What is harder: acting or lying? ?
Ashlee Simpson as Roxie Hart in "Chicago"?
Actor or Actress?
do you have to move to LA to be an Hollywood actor? 10 points!?
when was the television commercial for the Broadway show PIPPIN first aired? Was it 1973?
Where can i watch high school musical 3 online?
I have found an old movie theatre to restore. Where can I find commercial projection equipment? Thanks!?
What's the best musical around at the moment?
What age of actors are the radio producers looking for?
Acting Career: If i start building with local theatre?
What are the differences between the Wuthering Heights video versions 1939 and 1970?
Can you let me know the addresses of acting schools available in chennai?
can someone give me some advice on becoming famous?
What is theater arts like?
Can you be an actress without going to stage school ??
Musical pitch is determined by what?
i want to be an actress. how do i do that? where do i go for auditions? hmmm anyone know?
Any acting/casting agents in China? Websites for upcoming movie roles that will take place in China. Thanks...
im 16 do you think im too old now to become an actress?
Going for a evaluation for a acting agency? please help?
Does anybody know how to make this type of bracelet?
Where do the struggling actors in LA live?
Acting, talent agents, explain?
I have an idea for an audition song but I need confirmation that its okay!!?
Looking for a short, well-known musical?
What is a good audition song for Ragtime?
how to quit a school play without getting in too much trouble?
best musical of all time?
I really want to be an actress, but i have no confidence and im so scared of looking stupid?
Wicked Character Question?
what is the latest movie sharon stone featured and is it as hot as basic instinct?
Does anyone know where yuou can get the script for dead set on channel 4?
Websites for casting calls in Ontario, Canada?
The pajama game. I have a few questions... who has more lines mara or carmen? and how much more?
does any one know hannah montana or miley cryus?
where can i find play auditions in Los Angeles/Hollywood?
im a male who needs an audition monologue for the merchant of Venice any suggestions? shylock is cast already?
who was youngest actor to win oscar before adrian brody ?
Is it possible to take your own headshot?
Antigone: What do we know about Creon and what can we speculate about him?
I have a callback audition that includes a body check. What Can I expect?
Would a daner and an actor go well together?
I am trying to make it acting, what is the next step?
who is best music director in india?
Ideas for a play!!!?
how to make a skit funny? the bullets zip past your head you reach into your pocket and realise....?
Should Broadway bring back Cats?
The Breakfast Club Script?
If I want to buy Big Bang tickets, will it be available on ticketmaster?
The Wizard of Oz...where can I find a free copy of the play???
What are some really good talent (especially acting) agencies in Canada?
i have made a large puppet from soft foam can i paint RTV silicone rubber onto it without it soaking in?
I want to make a short Film guys so plz tell me a nice story for my short film?
Casting calls in pennsylvania? s for best answer!!!!!?
I need a good musical?
How do you know if your talent is acting?
WICKED musical special offer codes?
Actor Headshot Printing?
Audition tape?
What is a good stage name?
what are some of the best theatre, acting, & music schools?
How long do you think it would take to become famous?
how can i get a job as an actress?
Where can I get old reel to reel movies?
who is KING KHAN of bollywood SHARUKH and AAMIR or SALMAN?
How do you know if you did well at an audition?
How long do I have to go to school to be a play director?
What Scenes Should I Learn?
does anybody know where i can buy some sheet music for Stars from Les Miserables, 10th anniversary edition?
I want to be a actor, and my name is Elizabeth but i hate it so i wat to find a nickname close to it?
Tips on very simple amature stop motion techniques?
I'm looking for a monologue that flows into a song?
How would you act out this short part?
How do I become a famous actress?
What films should I study to become a better actor?
actress last name similar to "Navazcos"?
is it easy to become a actor?
do miranda and aaron kiss in othello undone as desdemona and othello?
Starwars question???
Is Vancouver a good place to start an acting career?
quotes from romeo and juliet about the power of love?
Has anyone ever seen the play Don Giovanni?
what is theatres equivalent of sight and sound/empire etc?
In your opinion, who is the best singer for the role of Elphaba in Wicked and why?
How do I make myself mad??
Actorsfest NYC Information?
Nudity in Bollywood?
how can i start my acting carrier in usa as i'm indian?
how can i download high school musical 2 hindi & english songs for free?
Can u tell from an actor's performance that he's adopting method acting?
How to convince my parents I want to become an actress?
where i can download Skyfall (2012)?
drama club. need help finding play "hopeless hamlet"?
I want to be an actress but i'm just to shy?
how can i make a cheap realistic 'prop' torpedo for a theatre/stage production?
Fiddler on the Roof, The King and I, or Pirates of Penzance?
Is there High School Musical 3 &4?I need an answer asap!!!?
How exactly do you get the part for series or films? Can I trust these sites?
my friend is 16 she's mexican and she is considering acting, like how does she start and where are the....
How to voice act a boy?
POLL: Do you think you can fall in LOVE ONLINE,?
Quick question when submitting head shot through email for auditions...?
How much does a pianist earn?
Is Mary Poppins the musical good?
What dramas do gui gui and wang zi act in together?
Why do I suddenly want to be an actor?
I want to become an Actress but I'm To afraid to Tell my Parents.?
Shakespeare, was that how everyone spoke or did he actually put words together poetically?
How to Faint When Acting?
I want to be an actress HELP?
Has anyone ever heard of the actor Chase Kennedy?
Where can I find acting auditions?
wheelchair accessible seats in The Cricket Wireless Amphitheater only for handicap people?
How can I find acting auditions without an agent?
Are Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth the only Shakespeare plays they teach in school anymore?
Is this resume good enough for auditioning for community theater?
Have you ever seen a smiling theatrical headshot?
what would be good script for a university play?
How Hard Is It To Get Into AMDA?
Is this a good start to my character analysis of Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet?
i need advice , from you!?
Tips?? I'm auditioning for an agent?
Best place to sit in a theatre?
How can you tell if someone is a good actor/actress?
What are some good piano piece to play for a performance?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 15?
Whats your opinion on this video? (breakfast breaks)?
How can i get started acting in theatre?
How to get into the acting business?
can you buy the song "neon slime" that was played on the movie "vice squad"?
Hairspray the Musical. Can a school do this production even though the musical is still on broadway?
question about acting/being rejected?
How has the character of the Chorus or its leader, the Choragos, changed throughout the play?
Any IDEAS!?!?!?!?
musical fans??? answer plz
CUB FANS ... anyone have any 'bleacher bum' stories to relate?
Is this a good audition song?? (What it means to be a friend from 13 the musical)?
Who should I email pictures to in Dallas, TX to get my 6 year old brother in acting and modeling?
accents help?
Does anyone know where to find these monologues; or suggestions?
I need to make a costume but how? (10 points)?
I want to become an actor but my dad doesn't let me think about it?
Auditions In Chicago?
Can someone suggest a good audition monologue?
1 minute dramatic female monologues?
How did Iago in the play "Othello" was able to fool everyone around him and nobody could see his deceit? ?
Grease - Stage play.?
Good theatre get to know you games?
I need an upbeat Broadway song!?
Is the play "Little Women" rated-G? Or atleast appropriate?
Is Anna Nicole Smith,our next Marilyn Monroe?Does she have hidden talents?
How do you find auditions for tv and movie roles?
I'm scared to act, what should i do??
How can I get an acting career started and is it hard?
What song should I sing for America's got talent?
Legit modeling and acting agencies, please help!?
Is it possible to be too old to start acting?
what shakespearean chacacter gushes my lips two blushing pilgrims ready stand?
What is the difference between acting & real life?
where can i find the cow that says "leap of faith" when u squeeze it and its t-shirt says Rent (R) on it?
role playing question?
What are good acting agencies in Orange County?
I just saw Phantom Of The Opera [the play], and have no idea what happened. Can anyone explain, please ?
where can i buy posters of will hay films?
How I can become an actress/actor or a singer living in the L.A California?
any good monologue suggestions for a teen girl? preferably funny...?
could anyone possibly send me the links via email for the disney channel and/or auditions please? thanks?
Need help picking a musical number for 2 people!?
Is Acting/Theater a skill you can acquire or is it something your born with?
where can I get famous TV Show scripts?
What should my stage name be?
Where do people shop for Broadway shows such as 13 The Musical?
My 7 year old son wants to be an actor, where can i start?
How do you act like Pugsley Addams?
how is working for a theater?
When performing should one become the character that one is playing?
I feel Pretty?
Blue lake fine arts camp auditions?
What all goes into directing a play?
Romeo and Juliet?
any ideas would be apprecited?
How Do you know if the actors and actresses from twilight got roles in new moon?
how can i become famous?
How do you sing alto parts?
How much does an actor at a Haunted House get paid?
Why do most people who try to become filmmakers quit sooner or later?
What is some good acting advice for a girl playing a guy in a play? PLEASE ANSWER?
Need audition song suggestions for acapella group?
How do I start a acting career?
what is a good game to play with a class of about 10 people participating that are first time improv game play
How to do an intercut scene between two characters?
12 year old wants to become actress! Info.?
Are modelling agencies allowed to charge you for a portfolio or travel (e.g getting a plane for a shoot)?
"life was better when technology was simpler" do you agree or disagree? explain your reasons?
Is this model scout fake?
Have you ever applauded enthusiastically at the wrong time, while at the theater ?
Are dracula`s are myth or a fact?
Can you attend an EPA audition if you're not Equity?
Is Denzel Washington a lousy actor?
How can a person practice "acting"?
Play audition question?
What is the most humorous Shakespeare play?
How to start an acting career?
2 Questions about acting agents?
How do I start acting?
What's the best musical ever!?
Is This Good Enough To Play Minecraft?
Jekyll and Hyde musical question?
Which acting school is better: William Esper, Lee Strasberg, The Acting Studio or Ted Bardy?
What plays features this?
Once on this Island Audition Song?
Film director should also act or knows acting?
les miserables?
Help with drama class deets below :)?
Songs for Macbeth Soundtrack?
Modeling agency? Neal hamil?Scam?
tony performances tonight?
Romeo and juliet '?
why do entertainers exist? it seems to me that they have no purpose for taking up space in life.?
I don't Know weather to audion for Britain's got talent 2010?
What is a better acting name?
I want to become an actress but i am from kentucky do i have a chance?
Stage fright help? I really need it?
Does anyone know of any Acting Camps in the UK?
Is Melissa a main character in the play "Coram Boy"?
"Crisis Mode" Please help. I am struggling trying to obtain a good amount of money.. see below..?
If you want to bring a play to barbican in london what do you have to do?
I want to do a theatre camp??? But Im shy.. :(?
Legally Blonde The Musical?
what are fun themes for a play?
Monologue of a 7 year old girl?!?
When should I go to my private acting coach?
How to act like an anmie charter.?
How can i act overly masculine?
What is a good broadway song to audition for a [highschool] musical with?
where can i find tickets for groups sales to see the black gospel play "GOD' TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING?
How to get the lead role in a play?
Guys I need help please! I can't act!?
Do actor that wear glasses wear there there own ones on TV for every role?
How will I memorize a song in just a day?
I need a dark monologue for my audition?
theatre acting?
How to get over stage freight? Please help!?
To be or not to be...?
i want to become scene how do i do it?
Do you have to read the book or see the play before bying a soundtrack to a musical?
is toy story 3 in 3d still in theater?
Where to get headshots done in Syd?
Does anyone have an idea for a hollywood theme skit or roaring 20's skit?
neil grainger british actor?
Does anyone know the author/director for Assassins?
I need a monologue for acting class asap!?
Drama teacher mad at me for being behind? Scared to go back?
How Do you get ride of stage fright?
Will this website give me legitimate acting agencies?
How do you make it possible to get a show like seinfeld out and finding someoene to tell.?
Andrew Lloyd Webber has favorites......... grrrr?
Who is the actress that she act on bonds of love?
Anyone could tell me the names of beautiful very skilled famous German actresses.?
i am making a playbill for a class play. i need help!?
I got the one of the main parts in willy wonka i am violet any advice to help!?
Im 13 years old and I want too become an actress?
I'm trying out for Ryan in the school play High School Musical. Any suggestions?
does anyone know of an agency that hires "celebrity doubles"?
what will u learn from a course named "theather art?"?
is it okay to have tattoos if your a actor?
From the musical A New Brain. Anyone know how I can get hold of "whenever I dream" sheet music?
What classes do I need to take to become an Actress ?
if you answer this question u will have my undying gratitude?
what is a show caller in theatre?
Putting on a Musical revue with story- Legal help?
Is it me or is Macbeth the most boring load of crap you've ever heard?
3dg has their name written on the CD...what text is it wiritten in?
can i have suggestions on a social issue skit script please?
Independent Film industry in Ontario, Canada?
how much dance is there in the wiz?
what do you prefer to be? hamletor ophelia?
How is marriage a theme of Blood Brothers?
what would a good song be to play at a year 10 farewell?
What do you know about High School Musical?
i was wondering if anyone knows anything about auditions for tim burtons version of alice in wonderland?
What are the qualifications to go to an art school and become an actor at my age?
i love acting and singing more than anything in the world i want an agent (13 year old girl)?
Im wanting to go to an Acting class/camp. I need a good one for beginners of course. Can anyone help please?
Beginning Acting for a 14 yr old?
juliette GORDON LOW?
If you are an actor/actress, how many shows have you been in?
Who has a good MFA program in Theatre Management?
could you class pantomimes as published plays?
I am thinking of going into acting. Not for fame I want it for work. Any advice?
In "The Phantom of the Opera," is the Phantom human or a ghost?
anyone know a great one-man play written for a early 20's male?
is proscout a legit talent scout thing...?
The most famous morality play is probably___________?
Ideas for Monologues to Write?
Drama (acting) help? Need help making a decision?
is high school musical 3 senior year rated r?
what do i do to get in a modeling thingy?
Musical help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what are some fun stuff to do at a girls sleep over if you have one of ur friends sleep over?
Favorite Broadway Show?
When and where is the next audition for the next harry potter???
Funny lines to put into a song summarizing "The Scarlet Letter"?!?
How do you audition for an American Girl movie?
Female parts in 'the crucible'?
Help me plz i beg u!?
Was Juliet a princess, from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?
Why did George Carlin do Shining Time Station?
which romeo and juliet do you prefer?
Does anyone know anyway that i can learn 50+ lines in a play with in 1 day?
I want to become famous?
Can you help me please in acting?
What's a good musical with a 12-14 year old lead? I need the answer NOWW!?
Objectives and obstacles in theater?
which play to do in school function?
Anything Goes Broadway Revival CD with Sutton Foster 2011..?
Can A 14 Year Old Work At A Movie Theater?
Do you introduce your monologue in a theatre audition?
wut is the best female part to get in Godspell?
I think it has become apparent that our humanity has surpassed our tecknology. yes or no?
I want to be Broadway Bound! But how?
where can i hear htis there a movie or smt because i need to hear the monologue...?
how many spellings for theatre?
The producer from "Pirates" sent mail back saying I can not send him my pitch bc it might lead to plagarism?
How do I get myself on IMDB?
What are some legit talent\acting agencies in LA?
How can I make myself cry on cue? I am an aspiring actress and would like to know to make scenes more real?
What is a good name for a musical play with Charlie Brown and Peter Pan.?
What are some safe model agency?
Is there a school version of CATS?
What would you see....Mamma Mia, Hairspray, Dirty Dancing or Grease?
Samantha Booke monologue/speech in The Great Debaters?
help!!! whats the best way.....?!?
Steve Martins education, where did he attend?
How do I get a good Beauty and the Beast play?
where do i find free duet acting scenes online?
Scared of public singing?
i really want to do acting, please help?
Any suggestions for a comedy script that will work well for readers theatre?
What is the appropriate business casual attire(for ladies) to wear for musical stage plays?
Are there any legitimate talent agencies in the Buffalo/Rochester, NY area?
Can I learn how to sing well enough for theatre?
tips for not geting "stage fright"?
If you were a clown, what name would you give yourself?
Sound of music charactor descriptions?
what kind of questions will they ask me when interviewed at ProScout?
How is it like auditioning for a show?
Does anyone have the actress lines for the National American Miss pageant for 2010 ?
I need a role to go for in my school musical "Into the Woods"?
Who wants to be on Disney Channel?
where can i find soundtrack of unfaithful move written by kaczmarek?
What was your favorite school play you acted in?
Why/how do tv actors and actresses get paid so much, since television is free?
How could I improve this script?
Help me please?
What song should I audition with?
I want to be a high-paid movie actor - where do I hang-out?
Other than acting what other skills are necessary to be an actor?
how do i contact the acting agent mitchell gossett?
I am auditioning for a play called the man who came to dinner, can you help me?
In Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, what is Romeo’s reaction to the Prince’s decree that he will he banished?
what would a principal for "rock & roll high school " wear?
how can i become famous ?
i was wondering if anyone new the email address to miley cyrus' agency, CESD agency?
How do you properly Slate in an audition?
Romeo and Juliet questions...?
In Romeo and Juliet...?
any good acting classes around torrance ca?
where can i get someone to read a short story i wrote?
Best musical ?
School talent show - buzzers?
How to become an actor?
play help please?
Ducks and Lovers by Murray Schisgal - do you kow the script?
Worth getting theatre tickets for seats in Rear Grand Circle?
Does any one of you want to make a career in acting...?
what are some good acting colleges?
Is "Marcell Black" a catchy acting name?
Should I do a HND in performing arts before I go to Drama School?
In order to act on Broadway....?
what is a good audition song if you want to be Sebastion in Little Mermaid?
I Want To Become | An Actor?
If you've seen the Lion King on stage, would you recommend?
Central Ca Acting School?! Please?
How can I get over stage fright?
true or false? Two of the most famous Roman comic playwrights are Terence and Seneca.?
what happens to actors when they stop acting?
Acting in Holland / The Netherlands?
i hav a pantomime to do. its with two people and its ha to be no shorter than 2 min and no longer than 4 min?
I consider Citizen Kane the great American movie of the 20th century. What other movies . . .?
Acting? Is it impractical?
What is macbeth about?
was sterling hayden's novel "voyage" ever produced as film?
Acting scenes for 1 girl 2 boys?!?
how to act this monologue?
Comedy monologues for teen girls that are from plays please?
In the Little Mermaid Jr., is Scuttle or Prince Eric a bigger part?
Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Scene 3 Quick Question?
I was scouted by a modeling/acting agency at the mall?
Please Help? 10 points?
Is Johnny Depp in New Mexico?
Why was the original production of "Merrily we roll along" such a flop?
where can i get a agent for filmes?
i need to find the directing style for Michel Hazanavicius?
Who wants to watch hairspray?????
What is your favorite Broadway musical?
I'm changing my voice when acting?
How do i become a west end star ?
I want to audition for Disney World?
Acting Wolverhampton?
What's your favorite Monty Python sketch?
how is the witch transformation performed in "into the woods"?
How to get auditions in theater?
Why is Tybalt looking for Romeo in Act 3 Scene 1?
What agency should I choose?
How much does a private acting coach cost?
Ballerina Kim?
a fun upbeat song for my montage?
Abigail's party?
If you could ask Naomi Watts one question, what would it be and why?
Rowan Atkinson monologue as Edmund Blackadder.?
modeling casting calls?
who would you become famous..?
Beginner acting resume?
what is the film that won 11 oscars in hollywood?I will help it is a romance movie?
I need a skit for two girls and one boy serious and preferably sad. Any ideas?
what are some good acting colleges?
Where should I upload video audition?
okay so i need to find this dramatic/very sad prose piece.?
i really need question is in details.?
What are the best comedy plays for high school students?
audition song for once upon a mattress...?
question about chances to be an actress?
How can I be an actress if I have a lisp?
about my future acting?
Ideas for Improv Skits? (ten points to best answer)?
Up-Beat Broadway song?
is actress scarlet Ortiz of Venezuela married to actor Yul burkle of Venezuela?
who are some of your favorite actors?
some funny video topics we can use? without props?
I am an aspiring actress. Which is better, a 4year acting school or just taking some acting classes?
Can anyone give me some tips and techniques of theater?
Does lacasting help you become an actor or is it a scam?
Girl with the golden voice!?
Where can I advertise (free or cheap) a business that focuses on building kids self esteem through acting?
play help please?
what is a simple definition of stage acting?
which is a lot harder to do as an actor? comedy or drama?
How To Get Started With TV Acting?
Cold reading tips????
How many Von Trapp children were there in the Sound of Music?
I'm trying out for my schools one act play?
where is the best place for a budding actress to be discovered in los angeles?
Do You Like (High School Musical) or (HMS 2) (Beter)?
Is it possible to find the an english script of this musical?
How can i become an actress?
Is this a modeling/talent agency scam?
what are the 3 things u will bring in an island?
shakespeare: part the second!?
What should my song for my audition be?
I am looking for a list of musical theatre duets for two high school girls?
what can i do to prepare for an audition with no dialogue?
Has anyone ever heard of the musical "Pal Joey"?
Plays about mental illness?
what are some good hollywood/acting books?
Actors: Dream role theatre and film?
what does it take to get into RADA?
What did the handkerchief symbolize in Shakespeare's Othello?
Do you have experience working with teen message theater?
Li'l Abner Script!?
What are good acting schools in the USA and UK?
who would you date if you could date anyone?
i really need a picture of sheakespeare's globe theater with labeled stage parts!!!?
"Elton John & Tim Rice's 'Aida' (Origianl Broadway Musical)" [movie version]?
How do I become a successful actress?
how can i submit script to hollywood?
I need a comedic monologe for an audition. help?
is the person playing Traceys mom in hairspray a guy?
Which Actor Inspires You......?
Does anyone know where I can find the script to play of The Diary of Anne Frank online?
Am I a good actress to you?
Monologue, Audition: Theme is "You are already dead but you are unaware of it."?
When you have to cry on cue how do you achieve it?
Should a young teen write an acting cover letter?
im doing a show with my stage school and im scared?
Next to Normal fans: 16 bars of Superboy and the Invisible Girl?
Hey can anyone help with this question?
how i become an actress in commercials and stuff when i'm on a tight budget,without a car,I live in Maryland?
what acting school or studio in the US do you recommend? (foreign student)?
13 Reasons Why forensics piece!?!?!?
"Sunshine" turns on the t.v....?
Who is the protagonist in the play julius ceaser? Why? Explain? Give enough info to base an essay on this.?
Thoughts on Act 3 Scene 2 Lady Macbeth?
Should I use a comedic monologue or a dramatic monologue for an audition at a professional theatre?
What what point does Bernard Shaw satirizes in Act II?
What are 2 good monologues for LaGuardia Drama?
Is it easy to become famous?
How do tv actors memorize all of their lines?
What are some good auditioning tips?
which headshot? *picutres*
What should I wear to my talent agency interview?
What are the characters that play in the play "The Colored Museum?
What did Maria von Trapp do?
Last Night I had a dream i was on TRL with Miley Cyrus and I had stage fright and I was just standing there?
Is it too late for me to become a 'famous' actress.?
What does acting for copy & credit mean?
How do you know if you're a natural actor?
what is your favorite quotes?
Why don't they make enough bathrooms for women?
Who really penned the plays and sonnets attributed to Shakespeare?
I'm going to play Pirates of the carribian original theme song on piano!?
What do you think of my audition for glee?
How many people do you need to perform the following plays?
Elle or Ella? And Why?
where can i find the best theater jobs in texas?
actors and sex?
What colleges have good Musical Theater programs?
How does a teen get started in the acting biz without any cons?
How long is the Disney audition process?
What would you do if your husband had a orgasome in the theater?
How many agents should I email to see if they would want me & how many should I have?
What do you think of my singing?
Good monologue for induction day at Drama School?
Where should I look for open auditions?
can anyone help me with any important facts about a roman theater? i need MAJOR help with this project plz!?
do you have to be skinny to break into acting?
how can I memorize 21 lines (for a play) in 1 day?
I want to know how to end my stage fright!?
how to master accents?
Dramatic Female Monologue please!?
If i become an actress, will i need 2 jobs?
Should i audition for honors choir again?
Anyone watching Phantom of the Opera in Singapore?
Acting or other jobs?
I need help to look for dramatic momlogues?
Guys & Dolls the musical?
What is a good comedic monologue for a "nervous" character?
Is this what acting agents are looking for?
what are some good chickflicks?
What's your favorite musical and song from that musical, and why?
help! parent trouble!?
How to fake a fever???????
What are some websites to find Broadway casting calls?
How successful do hollywood movies have to be as far as box office ratings go?
How do I become an actress?
What should I include in my bio for a playwriting contest?
Opinions on my piece I wrote for an acting class?
i want to get information on aashiq banaya app ne indian film staring by imran hashmi?
AMTC: what was your experience?
How do you measure, measure a year?
What is bridging and cold reading in Drama?
What are the elements of Elizabethan and Modern Plays?
how can i know about the musical concerts held in delhi..please if anybody knows let me know?
What are some good sad , happy, mad (fighting going on) songs?
what type of comedy do you like and why you like it very much?
How to become famous?
Was the Globe Theatre an amphitheater?
should i make youtube videos of me showing i can act?
I would like to...?
i need a plot for a comedy play, please help?
Can anyone explain why so many people are so stressed over the film "The Da Vinci Code" ?
What dress should I wear to play the role of Portia in ' Merchant of Venice'?
What are some female/female broadway duets?
I wanna be famous, someone help quickly.?
PLZHelp me pick out a setting for my play!! Such as elevator or somewhere she can get stuck in with her crush?
where can i buy a DVD of "The Mackintosh Man" starring Paul Newman?
Looking for information on Spotlight Youth Theatre in Glendale, AZ. Can't get through on their website?
I want to become an actor..?
Tips on auditioning for Eponine on Les Mis West End?
how do you get to the top acting stage?
How do actors make themselves cry on spot?
How does The Tempest reflect the growing tension between Science and Magic in Europe?
What does being a Natural actor mean?
I'm 14 and i want to become an actress?
Help with the play The Importance of Being Earnest?
stage school in UK help please ?
does any body know a singing any singing teachers in ontario?
Has anyone every attended John robert powers school for acting? how is it?
any acting tips?
what was the last movie shown in theaters that had an intermission ?
What's your favourite musical?
im trying out for the wizard of oz this year for our school play im a freshman so does anyone havey any tips?
If your an actress how do you act when your on your period?
The main purpose of stage directions is to...?
Good acting plan or not?
If you find the following assertions plausible, can high heels then provide competitive advantage?
What are good movies/tv shows to find monologues and scenes for kids and preteens?
Whats A Good Way To Be Discovered By Modeling Agencies Or Casting People?
Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Tips for my audition?
Audition Help???
casting extra for new movie.?
Whats a good stage name .. ???Help?
who made first animated movie?
how to find geetha kumarasinghe's address?
I have an interview for an acting agency, teeth are a problem?!?!?
Does anybody know the key scenes in Act 1 of Shakespears Romeo and Juliet ?
Best way to proceed in the unlikely event of a timed audition...?
who went to the globe theater ?
Why is union membership and an agent the most important things, and not talent?
How can I get a job in movies?
What is a good acting agency for kids?
Phantom vs. Wicked?
Any Good *Teen* Dramatic Interpretations for Drama??
why did hollywood become film capital of the world and not new york city?
How do i become famous at school?
how long is 16 bars ofmusic, i have to audition for a musical and its my first one.?
Acting, Playwriting, Directing, and Production help!!?
How do I start my own entertainment company...from porn to acting model and alllll types of talent ?
If i do stand up comedy can i just be myself?
Has anyone seen "O" at the Bellagio? How long is the show?
Where can i find Gilmore girls Monologues?
High School Musical or Camp Rock??
Was William Shakespeare Gay?
Can a woman perform a man's piece?
Does any 1 know how to do any special effects like for actual plays not ones on cameras?
What is the strongest position from which to have the following characters enter the stage? Hero____,Villian,_
do u think changing ur name is a good idea?
Jennifer Ellison Fame Academy? PLEASE HELP?
Finding an acting agent in Finland?
Drama audition help! Scared!?
I'm 13 & I want to start an acting career. Does anyone know any good agencies or auditions around SF, CA?
Im goin to see We Will Rock You on the wkend with my boyfriend!!!!! IS IT GOOD????
Do you need a work permit for someone who's 14 to be an extra in a movie?
Teenage monologue????????????????
i'm trying out for tallulah in our school play - bugsy malone. are there any tips that you can give me? thnx!
TRUE COLOR??????????????????????????
if you become an actress do you have to shave your arms & legs?
Did they ever release Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express and Les Miserables on video?
Where can i find casting for The N?
Any good audition songs for the musical "Oliver!"?
"O" vs Zumanity: which is better?
What do you call the way in which actors speak? dramatic effect?
Who plays young Adam Sandler in Thats my Boy?
Heavy Metal: The Musical?
any advice on how to overcome stage fright?
acting resume?
When it comes to the play romeo and juliet Who or what do we pity/empathize? What do we fear? Why?
How to write a play script?
Bad dress rehearsal, good first night?
Stage Manager?
I'm looking for this Musical on DVD; I'm willing to pay almost anything for it!!?
what is your favorite number from a musical?
Curious question for Les Misérables fans?
Where would I find shoes for a geisha girl costume? Thanks?
finding my acting "type"?
where can i find this karaoke mp3?
Do I have a shot at acting?
Can someone write a resteraunt role play setting?
I need a Play script? Does anybody where I can gey it from. I need it buy Monday?
Musical Theatre Or Acting?
where can I find photos of Tiffany Bolton?
My parents wont let me have an agent but i really want to act ( i live in the uk and am 13 ) any ideas?
Who here has seen/ been in the Crucible?
modelling agencies?
Why did Jennifer Lawrence get nominated for an Oscar?
Legit, free casting sites?
Any proffesional in acting or drama?? or any related to this proffesion?
what are the steps to emote?
have you seen the musical, "wicked" ?
what are good agencies to sign with?
Does High School Musical 2 suck or what?
i want to be a child actor but i have no experience what so ever what should i do?
Audition Forms Question?
what is the song they are playing in the movie center stage its the song they play at the very end?
Best looking actor?
What are some cool fun games to play in Drama?
Uptempo musical theatre songs for a soprano? college auditions.?
audition song for godspell?
How is an animation film planned?
I want to be an actor, what should I do about it?
how to anayles a script?
This may be a toughy but what are the production practices for Molière's play Tartuffe?
what do you think of helen mirren?
what is aluminium die casting process?
As Romeo and Juliet are about to part, how do their attitudes differ?
can a 13 year od play annie?
did munchkins really hang themselves in the wizard of oz?
If I go to a high school specifically for the arts, should that be included on my resume?
About en minutes ago I decided I want to be an actor, where do I start??
Images agency in st Louis? (John Robert modeling)?
Acting, Thespians, Theater, Performing Arts?
What does it take to become and actor/actress?
I'm Nervous About My Audition for Cats?
Does anyone know any genuine websites that show auditions for teenagers in London for acting/dancing in TV?
What was the acting style of medieval theatre?
if you answer this question u will have my undying gratitude?
Can you mention a singer's name in a script?
How to improvise in acting?
Romeo and Juliet balcony scene?
How much money do people on Broadway make?
Question in death of a salesman literature?
Star Cast Auditions? Is it a scam?
Can you suggest an appropriate play?
How do I become apart of AEA or SAG?
What are stock characters in drama?!!!?
Do you need to be pretty to be an actress ?
what are the nature comparisons in Romeo andJuliet?
what is your favrote songs????????? mine is hips don,nt lie!!!!?
I need a song for a West Side Story audition!?
Hello There! I'm auditioning for Brighton's Beach Memoirs. Can you help?
Is for real? What about
Upcoming films that will take place in chicago illinois?
How long does a Broadway actor career last for?
Who has play the part of Max Bialystock of the Mel Brooks's Producers on stage on Broadway or London?
Did you go to a school play?
I really want to be an actress - but I'm SHY?
How to audition for "footloose"?
Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet!?
i want to buy the rights of the play oliver twist?
Does anyone else go to Humphreys School of Musical theater?
How many of you are slightly saddened at the death of David Carradine?
Not much auditions coming from agent?
how can i become famous?
who was clint eastwood's farther ?
I want to become a actor but how?
does anyone have any ideas on memorizing lines?
what's your opinion about Zac Efron?
Need Hufflepuff help?
Dead Man's Cellphone Play?
I need Career/Major Advice?
how do i become a voice actress?
useful advice please ...?
Im looking for this movie?
Where To Pursue My Dream ?
Macbeth Act 1 question?
I need a duet scene for two girls from a published play? PLEASE HELP!?
Give an excellent title to my Short Film. . .?
Where can I as a small town 15-year old begin a foundation for an acting job?
i think im pregnant im 14?
Audition song for hairspray?!?
If Calista Flockhart had a brother named Clark, could you say his full name 5 times, fast?
how could i speak with robert de niro?
Should I accept this offer?
How do you know if your audition went well?
what is the best state and city to start an acting and modeling carrer?
How can I get started in Acting like starring in movies?
Good Acting Head shot Companies?
Does anyone know how I can find a commercial monologue or prepare a 30 second commercial for an audition?
Architecture courses and preparation?
Auditions for disney channel in new york?
A lonely 80 years old widow is looking out her bedroom window?
How do I get the casting director to like me?
Musical theatre songs for teen?
I need ideas and help?
Doctor Who Script Help?
SM Entertainment Global Audition?
Why does everyone think Mel Gibson is an Australian?
Im looking for an agent?
what is the meaning of Aida?
What are some good legitimite acting companies ?
What are some good acting organizations and/or groups to help me become an actor?
I have a disney channel audition?
How to cope with doing kissing scenes in play?
I need to know how to say this in a New Yorker accent?
How does Jill from " Butterflies are Free" dress??
what are some good agencies?
Personification in the play Romeo and Juliet?
how to improve your acting skills?? how long will this take??
How can you become an actor or actress in a small town?
Play boy and Play girl?
How is Lion King the musical like?
Help with first audition for a film...?
Do you have to be asian to audition for SM Entertainment?
in the first movie jaws what is the name of the song that they sing on the ship,?
good filmss for teens?
MacBook acting weird ?
Good male songs for panto audition?
Is 16 too late to start acting?
I want a boy friend, but I'm too busy to spend time with one if I had one. What should I do?
Shakespeare vs. Marlowe? (english geeks)?
Do i need formal training to be a successfull actress?
I need some tips on acting. BTWS im a girl, young and need an online acting coach. If your interested reply.?
Which job is better for an acting career?
how far???
I would have gone if it was Scarlett Johansson, wouldn't you?
Good Drama uni's in britain?
Teen monologue for play?
Please help me out to live my dream? >.<?
Where can I land a real acting job?
How can I become an actor? It is my goal and I would like help?
I'm 16 years old, and I've been determined to become an actress. Help? help?!?
Do you have to be short to become the <ideal> actor?
what is the annual salary of a broadway director?
Should I continue doing theatre?
How to act out this monologue?
Great colleges for musical theatre in VA?
can disney channel accept singaporean actors?
voice acting keeping dialect?
What are major commonalities among Chekov's plays?
Why do you want to be an actress/actor?
How can I ask my parents if I can do this?
Anyone know where i can get instrumental music free for-Les Miserables - Bring Him Home?
What colleges will be present at the NETC auditions spring of 2010?
Does anyone know how to construct a stage blood pump?
Where can I find an audition?
who know what the best part of the play Getting home by anton dudley is?
Audition advice for 13 year old girls?
In Explore Talent, what does the following mean?
Please write a movie script!!!?
Does Judson Scott still act?
i'm doing a portfolio on romeo&juliet i need a website that i can find a backdrop from and props from?
Macbeth - Behind every great man is a great woman??
Which of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas is your favourite?
Isn't Breaking-dawn coming out in February? Then why can I get from my local library?
Who is the best and the worst actor?
afraid to try out?
Was it me or Marcel Marceau?
when is it too old to start acting?
What's the best website to look for acting auditions in new York city?
What is the best musical ever? NOT a movie, MUSICAL!?
Female dramatic monologues?
College Audition Help?
why do people ask so many questions?
What are the consequences of doing a movie as a stage-play without paying the rights?
Who is the best actor of America ?
Does anyone know a Great Tragic monologue??
What does it take to become a Singer?
What musical should I see?
acting please help me?
Who took Philip Seymour Hoffman's headshot?
What's your favorite hobbie and why?
can some one help me find a monolugue?
How much oppurtunity is there left?
Can I get your opinion on this headshot plz?
Can someone tell me more about this monologue please?
Les miserables fans!! ?
How to 'come out of my shell' in drama?
i'm trying out for the wizard of oz at my school...any ideas for a monologue?
Does going to drama school show weakness?
How did Brutus's decision to not kill Antony hep determine the outcome of the play (Julius Caesar?)?
Auditions and castings?
Does the Nicely Nicely Johnson part from Guys and Dolls have a lot of lines? Or any tips?
Has anyone ever heard of these Atlanta talent agencies? Maultsby, Babes 'N Beaus, & CTK (ECT)?
Understudies in Melbourne production of "Wicked"?
Why do actors seem to over-act in theatre?
5 Guidelines when staging a play?
High School Theater Dressing Rooms?
Why do modern day audience still enjoy Romeo + Juliet?
Katy Perry California Gurls vid?
Is Camp Rock or High school musical 3 gonna be more popular?
Do you like high school musical?
A good acting agent in brisbane?
Is wanting to an Actor a realistic goal?
If you were an actress/actor what movie or soap would you do?
acting schools in south jersey?
how can i act like sharpay evans?
MY COUSIN WANTS TO KNOW... How would he go upon being a porn star, how would you start off, seriously?
What is your favorite of Shakespere's Plays?
Is this monologue overdone?
4 weeks to learn script?
I want to be a film super star in hollywood who can help me I live in iran ?
Hamlet help urgently needed badly! please please pleeeeease..?
What is the proper term for a female actor?
how do I act like Val from 'Awkward'?
what is the Adam Blamire memorial trophy for drama all about? who is adam blamire?
want to become an actor?
i saw a unicorn with two horns?
I need a voice actor!?
My jyp audition problems...sad:(?
Two singer sketch from Saturday Night Live.?
Any good ideas?
Advice if you can please..?
Do actors really have sex in sex scenes?
How can I found out about interships for Theatre?
who portraued wyatt earp on the hbo series deadwood?
Am traveling to Sydney & Melbourne & Aukland soon. How do I find their audtions for film, TV &/or theater?
Know any good monologues?
HORRIBLE part in play!!! WHAT DO I DO???
Tips for practicing a boston accent?
I want to be a billionaire by the time I'm 35. I will be restarting my acting career in 2007. -Ryan D Downs!
Annie play character ages?
Do you need acting classes in order to audition for TV Shows and movies?
Do you like Sarah Bernhardt?
Have you heard of the song Grey?
MM&Co modeling a scam?
in what part of the "wicked" broadway musical does it show a great example of an ensemble?
Any good tom-boy monologues for a pre-teen girl?
Crossover question from musical to theatre?
What is the religious preference of the majority of hollywood actors and actresses?
I want to be a voice actor. What to do? How do i do it?
How can I be like mabel pines from gravity falls?
Film And T.V Director?
What are some quotes by Shakespeare?
How can I become an actor?
What are open casting calls?
What do you think about the " Monologues"?
Online open casting call help?
Valtrex Commercial Spoof?
I'm directing a play, and on the set i nees a waterfal. Does anyone know how i can make a waterfall for stage
Will I ever be able to get into college for musical theatre?
What are 32 bars of "I could have danced all night"? PLEASE HELP, audition is in only 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Too old for Theatre?
Name the movies in which Pretty Zinta dies?
what are the best agencies for aspiring actresses?
I need a phrase for the treble clef lines E G B D F?
How to apply for an acting in hollywood?
What's a classical one-minute monologue to audition for Dracula?
Im thinking about taking some acting classes, any suggestion? Thanks?
I want to be a billionaire by the time I'm 35. I will be restarting my acting career in 2007. -Ryan D Downs!
Acting studios in atlanta?
I'm working on a musical that requires smoking onstage. How do we do this without hurting the actors' voices?
Little shop of horrors?
Is this a good headshot? I'm sending in a resume with this for an extra agency.?
I am auditioning for Fiona in Brigadoon and would like to know if anyone has any song suggestions? :)?
In kannada the most precious actor is Rajkumar can you tell in how many films he was acted?
How to get an acting carreer at age 10?
Gay porn stars seem to actually enjoy being porn stars. Do you agree?
Movie Scipt questions?
Theatre acting vs Film acting?
Where does Miley Cyrus live right now?
Whats the fastest way to be a young actor ?
What are the characteristics/elements of farce?
what is "A Turn" when describing plays?
Im really confused and upset that what to do?
What are some tips on getting known in the acting business?
Can someone give me a good tittle for my play?
What is the name of the movie that Tom Hanks and John Candy played in and it was about a mermaid?
Acting degree needed?
Can you name theatre groups interested in brand new comedy that is take off of Sound of Music. Funny play!!!!
Where can I take acting classes for film as a college student?
I've been acting strange recently?
Where could I get Disney channel auditions?
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION Can I major in drama (acting) and Public Relations and minor in cinematography?
How to balance college and acting?
Does anyone know where i can purchase a copy of Amanda Story by Elma Verity?
thirteen the musical auditions?
Who Said this. . .?
Modern audition monologue, classical theater production?
Hello I got a call from a modeling/ acting agengy and I was wondering if it is a scam?
What is a good script/scene i can read for an audition?
Me and my friends need to act goth for a day?
was gaius julius caesar a bad man or good man?
If I wanted to become a voice actor do I have to be an actor first?
What song should I audition with?
is there any Drama schools that i can attend for a 'Musical Theatre' course?
which is better?
Good song for musical audition?
Is getting a High GPA a big deal?? I want to be a Performer/Entertainer or an Artist?
Comedic Female Monologues?
How can I write to actor Jon Voight? Agent's name and address please?
Help with ideas on funny or sad skit/script?
25 words that end in R?
Where can i get tickets for the high school musical 3 premiere in London?
Theatre Show or Movie and Why?
What is your honest take on the profession of acting?
Facial expressions? Help?
is an ideal husband by Oscar Wilde a contemporary play?
is 13 too late to be a child actress?
All my children Screen Plays?
acting class interview?
Ive got a questions about actors?
Commercial Acting vs. Film Acting?
what is a policle dog, as in cats musical?
how was al pacino's acting in scarface ... how was it?!?
Are there any agencies who has auditions that doesn't make you pay for your own traveling and stuff?
Which Broadway Musical Should I See?
i'm thirteen ,how can i become an actor?
What is a good idea for a school play............?!?!?!?!?!?
How should I continue & finsh writing this script for a puppet show with little kids watching?
November 16 Breaking Dawn pt 2..........?
I know I am a good actress but I never seem to get picked for anything when I try out and it seems?
I need some ventriloquist act ideas. I have a dummy and need some new material. Please heeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!?
Why is a DVD audition a low advantage to RADA?
'Antigone' - Sophocles help on the play? Any help appreciated! Best answer .s?
What do you know about High School Musical?
So I'm going for an audition on Thursday ..?
Does anyone know the play "Check Please" by Johnathan Rand?
What are some legit Literary Agencies in Los Angeles?
The Acting Corps or The Acting Studio at Edgemar FKA Larry Moss Studio?
I need to cast an actor for a role - Central Manchester , playing age 9, Male?
I am a high school student who has been chosen to direct a play. Could I have some input?
How big is the film industry in New York City?
Should i join the "glee" club at school?
I need websites to inform me on WORLDWIDE acting auditions, roles, etc. Please HELP!!!!?
name the navras of acting?
What do agents do exactly?
What is a hilarious play for a large cast?
where to go to become a actor?
Has anyone ever died on stage/set?
Are U A Artist??
Theater Homework Help. ?
Good song for an audition?
I want to be nail technician ado?nyone tell me how?
How does The process for getting cheap or discount ticket work at the Pantages Theater?
Where can I see or download The Light in the Piazza?
where can i watch the miss saigon play?
were is an acting class in asheboro nc?
What do you know about the play Little Women? Is it different from the book?