how can i play an abusive husband ?
what to do?
A quick question about casting actors?
Drama Lighting Terms Help !?
Harry Potter Auditions?
How is my acting in this video?
Role-playing question?
This question is about Union films vs. Non-Union films? Important!! Acting Career and Performing Arts?
looking for a beginning acting class in LA area?
i am wanting to try out for Oklahoma the Musical?
In what movie does a character say "that's my philosophy. That, and everybody wang chung tonight"?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO if?
Does anyone know if SportsArc - The Premier Sports Action Film Company is legit?
acting calls in ireland?
What ever happened to Will Sasso from Mad TV???
I got the part as 'Ugly' in the musical 'HONK!'?
Ideass for a scene for theatre arts?
Monologue for a 'smart' role?
Toto was the only Dog, in the Wizzard of Oz. How did the Wicked Witch know what he was?
IMPORTANT!: Where can I get really cheap Rotary Phones and TV Camera's from the 60's in Melbourne, Australia?
what items are necessary for all rentheads to have?
Why do some actors get a "and John Doe as Stewie Puck" type of credit?
How do i pursue an acting career when i'm beginning college in the fall?
What to do with hands on stage?
Is randy harrison top or bottom ?
How do I start an acting career? What kind of college should I starting looking for? How do I find auditions?
I need a short monologue for a 10 year old girl?
How do I attend the American Conservatory Theater and is it good for some acting training? ?
Questions for everybody who's read Hamlet?
Does anybody here now anything about the any address of Ricky Martin ?
What happens in the play of Pyramus and Thisbe?
Theater! Is it a Lost Art. Does anyone Care?
If you had to choose between Avenue Q and Lion King which would you see on Broadway?
i want to be a actress so bad!!?
Do people think you can escape from reality by doing theatre? If yes why and if no why?
do you have any idea on how digi company distribute their product?
Help with a monologue please!?
Did Joan crawford really own pepsi cola ?
I Am 16 And Would Like To Be An Actress How Should I Go About Doing This?
How to become famous?
What do casting directors look for in the role Christine Da'ae (Phantom of the Opera)?
Good acting agencies in Los Angeles?
For a film I have to pretend to drink?
What is your favorite musical, what song in it, and why?
is actress scarlet Ortiz of Venezuela married to actor Yul burkle of Venezuela?
Annie Audition for Lily St. Regis?
does anybody like wild n out?
How long does it take to get a call back after signing up to be a extra actor?
happy up beat monologues for middle schoolers?
do you have to be skinny to break into acting?
What was your favourite musical as a child?
I need a four person play, PLEASE!!!?
In the musical "Hairspray," were the fat people supposed to be a symbol of gay people?
examples of impromtu speeches?
shakira do you like hips dont lie?
Sarah Brown(Guys and Dolls) costume, hair and makeup?
Who is Better "Charlie Chaplin" or" Lawren and Hardley"?
Do somebody know some alternative metode of definitively epilation?
where can i find forign dramas?
emmy awards?
Brutus was married to in julia ceaser?
when i play trombone i sound kind of nasaly?
Should I have a stage name?
What's a good way to get started in theatre?
kan eny one help me to find audio fils of : "Azerbaidzhan", suite for symphony orchestra (1950)? i am lookinp
Is this a good acting headshot to get cast?
Any acting tips????????????????
Does anyone know any good Acting Agencies?
How do I get an acting job.......?
I would like to act in amateur dramas. I need to know what are all the places in coimbatore?
I need help with stage fright and singing in groups!!?
Has anyone heard of King Talent Inc. in Toronto?
Any sage advice for my 13 year old daughter is performing on stage tonight? It is a musical.?
how does lady macbeth really look like?
what do u think will happen on the next avatar? they should show new ones every single week right!?
Did you or someone you know move to Los Angeles to persue an acting career?
The difference between "good" and "great"?
What is a profile video in an acting agency?
im in a play and i have to be in a insane asylum what should i do?
Questions about ROME AND JULIET. ?
Why would someone want to be an actor?
Acting auditions in Singapore?? or concert?
Good motivational monologues please?
When I get out of work I go for a walk and I recently stopped by a theater. Should I join?
what is the fastest/easiest way to become an actor-if there even is one?
Hamlet and Hannibal Rising? -school assignment?
Modeling/acting question? ?
I have to sing a capella for an audition. How do I count sixteen bars in a song?
Good acting classes in Long Island, New York?
top 10 tamil actors?
Acting Audition - What Do I Wear!?
What should I do? I'm a guy and I got a female role in my school's musical.?
I am looking for marilyn monroe posters?
pantomime / theatre for teenagers??
How to begin an acting career?
Acting in Canada cities?
What is your favorite musical of all time?
Out of these musicals which is your favouirte?
can i use some text from streetcar named desire in my new play legally?
how do i get over my horrible stage fright? HELP! IM DESPERAT!?
what day did romeo and juliet die (thursday,friday)?
How do you find producers to produce your show or at least hear about your tv ideas?
Acting Schools in virginia.?
can someone tell me how to become an actor??
How do I choose a perfect monologue for an audition?
2 minuet monologue in hairspray need asap!?
is any one here famous on t.v?
does anyone here have an agent?does anyone here love to dance sing and act?
High School Musical "HumuhumunukunukuaPuaA"?
Any casting calls on disney ?
Can someone give me an interpretation of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream?
Actors in night at the museum?
Images modeling agency? John Powers?
Do Talent Agents Buy Stuff For You?
How Can I find Miley Cyrus When she is not in white pages or anythin else?
Dumb question about Romeo and Juliet!?
what is your favorite Musical?
History/Acting (Les Miserables) Question?
What are musicians who play for money at subways called?
where is the best place to start a acting carrer?
could i make it into acting?
Which of these stage names sounds best for me?
How can this young deaf from new york become aspiring actor?
Can you ACT like you understand this question?
What do I need to prepare for a Disney Open Casting call?
how do u make Lisps?
"Anne of Green Gables" Audition?
miss havisham acting tips?
East 15 acting school...?
What are good casting agents in NYC?
A female villain monologue from a play?
anyone seen the young poisners handbook?
describe the general structure and arrangement of the elizabethan theater?
How to convince our director to let us do RENT: School Edition for our spring musical?
How can I become an actress?
how do you act insane?
Professional musical theatre courses in london?
13 and I have a need to act?
What are some good ideas for a Halloween costume "theme" for either three women &/or three women and two men?
Questions about modeling?
How can I boost my chances of becoming an actress?
I am 13 should I start swearing??
How do I get over the stage fright of acting if its something I love!?
how is Pyar k side effect??(movie) anyone saw???
How do you become an extra? (15 yrs old)?
has anybody seen the play "the year of the hiker"?
Is This a Scam?
Does anyone know some places in ny or nj that have auditions for modeling?
Powerful/Intense/Mocing monologues?
How's my voice for singing? tips?
Romeo and Juliet Act I what do you think?
Isn't it ironic that before there was Film and TV, everyone went to the theatre, but now only people who are
When actors have sex, what happens?...?
Me and my friends would like to make a film?
Lucy from Thirteen the musical?
How to be more passionate in a monologue?
how can i be a successful comedian?
Any pornstar agencies that i can contact with?
Need a broadway style song for auditions - NOTHING ANNIE OR WICKED!?
Dialogue - Script writing help?
Phantom of the Opera Question.?
How to audition for Honk! The Musical?
Can anybody help make up a name for my Horror script?
Does "The Hobbit" have girl roles?
I want to play hsm1 and hsm2 but I dont know the words.?
what's the essence of movie?
I have to kiss my acting partner?
What would you love to see be made into a musical?
script to a play?
Who do you think is the best actor to play Kratos?
what is the name of the playwright for The Vertical Hour?
Importance of Guare's "House of Blue Leaves"?
What is ur Favorite Actress/actor?
can you please suggest a good site abt Indian parallel cinema,short films & documentaries?
When was Cats last on Broadway in New York?
When does Titanic 2 come out?
What do I have to do to become an Actor?
Throughtout his life, What inspried Shakespear as a playwrite?
I've been trying to find a song that I used to play about 20 years ago.?
Do you think I sound okay?
two contrasting song from a musical for a contralto?
How does the theatre business work?
Am i the only one that does not like..?
is jothika a good pretty actress?
How much do actors get paid?
How do I get rid of Stage Fright?
Have you ever been in a play or a musical?
What do you have to do to win a oscar?
Why is the grass always greener on the other side?
Do you go to theatre . If no ; why you don't go any more ?
Was Happy Birthday ever sang on broadway?
Any good monologues or songs I could do ? I'm trying out for west side story & Romeo & juliet?
Is Will Smith a good actor?
does anyone know of any shows that are or have been on broadway that my child might know? or any at all?
how would i become an actress?
In which film did James Arnes make his first movie appearance?
what is the date and vennue of Jaipur and mumbai indian idol 4 auditions? I have alredy registered. Ans. me?
How do I become a playwright?
Which stage/screen name sounds best?
HiAre there any agents acting in the Cleveland area?
Any auditions in Stafforshire?
The Part of Sister Berthe From Sound of Music...?
what agency do you need to be part of to get audition for doctor who?
Interlochen admission?
How do you create the sound of applause?
dreaming of being in heaven there is a closed coffin?
A ques about acting resume?
i thought of starting acting but some people think its a silly idea?
im not very creative and i have to make up a movie..ideas?
Where can i find auditions for acting in Sheffield for teenagers 13 and over?
Barbizon Modeling?
What is your favourite Shakespeare play and why?
Help for Next to Normal Audition?
Who wants to play MW3?
where can i find a free script of the musical, how to succeed in business wihout really trying?
IF YOU COULD BE any character from clue who would it be ? and what motive would you have ?
comment on my singing voice?
Do you think I should join the airforce or pursue being an international model to become an film actor?
Theatre is ephemeral, meaning that it will be exactly the same every time.?
My musical auditions are coming up... and my voice is being sketchy, what do I do?
how to write a play!!?
Proscout, model & talent search..?
is it mandatory that oscars be handed out every year?
does jason london have a mailing address?
How many of you have given up on your acting dream?
A good song to make a storyline out?
Why are all aspiring "actresses" obsessed with being on Disney Channel nowadays?
Is It good to become an mason?
If the 3rd 'Nanny McPhee' movie is successful, do you think they would make a 4th movie?
Is there someone who knows about marius kurkinski ?
Please if you saw the play....?
how to become an actress?
Is there an appropriate age in watching a musical?
How to be more confident in the class?
what is a production manager in theater?
what is the stone manners talent agency website?
What Do You Need To Learn In High School To Become A Voice Actor?
how does creon from antigone deserve more sympathy that antigone?
Need theme & script for a play.?
Joseph and the Amazing Tech. Dreamcoat fans?
nania the prince caspian thing?
Can I have voice and diction lessons to change the sound of my voice?
Any tips on how learn lines ASAP?
Oh dear, is there something wrong with me or am i just extremely pathetic haha?
What exactly constitutes "classical musical theater"?
Ruth in Pirates of Penzance?
The Glass Menagerie Characters?
so i went to an audition and i got a call back so what do i do?
what is going to happen to james holmes?
Ii'm a young female actor/singer looking for some paying jobs iin NJ!!!!?
about modeling high school?
What's a good part in a musical for me?
any websites where I can find out how macbeth was performed?
I'm trying out to be in a Talent Show and I'm competing against my worst enemy.What should I do?
I am 13 years old and need some good sad monologues please help!?
help with theatre questions....havent gotten textbook yet and this is due?
Help with finding a Play for my theatre company?
How do you audition for an extra?
Can anyone provide me a story or skit about unity?
Where can I find a great modeling and acting sponsor?
Do you want to be a famous celebrity?
what do u think of high school musical?
when does new moon come in theaters?
where can i read act 4 off the crucible?
why are Americans so obsessed with celebrity?
Kids Talent Network??
Who plays the voice of this character from Kids Next Door?
Where can i find information about actors from 1990s porn movies?
what do we learn about the time in which romeo and juliet is set?
claudius( from hamlet) is similar to what king today?
Romeo and Juliet Hyperbole?
Good stage name? acting?
I plan to costume as Charley's Aunt. Should I look frumpy or look more on the proper maiden aunt side??
Law & Order fans ... What's your fave episode?
How does the plausibility of a Macbeth curse apply to today's audiences?
Lady Capulet from Romeo and Juliet...?
You will come and see us, wont you?
Large ensemble musical??????
Do Broadway actor make good money?
why cant i be my funny self around them???!!!!!!!!!!!?
the new superman?
Are there any theaters that offer children's acting classes in Houston, TX?
Could I play a 14 year old? In terms of audition and role?
How do I get over my fear of singing stage fright?
Do u like it?
What is your favourite musical ever?
looking for a good acting school in LA, can anyone help?
What A-levels do i need to become an actor?
Quetions about: Acting agents, agencies, contacts, resumes, and cover letters?
what is sharukh khan's religion?
Is ucla have a good acting program?
What were theater's like in the 1600's?
how can i get sir andrew lloyd webbers email address?
Juliet is practical and eager to act so that she and romeo can be together early in the play, Romeo is _______?
Does this play sound interesting???
I need to film a book trailer without any actors (except me)... I have no idea how to do this?
Where can I get head shots for under 200$?
Jose` Rivera's play called "Tape"?
what warning does Friar Lawrence give Romeo?
I have mild stage fright and nervousness about singing at a talent show in a few days, any preparation advice?
Is wallace shawns dead?
How do you like this so far?
Will someone tell me what to add to my monolouge?
i would like a list of the top 10 vocal colleges?
Central Ca Acting School?! Please?
How do I send an email to actor Gary Oldman?
What are some websites for monolouges?
what is meant by the phrase montage in brechts theory?
How to become an actress at a young age?Please Help!!!!!?
Drama role help pls :(?
Which title do you like best? Dancing Ballerina, Music Box Ballerina, Musical Ballerina, The Shy Ballerina?
I need a drama(play) for a school competition.Topic is SPOOFS-Tales with a twist.?
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Do we still use trap doors in today's theatre?
Is there lots of acting work in work in Toronto for film/tv? READ!?
Song from a musical? ?
can anyone help come up with a thesis for macbeth?
How do you cry when you act?
Does anyone know Roz James, she was on tour with Rent in Ireland??
How can I become a Disney Channel star?
I need tips on stage kissing, actresses, please help me!?
I am 13 and didn't pass the only audition that ever happened in my country and I i think I am going to die!SOS
I want to be a actress but a am to shy to go to auditions and that keeps me away form my dream ?
I need help with this Macbeth question?
I need to write a 10 minute play.?
Should i quit Acting?
Do you know what I need to do in nick auditions? ?
Musical Theatre University course auditions..? songs? monologues?
Acting tips! Uncomfortable and shy with co-star!?
I need a funny skit/Drama?
A monologue for an audition?
Help getting into acting?
How do you know if an actor is acting or just playing themselves?
What would be a good Song for the finale of my musical?
has anyone herd from the glasgow auditions for britians got talent yet?
help needed badly, please?
Help in finding a monologue from the play why we have a body.....Please.?
How to become an actress if you're shy?
i want to be a hollywood actress... but im indian?
vampire diaries is casting i live n atlanta where it filmed i want to try 4 the role how can i?
2-3 good dramatic monologues for teen/young adult girls?
What is harder drama or comedy?
I need names for a last main character for a short play?
Song for Church? Upbeat New Christian( Such as casting crowns)?
what are naturalist people?
My mix and my belt sound so different?
Casting Calls in Boston or Rhode Island for Teens?
Does anyone know of a good comedy script for one male to perform - I need some suggestions.?
camp rock vs high school musical?
weather personality plays an major role in business?
i need a head start?
What will look better on my resume? ?
acting plz i am serious?
i want to be a famous child actress how do i start?
How important is networking when you plan on becoming as filmmaker?
How is the husband of Nicole Kidman?
Is Sophicles antigone a full play?
When and where are the Hunger Games auditions?
Can you list out the characters in Oliver the musical and say whether or not they sing?
How could I find a talent agent?
In theory, how would most frenchmen view offering a moment of silence for Marcel Marceau, respect, satire, or?
How hard it it to become an actor/ actress in the uk?
please some one help me on an English question?
What would be a good audition song?
Monologue for Sound of Music Auditions?
Romeo and Juilet???
Do you have to be an American to audition for American films?
How do I tell my dad I want to be an actress?
Costume Ideas for Puck (Mid-summer Nights Dream-shakespeare)?
i want to become an actress but i dont know how and im only 12?
I'm not sure what to audition with for drama school?
Who is you favorite Broadway actor?
Has there ever been a Glindas pregnant in the musical Wicked?
anything i need to know?/?
I am looking for a funny monologue about an old man going to see the Messiah any ideas where I can get on web?
RSAMD help me please info?
What are some good musical theatre character songs for a male?
i want to be a actor but dont know were to start?
I'm going to an audition....
Does NYU Tisch have a drama department for undergraduates?
i want to move to Los Angeles in pursue of my acting/comedy?
How important is musical theater training to the film actor?
HELP! I need an audition piece for a solo at disneyland! It NEEDs to be upbeat and fun! PLEZ HELP! ps i'm 12
Grammy Awards on AT&T U-Verse?
Audition Help for Commedia Dell'arte / farce?
how to become a teen actress with no experience ?
What is the best way to break into acting?
how can I memorize 21 lines (for a play) in 1 day?
Is Page Parks modeling Agency MoDEl camp is a rip off? Cause Iam gonna go there.?
To any actors that have ever played old or diseased people?
How much do u have to pay for disney channel auditions?
What is your favorite movie?
i need a script for a Cinderella story staring Hilary Duff?
For all you stage actors: Favorite character to play and why?
Accent Acquisition?
If you were an actor and nstead of working in Hollywood....?
Would this be an appropriate monologue?
The Wizard Of Oz. Tinman songs, lines, and dancing.?
Love never dies London?
Girl & boy duet song idea's?
I wanna become famous !! help i hav no agent or acting experience? ?
I need to reenact a commercial from TV.. any ideas?
audition song help?
I need a plot for my movie?
I live in S.A and i know how to get into a movie but i don't now where the auditions take place help!?
Musical Theatre audition help!?
Going to see Wicked....what to wear?
who is Aloysius?
Real World Audtion tape?
what does "status quo" mean?
I want to try out for the school play, but im too shy?
I didnt even make ensemble, does that mean I sucked?
Does anyone have a copy of the A CHORUS LINE SCRIPT?
good idea for a horror thriller movie?
Out of these musicals which is your favouirte?
How big is Jan's part in the musical Grease?
What should i do in college?
please please i need a juliet dress (romeo and juliet)?
Fame The Musical?
18 and stressing out about my career choice?
name some THEATRE PLAYS?
Can I get alist of actor auditions for New York?
Where can you find auditions? (BESIDES THE INTERNET)?
Will I be able to gain confidence in my acting?
If u pass an audition and they send u overseas, will education be provided or does it have to stop for awhile?
which do you think is better?
in the play Macbeth how is Macbeth commanding?
What are some themes in the play "A Trip to Bountiful"?
who is a an older actor or actress who you find sexy?
How can I become and Actress when I'm older?
What HS play can I do with a strong Heavy Set Actress (no musicals)?
I have recntly been interested in acting. I wanna take acting classes but I am shy about it, what does it take
how are actors able to keep a calm blank face or relaxed face when they talk or do a scene?
Good audition song for legally blonde?
How to become an actor in the U.S.A?
When did JMBarrie write his play Seven Women?
Do British people understand Hamlet without using any special dictionary?
Female Monologue help?
Romeo & Juliet - What is the significance of act 1 scene 5?
Differences between being on a TV show and doing films?
What are some good classical songs?
NY or LA for acting??? Please?
The Movie Phsyco 1..Any Pictures of the shower scene?
What are some Talent Agency that are in or near LA?
i'm 16 and i really want to become famous but my mom doesn't like the idea?
Your favorite, lesser known musicals?
What musical should my high school drama club do this year?
What do u guys think about ..............?
If Shakespeare was still alive...?
What is a good broadway alto belt song?
what prokafiev work premiered in moscow to a hall packed with kids on may 2, 1936?
I'm particularly interested in Acting, but I signed up to this website which seems real but I'm not quite sure?
What could be reason for P.C. Sorcar Jr. 's Popularity ?
Does it sound like I should pursue acting?
how to live beautifully and purely ? any tips please?
I want to become an actor lyk on t.v and stuff but...?
What's the objective in this monologue?
are there acting agencies in san luis potosi mexico?
Brecht style? Please help!?
How do you show realistic support for a friend who wants to move to LA and become an actress?
Are there any famous actors or somewhat known actors on here, I have a question for you?
i'm making a presentation to make and i chose to do it on the sonnet in act 1 scene 5 how do i shorten it?
How to convince parents (mostly dad) about acting classes?
What is there to know about modern day theatre?
What is the cheapest drama college in the U.S.A?
help with choosing an audtion song?
help i need a young chinese actress between the age af 10 and 12?
how do i get a tallent agent n tn .ive been a dancer 4 10yrs. & have been n theatre classes at school 4 2.5yr.
a summery about "romeo and Juliette"?
Can actor Daniel Craig become the greatest "James Bond" ever?
Atlanta based non-profit orginization seeking local talent to perform at children's festival and fashion show
What makes a movie scary to you? Please answer?
Can an Asian American Actor make it?
Scenes in Romeo and Juliet which has relations to the theme of Arranged Marriages?
what was da name of the stagewright play that had marla gibbs in it,it was something to do wit baby mama drama
Help me please everyone who know Alice in the wonderland? 10 points!?
if your bad at improvising, does that necessarily mean ure a bad actor?
Has anyone seen High School Muscal 3 yet? - Is it good? ?
Becoming a actress ????
Need 15 sec commercial ideas for audition,HELP.?
Links To Hairspray Monologues?
Which Saturday Night Live episode has this skit?
should i become a super hero or continue my acting career?
I need help picking a monologue?
Do you like getting all made up and performing in front of people?
What broadway show should I see next?
How can i become a good actor , and make it to Hollywood?
What should I sing for my Little Shop of Horrors audition?
Do producers ever hire themselves out, rather than seek partnerships?
Acting or Musical Theatre?
Free Piano Music for plays?
Les Miserables question!?
I want to get into Juilliard?
Can anyone suggest some Short Plays?
Help for improving singing voice?
How Do you get ride of stage fright?
What song should I audition with?
What is soap opera? Thanks.?
I am looking to get into acting and need some extra advise...?
what are good child talent agencies?
About the rights of the musical 'Wicked'...?
How to become a wizard as a kid in an hourover knight?
Can Acting ever be an option for me when I have absolutely NO singing talent?
I could use some help finding a monologue?
Cinema Databases for college essays?
How do you pronounce the russian name "Fyedka"?
any one who can help me find a site where they can enlist people for acting cos i have atalent and i fell its?
What are the chances of me becoming an actress?
material advice?
How can I make myself cry fast?
Help me decide on my future/dream?!?
Fiddler on the roof monologues?
I need some funny skit ideas for twins?
What is a scenic director do in a Theater Company?
acting acting and more acting?
what musicals would ask for african american cast members?
Musical Chairs songs! HELP!?
musical auditions?
Can you be successful without going to college?
Seen Wicked the Musical, what is your fave song?
One person practice monologues?
Help me find this script?
Who is obsessed with Shakespeare's work?
What is Nora's objective in this scene from Ibsen's Doll House?
Whats the easiest way to get rid of stage fright?
Is NYU Tisch (MT) worth it?
What kind of activities would a student do in a college Theatre Appreciation class?
What happens at the Woman in Black stage show?
So, can i make it to Hollwood?
Monologues for after 1980?
What great roles would you play if given the chance?
What's your talent? Do you have a special talent?
Do people in America watch flight of the concordes?
Where can I get acting classes in naples,florida?
Summer Camp 2009???????????????
if i got the lead in the Hs Musical and im only a freshman and i have 2 kiss a junior.... do u think thatz wro
How do I get a directors attention right off the bat?
How do I get over stage fright?
What to wear to an audition?
Why do u think people like going to plays?
How does shakespear create tension in the opening scenes of Richard the third?
how di i get a ton of confidence for acting?
What is the difference between acting & real life?
is new york university as good as julliard?
Any good tips on acting?
Do you HAVE to be in the Union to have a hollywood agent???
Would a NYC agent accept me?
How can i become a popular and actress?
What is your favorite Shakespearean quote? (besides "To be or not to be")?
mystery script ideas?
Is the Queen of Hearts a big role in Alice and Wonderland?
Is spamalot good for a hich school performance?
Type a short paragraph about your alternate ending for the discussion board. Pick one situation below.?
Is this possible for somebody from Northern England to be a Hollywood actor?
how long does it take to learn how to play the piano?
Somebody knows something about the death of Lynn Lyon?
i know this is retarted, but i really want to be a singer.?
Do you think i should pursue acting?
Help getting into acting?
How can a 13 year old like me get acting work without missing school?
How do I become movie director?
who is the best actor/actress?
are there any plays that kids can do?
Senior quotes from musical theatre?
Help!!! Talent Show Name Ideas?!?
Question regarding Shakespearean play, 'Julius Caesar'?
making a horror movie. i need help.?
Give an excellent title to my Short Film. . .?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 16?
Makeup to make a black person look white/lighter complected?
Im goin to see We Will Rock You on the wkend with my boyfriend!!!!! IS IT GOOD????
drama classes in college??
Where do I find stage plays with an African theme for kids in K-5th grades?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe suitable for a 13 yr-old girl ?
Any tips for auditioning?
When are they going to have auditions for Renesmee in Breaking Dawn?
Sassy, jazzy songs to audition with?
How can i make my voice stronger?
I may move to Hollywood?
jealous i wanted that part?
i need some good short play ideas?
Humorous Interpretation!? Please help!?
what parts of the tragedy of julius caesar are modified from what really happened.?
female singers with low rich voices?
Anne of Green Gables Audition Tips?
Attention all boys!!! Easy pts here!!!?
I want to be an actress but my mum says I can't?
How can I get extras work without paying any money up front?
Why does Hollywood like British actors?
i want to be come an actress but i don't know what to do HELP?
Are there any good acting websites online?
what am i going to do? please help?
Which Shakespeare play has been filmed the most?
I am 17 and i have always wanted to become an actress but i have had no training. What should i do?
Do you think Pakistanis are allowed to be on Indian Idol?
high school musical 2 & 3 casting calls?
I want to be rich, but i dont know how im going to make it.. how can i?
Pronouncing "ooh" singing...?
Anybody know where to buy a Christine Daae (from phantom of the opera) costume???
"Spelling Bee" Question.....?
When I read for Shakespeare…How can I know the end of the act and the beginning of the scene?
What are the most famous theatre productions today in the world?
The Merhcant of Venice vs Romeo and Juliet?
Why do Indians get sidetracked in the acting industry?
does anyone have sheet music for im a good girl, 13 the musical?
Question about Xist modeling agency in NJ?
What is a good 6-10 minute monologue/play for 1 person?
How to beome a famous actor?
I need to learn how to cry on will. [10 points]?
is there any really happy one in the world?
please help me with my speech! (It's not a real party, it's kind of a play we do at my school)?
Where can I find laws on filming in any state?
What are the best COMMERCIAL talent agencies in NYC?! specialize in commercials ONLY?
What does it legally entail to take a non-play movie and adapt it into a high school live drama?
i have major stage fright!! answers needed now!!?
The tragedy of Macbeth; which of the following happened at the end of the scene?
High School Senior Skit Ideas?
What's an appropriate play for high school, but has deep, gritty content and characters?
Would you rather cast someone who has talent or someone who is pretty?
in what movie did marcel marceau said only one word in?
Real acting/modeling agency?!?
Which is better? Plays(stage productions) or Movies??
Everybody: name a bad actor or actress?
Does working as a TV/Film Extra count as "Professional work"?
Bickerton Models and Talent?
Does anybody know if Spamalot has been to Columbus, Ohio yet?
My acting and modelling ?
What is the MGM slogan?
Where do I find legit open casting calls?
I am going to choreo a speech choir! Help please.?
Which headshot is the best to be sent to agencies?
Midsummer Night's Dream audition...?
which play is best?
Know any duet acting scenes for two females?
Im so nervous. I need help?
Has anyone had any experience with Talent One is raliegh nc?
What dramatic female monologue should I use to audition for Abigail Williams from "The Crucible"?
How can Friar Lawrence be described as "rash" in act 3 of Romeo and Juliet?
How to get auditions outside of your city?
DO any of you peoples know anything about Romeo and Juliet?
Is an acting agent a good place to start?
stage fright?
Who is REAL girlfriend of Dylan Sprouse?
um good advice for a girl who has never done acting b4?
Broadway or Hollywood?
Which are the theater companies who puts up Shakespeare's play?
ok, well....uh....not sure how to put this.?
important question peoples!?
Is it a bad thing to Role-Play without telling anyone?
Monologues for audition ?
the cast of the caine munity movie?
Is this song ok for my college musical theater program audition?
Actors who are also directors and writers?
High school plays?
Which Shakespeare plays have an interesting chorus (other than Henry V)?
Is there a website where people submit scripts they've written?
Which monologue do you like better for a college audition?
is this a good way to start my acting career?
who is the sexiest actress in hollywood toay?
how can i get into the west end??
I recently got into acting... Help from any people with experience?
Should I give up on my dream of becoming an actress?
i want to become an actress but my parents wont let me?
Is my resume any good?
Im auditioning for musical, should i dance when singing the audition song?
how do i be on tv with my friend Bree?
Has anyone had any experience with one source talent agency?
examples of low comedy in twelfth night??!!!?
What show is better Deal or No Deal or America's Got Talent?
I feel like i am different ?
Can you give me a story which is good for a puppet show with script also and set of characters?
Please help me Am I too old? Give your imput please whatever you know I really need you! Thanks.?
I want to hire a vocal coach but she has to not have a company.Read the description below, then answer. HELP!?
Is there a legitimate website where I can find open casting calls for screen and film?
How can I become an Actress on Disney Channel?
Drama teacher?
How would you produce the play The Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekhov?
Wicked the musical in australia?
I'm looking for the most hilarious monologue!?
Can you get into LaGuardia HS for drama w/o any same-day callbacks?
For where can I get DVD or VCD for Sardar and Discovery of india ( Bharat Ek Khoj ) in Hindi by Shyam Benegal?
Hi iam 17 years old and i want to become an actor?
How to start an acting career in Canada, Montreal?
Teen acting programs?
To actors: Honest opinion on if someone who's 35 & never acted could ever be a well known actor?
this is a stupid question but.....?
Are there more job opportunities for actresses who speak more then one language?
Anybody know about new york and what would be the best city to make acting dreams come true?
Do you know of any 10-15 min funny & moral giving play ?
Can any actor use a body double?
I got the lead role in one act play but i have alot of lines to remeber any tips on remebering them?
What or whom do you consider to be your greatest influence in theatre?
Club DV8 in hollywood! What website i go to once they take pictures inside the club?
What is the average salary of a professional stage manager?
I'm auditioning for a contem. play about LGBTQ issues and they asked that I prepare a pantomime? HELP!?
How Do you get yourself out of Shyness?
Cool old fashioned actresses? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
What do you think about movie actor/actresses who are exempt from persecution?
What are really good talent agencies in Wales/England?
Is there anyway to make it on the big screen without going to Hollywood?
The part of Action in West Side Story ?
acting audition tomorrow! help?!?
Audition song for White Christmas?
My dream is to be on Disney Channel?
How do acting scripts look like?
Do you want to be an actress/model? Help?
I want to get into Harrison school for the arts, But i have stage fright how do i over that?
Which witch is which?
christmas poem?! can u right one? or ideas are welcome!!?
How do you become a famous TV/ film actor/ actress?
Please help ! ? I want to become an actress but idk what real agents or websites are ??? Help. ?
How can i become a famous actress?
How to audition for a school play?
Is there going to be a High School Musical 4?
i am 12 i was wondering if ihad to start any where to become an actress where would it start what would i do t
You are responsible for your own expenses? ... WHAT?!?
how can i become emotionless?
does anybody know any good agencies for singers?
What does this mean? How does it apply to the play glass menagerie?
if there had been no Shakespeare, what would modern plays and movies be adapted from?
Phantom of the Opera. Musical or Opera?
Acting & Starting High School?
can you call an actress an actor?
Please tell me what can i do to enter in hollywood and arnolnd is my dream Actor i want To be like him (india)
Would this commercial gig be worth the trip to L.A.?
How can I get into voice acting/screen acting?
I can't find scripts/rights for a musical (slipper and the rose) I want to direct- HELP!!!?
Should theatre be spelled 'theatre' or 'theater'?
What does it take to become and actress?
Musical Audition Tips?
Does Toronto have any community plays?
Download free videos to DVD?
where can i find CO2 catridges for special effects purposes in the sf bay area?
Should I even bother auditioning for roles when I have severe acne?
What types of physical theatre are there? rg. hula hoop, fake fighting....?
teen monologues please!!??
How do you pretend to give birth and make it look real?
Help with School Show performance :)?
Have you ever worked with theater or movies?
The Glass Menagerie?
How to get out of a seeing a Broadway play without seeming close-minded?
I got into a modeling and acting agency but I can't afford it and now I'm all depressed?
How much time on the Net daily? from Reisa L. Gerber?
Could I get sued for this, drama play?
How to start modeling at age 13?
In 1943, which musical opened on broadway heralding in the golden aga of american book musicals?
in the play "A Raisin in the Sun" what is a parallelism for the plot within the play?
Where was the movie, "The Big Green", filmed?
More on kpop auditions?
which hindi actress look more pretty in death scene?
Does anyone know any good acting scripts/monolouges/one acts about friendship?
I need advice on what acting class I should attend?
Theater: looking younger?
Can you help me for becoming actor alike you ?
where do I go to audition for disney channel cause thats one of my dreams and i want to follow my dreams?
I Need Monologue HELP!!?
how do i show people my talent if i live in north idaho?
compare the personalities of Romeo and Juliet?
Who is the wonderful, funny actress who plays Flo on the Progressive Insurance commercials?
Where can i watch wicked the musical online?
Have you ever acted as a corpse for a film or TV crime show? Does this start & end your career with one shot?
need to know the number of ultraviolet lights in "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy"?
You probably get this all the time: Which character would you most love to play? In what?
Good ideas for a pantimime in theater for a group of 4 ? ?
i am sonia frm jaipur . i wana be an actress but i have no reference. tell me place where f.actress is needed
is it true Miley cyrus is shooting a movie?
Annie acting advice?
Things fall apart's film. how can i see it in the web?
If you could have just one superb talent, what would it be...?
I need a funny duet script for two guys.?
'Don Giovanni' was first performed where?
What is your favorite Broadway musical?
are there any theatres in Los Angeles where I can see Les Miserables this fall?
how can i get into auditions?
How can I become a Broadway Star?
Free acting resume?
Plays or One-Act plays with a stuttering character in them? any suggestions?
30 seconds of text for Voice Over?
Scene for an audition?
Need help for which monologue to do for school play?
How to get my acting career going?
Auditioning for community theatre, amazing opportunity, need songs and advice please?
a midsummer night's dream what promblems do the actors have to solve before the performance?
What political and social messages did Brecht's lehrstucke portray?
How do you imagine Juliet?
What does this quote from Romeo and Juliet mean?
Why was violence portrayed offstage in Ancient Greek plays?
Audition songs for teen mezzo soprano?
Calling all Broadway experts!?
Does anyone know how many lines does the gatekeeper have in the wiz?
3-5 minute monologue?
How to Prepare to Audition for Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games?
OK people heres a new question involving a 13 year old kids future with more info?
Please help if you play minecraft!!?
is there any actor/actress u greatly admire?why?
Should I follow my dream and try to be an actress or be realistic and go to nursing school?
What's a Disney Channel audition like?
How to become an actress?
The show les miserable has toured 43 states, what states have not hosted the show?
i am 12 and i want to be an actress. how do i do it?
Describe the relationship between characters in Oklahoma the musical?
How Can I Become An Actress?
do you have to be pretty to be an actress?
somebody knows about acting schools in new york, for summer courses?
Talent show HELP ???
Can anyone give me some information on Macbeth ?
do you think it is possible for me to become famous?
Is your school doing High School Musical as a play?
hey... anyone no were i can audition for the 2nd twlight movie.?
Give the protaganist,antaganist and dynamic character of The Terminal movie?
what are some good winter monologues?
What songs are good that arn't musical theatre songs but for a musical theatre voice?
Should I go to college or try to make it in LA?
okay, i really need a single person monolauge!?
how do i get an agents number for acting?
what is realism in drama?
Hey :D, what's your opinion? honestly :)?
what are some of the Philippine contemporary issues?how is the church intervening with it?
Where did famous actors find their first auditions?
Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet?
All actors with blackberry?
Acting Modeling Agency's?
Chances of becoming a actress?
What's YOUR favorite musical?
Auditions Iris Kelly help please for Fame?
What does this phrase from the play romeo & juliet means?
How would i obtain the rights to produce a television sitcom script as a live stage play?
West Side Story or Romeo and Juliet?
romeo and juliet?
I need you everyone, please.?
where is the best place to try to jumpstart an acting career?
Gorgeous Pics, anyone know?
What is the best or most graphic sex scene in modern films?
Serious stage fright... Help?
My friend is in a wheel chair (was born this way)?
Screen Actors Guild is for actors with experience or un-experience?
I Want to be an Actor!?
I want to become famous and go to LA. How can I do that?
what is the name of the horror move that u had seen and let u be scared allot?
Question/opinion about Romeo and Juliet?
I want to be an actor. where should i move London, L.A or NYC?
I am 13 year old girl and I want to be an actress. How can I do it, where do i start?
Whats a well known casting agency in Massachusetts?
Need a scenario where someone is ethical, easy plz help?
Good TENNESSEE WILLIAMS monologue? (Please read the description!)?
what did shakespeare do before he began writing plays?
Who are the most well acclaimed acting coaches in LA or Hollywood? Thanks.Also what do they charge?
Do I have to go to LA to break into the film industry (director or actor) ?
How can I get into acting in movies?
Where can I find exactly what Mel Gibson said?
How to cold read for auditions?
Good preppy snooty musical theater music ?
looking for a director to help me by producing my script when it's finished?
Audition- Lots of time, no ideas.?
Where can i see or download the broadway musicals Wicked and Spring awakening?
Why chose to do an isben play?
Is a film career better than a tv sitcom career? Which is better?
What are some good legit modeling agencies for teens?
How can one become a natural actor?
Colleges for Acting?
No idea what i want to become?
New Zealand acting agencies?
Which plays did Shakespeare act in?
What are some good movies out???????
How do you break into voiceover work?
How to edit a picture?
hich schools are closed in bangalore south???reply me soon?
Explore Talent Called With Offers? Scam?
what is a good audition song for an alto/mezzo soprano?
stage fright!!!!! please HELP????? please?
Help for Fiddler audition?
What is the broadway musical play "Wicked" all about?
What is the best way to Get over stage fright?
What do I have to do to get a break?
How can I improve my acting skills by myself? And what do producers look for in actors and at auditions?
Any opinions on The Sugar Bean Sisters in Indianapolis, IN?
Dramatic female monologues from movies?
What kind of photo and resume should I send in to the Disney Channel?
Will somone play minecraft with me?
Is it late to start acting at the age of 23?
i need an idea for a musical, short play?
How do i know if acting is my passion?
is this a trusted modelling agency?
I'm 16. Is it too late to get into acting?
questions about Chicago the musical?! HELP!!?
Should musical instruments be played in a church service?
What kind of dancing is involved in the MUSICAL Titanic?
Audition song for Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors?
Can an actor be successful if he or she is to Tall?
How to perform a great acting for short film?
What actor do you think should play Newt in the upcoming Saturday Night Live skits?
what's a neo-classic play?
How do I get licensing permission to perform excerpts from a play or musical?
Quick Voice Warm-Ups, medicines/remedies?
Can I marry Aishwarya Rai Film Actress?
Can you help me?
Is 97,98 pages enough for a comedy screenplay?
In your opinion, who is a very talented male actor and why?
I'm auditioning for High School Musical and I was wondering what i Should sing to get the part Taylor?
please read?
dramatic monologues?
What should I name my short play?
Any ideas for a Forensics duo for 2 guys age 16?
Need inspiration for a script?
in shakespeares play, how old was Juliet?
interesting plays to perform for a class?
How can I get into the theater business?
ideas for acting romeo and juliet ?
I'm studying THE TEMPEST by William Shakespere at school, and i'm wondering were I can get a?
high school musical 2????
I want a good character?
Who out there likes High School Musical 1 and 2?!?!?
into the woods jr. parts?
Can someone give me a good tittle for my play?
does the broadway show in my life have a site?
How to become an extra in the UK? Without paying subscription fees on sites?
How many times do ghots appear in Shakespear?
is there any Nickelodeon open auditions?
What is going on in Scene 6 from the play Antigone by Sophocles?
i want to be an actress so bad?
find out who your friends are relates to macbeth?
Auditioning for Children of Eden?
John Partridge?
Trying to get into a career in theatre?
analysing the song 'bring him home' from les miserables?
umm. ...whats a funny song from a musical?
Auditioning kids for commercials - why are they so rude?
Hi, does anyone know the best way to contact British actor, Michael Knowles?
what broadway show from the late 70s or early 80s used rotating stages and actors on rollerskates?
Anyone up for a bit of storytelling?
I'm auditioning for little shop of horrors what should I sing?
my arm hurts so bad when i puppeteer, please help?
Children's fantasy monologue?
What does 32 bars mean in music?
What's your favorite Musical?
what are some examples of how scout is naive, stubborn and short tempered?
if you were an aspiring actor where in los angeles would you move?
Are Pittsburgh CLO acting classes good?
i am sonia frm jaipur . i wana be an actress but i have no reference. tell me place where f.actress is needed
Is this acting website real?
Disney or Nick Audition Websites ?
Should I call this agent?
How does Hamlet redeem himself in the play Hamlet?
What are some good, not too expensive acting classes?
what male roles in the musical Annie have solo signing parts (not necessarily their own song)?
any ideas for a forensics piece?
I need some free Easter Play Scripts?
Any open calls for a major movie??? In los angeles? Any good FREE open casting call websites..?
What's the deal with Gary Busey?
Can you get a BFA at NYU?
creative macbeth?
Two actors take turns in this play?
A good audition song for Christine in Phantom!?
Does anyone know of a funny contemporary duet?
Where should an aspiring actress live?
I really want to be an actress?
do you need connections to become an actress?
I have a serious question about Wicked!! Please h elp!?
how can i go to free casting calls?
I need models for catalogue work. My company wants me to find models but which websites can i go to?
I'm auditioning for the Musial stage production of footloose, what should i sing!?
how many characters are in Wicked the musical?
HELP please!?
Should I watch Harry Potter or Sweeny Todd?
Need to affect British accent for stage play....?
Is Young Actors Camp As good as Stagedoor Manor?
A quick question about casting actors?
Does someone know what advice did Haemon gave to Creon?
I want to be an actress how do i get noticed?
Can I have suggestions for a Comedy or Drama non-Musical that can be performed by teenagers?
Does Meryl Streep sings in the movie Prairie Home Companion, or is it someone else voice?
how to become an actor ?
Question about les miserables?
Acting Monolouges? and drama school auditiond? Royal Welsh college of music and drama?
Help! How to do an English (British) Accent?
Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Audition/Show Qs?
everyone has a talent, what's yours?
I need help? Try and make me cry?
grease, or hairspray?
What's the play (stage comedy) where the dad dreams the baby is just an eyeball when it's born?
Why is The Odd Couple(play) considered a comedy?