In Antigone, by Sophocles...?
how do i become a disneychannel actor?
Funny play idea involving a superhero?
does olivia herbst sound like a good name?
Where to find this play?
Do you know any plays that i could be in?
Are you an actor/actress? Is acting important to you?
What are some obscure musicals/musicals with funny or interesting topics?
What is the appropriate dress for a Broadway Matinee?
Extra Work on Acting Resume?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
If you were a clown, what name would you give yourself?
Do you need experience to be in "forensics club"?
summer workshops for technical theater?
Musical theatre songs for girls?
What does it mean if someone refers to themselves a "realist"?
Poseur Casting Rachel Maude?
I really want know if there are auditions for any shows or anything in SINGAPORE. I am really desperarte!!HELP
How can I enter the dubbing industry?
What is your favorite musical?
Can someone please get me a agent?
Good Idea for a Research Paper on the Glass Menagerie??
How would i become a Phone Actress?
what is your favorite quotes?
Does anyone know of good talent agencies in Northern Michigan?
Audition for Kim in Miss Saigon?
Beginning actor resume, no experience!?
how is Selena Famous for her acting and ..............................?
How to write a script and film a movie?
What type of poetry do people say when they're in coffee shops and say it expressively?
Can anyone tell me what The Alchemist by Jonson is about?
Question about Macbeth?
Help ! How to deal with kissing situation ?
Anyone know in which act of Romeo and Juliet "so dear I love him that with him I could endure all deaths" is?
I need a song for my drama improvisation at school,theme is lonliness and i cant find a suitable song,help?!?
Are acting auditions in New York?
I really want to become a teen actress, any advice on how i can make this happen?
help! my question 10 points and i will add you and star one of your questions?
What is a good two person play?
Confussed...Should I go for my dream, or for what I think is right?
Dictator impression - middle-eastern accent?
Which Casting Website to choose?
Anyone know anything about Macbeth (the play)?
Have you ever seen The Monologues?
i want to know what are the scopes of a mass com student?
Nerd outfit?
What could be a funny piece for oral interpretation?
Performing Arts Schools in the New England Area?
How do I start my acting/musical theater career??
how do i get good perseverance and a positive attitude?
i need an epic simile from act 1 of julius caesar?
Would this be a good idea to do in the school play?
What are my odds of getting off this waitlist?
how to get the girl to see you for how u are with being yourself?
What Library do I apply to, to get the rights to perform "Harvey" by Mary Chase?
What harpsichord piece is this?
what are some acting producers or casting directors address and email so i can send my acting business cards?
Can I audition for Glee casting calls if I don't live in the USA?
How to talk like Adelaide from guys and dolls?
I need a Monologue Analysis From The Play Inherit The Wind.?
Acting assistance needed?
What is Les Miserables about?
What is your favorite musical?
how to act like a ditsy air-hostess?
Auditioning for Chamber Choir?
I have to audition for a theatre play I'm in, any song ideas?
Theatre Questions about Michael Chekov?
How does someone go about making a Stage Name?
how many times do ghost appear in shakespears' plays?
I need any ideas for a drama play of no more than 3min - the theme is blue! help!?
The main idea of romeo and juliet?
How would i know if i can act?
I don't know what to do during an audition?
I'D love to be an actor..?
Anyone know a Talent Agency?
Can someone help me with the stage directions?
I really want to model..?
Screenplay writing question?
Do you really have to go to school to become an actor?
i need a little help with a stage name?
What is a great plot for a play?
Is it true that when backstage, artists just undress and even stand naked infront of each other?
When is "The Life of Reilly", Charles Nelson Reilly biopic coming out on DVD or theatre?
this is to actors,i want to be in a school prodution someday but the idea of i'll forget my lines pops up?
what should i do if my x boyfriend wants me back and someone else likes me?Tell me what should i do!!!!!!!?
I need an actress for my character?
What does Theater mean to you?
potential for modeling?
Playing baseball and acting?
Answer this riddle in a rhyme.....?
can i be a succesfull actress without taking drama in school?
Please help me with my film script?
What kind of questions should I ask at an audition?
12-14 year old old open call auditions for broadway?
How can I change the way my voice sounds?
Opinions in modeling?
In what play can i get a monologue?
How does Romeo plan to enter Juliet's house?
What are musicians who play for money at subways called?
I lost my voice and I have an audition?
Two minute monologue?
How do you pronounce the names of the students in Les Miserables?
What song should I audition with?
music ideas??
Oliver the musical? Not RACEST?
Is there any place I can get the theme music to All My Children for the piano?
best bollywood actor?
Could I be an actress being so short?
Musical lovers?
this is a cry for help?
im 13 and i wanna be an actor?
How do you make a fake whip that leaves blood streaks?
What are the characters for suessical the musical?
did kristen chenoweth and idina menzel get along during/after they performed wicked?
what are some acting agencies i can send my head shots to?
Monologue for Musical?
what is the mailing address of the Korean actor Lee Dong Wook?
What were some movies set in the time of king Arthur?
The Taffettas?
Whats a good way to memorize this?
What three important aspects of mime (the art form) must one remember in order to comunicate?
who's your favorite actor/ actress?
im 14 an i was wondering would i still be able to audition for the part of will parry for 'the subtle knife'
head line for project who killed king duncan in macbeth?
How many judges are in the room with you when you audition?
who knows someone in the acting business that would give me a shot?
How long does the play The Tempest run?
whats your favourite musical?
iam auditioning for [[resume pics]]?
What song should I use for a lip syncing project in drama class?
Cute date ideas for a yaoi roleplay?
Are rush tickets sold for every brodway show ?
Shakespearan sonnets?! I want one about sneaking around with someone taken?
Where can I meet Wendy Powell? (I live in California???)?
What, in anyone's opinion, is the best way to break into the acting business?
Children's Theatre plays?
How can I develop my character in my play?
What is meant by the term ''the well-made play'' ?
what is your VIEWPOINT ? who is the best actor and actress in hollywood ?
Can writers act in their own script?
What do you have to do to become an actress? What is neccessary?
How Much money do I need to move down to Manhattan into like a rented room???
could someone mail me "eden espinosa Last full show in LA"???pleaseeee.... i love WICKED THE MUSICAL!?
I want to use a Halloween Costume to enter a Commercial Contest. Am I able to do this?
how much do child actors get per day?
What events take place in Shakespeare's "Julius Ceaser" Act 1 Scene 2 inside the arena?
Is the title Julius caesar apt?
Name the most famous actors that began studying acting in their 30's?
I am 21, I want to be an actor but have no previous experience, how can I get an agent and get famous?
to the british horror fans: Are the italian horrorfilms much better & having more gore than the Hammer british
contact info for 20th century fox or any movie company?
What to do with your body while singing?
What is Actors Aid? I went on an audition, and someone told me to give them my headshot.?
Ho do you overcome stage fright?
I need a contrasting monologue for this :D?
How can I become a succesful actress?
Is this good writing?
what is the name of the actor who act Paolo in saint Rita life?
Any upcoming Auditions for 2013 work?
What movies are playing at the dollar theater in Plano, TX?
Can someone summarize these acting articles for me?
Are you required to bring anything to a movie audition?
In Wicked, who sings the lower harmony in What is This Feeling, Elphaba or Galinda?
What are some modeling agencies around el dorado ar?
girls, what do you do when u see a huge bug on the floor near you? and why do most girls scream?
how do u audition for a movie?
What is a good audition monologue from a play?
How much is the possibilities for me to become an Actor?
How do one get modelling casting calls? What are the requirements?
What is the MGM slogan?
The stage scenery in the play death of a salesman?
Turning 18 has made me want to consider other career paths?
Actors: What are some stupid, dangerous, or ridiculous things directors have asked you to do?
Please help me with acting! Agencies, names, etc.?
Where can I find a contemporary (modern) comedic monologue? Female, Late teens-20s?
Which copy of spring awakening should i get?
book or movie form first?
Need advice! Auditioning for a play!?
Footloose national talent search for the lead role?
Where can I find auditions?
are there any auditions in wilmington,north carolina ?
Acting Casting Websites?
is IMDB pro a good way to find names of talent agents(for screenwriters)?
Is it true that Daniel Radcliffe will bear it all in a London Play?
Is my audition tape for glee good?!?
I want to write a play that will be 70 minutes long. How do I gauge how much dialogue to write for 70m?
oral interpretation of prose?
What is Method acting? And can you teach yourself how to act?
What are some colleges in the US with good drama programs?
What do you need to get in to drama School ?
Question about Romeo and Juliet?!?
Opinions on Phantom of the Opera?
I am doing an audition on the 18th of august 2012?
Help with Theatre study guide?
Audition song needed for Grease. Must be an upbeat song from a musical. Please help! Thank you! :)?
Who thinks Salman Khan can dance?
Need help with a play script idea?
Audition monologues for 'Alice in Wonderland'?!?
How can I make myself cry on cue? I am an aspiring actress and would like to know to make scenes more real?
plays seats from front row?
How to become famous?
Should Broadway bring back Cats?
Mamma Mia!, Hairspray, Or wicked?
Why is this???????????????
acting work dublin??????????
Midsummer Night's Dream?
m.s.talent school?
How can an inspiring actor really get an agent?
is High School Musical 3 a movie for kids?
how do you get over stage fright?
Can extras become famous?
How does sending an audition tape work?
Are there any popular American actors in Indian movies? and...?
DOES ANYBODY have good sites that contain info about High School Musical 2?
Where can I find a Bugsy Malone/ flapper dress for Age 11?
how do you become a famous actress?
I need information on Rodgers and hammerstiens musical Cinderella?
Should I take acting classes while cast in a play?
Is this headshot good for getting cast?
How can i memorize lines for a play quick????
"Jesus Stay" script?
Was Shakespeare gay?
How do I get started with acting?
My parents wont let me have an agent but i really want to act ( i live in the uk and am 13 ) any ideas?
If a Disney Channel audition is announced on radio, is that a big Scam !!?
I want to be an actress.. What can I do??
whats a good way to memorize lines fast?
What solo musical piece should I do for competitions this year?
Help! Auditions for The Glass Menagerie.?
Witty stage crew shirt ideas?
School House Rock?
Where can a 13 year old girl find a acting or modelling contract in england?
how can i convince my mom to let me audition for a tv shows and movies??
What costume can a soothsayer (fortune-teller) wear?
Is it weird that I never asked how to become an actress?
I need a 15 seconde commerical!?
Should you audition even if you have no idea how good an actor you are?
Do you think impersonating an avatar (Na'vi) for a talent show is okay?
does anyone know when the britains got talent 2009 auditions start in manchester?
What to do when you've received a bad part?
Is anyone going to see Les Miserables this November? How much are tickets and Who is in it?
In the shekspearean play Macbeath, who actually murdered sleep?
How long do you think it would take to become famous?
Stage Name Help PLEAASSEEE?
Acting or Talent Agencies in Pennsylvania?
Beginning Acting for a 14 yr old?
where can i find a agent for modeling/acting free?
I want to be Scar or Rakifi in Lion King?
When is Eqqus coming to Broadway?
I want to be an actress now and i mean now no excuses so how do i become an actress now and i mean now so how?
Acting and youtube? Possible?
I want a star on television?
How do I do role play?
what are the legal aspects of making a documentary?
My Entertainment World, Auditions Website?
in the play "A Raisin in the Sun" what is a parallelism for the plot within the play?
Featured role in music video?
Who would play you in a movie?
I singed up for Talent hunter am a Actor how do i get more views?
Song or Monologues for a Thespian Festival?
If I'm playing the horse's rear-end in the pantomime, is it a good idea to fart for realistic sound-effects?
Should I drop out of school to follow my dreams of becoming an actress? Please help!?
Is it possible to get an agent with some experience?
Any actresses that MOVED to California to work?
Good one minute monologue for a junior high girl?
how do directors make kids cry in movies?
how to get over nervousness?
Perchance to contribute something?
Ideas For Videos On Musical Theatre?
HELP with song???!!!!?
kindly tell me the courses or acting colleges in USA, after which i get a sure job in acting profession?
What is your first impression?
When a casting director says "keep in touch", what does that mean?
What accounts for the reading of a letter from Romeo to his father so soon after Romeo's death?
for a screenplay, does It matter if....?
nick or disney?
Which woman's name most memorably suits petite, beautiful brunette artist? Thank you.?
Singing audition stagefright help!!!?
Acting call for audition and tips?
Why exactly are headshots so important?
how can a normal ordinary south african obtain an american learnership?
How quickly can you cry on cue? What is your method?
How did they make a photo like this! PLEASE GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP !!!?
Am I still able to audition for High School Musical Stage show if so how?
Are you a multitasker??
Rehersal help!?
1 Minute Monologues For Teen Girls?
Link to Ugh-A-Wug from Peter Pan (the play or the movie, animated/not animated)so I can listen to the FULL son
I think I'm too old to have an acting career?
Could you please give me some dialogue lines for a boyfriend/girlfriend / husband/wife scene?
is the show a secrert life of the american teenager.....?
Has the musical "Enchanted" moved to theater yet?
should i put this on my acting resume?
Acting? (Please read description)?
Is it better to go to New York or LA to pursue acting?
Are there any good plays that can be done at the highschool level that are Native American in theme, story?
Does anyone know if Arkie Michaels is still acting?
what is retreat from Moscow (by Don Taylor) about?
Is it possible to become a producer/director at my age (Late 30s) ? If so, whats a good career route (UK) ?
any fan of romeo and juliet fans out there ?
when ur reading an audition form, what does this mean??
I want a cool job like an acting job, do you know any cool jobs I could try to get?
whats a good 80's song for an audition?
whats a good short scene to act out from romeo and juliet?
i dont have confidence.?
how can u get in touch with movie directors or auditions for a movie if u want to be an actress or actor?
What colleges can i look at with awesome Acting/Musical Theatre Programs with a 3.4-3.6 GPA?
Have any of you seen the music video for Cleopatra Stratan when she sings "Ghita"?
Dr. Strange Love. message?
Actors: A Question About Mass Mailings To Commercial Casting Directors?
should i see the les miserables play before the movie?
Singing voice?
Good scenes to do in class?
Can you see good on these Civic theatre seats?
can u help me i run a dance an drama school in ire. dublin an need props and costumes with a latin flaminico?
How old is Miley Cyrus?
Pantomime (the play) question, by Deiler Walcott?
What should i do if i want to be a actress in nyc?
how old was Richard III at the time of his death?
High School Musical??
I want to go into acting! Help!?
Over how long of a period of time does the play "Hamlet" take place?
Merchant of venice? Act 4 scene 1?
What is Vanessa Ann Hudgens email? please please tell me!!!?
can directors be judgemental when hirering someone for an acting role?
2-minute monologue for woman w/contrasting genres, song optional?
realism and naturalism?
Can anyone describe one key scene where everything seemed to change or had special impact in the "Godfather"
Help...I'm too monotone?
will aishwarya rai and abhishek get married?
Is being a african american girl that plays the violin really rare?
Characters in Shakespeare's play that were of color?
Is it common to see actors naked in Theater?
Who controls the royalties for "Proof"?
meet dylan and cole sprouse sweepstakes?
Which is a better name?
WOMEN: Would you take this part?
Where can I find a singing and acting agent in Canada?
Would a 6 yr old enjoy Aida or be bored?
What Boston Legal cast member died recently?
How can breathing/relaxation exercises help an actor control his emontions?
What does electret mean as in electret microphone?
cool ideas for turning a dowel rod into a magicians staff. red and black and in less then 45 minutes!?
our school is doin "once upon a mattress for our spring musical and i need an audition song?
Ten points for best opinion on a song I wrote!?
Acting career from youtube ? ?
Needs help finding a Legit acting agent in Charlotte area.?
Catwoman Song for performance?
Can you open a Coogan Trust Account (for child actors) at CHASE Bank?
i wanted the photos indonesian artis, the name is ITA MUSTAFA?
how do you view the disneyland audition calendar?
What is your favorite Broadway Musical?
What do I do if I don't have a resume? 10 points?
What websites tell you where movie/T.V. auditions are?
Should i enter the talent show?
Has anyone seen the musical Godspell and is it any good?
My parents caught me voice acting?
Anyone know about Macbeth?
Who is the actor that plays Thomas on Secret Life?
Studio Addresses,....HBO, SHO,...and Robin Weigert?
Comedic monologues for teen girls?
How can i become an actor?
Pans Labyrinth, I asked where showing, sorry but no one could help thank for trying.?
has anyone seen the photo of Mia kovacs,an actress who died in 1982 in a car accident?very imp.?
how do you force yourself to cry?
Whats the name of this show?
How should I prepare for a voice over audition?
How do i apply for tv/movie extras in melbourne?
Anyone familiar with a character named "Draco_" in othello by shakespeare and which scenes he appears in?
i plan to enter the drama club at my school?
Why is it bad luck to say the name of the play Macbeth in a theater?
wats the significance of romeo and juliet act1scene1(R J first met)and its contribution to the overall play
Websites for acting?
Online acting classes?
Need help audition monologues?
does miley stuart have a brother?
A Midsummer Night's Dream Questions for Act i ? EASY 10 POINTS!!?
Does anyone know where I can find City of Angels lyrics?
Where's a good theatre to perform at in Hershey, PA?
Yg/sm/jyp audition for trainee ? Help!?
What should we do at the talent show this year?
Are there any auditions for commercials in High Point, NC?
How many bars is the song "Maybe" from the musical Annie?
philippine indigenous musical instruments?
Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Agents and Directors perferably ?
Do you think age 15 is to late to start acting?
Should I have a stage name?
Hamlet! help!?
HELP! I can Sing But I am Too Young And I wuna Be Famous! What Can I Do?
hi1 i want to be an actor and i have alot of talent?
west side story?
What is the best Broadway show you've ever seen and who was in it?
How do you pronounce Munkustrap? From the musical CATS.?
Where can I find 5 page plays for high school students online free?
What To Do In WV area?
does anyone whatch deal or no deal?
need some monologues please?
Which of these do you like the best?
what did theseus think...? Midsummer Night's Dream?
how to become an actress?
about acting resumes ?
How can I sign up for High School Musical 2???
what is the best play you have seen, heard about or read? I'm thinking of some theatre plays for highschool...
Anyone have any views on Hamlet...?
Doing a live show on stage,would you want to see the audience or just see darkness?
Would and adaptation of a piece still be considered classical? EASY 10 Pts!!!?
what do you think of the play wicked?
I fell terrible because im the understudy in my play.?
what are your thoughts on my film ideas?
Auditions for movies? In Texas? HELPPPP!?
Are there any auditions for new moon? if so, where, when, and for which roles?
Would it be appropriate for me to do this monologue?
Would this be a great theme?
Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene1 why do the servants talk in crude language about love ?
about Shakespeare's play? who have seen this play Hamlet. i am confused about some description?
What age do Broadway actor retired?
Acting-How do I approach it?
I really want to audition for xfactor uk but im not from the uk can i audition for it?
Please help me on this ipop audition, I just need some info?
Guys and Dolls character questions?
I like to do musical theatre...and can't sing well?
Waiting for Godot.......?
A modern english comedy monologue for women?
How can I memorize lines quickly?
Taking acting further?
What were the changes England went through in the Elizabethan Era?
Where can I audition for Disney Channel?
How do you recognise acting ability in a candidate during an audition?
Is it possible 4 me to have NO talent AT ALL? i'm no good at anything.i <3 singing,but ppl say im not good :(?
Why did Antigone, Oedipus' daughter, defy Creon's order and bury Polynices?
Im looking to get into acting?
where to hire theatre equipment in Devon??
Any websites with tips/methods for females playing male roles?
Does anybody know any good ways to stage a hanging for theatre?
is being a ballerina an impossible dream?
Thoroughly Modern Millie, character descriptions?
what to wear at a wizard of oz fancy dress?
whos the best actor/actress ever?
Are there any monologues from Nate Archibald?
Is there a major theater in chicago?
i want an idea for my drama monolgue for hsc.?
Jekyll & Hyde acting assistance?
I'm audition for "Little Shop of Horrors" Thursday, June 10, 2010.. <3 (audition/monologue help plz)!!!?
can u give me some ideas to write a 3 minute skit on floods?
how do I become a actor at the age of 13?
romeo and juliet?
Is it true that Dakota Fanning is going to play in Snow white and the huntsman II as snow white?
What are 3 upcoming important events in acting?
New York Agency Open Calls?
Looking for insightful answers on Hamlet's relationship with mother?
Where can I meet Wendy Powell? (I live in California???)?
if this guy have a crush on me and im an actress and i have to kiss in the movie will he have a crush on me?
If you HAD to star in a musical or motion picture. Which lead role would you take?
What is "Performance in the Round"?
I need funny skit ideas?
how old was zendaya and bella thorne when they started shake it up ?
Is Lion King the Musical good value for money?
If I go to the US on a B1 visa and audition , what will happen if i get the role?
for a show choir audition i need a pop song, i have a high voice but a classical voice so nothing to difficult?
What kind of photo and resume should I send in to the Disney Channel?
How should i get a modelling job?
acting work permit in the summer?
did you know i am a big boy now?
How does "The Wizard of Oz" work on an allegoric level.?
I'm looking for people who know how to role play?
movie ideas?
Any sage advice for my 13 year old daughter is performing on stage tonight? It is a musical.?
does anyone know how to cry? i want to go into acting but they said i can ony enter if i figure out how to cry
What is a good way to get an Equity Card?
high school musical?
How do I get a play I wrote copyrighted and published.?
Can someone please let me know the list of acting and drama schools in chennai.?
Anyone know where I can find the script for High School Musical?
I'm auditioning for Seussical the musical?
Is there any schools that teaches music/acting that would accept a student with a low GPA?
Help me singers please!!?
what do romeo and juilette learn about eachother from the nurse in act1 of romeo and juielette?
What is the asian stage show thing called where the performers are wearing all black against black background?
How can i get an acting career?
Are there any Non-Singing roles in "A Christmas Carol The Musical?"?
what song did miles play for faith's audition in the movie soul food?
Monologue Heeeeelp!?
How do i get into broadway acting? i wanna be onstage.?
What are some duet songs for musical theatre?
do you love JIM CARREY ?
What are some famous melodramas performed in theatre?
Is it hard to become a well-known actress?
How hard is it to become a professional actor?
Need help from modeling experts please? :) i choose best answer! ;)?
Any ideas for a great musical for a high school to perform?
what do u think of the talent in this years x factor?
How difficult is it for an actor to play a historical character i.e Umrao Jaan?
Does anyone know if all of the parts in Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging the film have been cast?
In Romeo and Juliet who or what can be blamed for their death?
Who is eligible for Super Star in tamil industry ?
Any one else out there LOVE to act?
Anyone know a monologue for a high strung character?
auditioning for a musical?
monologues for an 8th grader?
Aspiring actors and actresses. Do u wanna become actors because u love acting alot. Or coz u wanna be famous?
How do you get endeavor to represent you as an actor? ?
Writing script Help needed?
help! how long does it take to hear back from agencies?
Model Dreams?!?
Deep voice, could I have a talent?
How do I become a better actor?
A question about Super Man?
What are some very moving 1 act plays with a small cast? Preferably one that deals with unrequited love.?
What are some ideas for a funny video?
What part did PigPen play in Charlie Browns Christmas pagent?
how to act really cool?
Romeo and Juliet?
Is participating in a musical consider like a club?
Can you help me in finding a play?
where can I buy the complete works of Shakespeare real cheap,second hand will do, in liverpool?
what are some good chickflicks?
Wicked - the musical?
English plays- urgent!!!!?
Whats your favorite broadway musical?
Aussie One liners?
Does any body know where and when the HighSchoolMusical2 auditions are and about it..?
Why are actors who play high school kids so old?
Poll: Are you a big fan of real ordinary people?
How can I break into the acting business? Who do I call?
Does anyone know any drama games for two people to play?
What to prepare for my Drowsy Chaperone audition?
what is the power poit of Bollywood films?
How can I work on outrageous facial expressions?
What is a Juilliard audition like?
Whats the story behind street performers?
Any suggestions to who should be my actor?
in to kill a mockingbird what is the symbolic meaning of the mockingbird?
im auditioning for my highschools show kiss me kate, and im going to sing a song from that show 4 my audition?
What should a young, aspiring actor do to be able to make a career out of acting?
Which one should I use for a headshot (pics included)? If any?
Can Kate Winslett act?
Does anyone know any information on the jailhouse rock auditions?
What should I wear to my Beauty and Beast Audition?
friar lawrence in romeo and juliet?
Relaxation/concentration help?!?!?
people who r in the arts answer this?
What is the best seat to get to watch the phantom of the opera?
How can I become an Actress without actually having schooling for it?
Are there any free sites for finding auditions for movies/tv shows/etc,?
acting question???????
Where can i find the script for the play "send me no flowers"?
What is the appropriate dress for a Broadway Matinee?
How can I get acting experience in NYC?
How to really ace an audition?
touring theatre companies for home for older adults with LD: music, dance, fun?
Should I pursue a career in acting?
What song should I sing?
will i complete M.C.A and i will work in LPU?
What is the theme of romeo and juliet?
whose life is it anyways? Brian Clark?
Violet the musical Sheet Music?
What does it take to get a PHD in acting/ preforming arts?
Question about the book and musical Wicked?
Are all Broadway performances musicals?
scripts for musicals?
Pleas help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Does anyone know any info on the musical oh what a lovely war!?!?
Where can I download any of the following musical soundtracks online for free?
Advice for a young actress...???
Would acting be a good choice?
What is the name of the song in this is it when they show the ppl doing acrobatics and the designer speaking?
Are there casting opportunities in north Dakota?
Literature people please help!!! What is this type pf production called?
Can I have a tattoo and be an actor?
In Romeo and Juliet who ...?
Musical Theatre Dance for 8 girls?
What are some modeling/acting sites?
What are some legitimate acting and or modeling agency's?
can anyone help me make a monologue?
Where is a good bootleg of High School Musical on stage?
what is spider man actor real name?
why is it that there are millions of free songs available and yet even the public domain movies are not availa
Stage Names!? What Should It Be?
Auditioning for a musical?
what hapenns if you pass disney chanel auditions?
Am i too old for acting?
is a part-time acting course as good as a full time one?
Grease or High School Musical?
Marcus Brutus is an ideal philosopher but not a practical general?
Are you with me?
Acting help?
No one believes that I'm a real super hero.?
What is the best Broadway show you've ever seen and who was in it?
how to convice my parents?
do you think britains got talent , is fair or not fair ??????
What is the best way for me to memorize my lines?
How can I get involved in film?
Reactions to HSM2.?
I am looking for a scene I did about a crazy woman on the subway.?
I've always wanted to be in the biz but...?
Who do you think is hot Miley cyrus or Emily Osment?
Okay which of these Broadway plays will you see?
When becoming an actress......?
Can I take portions out from a song for an audition?
which country has no cinema theatres....?
Out of Town Tryouts of new plays generally run for how many weeks?
What is a "typed-out character audition"?
Monologue? Help!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the Wicked Witch of The West's real name before she became wicked?
Why is it that people (particularly students) say that guys who act or take theatre/dance class r gay? read on
Can someone give me acting tips?
What are some good monologues from Shakespere other than "to be or not to be" and "Romeo, Romeo"
What song should I sing (not from the show) for the audition of Bye Bye Birdie?
If you were given the chance??
Where do you get a demo reel made?
What is the story/theory behind "Misummer" as in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
What would be the best way to audition for Red riding hood from Into the Woods?
I Want A Acting Career?
what act and scene does macbeth kill duncan!?
i want the addresses of production houses for acting?
if u want to become an actor........?
When you hear you own voice, do you like it?
How do we script write? Is there any good web-site that explains everything from the basics to the best...?
i need producer....4 film making....plz help me friends.?
acting placces?
Romeo and Juliet: Mercutio isn't a Capulet or a Montague but does it mean he takes the Montague side because..?
How bad are the "bad" parts in Spring Awakening?
hey guys so much into media..i want to do a course on acting can any1 tell me abt any cheap course around
I need a rock musical audition song for an alto/mezzo soprano (can be from a musical)?
need Idea on a act play?
Is it harder to ace an audition if you have tattoos?
What is your Favourite Musical?
I want to be a director when I get older, what should I do to become one?
What's the best play you've ever seen?
What was your favourite "wow" moment in any play?
What could be the reasons why child actors don't always make it as adult actors?
If auditioning for a male role in Alice in wonderland what monologue do you suggest?
Do you think a KU girl with a lot of vocal, acting and dancing experience can get onto Broadway?
I want to be on Disney Channel so bad! Where can I get an agent in Austin Texas? where can I audition 4 disney?
Where to get authentic cheap GOOD SEATS for wicked?
What is the point of dialouge between dance and theatre?
just curious? does anyone have any suggestions or experience?
please help!?
How many characters are there in the play "Our Town"?
Is there anywhere in Los Angeles that has a good acting class? Does Pasadena City College have one?
How does a person over come shyness?
How can I get rid of my accent?
What should I do, i'm stressed out?
What degree did actor Robert Walden get from CCNY? What is his ethnic background?
Was Superman the new movie any good?
On ticketmaster for tickets to Wicked at the Pantages, what does it mean by "premium" tickets?
ARGH! Wig Drama! Ideas Plz!?
Need help becoming actress!!!!!!?
How was an actor viewed in Shakespeare's time?
Opinions on The phantom of the Opera, Broadway?
acting agency thing?
I need an amazing monolouge suitable for teens!!!?
Commercial print sample readings for modeling???
Acting question, Please answer... URGENT?
What amateur dramatics companies are there in London that i should look into?
Variety Show- any ideas?
Titus Maccius Platus?
How can my eleven year old sister become a child actress?
Which is a better Acting School? Vancouver Film School, or Toronto Film School?
In Roman theatre what kinds of Costumes, Masks, and Make-up did the Characters wear?
How do you play Jesses girl ?
How would I go about finding an agent?
im trying out for hodel from fiddler on the roof in my school play, any advice???
How do you make youself cry?
How did Lady MacBeth die?
actors obituaries?
Is it realistic to want to become an actress?
How can i get rid of my stage fright?
What are the top drama schools in the USA?
What are some prose pieces for speech?
How to play piano sheet music and where to get it for free?
auditioning for a musical?
do u like country music? if so y? or y not?
A good audition song for the musical Oliver!?
Agencies in MONTREAL?
My neighboors called the cops on me cause I took out my D.J system and was blasting gun sounds with surround?
can anyone do a convincing scottish accent?
What do you have to do to get involved with the Actors Repertory Theatre of Simi Valley?
Are there any GOOD websites than can teach me how to act?
Anyone got voice acting tips Professional ? Regular ? ... etc?
Does anyone know of a good Casting Agency to get into in Hollywood?
Was Shakespeare married?
If The Crucible and Arsenic and Old Lace were playing at the two different theaters?
What is a way to get discovered without an agent?
Did anyone hang themselves in The Wizard of Oz? My kids told me this.?
happy birthday for trombones, b flat major scale?
What is a better title for a script called "a new life"?
What other steps should I take to become an actor?
What are all the Broadway shows that you've seen?
west side story audition song?
Im trying to become a actor.?
Has anyone seen the musical 'The Light In The Piazza'?
where can i find a nice piece for verse choir?
Help on developing my character?
Is the play the Phantom of the Opera coming to Toronto in 2012?
in macbeth, What do the witches mean when they say, 'Lesser than Macbeth, and greater. Not so happy, yet much?
Do you have any good ideas for a movie?
I want a Summary of Godspell?
HELP!!! Is there a scene in "Romeo and Juliet" that has a guy and girl and no love in it?
Casting for Twilight?
How to become a good actress without classes?
Tell me about "The Fantasticks"?
I want to become a movie actor?
Do you know something about the soup-opera in Brazil about India?
I would love to write a plot/screenplay for a television show...?
What would you do if your husband had a orgasome in the theater?
West Side Story or Romeo and Juliet?
How Would One Improve Acting In A Dramatic Scene?
How can an aspiring actor lose his cockney accent?
how to read a script of the bachelor king on the computer?
classical monolouges?
what re the significant theatrical features, relevance and contribution made to theater by the Colosseum?
OMG! Im 12 and can sing opra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need Help!!!!!!?
Play script?
Musical Theatre College...?
what should i do 2day?
if any1 knows a 19th century theatre pic?
What song should I sing for an audition for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?
whatever happened to Tracy Lords?
Barnum the musical?
How do I create an updated acting resume?
Tragic Heroic monologue?
POLL: How well can you play a musical instrument?
does anyone know how to cry? i want to go into acting but they said i can ony enter if i figure out how to cry
Songs to sing for Les Miserables audition?
Help! How can I get my voice in shape for my play?
actors: do you ever feel like you're looked down upon because of your career choice?
I have to stage kiss a guy I actually like?
WhO lUrVeS HiGh ScHoOl MuSiCaL ( me!!!!!!! )?
The tragedy of Julius Caesar?
I'm giving myself 5 years to become a breakthrough actor. Is this too short of a time?
I'm an outcast.....HELP ME?
Teen Acting Classes / Theatres in NY ?
what is the best way to get in to set design/production without experience?
how was comedy implemnted in indian theatre?
Any ideas on what might have influenced Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet?
Has anyone out there seen Otis Cotton act?
Is my headshot good for a teen?
Can you give me some Soap Operas Ideas!?!!?
Can anyone recommend a scene from a shakespeare play in which there are only 3 actors?
Hi! I'm an actor. How much REJECTION should you take before you decide that maybe acting isn't for you?
May sound shallow but there is a standard... am I pretty enough to be an actress? pictures inside?
can i send my acting documents to an agency?
What is the correct name for spoken text in a piece of theatre?
Musical Theatre Solos for an Alto?
What was the theme music to the Thames tv series "Palfrey" of Westminster". Was it something by Bach?
Big River.... which part should I audition for??? (see below)?
Where should an aspiring actor locate himself in UK?
What is the minimum age to become a model?
Drama/monologue help?
what is attraction?
Ditzy but loveable monologue for a girl? Help! Please!?
Am I to old to start persuing my life long dream again? Which is acting.?
Does Rosalia in West Side Story have much acting to do? (Is it mostly singing?)?
Who did John Trivolta act with off broadway in Greese Tip A.B.?
Too young to watch Lion King the musical?
I need acting tips!?!?!?!?
I am 13 year's of age,And i want to become an Actress.?
If a black actor or actress is cast in a leading theatre role would their understudy also have to be black?
how old is Hamlet in Shakespeare's play?
I'm auditioning for "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"?
Ok I am preforming a scene in an acting class and Im playing a woman who just found out she is getting divored
What is the basic requirement to become a Movie star ( Only as a Hero )?
Acting, relating to other occupations?
I am looking for a funny tasteful costume for work, what do you suggest and where can I find it?
What song should I audition with?
Which form of entertainment is this?
How can I be in a Tyler Perry film or television show?
10 Points for your honesty. Do i talk too fast?
Daniel Radcliffe on broadway again?!?!!?
Does any one have Daniel Radcliffe's agency address?
What is a GOOD Christmas Play for High School Students?
I need help with submitting auditions online.Hurry,I don't have much time!!?
How can I get some theatre acting work?
Where can I get a Glinda costume?
Macbeth Quiz- tell me what u think?
What degree did actor Robert Walden get from CCNY? What is his ethnic background?
Comedic, contemporary monologue options for a broadway play or musical?
I wrote a whole movie and i want to convert it into a movie,how can i do that?
won anything?
i have a hard time remembering my lines for plays?
How do you set up a actor head shot profolio?
Is there any where to find free acting movie auditions?
who is the master carpenter of the apollo theatre?
Does it sound like I should pursue acting as a career?
How to make a cleopatra drama costume?
exactly when J.K.Rowling married for the second time ?
Could people in amateur dramatics get walk-on parts in films etc.?
Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the Capulets' feast?
what's the meaning of 'FANNA', Please give me answer?
Does any one know any interesting film terms? with definitions?
What is a better title for a script called "a new life"?
Difference between agency and school?
i have an audition next week and...?
How do I choose the perfect monologue for my audition?
Is acting a matter of opinion?
How to audition for a play really well?
how do i control getting nervous in audtions?
If a person who eats only vegetables is refered to as a vegetarian, wouldn't a humanitarian eat humans?
standing infront of class.?
Whats ur favorite broadway show?
Broadway Song for Auditions?
What does it take to be a successful actor?
girls how would you rate these actor guys ?
Help please dorothy auditions?
I don't understand this part of Macbeth? Is this a dagger which I see before me..?
I just got a part in a "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory", and the play is in two weeks!!?
How can I learn how to fake cry on cue?
Anyone know where i can find casting calls for DECENT movies like rise of the planet of the apes or somethin?
Can you identify this font for me?
Clive Russell the actor!?
Is it normal for an actor to be really quiet when not acting?
What kind of format should you use to write a theatre resumé?
Is there a difference in talent between somebody acts on Broadway or in Hollywood?
is romeo and juliet a true story?
What's the fastest way to memorize lines?
I was thinking for my script?
Toronto Academy Of Acting?????
is animation taking over tv commerials?
Do you have to go to Stage/Drama school to become an actress/actor?
Is anybody in the Chicago Area interested in attending a play?
how do i get discovered as an actress?
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Instrumental ?
costume for a part?
Marching Band skit ideas?
Is it okay to perform a monologue from an unknown writer for a drama school audition?
how do i get an acting agent in london ? (im new)?
Your favorite Shakesphere play?
Okay. I'm thinking of becoming an actor...?
How do they make?
Auditions in Puerto Rico?
If I go to the US on a B1 visa and audition , what will happen if i get the role?
Difficult situation?
i need a monologoue...?
Why do people think Ellen Degeneres can dance?
okay i want to be A?
Any Wizard of Oz/ Wicked fanatics out there?
were can i find disney channel auditions?
I need to contact Alejandro Jodorowsky how can I find him?
Good spanish songs for a spanish soap opera?
Wicked anyone?
Where Can You Get Autographs Of The Actor/Actresses Of NBC's Community?
What's the theme of Romeo and Juliet?
What musical theatre colleges are there in New York?
i am 13 and my mom doesen't think that the twilight saga: breaking dawn is appropriate for me is it?
How do you find producers to produce your show or at least hear about your tv ideas?
What do you think of my acting resume on IMBD?
Exercise to build chemistry between two actors?
can u help plz?
Do people think you can escape from reality by doing theatre? If yes why and if no why?
What should i do for my school's talent show?
Top Ten Acting Classes in LA?
I really neeed help here! I need two monolouges?!?
Any broadway song about finding love while still young?
Boys,who do you like more, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, or Ashely Tisdale? Only pick one.?
What are great locations to host an audition for film?
Am I too young/small to play Jack's mother in Into the Woods?
How do I memorize lines for my YouTube series?
what are open casting calls like for a MtV show?
How can I find a talent agent or manager in my area?
Do all directors do this before the play starts?
For an audition piece... Is it okay to do a male's monologue although you're female? It's complicated really
Should i take acting classes?
Help Me increase my chances at getting Flounder? (The Little Mermaid Musical)?
what are the chance of becoming an actor just working out of the pacific northwest?
Is it appropriate to audition for only one role in a show?
What stage make-up should I wear with this costume?
i'm indian, will i get a chance to work in disney or in hollywood as an actor?
mono acting on environment related issues?
Am I too overweight to be a actress?
what actor would you cast to play a great chess master?
do actresses have to be as thin as models??
What to wear to an audition?
Where do I begin if I want to be a voice actress?
How do I describe a director for Artaud?
Is typecast the same thing as cast by type?
How pregnant is Catherine Simms in The Foreigner?
Did you see the DVD AZUMi?
Tell me something i dont no about johnny depp?
Is Linsey Lohan a lesbian?
Help me! I want to be famous?
Dramatic Monologue - War?
Actors & Directors: What is the finest line of any play ever spoken?
How many award shows do these Hollywood people need to feel good about themselves?
who sang the song manitoba in 19 76?
Don't admirers deserve some reward?
I need help with a pirate role-playing school assignment? 10 points to best answer?
Classical Comedic Monologues?
American Death Note Casting?
PLEASE, please help me out with a script. 10 easy points?
Why are tickets for the first day of a musical (i.e. Rent) cheaper?
How do I find out when auditions are for Six Flags Over Texas entertainment for summer 2008??
How much does an Agent cost?
Where can I post a screenplay online for suggestions?
How can i find an audition for a movie or tv show?
Reveal Yourself?
Highschool drama club. I need some help?
DoodleBop Role Play (Does anyone RP?)?
to become a actress on disney channel or something do you need money?
What acting coach would you reccomend in L.A.? Which one would benifit me more and be cheaper? Links below.?
Does anyone else think High School Musical was way better then Camp Rock?
I'm looking for a scene for 2 females?
Chicago,Ill. Theater show dates and times listings. Need a good simple listing of dates,times locations for th
Can anytone tell me the worth of an Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. poster with the 2 Topsys, at Abbey's Double Mammoth?
Has anyone seen the musical Wicked...Thoughts?
New England Speech?
How to get rid of stage fright?
What is your favorite line in a movie/song?
Info on puppetry ?????????
I need a copy of the script for Come Back to The Five and Dime,Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. I need it by Friday 6/2
Should I take out Jesus?
I need a 3 minute oral interpretation pieces for forensics tryouts?
I want to know if you want to try out for a part in a movie can you just tryout or like what do you have to do?
How do i get an acting agent and manager, i am 16 also, read additional info?
What is a good educational siminar for fundraisers?
how much does it cost for acting classes at........?
How do i become famous?
I am a 14 year old actress, Please Help Me Find Work?
Finished Acting Classes in LA- NOW is this a good idea?
What's The Best Musical You've Seen This Past Year?
wats it called wen 2 people are murdered in an event?
How do you get an acting agent?
Someone know any disney auditions in Australia Melbourne??
have anyone heard of the karisma talent group in Toronto?
errrr so much problemos?
Which monologue should I do?
what year is 'blood brothers' the musical set in?
any good monolouges for me?
Distressed fabric..How do I "Burn" Holes in Fabric? What chemical is used?
Hi, does anyone know where you can get a really funny play for 3 females?
I need help! Is a scam?
Who is your favourite hollywood actor/actress? and why?
I play the violin, to guys does that seem geeky?
How Is Othello Presented In Act 1 In the Play Othello?
Can you think of a better response?
Movies to re-enact? (Acting Improv Class.)?
What can I use for tinkerbell in peter pan play besides an actress?
Ideas for writing a musical?
Barbizon Modeling?
does anybody know an agent's telephone for act(cinema)? plz ansewr with country code?
Musical Theater songs similar to "I dreamed a dream?"?
How to act like you're in pain?
How do I become a actress one day?
Contemporary monologue, is 'Agnes of God' overdone?
I am looking to be in the acting business, help?
Do you go to theatre . If no ; why you don't go any more ?
what is the similarity between,shahrukh and bachan?
Has anyone seen the movie DA Vinci code?
What is your favorite song from the Musical...............?
Can I be a doctor and Actress at the same time?
Help tommorrow!?
What do you think of my video audition?
I'm going to trying out for a school play tomorrow. How should I be loud without screaming? There are no mics.
Large Group Musical Numbers For Thespian Districts?
Quick change in local theatre play, how do you do it?
rockstar help!?!?!?how to make a demo?
Who is Betty Blast in the musical Footloose?
What are some good monologues for auditions such as The Crucible, The Grinch, and Hairspray?
i love acting and want to be a child actress but how do i get noticed and where do i audition for movies?
What is so unique about the musical "Chicago"?
i need the chords for "all i need is a girl"?
john cena new movie?
I'm 21 years old and find myself to old to start acting after finishing drama school?
Is it okay to show up to a play audition with no intention of continuing?
I'm playing "The Movies" and I need to hire a new director. How do I gt people to line up at the Stage School?
i keep shaking whenever i do an acting performance?
Modern to Elizabethan translation?
John Robert Powers?!?
How to succeed as an actress?
Is it possible to become an actress and go to school at the same time ?
Acting classes. Do they help to overcome shyness?
Is actor Mel Gibson's wife a actress?
Do you have to be born with the ability to play music by ear.?
where can i get fictional environmental stories which deals between the forces of nature and humans?
i need to make my monologue longer! please help me!?
How does a person with no acting experience at 20 become an actor?
Can you do broadway by just acting?
I wanna become an actress, what's a headshot?
Can anyone tell me......?
What are some legit acting schools in New York?
Hamlet fill in the blank??
why was Henrik Ibsen so important?