Is it best to have a look you feel comfortable with, or one that gets you more work as an actor?
Which of these is your favourite musical?
Auditions being held at the hilton by a disney producer [modeling]...?
School musical auditions, please help?
What happened to Alex Trebek's moustache?
where can i find a good short monolouge for a middle school play? I need it by wednesday! websites included!?
Do background actors get IMDB credits?
What do they use to tattoo actors and actresses just for movies?
Can you put extra work on your resume?
Has Any one see a musical called Wicked??
What's Othello about?
how do you become famous?
Shakespeare Julius Caesar question?
Where can I download all of the episodes of the last season of The L Word in mpegs dont say limewire, morpheus
I Need help finding a shakespeare soililoquy! Pease hlep!?
How can I get auditions for movies?
Is the part of 'Kathy' in the Sondheim musical 'Company' any good?
how is my acting can i be a cool actress?
Lady macbeth ? journal thing?
manchester palace theatre restricted views?
What is "The Colored Museum" about? (a play by George C Wolfe)?
How many lines do arsenic and old lace characters have?
how to cry on cue?
good minute monologues for audition?
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Instrumental ?
a fun upbeat song for my montage?
How do Amateur composers make their music sound professional.?
Any films that are good in cinema?
how do i become famous?
One-Act Plays for 5-6 women?
My son just got accepted to John Robert Powers. have any of you had exp. w/them?
Directing or Stage Managing as A Career?
Have you ever written a screenplay?
What novela is better mi pecado or Sortilegio and what ratings do they have?
Is it easy to get an audition in LA if you're only there for a few days?
Give me sum ideas 4 mono acting 4 kids 2 perform?
My theater guild is doing BYE BYE BIRDIE. I need to prove to the board that it has lessons of character. HELP!?
What are some quotes when Macduff begins to suspect Macbeth as the killer of King Duncan?
Can you please help me with my audition? (please answer/help!)?
Im 13 and i wanna auditon for a show on disney channel where should i go ?
Anyone seen Les Miserables? Good/ not good?
Best New York acting schools?
what are good indian movies for teens?
I want o become a actress but, I don't know what to do?
I love acting, are there any theater clubs for kids around Bartlett, IL?
What happened to the Phantom of the Opera?
any audtion for austin & ally?
Technical Theater Question?
How to do an Oklahoma accent?
Is it too late to start singing lessons at 14?
Does anyone have any good true life stories to use to make a script and a play for drama?
need help on these julius caesar ques. (don't get the play at all)?
The lights in Piazza script?
How do i make a profile for my acting?? I want a website for more exposure to agencies.?
I'm a guy and I love PeterPan.?
Can someone please help me?
Will I ever be able to get into college for musical theatre?
When actors get a job, what happens to them?
What is the time peroid for Commedia Dell'Arte?
what should i practice or do... to get this part?
How do actors and actresses cry easily?
How do I know what Talent Agency is right for me?
Huge problem!!!?
What is Kate talking about in her monologue in The Taming of The Shrew?
Who plays in The Breakfast Club?
Please read this... it's about being actress?
Can I put this on my acting resume?
where can I go to get an audition for a movie?
what will you do?
Any good coming out monologues?
did you know i am a big boy now?
Searching for a good acting/extras agency?
Good monologues for teens? Comedy or dramatic perfered? For school play audition?
I'm auditioning for a TV Journalism spot and I need to make a personal video but I don't have ideas!?
can a short person become a famous enough actor?
which show is better Cirque Solei or Broadway lion King?
How can I convince our theatre director...?
are actors and/or acting looked at as worthless?
How to get a lead in a play?
where to go for acting?
Poetry in movies...?
How can I fake falling down a flight of stairs realistically yet safely?
Whats your stage name?
i need a list of acting agents in london please can some one give me a list thanks?
How to do a Welsh accent?
I want to become an actress.?
Is Drama school only for rich kids who have performed since they were kids?
Am going to the first rehearsal for a show I got a fairly major part in tonight - does anyone have any advice?
Which part dances the least in Legally Blonde: The Musical?
How to become a wizard as a kid in am hour?
What is a "cold reading"?
how do I become apart of a theatre touring company?
How can I audition for The Hunger Games?
I'm thinking of writing a modernization of Romeo & Juliet. Would it be okay if I changed it around a bit?
i want to be an actor?
I want to work as an actress in ROGUE PICTURES! :D?
What should an aspiring actor's biog (not CV or resume) contain?
How do you think Catherine Hardwicke did with directing Twilight?
Slow audition song for a musical audition?
Where are the best places to study drama in New York City?
I need help with Othello! Can anyone help me answers these questions?
Why are most voice actors women?
Can any man who hates dogs, children and Philadelphia be all bad?
how do you become an actor?
I would like an email contact address for robson green?
Did you have a dream last night?
Most reputable Acting School/Studio in New York? for 28 yr old?
How do i do an acting resume? how do i get an acting agent?
Which is the better place to move if you want to be an Actor/Singer Orlando Fl /Miami Fl / Fort Lauderdale?
I have an audition tomorrow help!?
Actors in Hollywood: Are auditions slow right now?
My name is Michael Hermelee, and I am a 20 year old actor...I think I want to change my last name???
boss management talent agency in vancouver. reliable? well-known?
How to get famous?
Is There any other website to find casting calls/auditions???
did shakespeare live in stratford upon avon all his life?
im going to see the phantom of the opera, what should i wear?
Who are the couples in Julius Caesar?
Name an Actor that start's with A, or H or C?
My school is doig a harry potter play...?
Child actor cover letter?
where can i find the script for "Pie Supper" written by Le Wilhelm?
I can't find acting auditions?
what do casting directors do?...?
Acting Auditions in Adelaide.?
I Can't Find a Good Monologue! Please help!?
Any good stage schools for under 16s in the UK?
How do I mimic a male's voice?
In order to be a Movie or Film Producer does one need to actually have done a course?
I want to start modeling, but I'm not sure exactly where to start. I need a professional's advice...?
Do people look at men who like musicals and plays and stuff like that as being gay?
how do i get into theatre?
Rocky Horror Show Stage Rights?
13 and wanting an acting career ?
could i get a spotlight account?
Am co-directing an hour long play for a festival at school. Any suggestions?
in acting, what is role play?
How to be a voice actor?
what kind of archetype is in Macbeth?
has it been confirmed that shakespeare was gay?
is it possible for a 13 year-old to become a professional writer?
what education background is required to produce plays?
Do dreams really come true?
How do I contact an agency?
What can I do to start acting?
Where can I study both opera and musical theatre?
what is the easiest possible way to become a millionare?
does anoybody know any really good poems that are chereful, tragic, and about love all in one? or some website
Twelfth night, i need help.?
How come I get goosebumps when I act?
Know any amazing monologues for a teenage girl?
What are a few plays directed by Stanislovski?
anyone seen 'Wicked the Musical'?
what do you prefer??? modern theatre/plays, or old stuff like shakespeare????
I want to be an actress, I'm currently studying my A Levels but I didn't get to do Drama as an A Level?
how can you cry while acting?
What is the difference between scripts and screenplays?
what should i sing for my theatre school audition?
Is the Noah and His Son's play from the Wakefield cycle the exact same story as the bible story?
Has a Black Play won a Tony Award?
do you got one minute ?
Acting Lessons in Charleston, West Virginia?!?!?
help with an audition?
How can I find acting auditions for teens and kids. I have been looking everywhere and can't find anything.
king lear paraphrase?
How can I get my career started as an actress?
I wanted to become an actress until Spencer and Heidi scared me. Help?
how to make myself cry (acting)?
Where do you have to go to audition in Disney Channel or any movie???
I thought I would get a big role, why am I an extra?
who is 'Virginia Woolf' in American Dream by Edward Albee?
Where does one go to find acting auditions?
How do I get this...........?
Acting issues :[?
Theater In South Padre Island?
If I am 15 how can i get into the acting buisness? like commercials?
I need a stage name asap?
How to become a pornstar?
How can I be an extra in a film?
How do you become confident when acting?
I Need Help on Sweeney Todd and Ms. Lovett Costumes?
How do I try out for theatre roles with no experience?
Did anyone have any success getting Broadway Tix at the TXKS booth in Time Sqaure?
What's would be a good headline for Romeo and Juliet's death, if it were made an article?
How is casting so important in films?
Comedic Shakespearean male monologue?
Do I need a talent manager? What do they do anyway?! HOW DO I ASK MY MOM FOR ONE?!?! (tween beginner actress)?
It's not easy but what's the easiest way to get in America?
If you want to be an actor what do people mean by having a back up plan?
How did Miley Cyrus Hear About The Hannah Montana Audition?
How do I start auditioning for plays?
how does the hell or lake of fire looks like? Do you have any existing video with sounds?
Do you need to audition for undergraduate acting course ?
Trying to find a site that will show arab theatrical makeup?
actors! college in Paris?
What are some ideas for a BROADWAY THEMED PARTY for an 18 year old?
can anyone send me a copy of Naiomi Wallace's The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek?
Any male actors in the New York metro area interested in auditioning for a film?
a sobering laugh... does anyone know this play? please help!!!!?
Is Ryan carnes gay in real life?
Do you think I could pass as any other ethnicities?
How do I get into acting and get an agent?
I need help on writing a short scene or play, any fun ideas?
How Does Shakespeare create an atmosphere of terror and mystery in act one, scen?
OMG my friend got a call from a casting guy from hollywood!?
Hey,I'm a HUGE drama queen and l love to act and want to get noticed,how do I do so?
Should I persure my dream to become an actress?
can i be an actress with no experience?
i m a college student from do i get into tv commercials and movies..?
Wicked... the next Cats??
What does the expression "With a hey noni noni and a hotcha cha" mean?
Accomplished stage/theatre actors: Question?
How can I become a famous actress?
What is the theme song for Lillian Hellman's "The Little Foxes," now playing at the ACT in SF? It's beautiful.
Who is the better blonde teen pop singer: Brooke Hogan, Ashley Tisdale, or Cheyenne Kimball?
Harry Potter Auditions?
Does anybody have information on the play forbidden?
HELP!?! Acting Headshot?
Is Casting Hub Legit?
whats the most devasting thing thats ever happened to you?
How do I tell my mom I want to be an actress?
Describe the relationship between the Montague and Capulet's family?
What countries do actor make millions?
How do you make your voice sound like an ogre?
How do I write a good play?
how do i get on disney channel???
how does julie taymor make her masks?
Starting off as a young actress? I'm 13.?
how can i find voice-over sag agency in los angeles area?
I am 14 and I dream of acting on TV stations like Disney Channel -- help?
k so I wanna make a movie but...?
What is the musical 'Aida' about?
Can you give me a list of modeling agencies in New York?
Good dramatic monologues for girls?
without background of amitabh anybody say that abhisek is hero...?
I'm researching a play called Hello, Dolly! and can't find the names of the characters that sing the songs?
How can I audition for a equity show without an equity card? Where do i get it?
What exactly does a theatre critic do?
Monologue Search!?
how do i become famous and get loads of money?
Whats good Backing music for Hamlet Act5 Scene1 (graveyard scene)?
Is movie extra a scam?
what do GCSEs do i take to be a prop maker?
Does anybody know Hannah Montana's Tour Schedule?
What are those people called who work on the set for a play in highschool?
what website can i find petite fitted character costumes for a girl?
Major for directing (as in movies and tv)??
what musical has the song 'That's Entertainment"?
How is casting so important in films?
What is you favourite movie?
How can I play One Singular Sensation if I can't read sheet music?
Hamlet question 10 points- what are some similarities and differences of......?
acting help! ifeel like i'm not acting?
How do I improve my acting?
in the play Julius Caesar...?
How do I make a Playbill and how should i arrange the character description, summary and advertisements?
What are good sites that show how to do scene make up?
Can u give me ideas about my presentation on Death of a salseman by Arthur Miller..?
what are the apparitions in macbeth?
What happened to romeo during the capulet party?
What are the best books about acting?
why do ppl like high school musical?
how do you mae friands?
What is your favorite show that is currently on Broadway?
What does this mean? It was in an acting audition ad.?
What are your top 5 musicals?
Singing audition tomorrow?
How does a straight actor play gay scenes? Help please?
the wizard of oz?
Is it okay if my Acting resume is 2 pages long??
how can i become a famous actress?
how can i improve my acting?
How can I find out if a talent agency, casting or production company accepts unsolicited submissions?
Is explore talent a scam?
Will i become a superstar?
Techniques that filmmakers use? - Summer Work?
can someone give me a modeling and actong site that isn't a scam and really helps to get work in canada?
How do you memorize your lines for an acting part?
Will Macbeth ever be satisfied?
How can I find the specific make-up techniques used for each of the characters in the Opera "Gianni Schicchi"?
How to become an actress ?
where can i purchase a script to billy elliot the musical?
Playing Hermione?
Does anyone have the contact details of the Script Breakdown Services UK?
What plays have good contemporary dramatic and comedic monologues?
where do you find audition opportunities?
what happened on the last episode of will and grace?
how do i try out for a solo?!?
in "ODD GIRL OUT" the movie, which girl is "TIFFANY"?
I want to film a commercial?
help with concert seating , please?
I need to know the real time of charmed on mbc4?
Songs for a Soprano singer for audition?
My aim is to be an actor like arnold in hollywood what can i do enter like a actor please ans my question?
Wyndhams Theatre: What are the balcony sits like?
Who is playing Elphaba and Glinda in Wicked on Broadway right now?
What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
do you have kiefer sutherland's email address and cell phone number?
A good cover/letter for Acting/Modeling...?
Romeo and Juliet- Fiction or real life tragedy?
were are good casting agency's in Philadelphia or New York?
hi, im 14 and im very interested in becoming an actress young. but i have NO clue were to start somebody help?
Fiddler on the Roof?
who is rocky in the rhps?
Are Brendon Fraser and Brent Fraser brothers, they look like twins?
good idea for a horror thriller movie?
Need Information about the Musical "Music Man"? (Read description please)?
Performing arts JOBS????
Help!, I'm a new drama club advisor!?
Could you suggest an actor agent that is willing to give you a try in NYC?
What are some good,funny impressions i can do for a talent show?
demo cd for voice acting ?
Is this really the best agency?
Do you have to go to college to be an actor?
On the t.v. show, I Dream of Jeannie, what was the name of Jeannie's alternate cousin?
i need pictures of romeo and juliet but only for the FOURTH act .?
What's a good scene from a movie or tv show with two people?
Monologues for teen guys?
Help, "acting school"?
Songs for choir auditions?
My sister is signing up for bad girls club. Does anybody kno when & where the auditions are being held?
does anyone know anything about Trilogy talent?
anyone from michigan know about this creative and performing arts school in pontiac?
what was your favorite shakesperian sonnet?
Auditioning for Disney Channel. what to expect?
what is a good and easy way to learn musical theory (Any advice at all is a appreciated)?
How come you play at a recital, but recite at a play?
Who is the antagonist in Lysistrata?
Are there any upcoming auditions for t.v. or movies.?
where can i find out about auditions/casting for my son?
What song should I sing at school Grease auditions?
help me.What according to you guys are my looks i aint know m good loking or ugly help me know?
Are there any Voice-Over acting lessons in Milwaukee,Wisconsin?
Noises off Characters?
What is a good actor? (advice?!)?
Regarding Taylor Ashley Parks (site model)..?
Acting class/drama class ?
Does anyone Know of any good acting agencies or classes which are affordable near Santa Ana,Ca.?
Acting, AGENTS & HELP?
What scene in Oedipus Rex does Oedipus try to escape his fate?
Monologue Search?
What is the musical Wicked about? And is it good?
What has Johnny Depp's best acting job been up to Pirates 2?
What plays offer meaty roles for young women (aged 20-30)?
Is Cynthia's monologue from A Girl's Guide to Chaos a good choice?
when does "shredderman" come out in theaters?
Sick and audition tomorrow. help!?
Does Highland Park, Texas local have a community theater?
What is the best way to not be "over-the-top" when singing a song?
What were the playing dates for 2 Gents of Verona, Phoenix Theatre 1973?
Where does one go to find acting auditions?
Can u tell from an actor's performance that he's adopting method acting?
What are some good websites to find local auditions?
Hi everyone! I'm auditioning for Avenue Q in the Philippines. What would be a good audition song?
What are Some tips for memorizing lines for a play?
In Les Miserables i was wondering what is implied in a certain scene?
10 POINTS!!! Does anyone know any good lullabies for a project on Macbeth? Something creepy and scary.?
Was/Is The Bard of Strafford-upon-Avon the greatest playwright that has ever lived?
"i went to a quaker school,completely uncompettitive"1st line of woman monologue does anyone know who it's by?
what movie is good on a topic of leadership? please help asap?
Macbeth and the three apparitions?
How to not be nervous on stage?
Does Grandma Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof have a big part?
umm. ...whats a funny song from a musical?
What is romeo and juliet act 4 about?
Non-university acting classes in London?
Probably really stupid questions, but Is the UK production of Les Miserables in English?
Will you always get feedback after an audition no matter what the outcome?
Whats a good song to do for my musical auditions?
Skip Or Go To College ?
Can someone tell me which of these seats are the best at the Gershwin?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 15?
feedback on my writing?
Would it be appropriate to use this monologue for my audition?
What are those things along the edge of the red carpet called?
What is your favorite song from South Pacific and/or Oklahoma?
Has anybody ever heard of a religous cult called "The children of god" or "The family of love?"
Does Hollywood like to see actors whom have a College degree in film/theater >>See Below?
best musical?
The Foreigner...question?
flutes recomended $200~600?
What songs would work for this audition???
What is the normal length for a play?
What's the biggest role in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
I want to register my production name in the entertainment industry. What do i need to do?
Good websites for teen monologues?
Where and i find some high school musical 2, high school musical, and hannah montana piano songs?????
Have you ever been to a Broadway show, which one, did you like it?
At what age did you have your first job?
in romeo and juliet who does romeo kill?
So does anyone have highschool musical audition advice?
What is the legacy of Konstantin Stanislavski? HELP!?
Bugsy Malone?
I am auditioning for the part of an evil witch or stuck up queen...I need to sing a song...suggestions?
How many of Shakespeare's plays/sonnets have you studied/read?
What should do I need to do if I wanna become actress?
Why does Juliet fall in love with Romeo at "love at first sight"?
What's your favourite acting line by Leonardo Di Caprio?
What are some good musicals with large casts that can be put on by children?
best high school movies!?
Im looking for an entertainer like magician, clown and etc to do a charity show in one of the preschool centre?
How can I become an actor in Hollywood?
What is the purpose of Greek tragedy?
I need help PLEASE!!!?
Mermaid costume ideas???????????????????????????????????…
Does image and looks count to be famous actress?
What does thought tracking mean?
does anyone know the song on charlies angels when Eric Knox is dancing, its pretty up beat.?
define god?
becoming an actress??
Any Cartoon Voice Over Auditions?
Getting serious about acting in Toronto..?
is it necessary to take acting classes to be an successfully actress?
What are the best drama schools in England?
Do monologues have to be from a play?
How can I get into acting?
What century/year is the play "As You Like It" set?
Write an obituary on King Lear?
going theatre in london...any idea?
My son is in a play for Oklahoma's 100 year celebration. He is a robber. What should he wear?
What is a unique audition song for Beauty and the Beast?
1 minute monologue for teenage girl?
Help me with some dialogues!! ? Easy for u?
Could someone tell me when exactly during the balcony scene does Romeo kiss Juliet?
What show should I go see at the theatre??
What is this play called?
What's your favourite Musical? :)?
list some examples of dramatic irony in Sophocles' play: Antigone.?
A job description for what a Hollywood agent does?
Would I look good blonde? Will it change the roles I aim for? (With Pictures)?
OK! How do you actually "follow" Your Dreams?how are you sure its your actual calling not just a misconception
how am i going to become famous?
What are some good songs that could be turned into monologues?
....................acting? singing? just be a hobo?
Monologue and audition song suggestions?
Is it still possible for me to become an actor?
RADA auditions questions (experienced please)?
how mant times has rowan atkinson been on tv for acting?
what a cinema want for success?
i can't find any auditions for asians for roles? what do i do?
Help with getting a monologue?
Does anyone appreciate mimes?
Amarillo talent agents?
Where is the closest..?
what is a production company and venues?
i'm writing an essay on the theme betrayal and deception on Hamlet. What should i analyse/focus on?
where can i find the cow that says "leap of faith" when u squeeze it and its t-shirt says Rent (R) on it?
Why do people hate high school musical so much!?
I want to be an actor.. but my parents?
Do I have to go to school just to become an actress?
I need a 3-5 minute monologue...?
Do you need to be considered "hot" or "cute" to get casting directors to cast you?
Does anyone have a point of view on how The Merchant of Venice SHOULD end?
Can you teach yourself how to act to a certain extent?
Do anyone know of a website where I can get free, short scripts from?
what to wear to an acting agency intervew?
Need script for "The Two Island Tales"?
Can u suggest me a good name for acting school..?
has mel gibson ever been in a scandal?
R there any disney xd auditions now and if there is where r they located?
starting actor?
sheet music and c.d/tape?
Finding an inspiration for a monologue..?
Romeo and Juliet opinions?
QUICK PLEASE Pretty Little Liar/Victorious monologue?
What are your talents?
I live in Los angeles does anyone knows where can I take good/no so expensive acting classes?
Im writing a monologue and i need help making it sad?
Can someone give me a few suggestions for plays?
where does an fully trained actress whose been out of the business nine years go to get started?
Is Brian Hargrove gay?
Who is the male lead in the musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?
Women in Shakespeare's King Lear?
Do you put on plays in acting class?!?
Musical madness?
name some skills that are good for acting?
Shakespeare wrote a quote on the world, what was it?
Audtion songs for Legally Blonde?
How do i become a famous actress in new york?
have s anyone wacthed criss angel mind freak?
My friend and i made a mini movie. How do we sell it? Or do we?
How do i pronounce to't and on't in Romeo and Juliet?
I need a female monologue for an audition...?
Do you beleive im on a cd?
Do Broadway musical actors sing their own songs?
Do I look like a TRANNY PORN STAR...?
Do I sound like a good candidate to be an actor?
I am going to start acting classes and I need help with my voice because when I'm nervious ....?
What is the best theatre show in London at the moment?
Doesn't this date it?
13 year old girl acting?
has anyone ever heard of Homeschool Preforming Arts?
When will the Emy Awards 2006 take place?
how many months of age should i take my baby to movie theatre?
help! stages?!?
What do these mean? First to answer all (or most) gets 10 points.?
what is the falling action of grease the play?
acting classes in Dallas? PLEASE HELP!?
Rocky Horror Picture Show.?
Is this Yaoi Skit Good?
Why did they change 'actress' to actor'?
?? for fellow Thespians?
I'm Auditioning For The Wizard Of OZ Wicked Witch?
Celebrity in danger! Please answer!?
how do i become an actor!!!!?
If you had to pick one, which play would you be in?
British accent?
Do people who actually study acting resent singers/rappers who can't act?
my friend is 11 years old and is a really good actor and wants to be an on disney channel please help him?
How can i become a actress?
High School Musical or High School Musical 2?????
Is there a Cheese costume?
I have an audition and need to do a circus based monologue. i.e juggling, mine or clowning within it. help?
Where can I find a script for Jeremy Brock's version of Oliver Twist?
what's a good joke for auditions?
ACTA dead in EU, but now what?
I write for musical theater and I need help finding software...?
Is this a good way to get famous?
Macbeth Act 2 questions?
halloween costume...?
Best website for finding scripts?
What's Your Favorite Plays?
Do i have to show my feet in the acting business?
what is the overarching theme of Macbeth?
I'm 19 and working full-time and trying to study and prepare for auditions for drama school. Any advice?
Did Shakespeare write a play called omelet?
how did greek theatre change over time to medievel theatre?
Ok a Resume, head shot... and- Cover letter?
Will you vote for the best musical out of these?
Can someone recommend a monologue?
Which one should I pursue first?
If you are asked to enact as ShriRadha in Raslila,how will you arrange your make up? Give full details?
Anybody here a really good Shakespearean actor/actress?
How do you become an actress/actor???
Do you have to be with a talent agent for a certain amount of time?
Audition Song for Meet me in St. Louis?
How do I contact Rachel Mcadam's???
how far???
Im curious on acting, serious answers only please.?
What is the maximum age to become an actor?
Help, I need a monologue!?
I can't preform in front of people. But I have to. Help?
Which part of New York is better to live in to start an acting career?
What are Macbeths strengths and weaknesses?
What is a modern play i should do for drama?
How outgoing do you have to be to join Theatre?
Can you help me become an actress?
Are there an recent auditions for feature Hollywood movies for Arabs?
How can I cancel my account on
Any jokes for the emcee or judges of a high school talent show? Preferably making fun of contestants?
Can anyone comment on my play?
Im 13 and want to be an actress?
Any one know of any auditions coming here to Detroit Mi. for movies ?
I need Help with Creating a Title for my Play?
there's this girl at my drama group, who always wants the lead!?
I need a funny duet script for two guys.?
Peoples choice awards?
Singing audition stagefright help!!!?
Is there an actor who you used to like, but now realize can't act his/her way out of a wet paper bag?
More opera?
How can I start an acting career?
Im trying 2 find classical music by william shakespeare?
What do unemployed actors do all day?
Please Help Me Audition for Les Mis?
Should I go for acting?
How much do royalties for a broadway play run, if it is being preformed by a high school?
Monologue for audition for an agency?
Favorite Musical anybody?
I am looking for two contrasting monalogs from published plays?
What play/musical is on top of your must-see list?
Plays you have to see in a lifetime?
Shakespare the twelfth night?
I have a bad character?
have any one ever heard of a modeling agency called One Source Talent in Michigan or anywhere?
Any ideas for a play/skit?
I need a list of british accent movie .could you help me?
Good names for a play?
Can, you make up a improv for me?
do actresses doing nude scene really show their private parts to the actors and other crew?
How do you make childbirth look real?
Looking for teen summer theater/drama programs in or around reading pa?
Why Have I Lost my Passion For Acting?
Is worth joining? :)?
What is the best way to get a child into modeling/acting?
Cut scene audio from Wiz of Oz, how good was Judy Garland, wow!?
Good published plays to get monologues from?
Anybody know any humorous interpretation pieces I can use?
Some acting questions please answer someone?
Plaza Suite Act 1 Summary?
What songs relate to macbeth?
whats the best casting agent in the uk?
do drama schools care about academic results?
I need help with producing a movie, all I have is the idea. All my friends agree Adam Sandler is the one.?
Catching fire and Mockingjay casting auditions? When? Where? Open or closed auditions?
What are some interesting things I could mime?
Would this be considered a lisp? Any vocal exercises I could try?
Anne of Green Gables?
How should I say this line in the musical RAGTIME?
How do i get an agent(to be on TV), where from, and cost details?
The Real Inspector Hound?
Any plays going on around eastern maryland in need of an actress?
what is a good costume for a brunette who doesnt want to wear a wig? I want something original people!?
Death of a salesman play?
Schools In NY For Performing Arts?
What should i sing for my audition? PLEASE HELP!!!?
I didn't get in my school musical! Help!?
Seriously considering modeling?
Doth any of thou want a backstage pass?
Women - do you prefer to be called Actresses or Actors?
What is a good audition song?
How to become an actor?
What's the diffrence between screenplay and shooting script?
i really want to be on disney channel but i don't have experience i don't want to waste my time on classes ?
How to begin? Acting?
about how much would it cost to decorate a theater for a fashion show?
Performing Arts Cataloge, HELP ME !!!!!!!?
please please i need a juliet dress (romeo and juliet)?
is there anyone going to see Cinderella in The kings Theatre in Edinburgh on christmas eve?
Where could I have a script first draft read and edited?
Do you think Miley Cyrus is a good actress?
Does anyone have monologues from Past Curfew or A view from the bridge?
Are masks copyrighted?
What do u think about HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL?
Where can I find out about open casting calls here in L.A?
PLZ HELP!! homework help!! plz?? What are the dimensions of the large theatre, pompeii!! ASAP!!! thnx?!!?
what does Fringe in the Fringe Festival stand for?
Help me actor in trouble?
Who is the most beautiful person in your life?
I am attendind an audition for Deal or No Deal next week, any tips?
Is it me or why do I make Friends with these chatter boxes? Or Friends I hang out with never stop talking?
If you wanna be an actor/actress and you have an agent, do they pay for you to go places like TV or a commerci?
I want to try out for a disney channel show?
HELP! I want to enter the film industry? Afraid of what parents might say. Advice?
i want to watch a film online , help me ?
high school musical 2???? me find a good song please?
Sweeny Todd or Hairspray?
Acting Headshot Help, will this work?
Want humorous but moralistic skit..?
What do you think of my acting resume?
I have wanted to become an actress every since I can remember. How can I make my dream come true?
Which is better to have for acting/musical?
Pantomime Music? Help!!!!!?
Is it easy to wash out mud in suede shoes?
Is it unprofessional to ask to audition twice for the same film?
How much does it cost to put on the sound of music?
Which song will be better for an audition?
how do i get into voice acting?
Is the Name Michael River a good acting name? Or Michael Swift? My last name is Hermelee and I might switch it
How to become an actress at 13?
What kind of man is oedipus in the play by Sophocles?
'Tis Pity she’s a Whore?
To all Into the Woods fans?
school skit?
Could I be an Actress/Model?
I need a stage name!!?
Why was julie christie cast as lead role in farenheit 451?
To whom should i post a story or script if i want it as abollywood project ?
please! i'm desperate!?
In Shakesperean times, how did people know a play was being held if advertising wasn't permitted?
Who is adicted to Carlos Mencia?
School musical tryouts on Thursday, any tips?
How can I memorize a script in one day and get rid of stage fright?
What was your best theater experience?
how to lust for someone(acting)?
I'm trying to find a good "modern-day" poem that could fit a 5 minute monologue? Does anyone know of any?
Do I have a chance at being Belle?
In movies, is almost everything they say off of a script?
I want to be an actress so bad!?
Do you "love" acting?
Is there any talented teenagers who want to be at the top but cant find a way?
Am I too tall for theatre?
how can i get in to bollywood industry?
Who is better- Miley Stuart or Hilary Duff?
auditioning for grease and i need some help?
How to join the Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas.?
What Will It Take For Me To Become Famous?
Advice for a want to be voice actor?
Are there any legit talent searches or agencies in NY?
which is one is better, to seat in a theater ORCHESTRA SEATING, BOX SEATING, BALCONY SEATING?
what is ashely tisdale`s email?
where can i get sponorship?
I need help with auditioning?
may this audtion be a scam?
Whice performers do you prefer,The one's who have taken acting lessons or the one's who havent.?
any body ever went to the youth conservatory in los angeles spring street in 1990?
What is a better acting technique and why? Meisner, Strasberg, Stella Adler or Other?
Elizabethan theater's description?
Where could I get a legal copy of "The Phantom of the Opera" (w/ original London cast) on DVD, NOT CD?
What do you say when you're emailing a casting director?
What was William Shakespears family life like?
How can I become an actor?
question about an audition?
Do you get nervous when you audition?
which parts should I audition for (guys and dolls)?
How do I go about starring an answer?
Does anyone have the script for the musical Songs For a New World?
Comedy sketch group?
Thespis and other actors?
How do I make my hair look electrocuted????
any one know a Character Monolouge?
Is their any theater scenes for 3 women, that we can Audion with?
Whats the easiest way to make money?
Acting camps- any serious, professional teen camps?
Where do I find open acting auditions for non-union films and/or tv shows without an agent?
Latin dialogue transcript of The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson?
How do I get an acting agent in Los Angeles for free?
I received a call from an acting/modeling agency...?
Amazing scene from a play?
How old does a girl have to be to audition for porn?
was Hamlet acting out of revenge or justice?
This is an idea some friends of mine came up with, I myself find it sick, what do you think?
how could i become famous?
need some help..maybe you can help me?
What do you think about a married couple kissing somebody else when acting?
Who's HOT and who's Not?
Camelot (the musical)?
im interested in acting. :)?
what does the speech in question 3 mean?
How to deal with a frequently absent scene partner for an acting class? Please help!?
what are some good musicals or plays for teens in highschool to perform at there high school???
Accused of "acting white" >\?
What would I do to become a famous actor? How would I build myself up? How do I start out?
Is StarCast Auditions legitimate?
How do you rate the quality of plot line, acting, and viewer connection in the new show Heroes?
Can I have voice and diction lessons to change the sound of my voice?
any good acting schools?
Need Script for Musical "Annie"?
Im looking for the lighting company RPG?
I'm 15 and want to act?
When does spring pilot season start?
can anyone give me musical ideas?
audition song for once upon a mattress...?
How do people become models, singers, actresses, etc?
Is 16 too old to start acting?
which film is your favorite?
Call back from CESD agency? Please help?
Would you go to see New Moon the day it opens on Theaters? or will you wait?
what is hotel Garner?
What are some problems and solutions with the current lighting systems used in theaters (Broadway theaters)?
Can u help me become famous?
2-3 minute monologue for Teenage Girl?
Bad or good to drink ALCOHOL before an acting audition?
new york cheap broadway show tickets?
Where can I find a good acting agent in FLorida?
Should I move to Philadelphia, Atlanta or Chicago?
how did shakespaere use falstaffs charcter to add to the play henry IV?
Disney audition songs?
Disney casting information?
When are a cast list for a play released?
should I become an actor?
To get an acting agent in LA, do you really need stage credits?
how to build a bridge with a cardbourd box?
Musical Theatre songs about dreams?
if you an actress and you have to kiss in the movie will your boyfriend get mad at you and live you?
How's the Vancouver Film School's Acting Program?
appearing nude in a play?
is josh casablancas modeling and acting the realy deal?
Is it true Robert Pattinson is presenting an award at the Oscars?
what software did the movie "Star Wars" use by designing the star ships?
Any proffesional in acting or drama?? or any related to this proffesion?
I need a monologue for an auditon but i can't find one anywhere!?
Rent the musical Out Tonight Sheet Music?
were can I get a nuns outfit?
I think I ruined my audition?
Why do you think Jeremy Piven REALLY dropped out of the Broadway play "Speed the Plow" and why mercury poison?
How can I get in the Amazing Spiderman Movie ?
I really need someones help!?
Shakespeare in Santa Cruz?
If you like Monica Bellucci, what about her makes you interested?
Do you think this is a good plan for my acting career?
What is a good audition song for the musical The Drowsy Chaperone?
i can't get into character!?
does studying acting in college increase your chances to be a successful actor?
Is anyone related to someone famous or know someone personally famous??
Am I too tall to be an actor? I`m 6`4" and maybe I`m too old to start (21)?
The saddest/most dramatic monologue you have heard?
what is method acting and what other kinds of acting are there?
why are pirates called thieves?
How could i write a monologue for this (Drama class)?
Is this Middle school drama play good?
What is a good position for theatre?
How can I find auditions that suit me, quickly?
Is it possible to make yourself cry?
should i follow my dream?
Have you seen us get away with it?
does anyone know of any monologues that have singing in them?...?
Is having an all black or any minority cast rasict?
How can I practice acting alone?
Am I too old at 23 to think about taking an acting class?
What are some good tricks to memorize lines in plays and monologues?
plz help i dont know wat to do?
what monologue should I use? What Part should I play?
Can someone give me a link?
Can someone please advice me on this?
Has anyone ever heard anything about Mr. Rogers having been an ex-con, ?
Want to take my 8th grade (Adv. Lit.) to a play this year. Does anyone know of good plays in Chicagoland area?
How do i get into broadway acting? i wanna be onstage.?
Do u think its unfair...? Or am I just being dramatic?
What is this AVN awards?
Is voiceover in film the best option when you have a backstory (short film)?
I just made an appointment with "actors reps" in hollywood, what is going to happen now?
Do actors and artists spend most of their time on the Dole?
do any one wants to help me get headshots in cagematch please!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYONE ;(?
Musical auditions (Oklahoma!) help?!?
do u need an agent to act?
i work in a nursing home ,what is there to do in little rock for residents in a nursing home?
How do actors know......?
A good classical song for bharatanatyam competion?
monologue from winters bone?
Help School play??? ?
What was the Royal Opera House like in 1841 showing London Assurance?
Do u know any weird, clubby, druggy modern plays?!?
I'm nervous about becoming an actress even tho i have a plan. is this normal?
I want to know some works of art,apart from Hamlet,where it`s present the play within the play.Can somebody he?
What Acting College Gives Me A Good Chance To Get On Broadway?
Help Northerners and people who can do accents!!!?
Does anyone no where any private singing lessons are in Toowoomba Queensland????????
Why is Shakespeare's flower love-in-IDLENESS?
Help writing a skit for an organization?
How exactly does work?
To be or not be?
How to I get my career started?
My dream to be an actress.....?
Good Monologue for Talent Show!??!?
Kissing in Middle School Play??
Monologues for Wiz audition!?
Good tips on being an actress?
Should I go for an acting career or should I forget about it?
Actor Headshot- What to wear?
What method of acting do you prefer? Method or character?
Could being short ruin my chances at an acting career?
Does anyone remember the long running TV series 'Allo 'Allo? If so, what can you tell me about the character..
please does any one know the ID of the british actress polly walker?
How does a 10 yr. kid in Chicago get into acting and modeling?
Acting scene 4 females?
Does anyone know where to find sheet music for william finn's "elegies"?
Tips for an audition: YOUNG PERFORMER.?
Preforming arts colleges in California?
Any one know of any good apps?
how can i be an actor.where should i go and what should i do?
If you've ever been in a play, answer...?
Macbeth Costumes???!!!?
What is a list of songs from the hairspray musical?
Does anyone know any actresses or actors that actually went to either a 2 year college or a 4 year college?
what jobs decent paying jobs can i get with a B.A in theatre when i graduate?
What should I do to prepare for seeing Shakespeares King Lear?
Will be an actress when i get older?
Is it possible to become an actress and go to school at the same time ?
Anyone like the 1996 Evita?
How would someone act if they ed/broke their riv while falling down the stairs?
where can igo?
hip hop modeling?
Can you help me with my French accent?
how to become an actress?
How do I get my son on TV? He is 6 and I don't know where to start.?
What exactly is formal acting training?
what happend to Demi Lovoto?
how to get a boy to like you?
does disney channel have open auditions?
Need Idea for High School Drama Performance- Mystery Theme?
how many rows in a cinema?
Do you have to live in LA to have an agent in LA. What if I don't live near LA or NY?
How can one get into voice acting?
im trying to get into acting but im 11 and im not supported by family so could somebody help me i love acting!
I want to see Zach Efron in person and become his girlfriend and sing with him.?
I want to become an actress.......?
I've been an actress for 3 years and I'm fed up with it!! What career can I do now?
How to deal with stage fright?
Should you have to pay money to model?
Does any body know of a couple young actresses that can pass as eighteen?
any tips on making a mermaid show?
does anyone know where i can find jobs that have to do with movies or shows ?
Local Theater Opportunities?
Do really attractive looking actors have an advantage in the acting industry?
Good background Music for Pantomime?
is 14 too young to start acting and then move onto hollywood when im older?
RENT on broadway/Current cast?
what acting school should i go to when i graduate?
Olivia Hussey in Romeo and Juliet?
Do you have to go to acting school to be accepted to ARia talent?
I have comp cards from my acting/modeling agency. Is it a good idea to send them out to producers & directors?
Hey I'm auditioning for this show, and i need a song that can show off my range. I'm a kid-teenage tenor.
info on broadway??
When is Brenda Song's Birthday?
What are some good characteristics of Vizzini from The Princess Bride?
I'm trying out for a part in a play, any tips on how I could get the part?
Pay for head shots?
I need to make a 2 min video that explains something or tell a story?
I need a copy of the jewish wife scene from Brechts fear and misery of the third reich, where could i find it?
I really want to find acting,dancing or music (guitar) auditions PLEASE HELP!!!?
how can u become a character when u r to act?
My neighboors called the cops on me cause I took out my D.J system and was blasting gun sounds with surround?
afraid to try out?
school play auditions?
does anyone know why shakespeare used violence in romeo and juliet?
Has anyone see Phantom of the Operation in Las Vegas at The Venetian? How was it? I have Section 2, Row C -?
dying light jason d martin script?
What are good side jobs for acting?
How do you become a actress?
Does anyone know where my 11 year old daughter go to acting school in Tampa or somewhere nearby like Orlando?
Acting Degree???
Is this my bipolar diease acting up?
I have to write a eulogy for drama class please help fast!?
I Accidently said "Macbeth" in a theater and didnt reverse the curse yet! what should i do?!?
I need a good, funny play with an even cast genderwise, any suggestions?
Good plays for high school?
My mom said if I booked a role on a major TV show, she wouldn't let me have it!?
Do you need to be a naturally good singer to become famous?
British accent a problem in LA?
What is a good stage name for this name?
Help on becoming an actress?
How do you make fake barbed wire?
Are there Maximum Ride auditions for the parts in th movie? Or for other movies?
Need help with a stage name!!?
Is it too late to start singing lessons at 14?
William Shakespear: Genius or Brainwasher?
How to become popular?
Is "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" a comedy or a drama?
to rent a sound system in montreal?
When does Despicable Me 2 says in the summer of 2013 but no month is given?
If I rent a viola from the school will they measure what size I need?
What to wear for a talent show?
Where did William Shakespeare Travel around England?
CDMT Agency a reputable agency?
What role does ethnocentrism play in the story of EuroDisney's launch?
What careers in theatre or the entertainment business can I get with a sociology degree?
What is the time period of the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?
Help with My Monologue?
I have an idea that i think is amazing but the people i show it to hate it? I still want to persue it?
my 6 years old have musical theater audition and i need help please?
What is the Script for the online play Bothering Snape?
Does anyone know any romantic/dramatic plays that a high school drama club may use?
I'm beginning to think all acting breakdown sites are scams?
Is using disney music and characters in an elementary play breaking copyright laws?
Do I have a chance at becoming an actress?
will people forget if you did something dramatic and got put into the limelight?
one minute screenplay ideas?
Fancy Dress Characters?
How does the Blue man group become blue?
Where would I find a script for a theatre play titled "The Valiant"?
Can anyone help with an actor question?
how can i play Caithness in Macbeth when I'm a girl?
how can i get in to Indian television for acting career i am a good looking guy and can perform well?
is assets casting agency real?
the met... which seats are best?
how to become an actess?
advice about proscout............?
I am a Canadian actor, how do I find a reliable agent or casting calls in the US?
i want to know about it?
in the modeling/acting world do u think a pretty exotic unique girl would be more successfull?
Need help with FORTUNE TELLER act!?
Scedule for the Paramount Theatre for December 2006?
I want to become an actress I've written plays for school. and i don't know how to get an agent?
Should I fix up a theater or knock it down?
hamlet-in his soliloquy at the end of act 3 scene 2, lines 370-381, how does hamlet show he doesnt entirely?
Memorizing Lines for a Play...?
were can i get a acting agent?
i wanna be a model where do i start?
Is this a good acting class in Los Angeles?
I want to be an actress but nobody supports me should i stick with it or move on???
How old must you be to try out for Bruka Theatre?
When auditioning, do casting directors prefer real theatre experience or drama school?
Huge problem!!!?
Can I send my acting resume to LA/NY if I live in Miami?
So is Nigerian actor, Desmond Elliot really dead?
In Julius Caesar Act one, what does Brutus think of Cicero?
My school is unfair when it comes to plays?
Michelle Pfeiffer Monologue?
How much of Sweeney Todd is a musical?
What is your all time favorite musical?
How do Community Theatres find good Directors for their plays?
What is meant by features and conventions of a play?
How do i start an acting career when im only 13?
Legally blonde balcony seats?
Macbeth help!!?
I really wanna teach myself how to play the ukelele ?
Where can I download sound effects for our Play?
In Romeo and Juliet, why is Friar Lawrence's advice to Romeo ironic?
I want to be a actor?
Did anyone like POTC2 more than me(potc means pirates of the caribbean)?
How to become an actor (read below)?
What kind of dancing is involved in the MUSICAL Titanic?
who creates characters and locations of a film?
does i have the looks for modeling?
Looking for the name of the group with a heavy set lady as the lead vocalist?
wizard of Oz question?
Drama club or a real job?
How can I sound Snobby?