In Theatre: Revival?
does an actor nessacerily have to do theatre before before film and tv or does he even have to do it at all?
Who shot Tupac Shakur?
what is structure in drama context?
Can you be an actress without going to stage school ??
How do actors ?
I wanna become a teenage actor...?
Does anyone know of some intense dramatic plays with a female character?
In romeo and Juliet what would be the best word to describe the NURSE??
Some help on "The Importance of Being Earnest"?
Any monologues from monologue books?
a revised updated shakespeare..sacrilage abomination or just sensible?
Four person skit help?
what do you suggest? Acting coach or acting classes?
I Want to be an Actor!?
Help with report on The Tempest-Shakespeare?
acting agencies in New york?
Do these desciptions sound good for these characters?
How do I audition for S.M. entertainment?
I want to know how to end my stage fright!?
What are some good acting agencies in Calgary, Alberta?
What are your opinions about Tyler Perry's movies and play's?
Just got cast as Daddy Warbucks in Annie. Any advice?
Name your three favorite books on screenplay writing?
what does rated r superstar mean?
I am looking for props for a play about Billy The Kid, anyone know where i can get some Rusty Sheriffs Badges?
I am writting a script. I don´t know where can i sell it?
I'd like the contact details of the Department of Theatre Arts, Ibadan, Nigeria, email, tel or fax. Thanks
What makes a good COMEDIC actor?
What song should I audition with for the part of Liesel (Maybe Maria) in the Sound Of Music?
Does anyone have a good recipe for fake blood?
Why was rosaline used in romeo and juliet?
I have to visit a Muesum or watch a play for humanties, any ideas?
Where can i go in St.Louis or close to St.Louis MO for acting tryouts?
I need to know a website that you can print FREE christmas church plays. I am the director at my church.?
was shakespeare a fake?
who was better in pireates of the carrabian jhonny depp or orlando bloom????
do you need a college degree to become an actress/actor?
How can I become an actress?
How should I kick start my acting career?
how do I post my picture and bio on the internet.I'm an actor.?
Is Acting Hard and How do You Get an Agent?
About six years ago I watched a monologue about cancer starring Emma Thompson. Where can I see it again?
What's your favirote Macbeth quote?
New acting job - dilemma...?
What play is the source of this quote?
Where can i do my modelling and acting course?
has any one been in the play the crucible?
ASF musical theatre camp?
interesting/easy-to-read Restoration plays?!?
i need a list of plays for my theater class.?
Are the stalls a good place to sit in the Lyceum Theater to watch The Lion King?
Is it a realistic idea for me to get into Broadway?
Has anyone seen high school musical more than 113 times?
Where can I find info on the Odd Couple (Neil Simon) controversy?
Why people become actors?
How do get tricket for dinsey On ice at NEC?
High school play/ musical?
What was the usual meaning of the medieval theatre ?
What is your favorite show to see on stage?
How to memorize your lines in a play very quickly?
how to get started.?
I need an essay on macbeth about the "fair is foul, and foul is fair" and is macbeth good or bad. please ?
Acting Resume... Please Read!!?
Calling people with knowledge of costume design and/or Vikings?
dakota fanning?
Two Gentlemen from Verona the musical?
I feel like giving up on my dream, please help:\?
made up names of travel agencies?
I REALLY want to act. Is it a stupid dream?
I have a question about this agency?
How can I respond to this?
demonata or cirque du freak?
I need audition help, fast!!?
did you take drama 150 ( the first acting class)?
Do you have any tips on memorizing lines fast? ?
I need a plot for a story on one of the murderers in the play Macbeth?
Which program is best to use for a digital portfolio?
Almanzo Wilder or Chachi Arcola?
What are some musicals like "Schoolhouse Rock Live!" that can include everyone?
Where can I find this script?...?
Hey, I am trying out for Little Shop of Horrors and need help picking out a song. I am a Sopranno. Thanks!?
What do you think of my film script so far?
i want to be on tv?
How can I make myself cry?
How long does it take for SM Entertainment to call after the initial audition?
Does anyone know any casting calls that are real for disney or anything around pa?
Is it legal to write a musical about real people?
Acting in English if it isn't my native language?
so i want to become a voice actor?
going to broadway which show to see?
who brought back silent acting?
What should I do for the talent show?
do u think its ok to play a boy when ur a girl in a play?
Quick question about my acting audition?
where are seats 64 and 66 in the berkeley community theatre.?
i want to become an actress!!!?
Do Kabuki wear anything on their feet. If they do what is it.?
I am an Indian girl who wants to join sm entertainment(korea).No auditions are held for it here.Please help.?
have you ever been to see a musical?
Looking to be a actor in the Louisiana area?
Who is the lead/biggest female role in Seussical?
Is there a Shakespeare play in which a boy is disguised as a girl?
Where can I find out about open casting calls here in L.A?
Are Actra Toronto Agents a scam or no?
What foreshadowing techniques are used in Elia Kazan's film On the Waterfront?
most played street drama in the world?
I wanna be an actor but...?
How to become an actress?
i love to act but the only bad thing is me being can some1 help me out??
Should round faced people Cosplay?
acting...... i was ripped off?
What part is bigger in the musical hairspray, amber von tussle or penny pingleton?
if you were to audition for a actor position, and was require to do a one min performance, what will you do?
Advice if you can please..?
anyone know when les miserables is finishing its run in queens theatre london?
When performing on stage how to do get over your nervousness?
i want to be an actress but i can't because i don't have that much money i am so sad what do i do?
Sweeny Todd why a musical?
how is death treated in the play "The Importance of Being Earnest" even though no one die.?
My gf is kissing another guy for a play she's in, how do I deal with this?
What age group is the musical 'Wicked' suitable for - in NY?
Acting agencies / agents in the UK?
How do you avoid become blase when showered with compliments?
what are some good musicals or plays for teens in highschool to perform at there high school???
What was the original name of the heroine in Romeo and Juliet, according to the movie Shakespeare in Love?
What's the perfect age to start pursing acting professionally?
I am 13 and didn't pass the only audition that ever happened in my country and I i think I am going to die!SOS
i grew up with nick turturro and wanted to send him a card on his mother's passing. how can i do that?
Heyy! I need buddies!! plz! Anyone here like musicals like Hairspray and Music Man? Thx!?
College theater auditions? Any advice?
I like to act so does anyone know of any movie/commerical/tv auditions coming up in Florida?
Musical Audition...(musically experienced only please)?
What is the dance in Romeo and Juliet called?
How can i become an actress?
Help! This is urgent and I need multiple opinions! Girls would be preferable?
Any ideas for a teenage musical pantomime?
What is a good monolouge to audition with for "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
What's your favorite musical?
The Grapes Of Wrath 1940?
what are some good acting class places in tampa?
high school musical?
what talent agency does Danielle Campbell belong to?
I received an email from ExploreTalent that a casting director may be interested in meeting with me?
what papers do they give you in plays?
What is the next time that High School Musical 2 is going to come on tv?
My school is having aditions for High School Musical how should I try out?
WHere might one find an address for actress Jennifer Leak??
Orlgln of play "sweeney todd"?
What's the best way to get over stage fright?
Is the Broadway Musical Cat's touring the US?
PLEASE help me find info on costumes!!!!?
Does this count on an acting resume?
Does anyone know of a website that has the lyrics or script to Jekyll/Hyde the musical?
i am in a play tonight and i am nervous any advice?
Broadway fanatics, help!?
high school musical 1 vs. 2?
what did u thind of high school musical 2???
In your opinion, what is the greatest musical of all time and why?
What do you think of the following actors in terms of skill?
How do I get started in the film industry?
Can I have this for my film?
has anyone seen pirate mutiny?
How to act as a ghost?
Can you please help me with my monologue?
what are some fringe benefits for actors?
how can i prank someone into believing a ghost is communicating with them?
How can a dog be in commercials?? (someone comment please)?
What happened in the real Macbeth play (the unbiased one)?
In what year was Menander's "New Comedy" of social manners developed?
What's a good piece for a tenor to audition for J.P. Finch from "How To Succeed in Business"?
can you buy?
Can I Romeo and Juliet song?
I'm 14 and I want to become something like the worlds next Wes crave where do I start at PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!?
can method acting be mastered easily?
Grease the musical audition! Help!?
How to get an acting/entertainment work permit?
where can i find videos of pepeol yodeling?
I Want to be an actor,no experience tho?
I need a good CLEAN play for about six or seven girls of the ages of eight to12.?
who are the famous theater personalities in India ?
What are some monologues for a 13 year old girl?
What should I sing for my Avenue Q audition?
What solo musical piece should I do for competitions this year?
What Is This Play Called? ......?
How many actors are needed in the play Romeo and Juliet?
How to cry in acting?
2 min monologue???????????????? ?
Some more questions about Dances with Wolves??? THnx for the other ppl who answered ;)?
What does it mean to get 'copy, credit, and meals' as an actor?
what is a good retort or reply to the phrase "you can't please everyone"?
what does one to one and a half minutes mean?
does channing tatum have girlfriend?
R.L Haunting Hour Auditions?
How do you become famous?
How did I do on my monologue? Video link included?
Do i have to do any sexual things in acting hollywood?
Should I take drama and theatre studies for a level or art?
How to become actor in Hollywood when you're a French guy from France?
Homecoming skit ideas for a Medieval Times theme?!?!?! Please Help!!!?
I am Jim in the play The Glass Menagerie. what accent do I use?
What is a good audition song?
How to let my dad know I wanna act?
Why do people think Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet was homosexual?
Math, Science, and/or Musical Production?
Is Barbizon a Scam ? Please tell me thanks ?
I want to become an actress on Disney Channel but I'm only 13 and I have no experience?
What Is This Play Called? ......?
Can you write a really good and long script as an answer for this question? And where can I get a script??????
I want to be an actor, what should I do about it?
how do i get into acting and become successful ?
I wanna be a teen actress, NOW!?
Acting school saturday!!???? how can i get ready?
Do you enjoy the touring musicals that come to San Francisco, CA?
to become a actress on disney channel or something do you need money?
Who are the best Indian teachers / guru of Bharatanatyam (Bharata natyam Bharatnatyam Bharathanatyam)?
My monologue in drama class help!!?
Elodie's searching?
*Romeo & Juliet* Which Characters are good at obeying their superiors?
i need a 5 person skit for children, about 10 minutes. please help?
Creative ideas for a school video? please help?
Title for a Sad Film/Movie?
Can someone explain this scene in "Singin' in the Rain" to me?
what musical is the song 'one night in bankok' from and who sings it?
What are the requirements that you need in order to get represented by a good acting agency?
what are some well known plays that would have a large cast of children but would have adult leads?
I need a good short insane monologue.?
New Orleans acting classes?
What are games and activities can do with my cast to help them build their characters?
Screen Awards - Hrhitik as Best Actor?
PPAS/Laguardia school? please help if you know a lot about it?
So i have a choir audition this saturday...?
Anybody know anything about Mark Brozel?.. he directed the bbc macbeth 2005... :)?
what is your favorite musical and why?
How could i become an actress?
Wizard of Oz Audition!!! Help!?
I can't memorize my line for a big play coming up. I have to have it memorized in 3 days! Help Me!?
How do I become a famous actress in LA if I live in Argentina?
What is Macbeth's behaviour in Act 3 Scene4?
Did you ever see a part in a movie that was so outstanding and it did'nt seem to get any recognition?
Does anyone know/have a script for 'a talk in the park' from the play confusions?
Is georgia a good place to get an acting carrer started?
Heard of BMG Modeling Agency?
please help i need to know how do i join the talent agency cesd i have been looking at them on google?
Does anyone know a website where you can record yourself?
how to contact steven spielberg?
I need help finding this monologue?
okay, so i have chosen a song for my high school musical audition?
A lonely 80 years old widow is looking out her bedroom window?
I'm terrified! Please help me out!?
What are some of the best liberal arts colleges for performing arts?
how much money actors get?
Shows our theatre group can do? (see details)?
Can anyone tell me a commercial audition agency in indianapolis, indiana for 11 year olds please?
How do you find auditions for movies/tv/etc.?
Audition Songs For An Alto/Mezzo?
What are some good tips, advice fro continuin an acting career to a film or movie career from HIGH SCHOOL &on?
how should i find music for a play?
Disney Channel Auditions?
Acting question?
Heyy! I need buddies!! plz! Anyone here like musicals like Hairspray and Music Man? Thx!?
do u lhink that troy and vanassas voise r theres on highschool musical?
Any advice for acting audition through tape?
Has anyone ever used the theatre ticket shop on Are they for real?
What should i wear to the Cirque du Soleil delirium show?
My dream is 2 become a Disney channel star, HELP??
Is it possible for me to become an actress at all?
What are some examples of Theater in the natural world?
What is the best way to go about getting started in an acting career?
How do I get into the music or acting industry?
College Question... please let me know as soon as possible?
Doing a play, tips to deal with nerves and memorization?
I need a voice actor but am not sure?
Was Hamlet a man or a woman?
Do dramatic street fights happen in real life?
Musical Audition Song Ideas?
actors... who is the best acting coach/teacher in Los Angeles?
What is the Musical "Cats" About?
can you please give an example or a piece of sabayang pagbigkas "tagalog" ....tnx!!!!!!?
theatre royal in norwich, whats on in next 6 months?
Who's your favorite actor and actress?
is proscout a safe way to go?
Do I have to take acting classes?
Need evil woman character from either a book or modern (1900+) play?
Whats a good name for a new theatre company?
How Do I Get The Original Script to Once Upon A Mattress free?
best musical ever!?
How do you become an actor/actress?
How can I prepare for a musical audition?
Do you have any skit ideas?
What operating system are most TV actors likely to use?
Do colleges care if you were an understudy or in the ensemble of a play?
How can i become an actress?
I need help with Macbeth?
K im trying out for Beauty and the Beast.............?
Any advice for a beauty and the beast audition song? I am a tenor and I don't wanna sing from the show?
Does anyone have any cool movie trivia or facts?
hey umm... im 13 years old and i want to be on disney channel......?
Is there a good dramatic monologue where your treating a dying person?
Can u get paid for acting even though your not famous?
can anyone give me ideas for a five minute film?
Do u love High School Musical?
I'm Going to a John Robert Powers audition, what happens during the audition?
what to wear at a wizard of oz fancy dress?
Is it possible to cry on command?
the play Macbeth Act 1?
How should you attend a modeling audition?
do keys contain lead?? please help?
Does anybody know any good Improv starters or situations, or a two person ten minute script starter??
Why/how do tv actors and actresses get paid so much, since television is free?
Acting gig question....................?
I need a biography of Leonard Gershe?
high school musical songs!?
I need some audition songs for my school musical?
what type of degree is needed for a career as an artistic director in a theater?
Does anyone esle want to do this or am I just crazy?
does anyone know of a good modeling agency in johannesburg for teens?
Comedic Female Monologue?
Looking for a monologue like this one?
zo my god i want jerry the frog productions!! plz someone tell me when its gonna be bac up. send me a new link
Help picking an audition song?
What is a good rock and roll dance musical from a movie or play? (videos will be much appreciated)?
Urinetown the Musical question?
read AND HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is my acting class to expensive?
The musical, Oliver...?
Who is REAL girlfriend of Cole Sprouse?
is "made in spain" showing in any UK theatre at the mo?
Need help with Epitaphs in Hamlet!?
Will stage school help me get an agent?
Are my 5 AS level options a bad idea?
What do you do in Theater class - "Introduction To The Theater"?
Are U A Artist??
i want to be a professional performer, actress, singer I'm 13 yrs old. i dont know where 2 get started. help!
good acting courses in ireland ?
What is the difference between classic and contemporary repertoire in musical theatre?
what is the best way to market plays I've written?
Free online acting audition sites?
I need names of some witty plays?
What do acting agencies look for in a resume/potential clients?
Which school has the better BFA acting program, Rutgers University or Boston University?
On what aspects of performance is an actor judged for an award?
what's you favorite Shakespeare play?
Lee strasberg institute?
What role does fate play in romeo and juliet?
HELP!! I need a melodrama monologue!!?
How Do I Become An Actress???
Going to audition for school play, It's a Wonderful Life, Tips?
How do you find an agent for acting? Actress?
My fb android app isnt letting me upload pictures it says there was an error does that happen alot ?
In school I have Skills in dramatic arts class but I was never chosen to be the villain of the plays Why?
i need advice plz..?
im looking for help on information to start acting because i dont know where to begin.?
Acting Question. Please Help!?
Where is all the new decent talent all of kinds?
Macbeth Question?
I play a man in a shakespeare play, I am a girl, any advice? (Particularly a male perspective.)?
Do you know playwrights who have written plays in both English and French? Like Beckett for example?
Is casting hub and Luber Roklin Entertainment a scam?
I need more acting help?
How to get involved with musical theater.?
Audition for Joseph!!?
Does anyone know any good acting scripts/monolouges/one acts about friendship?
Does anyone know of any childrens acting auditions in Louisville, KY?
What song would you recommend for an "Oklahoma!" audition?
Why does so many young girls and women want to become an actress?
How do i choose the right acting school?
Is Broadway acting really as hard to get into as everyone says it is?
Spirit week ideas??? 10 points!!!?
I really want to be an actress but am totally inexperienced (I'm in middle school) any tips on getting started?
Who should I be for the living museum?
what is the best way to get?
What classical piano song did the Asian kid play a while ago on america's got talent?
I'm in this hollywood agency Jrp John Robert powers agency but they dont have any auditions right now i need
What is the origin of the word Tragical in Greek Theatre?
who thinks that nicole n paris friendship are over for good?
I am 15 yrs. in high school and in plays for a college. Would this look impressive in a resume?
What do you think of this idea for my speech?
macbeth act 1 scene 3 as the scene begins how does the conversation of the witches strike you?
What play/show is this?
Nicole Kidman's birthday will lead you to what town in the continental US?
Do I look like an actress/singer/ or model or all?
How do I become an actress? ?
Can a musical be in a one-act play?
I'm a starting/working actor in Nashville TN, if & when should I or do I need to move to LA to be successful?
Tenor Saxophone for under 1200?
Is it normal to hate how your voice sounds on camera?
How to become famous ? ?
Who's your Favorite High School musical character?
I have an acting question?
Where can I find a good monologues for youthful adult female, age 30?
Monologue for a 'smart' role?
Landing a role in a commercial in a foreign country?
What to wear for my audition?
Who thinks this is a good skit?
What theaters (acting theaters) in Harrisburg, PA are there?
Is Will Smith a good actor?
What were these characters' role in Oedipus the King?
How old is musical theatre?
does anyone know miley cyrus' lastname?
What song should I sing at the play tryouts?
how can i become a successful actress?
Songs that make you cry?
I have a question about this agency?
What is the difference between war horse b-way and touring?
drama for school, help me act like im high...!?
Hello- Does anyone know any amateur theater acting groups in Abington MA? ?
What time or times of year constitutes a theater season?
I need 2 contemporay female monologues- one comedic and one dramatic. Suggestions?!?
Is Lights in the piazza a good play?
why are role of masks important in Greek theatre?
Would it be bad to submit both an email submission and regular mail-in submission to an agency?
are Acting teachers in college patient towards shy people?
How do I sign up for the AmEx free Bway ticket offer for 9/15 ?
i need a monologue for a play?
How often to broadway plays recast?
I need HELP FAST!!! I need any information about American theatre before 1950!!?
who is the casting director for spiderman 4???
Where can I find piano playing school for adults in New York?
how much are acting classes for a new student?
What are some good techniques to get over nervousness and or stage-fright?
most overratted actor?
The play, Almost, Maine?
Where can I get another pdf script of Breaking Bad?
Do You Know Billy Zane's Official Fan Mail Address??
Are there "stand-up comedian" courses/classes in Connecticut?
Is disney good to sign with??
I have a really good story for musical theatres. how can I get in touch with producers in London West End?
Famous and acting!?
What is your favorite musical?
Why Should Students Study Shakespeare in School?
Do I stand a chance becoming a actress?
Song suggestion that's from a musical to sing at an audition?
Agentency diversity?
What's better for a transferring acting major? UCLA or Fullerton?
Where can I find a design for a standard theatre platform?
Role of Titania- Midsummer Night's Dream :))?? Helpp please?
How do I make prop ground beef for the stage?
How can I become a TV pitchman?
Nervous for school play auditions!?
what time would an actor go to their theatre before their performance? like 2 hours before? its for school xxx?
what movies did julia roberts play in?
Terrible situation: acting rejection?
Why do we never see anyone smoking a cigarette in British TV soap operas?
Who is the hat man? Is he real?
Was Juliet Capulet French or Italian?
From these 20 plays, which is the most interesting or easiest read?
Is SM Entertainment still doing auditions at their LA location?
If you're not the lead role what are you?
Has anyone seen the Boy from Oz and did you like it?
How is Bhoot Bhulaiyya?
Websites for extras for movies and tv programes ?
Drama Club Audition!!!?
What do you think of my incredibly stupid idea?
I want to know all about head-shots for an actor...?
i am looking for actors/actresses?
Become an extra in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?
what do you think of my film idea?
what are your favorite musicals?
who doesnt like hannah montanah?
does anyone know how the best way to get into acting? I need help.?
I need a song!(for an audition)?
Im an aspiring actress, I am taking acting classes, but how do I get auditions? and how do i get commercials?
How can I get scouted for voice acting.?
how can you become a good actor?
what is surrealism?
what theatre production is suitable for a 1 year old?
How much was it to watch a play in the olden days?
Does anyone know a good monologue from a play about drinking blood?
acting schools NOT theatre in florida, and is a high school?
Is he talking rubbish?
Went to Amc theatre on Saturday 23june 2012 ?
what happens at the end of medea?
Acting tips for a Haunted House?
What's the best way to prepare for auditions with talent agencies?
How do I convince a middle school play director to do Sweeney Todd? Cuz its all bloody and stuff...?
Is Seussical the Musical a good show?
I have talent, but when it is time for an audition I freak out ...?
If you've seen the Lion King on stage, would you recommend?
How can an 11 year old girl get into acting with Disney Channel?
how do i become a "disney channel" actress?
Sweeney Todd?
where can i get nude pictures of dean cain?
Am I a bit old to start acting?
Anybody at the age 14-18 close to IL?
The King from Huck Finn costume help?
Auditioning for a musical and need an alto audition song?
I need help!!!!!:[[[[[please:]?
plz tell me the exact location of indian idol 4 audition in delhi plz?
A little night of music?
Steps to become an actress?
the good doctor nina scene?
Is a job in theater design unrealistic?
Oliver the musical? Not RACEST?
modern theater?
should i keep acting? need ur opinion?
SHAKESPEARE: What act/scene of Richard III does Richard start showing signs of incompetence?
is audition america free?
I need some suggestion for actors for a movie of " The Stand" by Steven King?
How can I prove that Willy Loman is sane?
Help!! - picking out a great play for community theater...?
Advice if you can please..?
hey umm... im 13 years old and i want to be on disney channel......?
How to become a pregnant new face model or actress in (or near) Phoenix Arizona?
how can I follow my dreams if my parents always disagree.???
What do you guys think about Fritz Lang's Metropolis from an aesthetic point of view?
Hunger Games copied Battle Royale?
Do successful actors get born with the talent or do they develop their school to become successful?
What are some broadsword play scenes for boy/girl?
Who are the lead actor and actress of 'The Phantom of the Opera' during their show in S'pore in 1995?
How can I make myself cry on command?
Theater Airbrush Body Paint?
what are good dramatic, sad, and angry monologues for a teen guy?
how to send reel in envelope to agent?
the debonaires show group. john andsean from benalmadena area spain iwould like to know if i can still get cds
Good audition song/monologue for Tobias in Sweeney Todd?
Acting Schools in California?
Im working in a skit with the biggest nerd in my school and i cant cut her from it what do i do to cope ?
can any one give ma 15 sec commercial script?
Help with a song for an audition?
Do you know any one has experence as a film maker?
Questions about a casting call?
I need some posh names?
funny short monologues?
Help with Working towards Fame?
How to become very deathly ill?
Do I need to be in a good undergraduate drama program?
When was Rents first public performance?
Audition questons? :D?
Is this a good School prank?
REALLY dramatic monologues for teenage girls?
Good recipe for fake blood?
Who do I audition for?
should 9/11 be made into a musical?
Is "Its oh so quite" by Betty Hutton a Broadway song?
what is this type of acting called?i don't know how to spell or pronounce it? panama?panamount?
I'm doing a paper on The Tragedy of Macbeth as well and I am having problems with my lead in paragraph.?
any advice on how to overcome stage fright?
what are some really good acting/modeling agencies?
We will rock you musical?
no expereince, and i want to act, this is not a joke anymore, its teraing me apart its my life, please read...
Is it advisable for men to wear a bit of stage makeup for auditions?
Anything goes: Best part for a girl?
How to get an acting commercial agent?
I want to go to a film/acting camp but don't know which section to pursue?
Cuales son los oraculos de la obra Edipo Rey?
Does anyone know any Hispanic Talent agencies in NY?
What is a matinee ticket?
Do u like emraan hashmi? Why?
Are the actors Lewis Smith and James Franco related?
Mr. Colin Firth always seems to have a 5 o'clock shadow; even in the roles he plays! Is there a solution?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe still on?
How can I become an actor and get into films?
is censorship a good or a bad thing to have. Is it ok to censore entertanment if it means takin rights away?
What exactly is stage fright?
Should theatre be spelled 'theatre' or 'theater'?
Why do you want to be an actor/actress?
What is so appealing about Pamela Anderson's fake breasts?
how to practice acting death scenes?
i'm stupid. and my brother wrote this!!?
Where an I find Acting Skits?
any parodies I can act out in less than 5 min?
How can i become a famous Actress?
I use to love dancing but since I started performing, I don't. Is there something wrong with me?
What is the best musical you have seen?
I need ideas for a one person pantomime?
Is this average or alittle above average for a 13 year old? can i become good with practice?
Does Mandy Moore get on your nerves?
I want to move to LA to pursue a career in Acting?
Any advice for Mrs.Mayor in Seussical the musical?
gosh dads and their hollywood problems?
Hi, I am looking for a good Off Broadway song in a "Don Juan style" for man. Any suggestions?
Would you like to be an Actor?
What musical characters are similar to Link from Hairspray or Conrad from Bye Bye Birdie?
What are some good scenes for 3 females?
I want to be in a woody allen movie is that too much to ask?
I need you everyone, please.?
I have a audition, but my mom does not want to let me go, how to persuade her?
Anyone one ever hear of Shaye Saint John???
I have an audition and I don't know what to sing!!!?
What song whould be the best to show the rang of a baritone?
Another name for an actor or actress??
how long is the play pygmalion?
What sources do you use to find auditions in Montreal?
What is the cheapest way to hire a film crew?
How old were juliet and romeo when they died?
How do you get an equity card?
Acting resume question? Would you put gymnastics/horse riding etc as training or skills or.....?
How do i summarize this part from Shakespears "Alls well that ends well"?
My friend want to become an actor . And i want to help him.But How?
Why do Indian actresses have to flaunt so much cleavage for their photoshoots?
Should I wait to get an agent after I get my braces off?
do you know any romeo and juliet songs?
is there any other version of for good?
help i am so emberassed?
improvisation is a critical skill as it frees the soul and develops the actor: i need help on this essay!?
Does anyone know if he's going to be in High School Musical 2?
vintage actresses?
What are the best talent agencies in Washington D.C. if you are pursuing an acting career?
i want essays on english and american drama?
How to become more comfortable on stage?(Five stars best answer)?
Is this a good head shot for an acting resume?
What happens before the tion talk in Brighton Beach Memoirs?
Is this a good way to start my acting career?
costume ideas for a school play?
what is the theme of the play "Life With father"?
What is the best acting school in the bay area?
hi i am a singer and i write my own songs what should i write this song about?
Who is this popular actress?
thw wizard of oz?...?
where can i find auditions for disney channels show in st.louis cause i really need to know?
Is there going to be a High School Musical 2?
What is the name of the movie that Tom Hanks and John Candy played in and it was about a mermaid?
I urgently need an audition song?
Who can tell me where to find auditions for actresses at the age of 13? : )?
Help me. What is a good audition song?
I wrote this Script...?
What are good monologues?
the wizard of wonderland play?
What song can I sing!?
do u think romeo and juliet should have been quick to get married?
Hello: I'm trying to learn to play the piano...?
how can i become an actor?
I'm auditioning next year...?
Know any funny contemporary Canadian or American monologues for a woman aged 18-25?
Any body know of any acting auditions or open casting calls in florida around orlando?
My daughter is 13 and has been very persistent about acting... where do i start? who do i contact?
Does anyone know where I can find a classical monologue that is 2 minutes long?
New acting job - dilemma...?
Black and white headshots?
What are the best Musical Theatre Universities/Colleges in the UK?
I need ideas for play!!?? Im a writer...?
How to avoid being typecast?
Do actors pay to sign contracts?
HELP! Auditioning for a school play?
How do I find an agent for my toddler?
Harry Potter Actresses?
What's something i can do on youtube? (acting related)?
poverty and illiteracy cause violence and insecurity?
What kind of work could an actor do to support themselves whilst going for acting auditions?
In a play, what happens when a charecter is barefoot?
Does anybody know agencies in LAwhere I can get my kids to work in tv commercials that doesn't charge too much
Two Person Comedy (Male and Female) Duologue?
anyone have any good halloween costume ideas?
How can you locate a talent agent for acting in la?
Can you get a work permit as an actor in america after you finished your acting study?
What is the theater term for..?
How to become an actor?
Little Big Man movie review?
What is your hidden talent?
I need role play starters.?
do you need to have american accent to be an hollywood actor?
In the play cinderella scene i, everyone is frozen in a tableau. What?
Any news about the 14th Iligan National Writers Workshop?
Thoughts on this Actor Headshot?
What monologues would be good to read to audition for this role?
Where can I find out about MYSTERY PLAY MASKS?
Who is Ur fave. actor/actress?
Storyline for 2 teenage girls.. thanks(:?
I wanted Ms.Aamna shariff's personal mobile no or res no and residence address as early as you can give me ?
Looking for acting jobs in Fresno!!!?
I have yet another audition.... How do I act humiliated?
I need names for my characters?
Takeout agencies for violinists?
What's a good theatre related topic for my public speaking class?
Am I too old to start taking acting classes?
What are good non-conservatory colleges for acting and/or directing?
Storytelling Forensics Piece?
Please help! Psychodrama and theatre!?
In the list of musicals and plays,can someone tell me if there is a part for the ages...PLEASE HELP?
can any one get me email address of shakira the singer she is malting mebad?
who is now playing Mark and Rodger in the Broadway cast of RENT?
get discovered?
I'm so bored that I'm asking random things...
I am REALLY shy and I have to take drama?
Is it hard to remember a characters lines?
I need audition help!?
do you think i should take acting classes?? :-D?
Sweeney Todd Q. Don't answer unless you've seen it?
Private acting coaches in MD?
I really want to be an actress?
any reccomendations on an agent?
How do I get an agent?
Is it more difficult for teenagers to get agents?
I'm looking for a dramatic play for my school! books and plays! anyone?
i want some details about kumki me with some link.?
define god?
Need help coming up w/ a professional name (actress)?
Which actress under 30 do you expect to become the next Meryl Streep?
Any Ideas for a drama improvisation game?
Can I say that Macbeth is poetic? Or not?
give detail about actress sunaina ?
How is hamlet philisophical/gentle at times?
Drama performance ideas?
can u suggest me any comic hindi play script?
is it true that when Shakespeare's plays were preformed, boys would play the woman roles?
Is this enough experience to join the local theatre?
What do you do in acting classes?
Has anyone ever seen a mime in real life?
How do I find a trustworthy and hardworking acting agent for children?
I need help describing the costume design and staging for the play The Crucible?
How do you get into to the acting buissness?
I would like to be an actress?
musical diatonic scale?
Saw that terrible musical "Wicked" last night. Honest believe it was the worst night of my life.?
Can you do Finding Nemo in twenty minutes?
Stage fright?
Any ideas for a Forensics duo for 2 guys age 16?
Would you rather be have the life you have or be an actor?
I need some Skit Ideas!!!?
How do you make monkey noises??
If I have a completed script, what do I need to do to get it produced into a film?
help with my comedic material?
QUICK Help with my audition song?
Footage of Palestinians creating fake war footage.?
I'm applying to an acting agency and they want me to send them "relevant links"?
what is the funniest movie scene ever?
Is it weird that I'm shy but I love acting and performing?
what are some good acting agencys in georgia?
where can I buy a custom made Ursula costume?
Why, oh WHY didn't "Sweeney Todd" win the Tony for Best Musical?
Im Becoming An Actor Im Very Aspiring But These Days Acting Is Based On Looks And I Dont Have That I need Help?
modeling websites (detroit)?
Is she pretty enough to go into acting?
Help with short play idea!!!?
Good excuses to get out of doing a school play?
how do i get my mom to let me audition for x factor?
Does this sound like an interesting plot for a musical?
Any chances of me becoming a pro actress?
Why is Theatre and Theater sometimes spelled differently?
where can i find thet text of a streetcar named desire in the websites?
Can you become a good actor without acting school?
Is there any good affordable acting school in Florida ?
Does any one know or have herd if the British actor Jeremy Breett (Sherlock Holmes) happened to be gay?
How Can I Audition for the part of Piper Mclean from the book The Lost Hero?
can i be an actress? im good at it but i dont have any kind of experience...?
Good comedic monologues for males that you know of?
Musical Theatre solos for males?
Who are the 3 characters in Sam Shepard's play "Four H club?"?
what is the theme of the Act III scene 2 when Antony gave the speech to the people about Caesar's death?
How to make downloads faster?
Are open castimg calls any good?
Has anyone ever done the play The Jabberwock? What is it about? I can't find any info on it!?
Where can I find a video of the Phantom of the Opera stage show?
I'm the lead in a play i need help!!!!!?
What's the different between Theatre and Film Studies?
Oedipus Rex, Electra, Medea play summary?
Should i call this agency or just wait?
What is the official website for the putnam county playhouse, Greencastle, IN?
Hiding a tat?
Id like to see your top 10 reasons to date an actor.?
Acting Schools in California?
What is the best techniques to use to memorize a monologue faster?
Dose anybody know the name of a One Act Play?
What are good theater groups in mumbai to learn acting?
Help please with play plot!!?
Were can My movie promo be on tv for free?
Was William Shakespeares 'Titus Andronicus' A Tragedy?
Why can't you use your phone/camera etc during theatre show thingys?
HOw should i play this character??
Trying to become a Voice Actor?
How can i make my portfolio for modeling?
So I Got Cast As A Cheerleader...?
Who wrote this play?
can you help suggest some plays for duet acting?
Macbeth act 4 scene 2?
Does Marsellus Wallace look like a *****?
Does anybody know any good agencies or places to audition for movies in N.C.?
In the story Romeo and Julite, who is Romeo's parents?
Why do u think people like going to plays?
Florence Lawrence?
How would you describe "energy" on stage?
Can you tell me some names of actors......?
who was the Hollywood Palace card-holder girl?
How does Brutus interpret the ghost of Caesar?
What will i need to get a Talent agent ?
How Can I Be Noticed Whille Acting?
Which headshot should I use?
How do I become an actress? ?
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof...?
Short Scripts, Help!?
i learned about the lady who gets you ready for the disney audition?
How can I get LES MIS cast listing from the recent PBS airing of 25th. Anniv. Concert?
Any links to examples on acting resumes? Any acting course that are good?
Quick Voice Warm-Ups, medicines/remedies?
What are your favorite musicals?
Taming of the Shrew Help?
how to become famous?
Where I get the comlete list of Indian Film Directors Ever.?
Question about "Harvey" by Mary Chase, Playwright?
Is hollywood auditions a scam?
Do you think Shakespear really wrote his plays, poems and sonnets are was it someone else?
Anyone a good voice actor?
How do you start a career in theater arts?
Should I try out for my school musical?
if there are movie stars on this site will you identify your self?
examples of broken communication in Shakespears The Tempest?
Can short people be models?
I really want to become an actress, but I'm not confident?
Would Emma Watson be a good actress for this role?
Do other theatre goers get irritated by this?
This Milwaukee native won academy awards twice for best actor ?
I don't want to act in this play anymore???
Convincing parents to take me to out of town audition?
Should Mel Smith be stopped from smoking whilst acting the part of Winston Churchill?
my agent has not sent me out on any auditions?
HELP!!! Any good teenage monologues or soliloques known??????
How to sell a T.V. show script?
Is Mel Gibson racist? In my opinion,"Is there a cow in Texas?" What's yours?
How should I do my stage makeup?
What list of reasons does Iago give for his villainy in the play Othello?
are sitcom shows somewhat live? or improv?
Is it hard to make it in the acting buisness?
What is the storyline of the musical "Chess"?
do you think i could make it on the big screen?
How do I get into more things with acting?
Do you like Highschool musical?
Looking foward to HAIRSPRAY the movie?
What play/musical is on top of your must-see list?
what are the forces that shape Macbeth from beginning of the play to the end?
Anyone else liked Fiddler on the Roof?
How do you know if your an actor?
wat u do if u being a Spiderman?
Does anybody know when theres going to be a musical in IL???
what can i do for going about acting lessons?
Preparation for Musical Tryouts?
I'm reciting a speech for a competition this Saturday! HELP?
Anyone know any Amateur Dramatics groups in Central or East London?
Would you hire me as a actor?
Looking for high school musical idea...?
Hugo Monologue ? **10 points**?
What is your favourite musical?
I need musical tryout help!?
Whice performers do you prefer,The one's who have taken acting lessons or the one's who havent.?
Interesting Theatre Techies, past and present?
To be, or not to be?
where are the auditions for the twilight saga breaking dawn?
who were the first personalities who itroduce movies in public?
How to be an actress when I grow up?
Can anyone think of some ideas for short, wordless scenes portraying different characters for auditon piece?
I need help with my accent?
stage setting that William Gibson suggests for his play The Miracle Worker?
clever phrases that begin with the letter c?
Acting uni's in the uk ?? =]?
Who's fault is it for Romeo and Juliet's death?
You playwrights, please explain in extremely simple lingo the term ARISTOTELLIC STRUCTURE in Play Writing?
If you had 3 wishes, what would You waste 2 of them on.?
we are looking for picutures that could be used for a tattoo of the comedy/drama faces?
I am writing a short play about finding the end of the rainbow, what should be there?
How can I get in touch with Stewart Aikins?
What ever happened to actor John Link Graney?
I want to act in big movies with directors such as Tim Burton! help!?
Please suggest me a good play???????
Have you ever written a play?
What is Blood Wedding about?
do you believe romeo and Juliet won or lost?
how can i become an actress?
I need a second female monologue?
Do you know of any good musicals?
Intense Arabic Music- URGENT!!!!?
where can i find full plays online that i can download?
Which musical is your favourite and why?
Got another Question for ya all?
Do you think i look good enough to become an ACTER, or am i to ugly?
what do we learn about lady macbeth in act two (Macbeth Shakespere)?
is it necessary to take acting classes to be an successfully actress?
What Should i Bring to a Extras Casting Call?
What's your favorite musical?
Never been to the theatre?
can i still audition in pbb teen audition?
who loves acting as much as me?
is hamlet a tragic hero???
Why does Macbeth lie to Banquo in act 2 scene 1 when he tells him he doesn't think of the witches?
Am I too old to just be starting an acting career?
What makes a good actess?
John Robert Powers School???
Americas Got Talent Help?
kissing scene?
What songs do Marian Paroo in music man?
In the musical The Music Man, what is Prof. Harold Hill's real name?
how can i become an actor?
How is the "voice" of the town developed in the play "Our Town"?
Help writing a funny commercial?
what is seamless film editing in films?
discuss the symbolism of thunder and lightning in Act 1 Scene 3 of Julius Caesar.?
whats a good song to take to a panto audition?
i need help with my choir final?
what musical instrument(s) do u play?
My son is getting famous?
URGENT! Romeo and Juliet characters Romeo and Tybalt help!?
EMERGENCY! Comedic Classical Female Monologue?
I want to become famous (:?
acting help?
Name the scaryest musical you ever seen?
how is the easiest way i can become famous?
im a professional ballet dancer and im 21 years old, can i become a good or pro fessional ballroom dancer ?
What plays/playwrights do you not have to pay royalties or get rights to do?
who is the best music director in india... people told that nowadays ARR... but i cant accept..?
If Shakespeare was still alive...?
Broadway offers,e-tickets problem?
How to play a villain?
how the american theatre experience led to a play like Tony Kushners Angels in America. Hisotorical precedent?
what skills do i need to be a lead?
look a like actresses?
How do I help a delusional friend that wants to become an actress?
What were the changes England went through in the Elizabethan Era?
hey!did any 1 have emma watson id?
Can anyone tell me a commercial audition agency in indianapolis, indiana for 11 year olds please?
What are some good legit acting/modeling agencies for teens?
Is $425.00 too much to pay for professional headshots (4-5 hours of shooting, 5 looks) in LA?
How can I become famous?
Has anyone heard or done the musical Man Of Steel?
Is there a website where I can find out about being an extra in films?
feel too old to be a teen actress?
What should i do??
Am I too old to start acting?
i really want to become an actress but i am only 13 so i want to practice. how can i create a script for fun?
Ideas for a 'promenade play'?
Fast way of learning a script?
When is disney channels next open call?
Did Tony Soprano have the FBI and other rival gangsters after him?
Good recipe for fake blood?
I'd like to know some things about the acting career?
How do i find out where the Premier for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is?
How is it attending CalArts?
Could you give me a play suggestion?
What is your favorite, or everyones fav. , play by Shakespeare?
Does anyone have any opinions on the Stella Adler Studio and the NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts?
Could I pas for 14?*PICTURES*?
Describing macbeth's character in scene 1 ?
Saying "Macbeth" onstage! What do you think of this superstition?
What is a good musical to see
Was Simon Cowell wearing a Stone Island jumper on Britains Got Talent Tonight?
Can a permanent resident card be used as an id such as using it to enter a theater?
If you could be one celebrity who would you be and why?
how am i going to become famous?
San Francisco talent agencies?
is natasha better than natalie?
How do tv actors memorize all of their lines?
should girls be allowed to audition for male roles?
Taming of the Shrew HELP?
need help with ninja project?
anybody know the play Julia caeser?
How long should a script for a one-hour show be?
audition advice?
I Want to be an actor and need tips:)?
What is the greatest musical you have seen live?
From these 20 plays, which is the most interesting or easiest read?
Who plays Tina in glee?????
What is Philosophy..........?
Macbeth Question?
How would you describe a 9 year old girl named Julia?
Looking for a script of "There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom"?
I wanna act...?
What is a way to get discovered without an agent?
Is this a good monologue?
what acting coach should i chose! alll my points please answer?
2 in one! Steel Magnolias and High School Musical?
Acting improv assignment?
Need help finding scenes for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival?
Script of play Carousel?
which romeo and juliet plays are most often preformed and why? which was the best production of the play?
How many bars are in the chorus of Fireflies by Owl City?
Do you suggest that I take the acting class tomarrow?
i want to become famous,im only 13 and do what ever it takes someone help me!?
How do you sing (or speak) from your diaphragm?
How to find acting agency that doesn't only do extra work?
Good script for my 11 year old daughter?
How do i get into comunity theater in Shrevepoort,Louisiana please help me?
What is a cool MySpace name for Annie?
Which musical do you like better, Hairspray or Rent?
Song suggestions for talent show?
Where Can I find a legitamite acting agent in Illinois?
how do you get into acting?
What Broadway Musical soundtracks would you recommend for capturing the essence of musical theater?
What are the elements of drama?
How many times a week does a running west end show rehearse?
Good ways to remember a speech by heart and not to get nervous?
Help with audition number?
Where can I find a drama script about the Immaculate Conception?
Why they dont make 70 Millimeters Movie Theaters ??
Is it possible to get discovered for a movie in everyday life?
found by a modeling agency online?
where can u audition in canada for a show?
Who won a shot at love with tila tequila 2?
what play was this, guy dies comes back to see the girl.?
What is your favorite play and what is it about?
How Do You Become Famous?
1 minute dramatic female monologues?
im looking for a specific script?