chances?
Was Newsies on Broadway?
I need a monologue quick!?
can an indian become a korean model?
Discount package for children on head shots?
did lesley garret play the role as mother abbess in saturday 21st of april 2007 the sound of music at the lond
What show is the longest to run on Broadway?
Skits for a talent show?
How to get started acting?
What does it take to become a Singer?
has anyone seen rent the musical?
What counts as an accredited drama course?
Acting question?
Best PLAYS & MUSICALS on Broadway now?
How to get into movie auditions in the UK?
What are your views on TV and other so called stars being awarded Honours?
What is the biggest rush: when you come on stage or between the curtains?
Why don't some people have an imagination?? -gah...?
what is the average singaporean actress/actors salary monthly?
How many Thespian Points?
Writing a screenplay so should I give the summary of the plot when I hand it in???????? ?
Shakespeare based rap?
Hi I'm 19 and would like some help with getting involved with acting.?
Can you help me find a good play to do?
How should I practice acting?
suite life auditions!!!?
Help with a drama monologue?
Good Monologues for Drama tryouts?
famous jockys in the 1950s?
Good Colleges for Acting?
what are some not too long monolouges from plays?
How does drama help you learn about yourself, and others? I just need some ideas.?
I want to try out for American Idol when I am older, but I have really bad stage fright.?
Who Played Chester on Gunsmoke?
Help with Elements and conventions of drama :) Pleeeease!?
Looking foward to HAIRSPRAY the movie?
What is the literary name for a "play within a play"?
im wanting to go see chicago at the garrick theatre london but im unsure of which are the best seats?
If i'm only 13, should i follow my dream into an acting career or just give it up?
Youngest tony award winner in best actress?
How do I copywrite my play writing work?
what are some comedy skits/performances we can imitate?
Sylvia, I have a low self esteem. I've had an average childhood.Born01/09/63 Hialeaha FL.,How do I fix?
some tips to help make yourself cry during a monologue/scene please?
learn lines?
what all do i have 2 do b4 becoming an acress?
What IS dramatic purpose?
What song should I sing for auditions?I havent got a good voice?
5-10 minutes scene - Male and Female?
Musicals with a small cast?
please inform me the kinds of glue used in fixing barbes and mustaches in movies & plays?
How do you stage cry?
How can you tell if your singing through your nose?
Has anyone seen the play Wicked? What was your favorite part?
Do u like mimes??
To be an actress do I need a phototshoot? ?
Am I old enough to play Liesl in The Sound of Music?
Does somebody else like arthur miller?
Where can I find plays written by Angelica Liddell?
Wanna Become An Actor?
Are there any Opera or Musical theatre auditions coming soon?
What is a good musical theatre audition song for Fame the musical?
Blood Brothers the musical DVD?
A question about acting?
Hollywood vs. Broadway?
YOU star in the movie SCREAM ? would you either want to stay alive in all the sequals ? or die like a heroe ?
what type of character roles could i pull off?
Actors...How did you get over the nervousness of performing?
How to tell my Parents that i want to audition for SM Entertainment?
fancy dress?????? what do you fancy?
I want to be an actor, what should I do about it?
Please I need help about acting?
how to start acting as a child?
Music for death of a salesman?
How was someone supposed to become king on Macbeth's time?
plzzzzzzzzzz can any 1 guide me ho how to contact the british actress polly walker plzzzzzzzz?
Did anyone ever have a bad audition?
How do you make yourself cry?
How to talk like Adelaide from guys and dolls?
Do you think a 22 year old guy with no acting experience could still make it into mainstream Acting....?
What does “Shall I speak ill of him that is my husband?” mean?
Is this phrase from Romeo and Juliet a metaphor or a simile?
read my blurb please tell me what you think?
Like my new look?
Tips on how to act in a silent movie?
In the play Julius Caesar, what arguments does Cassius use in reducing Caesar and in flattering Brutus?
Acting in Florida? need help please!!?
What are good audition monologues?
What were the hymns used in Our Town By thornton wilder?
I am entering a kids filmmaking contest. I need ideas to help me win!?
In Spring Awakening, do you have to show skin to play Wendla?
can disney channel accept a 14 year old boy?
How Can I Get An Agent so I can Audtion on Disney Channel?
Looking for a song?
I need a stage name!?
actor for hire?
What song is this?a police stopped me and began to stare?
Drama Club Audition? Please help!?
i need a really funny monologue for my theater class where can i get one?
Can anyone help/have links about papier mache props, specifically a turkey for a version of A Christmas Carol.
everything you know about Romeo and Juliette?
Anyone with Miss Teen Pageant Experience?
are there any modeling agencies in Ohio?
What is a good monologue to perform for a talent angency?
How can I make myself cry?
How to become part of a talent agency in a foreign country?
how to model for an acting audition?
Plays with monologues suitable for a 13-23 year old female?
do u think that rohan marley was thr right person to play bob marley?
where did jennifer lawrence go to elementary, middle, and high school?
How long does it take to find out if the acting agency accepted you ?
Any suggestions for a poem/ song to recite??
Does any one know any 1 minute movie monolouges?
How to become a famous actor?
What is that stage between ateenager and child?
looking for concert tickets for a teenage?
could i become famous if..?
does anyone know if miley cyrus has a myspace and if so do they know what her myspace thingy is then tell me!?
Aanyone know a link to the part of the play hamlet in 2011 where he gets stabbed in the eye?
Ewww, who wants to see Harry Potter naked?
Why Does My Acting Sound Convincing But Then Sounds Like Im Reading?
Does being a new senior hurt my chances of getting a leading role?
shakespear play?
How can I get started on my acting career?
What happened after Romeo and Juliet killed themselves?
who is the hotes boy in disneychannel?
Are these audition monolouges too overdone or problematic?
Is there any place to get DISCOUNT broadway tickets online?
Would the roles fairy and first fairy be considered the same thing?
Help with a quote from Mcbeth, please.?
hi iv got a story or a idea suitable for a film or t.v production any ideas how to get this looked at?
In the broadway production of Aladdin does the parrot sing?
Audition song for All Shook Up?
where do i find a play script of scavenger hunt?
Madison Lintz & Commercials?
All about LAMDA?
Musicals that have been translated into french?
For School Should I take Band or Drama?
What is a good audition song for the x factor?
How do you earn the Title of a "Model"?
Any good songs for a 14 year old to sing at play try-outs?
Help me find this monologue?
Acting/Filming in Toronto?
Broadway shows...?
Im getting a Katniss award tommorow and i need to write an acceptance speech any ideas?
What do "salt of the earth" and "salt of the armpit" mean?
Does it make sense...?
How much would this piece of American Theatre Memorabilia be worth?
Which is a better name?
How do you act drunk during a read through?
Where can I find the lyrics to an old song called,"You WonderfulYou"..??
Acting opportunities ?
What does a callback mean? I auditioned for a play and got a callback?
a scene for 2 guys from a published play?
The Jailers daughter from The Two Gentlemen of Verona monologue?
Can anyone tell me any good acting school/class in Singapore?
when does the Sound of Music open?
Secret Life of the American Teenager script?
What are the three stories told by the Chorus in Ode 4 in Antigone?
Where do i go to audition for a movie?
Rocky Horror Picture Show - LIVE!! [VA]?
what is the website that has showings of every musical being performed in the US from high school to broadway?
gosh help please?
Where can i find a Casting call site where i can do things on my own, it's hard to find a trustworthy agent?
Is hollywood auditions a scam or it is real?
Wicked musical fans, answer this!!!!!?
How is Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship shown in the play compared to Rupert Goold's Production?
Are there any movies/shows that I could audition for by sending in a video?
how to get the girl to see you for how u are with being yourself?
Where can I get play scripts for free in NYC?
Who here has performed in a production of "The Real Inspector Hound?"?
advice on audition song?
help on Macbeth?
How do you pronounce "Les Miserables"?
Does anyone know any talent agents in miami? 10 pnts for best answer!?
What Causes Actors To Have a Bad Acting Performance?
do casting directors care about ethnicity?
Legitimate Agents in England?
How are professional actors(hollywood/movies)able to memorize paragraphs after paragraphs of dialogue?
"Maybe" from Annie? Is it good?
Advice on how to go about this?
Where to go to college to act?
What are some really good agencies on the east coast for teens?
How do you find out which actor is playing that day?
Is one song glory a good audition song for a christmas carol?
The Beatles Costumes Question!! Please help...?
Can anyone give me a BRIEF summary of Shakespeares' Othello?
I am writing a short play about finding the end of the rainbow, what should be there?
New York accent?
What kind of copyright should I get for my Screenplay?
Any advice for an aspiring actress?
would you recommend changing the key of "sixteen going on seventeen" to alto for an audition?
Is it normal for me to feel this way about acting career?
have any idea?
how rich is tyger drew honey (millions?)?
Can you make it into the acting world and be unphotogenic?
help me with my stage fright!?
Can a Student Thesis Film be SAG-AFTRA?
script ideas?
how do you become a actress?
Good acting agents for film/ tv work for children?
How do i talk to my parents?
Whose brother was banished by decree?
Are there any cool actors?
Who do you play as in MW3?
Everybody: name a bad actor or actress?
What is a good stage name for a young girl?
Who are the actors on the Team Mobile commercial?
Bye-Bye birdie auditions..please help!?
Help me people!!!?
Where can I find a casting studio besides in L.A.?
How did Nietszche's view of classical theatre differ then Artaud's View of classical theatre?
Van Gogh cut off part og his own left ear during a quarrel with which other artist?
I need some help for an upcomming musical performance. Can you give me advice?!?
Oh no, Shakespeare?
auditions for plays and musicals?
Musical birthday cake ideas!!!!!!?
monologue question....really important?
how do i get over the fear of dancing in front of people in order to persue my career as an actress (musicals)?
Are there any other ways to become a successful actress...?
My daughter as just played a really big part in the school pantomine.?
Legally Blonde The Musical?
jester harlequin?
What do u think about my acting?
How does Greek Theatre affect modern theatre?
Tips on stage kissing...?
The Tempest and Chess?
Serious acting classes? (DC for teenager)?
What's the website that Jenna Hamilton from Akward goes on?
help on pursuing my dreams of acting//singing?
who is your favorite character in?
Should I have a stage name?
Acting Classes in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?
Has anyone seen the musical, WICKED?
Did you find Tim Curry's lips to be sensual when he played in Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Is there any good acting agents?
Evil Dead the Musical cast gift idea?
How do play auditions go?
Is Les Miserables any good?
Where can I get experience working on a stage?
what if a 13 year old kid wants to be an actor and is talented but doesnt have enough money to get an agent?
did munchkins really hang themselves in the wizard of oz?
I need help for a 6 page paper on the history of drama, i need suggestions, and info.?
I need sites where i can get spritual christian plays or dramas... Or books that i can extract from?
Auditioning For Grease the Musical At My School....monologue?
help me write a monologue?
phantom of the opera monkey music box SF? from play or movie?
What is the best way to cry on cue?
Best talent agencies in the East Coast?
Does anyone have any voice acting advice for me?
Hey theater people! If you could select 4 monologues for a beginner, what would they be?
Who would play Four/Tobias ?
is hsm3 gonna be in movie theater?
What are the differences between Noh and Kabuki Theatre?
What campy TV cook-off did one Japanese critic describe as: “Julia Child meets the World Cup meets the Metro.
How often does the Carnival of Venice occur?
Jellicle Cats Choreography?
What is the difference between a musical and a pantomime?
Anyone willing to share the names of print agents in NYC, and/or stock photo houses? Thanks.?
I want to become a actress? Im live in Birmingham, England?
Help with a homemade Catching Fire movie with friends?!?
do you think i will?
Is this a good way of auditioning?
Acting Help! 19 Years Old!?
Is there any signs of hospitality in Antigone?
What size are heat shots for actors?
which universities offer a PhD in theatre?
Are there any community theaters or small theater companies near Spring, TX?
Do I look like a cop? (PICS INCLUDED!)?
Music to Violet (musical)? 10 Points!?
i need a play on either current issues or college life, around 35 minutes long? can anyone help?
are there any talent scouts coming to chicago for disney?
what is the typical duty of the dramaturge?
what is your favorite musical and why?
Where would I find information about the musical, Way Out West I'm a Dress?
Putting on Plays and legal rights?
Do you know where I could find auditions and go to them for hannah montana?????????????????????????????????…
ive got a script idea?
The Phantom of the Opera?
Soprano Audition Songs? Help!?
How to become an actress in S.Korea?
What´s this that I hear about a full Monty?
I need the name of some websites that have film auditions in or near Cleveland for my friend?
How to memorize lines for a school play?
Whats the best section/seats for a musical at the orpheum theatre in memphis?
does anoybody know any really good poems that are chereful, tragic, and about love all in one? or some website
How can I learn my lines for a script within one day?
I am doing the show fame and I want the part of Carmen Diaz?
How can I get an agent for actor?
Help me with Macbeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you make yourself cry for a play???
how many parts of thor are there?
How would the play Hamlet change if Polonius wasn't in it?
How can I become a famous actor in the uk?
Can anyone name a play written before 1990?
Has there ever been an incident in the history of film where a casting director was effectively forced to give?
In the musical Honk! can the Cat be played by a girl?
Who should be cast as the Witches in Macbeth?
how to add narration to a script?
whats that opera act about the betrayal...?
does anyone know any good songs to sing?
Any young brown hair brown eyed male actors?
How do you get people to audition for a Sims video?
I have to create a short skit for my drama 2 class.?
omg I just killed a person?
Should I join SAG/AFTRA?
How long will Fantasia Play Celie in the NY Broadway Play The Color Purple?
Number of scenes in a two act play?
what happened to Queer Duck?
how to get discovered as a beginner in acting?
Audition and Monologues Question?!?
romeo and juliet????????????????????????
how much time is needed in playing a part in a play?
What is the term for a play within a play ?
what are the disadvantages of IATSE?
I feel so frustrated. What do I do?
I want to be actress how should i start out?
How hard is it to get an Academy Award?
What brands of stage make up are good, and what is just a waste of money?
Is 'glee' part of musical thatre?
I want to do something for the people like service without affecting my job, i know tamil language, pl help me
How do i tell my mom about an audition?
do you need a licence to produce a theatre production? and if so can you please explain the procedures?
how can i become a male porn star?
what famous poet was inspired by the musical song in "cats?"?
How can I get out of an audition? Help please?
any ideas on how to time your mime properly whilst on stage,its quite difficuly?
Idea for a short scene?
Acting classes? Please help!?
How to become an actress?
How do you dress up for an acting audtion is they say dress to impress?
does anyone know when Lee Evans is next touring ?
Can you suggest what musical stage plays are more than 75 years older and are now in public domain?
Scene from published play with teen character(s)?
Is this a good acting plan?
Is it good for an actor to look young?
becoming an actress?
i want to be an actress?
if you are really goood at acting but have no real experiance with it, will an agent possibly still hire you?
drunk lady?
how to present to the class w/o getting so nervous and shaken up?
Could someone explain quickly the last two acts of Hamlet?
What will you prefer jewellery for your younger brother,who has decided to become beautiful Sita in Ramlila?
How can I become a model and an actress?
Is William Skakespeare over-rated?
Need help with an environmental poster?
name some one act plays , post 18th centuryand where can i find it online?
It's natural isn't it?
How Do I Overcome My Stage Fright!?
I'm 14. How can I start my acting career?
Where are you supposed to look when on stage?
Which class should i choose for my One Act cast?
I need a good comedic female monologue?
Is The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee musical for kids or adults?
Acting Question, please answer?
what to expect at an audition?
I have a callback audition that includes a body check. What should I expect?
Acting suggestions, needdd helppp!!?
...HELP!! Hairspray A Book Or Musical First?
I need the text of a play in Romanian it does not matter the author?
Canada is boring ¬_¬?
Should I move to LA or NYC to pursue Acting.?
What was the original name of the melodramatic musical, West Side Story?
Does anybody know any good film acting schools in Connecticut? Not theater.?
Looking at seats at Princess of Wales theater Toronto. Dress Circle Row K is inexpensive. Are they bad seats?
What is your favourite song/part in the musical Oliver Twist?
I am a 14 year old girl, who really wants to be a singer/actress but how do I do that?
Which movie received the longest standing ovation in the history of the cannes film festival?
Disney Channel Auditions?
Can you tell me where you think he is?
Shakespeare. Boring or not?
In some productions Tybalts second line is spoken after a dramatic silence.?
Whos a great actor to play Norman Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man Reboot?
are you selected from schools to be actors?
Question about acting?
How to proffessionally ask if you can send audition tape if you can not make audition?
requirements for acting?
Move to LA, advice on plan?
What is a good one act play for 1-3 people that I can obtain the script of it for free?
high school musical?
Contemporary Monologue Help?
I need to perform a Pantomime, and i dont no what to act out, HELP!?
what is a good retort or reply to the phrase "you can't please everyone"?
My dream was always to be an actor please read?
Help with audition song?
Acting classes or schools?
Have you ever seen the ventriloquist: Jeff Dunham?
i need a script that is ear catching?
For people that are in their school plays?
I am auditioning for a theatre school and I need a song! Please help mee?
good acting schools in minnesota?
What are the essential plays?
what is the service provided by the actress for inaugurating is called?
I just saw Jesus Christ Superstar. It was thrilling. What musical / opera do you like?
What is the drama play where...?
how do you begin [[click here]]?
Cannot speak hindi - can I act in bollywood?
Could I still audition for an acting role? (few questions)?
do you have to be pretty to be an actress?
HELP! I need any advice you have on acting/agents or acting websites (Australia).?
Teen choice awards 2010?
How do I get actors or singers email adress?
Does anyone have any tricks for memorizing a part in a script?
young age, wanting to get dicovered?
What's your favorite musical?
does superman wear underwear?also Batman and spiderman.?
Tips on how to start writing a monlogue?
Legit acting schools in Nashville, Tennessee?
how did actors make it seem real?
How should my friend and I act "For Good" out?
who was the girl who sang make my stamin go berserk in the repeoduction scene in grease 2?
were i can find a peruke?in Lithuania?
what doses it normally cost to put on les miserables?
Would the rocky horror show be alright to do for a high school production?
in beauty and the beast, which character, lumiere or the beast, has more work to do on stage?
What is your favorite song from South Pacific and/or Oklahoma?
What is the proper term for a female actor?
Anyone have a recommendation for an audition song for Little Shop of Horrors?
What should I be thinking about on stage?
Should I move away from home to become in actress?
i am a much more does it cost for director's hall?
In Wicked the musical, does Elphaba actually become evil?
why were there so many plays performed in a year during the elizabethan period?
What are some really effective ways to become famous in Canada?
acting agent?
Monologue/Oratory Tips HELP!?
can you tell me about the origin of hand mime?
How do i sign an agent?
those who have read Julius Caesar....?
Need help with my high school audition? ?
What are some excellent Division 1 schools for film production/directing/writing?
Do I need to be in a good undergraduate drama program?
Stage name help!!!?
Do public school plays require you to sing?
POLL: What broadway shows have you seen?
tell me anythink about CDAQ?
Does anyone know anyway that i can learn 50+ lines in a play with in 1 day?
I want be actress in other country?
Basically What Is the Broadway show WICKED about?
What do you think of this girl's acting?
NYC, Mary Poppins or Wicked? I have an 11 & 13 yr. old girls.?
i am sunday scholl teacher and i need a skit for my childereen to do for the sunday any good websites?
"Not of an age, but for all time." (Shakespear)?
Do you know of any 1 min. scary monologues or websites i can go to ?
New Stage Name Please Help !?
How to begin an acting career?
apollo theatre seating!?
How can i become a famous actor?
what are two anachronisms in act 1 of macbeth?
why is it important to believe in what you are doing onstage?
Which audition song?
How much times have HUGE stars been rejected? More info below.?
In the play "Lady Windermere's Fan" by Oscar Wilde, why does Lady Agatha only ever say "Yes, mama."?
Cindy Lou Who monologue?
I'm auditioning for my school's production of Scapino in December. Any tips?
Im writing a play, aiming to be acted by children for a dontion to sick kids foundation, any ideas?
Is it true that to become a sucessful actress you have to have already in the business?
what is the easiest possible way to become a millionare?
What are some metatheatrical elements in the Tempest?
Monologue ideas, please help?
What play/musical is on top of your must-see list?
Is the Nightmare Before Christmas on Broadway?
Rocky Horror Picture Show.?
Audition for Beast (Beauty and the Beast) Song and Monologue Help?
What are the impacts of Robinson Cruose on contemporary arts?
Where can I raise 30,000 pounds to take a play to the Edinburgh Festival?
is it possible to be an Disney channel star outside USA?
Do i have a chance at being an actress?:-)?
Please don't think I'm a dork - but I have a big Disney channel dream!? or any other acting?
Why do you love acting?
Do you have to pay to audition?
Little Women Audition Songs?
talent agencies and stuff?
I need an upbeat musical theater song to audition with?
Acting advice: I'm playing Romeo but I'm not too good around girls.?
Do you think I would look desperate if I put an acting reel on Youtube?
i need some tips on how to prepare for a tv audition?
How do you make it look like a spear is sticking out of your stomach without holding it?
What are ways to promote effective speaking?
what is the play les miserables about?
answer ASAP!?
What would the total cost of this Blue Lake summer camp in Ann Arbor be?
i need an uncommon creepy motel name?
Paris goes to Juliet's tomb to?
What are some safe model agency?
How do i become an orc?
Do you have to have a British accent to play Alice in Disney?
Does Pam Anderson have crabs or does she just look skanky enough to have crabs?
How much money does a commercial actor make in one day, whether an extra or a main ad actor?
i am making leik a skit and i need a really funny girls name?
Is "Could We Start Again Please?" In the broadway version of Jesus Christ Superstar?
Best aproach for acting schools etc. and Acting Groups/Classes/Schools in austin tx????!! HELP!?
Where are the open auditions for Little Red Wagon?
Good acting training in Dallas,TX?
Do you know any poems I can memorize for an audition?
Is John Robert Powers a scam?!?
Quote about Juliet from Romeo and Juliet?
Where can i find open musical Auditions for teenagers in the UK?
How to act like an asylum pataint?
how can i audition for ...?
I'm a freshman auditioning for the school play and I need a monologue, fast!?
How to make short films?
Am I belting the right way? ?
PIANISTS, I want to play Rachmaninoff.?
Why can't Annie be BLACK?
Hey i wants to be an actress, what age range do you think i can play?
what does this mean....?
What's your favorite musical?
How to get an acting agent for teens in Minnesota?
How old is Miley Cyrus?
Is it okay for me to audition for sm entertainment ? ?
Romeo and Juliet: the conflict between various characters and its impact on the audience?
Help with Hamlet Act Five Scene One?
to actors, do you smell bad breath from co-stars?
where can i learn acting in israel?(ages 13-15)?
i have to write a half hour long script for drama and i cant come up with an idea?
how do i get an agent for acting ?
Any group acting scenes?
What are the names of actress acting in chennai silks aadi sale tamil ad 2012?
How do I get started acting?
Requirments to be Disneyland face character 'Alice'?
What was the name of the outdoor theatre that Shakespeare performed its plays?
acting is hopeless?
Songs about Romeo and Juliet?
Is this considered an audition or a chance at a getting an acting part?
I have an idea for a film, but I'm not a writer. What should I do?
THEATRE HELP QUICK- Monologue/Audition for Mice and Men?
How can I become an actress for disney?
Who killed Macbeth in the end of Shakespeare play/?
Where can i find auditions without an agent?
I need help with Hamlet?
I need help for the Narnia auditions for the next movie can someone help me please?
what is the best way to get a job as a comedy writer for TV?
I want to go to RADA. Any suggestions that would help me in my audition for RADA?
About (acting) resumes...?
What is the difference?
What is a good acting trick to make yourself cry?
I Can't Read Notes, Should I...?
Favorite song from Godspell?
What proposal does Romeo make to friar laurence?
what is important about the style and design of a theater?
Who does max kiss in lend me a tenor?
School or community theatre?
Say something beautiful.?
how do I obtain performance rights to Ionesco's "the Chairs"?
In Romeo and Juliet, compare Tybalt and Benvolio.?
Whos is the highest paid actor in hollywood?
Acting in college for a scholarship?
Does anyone know how to make a fake rope noose for theatrical productions?
Any tips on auditioning for a musical???
Playwrights/published plays?
i want to go for a part in the school play?
Wizard of Oz hanging scenes?
If you don't get first call-backs for a musical is that bad??
Audition for All Shook Up?
A casting call website for movies?
Should i go to a drama academy or just a good acting school in L.A?
how can i write a playwrite?
I Need help finding a monologue fast please?
how do i score an audition for a major tv show or a movie?
how do you get an agent?
The musical Rags?
Valoron, did you get your daily dose today?
What is the most useful tip in acting??
People taking acting classes?
I need a comedic monologue!?
Audition Monologue/Song Help?
movie acting?
can you go to an audition or be an extra in any movies shos etc. if your not a resident of the U.S.?
Miss Saigon: Movie of the Musical - cast members?
Im 13 but want to be in musicals?
Has anyone heard of StarCast?
HELP! Musical theater auditions!?
How should i audition?
YAC (Young Actors Camp) is it good?
What is favorite currently running musical?
How can you cry on command?
maximum ride auditions?
Where should i start?
Romeo and Juliet translate!!!?
Is there a difference in talent between somebody acts on Broadway or in Hollywood?
How to be emotional when acting without being tense?
How can I convince my mom to let me do a theatre camp?
is it better to study acting in new york vs California?
how can i design theatre?
how can i audition for a movie?
Can a bad actor get better?
In theatre, what does batten, stage convention, and box set mean?
How long does it take to get a call back from an audition?
How to begin? Acting?
Where can I get cheap (used,new) manniquins?
Audition songs for Urinetown's Little Sally?
dose any one no how i can meet dylan and cole sprouse? or get an acting career or sumthing?
what is a good gift for a theater actor?
Homestar runner??
Sideline Skills for Acting? Please Answer!?
Can i become a pro Actor?
splurge guns for Bugsy Malone?
Id like to see your top 10 reasons to date an actor.?
Who is the hat man? Is he real?
Our Town Cast Questions?
About open casting calls?
"To what extent might perceptions of Othello as a tragedy be influenced by the time period in which it is?
How do I get in contact with Margot Klar?
Questions for being an art director(For Theatre)!!! Help.!?
Help!!! I need a musical theater audition song by Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin or Rogers and Hart!!!?
Audition - Audrey (Little Shop) Belting Alto Song?
where can i find commercial auditions or movie auditions in san diego ? HELP ?
Is it true that you have to be able to play at least 2 instruments to get into the BRIT School?
Looking for anyone who attended the Direct-Connect 123 casting call in RI Oct 2009 at the HIlton?
Never been to the theatre?
Hermia and Helena in a school play?
Don't people say thank you any more?
help with Oliver Auditions?
Need some major help with auditions songs 0.o musical auditions.?
I am having trouble memorizing my lines,I need some advice?
I need a two minute comedic dialogue between two men, has to be clean for school?
How could I get in touch with a film director?
I think I wanna be an actress, what do I do now?!?
I would die to become and actress and I'm not asking how but is it realistic in this case?
Are there any casting calls or plays in the DC, MD, or VA area? if so plz tell me?
What to wear or my Lamda exam?
How to get auditions & locations?
Good Pod-cast Names are Needed {Creative and Fun!}?
Anyone ever "tryout" for Family Feud?
Can I get acting experience online?
What industry journals are popular amongst stage management and theatre technicians?
Has anyone completed the Introduction to Acting Course run by the Actors Centre in London?
What do i need to do to become a model?
Why was Valjean in prison at the start of Les Misrables?
to become a actor, do you have to remember all your lines?
how actress become nude?
who knows anything about agents?
Is Collette Tours a good agency to use?
romeo and juiliett pictures?
Acting help or suggestions?
I like to act how do you get on Disney channel?
How many credits do you need to be elligible for an acting agent?
What 3 subjects can be found in all of Shakespeares plays?
what are some good warm up games for drama 1??
We're having a Twilight play @ school, HELP!?
Movie review for 1776?
What are some legit acting agency's in Hartford CT?
am i too late too get into stagedoor?
What was happening in Greece in 441BC that reflects in Sophocles' Antigone play?
Who is the current, hot scenic designer for B'way?
Acting agencys in seattle or areas near seattle?
What is your favorite current Broadway show?
Which actor(s) best matches the descriptions? me?
Acting audition question?
how much experience do you need to land a big part in a movie?
Whats the easiest way to get rid of stage fright?
I'm making a script and I need help from you!?
Explain the dramatic irony in this passage from Scene I, when Friar Lawrence asks Paris to leave.?
Disney Channel Audition?
Does anyone have advice for a struggling teenage actress???
How to become an actor?
does anyone know how good thee mentat really is?
Do you think i should pursue acting?
kindly tell me the courses or acting colleges in USA, after which i get a sure job in acting profession?
Is becoming an actress easy? (if there are any actresses here)?