How do I get a start in the acting world?
great monologues for teenage girls?
What is required on a director's resume? How long should it be?
What is a good audition song for a high school production of West Side Story, hopefully for Anita.?
which character is suitable for me for the fancy dress competition in my school?
Need ideas...please help!?
I am going to choreo a speech choir! Help please.?
Any good modelling agencies for teens?
Can someone name this actor from description?
3 points of health and saftey act that relate to work?
William Shakespear Play Question?
I am dressing as cinderella in a fancy dress competition and I need a passage to say before the audience?
Could you suggest some audition songs?
What did I do wrong?
How to audition for Romeo?
I'm Auditioning for my high school's Beauty and the Beast?
Do the monologues used in AMDA auditions have to be 2 minutes long each?
How do I take the first steps into acting?
Funny theatre musical solos for a female?
Hamlet please help?
A question for anyone who knows about talent agencies?
Romeo and Juliet?
is there a pittsburgh acting coach that can help my career get started?
What are some good techniques to get over nervousness and or stage-fright?
how many people on here like high school musical ?
After graduating college I plan to pursue a career in Theater. What are the TOP graduate/acting schools?
Who is Katya Tarnawski ? is she an Australian actress, writer?
whats a good short scene to act out from romeo and juliet?
i've created a playscript... now what?
do you know a good agent to join for the artdepartment in film tv or stage?
What are kind of clothes should you ear to an audition?
Any info on "Irish Theater"?
Why is Buffy the vampire slayer a good show?
Biggest Decision Of My Life? Help?
What do I need to do for my audition?
Is it harder for females to get roles once they turn 30?
High School Musical!?
How to send an email about audition?
What is the monthly fee for Playhouse West in LA?
what's the difference between a major in "acting" and a major in "drama/theater"?
What are some good duets for two females from any Broadway musical?
please some one help me on an English question?
dear edwina the musical?
Where can i get a copy of the script for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?
I'm a girl auditioning for a musical, any ideas?
Does anyone know a fansite or a fanmail address for Zooey Deschanel?
How Do I Become an actress?
what instroment schould i play in band?
How do you pretend to stab someone?
Would you walk out of a play for this?
how do i know about upcoming auditions in the west end apart from the stage?
Which one is the most dramatic to you?
i need a song for a figth panamime act?can u help me?
new moon in theaters?
does anyone kbow of any ligit acting coaches in or around ct?
Name the movies in which Ayshevaria roy dies?
is there a singing message board where i can get advice on my singing?
How to get the lead role in a school play?
What song should I sing at my musical audition?
I feel like giving up on my dream, please help:\?
how do you know what pitch you sing?
Best way to learn how to play the piano. ?
Actresses with black hair and green eyes?
Where did Miley Cyrus here about the Hannah Montana auditions?
Hamlet Act 2 Questions?
Where can I read The Miracle Worker Play online?
Help with my Drama work please?
Where can I find the free full version of les miserables?
Move to London for acting?
what two actors/actresses would you love to see co-star together on the big screen ?
Do you know how old Corban blue or Zac Efron is??
Do you know any good theatre games where a large group can play all at once?
Theatre Help????????????????
I am auditioning for Bye Bye Birdie at my school; any song suggestions?
Is this a good head shot for an acting resume?
Did you ever see a Christmas Carol with American accents?
Acting. <----?
Throughly Modern Millie?!?!?
what acting classes are there?
Did Godot come in the end, or did he not?
Is Tartuffe a satire on religious hypocrisy or just hypocrisy?
answer ASAP!?
Musical Theatre auditon songs?
How to lose/fake losing your voice?
How many actors here can cry on command?
Why do so many acting schools teach dance & singing?
What should I wear to an acting school audition?
how to play hard to get?
How to be the one of the best in my class to get respect as a musician from my band director?
I need a dramatic monologue for drama it has to be high school appropriate and 2 minutes long?
How do you stay in character when acting?
Could i still try and become a actor?
How do you think my acting is?
How can you import a fully animated biped from poser 6 into bryce 5.5 with animation intact?
How can i become a actor knowing that i live in Walterboro SC?
I loved mr. james schamus hulk movie, how can I get in touch with him to show him my version for hulk 2?
I need help finding an affordable acting school in southwestern Ohio?
How do you rate how good an actor/actress is?
What caused the Phantom's face to be disfigured in Phantom of the Opera?
did you like legally blonde the musical??
Can someone help me with a acting CV?
Where can I download the Bleach Musicals subbed?
How do you make an acting resume?
What song should I sing for my audition?
Monty wooley?
I need a DI piece for the forensics?
HELP?! Need help with a monoluge!!?
Where can i find the picture of " smile now cry later"?
How much does Image international modeling and acting center cost?
Is there a big cast in the musical version of Evita?
I make my career in acting but i don't know about that what did i do to go in acting plz tell me process?
Have you ever been to a Broadway show, which one, did you like it?
What are Some Second Tenor Parts?
Theatre auditions question?
What do you think of my acting resume?
Would it be weird if for a man to play a woman in the play "Extremities"?
Is this a good audition song for Pippin?
Any scripts for a teen girl?
Upcoming Audition?
where is mary catherine crosby now?
Are there any cool actors?
Good, reliable acting agencies for girl aged 12 in Gloucestershire? HELP - URGENT!?
Monologue suggestions?
Please suggest a very good background sound effect for awarding ceremony?
OMG!!!!!!!!why is aaron tveit(link larkin) leaving hairspray the broadway show??????
Need an idea for a play about the environment?
How do i try out for a movie?
how do you become famous???
what is a good monologue to use to try out for an advanced high school theater class?
Live action role-play (LARP)?
Can you give me a Disney PRINCESS monologue if possible?
I'm 18 and I want to please!?
What is Spring Breakers Rated?
Bet on the NY Giants and now I have to dress like a woman. What to wear?
Do you agree to have have talent as an actor or actress you have to have substance inside of you?
Talent agency and headshots?
I have callbacks for a lead in a show next week. I fell confident but the competition is fierce. Any tips?
Any ways to help me and a friend sing better?
Is eight shows asking too much?
1/7 Ana's last performance in Wicked..replacement?
Best( MOST talented/ amazing/ musical) Genre Of Music?
Do I sound ok to audition for this?
For my acting resume, should I include a play I am in if it is only currently in production?
Do you like getting all made up and performing in front of people?
I can't find a streaming of "Othello" the play?
acting agents????!?!?
Yesterday, I was watchng Annibal Lecter. (The movie) ...What does he mean when he says....?
Saw that terrible musical "Wicked" last night. Honest believe it was the worst night of my life.?
Eagle Eye worth seeing? ?
Are open casting calls any good?
i want to become an actress( rest of question inside )?
whats the play wright for romeo and juliet?
Why do they need a headshot when you Audition?
What do I need to audition for Disney channel ?
i want to be on disney channel. How do I audition for a show or movie??????
Is Josh Lucas sexy?
Are there stage-play scripts for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for high school students?
what types of plays are there?
Is it bad too start acting at 13?
What musical stands out as the BEST one of all times?
What makes a good actor?
Need a smart idea for English contest?
How would I go about writing a Soliloquy from someone elses perspective?
Is their any acting agents in london who are in need of an australian actress???
theater at the garden?
What is the best show to see in the west end?
what are the last things romeo says to juliet?
I need a good, funny play with an even cast genderwise, any suggestions?
Where can I find hair commercials for me to audition for?
Any one have reveiws on one source talent modeling agency?
What does a drama/theater major do in college?
How to become an actor at 13?
What is your all time favorite musical stage show, or movie?
would u rather go to a musical or a play?
The pink cat sat on the white car. What was it doing?and what will it do next?
What to do for being nervous about a school play audition?
What does my project theme mean "magic of a moment"?
I need funny skit ideas?
suggest me production comapanyor (directors) i should send my script to?
Cinderella Jr the Musical?
My all time dream is to be an actress in television or film. Im 15 years old. How can i become one now?
Acting agents in New York?
The best way to become an actor?
How does the appearance of Banquo's ghost exemplify Macbeth's guilt?
does anyone know the finger chart to play a Euphonium?
help me- play help!?
whats ashley tisdales phone number?
Which famous actors had no previous formal acting training at all before they became famous?
What Special Skills Can I put on my acting/modeling resume?
what is your favorite musical and why?
What are the fees associated with buying Broadway tickets?
how much weight did shelly winters gain for the poseidon adventure?
is it ok to use high school experience for your acting resume?
what musical instrument(s) do u play?
To what extent was the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet unavoidable?
I am 19, Is it to late for me to get started theatre?
Can I become an american actor ?
why do people like high school musical?
Sides, scripts, monologues...?
In the play Othello what are some situations where Iago`s evil actions look like good actions?
What is your favorite musical of all time?
Looking for a scene similar to the scene in 17 again where his daughter attacks him in the bedroom?
Is Robert Pattinson acting as Edward Cullen in all parts of Twilight?
Do You Have To Be Super Pretty For Movie Auditions?
How were the sets different from the costumes and props. in the old globe theatre?
Has anyone seen Phantom of the Opera? What play/musical would you suggest?
For literature art. Please help!?
Musical theatre, Math, Political Science.... HELP?!?!?
Which would you rather see on broadway?
How can I not be shy on stage?
Best American Actor of All Times? Why?
How to act angry/hurt in theater? Advice needed asap!!?
Which do you prefer and why: Theatre-in-the-Round or Procenium (regular) Theatre?
Becoming an Actor and Model in USA?
how do I become a good actress?
is there a way for me to get into high school musical 3? i am 12 and i live close to dubai and can't move away
What is your opinion of screen/stage names?
name of the movie with paul newman, susan sarandon and gene hackman?
What is the prolog for Romeo and Juliet?
I need help with a good stage name?
Does anyone out there play the Bagpipe?
Looking for monologues?
romeo and juliet course work?
I want to get into acting. How do I balance college as well?
how to skip time in a stage play..?
Have a free audition for Disney related work from Barbizon. What should I do? Should I go? Is it legit? ?
please read... about Macbeth?
I need an audition song for "Show Boat"?
Monologues for 16 year old boy?
any general Audition tips?
What are good 16 bar sections of Broadway songs for my musical audition?
Appropriate monologue for NYU?
Can I get a modeIing job with these statistics?
I need a very short monologue for an audition tomorrow. Any ideas?
macbeth tries to reassure homself that malcolm and macduff are not a threat to him because they?
how can i become an actress?
I have tickets for the jersey boys musical at the curan theatre. Is there a dress code for the curan theatre?
How can I survive as an Artist?
I want to become an Actress but I'm To afraid to Tell my Parents.?
If attending Chicago musical 8pm show what time does it end.?
How Do I Improve My Singing Voice?
Is a degree required to become a screenwriter, producer or director?
What do you do in a addition with RADA?
What's a nice quality and cheap microphone for voice acting?
My girlfriend got the part of Annie in Annie.?
Im in college, and I'm interested in acting! I havent told anyone, its a secret. What do I do?
any auditions for any films near teeside area? if you have any suggestions?
Hollywood group, Kidz in media a scam?
wizard of Oz question?
Smart casual?
If You Could Play Any Part. . .?
does emma rossum really sing in the phantom of the opera or does she lip sync?
Any good tom-boy monologues for a pre-teen girl?
Which theatre practioner showed the ending of the play at the start?
does any one know any acting websites?
How Do You Not Smile While Acting?
How do you think Criss Angel deos it?
How do I start my porno career?
What musical should I see?
Is 13 years old to old to get into acting?
Ever just quit dating for a while? Is that bad?
25 words that end in R?
Auditions for films for teenagers.?
What's your favorite actors/actresses?
What is the basic requirement to become a Movie star ( Only as a Hero )?
which movies series r too good... james bond's ya metrix?
What is the best villain monologues form a modern play?
do you think i can become an actress when im 18 or is it to late?
Young Aspiring Actress?
Did you see the musical, "The Book of Mormon"?
16 bars of a song for auditions?
CAN someone help me im trying to find a good acting agent plz read?
I wanna start modeling?
Any graduates of Barbizon?
Is this a good song to sing in the talented show?
i don't know what to do and im famous and me and my friend have been through alot?
I want to be a model but i cant find agency does any one know where?
OK so I love to act! So how do i find out where I can take acting lessons/classes near or around my area?
Do you think it's wrong that they used white people to play black people in the WTC movie?
Can normal people be nice?
who discovered or explored cards play?
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE actor/ actress?
Does Anyone play an instrument?
Is the musical in the heights BAD?
How to be a good Uncle Henry in Wizard of Oz Musical?
what do you know about the histoical significance of The Man Who Came To Dinner?
I would like to become an actress ..?
Hi! I m a boy frm a small town n frm childhood i hv interest in acting n i want 2 become a bollywood actor i k?
I need to know about the play Moonlight by Harold Pinter?
Can you suggest any plays with good, funny monologue/ speech for mid-20's female?
What's the best way to break into acting in fillms or tv?
I'm about to be 16 and I want to start acting. Got any advice?
Wicked vs. Hairspray?
If Lady Macbeth did not marry Macbeth, would she be the same person?
American actor looking to move to London for the summer, wise choice?
What is meant by "character actor"? Aren't all actors "character actors?"?
I Want To Become An Actor But Have I Left It Too Late?
help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i become an actor?Im 12?
Anime Voice acting career help!?
What is the significance of these passages from MacBeth in relation to the play as a whole?
Should I go to college or acting school or both?
A theatre question, please help?
any good monologues??
theater questions. could someone please help me? i would greatly appreciate it.?
Should I try modeling?
What is Candy Artmonts e-mail?
Are Their Any Children Characters in The Winters Tale?
Have you ever seen the movie "GUMMO"? see below?
Becoming an Actress?
May sound shallow but there is a standard... am I pretty enough to be an actress? pictures inside?
monologue under 3 mins?
in beauty and the beast, which character, lumiere or the beast, has more work to do on stage?
should i keep my dream of being a famous actress, or should i give up?
Am I acting like a brat?
2 girls 1 cup video?
What is a good monologue to use for an audition for 'Bye Bye Birdie!"?
A good monologue for a lower to mid 20's male?
hey my high school is doing a musical next year but we are stuck picking one does anyone have any deas?
is wanting fame a bad thing?
Home remedies for singers, ASAP AUDITION TOMORROW FOR RENT!!!!?
Plz help me with a script for a monologue for an audition, which gives chance to emote all kinds of emotions?
High School Musical with a lot of kids in it?
Audition song for Maria in The Sound of Music?
All about theatre, ? Please tell everything I need to know about auditioning for theatre/acting ??!! Please!?
Where does one go to find acting auditions?
To Kill A Mockingbird, anyone know the play?
what is the thrust of the advice polonius gives lartes as ????
Why is saying "Good luck" in theater bad luck?
what is an easy talent to do on figure it out?
What's a good name for a villain in a play?
hey there delilah?
what are some good plays to go watch?
Marshae Kidd audition?
is traque talent agency a scam?
Funny monologues for women?
Should I audition for everything I am interested in regardless how weak my resume is...?
Need some dramatic acting tips.?
Oscar Wilde costume ideas?
How do I become an actor?????
Annie the Musical Monologue?
What design should i put on a capulet and montague coat of arms.?
What is so appealing Naploleon Dynamite? It's just a bunch of emotionless comments! I don't get it!?
do casting directors care about ethnicity?
Is it weird that I never asked how to become an actress?
Acting school academy is taking in again?
Were would i find old tv commerical i did as a child in 67?
help with getting into acting? *10 points*?
In what page(s) do these happen in Macbeth?
Why does Lady Macbeth...?
Frenchie audition for Grease..?
Where can I find show or movie scripts?
please help me for chrissake!!!!?
Real Auditions anyone ?
please help me with this question.?
Musical Songs?
I'm looking for a short (1min) monologue for a female, can you help?
need idea for 15 minute play?
where is the best place to start a acting carrer?
Important!!! Play ideas!!!?
Why am I such a good actor?
How should i prepare for a talent scout audition?
does anyone know a good literary agent?
why is there so much drama in the world ?
what is the word for a film with same name as the main character?
What specifically does AMDA teach in their two-year acting program? BFA acting program?
song help plz!!!!!!!!?
Up Beat Musical Duets for Boy and Girl?
What cast of Rodgers and Hammerstein's of Carousel should I get?
Voice Acting, a few things I need to know :)?
8-week NYFA workshop (Universal Studios location) ... Worth it????
Where can i find teen commercials/short monologues for auditions?
why does brad pitt love angelina jolie ?
Notes for Lilly's theme?
In Romeo and Juliet, Why does the Capulet have a party?
Scene Kid Names for P?
I want to be an actress.. What can I do??
Does anyone know how Miley Cyrus mom died in real life???
What accent does Leonardo dicaprio have in Romeo and Juliet?
Is it unprofessional to hit on your assistant stage manager?
i want to become an actress?
Where can you buy fake food props for community theater productions?
What would be a good audition song for Into The Woods?
f you are casted in a film with SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget Film Agreement, are you now eligible to join SAG?
i have an audition for god spell ,im going for robin and we can disid haw to play here ,any adeas?
Has anyone seen the musical western spoof "Johnny Guitar"?
Do you like acting? :-O?
Is it Okay to just be fabulous?
Greek Theaters And Roman Theatres?
What is the best thing to do to get my child into a commercial or "foot into the door" of acting?
Have you ever stayed at the Chelsea? What was it like?
When actors/actresses are said to be studying at a university?
Song for Gypsy Audition?
I just started this acting class, and we're doing this REALLY embarrassing/little kid-ish play...?
voice training?
Being successful in acting industry?
How do i find info on the value of a broadway script?
Any Acting Schools In Palmdale Or Los Angeles,CA that are good?
I'm looking for this guy from Harry Potter and now he's performing Equus and I don't find anything in the net.
picture of kate winlow wearing a tiara where can i find it?
How do I become an actress?
What is the pay rate for extra's in a made for T.V. series?
For thos of you who live in Los Angeles/Hollywood/San Fernado Valley...?
Where can I find accurate period costume patterns?
Can you help me analyse the magic mike dvd cover?
Please tell me how to overcome my stage freight?? :-(?
Is 13 years old to old to get into acting?
canadian funny video?
My boyfriend and I are acting as Cinderella and Prince Charming at a child's party?
Help with the play Fences by August Wilson?
How old do you need to be to be on deal or no deal?
Do you know an acting exercises?
Audition Suggestions for Into the Woods?
Who can settle this dispute?
Where can I get a photo of the shake & bake commercials. My wife was the girl without front teeth?
YG and SM Audition Sample?
Have any good monologues?
I really would like to become an actress?
still a chance?
Acting schools in Boston?
Has anyone heard of the process of method acting?
What is you favorite musical? ?
Is 16 too late to become an actress?
How to find out about talent scouting events?
famous person is sucessful?
monogue! urgent!!! must be a play!!?
Writing a play about teenage problems.... what are some?
What is the importance of the Dumb Show in Hamlet?
beat theatre college in the world?
What Are Methods To Staying in the Moment?
Does this sound like a good acting resume?
Can I be a teen actor with facial hair?
Give me an introduction to musical theatre?
what comedy plays are currently playing in London, England, UK?
Do directors actually say this?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
Where can I go in NY to get a memorabilia item appraised?
Best book for breaking into Hollywood?
i need some lyrics from a song that ties into cassius's role in shakesperes tragedy of caesar play?
What are the chances of becomine a actor if you are 30 and live in utah?
I need some websites of monologues for a play audition of catty, stuckup girls. Please help!?
Musical theatre auditions in NJ?
Reputable Modeling Agency in Nyc for my two year old!?
what are the different japanse plays?
whats a good play for high schoolers?
We run a childrens drama school and this week we will have lots of hot tired parents sitting in a room waiting
is there any good casting websites for theatre?
How To Start An Acting Job?
Do you Know what genre this would be?
Do you find sophie and vernesa form the shire hot?
What are some good play ideas for my drama club?
Where can I find modern translation of William' Shakespear's play Love's Labor Lost?
LAMDA Grade 6 Acting questions?
can i be in a movie??????
is sex important in a married life???
what are the best seats to buy when attending a broadway show? I.E. is it better to be in the center or side?
is being in this play a waste of my time or worth doing!! please help?
I am a small time actor wondering if I should take an ensemble role of Bye Bye Birdie.Should I accept it, why?
what song should i sing?
cast list for chicago musical in bradford?
In Macbeth, sleep is a frequently used motif, what does it represent? & i need an example from the play.?
What are some quotes in Macbeth that show Macbeth was crazy for power and security?
help on macbeth! please!?
I need this to be clear: do agents cost money?
Would this be an okay resume?
Does anyone know where i can find the sorority row script?
How else can i get into acting?? without doing theatre?
where can I go to get an audition for a movie?
american pageant resources?
please help...?
Looking for silly/girly monologues?(:?
Can this become more?
how can i find an agent at 13 years old?
Lied about my age?????????
(If You.........?) PLAY(:?
If I go to a high school specifically for the arts, should that be included on my resume?
im going to do an acting resume but i dont have much expirince,how can i do it?
Female Musical Audition Song?
Should I change my name?? I'm in the entertainment industry!?!?
Why are there no famous native American actors?
Where can i find full scripts online for free?
how about guitar?
Is there a collage that has all writing, acting, and cryptozoology classes?
Is "Man of La Mancha" playing anywhere in or near San Antonio?
Frogs- The essential qualities of Dionysus?
How should i prepare for this audition?
In the play a streetcar named desire who said "Dont-don't hang back with the brutes"?
If your 14 what's the easiest way to become an actor?
Can you give me some acting tips?
how to skip time in a stage play..?
Where can i find songs sung by KAMAL BAROT?
Whats that person called who helps you get auditions?
The best song to sing at a musical?
Monologue: How can u phrase the 2nd line in a better way. would you please help me out with this.?
I need an audition song for Rooster in "Annie"?
OK i know this is going to sound stupid but...?
do you know any numbers to call or e-mails to write to on how to become an actor please i really need to know?
How can I find happiness?
acting camps for this winter?
can someone help me out with a character impersonation piece? my daughter needs it for a competition. thanks.?
Can I do Mamma Mia without the rights if I write the script?
Acting acting acting acting?
How do you find out about auditions?
what are some good chickflicks?
What should I do for the School Talent Show?
Acting question please help!?
Where can I find sounds from movies for a play?
Why are the songs in the Sister Act stage show different to the film?
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
where is the best place to take acting classes or workshops for adult actors in North America?
I'm 12 years old and i was wondering does anyone know of any Disney channel auditions in Atlanta Georgia?
Theatre Words Question?
Did a man ever play the role of aunt ester on sanford and son?
If I want to be a good actor, about what age should I start?
I am low in confidence but I want to be on TV or in the theatre?
Anyone know anything about Meyerhold?
Hannah Montana...?
Good audition song for Legally Blonde? (14 years old, Tenor)?
Do you have the same name as a celebrity?
How can build my confidence in acting?
EVERYONE tells me I should be a model?(pics included)?
Is using disney music and characters in an elementary play breaking copyright laws?
Romeo and Juliet Act V?
Is it possible to be taught to sing in tune with no experience?
Which of these colleges would you pick for Theatre?
References for University Theatre resume...?
I have an acting question?
Seussical Jr vs School House Rock Jr?
what are some good acting/casting agencies in the greater philadelphia area?
Antigone by Sophocles, the play?
how can i become a pornstar?
Confussed...Should I go for my dream, or for what I think is right?
Why do they show people puking in movies now?
how can I play the devil role on the stage?
i am auditioning for the little mermaid jr. do you know what a good song and monolouge would be?
'Written by" and "Teleplay/Script by"?
I need help? :-I?
Modeling and acting in San Diego?
i want to be an actress butt....?
Simple talent agent cover letter question?
how do you become an actress?
who like michael jackson and where is he..?
i want to work with madhur bhanderkar as assistant director.?
what is the influence of midieval drama on renaissance or elizabethan drama?
wnat to know more about kelly ward, the actor who played in grease?
Looking for plays! Max 6F / 4M various ages 20-65!?
Do violins have come in different sizes for different sized people to play?
What is the best acting school to attend if you want to get into the major roles in the movie industry?
What were Capulet's motives for getting Paris to marry Juliet?
I Need a scene queen name?
scripts online?
How can I become a actor answer please!!!?
how can I build speed on guitar?
what is hotel Garne?
In the play Twelfth Night, by Shakespeare...?
Dont you think we are totally being taken for a ride with this new cirque de celebrites tv show???
Who is your favorite Broadway Star and why?
are there 14 sides in the globe theatre london as told on dr.who?
these days how a female is also called actor where as it should be actress?
YouTube/acting school-lesson question?
Can someone help me please?
The Light in the Piazza Question?
How does White Heat's Cody Jarrett serve as a transition between conventional gangsters and the "Supervillains?
Where to find acting auditions in Portland, OR? ?
Audition for Albert Peterson, Need Audition Song?
Is there an e-mail address for the Orpheum Theater in Foxboro, MA?
about a career in acting?
we really need people for our movie!?
Should i correct them?
Guys and Dolls character questions?
I need a monologue for an audition!?
What role should I try out for?
What is a way to get discovered without an agent?
Will David Krumholtz be in The Santa Clause 3?
What is the best theatrical experience you have had,,,,?
what time would an actor go to their theatre before their performance? like 2 hours before? its for school xxx?
How can I jump up and down and sing "good" at the same time?
Do I have a better chance at becoming a famous actress in Florida, California, or New York?
Does anybody know of a short, modern Soliloquy? i have to memorize one and don't want it to be to long!?
Can somone give me a list with cool, quiet, and calm main male characters.?
Where do I get my script copyrighted?
The musical 'Phantom Of The Opera', is it worth watching?
where can I find the nightmair before christmas's dialogues?
Was Richard II really too pure for this world (and Henry VI, also)?
i'm sort of nervous for drama tomorrow ..?
Where can i find a chicken and gorilla costume suit for cheap?
If I got chosen for an audition and was sent overseas, will my education be affected?
I want to become an actress, but I am a regular low-middle class girl with little money.?
how can i be an actor so i could be famous?
How can a 15 yr old teen be a disney channel actress?
What do I have to do to become a model.!. Please help so clueless?
How to forget the audience and get lost in the role?
What's a great comedic, Shakespearean monologue for a female?
How much did your headshots cost?
How to find a legitimate casting website?
i forgot my line when i was presenting something in drama class? how can i get over it?
How can I become famous?
What do National Youth Music Theatre (UK) auditions involve?
I am 13 and an actress wannabe. Is there anyway to become famous?
do you have to go to collage to be an actress?
Hey got a queation for ya all?
Does anyone know any good colleges to go to in Los Angeles for Acting?
when is aida the musical coming to california?
Audition tips?
what radio show topic I choice for the next show except political, relationship and love etc etc..?
I need help on my commercial we have to do for school?
des the dancing game audition give u viruses?
how to walk like a guy?
For drama buffs, did i make the right decision?
Who is the most popular actor and actress these days in Hollywood?
Where can I find the play Lost In Yonkers by Neil Simon?
I want to become and actress, but...?
Can you give me the script or lines for the monologue in "Night Luster"?
Should I date her or not? Please help!!!!!?
Being a simple man,how can I learn the acting?
What's a good monologue for auditioning for the Music Man?
how do i act and sing like a geek?
It's not easy but what's the easiest way to get in America?
What are the chances.?
How can i be like katniss everdean?
Can someone give me an easy to understand summary of Act 3 of Macbeth?
Should backstage work go on my acting resume?
Need an amazing rock song for school talent show?
High School Musical 2...Please Explain To Me The Following?
thw wizard of oz?...?
My 10 year old cousin wants to start acting, what are some good acting exercises we can do together to improve?
Which song sing for my school?
College audition monologue.?
Where can i get a list of comedy plays?
I need to know: Is proscout A scam?
What events to organise?
I dont know who to be in our play seussical?
Are there any disney channel auditions in dallas?
I want to become a famous singer where do i go to start my career????
Mime advice and tips?
I'm in a play and I'm playing a guy, I have all the technicalities down but something's missing.?
should i give acting a go?
So an agent will do the rest?
What part is bigger in the musical hairspray, amber von tussle or penny pingleton?
more agency questions... help please?
what is a website that can help simplify difficult poems and help with writing sonnets?
character impersonation project! help please!?
how do you become a famous actor.?
How do I find out about extras work in Canada?
Really need an audition song?
Are there any acting auditions at all in london!?
does any body know a comercial school in los angeles in hollywood?
Acting games for kids?
To be or not to be...?
Beauty and the Beast Audition song?! Please Help!?
can u tell me a joak?
The Inspector In An Inspector Calls?
How do you write a resume?
how far do they see?
Is there any show that Alto's lament has ever been in? A review or actual show?
i need a picture of a baby doll from the yr 1933 its for my high school play?
please help, i need help finding a monologue.?
acting opportunities in Swazee?
Cast as a villager in Beauty and the Beast.?
One Source Talent . com ?
What is Dunsinane in Macbeth?
Are there any good auditions available for 15 year old girls?
What are some good Jazz songs?
who can help me to get in touch with al pacino?with some special magezin or email or web site?i need it.?
Acting Audtions in Dallas Tx????
What can being a movie Extra achieve?
Ever notice how there seem to NEVER be famous actors seen in Acting Instructional Videos?
What was the name of sharpay's dog in high school musical 2??
emma roberts or miley cyrus?
How old is Oralando Bloom?
what are some good method acting character ideas?
I want to audition for Leah in New Moon but don't know where to start if you have any info please let me know?
Good monologue to audition for Scarecrow?
how much does an agent cost?
Would it be worth leaving school to become an actress?
Soon to be actor, please help!?
What are some good songs to audition with for Gertrude Mcfuzz in Seussical?
What is a good silent scene?
Where can I go to auditions to be in a movie?
Is there a Gollum like Monologue?
Biased Theatre Teacher, ugh...?
What do YOU think is the best musical of all-time?
What is more important in art money or great ideas?
How do Actors become Actors?
Do you know how much is to rent a drum to play in a school band?
if all the world is but a stage and the men and women but players, what play are they performing?
Why did Christine DaaƩ choose Raoul over the Phantom of the Opera?
Audition monologues for a 13 year old girl?
Summer drama/musical theatre programs in D.C. Or Maryland?
How would you describe the person in this picture?
How did Oedipus become king of Thebes?
I want to get an agent but i don't know who would be best can you give me any names or ideas please?
What should I do to get casted in a movie or tv series and how do I go about auditioning?
Has anyone seen "avenue Q" (broadway play/comedy)?
Is there going to be a high school musical 3?
Please, describe the relationship between the Protagonist and the Antagonist!?
good musicals?
Is this a good sign? Please answer?
When actors film nude/semi nude scenes- is the whole filming crew present behind the camera ?
How does an average guy get involved in the acting world?
Am i being to dramatic?
Good Musical Theater songs for an Advanced High School Chorus to sing?
Im 13 love acting and singing does anyone know what i sholud do?
Where can i watch or download wicked the musical with jemma rix as elphaba?
what do i need to do in order to become a professional theatrical makeup artist?
what will i do with my money!!?
Can I be an actor with a communication disorder?
what is a production company?
I want to try Method Acting for a performance...?
how to add narration to a script?
Some questions about how people thought of actors and actresses in the past...?
how much for tickets to see mama mia?
Phantom of the Opera musical?
Who wants to see "the Diary of Anne Frank" if you know what it is?
What is a great movie to make out to?
I need School Christmas Play.?
Who is this actress? (from early 1900's)?
Macbeth and witches question?
Actors for a custom Romeo and Juliet movie?
Can someone tell me how to do this stuff to actually be it?
What "type" would you cast me as?
How does one become a narrator for audiobooks?
does anyone know the conrad birdie pledge??
If nobody knows you in Hollywood, how much money do you need to make a movie like "Final Destination 5"?
A Good Broadway song for my audition for a play! ?
why are movie stars or singers uaually tall?
How do I contact an agent for my dream acting/singing career?
How do you avoid become blase when showered with compliments?
Theatre work in India?
Staying in character?
i need an acting agent!!!!!!!?
i have an audition!! help!!!?
How to act in love for school play..?
I want to be a model for a clothing line or something but i don't know where to start please help me out?
What are those signs called that are like box lights but have an open face and show the individual bulbs?
What is the best way to...memorise lines in a school play i have the lead?
What's your favorite musical?
Who is the scottish policeman actor who is in Hearbeat?
How do I reduce my nervous energy when auditioning for stuff?
Hi want to become an actor in TV serial or a movie I am 29 years old and good looking guy how can I start ?
Have anyone knows something about Rialda Kadric, a actor from former Yugoslavia??
anyone who has seen wicked?
Can someone please tell me what has been built on the site of the old Astoria Theatre in London now?
how do you create a reailstic character on stage, and how do you direct your actors to do it??
Im auditiong for the musical Annie and i need some good Broadway songs to audition with....?
I'm nervous about getting my headshots taken. What do I do? Please help!?
Purpose of Act 4 Scene 1 in Macbeth?
Do you have to pay to be in a show or movie?
Dramatic Interpretation pieces about a s l u t(:?
i messed up in the school production and my drama teacher is extremely disapointed. what do i do?
Does anyone know of any websites were I could find duet scenes for a competition? Or a website with plays?
Casting calls for any acting, commercials, movies?? HELP!!?
If you could be the lead in a play, what part would you want?
Inside the Actors Studio theme music
Audition for an agency?
Monologue!!!! Preferably from the movie "Easy A"?
What are some young actors that have played the cute nerdy role lately?
Where can I watch High School Musical 3?
SM Audition (by email)?
india s got talent season 4 audition result in mumbai on 21st july?
What actor do you think should play Newt in the upcoming Saturday Night Live skits?
wicked... the musical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My music director has a crush on me. What do I do?
Is it nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?
why do you think love should be banned?
starring in an indie film a good way to get an agant/start my acting career?
high school musical 3 auditions?
Where can I find open casting calls?
what are some plays that are not well known?
Accent help for Footloose!?
In Macbeth, what is the relationship between lady macbeth and macbeth like?
how can i pursue an acting career?
For people who know the music of Rent! (preferably the Broadway version!)?
What is the significance of the name A Dolls House written by Henrik Ibsen?
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar?
I'm a guy and I love PeterPan.?
How can a family memebr of an actor get on tv?
open auditions?
I was wondering if we could have even more questions about High School Musical 2. We don't have enough!!?
Which musical theatre course is right for me? which uni?
Will me an Johnathan J Garcia ever be a couple?
The academy awards questions?
Micheal takes Godfather's poistion?
whens the next high school musical come of if there is one?
SM entertainment acting audition?!?
I'm auditoning for Willy Wonka soon..?
Can any one tell me from where I can get aryan's(hrithik roshan acting in dhoom2) sign 'A'?
Which 17th century play do you recommend?
I need the title song from "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (without buying the soundtrack, of course). Any ideas?
i am sonia frm jaipur . i wana be an actress but i have no reference. tell me place where f.actress is needed
Whats the absolute first step in becoming an actor?
Any monolouge ideas for a teen female auditioning to do performing arts at college?
What is an intense, memorable thre person movie scene? (preferably for two guys and a girl)?
i bought a century stage spotlight at yard sale it has no light can i put a light in the housing?
Where do I find the casting agent for the L Word?
Does anyone know where i can get the playwright of the play "doubt, a parable" ?
how can i get a casting in disney channel?
Starting a Glee Club. Questions below?
How do you apply to a star now job ? what to write to advitisor?
william and kate kiss?
Where can I find a podcast of Hamlet Act 3 Sc 1?
What are 3 reasons the witches played the most significant role in Macbeth's decline?
Does anyone know any acting agents or agencies that accept email submissions?
how long is 16 bars of A Chorus Line's "at the ballet"?
I'm auditoning for Willy Wonka soon..?
My friend is desperate to become famous, what should I tell her?
Suggestions for what you have to do to become an actor?
Saying "Macbeth" onstage! What do you think of this superstition?
How do you make talking hand puppets?
Is an untra low budged SAG movie a big deal?
Who wants to see the Broadway musical of the Wedding Singer?
What was the Globe Theatre?
Help in picking out a major for college?
I need help in finding a specific scene for acting. Help!?
What is the title of a popular religious musical?
Get a Degree or Pursue acting?
Do the actors in "sex and the city" really have sex?
Any advice for an aspiring actress?
how old is karen from children's hour?
i have a musical theatre show tommorrow and a sore throat... help!!!!! what can i do?
i need an acting agent's telephone or email plz?
How can i meet Ashley Tisdale in person?
How do directors film on a busy street?
Is this bad acting when it came to the screaming?
How do young actors become famous so young.?
I'd like to learn to play the piano?
Where can I find books about Ancient Roman Theatre Productions and the politics relating into Roman Theatre?
Is William beckett the main vampire in the FOB sixteen candles video?
How can I find roommates in california L.A. Because I want to start going to acting school and also working.?
Hello guys who live in Chennai....I want to know the exact place of kana kanum kalangal audition.....?
Good intense, challenging scenes for two actors?
Where can I find an agent?
Who do you think is/was the greatest actor of all time and why do you admire that person's acting?
Acting Question, please answer?
I'm 14 years old and want to work at the moive theaters?
is this ok for a headshot?
What is mood and symbol of the play the crucible?
What do you think of this film for my class?? (please answer)?
How many viewers watched High School Musical 3 last week?
Comedic duets from a musical for two girls?
When do you think it's too late to start acting (please say something other than never)?
i need a picture of how the people would dress in romeo&juliet if it was written in chicago 1920's?
What can I do to improve my acting ability?
I want to tell my parents that I want to act but I'm not sure how...?
What pick a little lady in Music Man has a name?
Name 3 differences between actors today and actors in shakespeare times?
Audition opportunities in Des Moines?
how can you make yourself not nervous on stage and over an audience?
Song for a GCSE drama AIDS play. Like depressingly dramatic?
Is The Crucible considered a contemporary play?
I'm looking for a theatrical play...?
Audition Songs for Altos?
What is this monologue from? Male part based in the Viteman war?
Sick and audition tomorrow. help!?
What Good Websites Are There For Becoming An Extra ?!!?
I want to join airlines as cabin crew can i get that job and advice what will be my future job and when i get?
Drama School OR 6th Form?
Any tips for a callback??
Wait Until Dark (play)?
Blue Man Group S.D. Presale code?
Please give me some tips about how to write a radio drama?
Can I put this on my acting resume? ?
Help with a melodrama for a high school production?
How to get started in acting in Canada?
Macbeth fights bravely in the war against the king of norway, what happens after that?
Is it smart to sign up for casting sites such as Backstage and Stage Door Access? Or is it a scam?
Ideas for a theatre banquet theme?
Favorite films?
What is this picture about?
How to end a short comedy film?
George Bernard Shaw play " ---- -- and the Man" ??/?
30 second monologues?
Do you think people in to musical theatre are gay. ?
what type of food did romeo and juliet eat?
Can drama/being in plays help me become more outgoing?
Merchant Of Venice Help?
Thoughts on my resume?
I need some ideas to make a western outfit of the 1930's. Female?
A simple explanation of the plot of 'Kindertransport' please?
High School Musical 2?
Important question!?
GAP Casting Call?!?!?
Not sure how to title this however please answer?
I need a song for a talent show?
i want to learn to play the piano, but my so called buddies say no guy in his right mind would want to do this?
Do you get this joke?
i need a good short and nice play......?
do you have to be of ethnic origin to audition for the lion king??
In terms of money lost, what's the biggest Broadway musical flop?
what is the plot of the short story (the bet) by anton checkov ?
is this WEIRD?
What are some physical, mental, and emotional qualities of Lady Macbeth?
What are a few amazing One Act Plays with simplistic sets?
Arsenic and Old Lace People?
How do I remove liquid latex and spirit gum without damaging the latex prosthetic?
I'm currently in my first year studying acting and have just got over a really bad throat infection,?
What actor portrays this character?
Toronto talent agaencies?
Please, Please Help Me! :'(?
Black Butler Cos-play!!! I really need help!?
Headshots for drama auditions?
What is it like to be a theater manager?
musical audition tomorrow and i lost my voice!?
Has anyone seen the musical wicked and if so what did you think?
How can I stop smiling and be in control of my facial expressions?
If you HAD to star in a musical or motion picture. Which lead role would you take?
How to become a casting directors?
i think i want to be an actor???? Help?
I need an upbeat monologue from an American playwright?
When the Capulets see Juliet lying "dead," their immediate response is to?
Wizard of oz play?
Where can i get a free copy of the Real Inspector Hound script by Tom Stoppard please help!!?
I need Ideas for a drama piece in which 5 people play the same character at different times, help!?
What do you think the max. age would be for Annie...?
How do I find professional acting jobs after I graduate from college?
How old does a girl have to be to audition for porn?
Auditioning for Shakespeare?
what happened to the cast of kingswood country?
How do you become famous?
Monolouge from Men in Black?
What is a good monolgue to use when auditioning???
Should I put on a zombie costume and stagger around the cemetery?
Help find a long sleeve floor length nightgown for my costume for Lady Macbeth?
Has anyone seen The Stones by Tom Lycos and Stefo Nantsou??
Would seeing Next To Normal the musical with your mom be awkward?
I need a good Christmas Play?
SM 2012 audition help please :)?
I need a duet scene for two girls from a published play? PLEASE HELP!?
How can I act as natural as Marlon Brando ?
Do you find this text funny?why, why not?
where are the institutions of acting?
Is it enough to love?
does anyone know how good thee mentat really is?
Is it possible to get an acting job if...?
Do you know where and when the Hairspray auditions are.?
pictures of old people and pictures of young people that are anglo-saxon?
Do you have to dress up to attend a comedy club?
Trying out for Titania or Puck advice?
anyone know where I can buy dungarees ? My son playing Huckleberry Finn and I need them asap?
Would songs from Chicago (the musical) be bad for a theatre audition...?
i need a 20th century monologue for an audition. any suggestions?
Are these legit acting agencies?
Cosi fan arrangement?
How do I get into acting?
how can i get help with my acting i dont have no money but am good please help me ?
Need Help memorizing song!?
Does anyone know of any websites that has the monologues from footloose?
What does 'ill-drama' mean?
Musical audition song suggestions?
tallent where do i go?
Is it enough to love?
What are some good acting schools for those who want to be professional actors? I'm thinking about AMDA: NYC
I'm do I get the part I really want?
can any one help me on how i can work on disney channel?
Macbeth x Homework x PLZ help ?
Is it better to go to the first or second day of a theatre audition?
Anybody know what G#3-F5 Soprano Belt means?
How do I find auditions?
What is the message of this play?
Should I see Spider-man: Turn Out the Dark, or Nice work if you can get it on broadway?
I need help writing a humorous speech for Speech and Debate?
Miss Pettigrew Live For A Day script?
Do you have to pay to go for an interview with proscout?
Where on the web can you get free christmas musical play scripts?!?
what to sing/dance to for an audition?
Whatever happened to the glee callbacks? did they get cancelled?
Achieving an Acting Career? Help..?
How to Prepare for a Singing Audition?
how could i become a professional actress or singer ?
I don't want to?
How can I audition for a part in EastEnders (UK Soap)?
what would theatre be today without Stanislavsky ?
hey... anyone no were i can audition for the 2nd twlight movie.?
Acting Schools and Theaters in Michigan?
How can i get an acting agent?
Quotes From Macbeth that describe Macbeth?
Does being an extra help on a resume?
Hey ! There are any acting bording school in the u.s.a ?
Is Wicked still on broadway?
Good idea for a play?
I want to be a actress but a am to shy to go to auditions and that keeps me away form my dream ?
what can i do in london today?
What are some ways to remember your lines for a script?
Where can I find a script for Once On This Island?
acting terms questions?
How can i get an acting agent for free?...I dont have much acting experience?
Is this resume good enough to audition for a local theatre group?