Need ideas for a fan film. Please help?
I want to become an actress but I don't know where and how to go about it.?
Help writing a funny commercial?
what is the difference between macbeth and the equvication written by Bill Cain?
Who Loves Ashley Tisdale besides me?
What do can you wear to a broadway show?
i have been looking through cinemas schedule for pan's labyrith and cant find it limited release only?
Is there really a Suicide Scene in Wizard of Oz where the short guy kills himself?
Is Mel Gibson racist? In my opinion,"Is there a cow in Texas?" What's yours?
Why do actors sometimes fall in love with their co-stars? It's just acting?
How can I better myself as a actor and impress people?
Does EVERYONE have to sing in the play for A Christmas Carol?
fake cry ?
i am trying to win a bet. i want to find out what size john wayne's feet were. can you help??
How do you audition for commericals, movies and TV shows?? What are auditions like?
What should I wear for a tv audition?
What is the word "PARAPETEO" and what was it used in?
Im 13 yrs. old I want to write a script for a play or possibly a movie?
Globe Theatre model?
Two monolouges for a performing arts school audition?
i need a play that is easy to study and funny, so the people will die from laughing?
I need help while I'm looking for a talent agent?
To be or not to be... THAT is the question.?
How can a girl play hard to get?
How do I change the point of view in second person?
Acting Classes HELP!?
did zac efron really die iver way ineed proof?
how would and actor go about expressing themselves poetically?
Apart from, does anyone know where I can get some bargain theatre tickets in London?
Is there any easy way to beat stage fright?
Acting Please Reply?
How can you fake cry?
does anyone knoww?
I am an aspiring actor and want to know what is a good acting school to attend in Los Angeles?
How can I get an agent?
What is the most effective way to memorize lines?
is ali mauzey still going to be in the next season of wicked?
where can i find disney channel monolgues?
If this happened how would you handle it? .s?
What kind of fun stuff should i do on musical theater?
What is an easy talent for a beauty pageant?
what are broadway duets that can be sung by teenagers one male one female?
Do you believe that i am?
Who is this person? I never seen her before!?
Ten points for best opinion on a song I wrote!?
How do you find the cast of people on a commercial?
wicked theatre show ?
if I wanted to try out modeling where do I go?
plz help i am very confuse?
Can you get turned away from drama school for being too fat?
Why do actors do such immoral things (sex,ty, etc.)?
Anyone got any ideas for a made up character?
For folks who have seen Wicked (spoiler included). Was Elfaba responsible for her future enemies?
i suck at singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what would i have to do to become an a&r cooridator? which is a talent scout?
Are there any theatres in columbus ohio?
Where can I find an online script for Spring Awakening?
Where can I print off scripts on the internet that would be suitable for an amateur drama group?
Does anyone know or recommend any good acting schools or workshops in Norwalk CA or nearby areas??????
How do you get an agent when you're in Chicago?
How can I make people believe that I'm vulnerable ?
pilot theatre in royapetta,is it a family theatre?
does anyone know the name of this?
PLEASE help me think of a "stage Name"?
What movie, book, television show, or videogame would you turn into a Broadway musical?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
Do you think i should pursue acting?
who was the allied manager in the film escape to victory ?????????
Acting Audition. How should I do my hair?
How to make it big in Hollywood?
How do I get the part of Reno in Anything Goes (my school's musical ) over another girl?
Being considered for a role on a new TV show..?
Best acting schools in and around London?
Which name is better and why?
the lion the witch and the wardrobe question?
How to play what makes you beautiful by one direction on piano?
is there anything wrong with wanting to be the best actress in the world?
Romeo and Juilet???
I have been offered the main part in Buddy Holly the musical but not sure if I should go for it- any advice?
Which headshot is the best to be sent to agencies?
Do you think that I should drop out of my school play?
if i am 15, how do i get started in acting? take classes? is that it?
I am In a musical, and I have to memorize is my first time in a musical and im a lead....any tricks
Where can I find free scripts for these plays?
what are panic at the disco's bandmember's names.?
I need you everyone, please.?
does somebody know who said these lines? help please.?
How bad is it to get cut off from a timed audition...?
I want to be a actress or dancer. help with choosing A levels please?
Ideas for a Student Film?
Why is High School Musical popular?
How many words is there in a 2hr stage script?
Is wicked a good play?
Any ideas of a good play for High School seniors that has 11 or 12 female roles and 2 male roles?
My friend got the part of Lily St. Regis in Annie.........?
i need free sheet music for "i want it now" in willy wonka for a musical, PLEASE HELP QUICKLY!?
What are the pros and cons about being an actor?
How do you get starting in acting professionally?
How do I become an actress?
I need a Monologue for an audition for a play that's going to be a world Premiere. Any help?
Can anybody please explain to me how I can produce Jesus Christ Superstar at a local theater?
Has anyone had any experiences with Fusion Fame Management?
what was the police drama in the 1960-70 which had the theme tune in the avenues and allways by tony christie?
WHy is Ave Q so good? Is puppet show isn't it?
Auditioning for Steel Magnolia!?
How can I get my parents to let me try out for an acting job?
Nervous to start acting classes?
Simon gets water thrown at him at an american idol audition?
Did zac have on dentchers in High school Musical???
Hulu commercials (Beginning preferably)?
So I like to write plays and possibly make what?
Can anyone tell me how to get introduced into this?
How can i play pokar ?
Is John Robert Powers Auditioning for real?
Auditioning in a week, desperate for advice?
were can I get famous at age 12?
Can i trust him? and what should i do ?
Any Broadway or NYC layouts for Myspace?
what questions should i ask?
How important is body language when you are in a public speaking contest?
Anyone know of any good Theatrical Casting agents in London?
What is the average salary for a movie or tv actor?
If I am an average singer, can I get better?
Tell me an actor from any era that can do or did what Johnny Depp does?this mans talent....?
Who is the greatest dramatist or playwright of the world?
How to get my high pitched voice back?
The diary of Anne Frank. Play form.?
I have to play 4 characters at my theatre class!?
aboriginal welfare throughout time??
My voice is flat. How can I fix it?
Any acting camps in Miami?
Was William Shakespeare Gay?
How can I get started in acting?
Can Homeschool students become official Thespians?
If you go to see an opera, how will it be interpreted for the views?
i am trying to find out about this movie but i cant remember who plays in it?
Emotional Monologue for NYC Broadway?
Did you know The Sound oMusic opens tonight?
I want a star on television?
On my side?
Has anyone heard of the play "Once on this island?"?
what are the major events during the 1990s in hollywood?
i am 14 and i want to be an actor and desperate for good agenciecs in australia sydney?
Where can i find the musical show rights to Disney s Aladdin?
What if a 15 years old but wanna be actor when i grow up?
What happened to Beckett from Castle?
about acting?
are broadway tickets refundable? in light of the recent strike etc?
Can you be an actress if your not a straight A student?
Good Child Casting Companies? Ways I can start acting "Big"? xx?
i need to make my monologue longer! please help me!?
Can I have bright red hair as a teenage actress?
help me! auditions, for a big musical !!! and im soo freaked!!!?
Synopsis of the play "On Broadway"?
Who Are The Greatest Actors Of The Generation?
quick question?
What's the best way to get over stage-fright?
Does anyone know where to find the actors names of the knights at medieval times in california?
I have rehearsal until 9 every night this week?
i live in nyc where will i find print model work?
Would Toomy's speech from the play biloxi blues be a bad choice for a theatre audition...?
How can I write this monologue?
Any acting auditions?
How to become an actor, i have no experience and need advice?
can someone please answer this question. and soon? i just need a dark humor duet scene!?
All That's Known in Spring Awakening translation?
I want to act on Disney Channel but my parents might laugh or say you can't even act.....keep reading please
Two-Year B.F.A. Musical Theater College Programs?
how do i force tears when acting?
How do i get a Acting agent ?
Is it as easy as ringing up to get an acting agent?
Is the director trying to ruin my life?!?
Italian reinansce theater?
Shakespeares Globe Theatre Food?
El Teatro Campesino play?
Is New York Film Academy worth it ?
Is MAX agency a scam?
Does anyone know where i can find suckers in the shape of comedy and tregedy masks for a school fundraiser?
hi. i have to do a 6 minute screenplay with a boy from my acting class and all the ones im finding are sexual?
where can I find jobs for on-camera casting?
Musical theater competition?
Tips for playing this charecter (more details)?
Does elite model management bangalore charge for portfolio?
How can I become an actor?
Does anyone have an updated photo of Milton Davis Jr. He was from Angels in the Outfield in 1994.?
What are some famous puppets?
Would Disney's Lion King considered a "Musical"?
Macbeth x homework ? X ?
SM Youth Audition Questions?
A whole list of acting agencies?
How do I become a professional actress?
Taking an acting class?!?
Why did Romeo and Juliet marry? Was it just for love or did they think about the feud?
Boys,who do you like more, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, or Ashely Tisdale? Only pick one.?
How to perform a monologue?
I wan't to be in movies, where do I start?
is there such a thing as Red Chocolate?
Is there going to be a High School musical 3?
How much does it cost to do Phantom of the Opera for a school?
What are some nerdy props i could use for nerd day?
how long would it take to learn elatric giutar good enuf to play in a band?
What are the chances that your dream will come true?
Is Louise Atkins still acting?
i wanna do modellng dancing and acting.?
How do u get into acting??
A male monologue about love or unrequited love?
Ironic or what??? ://?
what do you do at a renaissance festival?
I just watched this school play and I'm supposed to determine the "theme"... Can you all brainstorm and help?
where and how do i get the sponsors for making films?
Acting question..... please help!?
Who played Carol Channing's boyfriend in The First Traveling Saleslady?
Can an actor be successful if he or she is to Tall?
dracula musical from forgetting sarah marshall?
anyone know which is girl play a role in sath pahre serial as kaweri ?
free play script for american playwrights?
Find a brandname for me for my coming hangbags line in Paris,?
How is this for a cold reading??!!?! Help?!?
which character should i try out for in fiddler on the roof for my school play?
I LOVE to acted and sing and dance! But sometimes i freek out on stage...stage fright?
What are 3 traits about Lady macbeth in act1?
Is there Going to be a High school musical 3???
How to take a good headshot yourself for a portfolio ?
were is wicked going after its done in san fransico in june?
How useful is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as a springboard into acting?
Do u feel the same way about disney channel?
What good musical theater groups are there in Orange County, CA?
Halloween costume idea for a person who just had knee surgery?
I've just gotten a text from my friend asking me how much does twilight breaking dawn cost can anyone tell me?
Children's version of musicals....?
I need the names of some acting and directing schools in Australia (specially Sydney)?
where is malachi pearson now? how was his career? where to find some phtos of him?
when is it to late to start acting?
Ideas for a Musical Monologue?
Audition monologues, help?!?
how does shakespeare predict the death of macbeth in the start of the play ?
In Drama, The Nurse adds humor to the first three acts with her?
songs that make you cry?
How many of you acquired a BFA in acting...?
Would I make a good model or actress?
What degrees should you obtain to become a WWE Diva[wrestler] ?
Any Actors/Crew interested in a Cincinnati, OH project?
where can i watch romeo and juliet episode 4?
how to give a speach for english teacher to the audience ?
taylor lautner question?
Short Monologue Help Please?
This summer I really want to take piano lessons because i love the sound a piano makes and i was wondering..?
Does Alice in Alice in Wonderland have an English accent?
Does anybody happen to know the original aaddress of the UFO club in London?
Does anyone know the name of the play/musical about a Puerto Rican girl and White guy?
How do I become famous?
i am 13 and need help?
Acting question?
Tips on stage kissing...?
would this be worn in 1964?
I'm 16, I want to learn how to play the violin. Am I too old?
Can normal people be nice?
Broadway radio stations in Los Angeles Ca?
who is your favorite actor and actress and why?
Guys: Have you ever done a nude scene?
how to have a fake american accent?
Where can I find a complete list of oscar nominations for the past 78 years? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
how to be an actress? I am very desperate.......?
when does anit tondon's b'day comes?
My 9 year old has amazing talent!?
Auditioning for a play?
Disney Channel Audition? <3?
Ideas for Murder Mystery plot?
Would it be appropriate to do this...?
How does explore talent free trial work?
what was the average payment for hollywood actors in ca. 1930?
What is Ballona's bride groom in macbeth mean?
What is your favorite play/musical?
Comedic Duet song from a musical for two girls?
How do you solve a problem like Maria?
How to Become a Pharmacis?
How do child actors learn their lines?
What to do for a two minute monologue?
How great is William Shatner ?
how can I best improve my acting skills?
what should my stage name be?
What goes on in an actor's or actress's mind when they are acting?
Is This True About Acting Industry?
I am auditioning for Disney Channel and I don't what to expect at an audition? can you give me any advice?
I need films and tv serials acted by tamil actor Sri. Jaiganesh. From where can I get it.?
What are some romantic comedies I could rent?
If you thought Hamlet was mad earlier on in the play how would that alter your interpretation of him?
Auditions in Disney World?
Can someone explain to me how to say hrmph?
Who is Johnny Depp?
What makes Hamlet such a great play 400 years after it was written?
I love acting and would like to act on the big screen. Where do I start?
Who is the main male character in Fame? Also who is teh main character?
Question about Acting agencies and Union?
June 29, 2012 (on or about 12:01 PM) — August 6, 2012 (4:59 PM): Audition Period?
What are the best seats at The Chicago Theatre?
where can watch Hot Wheels World Race?
Romeo and Juliet. wat religion were they.?
I need help with Shakespeare, please?
any tips for me? I have to play a hillbilly type mother in our school play?
Have you heard of Romeo and Juliet? (I can't believe Im asking this)?
How did Ellen Degneneres become so musical?
Should I get an agent or...?
Is dawn a silly head?
For my acting resume, should I include a play I am in if it is only currently in production?
Broadway Shows in NYC?
Should I follow the safe route of accounting, or try to become a filmmaker?
how can i find out when casting calls for the fifth season of the wire will start?
Need help school musical?
How Do I Cry?
i want to know how to start how to start a film production company?
What are some good Audition Songs?
what is the difference between viola and olivia? (shakespeare twelfth night)?
Talent is/ is not the most overrated virtue- please help me i have a debate on this?
Can you help me with audition songs for an alto?
I wanna be able to do different voice?
Does a bigger Adams apple means stronger voice?
why did the music in the Rent (R) movie sound different from music from the broadway show?
Acting help?
Acting Classes In Pennsylviana?
An unbiased opinion of Proscout Invitational for Acting?
does anyone anything about the actor samuel barnett?
Tommorow I am going to India's Got Talent, How do I prepare my self?
Is there a kiss in the musical Annie Get Your Gun?
Please help me Am I too old? Give your imput please whatever you know I really need you! Thanks.?
characters portrayed as figures: pirot and pierotte?
iam planning to write a story about this-what do you think?
are their any extra agencies in philly?
Where good I find casting calls for movies in the central Florida area (websites ect)?
Richard the 3rd help please?
acting how can you get a jump start in acting?
What do they ask you in an acting audition?
How can i become a singer?
The Crucible? What's in it?
wat are acting unions???
how old was Richard III at the time of his death?
I am 13 years old and I want to become an actress, how can I do that?
What if I'm expressionless?
Any films about theatre?
was macbeth confident when killing banquo ?
Amaury Nolasco: tiene hijos?
Doubt play by Shanley. Did flynn do it?
where am i supposed to look during an acting audition?
If I live in a small town in PA, where can I go to get a start in acting? I want to be in movies like, Evening
Reveal Yourself?
how do I become a Wizard?
Hey what do you need to become famous ?
I want to be an actor.. Can I have your opinions?
Does anyone know of any humorous 1 act plays?
How do certain people get SO MANY roles in popular movies?
Mello wig?!?
I want to audition for Disney Channel. But the question is how?
OMG! Eastenders! I was blown away, what did u think of the acting?
i need help with a play on multiple personality disorder?
Is Zac Efron going out with Asley Tisdale or Vanessa Ann Hudgens?
what are some plays that are performed on a proscenium stage?
Looking for an individual speech acting peice...?
How to get out of a dicy situation in which you have no role to play?
Is The Lucy Show still copyrighted or not?
What is the meaning of the play "The sandbox" written by Edward Albee?
Have you ever had a main part in a school play?
Help with acting!!?
What is the role of Ginny in Bye Bye Birdie?
Good song for White Christmas The Musical audition?
Our affairs are no business of yours?
Legitimate acting coaches/classes in Las Vegas??
What website can you find free acting auditions in Dallas, tx?
"Going up the ladder in a production house. From intern to producer/director."?
How can I sign up for background acting?
Would it be possible to use a book extract as my monologue?
I need to make a black hole as a prop for a skit. Any ideas?
MTI version of 13 the musical question!?
What do you think of the skit im doing in drama?
Is acting on soaps the bottom of the barrel?
I need poems tha have somehting to do with symbolis.?
how can i overcome stage fright?
Scene for werewolf video im making?
Can someone help me find a song?
If I were in a musical carrer what would happen after college?
Which actress is thought to be the first woman to wear trousers?
How tough is it to get put on a reality show?
I need help for a tenor song for talent show? (Video included!)?
can anyone help me find a scene name?
can anyone help with romeo & juliet ?
when did honk premier on broadway?
Where can I go if I want to act in greek theatre plays?
Haunted House Actor (Pay Check)?
Do I have a chance at becoming an actress?
to be or not to be.... what was the question?
I want to be in the rumored Halo Movie...?
scared to bits!!!?
Im hosting my school talent show im a guy and my co host is a girl how should we open the show?
What is the name of the 1-act play with a char. called Teddy Lawson? He promises Dad he will say No all day.?
What is your favorite Musical?
how do you find agents?
i saw a dream plz help me?
If there would be a "The Chronicles of Narnia: A Horse & His Boy, the Musical" who's your idea of a cast?
What acting tips would you give to someone interested in amateur drama?
Can a bachelor's degree in Theatre help me become an actor?
Did anyone ever have a bad audition?
What are the roles you can play in camp rock 2?
what is a good audition song?
where do i go if im tryingout for a part in a play for school?
Am I too old to join my local theatre to have an acting career?
how do i get rid of stage fright?
Is barbizon acting and modeling a scam?;0?
Where can I find blue feather wings for a costume?
Monologues? Or acting tips?
Is there any way for me to get on the path to fulfilling my dream?
What do the creative people in the theatre do?
Shakespeare plays???
What is the title of a popular religious musical?
How do i tell my mom about an audition?
How do you become a screenwritter?
Should i ever audition for the part of Cinderella from "Into the Woods Jr."?
i have to compare the suit that the nurse wore in romeo&juliet from what she'll wear if it was in chicago 20's
Who is the king of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
How to get into character? I want to try acting but i tend to laugh a lot?
sooo i kind of need help choosing a new show to watch?
for a few dollars more 1965 - as Remake "yes or no"?
any good dramatic or scary monologues over 2-3 minutes for thematic interpretation you guys know?
Allusions in 'Hamlet'?
What are good Disney monologues for play tryouts?
what will happen if cesd talent agency accepts me?
What is your favorite musical and why?
tickets for radio city plays?
why do tv drama's always get actors from 21-25 to play people who are like 15-17?
Are there any overnight acting camps in georgia?
Regarding Taylor Ashley Parks (site model)..?
Will you be a critic for a day?
i need a comedic scene for two girls?
Is the perks of being a Wallflower playing in any theater within the Los Angeles area?
Who is a good person to talk to about Noh theatre? Any experts around?
Does anyone have any ideas for a song, during an important presentation?
Acting Auditions? (best answer is choosen) help please.?
How do I become an actor.?
How do I become Famous??
Julius Caesar?
Gotta write an essay about Macbeth?
How do i become rich and famous the easy way?
Summary of the Shakespeare play the twelfth night?
i want to be an actress?
what movie am i thinking of?
Find a brandname for me for my coming hangbags line in Paris,?
i am looking for Indian movies?
Is there any commercial auditions for kids like 13year old in Florida august,2011?
Does any one know of any acting schools that are accredited in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania?
female audition speeches?
I am a 13 year old and I am an aspiring actress. Got any tips?
Is the Joe Boxer Guy listed on IMDB?
can i have any examples of speech choir piece? plzzzz.....i need it now...?
can someone explain me a example of a theatrical dance ?
Can anyone help me find a monologue?
Scene queen name ideas?
Can you be an actor if you are shy?
Is this Enough?
On broadway do the actors really touch eachother?
Making a living by acting?
How can I get my acting reel?
Do people ever get discoverd from being a backround actor or actress? if so how?
is Socapa camp actually worth the $4,000 that is costs?
what is the ideal age to start training for opera singing?
Acting questions? I need some help with stuff!?
Who is the better Star Wars Actress, Natalie Portman or Carrie Fisher?
If Yoou Do A SAG Student Film.. Are You Eligible For SAG?
Should I give acting a shot? (Re-post)?
What are all the plays that Thespis wrote?
What Should My Stage Name Be?
What should I wear to a chamber ensemble concert?
Do i really have to pay for an agent to get my child into modelling?
which book u like most ? which shows the reality aspects of life?
Audition for singing?
Which song from either "Rent" or "Cats" would be good to sing for an audition?
What should you wear if you are going to see the play WICKED?
what are playbills?
how do people make an audition video if they don't have a script?
acting commercials someone please help!?
What is the funniest musical for a high school to do?
If u had 2 choose a perfect villain, a guy u love 2 hate who would it be? Terrance Howard, Tupac or Larenz T.?
Do you think this casting call is real or fake?
Does anyone have info about black man who appears in Aflac Commericals?
what is the difference between religious and secular theater?
Ideas for a Shakespearean Diary entry?
A song for Brigadoon?
Audition for singing?
What is the best approach for a newcomer to find a commercial acting agent in Los Angeles?
is there a web site for the 70s -80s fasion please let me know?
How do you sign up to be an actor or just a paid extra?
Can I Take A digital Camara To a (HSM) High School Musical Concert.?
What are examples of foreshadowing in romeo and juliet?
I am writing a play I want some ideas?
Need a dramatic monologue?
how can i become a model/actor/singer?
are live "adult" shows legal in MD?
Whats your favorite play or musical?
Im looking for a children's play?
What should an indian do to get into hollywood?
how to audition for disney fantasma?
What would be a good song to lip sync for my theatre class?
What is natural or naturalist acting, like that exhibited by actors like John Wayne, Jim Carrey, and Tom Hanks?
I'm writing a screenplay for a tv show I made, How many minutes per page ?
Where can I find quotes or poems about dragonflies?
im hoping for a carrer in acting, but my parents want me to go to college, what should i do??
How to storytell, " The lady or the tiger?
are there any Strangers with Candy Fans going to OKC for the premier?
What is the correct attire when attending the opera?
Musical theatre audition question! SOS!?
I really wanna be an actress where do I start?
What are my chances of being famous?
I want to become an actress? Is it too late for me to act?
The songs in Nightwish's album "Dark Passion Play" are sung by who?
I want to be in actor?
Auditioning tips for a school play?
Who is your favorite actor?
What major/kind of schooling should I get if I want to become an actor's/talent agent?
Is there any Summer Camps about Drama and Acting ?
Why is it so difficult to speak in front of a class?
CANTERBURY TALES: Similarities of Nun, Monk, and Friar?
Does anyone know Roz James, she was on tour with Rent in Ireland??
how can you here a scene of romeo and juliet?
Can you be a doctor and an actress?
What should I wear to see the musical Wicked?
were do u get high school musical?
Want to act on a real stage..?
Audition Song Emergency!!! Need Help Now!!!! Read Details!!!?
how can i get dialer tone for salame-ishq?
How can i become a part-time actor?
Need help for a theatre monolouge!?
How can I become an Actress without actually having schooling for it?
"People Watcher" Monologue from Carol Shields' "Departures and Arrivals"?
How do i become an actress?
i'm from sri lanka. can i become a hollywood actress? if can, what should i do?
How's the current Rent tour cast?
I am looking for the sheet music for "Time" by Billy Porter?
Are Disney Channel Auditions going on that I can submit for?
Could I be a model? There is an audition, but I'm not sure.?
How to overcome stage fright?
I don't know what to think of this acting program. Should I do it with a friend?
I am 13 years old and need some good sad monologues please help!?
How can I start acting? I'm new in it?
Do I Have To Be Skinny To Be An Actor?
Any fans of Hayden Christensen out there??
I need a good, funny play with an even cast genderwise, any suggestions?
How many movies in one month do you usually watch in the theaters?
Talent show need ideas?
best way to bind breasts?
Anyone know of any actors/actresses who have been in a theatre play... (read on)?
10 points best answere, In The Heat Of The Night - Shakespears - characteristics of Puck?
What beatles songs relate to Romeo and Juliet?
romeo and juliet questions?
Wi du i has tu go tu skul!?
Piano Songs for High School Talent Show?
How can I learn how to fake cry on cue?
What is your favourite West End Musical?
Which West End Show????
Is Tulsa's "the Drunkard" really the longest running play in America?
First acting class? ?
I need a good monologue, I'm auditioning for High School Musical!?
what does japan and america have diffrent in theatre?
When should I try out for my schools musical?
im a 13 year old boy and need money wicked fast?
Movie Idea's?
I need some help with a drama idea?
A Good Broadway song for my audition for a play! ?
I need help trying to find a talent agency.?
in romeo and juliet act one scene three what is important about juliet's response to the question?
why is act 2 scene 4 in romeo and juliet taken out of movies?
i have an audition next week and...?
should an introduction to art, music and drama be a part of education? why or why not?
where can i find a script for a soliloquy from "Macbeth" that Lady Macbeth says?
i have to go Cinema for my b~day and don't know what to watch help!!!?
Please, How can I contact Mr. Etsushi Toyokawa, Film Director?
Rodgers and Hammerstein instruments played?
How to act in an awkward play situation?
How can I improve my creative writing skills?
Why do most gay men love musical theatre?
How long can a skin adhesive like spirit gum be left on the skin/body?
Should the arts be put back into the public schools?
Whats the importance of hamlets soliloquy to be or not?
What's the best way to get a talent agent for acting?
Has anyone seent the 1976 play Sister Act by Charles Busch?
How do i get noticed in an acting career?
tell me about the websites of bollywood directors ?
What should I wear to my little sister's ballet preformance?
If Einstein met Charlie Chaplin - What would the conversation be like?
Is there a kiss in the musical Annie Get Your Gun?
Make my characters better?
Can you write me Monologue from the novel "Fergus McPhail"?
Acting scripts? where can i get them?
welcome indian malayaalees and vote answers......?
I want to be an actress.. What can I do??
To be.........or not to be ?
I need a 3 minute movie for class tomorrow! HELP! please :)?
Does anyone know a play which consists of two male characters?
Well i'm planning to take modelling training & start career in modelling. Any kinds of tips & advices ?
does wilhelmina models also do acting represantation?
Where can i find the clip from wizard of oz, when dorothy talks to aunt em about it not being a dream?
Are Canadians allowed to audition for American movies?
MACBETH HELP 10 POINTS best answer?
Acting agent in Rochester NY?
What is the name of this musical?
know any...?
Acting... overwieght??
In Fiddler on the roof in L'Chaim, who are the other men celebrating in the pub with Tevye and Lazar Wolf?
plz helppppppppppp william shakespear?
How do you put your Twitter on your IMDb page?
Aspiring Broadway Star?
13 and I want to be an actress?
i need to choose between 2 movies?
what kind of theatre is it when there are audience on 3 sides?
Where can i find UK queer cinema information?
What does the Globe Theater have to do with Shakespeare?
how do you find casting information on-line for actors for paid work, particularly in Los Angeles?
Ok I need help with my acting.?
HELP-need ideas for a play?
who was it that came up with freeze frames and talking to the audience in drama productions?
Have you ever been in a play or a musical?
I want to be an actress, but I feel so stupid acting in front of my theatre class at school. What can I do?
in the movie " the wizard of oz" what was the name of profesor marvels horse?
AirBand Ideas?
How can i become an actress?
Who are the most talented actors and actresses?
how can i become a actress and get myself out there so someone could find me and put me up for an audition?
is it necessary to take acting classes to be an successfully actress?
Once on this Island Audition Song?
to become an actor will it be good to go to college or go stright to auditons?
What can being a movie Extra achieve?
What shows have you seen on Broadway in NYC?
what is a proffesional headshot?
Help finding this song?
If I am auditioning for the part of Donna in Mamma Mia, Is it okay to sing one of her songs from the song?
Better Hamlet?
The Shawshank Redemption and accounting?
Good musicals for high school?
once again romeo and juliet ?s ACT 5?
Broadway Songs????
Am I too fat to be an actress? Please help!?
Romeo and Juliet: What might Tybalt say to Lord Montague?
all about indian theatrical arts?
What role does improvisation play in voice acting?
In Blood Relations is Lizzie Borden actually guilty?
Physicality when acting...?
I need a song for a talent show coming please!!! haha?
Twilight fangirls, give up already!?
Where can i find free music sheets for 'We Are One'-Lion king 2?
Who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade?
How to become child actor?
OK! How do you actually "follow" Your Dreams?how are you sure its your actual calling not just a misconception
Henry V Shakespear, Act III?
Why aren't there many British young/child stars?
I got scouted by for acting? (JOHN ROBERT POWERS)?
I need a monologue from a musical?
How will I memorize a song in just a day?
Can you help me? I need to pick up on a legit Country accent?
Looking for the movie with a charater named billy bob?
what is the website for weiss barron acting school? I can't seem to find it when i search, am i spelling it ri
im 13 years old and i enjoy acting and drama. What can i do to be able to do acting professionaly?
How can I make my accent like an American accent?
How have Romeo and Juliet changed in Act 3?
Would like to play Eponine in Les Mis?
Whats your opinion on Kristen Stewart's acting?
How many countries and languages has the MUSICAL Grease been performed in?
I'm going to play Pirates of the carribian original theme song on piano!?
Are you a cultural snob?
need help acting like sherlock holmes?
Is it possible to become an actress with little, almost no experience?
i want to become an actress. any tips on how to get there?
I want to be an actress but I'm getting braces soon, will braces affect my career?
Im a 14 year old actor. How do I get discovered.?
What would you have done in this situation.?
Can anybody tell me the name of a site where I can get short funny plays or skits?
Who here has ever seen the musicals Rent or Wicked?
Does anybody like the Phantom of the Opera?
What happened to Tommy Steele, a British singer, dancer, actor?
Which ONE of these three plays could be considered "modern" and why?
theater competitions in USA?
I want to become a actress but how? billions want to be one..some cant even cry. so can u help me?
Where can I can get copies of scripts from Whoopi Goldberg's Broadway one man shows ( Whoopi 1984, 2004)?
I have a Musical Theatre audition tommorrow, but my throat is sore and my nose is clogged, what do I do? HELP!
Acting classes near Cumming, Georgia?
SM Youth Star 2012 questions?
Is 40 too old to start acting? Not to be a celeb, duh, but to be in movies?
Can you spare a couple minutes of your time to tell me if I can sing or not?
should i be an actor?
Whos a better actress hallie berry or Kate Hudson.?
I need acting advice ?
I am looking for a side kick, do you want to audition?
where are auditions being held for movies?
I'm bashful girl but I really wanted to go for acting. Any advice please...?
Any places open for auditions in NC or scouts nearby?
Fake Blood History?
I need some suggestions on how to become more confident. Any have anything that could help? ?
When Will the Next star Vancouver auditions be held?
Is Baskow talent agency a good agency for actors?
When they smoke on screen, are they smoking for real or is it fake?
i would love to be and actress on disney channel! can some body tell me how i can do that?
How do u get into an SAG production in Colorado?
Is he just being nice?
Can someone please help me find??????????!!!!!?
What is the musical Wicked about? And is it good?
ok i have some ?'s about acting....any actors wanna comment?
How does my prologue sound to you?
where does Tom Felton live?what is his phone number or email ID?
which play in new york theaters was played for years together?
Does this sound like a legit modeling agency or a scam?
Is acting right for me?
what musical has mostly a male cast?
Describe Friar Laurence’s plan for Juliet.?
Nervous to attend casting call because of weight?
Im gonna be meeting the cast of Zoey 101, what should I say to them?
What are some Spanish actors/actresses acting in US?
how do i become an actress at the age of 14?
Will you comment on my dialogue for my play writing course about voices in a hospital corridor?
Has anyone seen Les Miserables? If so how was it?
Cavewomen Costumes?
Would you be able to get an acting agent without a headshot?
you can not buy love but u can rent it what dose this mean?
Who were the 2 actresses who played Gwendolen and her mother in "Daniel Deronda" on radio?
Is this song acceptable for someone my age to sing at an audition?
Changing my name? ADVICE?
I'm really scared and shy about being in Acting vocation at my high school?
Audition songs for non-singers?
explore talent acting legitimacy?
Is ACteen a good acting school?
What is the broadway musical play "Wicked" all about?
drama example in romeo and juliet?
Why would Hamlet be a bad king?
Which characters exchange these lines—and in what order—in Act I, Scene 1 of A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Where to get a copy of the Script of:?
How do I help my students cope with stage fright?
what was life like when romeo and juliet was set?
how to perform a monlouge in different ways?
why the weather become so strange?
where can I watch anne of green gables?
I want to work on Disney Channel and I want to do extras work on sets. How can I accomplish this in Dallas,tx?
Does anyone have info on the musical "Wanda's World"?
A Famous Short Speech please?
How can I find a good modell and acting agent for my children ages 6 and 8?
What degree did actor Robert Walden get from CCNY? What is his ethnic background?
What to do Improvisation =/?
Tips for looking older on camera?
the deference between Shakespeare's Drama and the modern drama?
10 POINTS ! : What channel is the grand ole opry ?
How to memorize this play quickly?
How do i get in a casting list?
I"M thinking of using this PICTURE for my headshot in my ACTING resume what do YOu think?
What is this play? (I explain in the description)?
what are the best sites for free actors/models casting calls?
Where can I go to addution for plays in St.Charles MO?
Help! A Very Potter Musical/Sequel?
Where are some acting classes in Maryland?
How can you find casting agencies for extras that r legit?
I need help on the novel Julius Caesar?
Is Britain plagued by musical atrocity "tokio hotel"?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
I'm in an acting group with lots of excperienced actors. What can i do to get the main part??
Blues Brothers for stage?
How can I watch high school musical 3 online for free w/o downloading?
Monologue before the 1900's?
As an indigenous Australian would you be offended if you saw a non-indigenous person busking with a didgeridoo?
am i too old and girly to start acting?and be taken seriously?
how could i become a disney channel actress?
becoming an actor?
I want to become a Talent Agent?
Legally Blonde the Musical "Bend & Snap" MP3?
Donnie Darko played by Jake Gyllenhaal. An exceptional performance?
How do I become famous?
what is your favorite musical?
can you suggest a movie/tv show to an acting agent and they get you on that movie/tv show?
How to become famous?
I am also in speech and debate and would like to know what a good Duo Interp piece would be.?
do you need a permit to play music in public?
i need a talent for a pagaent (something non embrassing) ASAP!!!!?
When is the next Disney Channel open call for 2012?
Which puppet should I choose?
If many american actors follow "method acting" what technique do the British use?
I am also in speech and debate and would like to know what a good Duo Interp piece would be.?
Want to watch a ROMANTIC MOVIE made from a PLAY/(NOVEL)....?
Is having a good voice just as important as good looks for actors?
Audition for A Chorus Line-Kristine?
I just saw Jesus Christ Superstar. It was thrilling. What musical / opera do you like?
How to begin an acting career?
What was william shakespeare's first acting role?
what makes a good actor?
Are there any actors out there that want to move to NY in a month? Im 20, and looking for a place, and a job..
What is the climax of The play/movie The Wiz?
Is John Robert Powers Auditioning for real?
Talent Agencies in New York that aren't scams?
Do actors/actresses ever get their feelings hurt for the role they are playing?
In William Shakespear's play which characters in Julius Caesar are real and which ones are fake?
help me with my acting please?
Play opens in two days and i just found out i suck, help!!!?
Is the SM Youth Star audition an open audition?
How can i find cheap Lion King tickets?
how do i know if i have an acting talent?
Tips for an audition..?
Can I add this workshop to my resume?
the music man musical character descriptions?
does anyone know why shakespeare used violence in romeo and juliet?
why do the faries sing this song?
I have an acting audition on Sunday for an agent. I'm 13. Can you give me any tips on how to impress the agent
What are some plays (other than Shakespeare) with sword fights?
which song was played when emily gave audition ?
what is an expert audience and a non expert audience?
What do you think?! My kids are cute right? Should i try the acting/modeling thing? ?
does anyone know of any good websites where i can find free monologues?
whats the difference between nonunion and union for acting ?
What is the best acting school in California?
What was the name of Hopalong Cassidy's horse?
How can I check to see if a production is SAG approved?
Which characters don't sing in High School Musical?
How can a UK actor get a US Green Card?
Which musical theatre song ?
Auditioning for west side story?
Is it a good idea to write your own monologue for an audition?
Horror movie music amd some scary ideas?
what is a layout for a live perfomance review?
Can anyone suggest a fancy dress costume with the theme of "New York icons"? Struggling a bit at the moment!?
were can i find a magnet school in los angeles?
what's your favourite musical?
Is this a good monologue?
How do I start a Show Choir at my school? *Please read description(: ?
any links for Romeo and Juliet?
where can i see Jesus Christ super star live?
What is the best movie to rent?
how do i get over the fact that I'm afraid of acting in front of people?
Any on-set tips for rookie actors?
Romeo And Juliet Question.?
Can someone give me insults from Shakespere's time? Thanks.?
How to become an extra in the UK? Without paying subscription fees on sites?
What is a musical that would be good for a high school with 4 talented men and plenty of women?
Should I teach my daughter a lesson the "old fashioned way?"?
what is your favrote movie ??????????
Where/How to get Broadway actors' autographs?
Where can I find accent tapes?
Difference between theater and drama?
finding and keeping sources about theatre?
Can someone name me a 20th century play?
how do I get my screenplay's font like a real one?? the dialouge in real movies is more compact?
Oliver the musical? Not RACEST?
I am looking for props for a play about Billy The Kid, anyone know where i can get some Rusty Sheriffs Badges?
In Les Miserables the musical, Are there any main parts that don't involve singing?
How does someone break into the entertainment business?
SM Entertainment email audition 2012?
I need a similar song.?
Is the acting career hard?
who is mollie sugden married to?
which is better for harry potter?
Am a school teacher who needs an idea for a skit..?
What are other important things that voice actors should learn besides voice acting?
name of the movie that Ulf Ekberg as a King in it !!!?
What is a humorous monologue I can do?
Anyone familiar with the play "The Ritz" by Terrence Mcnally, I have a question about it?
I got selected to be on speech team and need help decideing what to do?
Does anyone have any acting advice for a comedy role?
Does anyone know how I can contact to arrange auditions with record companies in the U.K?
What should I wear to an audition for a Fine Arts school?
Some Legalities in making a film?
the merchant of venice sound track?
What's your favourite musical?
Do you think the new planet which found by some profesor simillar with our planet and possible to live?
How do I prepare for this audition?
Audition for films/TV shows-- I want one but how much experience should I have? Any tips on finding auditions?
Vocal training for all aspects?
I need an easy 10 min. play/scene/skit!@^$%^&*()!!!!##!!!?
Is 23 too old to pursue a career in acting?
Does anyone have any ideas for school play auditions?
It's in character for Romeo to climb the wall of Juliet's garden because he?
My dad is acting weird?
Can an Ugly girl be an Actress?
If ur 1st kiss was on stage does it still count even if u have no feelings 4 the boy but u still got a thrill?
What are the changes that the character, Torvald goes through in Henrik Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House"?
Can I find full scripts to plays online?
Does anyone like Gormenghast?
Do anyone know of any identical twins or triplets-male or female?
Wicked; the musical, will it become a movie?
why people say acting is hard?
high school musical 2? dillon kennedy?
Ensemble acting scenes?
i need a website or idea on how to make a homemade instrument?
top uk extras agencies?
How do actors (particularly film) have insurance, etc?
how can I instant message someone with YAHOO INDIA?
The point of dialouge between dance and theatre?
moving to london to pursue acting dream?
What could be the reason she's acting this way?
movie actresses...?
What does a Stereotypical Goth look like?
Women's Shakespeare Monologue?
I need a 7-10 min Dramatic Interpretation piece.?
What are some good children shows/plays?
anyone have advice on how to break into acting for little or no money?
I want to enter a pageant for fun..?
How many headshots do i staple to my resume?
How do I audition for a show or movie? By the way, I'm 13 years old.?
What are some good ideas for a high school musical?
need a stage
Acting & Theatre history?
How much of a chance do i have of becoming an actress profesionally?
This is to Kristin E. Singer/songwriter/actress for 13 years. Pleasee read Kristin?
What to wear to this audition?
Why are movies in the theatre still on reels...with all the technology today why can't they go digital?
My 9 year old has amazing talent!?
I joined John Casablanca?
Blood Pump...I have a fake body and need blood to ooze out of it....ANY IDEAS?
What musicals might we be doing?
What is the sequence of events during a rehearsal?
How can a person in their 40's get started in an acting career?
I my audition for glee good?
I have a script for a short length film.Where can i attend to, for filming it?(Greece or worldwide)?
Has anyone ever acted in the interactive play "Mugsy Sent Me"?
I need a 3 minute oral interpretation pieces for forensics tryouts?
Christian Model Agencies ?
How is Duncan contrasted with Macbeth in scene two of act 1 of the play Macbeth?
Will Disney Channel have another Open Call this year?
hi there are there any places in movies any1 needs a 12 year old for like in england or abu dhabi or somethin?
why are older plays still performed in theaters?
what is your favorite musical?
What is a good idea for a commercial?
Why do most British actors have good American accents?
was dane cook the voice of the mascot in MR.3000?
Is it possible to write a 3 sentence plot summary for Macbeth?
how to make yourself cry?
for non-ordinary people: do you talk to people who are NOT broadway performers (ordinary people)?
where can i watch high school musical 2 online?
What song should I sing when auditioning for Tobias (Sweeney Todd)?
What do you have to bring to auditions?
i need a one minute monologue from a play, needs to be a play copyrighted 2000-2006. female, 18yrs old?
Audition Websites for acting?
i looking for fresh actors & actress for my upcoming projects u may contact me at
Good song to Audition for West Side Story? (Soprano)?
does anyone have any good monolougues from shakepeare that are drmatic (no hamlet)?
Info on "Dream Girl" (Lucille Ball) that played at Mayfair Theatre in Portland-don't know state Dec 3 & 4 1945
How can I convince our theatre director...?
Does Emerge Talent Agency provide a lot of work for their actors?
I need a monologue for a play audition?
Do You Hate Vanessa Anne Hudgens?
Which broadway play should I see?
Can someone give me the whole summary or link to the monologue: "The Alien Hypothesis" by William Borden?
Whats the running time of the musical "Into The Hoods" in Novello Theatre, London?
Do you have any information about Canana Films?
I want to start acting, seriously: where should I start?
Is Charles Busch writing any new plays?
Which is the best scenography design school, both in the USA and in Europe?
I have a Callback audition that includes a body check. What should I expect?
I would like to audition to be in films. how do i find out where/when these are?
does anyone no or heard about proscout?
Can you help me find casting calls?
hey i need a monologues for school do you have any good ones?
is avenue q suitable for a 12 year old?
What are all the characters in the musical "Ragtime" that have lived really in the past?
who is the better actor among these two, Paris Hilton or Tom Cruise?
Can this happen in acting.....?
How do I become a pornstar?
Should I continue Acting?
How do i take a step foward on becoming an actress?
A Streetcar Named Desire male monologues?
.s acting style help?
Can Someone Answer Both Of My Questions All About Acting!?
My school is having a fiddler on the roof play how long do u think it will play for ?
Starting a theater class in the fall. Any tips or suggestions?
What is your own very special piece of Shakespeare?
Do you consider boys into theatre gay or weird?
How I find an agent for film?
Who is your favorite musical theatre composer?
Flimsy Question of the Day: Which actor over acts the role, Russell Crowe or Kevin Costner?
Paul Walker?
We need a way to track kids taking classes and in productions. We are a nonprofit theater company.?
what should i do if im into acting and fighting?
Did you go to a school play?
good idea for talent show?
Are there any Young Characters in Rent?
Losing voice, auditions today?
How to develop an accent?
Question about acting?
Macbeth character traits?
What did the new home owners get in the movie, It's a Wonderful Life?
How do you practice acting?
Is this average or alittle above average for a 13 year old? can i become good with practice?
Who starred in Jason and the Argonauts?
Can anyone find a good Photo/Cartoon/Image of Dick Whittington?
Whats the best "line" you guys ever heard in a movie?
What are some good role play ideas?
I'm 12 years old and I'd like to be an actress, but I don't know how to start.?
How to show young age in monologue?
I love acting and want to know how do I become a soap opera star?
Can anyone explain how the music in the musical "Into the WOODS" relates to the characters?
Help me find this actor?
a fun upbeat song for my montage?