Acting job for a 13-year-old?
Can I Be A New Zealand Actor?
Drama School Audition?
what is your favorite classic tv show out of these:?
can you take a child under the age of 5 to a broadway show?
Annie the musical?? Can you help me?
How do I know I have potential to be good at acting?
Who sing which Billy Elliot musical Songs?
If you signed into acting extra job, and you show up, what do you do after that?
How to go into acting without your parents support?
Tips for this monologue?
Acting school in Mumbai or suggest good acting classes in Mumbai.?
about thestory antigone?
What did the London of the 90’s stand for that made Patrick Marber want to set "Closer" there?
When acting, what is a good technique for crying?
Help cutting my audition piece?
What are the names of Ophelia's friends in the play Hamlet?
what are the first 16 bars of out tonight from the musical rent? important!?
Audition song for All Shook Up?
In which czech marionette theater does Barbara Nedeljakova work?
Are there any acting agents?
How can you make yourself cry for acting?
Drama uses ___ to advance the story line...?
how do i stage cry?! Please help! 10 points best answer :)?
Resume help pleasee!?
Does anybody know if there are any acting auditions coming up!!?
How should I act since im the new guy in school?
Rejection by modelling agencies?
forgetting your lines...?
can anyone give me any idea of how class reunion suppose to host?
"Into the Woods" audition piece for Cinderella?
best musical ever!?
does anyone know any information on laura knight a casting director in la.?
are there any good theatre colleges in Atlanta, GA?
Who was the first dancer in America indians or Cave men?
acting is it a good thing to do?
im 14 years old soon 15 i want to be an actress?
What kind of job would i get with....?
how do you get over stage fright?
What do I have to do to be a supporting or extra ?
A good way to get started as a professional actress?
What is a way to say ' Will you marry me?' in a shakespearian way. It's for a play i'm writing?
Do you have to take classes first or can you just dive right in to acting?How can you find aditions for films?
Is it too late to become an actor or find a carear in theatrical work?(Australia)?
how can i become actress when im only 15?
Experienced actors, I need you!?
I'm looking for a play to direct, can anyone name a few?
Does anybody know a good college for acting?
How do i become a successful actress???? ?
if you were going to make a remake of the wizard of oz ?
Advice on my acting headshot?
Which is better..........?
What sort ideas are there for staging a scene from Bertlot Brechts Mother Courage?
what does it take to become an actress?
Acting and Theatre school questions...?
Archie 13 the Musical HELP!?
talent agents in fl?
How to choose my career?
How to become an actress ?
how do you get over stage fright?
my daughter is playing the part of a page / kings assistant in the school Christmas play, costume ideas needed
What should I put on my acting resume?
What happens when I play an old reed that has been in the case for more than a year?
In order to become fit?
What do you think is the best Broadway show and why?
Upcoming movie castings?
can I change the words from a monologue ?
Sponsors/Investors help?
Is John Robert Powers Auditioning for real?
A question for playwrights...?
When does the chandelier fall in the phantom of the opera?
who here knows British Contemporary theater? i need help remembering the title of a play?
im 18 and i want to get descovered for acting and modeling what do i do?
Acting Question!!!!!!!!?
i want to try and become a succuful actur but...?
Help!!!!! Powerful dramatic monologue?
Help shy and taking drama?
Acting help is needed.?
Can anyone tell me what play this is?
A Streetcar Named Desire- play?
what funny ideas can you suggest for a documentary?
How come the majority of successful actors/actresses in hollywood come from rich backgrounds?
Any Open Calls in NYC?
who is the father of ustad zakhir hussain?
Help me with my homework!!! Do you like shakespeare?
Acting,agents,roles help please x?
Why Al Pacino has portrayed so many mafia and crime characters?
Steps for getting into acting.?
How to Make a Sad Facial Expression?
What is a good play idea?
Has anyone else been booked on Disney Channel through Alan Baltes' consultation service?
I need help in my acting, any Acting Tips?
What the number #1 college for acting?
Summer jobs in Theatre?
Macbeth Quote! "Things without all remedy should be without regard: what's done is done." Need an explaination
how is the acting in this? between like 145-300 mins?
is the murat in indianapolis having any events tonight?
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the play "Vain Attempt" comes from?
Is it possible to sell a guitar and buy a car?
In RENT, why are the cast in that order for "seasons of love?"?
I really want to be an actress?
School skit topic help?
do you miss any actors and actress that passed away over the passed 40,s years?
I am playing a wickersham brother in the play seussical with my school. I have no idea of what to wear!?
The best song to sing at a musical?
15 year old male actors?
I want to get into acting. Help?
I am wondering if there is a video tape of the broadway play Tru?
do you guys know any good acting gency in los angeles?
Can somebody please explain a role in Marriage of Figaro?
HOW is the broawdWAY show Lestat?
Disney channel auditions? open casting calls?
If I had an aidia for an award ceremony better than the Brit awards but in Liverpool who woul I have contact?
I need some tips for acting with my body movements.?
who can help me to become a star?
Where can I find auditions for student films (I'm starting small)?
What do you think of my film so far?
I want to write a screenplay, but I have no idea where to start? Please help?
Do you think that plays and theater are a good way for an author to give his opinion?
How long should I set up an audition for each person for the same role in a very short 3 minute film?
how to get a professional headshot?
How can I start my career in acting? I've been acting since college. I've what?
How to portray attention seeking and possibly psychotic? Please?
How to be like cat from victorious?
what is putege in drama and theatre?
I consider Citizen Kane the great American movie of the 20th century. What other movies . . .?
Set Design - How to do a set plan?
Is Claudius being remorseful in this act?
Act 1 King Lear HELP!?
Do you like The PHATOM of the Opera?
Miss Hannigan costume?
What is the best way to get a 13-year-old into acting fast?
Twilight or High School Musical 3?
When you are auditioning for a movie, are the other people that is auditioning watching you?
broadway songs?
My epic screenplay is exactly 200 pages long?
do you think kristen stewart can act?
In Romeo and Juliet, what is Tybalt's challenge?
Who is the better Star Wars Actress, Natalie Portman or Carrie Fisher?
Are you an actor who has relocated from NY to LA? What has your experience been?
What is Your Favorite FLOP Musical!!!?
Know of any really serious monologues?
Favorite Musical?
Chase Bank Matching Grants To Nonprofit Organizations?
L.A. actors! What's a good actor friendly temp agency to register with here in L.A.?
Question about Romeo and Juliet?
i'm 16 and i really want to become famous but my mom doesn't like the idea?
How to be a better actress?
Actors who are also directors and writers?
How to get into the acting business?
Do you introduce your monologue in a theatre audition?
Y bollywood flims r not at par with hollywood flims?
Question on les miserables?
who is ur fav Christine & Phantom?
Private acting lessons or group acting lessons?
What's a good audition song for Pajama Game?
Script? Plot? Ideas? Can you help?
Im a 17 year old female who has a baby on the way......?
Who wrote shakespeare's plays?
How big of a role is babette in beauty and the beast?
Tips on ridiclous British accent?
Has anybody played Mrs Irene Molloy in 'Hello Dolly' (Musical) Any advice.I can relate to her but cant show it
I want to start an acting career, any advice?
why peoples hide there talent ?
Im choosing my GCSE's and I'm not sure about drama?
Steps to becoming an actor?
Do I Need To Write a Story To Do a Monologue?
who is the sweetest man on earth do you think?
Theatre Doc is so annoying!?!?
plz tell me waht pics should i put in my orkut acc-really good pics?
how do i become an actress ?
Lavender Brown auditions for harry potter? what are the requirements?
Why did the director and his staff give me bad looks during my audition?
What shall I do with 2 persons in a monologue?
does any one know of an audition.........?
auditioning for womens ansemble?
Make a list of all musical elements.?
I want To be An Actor Be I Don't Know Where To Start..And I Don't Want To Do It In School?
do you get paid after a disney audition?
I Need Your Opinion!!!?
wannabe theatre director.need to study scripts...where can i find/get/buy scripts to study?
Can someone help me with the Merchant Of Venice?
do you need to contact an agency to get casted for movie extras?
Audition tips for Beauty and the Beast!? Choosing the best answer, ten points!?
Should I still be an actor despite...?
How can I become famous?
How to get Derren Brown 2013 tickets?!?
How can i get a Voiceover agent??
Help with my Romeo and Juliet Project!!!!?
Correct spelling Susan Plushet, Bob Newharts costar on the Newhart series!?
Examples of disillusionment in Hamlet?
Broad Comedy?
how to send an acting resumee?
Open auditions in Seattle?
Okay, tommow is the day where i will send my pictures and resumé to the casting agent !!!?
I am 13 and i would like to become an actress, i have no experience except for a few school plays, what to do?
10 Points! Acting auditions for teens?!?
i have n acting audition what kind of things should i expect?
How to overcome my fears and follow my dream?
Do you HAVE TO get acting classes even thought your a great actor/actress?
are there any books on the psychology of directing...and the psychology of cinematography...?
Can anybody tell me the name of a site where I can get short funny plays or skits?
How can I get into acting?
help with my cinema question?
I need to remember a script, about a paragraph. I don't have days, only hours to memorize. Any tips for me?
I want to practice my acting by getting a script? Should I write my own or find one?
have any of you heard of cole weiss?
How do I take the first step into acting?
do you like miely cyrus?
What is my school Musical?
does any1 no how to get into an acting career?
Should I go to college if I want to be a actress or ot bother?
Can people who are not famous audition for movies?
Does anyone know how to memorize a monolg...quickly?
"Robo Cop" directed by Peter Verhoven?
Does anyone know of any open auditions in Chicago for teenage girls?
i need a good short and nice play......?
How can a stage actor keep from perspiring?
From the play Macbeth, who out of the two would make the best king, Macduff or Malcolm?
are there any plays that kids can do?
What Play should I Write?
Tactics for monologues ?
What are some Talent Agency that are in or near LA?
how can i become a porn star or get in the adult films industry?
what do u do when u like someone?
Is it odd these siblings were comfortable acting as boyfriend & girlfriend in a movie?
Help with Acting!?
THEATRE HELP QUICK- Monologue/Audition for Mice and Men?
i need an as many as acting agents telephones or e-mail addreasess plz?
Should I drop out of high school?
Where can I find talent who can play Elvis Presley or Bruce Lee in Hong Kong?
who is prettier, karen or sophie??? (from beautiful people)?
An Acting Audition Question/?
Is Lady Macbeth more responsible than Macbeth for the murder of king Mancan?
romeo and juliet balcony scene parody?
I want to be an actor, what should I do about it?
could i possibly be a famous actor?
In Drama what do you mean by the stage directions that say 'there are no sets'?
Could you name some good reputation acting agencies in the UK?
How can I increase my physical awareness, I feel numb?
Scene's in drama for 2 actors?
How do i start an acting career when im only 13?
GivE sOme cOmments abOut Zac and Vanessa..(High School Musical)I wiLL waiT fOr yOur AnsweRs...?
I'm scared to act, what should i do??
Has anyone ever heard anything about Mr. Rogers having been an ex-con, ?
How to let my dad know I wanna act?
What does lady macbeth fear about her husband?
What does announced mean on IMDb?
What do I do about this dream of mine?
How can you become a famous?
What is considered a scene in a play?
Anyone up to play mw3 on Xbox?
Where can I look for open auditions for movies, shows etc. in UK?
Can a screenwriter for movies or TV include himself as an actor in his own production?
How to improve Public Speaking skills?
I really want to become famous! I can act well. Any ideas?
How long should i wait potentially before giving up on a call back audition?
shakespears lovers:telll me what 2 write about n my term paper from "Othello"..& f u r so kind write it 4 me
what is the name of a good acting agency known for making people famous?
Hi everyone! I have a question that I'm dying to get an answer! Please READ!!!!!!!!?
Can anyone recommend a good play to see in London?
WHat should I get for my theatre teacher?
Contrasting Monologues-Which one first?
I'm looking for theatre history through the ages for my daughters homework?
Movie auditions in london for teens 11+?
Acting advice please ???
What actor/actress has the greatest range in portraying different characters?
Are there any auditions for new moon? if so, where, when, and for which roles?
Memorizing Scripts?
Thoroughly Modern Millie I need to make a set of 1920's style prisoner numbers for a stage show?
can someone help me, i need help finding a song. . . .?
How do you become famous?
I want to be an actress but I have doubts?
What are the essential plays?
How to Become a Pharmacis?
Is there going to be a High School Musical 4?
Is Cats the musical still showing in London?
the contrast by royall tyler summary?
Is this an unrealistic career plan?
Do they ever have movie auditions in Virginia?
How to prepare for future acting career?
What is the origin of the term Catwalk?
Any suggestions for a first time modeling audition?
How do you call a "rerun"of a theater performance?
Has anyone here ever been in a movie? If so, how did you get it? Do you have agents?
What are me legit places where i can auditions for t.v shows or movies or commercials in orlando,florida?
Anyone know any Really good duet scenes for my District Thespians competition?
Transylvanian Costumes...?
Some Acting Tips, Please?
What are some steps to become a successful and professional actor?
how much do you want to act?????????
What happens when you write to warner bros explaining you want to be in their films?
what is it called when people take on the acting roll as animals in theatre as in the Lion King or Marikai.?
how to i get stared to become a actres?
Do you think I would look desperate if I put an acting reel on Youtube?
Hey, I am looking for a script for duet acting? Where can I look? What web? Need help going to a competiotion!
How can I get my name out and about, for acting, singing, & modeling?
Where can I get acting lessons in Columbus, Ohio?????
Is 'Oklahoma' the musical being shown anywhere in Colorado any time soon?
What do you think of Judy Garland's daughter Lorna Luft?
how much do you want to act?????????
How can i write to Wentworth Miller?
How to be like Katniss Everdeen? READ BELOW VVV?
Why are guns so much quieter in movies and video games?
What do you think of my acting resume?
what is the best prone web site ?
Is my voice acting any good?
A good audition song for Working the musical?
casa manana attire?
stage play loan shark?
im sending my headshots and resume to various casting agents and agencies in the nyc area, smart move?
love never dies phantom opera?
Can Someone Help Me Find A Comedic Female Monologue For My School Play?
Am I a good actor????
Is this actor sexy or what?!?
National Youth Theatre?
what web site can i go to find the script for diary of a mad black woman?
theatre acting?
where can i find full list of kabuki actor from the years 1991- 2009 ?
What's a cool group name for a dad and his two kids?
I want to be an actress but..?
need help for acting pleazzzze ?
want a new topic for my presentaion?
Romeo and Juliet Hook and Backround info?
What is the best way to make a casting director call you back.?
I need 5 scared poses fore a play I'm in?
What do you think of this quote?
I want to be an actress what is a way to get there? I'm 16 ?
Are there any legitament acting jobs in the SF Bay Area?
a question for Christians!!?
Acting Tips?
how do you feel when people call you [******' ??
Whats the fastest way to be a young actor ?
Why do I always get turned down?
ok i wanna see who knows this musical as well as i do!?
when did miley cyrus start acting on hannah montana?
Whats the best "line" you guys ever heard in a movie?
Was Shakespeare a woman using an alias?
Why are people so immature?
Monologue Help Please?
How come this guy just down from uni is so dumb?
Is somebody's eyes (from footloose) an ok song to sing by yourself for an audition?
What is acting really all about?
I am going to be taking theatre class(drama) and the teacher said...?
How do I play notes using the register key on the clarinet?
What is the central idea of The Glass Menagerie?
Any good monologue books out there?
when someone says you have a natural rawness what do they mean?
Milton Katselas, L.A. acting teacher, director : what do you think of him?
Which role should I choose?
Talent Show Help!?!?!?
I need a comedic monologue for an audition!?
I want to be an actress but I have doubts?
How to become a voice actress?
How do you get lucky like Robert Pattinson?
Fee for losing my Les Mis script?
Was Shelley Winters a paraplegic? If so was she one in the Poseidon Adventure?
How do I not laugh when I am acting?
Shakespeare Monologes?
How do actors and actresses manage to kiss?
Besides being king what did Macbeth's father do?
how can i become an actor?
What part should I audition for in Beauty and the Beast?
How should I get a good start on my acting career?
Does anyone know any safe agencies to become an actess?
should I pay for 'fame street'?
Whens the next Disney auditions?
Has there every been an actor/actress who was either legally blind or totally blind?? BE SERIOUS PLEASE HERE!!
HELP!!! PLEASE!! How did Creon in Antigone affect the rest of the people in the book??
How was your first stage kiss?
If Romeo and Juliet lived on, would they have stayed together forever?
Need help finding monologues!?
Does anyone know of any good skits?
Anyone heard of envenio?
Help with playwriting?
What are some good ways to start off acting at the age of 13?
what to wear to an audition?
Am I the most irritating person?
how do you prepare for a movie audition? Helpp!?
How is Kate Hudson related to Goldie Hawn ?
i'm 16, is it too late to start acting?
I need some House Monologues, were can I find them?
If given a choice, who'd you like to play in the Shakespearean drama "Othello"?
I received a call from an acting/modeling agency...?
i want to become good model plz tell some institute of modeling in india.?
Acting - Need some advice?
I would like to become an actress Bollywood but I am Algerian , dream ?
Is 16 too old to start acting?
A question for anyone who has read 'Li'l Abner"?
How to voice act a boy?
Do you have to look like a supermodel to become an actor?
Any tips on onstage kissing?
How do I get a role in a production of Phantom of the Opera?
Acting agencies in california?
Aspiring actors and actresses. Do u wanna become actors because u love acting alot. Or coz u wanna be famous?
How can you join an acting agency? Will it cost money for them to help you find an agent?
How to become an actress? (10 Points best answer!)?
what is David Hyde pierce doing these days?
What is the best baby modeling agency to go through?
will i have to move away to become an actress?
Is my headshot good to send to an agent?
How to get an agent, anyone answer please?
How to get out of a seeing a Broadway play without seeming close-minded?
best musical ever??
What would you say if someone came up to you with a gun and asked if you believe in God?
Any good songs for a 14 year old to sing at play try-outs?
How to become famous.?
What Are The Parts Of The Stage?
has anyone ever auditioned for a musical?
What awards will dark knight rises get?
Musical version "Book of Mormon" (Trey Parker - Matt Stone) -- will you see it on tour?
Do I have a better chance at becoming a famous actress in Florida, California, or New York?
Does anyone know a good one minute dramatic monologue?
why are theater people called thespians? what does thespian stand for?
Would it be weird if for a man to play a woman in the play "Extremities"?
i want to became afilmdirector so what i do for same?
What play is a good first production for me to put on for the youth club I help run?
Is there a trick to memorizing blocking for a musical or play?
Tenor Broadway Showtunes under 2 minutes?
the correct way to audition?
Has this musical come to?
I'm doing some stand-up for my schools talent show, auditions are today, do you have any advice?
can you tell me about the origin of hand mime?
Who plays the smaller roles in Cats?
Hello, I live in Defiance is there any one that could tell me where I could find a Mystery dinner theater?
How do I convince my mom to move to California for my acting career?
In Drama, may help me?
What is the best musical?
Hollywood North? Is it legit?
Kathy Bates & John Lithtgow?
What is Miguel Pinero's "Eulogy for a Small Time Thief About?"?
How Easy Is It To Get Paid To Do Improv?
Which stage name do you like the best?
Im currently rehearsing for a play about the slave trade but Im having trouble picking up a southern accent.?
Can a 16 year old find auditions in toronto?
Would it be better to become an actor or a chef? I NEED TO KNOW?
any audition tapes of 7 year old girls?
Help 4 drama class?
Question about henna?
how will you attain genuine happiness based on les miserables?
I want to be a billionaire by the time I'm 35. I will be restarting my acting career in 2007. -Ryan D Downs!
has anyone seen the musical Smokey Joe's Cafe?
Best summer acting programs for high school students?
Do you have to live in Los Angeles if you audition for something and make it?
How big of a part is cora in thoroughly modern millie?
What does A level Theatre Studies/Drama involve?
I'm a 13 year old who would really like to try to land a spot on a good Disney Channel show. Any suggestions?
Do people on here pis* u off?
Whats can i do in the show??
Auditioning Process For LaGuardia Highschool?
Any ideas for an entertaining act for a school function?
Looking for a monologue about a crazy character?
What exactly is the job description of a scene designer?
How can you prevent stage fright?!?
How do I get over my stage fright?
what does my teacher mean "You must critique and compare three different musical compositions"?
Les Miserables songs...?
What song should I audition with?
what are the best theatre colleges in Texas?
is there any acting schools in Glendale?
I need to find sheet music for a specific song in the musical Light in the Piazza?
I need a play for drama class?
how can i find international theater directory?
Should I try acting?
Any ideas for a new video production?
What is the most valuable asset an actor or speaker can have? Why?
What is High School Musical 3 rated?
Film Terms. Script Terms? Word help. D:?
What was the uprising in Les Mis about?
what is a good acting/modeling agency that is not a scam and wont rip you off?
What kind of work could an actor do to support themselves whilst going for acting auditions?
what did cards, a radio, a phone, a magazine, a blanket, a telegram, a check, a x-mas tree, wreaths...?
Any performers in Sussex interested in a charity show?
what website can u sign up for acting auditions for tv or commercials?
What would be a funny way for jesus to die? (high school appropriate)?
What's your favorite musical?
Theater auditions for kids? Orlando?
for those who are screen writers, what is like?
has any hears of NOTM there a talent agency (national online talent management) are they a fraud or not?
What is the poem?
is it possible to go to college and take acting classes?
how can i find out when casting calls for the fifth season of the wire will start?
How should I portray Hamlet?
Woman's role in Macbeth?
Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat PLAY HELP?!?!?
Where did this monologue come from?
Has anyone worked with Scott Sedita?
Will video games help you at all as an actor...?
Does anyone know who the murderer is in the play, "Murder in the House of Horrors?"?
Famous actress costumes?
Britains got talent?
Tips for auditions...?
Where can I find doll masks line in the Strangers?
Can anyone give me A COMPLETE list of ALL of the characters from SWEENEY TODD THE HIGH SCHOOL EDITION?
What are some experience opportunities an aspiring writer?
Family Channel Auditions?
dont know what to do, acting scene?
What is Theseus’s decision regarding the four young lovers?
Could you be an actor at age 10?
what mementos could romeo and juliet give to each other?
voice lessons?
Any Upcoming Nickelodeon Movies Auditions?
Are there parts of my body that I can emote from other than my crotch?
Theme Skits! Help me!?
I still haven't told my mum...?
How do I get started acting?
out there on my own from broadway play fame?
hamlet act 2 scene 4?
What is the name of this stage action during combat?
What is the MGM slogan?
I have to choose Between Acting OR Marriage, I am stuck. Any Advice ?
how much do voice actors make?
can a girl play winthrop in the music man?
Did you know The Sound oMusic opens tonight?
How can I stop injecting so much of 'myself' into a performance?
TV Script Writing/Submission/Spec Help Needed! Please!?
What should I wear for an audition?
Is it normal to invite a talent agent to come see your high school drama production?
Shows in the style of The Sound of Music?
Moon Over Buffalo?
What are the notes to play I want one direction on the keyboard?
Can Someone Answer my Question?
what is an asm/understudy?
Wouldn't you wish to be dead sometimes?
How is Lion King the musical like?
what are the top ranking theater cities in America?
hey im 13 and want to act.does anyone have any ideas where to start?
When should I expect to be contacted after submitting to be an extra?
Is there a way to copyright a short story really fast before sending into a competition?
costume ideas for my son?
what song is it that they typically play around death?
What are some qualities for a female teenager to travel, free and easy?
Who plays the lead role in Mary Poppins?
Is it bad to be Immature?
what is the difference between verse & poet?
How to become a actor at a young age?
would you be a director or actors choose one only if you were to choose?
how to get started as a voice actor?
Acting in South Carolina?
do you think Dakota Fanning should play the part as Jane in New Moon?
Bad or good to drink ALCOHOL before an acting audition?
I just got myself a callback audition that includes a body check. What should I expect?
miss muffit part?
What types of involvement the audiences might have in theater?
i need a short funny monologue from a play?
Does anyone know Miley Cyrus's e-mail address? Or maybe her dads.. Billie Ray Cyrus??
I have a natural talent but i am afraid to get out there.Someone point me in the right direction?
How will you differentiate an opera from broadway theatre?
problems with nerves?
What is the best source for finding acting auditions? Please help!?
Is Macbeth a "Proper subject of traged?"?
Which of these name is prettiest and catchiest?
If You Could Play Any Part. . .?
Any good clinchers for The Taming of The Shrew to show that the marriage is one of convenience.?
Help I need a song for the talent show anyone know one?
Comedic, contemporary monologue options for a broadway play or musical?
Id like to see your top 10 reasons to date an actor.?
would snuff from slipknot be a good song for romeo and juliet? what are nine other good songs that would fit?
How do I start a community Theater Production?
in the past 100 years which city do you think has produced the greatest actors until present?
Acting for a 13 year old?
How to kick start my acting career........ Need help!?
Has anyone seen Legally Blonde The Musical on Broadway?
Should I move to LA or NYC to pursue Acting.?
Acting auditions scotland?
Musical theater auditions?
Any tips on doing a southern accent?
were and how can i audition for a record deal in victoria australia answer soon please?
What is your favorite musical, what song in it, and why?
Audition songs for Schwartzy from Putnam County Spelling Bee?
Spring Awaking Script??
How to become famous with no talents?
How to tell my parents I want to be an actress?
I want to use the name Kisuke (from the anime Bleach) as part of my stage name?
I really really want to become an actress, where do I start?
What songs should I sing for Spring Awakening auditions?
how can l become a pornstar?
Famous Dancer...?
finding a script?
Is it feasible to do journalism in college but act at the same time ?
Are Acting CV's for proffesional work only?
how much time is needed in playing a part in a play?
What happens when you write to warner bros explaining you want to be in their films?
Should I give acting a try?
Audition tips for Beauty and the Beast!? Choosing the best answer, ten points!?
is there a web site for the 70s -80s fasion please let me know?
what do you think about acting? what agency or acting school is good?
Casting...HELP ME?
How much is important to show that your english is grammatically perfect on acting castings?
i am looking for a monolouge for a young man that is both funny and emotional... does anyone have any ideas?
How well do you have to act to pass an audition for SM/JYP?
How many talent agencies are in the United States?
y do people always sing but cant sing and they no they cant and if u dont like this ? o well ugly people?
I would like to know which acting school is best-NYFA, STELLA ADLER, AADA...or any other?
I want to get on a soap opera. How do I find the serious soap opera casting calls?
Help: I want to give acting a try but I'm afraid to?
Freshmen One-Acts Audition? Please Help I'm Clueless?!?
What is a better part in Urinetown?
What Do YOu think is THE GREATEST MOVIE line ever?
Can you audition to become a director or should you be hired?
Female monologue needed urgently! please help?
Where can I find a hanging special fx sound for the Crucible play I'm involved with?
What is the most valuable asset an actor or speaker can have? Why?
Does anyone know a good website where I can find theatre games?
Whats the first step i should take if i want to become an actor.?
does nayone know of any improv places in San Bernardino, California?
I am related to Roseanne Barr; does anyone know who that is?
Where do yu send your audition tape for J.O.N.A.S.?????
Is this considered an audition or a chance at a getting an acting part?
What exactly is a chorus gypsy?
I'm doing a solo mime for theatre class and it has to be set to instrumental music. Any song ideas, please?
What are some good short monologues that I can memorize to break the monotony?
whats and easy way to memorize the lines of a play?
What is a w-9? I'm going to be submitting something to a talent agency?
What are Lady Macbeths characteristics?
Are there children/teenager roles in the play "Witness for the Prosecution"?
casting calls?
What are some key tips to remember when trying to land an acting role?
How people become Critics?
What is your favorite song from the musical wicked?
I have to do an emotional response for the Winnie the Pooh Play?
who knows where i can get the script in "ama namin"?
Working on Characterisation?
Does anyone know a science fiction stage play?
Uptempo musical theatre audition song?
What's a good audition song for a high soprano?
I'm working for a theatre company at the Edinburgh fringe festival and don't have a contract.Where do I stand?
Any people here have experience in Improv comedy?
What do I take to a casting call or audition?
Is a monologue about rape to much for a highschool drama class?
Monologue/ Improv Competition?
Can anyone format a script for me so it is in screenplay format?
Has anyone heard of the play 'The Forest'?
Which is more important?
I need an audition song and Contemporary monologue?
One More Modeling Question! lol SORRY!!?
Italian reinansce theater?
what can i do in london today?
Is it good for someone trying to be a model to apply to different agencies?
are "stage directions" counted as Literary Devices?
How to make-out onstage? -kind of funny-?
Which category of voice acting is the hardest to get into and why I want to do animation voice acting?
Julius Caesar Help?
Was Romeo a serial philanderer, who would have dumped Juliet as he did Rosaline, had they lived longer?
What are some good children shows/plays?
TRUMPET Audition help!!!?
Disney face charecter auditions line? NYC?
National Theatre????
Am I Spoiled (Please No Mean Comments)?
Why do you think reproducing human emotion is so difficult and only great actors can do it well and naturally?
What's a TV extra? what kind of job is it?
What is a good audition song for a 15 year old male tenor?
Most successful Broadway shows?
My daughter has the talent in singing, acting, modeling, how does she get discovered without brackin the bank.?
actress tell me please?
coca theatre company?
I need a idea for a play fast!?
Is it okay to audition with a monologue by the same person as the play your auditioning for?
Classroom Skit? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?
Super cute alto/mezzo musical audition song?
What is a monologue, as used in acting?
What should i wear to an ACTING open call!?
Does anyone know a good song to audition with that's not overdone? I'm trying out for HSM at my school.
how can i become a successful actress?
Is Britain plagued by musical atrocity "tokio hotel"?
I need a quick way to ease my stage fright nerves before tonight!?
Who are the greatest actors and actresses of our day?
What play should we do?
Audition & Song Hairspray!?!?
Dare2Audition Website: Legitimate?
I havent been in any plays yet but i am hopfully going to be soom, will an acting agent still except me?
How would I get into independent films?
How to play piano sheet music and where to get it for free?
Within the play bloodbrothers there are the main themes of social injustice and nature vs. nurture. Help?
where can i find the sweeney todd stage script?
The perfect, but really unperfect wingman.?
what can i do in london today?
Is it necessary to take acting classes if you want to be a professional? and where is a good school?
Tamil Actor Ajith's Father & Mother's Community and Caste ?
I want to be an actress?
'P!nk'-style song for Spring Awakening Audition?
How does one find an acting/musical theatre agency?
Mrs. Kalabash?
any good monolouges for teenage girls?
An "Contemporary Broadway" audition song for a child?
No Dream= No Reality?
Does anyone know if online acting "agencies" are really legit?
Acting Teachers have told me that my Diction isn't very good ?
I am 17 and i have always wanted to become an actress but i have had no training. What should i do?
What should my play be about?
Am I chasing an impossible dream?
Rent (the musical)?
Should I Try To Get an Acting Agent?
Does anyone know or recommend any good acting schools or workshops in Norwalk CA or nearby areas??????
I would like to study in UK.Can you Help ME?
Should I drop out of school to follow my dreams of becoming an actress? Please help!?
What are the biggest girl roles in phantom of the opera?
Greek Theater PLS anyone? (10 points)!?
Trying to find out the actors name who played in Madea goes to jail that Jamaican man (wwwwoooooowwww!!)?
do i need an agent for auditions?
Do you think I have a chance in making the musical at my school?
where are def poetry jam auditions held?
should i practice acting at home?
How do you get credits on tap tap glee?
Female actors - what characters would you most like to play onstage/in a film?
how can i make an audition for a hollywood movie or get a manager?
How to dress for a modeling interview?
Does anyone know of a good agent? Please, I really need help.?
Where can I find the script to Duck Variations, or any David Mamet play?
I'm 14 and I want to become something like the worlds next Wes crave where do I start at PLEASE ANSWER?
Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?
does anyone know where i can re-watch the episode of NUMB3RS where charlie almost gets shot?
looking foreaster scripts?
Theater!! Is my part good for my experience?
how many performances does a play have to do for it to be a flop?
lead in school play 2nd time?
i need your help on finding a monologue(comedy) but i want it to be about me playing a crazy teacher ?
How to become an actress?
How do I send an email to actor Gary Oldman?
How can I look like I'm in pain?
what can I do to improv my languag?
Where can I get the High School Musical 3 Script?
Do you have to attend acting school and need an agent to be an extra?
how do i audition for the xfactor?
Tell me everything you know about Once on this Island!!?
Dose anyone know how to get into the acting business? I really want to know.?
How to perform Shakespeare?
Need help with my acting!!?
ACTORS - Tips on memorizing lines?
I am looking for the best performing arts high school in NYC?
I have an singing audition. what should i do to prepare?
Audition song "editing"?
Whats vanessa anne hudgens fave animal?
What kind of clothes should I buy, if I am in a black istory play acting as Sojourner Truth?
I decided that im going to try out for acting. How do I get started?
I Want to Become an Actor. Help Please!?
In HAMLET, what is the name of the play the troupe of players have come to present to the King's court?
what is an Activity Director?
Where can I find a DVD/VHS copy of Zadie Smith's "White Teeth," which once aired on PBS' masterpiece theatre ?
Who will be playing Elder Price on the Book of Mormon Tour?
How can a 11 year old become an actor?
Taylor Swift or Lady GaGa?
What is a good college in California for theatrical study and acting?
What is the usual amount of time that a talent agency will contact you after you applied?
discuss the symbolism of thunder and lightning in Act 1 Scene 3 of Julius Caesar.?
In the musical "RENT". What was the name of Mark Cohen's Agent?
I need help picking an audition song!?
I need an epic speech please!!!?
Can this happen in acting.....?
can i write my own monologues?
What do I need to do for my audition?
Question about pursuing an acting career?
Play Ideas? See specifications.?
what are the examples of musical dances?
help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
who wrote 42nd street?
acting class yay?
What song plays in the background during the Helm's Deep battle scene?
What are some themes of children's theater?
How can I be funnier? And make people laugh?
For IB theatre does anyone know where I can find a good example of a TPPP, preferably online?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
Guitar Smells, What can I do?
This plot device was used only by Braveheart?
how to get on disney channel and become a actor / singer?
Could a black girl be Tracy from Hairspray the play?
What type of schooling is required to become an actor?
I want to try film acting. Should I move to Los Angeles or try it in a less competitive city?
What should be included in a resume?
what are Equity actors?
what does feste the fool from twelfth night say that's funny but smart?
NYPD accessories. Badges, shirt patches,hats, etc?
How do each of the following listed below contribute to the tragedy of the play HAMLET?!?
Is "extra's" work as in acting rewarding?
I just don't get it...?
I'm 14 and looking to act. Advice.?
does anyone know the steps on how to open a theater? anything im missing out on what i should do?
what city is better for acting?
can ytou answer to these romeo and juliet questions?
Please help me with Greek and Roman Drama.?
who knows someone in the acting business that would give me a shot?
Do you have to live in L.A. to be on Disney Channel?
How do you become a Tv/film extra?
Life of actors during filming?
what do you think, please check this out !?
Thomas Moore ????
Horror sound effect? help plz!! :(?
Why do people want to be actresses/singer for the fame and not for art?
Name that musical?
name two popular theaters of the day?
Any advice on acting through tape?
How to 'ACT" mean? acting tips!?
A Musical That Teens Can Do?
I think I need a bit of help?
Did Guy Hovis and Ralna English of the Lawrence Welk show remary?
Why are Brittish actors more polished then actors in US?
name the musical instrument clue given is only "@#$%" ?
The best theatre colleges in London/NYC?
Which version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor... has a male narrator
How to get into big time directing?
What do you learn at drama school?
Can someone help me find a musical?!?
How are the global auditions held? & How many trainees does sm have?
Good audition songs for a thirteen-year-old Soprano?
unique meet and greet boy band poses--need ideas?
What is the best way to memorize a monologue ? (Mark Antony's to be spsecific)?
actors and actresses out there (or ppl who live in cold areas)?
Acting Lessons in Grimsby (UK)?
how can i get into bollywood fliming industry?
Video audition.... any tips?!?
Stagecoach reviews.................................…
what happened to actor gilbert roland?
Where can I find The Seagull by Anton Chekov online?
Acting and Age?
help with a stage name?
vanessa anne hudgens?
Where the best place to go for acting?
talents ?
Auditioning for Cosette in Les Miserables?
Has Any one see a musical called Wicked??
Where can i write to Mel Gibson?
Searching for acting school in NYC?
HELP what is a 2-3 min shakespearean or anything around the area scene for two female ?
musical theatre audition help!?
What is the best drama school in the UK?
What is Guys and Dolls about?
is she really my friend?
Advice for Improv theatre?
Would you consider Macbeth in the play Macbeth a tragic hero?
where is toto?
How do you do a Northern Irish accent?
What should i do for my drama piece in my GCSE practical?
Whats this line from?
Im scared of getting rejected?
Would you like to be an Actor?
If you made good grades in school, would you still consider going into the acting business?
I'm a guy I always wanted to be a model/actor, I'm very passionate about it.?
Are there any casting agents, or acting agents in Leeds?
Steps to becoming an actress?
Where can I find...?
Teenage Acting?
Need some Advice Please :) ?
Do you really have to go to school to become an actor?
I have an audition for the prince in cinderella?
i want to become an actress and model but my parents won't let me! help!!?
Any advice on coming to LA to get into acting?
why balakrishna is still acting??
What are some legit acting agencies in Columbus, Ohio?
how should i act like Fanny, Scrooges sister in the Christmas Carol?
Is it bad for actors to do background work?
Does anyone know of a good website to find extra casting calls?
has anyone read Macbeth?
Singing Part of Your World for auditions- Tips?
do they get paid after or before?
would you go and see high school musical, done by a high school?
In the Musical "Guys and Dolls" what is the main song? PLEASE HELP!!?
As an actor, do you find yourself pretending to be on the camera as your talking w/other in regular real life?
how did roomeo's friendship with mercutio effect theoutcome of the play?
How much do actor in Canada make?
Uptempo Songs For Aida Audition?
Is this a good use of Shakespearean language?
what is a good accent to learn?
How does one become a disney channel actress?
How many plays have you been in (if any)?
How do you send a resume in to an acting agency without having done actual work?
Monologues for teen girls ?
Restoration Costume Questions.?
i want to be an extra on a tv show or movie does anyone know a real good website i can register on?
which is the most popular acting school in the whole of USA?
Anyone saw footloose remake?
Song for Seussical audition?
magic trick?
What should I wear to a Barbizon interview?
How do I get in her pants?
please some one help me on an English question?
So I asked my dad...?
which ex international manager wrote the TV series hazel ??????
Would this be a good headshot?
One Minute Monologues?
Male Musical Theatre Character audition, please help!?
How can i become famous?
Ariana Grande eyebrows?
Should i join a theater or get a acting coach?
pleaaaaaaase,does anyone know how to find the emails of famous actors?
i wanna sing think of me from phantom of the opera?
One Minute Monologues?
What song should I sing?
How do I become an actress?
Funny monologues for women?
J Cole and Kendrick Lamar coming to Australia?
which play is this line from?
What Actor Today Would Be Best At Playing Charley's Aunt?
Welcome to Mollywood auditions?
Are newspaper ads for actors always scams?
Paul Potts name of song he sung for audition?
How do you become famous?
How do I prepare for a call back?
What actors and actress played in the drama A Kiss Before Dying from the 50's?
Audition....please help?
Where can I take acting classes IN or NEAR Orange County, California?
Why! Oh why doth my Q's languish so?
I have to play a teacher in a play i and i have to remember loads of lines any tips ?
I would die to become and actress and I'm not asking how but is it realistic in this case?
in what mood is sebastien in the latter part of act 4 of twelfth night by shakesphere?
does anyone know where i might be able to try out for a disney channel movie or show?????
I want to help direct my group for the play but I'm a coward? Help?
How to start writing a play?
The best cities to start an acting career?
Comedic/Dramatic Monologues?
Musical theatre(ish) songs from films?
Romeo and Juilet???
Gershwin Theatre: how are Lodge AA seat #5?
how can i become actress when im only 15?
What song should I sing for a Lion King on Broadway audition?
Does anyone know if Jack Benny was gay?
Can you help me with my monologue in Taming The Shrew?
Good Website for Theatre Auditions in Orange County, Ca.?
Which of these 3 pictures is best for an acting headshot?
what are 10 of the easiest lines to memories from othello up to act act 4 sc 1?
Acting help for Shakespeare?
i want to be an actor! so how do i get started?
Audition Beatles songs?????
Can anyone give me a summary of Shakespeare's "Love's Labours Lost?
How would i show the development of the plot in macbeth in a diagram or chart?
i need to know the best way to stage kiss?
When is Gale Harrold off Broadway?
i have a pengiune on my belly?
Could you have an agent evan thought you want to do stunt acting?
how do acters remeber the text which is complexed? answer only if you have acting experiances.?
is this a good way to start my acting career?
What Mask Should I Wear For Pierott in Commedia Dell'arte?
Isn't it easier to try and make a career in the acting industry when you're slightly younger?
who do you blame for romeo and juliet's death?
Can someone give me Acting tips?
Who farted?
Can u tell me the meaning of this Name Portia?
What song should my band and i play for the AGT auditions?
Please help me.?
Im trying to find an agent, Im ?
Anyone know a good Musical song?
Are any Actors In London interested in The Method?
Where can i watch High School Musical 3 online?
Does anyone like miley cyrus?!?!?!?
I need a List of Comedic Plays (good for an hour)?
Writing a play about teenage problems.... what are some?
I would like to get your thoughts and opinions on Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew.?
Does anyone know how I can watch "La troisieme partie du monde"? (aka "Third Part of the World Europe")?
do you say 'i love you' to your lover only on valentine's day?
Need help! What is the difference between an Elizabethan Inn Yard, Playhouse and an Elizabethan Amphitheater?
Where is a current production of "Nicholas Nickleby" being offered?
i want 2 act what should i do 2 get started ?
I wrote a 85 page horror screenplay how much time would it be if it were on-screen?
how many performances have you done???
How do I tell my parents I want to be an Actress?
i want to be an actor?
What caused romeo and juliets death?
Published Play Monologues?
The Pillowman Character List?
camp rock vs. high school musical?
Would self-harm scars affect an acting career?
My son is in a play for Oklahoma's 100 year celebration. He is a robber. What should he wear?
Please help me - how do I cry?!!!!?
What are some interesting facts about the play Hamlet?
Auditioning kids for commercials - why are they so rude?
What are the best summer camps for acting on camera??
How to get a license for becoming a real theatre/drama group?
macbeth helpppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How would you deliver a funny monologue?
how is the musical The Phantom of the Opera influential to musical theatre?
Monologue for teenager?
Anybody know a famous producer and how to get his signature?
who is lisa anderson?
Does anyone know the Actress Cynthia Farrell?
Being a Disneyland Face Character?
When are they showing high school musical 3?
What is a good idea for a stage name for a rapper?
A good high school comedy involving mainly males?
Anyone know any good plays?
What songs relate to macbeth?
Do any of you know how to audition for a part in the upcoming sequel of Twilight called New Moon?
How can i sell my screenplays to hollywood?
who played wife in macmillan and wife?
i want to start acting i did it for GCSE but i dont want to go to a drama school and blow loads of money?
Hey, what's your opinion? honestly :)?
Song suggestions for talent show?
I have an interview for disney channel on saturday im nervous plz help?!?!?!?!?
Help me find the name of a play?!? ?