Help me please i need some asnwers about acting?
Security cameras in theatres?
How can regular people become famous that's here in missouri ? Just normal everyday people.?
Can i trust him? and what should i do ?
Falsetto for auditioning for a school musical?
any colleges which offer animation and dramatics to get into bollywood?
What is the play Laughter On The 23rd floor about?
how long should be for play be4 swx?
Acting/auditioning help?
TYBALT AND MERCUTIO!!! (romeo and juliet) ?
Do I include child acting credits on my beginner adult resume?
Acting or is it to late?
work experience at theatres?!?
do you have to be skinny to break into acting?
would you recommend "dance now" character shoes?
Casting Calls??? For Maximum ride?
ho do i become a successful person?
A good beginners acting workshop in LA?
HELP! I have an interview with IMAGES (st louis) TALENT AGENCY!!!!?
How do i become famous ? ?
What is the name of this song?
I want to become ever an Actress or Singer when im older...?
i need a film for the canterbury tales for Chaucer? Do u know any?
what musical would you suggest seeing?
i need info on ruthie henshall PLEASE?
what is the difference between english and irish comedy??
How do I support this 'Macbeth' essay?
Where can I find the sheet music to "To Be Free" from Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular?
Getting experience before getting an agent?
Who do you think is the best comedy actor?
I want to become an actress, but I don't live in a major city and i dont know how to get an agent, what should
How can you prevent shyness??
Has anyone seen the musical White Christmas in Seattle?
Does anyone know any good auditions for any TV shows.?
is this true about johnny depp?
how can i be a good film director?
how to become famous?
What school was The Breakfast Club filmed at?
Rags to riches/small town-big town type monologues?
To glee or not to glee?
why am i scared to audition?
whose heard of proscout?
Youth theatre clubs near westwickham?
i need a comedic duet for two females?
how to become a teen actress with no experience ?
Is this a good monologue, and how can I improve?
Becoming an american actress!?
contributions made to theatre during the french renaissance era?
Where can I find free melodrama scripts with 3-4 characters? I need this for my school project.?
list of films by imran hashmi?
How can we meet the Wicked cast at the Pantages?
Sir john Falstaffs Corporal in Shakespeares Henry 1V?
Does this audition seem legit?
Where can I find a REAL acting agent? Is ICM Partners real? How can I get into working with them?
does the n play on the regular nick channel?
How do I get involved in film acting?
What is the best way for a 50 year old man to find work as an actor?
Does any one know where on the internet you can listen to Shakespeare's play.?
How Can I Become Noticed and Get Possible Fame Through Music?
Macbeth Thesis help!!!!!!!?
how can i become an actress at 13?
im wondering if anyone knows this show?
Titanic: my own musical?
what is lady Macbeth role and character in' Macbeth'?
Does it help to be good-looking in acting?
I can't get the thane of riften!!!!!!?
has a tony award ever gone to two actors in the same musical?
I would like to become an actor but can't afford a drama school... Help?
Acting issues :[?
One Source Talent: Scam? I need answers asap!?
Pantomime help?
Improv senarios for two people?
Does Anyone Remember?
How can i become a actress?
broadway help?
what is the best graduate school for costume design?
do actresses doing nude scene really show their private parts to the actors and other crew?
How can you learn how to speak with a British accent without moving to England?
Could I put this as a special skill on my resume for acting? (your thoughts on it please)?
why are watching musical theatre in a theatrebetter than on the big screen? HELP?
Finding American Monologue for Audition!!?
how would i become an actress?
Did you see that Puccini's opera 'Madame Butterfly' might be racist?
Who is responsible for the success of musical theatre?
Which flute to buy Yamaha YFL 461H or Azumi 3000?
does anyone have tips on how to become an actor thanks?
What does it take to become a Singer?
What do I need to do to have a "Grease" play at my school?
If I put a household light bulb base in a century spot light what size and type of bulb should I use?
When/Where are the Clique Auditions?
What scenes in Romeo and Juliet show that Shakespeare had to change the play in order to fit an all men cast?
Are the plays An ideal Husband, and Ms.Warrens Professions considered British plays?
i'm an amazing actress, and i want to become famous! how do i get found?
Is there a possibility to get four tickets for Dasavaatharam tickets in Inox,Sathyam or Brindha Theatre please
How to become an Actress?
JYP entertainment audition question.?
As an actor, is it easy to put on a british accent fluently?
Tips for singing more clearly?
Acting career? What to do next?
When should HBO start casting for Game of Thrones Season 2, and how to Audition?
do you enjoy gospel songs from black people or white people?
Is there a theater boarding school?
what are the stage dimensions of the pit at the barbican theatre?
How can I be an actress?
Do anyone know how to contact BONNIE WRIGHT in any way ?
Is there a companion to peter pan?Or a script I can buy at a bookstore?
can someone help me find a good shakespearean duologue for two male characters.. can be tragedy/comedy?
Does anyone know of any prestents that a 12 year old would really want. In about the $200 price range please?
My friend made a movie, can i put it on my acting resume?
I want to go to The Juilliard School but..?
Omg im so excited! but i need help!!?
In the play "The Long, Short And The Tall" has the welsh character got a big part?
I have to write a play for english...?
please answer my question(teens only)?
Would you cut 10 years off your life to become famous?
I need more acting help?
Can a person be an author, a director and an actor? All at once?
malvolio's image is one of a puritan. is there evidence found in the play to prove this point?(shakespeare 12n
Actors are overpaid pretentious pillocks..?
help?? drama/acting???????????
How to become famous before next year?
How does a young girl go about getting an agent?
Becoming an actor / musician?
Where can I find cheap wizard tickets?
A rose by any other name is what?
how do i get rid of stage fright?
What are the different professionals employed at a theatre during Shakespeare's time?
What *easy* Broadway song should I sing for my play auditions?
Plays or Scripts????
West side story..characters?
What is the definition of very good acting?
how do i analysis banquo from macbeth?
How many Von Trapp children were there in the Sound of Music?
My brother did for a modleing agency and i did auditions for disney. They called and said he got the part.?
Where can I find Free piano Music notes?
In crimes of the heart which family member hung them selves?
I want to work in bollywood and t.v. show. i m a model.?
Ideas for talent show?
Stage name help!!!?
Which is a better name?
Teen girl Monolug, Acting?
how many national awards had mammootty got?
Young Arab actors(teens)?
1 song for audition in 2 weeks???
Does anyone know free acting classes in toronto ?
Can someone help me find a place in Michigan we're I can take acting classes?
what are some examples of man VS himself in terms of drama and literature?
What are some acting studio's or classe's in maryland?
Good song for musical audition?
Secret garden audition help!?
Can I be a actress is america?
how can i get my play produced?
Have you ever been to a acting audition?
How would I go about getting the rights to do a blues brothers school play?
which cinema actor getting highest salary in world and how much ?
Any disney channel auditions that you know about!!!?
A scene from a play that features only two actors?
Over Come Fear?
i want to be an actress and i dont know what to do!?
What's the difference between a slate and a demo?
Anyone know any names of scene guys and girls?
Does anyone know anything about Zach Tyler Eisen?
Does a Musical theater composer write the play and the music too?
I need help with my Romeo and Juliet assignment, can anyone help?
Biased Theatre Teacher, ugh...?
what did you do if you already broke up with your boyfriend and he wants to comes back to you but he is marrie
how could i speak with robert de niro?
Can a screenwriter play his/or her own character without any acting experience?
can i audition for Quil?
Are there any Predators in here?
Does anyone know any acting classes I can take? HELP!!?
Garys Playground $5000 for classes? ?
What do these playwrights try to subvert? please help?
can you audition for keyeast entertainment from the US?
What year does How To Succeed in Business take place?
these days how a female is also called actor where as it should be actress?
How to have fun at acting camp?
Who likes High School Musical?
Looking for a one act play that is very impactful, comedy or drama...?
Becoming an actress? Help?
Who has seen the musical play Wicked?
what is the names of egyptain moveis from 1970 in order?
We're can I find acting agencies in my city in Texas?
the three most prominent 19th century antecedents to the musical theatre form we know today were: ___,___,____
How do non smoking actors tolerate having to smoke for a film?
oedipus the king script?
ever seen blood brothers musical?
I wanna be an actor but I'd never be able to get naked on camera! Is that a problem?
Theatre in college!!!!?
My daughter wants to audition for a musical at school?
how did a character got effected by society in taming of the shrew?
help with Acting suggestions?
How do you find a good talent agent?
Performance HELP????????
Help with a monologue?
I got to do a speech to an audiance of 200. help!!!?
i'm doing a comedy monologue for a university-level pageant, any suggestions on pieces?
Can anyone give me any ideas on the following...........?
I still haven't told my mum...?
Background information for Helena from A Midsummer Night's Dream?
What was the first name of Mrs. Soames in "Our Town"?
Where can I buy the large rolls of paper like the Blue Man Group uses?
What's a good play to go see?
How to fake OCD? It's for my school play :)?
I am auditioning for the part of Ado Annie in Oklahoma. I've never done any school play or musical. Help?!?
What is the best Broadway play of all time?
I want to start my career in acting for disney.?
What ever happened to The Bay City Rollers?
Any good songs for a 14 year old to sing at play try-outs?
Wizard of Oz; The Stage Musical questions?
What is the appropriate business casual attire(for ladies) to wear for musical stage plays?
how can i get into acting in London?
i want an agent , any suggestions for an upcoming actor trynna make it?
What's the play (stage comedy) where the dad dreams the baby is just an eyeball when it's born?
How do I become a psychotherist?
how do i download movie high school musical 2?
10 Minute Long Bullying Script?
I need help finding a few monologues for an audition-important?
kennen wir uns von irgendwo means?
How to overcome stage fright?
Does anyone have advice for a teen who wants to be on Broadway?
Do you think this skit is funny?
I am a young inspiring teen actress but i need to be found first so were is a good website for casting calls?
How can you overcome stage fright?
What can I use to make a seaweed crown?
what is an asm/understudy?
What does a Broadway Show consist of?
Help on my acting resume?
i need help to find a good tv presenting course in london any ideas?
i just won $400,000, what should i spend it on?
Does anyone know anything about Robert Zemeckis ?
how to be a good actor?
Do you put school productions and student films on your resume?
Does anyone know some good acting and modeling agencies?
is it to old to try and begin acting at this age?
Barbizon acting and and modeling?
Show Choir Audition Song! HELP!?
Do any body have an idea?
Which seat is best in Lyceum theatre?
Where can I see high School Musical 3 free online?
What's your favorite acting line by Michael Fassbender? And why?
What the number #1 college for acting?
hey guys i really want to be an actress and being big someday. any tips for me?
Where in London is The Bill filmed? Is the building an actual building or is it a set?
what are some good chickflicks?
my daughter needs a placement for work experience in theatre or telivision not sure how to go about it?
Do you know some one Famous.?
What activities should does one do in a pretext rehearsal?
What are some good sondheim songs for altos?
Does anyone know of any cool short stories with just two female characters?
How can I be a movie actor?
Black comedy?
What are some good duets for two females from any Broadway musical?
I Need a Monologue!!!!!!!?
How do you use your skills as an actor in everyday life?
What should I do for my school's caberet night?
Headshot detail question?
What do you do if you have an audition but have no experience?
Don't fat people get a chance in theatre?
does anyone know this quote from 42nd street?
Concrete Angel Music Video?
What is your favourite Shakespeare play and why?
would Macbeth have killed anyone if he had never met the witches?
When shall we three meet again?
Can you use cowboy songs that are more than 60 years old?
The play "Our Town"?
Does anyone know any good Acting Agencies?
how hard is acting???
5 similiartys between romeo and juliet and A midsummer nights dream?
Could i become a model or actress ? Pictures inside?
Is My fair Lady an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew?
Tips on Bettering yourself in theatre and characterization?
how do i know when casting calls come to my city??
What's the difference between an actor and an actress?
Does anybody know of a reptable agent in new york or anywhere close to new york or pa?
When auditioning with monologue: Who do you look at?
What is the date when the play "As You Like It" was written?
can you tell me where i can buy the song "neon slime" from the movie "vice squad"?
musical characters names sydney?
Would you stand for it?
Beginner acting tips?
What do I say to this email?
is the cast that is playing at the nederland theatre mostly the same as the original cast?
Will you accept offer to enact as Sita for a Ramayana Show?
How can actors have "acting technique" classes?
what is slapstick acting?
I want to write a screenplay. Help?
does anyone know of a chat room for people who love musical theatre?
How to improve your acting?
how to see online ramlila in india?
What is the best technique for 'Papering the House' for a show?
Monologue Suggestions needed?
I need help choosing between two songs for an Audition!! PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!?
Are the SM Auditions in L.A. still Ongoing?
Best seats at lyric Theatre brissy?
Does anyone know of an Actress Audition for a T.V. show in Oklahoma for teens?
What would it take to be a voice actor?
Ideas for school talent show?
I want to become an actress, but my parents won't support me. Help? [I'm 13]?
Is anyone making a film on the life of the late Lenny Mclean?
I want to do any small or big job on bollywood?
"revenge is a dish best served cold" is from which Shakespeare play?
How do seemingly average people get into acting?
I wanna become an actress, what's a headshot?
How do you play muder mystery without tons and tons of scripts?
How to become a voice over talent?
Opinions on Mountview Academy Summer Acting Course ?
Does anyone know a good monologue to do with evil?
How much are looks involved in acting?
Where can I find old Russian morality plays?
What are the best acting colleges/universities around arizona/california/colorado? ?
Where can I find We Are Marshall script?
What are some broadsword play scenes for boy/girl?
Comedic Male Monologue?
Hansel and gretel?
How far away should a talent agency be?
I want to see Zach Efron in person and become his girlfriend and sing with him.?
Shakespeare: In how many Shakespeare plays is Pythagorus mentioned?
Anyone know a place that puts on summer plays?
What time do lines start for Mother Courage in Central Park?
What are some decent female roles in beauty and the beast?
Can a female part be played successfully by a male actor?
What are some good acting classes in Ohio?
I live in whittier califronia, is thier anywhere I can perform a drama scene?
how to get into being an extra with no previous experience?
Looking for a western-themed large cast high school play! Help again!?
I wanna become famous in 1 month?
What are the steps to becomming an actor?
Are you a cultural snob?
I need a short monologue from a play about losing or something of that theme?
can any one give me an address for famous film locations please?
A Musical That Teens Can Do?
Im 13, how long should I take acting classes?
What do you think makes a good actor/actress?
Drama audition monologue?
From High School Musical who is your fav charachter?
Where can I download Wicked the musical ringtones in the UK?
what tools do i need to become an actor for disney channel?
Living in scotland, how do i become an actress?:)?
A simple trap for a film I'm making?
for those HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL FANS!!! weird girl??
Are there any fetish dungeons in the hollywood area. Also are there any websites for that spot?
According to Aristotle, what is at the heart of theatre?
How can you become famous easily..?
how to get a ticket from the rehearsals from Metropolitan Opera?
Tarzan on Broadway full show?
What are some acting exercises?
Guess this musical?????
What play was Stanislavski working on when he died in 1938?
Actor's Access question?
RENT musical costume help?
What should I do to become more notice as an actor?
New moon movie auditions?
What would Sanford Meisner say about adding actions to a performance?
What was Erich Von Stroheim's religion?
How many tattoos does Kat Von D have?
Will I look strange going to the theatre by myself?
What's your favourite stage musical?
What would be a good song for Act 1 of Hamlet and Why?
Are their any good acting classes in Fresno, CA?
what is the major theme(s) of the play "Into the Woods"?
How can i become a famous actress?
what was william shakespeares most popular play?
Who is better- Miley Stuart or Hilary Duff?
For a film I have to pretend to drink?
Is Garth Williams Casting, LLC a scam?
how do i get a legal agent?
I need help with a stage name?
do you have to have a license to use a song in a musical?
How long does an actor career usually last for?
Page Parkes evaluation question?
A drama play/ production about the feelings of disabled children?
dont you just love the feeing that everything is going perfect?
How do i become an actress ?
Who was/is the best James Bond and why?
Juliet is practical and eager to act so that she and romeo can be together early in the play, Romeo is _______?
How to get into SAG as a union actress?
In Romeo and Juliet...?
Can someone help me with this advice column? Or anyone good at giving adivce?
Please Help!!!!?
14 year old actress wanting some advice?
Legally Blonde the Musical aired on Aussie TV?
I heard it is easier to pass the audition by JYPE, is it true?
Good funny video ideas?!?!?! (Appropriate please)?
Made an account on a website that gives casting calls and audition information?
Will my acne scaring effect my acting/modeling career. Professional advice is extremely welcomed.?
Im a witch and im 13 and scared???are there some schools or spellbooks that acting work????:-/ ?
Good monologues for a girl?
What is M.A.S.H they play about?
Am I acting immature?
What does it take to be a Actress?
What kind of song should I prepare for a Shakespeare audition?
Can anyone name plays or musicals from other countries?
Why would Elizabethan theatres stay open?
What is harder drama or comedy?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
what does the speech in question 3 mean?
Where can i write to Mel Gibson?
How many words did Shakespeare make up?
i am thinking of acting but i am afraid i will forget my lines?
How to control my stage fright?
What is the theme of Act 3 of the play Romeo and Juliet?
superjuniors heechul. did he audition when he was in college?
What is the name of the teacher who plays rugby in John Godber's "Up And Under"?
How to become an actor in northern virginia?
If J Pervis acting studio gives me a call back, what will I have to do once I'm there?
How to play fairytale of new york?
which couple you prefer!Pitt-Jolie or Pitt-Jenifer?
Where do you make your acting resume?
without background of amitabh anybody say that abhisek is hero...?
How was your first stage kiss?
Acting agent in Philly for 16 yr female?
Acting coaches/teachers /mentors? how to choose one?
What is your opinion of screen/stage names?
How to get famous?
Rodgers and Hammerstein songs?
Should I be a voice actress?
How do I get back into theatre?
"wicked" code broadway show?
for acting people always say . . . ..?
please give me some tips if u r actor , model...?
hi im joining the voice acting club on ng i need help making a demo?
How many acting productions and plays do I need to be in before I get an agent?
what is the best school in the united states?
Who is Better "Charlie Chaplin" or" Lawren and Hardley"?
does anyone know of any talent developers who help you before going to an agent?
I want to act but I have no parental support...?
how does the hell or lake of fire looks like? Do you have any existing video with sounds?
Acting help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i become famous?
Can anyone suggest a really funny one-act play?
I wanna be a singer or an actress can any1 help me?
how can i memorize lines for a skit fast and efficiently?
What are good agencies for child/tween actors in the Toronto area?
Good Audition songs?
What's your favorite movie ever??
Am I too old to become an actress?
I'm looking for a good monologue/prose piece?
Becoming an Actor at 29?
Who absolutely loves High School Musical?Who thinks Gabriella(Vannesa Anne Hudgens) is pretty?
Can I go into acting or try out for an audition without experience?
How can I become famous?
What are two famous lines from the play Macbeth?
What can I do to prepare for acting?
If i live on the east coast, can i still sign with agents who are on the west coast?
Where can I find the full play called: Promedy?
Good audition script for midsummer nights dream?
This question is for Actors, or anyone with experience in Stage Plays, Theatre?
what is the best monty python skit?
Where to advertise for actors (theater) Australia?
can anyone give me 10 examples of dramatic tragedies?
Online acting auditions?
Any tips on 13 the musical!!?
Any thoughts on this King Lear Question?
Where do i start, To start a acting career?
Where can I find an easy to understand online text version of Sophocle's Antigone play?
Is there any auditions for My Babysitter's a Vampire?
Disney channel auditions on the radio minnesota a scam?
how do i go about trying to make aconcept of this movie idea i have come to life?
How Do I translate this into Iambic Pentameter?
when a agent calls you what should you say?
Fake cigarettes?
When is disney channels next open call?
Need help , school musical?
Is the acting industry verry biased to colour?
Why do people dub movies, tv episodes or shows?
Anyone know about Macbeth?
Do You Think I'm Over Dramatic.?!?!?!?
please can anyone tell me who is this voice over / voice actor?
HEEEELLLP!!! can you name a few good high school plays?
Whats the best job and best hours to get as a 20 year old actor in the city?
romeo and juliet act III questions?
How does contact you?
Who was once considered for the original role of Dorithy in the Wizard of OZ?
Can you give me a list of cities to work in the casting field for TV/Film/Commercials?
I need help could a actor please read my question?
How to act like Sheila from Hair?
how do i become a actor..?
Would this be funny for 8th graders to do @ a school talent show! i need your opinion!?
In the new Sweeny Todd movie with Johnny Depp as Sweeny......?
Why are we doing your homework?
Is this a good way to try my hand at acting?
Acting course at University Neccessary?
Tyler perry plays and cast members?
Just need a bit of advice.....?
Question about audition shows?
i want to become an actress but im worried that i might be too shy, advice?
Music that would fit in the play The Importance of Being Earnest?
During national tours of musicals and plays, where do the actors live?
What Is This Play Called? ......?
Where do we go for donations for our movie?
I need an original n' unique stage name?
Is becoming an actor a hard job?
What is the best way to break into acting on the East Coast?
there's a university for people that want to become an actor or actress?
they say if u speak french spanish chinese u have a better chance of gettin on to d big screen. Is that true?
How do I get on Disney Channel?
I need a one minute monologue. classical. female. and not the famous scene from romeo and juliet.?
what happens in act 1 scene 5 of romeo and juliet?
Anybody know where I could go to audition for a role on Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis?
Where can I get the movie or any other video of the play of The School for scandal?
Would you go see my musical "British! British! British!"? It's a parody of all things British. Will you go?
what age did selena gomez audition for wizards of waverly place?
Write a character (including 3 character traits) for any character in "Twelfth Night". Explain How ...
What are some good girl songs to listen to?
Does anyone know where i can download the LSO's version of the song Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones??
Need a song for an audition!?
Are there any legit talent searches or agencies in NY?
how can i become a male porn star?
Acting agencies in california?
Is moving to LA to become an actor a Good Idea?
Nervous when playing the piano in front of people?
How do you fake a kiss?
acting or animals?
Difficult to phrase this without being insensitive, but is the Mexican / American actress Movita still alive?
how do i become famous ?
Which one plays their part better and why, actors or hypocrites?(politicians, lawyers, cheaters etc)?
Am I Spoiled (Please No Mean Comments)?
What is the context of Cressida's monologue in Act III, Scene II of Troilus and Cressida by Shakespeare?
What is the play stickfly about ?
want to be a filmstar!!! plz help me!!!?
if u were famus what will u do..?????????
What was name of actor who played role of father of late Sanjeev Kumar and Balraj Sahni in old film SANGHURSH?
Drama program monologue?
i wanna be actor but i can't be (i think)?
What is the title of stage in 2012 Rowan Atkinson will be playing in?
Words or phrases to describe Lady Macbeth?
how many lines does Soleil from the Audition by Don Zolidis have?
Drama play for like middle school?
What is a good japanese drama?
Is NYC worth going to for working in the Entertainment industry?
Do you have to go to college to be Director, Script Writer, Producer, or Actor?
Anyone know any good romantic plays that happened in 1800-1870?
How do I get auditions for Disney Channel?
How do i ask this guy out to the musical cats??
i make fun of fat people but my mom is obese.. is this right?
what do you think of Roseanne Barr?
Should I get a manager or agent?
Good website to learn about auditions?
Avenue Q or Wicked, which would you rather see?
im a 15 y/o boy, i do drama in school and would like to be an actor, whats the best sites to look for?
ur favourites?
does miley stuart have a brother?
name the movies in which Rveena Tonden dies?
How hard is it to become famous?
What is a musical theather song for 3 boys and 3 girls?
sm audition questions?
How many people out there have play mw3?
Monologues for 16 year old ? :) 10 points?
Would you go see a Greek Tragedy?
What do you think would make a good play.?
Can anyone suggest a fancy dress costume with the theme of "New York icons"? Struggling a bit at the moment!?
What's that play that goes "By, George, I think she's got it!"?
Instrumental/Karaoke for You've Got Possibilities from It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman?
Where to find good theatre Wigs in London?
What are Shylock's evil intentions?
I live in the detriot aera and does anyone know where I can find acting classes.?
H2$ help to find a monolige?
If I am an actor in a local theater group am I volunteering for a charity or participating in a hobby?
Why didn't Andrew Lloyd Webber use the same lyricist for Phantom: Love Never Dies?
I'm in the play Mame, I am Ralph Devine, a snobby, rich husband from conneticut. I don't have a snobby accent
what mementos could romeo and juliet give to each other?
Is it true that the term "break a leg"?
How to become more popular?
I want to audition for Little Women...?
Ages for Wicked the musical?
how do you get into acting like for movies/xtra work i would love to do that but dont live in c.a.?
Where is the best place to buy a music instrument?
How do you fake cry? I need some help with acting...?
I,want to act so Bad but where can i go tbats legit none scams but actually get Me help with acting?
Does anybody know any commericial scripts I could read for an audition?
Im Looking for a halarious monologue for an audition that is about 2 min.?
How do you get the rights to this musical?
Acting help please (Bye Bye Birdie)?
Why is shakespeare still studied today?
Does anyone know were to get a serious monologue??
What is a fresh idea for a simple and easy to make documentary?
:) im happy! just need a couple of tips not to be so nervous...?
how to prepare my throat for public speaking?
Ok. I've been looking for 3 hours and I still can't find the answer. PLEASE HELP!?
I thought I read that Robert de Niro died. Is that true?
give an account about Venice as in the play "The Merchant of Venice"?
Can some one tell me about the New York Acting Academy?
which classes madhuri dixit attended?
Have the rights to Avenue Q been realeased?
Acting interview tomorrow. Any tips for the interview?
Talent Agents?
How do you get auditions for feature films (etc) in the UK (especially around Nottingham)? Please help!?
how do i gain confidence?
help me think of a stage name please?
Can someone tell me when B.I. Squared Management will be in Memphis area again? I need to get my pictures.?
In macbeth, how difficult was the decision to kill duncan for macbeth?
Over 40 people auditioning, only 7 spaces. How can I stand out?
I need to know all about Costume design?
On what aspects of performance is an actress judged for an award?
The Scarlet Pimpernel?
Is it common for people doing a performing arts BTEC to go to drama school?
Has anyone ever heard of or attended ...?
Rec. for scary or weird woman's monologue?
I love acting.. How do I become famous???- Michelle?
How come highs chools arent fair wen it comes to audtions for plays and musicals?
what is there to see for snd class people on the titanic?
How to make myself look older for auditions?
I want to be an actor, but my parents...?
Do I have a good chance at getting a part in this play? (i need comments) kind of long?
Actors, Critics, and directors!!!! i need your Constructive Critisicm!11?
What's a good thing to write a play on?
Acting question?
Spirit week help please!?
how do you get rid of a 14 year old kid that picks on his brother?
what is an active workshop audition like?
Is 17 too old to be an actress?
Best way to learn how to play the piano. ?
who is the best actor shahid kapoor or saif ali khan?
What is a good funny monologue from musical theatre?
Any good ideas for a one act playwright on disabilities?
Where can a teenage girl audition for a play in northern Illinois?
What is this the "Art of Theater"?
what is your favorite musical?
how can i convince my mom to let me audition for a tv shows and movies??
What is a resume when acting?
What is a good Agent/Manager for free for a Teenage girl aged 15 (in London or uk?)?
I need help with finding myself a SAG stage name!?
if you were a crayon, what color and brand would you be?
why are people so in love with jonny depp?
The difference between "good" and "great"?
looking for a nativite play for 15 year old students in china?
"bad to the bone" theme talent show?
Will i be able to attend Hollywood High ?
Is VIP Modeling and talent agency legit?
What does a drama/theater major do in college?
Any good character acting books you could recommend?
How to get into acting?
Work Experience Theatre/Drama in Wales.. HELP!?
Best johnny depp films?
What are the differeces between....?
does anyone know any good sayings quotes from shakespeare?
Where can I find the sheet music to 'Till I Hear You Sing' from Love Never Dies?
How do you play slender?
Some Famous Broadway Producers?
what shakespeare play was the phrase "oh what tangled web we weave"?
i want to write songs for singers and producers... where do i go from here? do i get an agent... idk help!?
Anyone Interested in creating a new Musical?
Hows this little skit idea?
Are Lebanese good at acting?
What is the best filmmaking summer camp for teens?
Have any ideas for long plays?
Top 10 broadway songs?
Please help me - how do I cry?!!!!?
Is it too late now??
Who won a 1999 Oscar playing a role Kate Winslet turned down?
Who was a cowboy humorist who traveled the country telling jokes while using his lasso?
Is White Supremacy being taught in the classrooms of theatrical arts?
I Need Your Opinion!!!?
How can i make myself cry?
i need an audition song for grease!?
How do I build a rude prop for a play?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 15?
How likely I would get some assignments!?
Good Stage Combat Improv Ideas?
is there anyone in Binbrook Ontario Canada who knows when the sign up for the Little Theatre are? Thanks?
one act play project?
if im terrible is it possible to improve and get better?
Little Mermaid...Cheated again..?
anything i need to know?/?
In your opinion what would be potential problems with working at a theatre?
What was the worst play you ever saw?
why do entertainers exist? it seems to me that they have no purpose for taking up space in life.?
Im moving after I graduater in May to start an acting career. Wheres the best place to move?
i want to be a model?
i need acting advice?
Do performers legally change their given names to their stage names?
where should an aspiring actor volunteer?
Where is Edgar (from the play King Lear) when giving this monologue?
Does anyone know of any film/tv auditions going on in the north east anytime soon?
Some good acting agencies?
high school musical perverted?
Good female audition songs for RENT the musical?
i want to get rush tickets to see chicago in opens at 10 but what time do people start getting there?
I need help... any skit ideas?
I want to make a demo tape for acting but where Can I find a pro to do that in southern new England?
When is Les Miserables coming back to Chicago?
Where is the best school to take ONLINE courses for screenwriting? Anyone familiar with UCLA's reputation?
I have an Agency Question :)?
what site can i watch the other Boleyn Girl??
Where can I find 2 minute monologues?
What should i wear??
I need a picture?
What are some interesting topics, people, places, etc in Theater?
Who Is Cooler...........................?
How to get in to the acting world?
Can anyone advise me on a career in theatre?
Disney Channel Talent Auditions Help?!?
"the theatre" opens when did it open ?
Kristin Chenoweth singing "That's How You Know" from "Enchanted"?
Where or how can i learn to speak with a British accent?
What does this Macbeth quotation mean? Please helppp?
I'm Welsh(British) and long to be an actress, PLEASE HELP ME!?
Can someone please write a quick monologue about Taylor, The Latte Boy for me? YOUTUBE VIDEO OF ME SINGING IT!?
How to get information for auditioning for a particular role?
Does anyone like miley cyrus?!?!?!?
why had lady macbeth not committed the crime herself?
My son is interested in becoming an actor?
Looks to be an actress?
what is the fastest and easiest ways to become famous?
good audition songs for the musical annie?
Can you tell I'm acting in this video?
Was Shakespeare any good?
I am on my speech and acting team at school, and I really need a good D.D.A. script (Dramatic Duet Acting)?
What are some powerful and moving musical theatre solos for a teenage Baritone/Tenor?
how to audition for disney channel?
Should I take acting classes?
Acting agents for kids In Portland OR?
Help getting into acting?
Can someone give me a few Shakespeare acting tips?
Will stage school help me get an agent?
What is the name of the movie?
A twist on a classic story?
whats the best place to move in california for acting?
do you think i can become an actress? :(?
I am auditioning for Bye Bye Birdie at my school; any song suggestions?
Audition song for Little Red in Into The Woods?
Who is the person behind the eyes in my avatar??
Anyone know any good breathing exercises for actors?
So, my school is doing The Crucible this year?
Will acting like Haruko from flcl get people to like me more?
How can you refine yourself through acting?
Voice Acting? Where to start and what I need to know?
Welcome to Mollywood auditions?
Derive an expression for the force acting on a dipole placed in a nonuniform magnetic field.?
I need jokes for Commedia Dell'Arte?
Don't people say thank you any more?
Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Prologue?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe suitable for a 13 yr-old girl ?
Does anyone know the name of this musical?
Hey how do I not get nervous on stage?
acting agencies in tampa, florida?
Help I need ideas for a show?
I'm 13 years old and want to be a actor any ideas how?
anyone else seeing rent on sunday november 26?
Does anybody know of a short, comical play for 4-5 people?
How do i get a Acting agent ?
How does drama help you learn about yourself, and others? I just need some ideas.?
does anyone know condola rashad?
Looking for: songs for sopranos?
Do the site, real or is it a scam?
Hamlet is selfish throughout the play. What are some quotes or situations that shows that?
How many songs are there in high school musical? what are they called?
Do I have to pay to get into an acting agency?
Advice regarding a disappointment?
Are There Any Movies To Being Made In Chicago?
I am 15 going on 16. I want to be an actress Does anyone have an idea how i can get a jump start in my career?
I'm auditioning for The Drowsy Chaperone in The Drowsy and monologue???!!?
I'm a starting photographer creating my own portfolio, where can I find female models willing to work?
How to get acting jobs and what agencies are good for beginning actors.?
In Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 1 how are Tybalt and Benvolio similar?
How do I get into acting?
Acting, when is to young to start?! Tips and tricks?
i need a comedic monologue from a well known play. For women also!?
What do the plays Hamlet and The Cherry Orchard have in common?
someone know 1 adress where i can find something about indian stunts?
Is it always a good idea to put on a brave front?
In what play do they use the line "Strutting and Fretting an Hour"?
I'm doing a project on hairstyles in the 1900's (canada) for theater arts, any good website's or ideas?
In Macbeth does he bring up to his wife to bring up men children only?
Voice acting needed (male londonish accent)?
Will this damage my acting?
Anybody known theatres where I can see a ballet?
How do actors prepare before a movie?
Auditioning for the school play?
What song to sing for audition Musical Theatre?
Is there any good web-site which helps you sell your script?
Good stage names? For a boy?
Is jills casting agency a scam?
will my stretch marks keep me from my dream?
Limited view seats for Oliver in Theatre Royal Newcastle?
What are the top colleges in Texas for acting?
What's the best method for fake crying?
Shakespeare audition in 2 and 1/2 hours, kind of freaking out?
how do you get avatars face to express emotions...?
how do I go about selling a genuine signed photograph of Charlie Chaplin?
How can you get auditions for movies or shows, etc..?
When and where is the next nation wide disney casting call for 2012?
I want to get into acting but have no expierence! I am 15, female, live in connecticut?
Romeo and Juliet Ideas?
is it possible to be an actress if....?
"There are NO open casting call!"?
About acting; crying on cue?
Do I have to take acting classes or....?
I would like to go to the theatre, how long in advance should I buy my ticket ?
Upper seats at a concert?
Should i take acting classes?
What is your all time favorite movie? And what is a good quote from that movie?
Does anyone here go to the Spiral theatre group or Spats in Carshalton or Sutton?
Anyone know of any summer musical theare programs in the New Haven (CT) area?
what good websites can i go to do research on piano scores?
What are the best plays for this type of stage theatre?
Help with CV writing!!!! what does native mean?
how selective is the Groundlings begining class?
Where can I find a sewing pattern for the dreamcoat for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"?
What are some good audition songs for the part of Agnes Gooch in Mame?
Smalltown high school performing Rent, the musical?
can I start acting at 16?
Do vampirs exist? and where?
How much are looks involved in acting?
Who was the "better " actor? John Wayne, or William Holden?
Wicked the musical help?
HELP! How do i become an actress!?
what should I doooooo?
is it too late to learn how to play the piano? im 24 years old.?
My school is doing Beauty and the Beast next year and I'm trying out for Lumiere. How do I do a french accent?
i want to act in plays, should I.....(plz read whole question)?
can you make a cheer litting song??????
my dream is to become an actor. what is the 1st and best step for me to go to. help please. thank you?
Whats the name of this model? Link provided to fb page?
who won talent show Id do anything?
What have been Vannesa Anne Hudgen's lead roles?
How do I audition for a mermaid show?
should i put this on my acting resume?
Best acting agency in Nashville TN?
I have a nervous promblem in Band?
What are you doing now?
what are some good theater two women scenes from real plays?
Is hollywood auditions a scam?
i have to be bella from newmoon in a homemade movie any help on how to act and look?
were can i find good jobs for a teenager?
Barnum the Musical....does a plump Mezzo have a chance??
Unsilent Night and The Scene is Dead Tour ?
who won the oscar prize?
Why are the words written backwards on the wall in plays?
how can i become famous? *i am only 13?
Any chances I could ever become some kind of an actor?
what is the three main idea of romanticism and realism.(please help me)i can't find it..?
Becoming Jane supposed to out in theaters the 10th..??
is 19 too old to start acting?
what do you think about High School Musical?
Please! I really need your help!!!!!!?
Perusing acting... are looks everything?
Does anyone know the names of movies set in ancient greece? I need still shots from them?
any models or actors out there that can tell me what agency they got started in without having to pay ?
Could you get a killer monologue?
is there anyone looking for a young female actress around the plymouth area?
please help with hamlet act 2?
Romeo and Juliet Casting, Help?
Any good tips on acting?
I dream everyday that I will become an actress. Please help me accomplish my dream?
information on the play, all i really need to know i learned in kindergarten?
in the playWhat does death of a salesman show about the role of a person like willy in then society of today?
where did Taylor Lautner go to acting school?
How to do a convinceable chinese accent/acting?
Would Aristophanes have been a Democrat or a Republican?
Well this help in my confidence for my first day of acting school?
is this WEIRD?
Would Shakespeare be as famous if he were born today?
What is your opinion of "Method Acting"?
Would Do You Hear The People Sing from Les Miserables be a good audition song?
Does anyone know the story behind the Balinese dance performed at their courts? I know its called Gambuh.?
If you want to become an actress, how do you get an agent?
What makes a good song performance?
Do movie stars have ?
why does mr capulet order that romeo be allowed to stay at the party in act1 of romeo and juielette?
Having a career and still pursuing acting?
Whose acting is much good vidya or Kangna?
I need tickets to a Hannah Montana concert....?
dreamgirls "one night only"?
what do you call the opening piece of music at a concert?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe suitable for a 13 yr-old girl ?
who said, speak only good of dead, joan is dead~~~~~~~~~~~~GOOD.?
What are some good memorizing tips? I have to memorize a verse for a church thing but I need some good tips!?
in shakespeare's tragedy play, Othello, what is cassio's attitude to othello in scene one of the second act?
What's a good way to memorize lines for a play?
How can i become a actress?
Submitting headshot/resume/stats?
Can anyone list of reputable legit talent agencies in new york?
Disney casting calls a scam or not?
Open Casting Calls For Teen girls?
To Get a Talent Agent for acting you they have to live by you?
What's your favourite Shakespeare play and why?
I'd like to expand my (slow) acting carrer. I'd like to do commercials, but don't know where to turn. i'm 13.
Wht would be a good production for my school and I to do next year?
It's stopping me from achieving my dream, what can I do?
who is pinochio?
Ideas for a play?????????
How do you cry on stage? Please help me!?
Is it neccesary to put my weight on my resume, or can I put it like, Build: thin/ lean?
modern play of romeo and juliet???
Where can I find the libretto for Once Upon a Mattress?
Good tips on writing a story?
please help?? (easy 10 points!)?
POLL: What's your favorite musical, favorite song in it, and why?
for a few dollars more 1965 - as Remake "yes or no"?
What are some good acting exercises?
How to get out of a seeing a Broadway play without seeming close-minded?
How breath can help to portray a character and how you use it in drama?
Does anyone know any good musical theatre songs for a mezzo soprano?
When you are requested to sing x bars of song...?
How can you get a Big Acting Agent such As C.E.S.D etc. Resume inside?
A website where I can purchase Playbills?
Maximum Talent Agency?
does any body live in enterprise ms?
How to find a acting agent? Then what to do once I find him/her?
Please Help! 'The Walking Dead' Monolouge! ?
i saw a unicorn with two horns?
Has anyone seen, "The Woman In Black" in the theatre in London?
I can only write, any other work is depressing. Does anyone else have this problem?
I am looking for information on Zane Cronje?
What are some good memorizing tips? I have to memorize a verse for a church thing but I need some good tips!?
Where can you get cheap Broadway tickets?
aHow many hours a day do you have to be tutored on set as a minor in ny?
Character Traits for Romeo and Juliet?
Help with audition song?
Why are musicals so gay?
How did they do it in Y tu Mama Tambien?
Who are the casting directors for teen wolf season 3?
NYC director I'm so sorry just want to act Please help?
Who invented theater?
the taming of the shrew what has happened to lucentio by observing this scene?
do you need to have american accent to be an hollywood actor?
If you were to be an actor/actress, which part of a play would like to perform?
need help writting script?
Help me people!!!?
funny definition of acting style?
The sky is exploding?
What theatre will show breaking dawn in odessa texas?
Does anyone live in wentzville missouri that is into acting around the age of 12?
Dramatic or Comedic Monologue for a teenage girl.?
In case a web site is available for Amitha Bachan, kindly furnish details-?
To aspiring actors out there...?
Should I go to college in or out of state?
HELP! Advice for Commercial Print Modeling/ Acting for teens!?
What is the best Stage Show ever?
has anyone ever seen or heard of the play "Bury the Dead" and if so, what happens at the end?
What contact infomation do I put on my acting resume?
What is the best way to memorize lines quickly?
Acting school questions?
Whats Your Fav. Musical on BRDWY?
Will this keep me from becoming an actress?
Question on costume for single Mom character?
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
A question about an old B&W Movie?
How can you prevent stage fright?!?
what are the benefits of joining AFTRA? should I join ?
What is an theatre example of black comedy?
how to act in love on stage?
Identify examples of humour, intrigue, conflict, tragedy in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
How do you catch bway acters? Get their autographs and take pictures???
Is the "Scottish play" superstition pointless?
kamal hassan's hindi films?
What are some good musicals with large casts that can be put on by children?
What acting agency should I audition for?
Forensics script! majorrr help!?
melodrama and soap opera?
Do I sound like a good candidate to be an actor?
How do you find auditions for movies and commercials?
My girlfriend doesn't like The Wizard of OZ. Do you think she will enjoy Wicked?
i want to become an actress?
What should I sing for my Les Miserables audition?
Who will you be cheering for in the Britains Got Talent final tonight?
Why do girls play the part of angels in nativity plays?
How do you become a voice actress?
what is the benefit of instant dramas?PLease answer.?
poverty and illiteracy cause violence and insecurity?
Need help choosing/finding an audition song!?
Have you ever seen The Monologues?
hi, im about 13 and i really want to be an actress. but i dont know how to become one! can you help me? please?
What's a good monologue about something Beginning from a play?
how to become famous?
to persuade my audience?
who can provide grant for assisting indian drama performing group?
Looking for Particular monologue?
where should i go for acting in cheshire?
how do i act for a beauty pagent?
Using an accent in an audition?
What are some very well known acting and modeling agencies?
Please suggest me diff. situations,so i can improve my acting skills.?
Need Help Plz. Pixie Hollow?
Vaudeville term?
New Joseph?
selena gomez or miley cyrus?
What solo musical piece should I do for competitions this year?
which is one is better, to seat in a theater ORCHESTRA SEATING, BOX SEATING, BALCONY SEATING?
minoring in theatre. what to expect?
How can I become an actress?
dose hanschen and ernst really kiss on stage?
What is the difference between magic and miracle?
i have an audition for a theatre play coming up...?
What does the word "fagazzi" mean? (from the movie "Johnny Brazzo")?
how do u get started acting?
Can someone help me with shakespeare?
I need tips on acting improvisation for an audition this week. Can you help?