My friend sometimes falls in love with pretty looking models and background actresses or actresses on set?
What should I do for my puppet show (clothes/play/music)? Please help?
why are people so in love with jonny depp?
Wizard of Oz, audition help needed?
Example of role-play?
Anyone know of good film scenes to use for a screen acting workshop?
where can i find an agent as i am an aspirin actress livin in the west midlands area of england?
Where can I see King Lear performed in England (pref. the north) this winter?
What do you think of Roger Moore?
How can i find casting or audition information about disney channel?
How to up the stakes in my screenplay?
How can you tell if you're a good actor?
I need to know a few good songs that can be sung at a middle school talent show. Do You know any?
What song should I audition with for the play?
quick question for my btec drama....please help!!!?
elisabeth smith model agencie how long till reply?
What is (in your opinion) the best college to major in theatrical arts?
Do I sound like the type of person for an acting job?
Harry Potter pantomime?
who saw da broadway show tarzan is it good?
Where are the next x-factor auditions, and when?
Romeo and Juliet?
Do Seaweed and Penny kiss in Hairspray (The musical)?
do you have any tips about acting! I need help!?
Are there any open auditions in the UK in 2009 for films?
Have you ever applauded enthusiastically at the wrong time, while at the theater ?
Is 'No One Mourns the Wicked' about Glinda too?
what 3 important roles an estuary plays?
how could i weep in a few seconds?
I want to become an actress?
Answer my question?
No one believes that I'm a real super hero.?
Do I have what it takes to be an actress??
"Irrepressible Sister Miriam" by Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero?
# of Stage Acting jobs in the US?
If a 16 year old wanted to be a actor what should he/she do first?
Skin for bebo :)?
How can I have an emotionless face?
Audition for Seussical?
Where can I start acting/modelling without any previous experiences before?
Is Atlanta a good location to begin an acting career for children?
Can I become a male model?
Was this good acting by me?
I asked what to do if it rained at the open air Opera in Verona.?
Ballet shoes with emma watson midsummer nights dream?
How can i become a famous Actress?
I want to get into acting!?
Am I off to a good start on becoming an actor?
Romeo and Juliet?
how to get into the acting industry in bollywood?
What would be a good monologue to audition for Secret Garden with?
where was deep throat filmed?
Does anybody know fun facts about The Wizard of Oz?
What should I do for skit night?
The monologue Joy (Anna maria perez de tagle) Does for her audition in the movie fame?
What should I say to Sarah tomorow?
Macbeth questions please help?
How much experience should you have to get an agent?
Do I need a license to audition for movies?
how much do small actors get paid?
how can i get famous/noticed living in a small town where nobody beleives in me?
Acting classes near Cumming, Georgia?
Where can I find a 3 minute monologue for a screen actress?
Most scary horror films rated PG-13?
where did Agong originate and what is its significance to the culure of the people who made and used it?
I wonder for how many young girls stars as porn actress! What lead you to do it? Money? Fame? Sex?
was this actress too old to be cast in this romantic scene with a 14yo boy?
I hate the band director help! kinda long?
Which Name Sounds Better As A Stage Name?
Any advice for people who are interested in taking up acting?
Anyone know what the timeframe for a callback on the X Factor USA online auditions would be? ?
Is it appropriate to give an agency more than one head shot?
Need help with a drug skit?
what are some good monologues for teens auditioning for an agent?
Which song do you like better, "She's In Love With the Boy" or "American Girl''?
Rocky horror picture show long beach?
who is the greatest actor of all time and why?
How do you become famous?
Will my navel piercing limit my opportunities as an aspiring actress?
acting college in america?
Alternative to bare feet on stage?
How can I get started on Broadway?
Why don't school plays count when auditioning for an agent?
How to get into show business? Please read?
Theatre Attendee - Word?
How do you become an actress[16,I'm gonna be 17 in Nov] (10 Points)?
Can someone suggest a good audition monologue?
oprah winfrey e-mail address?
i need something show that we live in ms in 1982?
what is the substance of hamlet's unfavorable comparison of himself to the players?
Found a couple of plays I like, how do I choose a monologue from them?
What is dramatic irony ?
Should Ian Brady play the part of Ed Gein in Andrew Lloyd Webber's upcoming musical 'Ed'?
Where can I get a full "karaoke cd" of "The Music Man" to use in a performance?
What is the best way of attempting to become an actress?
can you please tell me some websites that have the best games?
How do you do a New York accent?
What are some acting collages?
Help! What should I do in this situation with my boyfriend?
What are the BEST MUSICALS? (Please explain what each is about!)?
romeo and juliet?
short blackout sketch?
what do you call a person who works backstage?
I'm Writing A Short Play...?
Which Colleges/Universities have the best Undergraduate Acting Programs?
Indiana Jones Part 4??????
Need help finding a monologue?
How can I become an actress without paying a lot?
Which seat bis better in Apollo Victoria Theatre?
What are some advantages to using an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight (ERS)?
What does it cost to go to some acting classes and stuffs?
Help with monologue..?
Where can I find sceenplays, film scripts online?
Where is the best place to find clips from movies?
My dream is to become a Bollywood actress?
i want to become an actress in singapore. can u temme how can i go for it?
When will people find out if they made it or not in the Glee auditions?
Are their any good acting agencies in Alberta?
Top agencies in NY!!!?
Lady bites dog- Will you buy a ticket?
Shakespeare Monologue?
13 and want to start acting,modeling,or singing?
I need two audition monologues ?
are there any auditions for kids ages 9 to 13?
help needed plss?
can a short person become a famous enough actor?
Can anybody tell me the name of a site where I can get short funny plays or skits?
In the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, how do you play an A below the G string with a toy violin ?
Musical Theatre Audition Song?
schools of dramatic art in london?
stars of the movie-Tuskeegee airmen?
I am a beginner in musical theater, do you have any helpful tips?
Can Someone Answer my Question?
Am I the only one who thinks the melody to "I dreamed a dream" sound very hopeful and encouraging?
What is the funniest play you can think of?
Pretending to be a mermaid for children's event, help please!!?
What is a good dramatic scene for a male and female?
Is there anywhere where I can watch Orphan without needing to download or pay for it?
In Romeo and Juliet, what is Friar Lawrence's views on nature, life and love?
What are some good ways to memorize lines?
Should i see Evil dead : The Musical?
Any tips on auditioning for a show?
Proper way to Respond to a Casting Call via email (as an actor)?
I just saw Les Miserables ( in S.F. ) for the first time. Did others enjoy this play?
Does this 23yo actress look young enough to get a movie role as a 14yo girl?
Rocky Horror Picture Show?
ACTORS PLEASE HELP! Is acting a realistic career for me?
My gf is kissing another guy for a play she's in, how do I deal with this?
Audition music for Alto/Mezzo?
Becoming an actress?
6 yr. old wants to be an actress. Where do I start?
Looking for a scene similar to the scene in 17 again where his daughter attacks him in the bedroom?
How can I fur/skin my inverted dog leg stilts?
Who is better at acting?
Im a little (kinda) famous here!!! HELP!!!?
i want to know more about the Godfather of Soul James Brown. Is he still alive and playing music? Bittersweets
Any information on Tomas Agency?
I need help with my script!?
does anyone have a 1 minute comedy monoluge?
want to advertise a product,please help me out!!?
what is the best way to find serious buyers for my collection of 1960s and 1970s theatre programmes?
Anyone hear of actnow in sherman oaks,ca?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!! with my monologue!!!!?
tips for memorizing lines?
instrumental music for short films?
Into the woods play most popular song?
Is it hard to learn to play the harp?
Does anyone have a monologue for 2 girls?
How do you make a casting call on a small budget?
What can I do to prepare for acting?
who was born in st mickaels in barbados and what is like there?
Did anyone watch High School Musical 2?
Need a good play for a group of girls?
I have some acting questions?
auditions for high school musical 3?
Need Help W/ Research!!?
Can I get a lsit of Acting Auditions for Atlanta?
Casting Call help please!!?
How can i act angry on stage?
What is the proper term for a female actor?
What would you do?!?!?
As a director, what personality traits would you emphasize for "your" character to make the audience have a..?
lorraine from all shook up?
What sex scene did.....?
In an Absolute sense, what is the Protagonist's aim and purpose in Drama?
About actors Equity and Do i need public liabilites insurance if...?
How do I pursue my acting career successfully?
Should I add extra work I've done in films on my resume (when I was an extra)?
Should i audition for the hunger games movie?
Partner text/play for Othello?
Where can I get a bus stop theatre prop?
I need an example of a resume?
Where's a good place to get off Broadway show tickets the day of the show in nyc?
Good audition song for Miss Hannigan?
About how many Broadway Musicals or Shows play on a typical night?
corbin blue?
kids given vulgar lines in movies?
What are some theatre games?
what is mel gibson`email?
"Brake a Leg..."?
America's got talent 2012 auditions?
What is your favourite musical?
In musical movies do they just stand there and lip sync?
what to throw on stage?
Is there a kissing scene in You Can't Take it With You?
Please, please help me :(?
Where can I buy the Spring Awakening LIVE recording?
I need a title for a musical I wrote?
any one know about th new moon auditions?
Theatre Play Suggestions?
Is there an thing for theatre?
Tough, Athletic guy names?
Does anyone know who Jason Dolley is?
What are some good audition songs?
Auditions For Acting!!!!?
Whats a good monologue for teenage boys before 1975?
Im working in a skit with the biggest nerd in my school and i cant cut her from it what do i do to cope ?
the play at school?
Which should I pick as my stage name?
What's a good Maximum Ride monologue?
How can i become a sucessful model?
How does Estragon and Vladamir feel about waiting for Godot?
do u have to go to drama school to be an actress?
How do casting calls work?
What's the biggest role in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
How can I make Oscars?
Is it possible to learn how to act with no previous talent?
Where are some good sites to find out about open auditions in the UK?
Where can I get acting experience, UK, midlands?
Wanna play a Theatre Arts game?
Macbeth help x homework x ?
cuidado con el angel last part drama does marichuy go back to juan miguel!!!!!?
What are some previous epic theatre productions?
I m 19 years young Boy and I want to Become An Actor So,How Can I become An Actor?
How do I handle a wardrobe malfuntion on stage?
What are steps to becoming a well known actor?
How do I get an acting agent interested in me? I would love to act but don't know how to start.?
Am I too old to pursue an acting career?
Ideas for an emotional scene in a video?
Acting/Modeling in Baton Rouge?
What's a good, real, legit talent agency in Houston?
Difference between single acting and double acting cylinder ?
does anyone know a nice play that could be played in school !?
I was just cast as Claire Holmes in the Secret Garden MUSICAL. What is my part? Lol?
Adult acting classes for a beginner in Dublin?
How's this for a monolouge for my musical theatre college audition?
I want to be an actor (im 12)?
I'm soooooooo excited!?
do you have any ideas !!? 10 points for best answer !?
could i be a model/actress?
What should I do??????
How to become a famos actor but with no acting experience?
Why is it so hard to become famous?
Avenue Productions - Scam or the real deal?
do you think the love of romeo and juliet is for real?why or why not?
Where does broadway take place exactly? ?
Fancy dress/costume party?
I need help with memorizing?
Does anyone know who Freddie is in Bye Bye Birdie?
Does anyone know of any films that are going to be shot in or near Detroit, Michigan?
I want to be an actress..?
I consider Citizen Kane the great American movie of the 20th century. What other movies . . .?
is Wicked a good musical for the whole family ?
How to find out what movie's filming by the filming sign?
What is a good musical to try ot for?
Karaoke version of songs?
People are making fun of who I want to be when I grow up?
Songs for a 14 year old Soprano to Audition with!:)?
Does a script mean information or a play script?
Fiddler on the Roof, King and I, or Pirates of Penzance?
Are these quotes from Macbeth examples of imagery?
Acting Schools?????Austin, TX?
What are some activities that drama club does?
How to represent explosions in a school play?
Anyone read The Crucible?
Your faviorite Gilbert & Sullivan?
How to become an Actress?
I have an Agency Question :)?
I need to get a hold of Kendra Kassebaum - perferably e-mail! Anyone - help???
cen some one help me?
what is Quintilian's method of acting?
How to Become a Pharmacis?
How should i get a modelling job?
I'm 13...can I play the Artful Dodger in Oliver?
I am writing a duo for my acting class and need a evil female name!?
Can you guys type me some acting lines to practice?
Acting! is it to late?
Anne Frank play script?
a couple of questions from the musical"RENT"?
IS there any websites that you can type in a song and it will play it for you??
This is about acting?
Bachelor of Fine Arts audition...?
Anyone know where I can download AVPM (A Very Potter Musical)?
What is literally the best acting coach in Dallas, TX?
How can I make myself cry?
how do i get a licence for the grease production?
Northern Ohio Costume rental for theater?
How to get an acting agent?
Please share your ideas?
100th performance Far and Far Far 18th Aug 1891?
Tred from um neil koprtas?
Where can I find acting auditions in ALABAMA?
I want to become an actress on Disney Channel. Do you think I should go for an audition?
Just wondering how many of you are WICKED fans???
Does anyone have a good recipe for fake blood?
Is it possible for an actor/actress to never become famous?
what are the types of movies or soap opera?
How do I do my hair? I'm performing in wicked!?
I am 15 years old and want to be an actor when im older... Also...(see more for details of multiple questions)
Who wrote shakespeare's plays?
How can Actors not fall in love with their co-stars/scene partners?
Humorous ensemble for two high school girls?
What kind of activities would a student do in a college Theatre Appreciation class?
Need Help? Who Knows A Lot About Theatre?
which is better?
How can I become an actor?
Is it okay if a casting agency to charge money for auditions to get into that agency?
How long does an entertainment act last?
How do I get an agent?
how does fast food stanislavski help you as an actor?
What is a good song to audition with for the musical "Sunday in the Park with George"?
Contemporary play: drama/tragedy, themes of terminal illness and interpersonal conflicts?
how can i become an actor?
I am very dedicated to be an actor. Help. questionss?
what do casting directors do?
How much dancing does Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie have to do?
How would you describe Gertrude in Hamlet's movie?
Auditioning sick??
How do y'all feel about that movie with ciara in it called "All You Got"?
how can i get my favorite musical to be on stage?
Can someone help me with a movie monologue?
Renaissance/Medieval Drama-Dreams and Metaphors?
What does Jerzy Grotowski mean when he uses the word "organic"???
When did entertainment awards (oscar, emmy, etc.) become political statements rather than awards for talent?
Worries about my acting career?
Do you know of any sites where I can find full scripts of a play titled "As Is: a Play" by William M. Hoffman?
what is a good gift to give to a actor on opening night?
Can anyone help me with my Cats the musical audition?
Do you know of any plays or movies that lack a single protagonist but have a group or family that serves as?
How do I Audition for Disney Channel?
How appropriate is the Broadway show Mamma Mia for pre-teen girls?
Does anyone know who the characters in Godspell are?
What college in newyork city is famous for acting?
Community THEATERS in Los Angeles?
I'm looking for a short christmas play for children?
can you set up an appointment with a talent agency just yourself?
What are you supose to do inorder to get into Screen Actors Guild?
Barbizon Acting audition experience?
The Perfect Monologues?
Backstage and Actorfest?
Wicked in Dallas?
Ways to get over Nervousness?
How to get an acting agent?
5 minute short film ideas?
Who is the actor in the Stride Gum Commercials?
Where can I get a copy of ross report to find legit acting agencies an agents?
What are some good acting exercises?
how can i become a teen actress?
i need a sarcastic/funny monolog?
what is the monologue from Ballet Shoes?
Looking for legit talent Agency?
Is an agent required for an actor to be in a broadway show.?
Romeo & Juliet Act 4 [2 QUESTIONS]?
In a couple of weeks i am starting acting classes?
How do I see Titicut Follies?
why don't you like acting in movies?
Idina Menzel's pronunciation?
Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 question??
PLease i want to fulfill my dream.......?
Not acting to my full abilities?
what to do if you want to be a set decorator and still in high school?
can i talk to a director, producer, or writer about a character?
Getting into the acting world?
Can I be A Good pORN aCTOR?
i wanna become an actress help!!!!!!?
Is Bring It On the musical touring?
I have wanted to become an actress every since I can remember. How can I make my dream come true?
where can I meet casting directors in london, drinking?
Is it wierd that I like this?
Does anyone know about any auditions that wil be held for someone the age of a young girl.?
What are the greatest musicals of all time?
How To Prepare For Julliard Drama Audition?
Where can you buy cheap theater tickets for the Lion King at the Lyceum in London?
Are there competitions where u enter ur script for a play or musical?
how long to find acting agent!?
I need awesome songs!!?
Could Someone Name Some Important MacBeth Locations?
Milcha Sanchez-Scott?
what did secretaries wear during the medieval times? Please help me my daughter is doing a play!?
Can someone name me a 20th century play?
My favorite musicals are Avenue Q and Rent, based on that, do you know of any other musicals I'd really like?
Do i have an accent? help?
Success in television and movies is marked as glorious and glamorous. What does this say about the business?
How do I get an agent for acting?
what do you call the words in brackets in the script?
Hey does anyone have the Sheet music (on piano) for "Romeo and Juliet" by The Killers?
where can i find free hindi play scripts in pdf ?
I need help British accent.?
I feel very sleepy ?what i can do now?
Where can I find a reliable Nickelodean and Disney Channel Audition?
Talent agencies plz?
Advice for a young actor?
Ok I'm trying out for a play whats an easy song I could sing for auditions?
meaning of the word "bubulah (Hungarian?)?
Where can I get the documentary by Eric Steel named The Bridge about The Golden Gate Bridge Suicide?
What was the usual meaning of the medieval theatre ?
What is this skill called?
I Really Want to Become an Actress But I Can't GO to Acting School help 10 PTs?
I Didn't Make the School Play :( 10 points?
What's your favourite musical?
How do actors learn their lines?
How can i become a good actor , and make it to Hollywood?
Who do you think is/was the greatest actor of all time and why do you admire that person's acting?
What's a great two person scene?
Crucible question; how did Elizabeth proctor get out of imprisonment?
Where to audition for a play?
What are 16 bars in Every Story is a Love Story in Aida?
In Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf, why is George angry at Martha for revealing that they have a son?
can you get movie quality disguises in the southeast?
Names for script?
acting manager?
I need help? Try and make me cry?
Why is theater important to society?
Help writing a funny commercial?
Can anyone suggest a fancy dress costume with the theme of "New York icons"? Struggling a bit at the moment!?
good role for fancy dress, competition age 6 yrs girl,?
I need a scene for two men and one woman?
How can I help my sister get over stage fright?
Comedy Group.... Tell us what you think?
I am 15 going on 16. I want to be an actress Does anyone have an idea how i can get a jump start in my career?
Audition today for Disney Channel!!?
I want to become famous?
new way to stage the prologue in Romeo and Juliet?
Who loves trhe play "WICKED" and "RENT"???????
i am sonia frm jaipur . i wana be an actress but i have no reference. tell me place where f.actress is needed
A Famous Short Speech please?
Is the musical "Cats" good?
hi i am a singer and i write my own songs what should i write this song about?
Help on video?
How can I get further in my acting career?
Do movie extras get paid? And if they do generally how much?
In drama i need to do a monologue from a book not a film , a book can somebody help me find a great one?
Want to attend an open audition for a feature film?
A National Youth Theatre Audition?
How do i start an acting career when im only 13?
Bollywood Actress?
Do you have to be pretty to be on Disney channel?
SM Entertainment auditions?
modeling sites for 13 year olds?
Whats the plot of the importance of being earnest?
where can i try out for auditions to the fast and the furious 4 london pursuit?
How to do an Improv?
Names that are similar/ like Romeo and Juliet?
what are the things still happens right now and not in the story of thisbe and pyramus?
My parents don't support my decision to be an actress (long story)?
Shakespeare's Plays?
Oklahoma, Laurey help?
What would Capulet say about the death of Juliet?
I need a monologue for the play all shook up for the part of natalie!?
How Can I Gain Popularity To My YouTube Channel?
Im 13 years old and i want to be in a YG entertainment?
Please help! Im not sure...?
Does anyone know any cattle call auditions that are happening this year for absolutely anything?
Questions on a drama monolouge? please help!?
Do you think it's wrong that they used white people to play black people in the WTC movie?
Best Living Actor??
How many actors here can cry on command?
Fiddler On The Roof audition....?
I am rapunzel in into the woods?
what you have burlesque?
I need help for the audtion?
What is your favorite play by william shakespeare?
"A Christmas Carol" audition help, please?
In the original Broadway version of a chorus line, was What I Did For Love belted?
I have been looking into acting/singing lately,and I just don't know what Agencies to trust . Help ?
Wow !! Just saw "Wicked" in London !!!?
How can i be cooler in school?
costume for a part...?
Critical and public reaction to the crucible and other miller plays?
Is Tim Curry still playing King Arthur in the Spamalot musical in London?
If you know a lot about theatre and acting this is the question for you!?
What experience should I have & how much should I have if I want to be an actress?
How do you make youself cry?
Disney Channel Auditions?
I need a 7-10 min Dramatic Interpretation piece.?
Wording for "Good Job/Congrats" Card? Need help ASAP!?
Are there any good acting/stage schools in South Wales? Please answer :)?
equestrian skill movie auditions?
Please Help! URGENT~?
Does anybody know how to change the settings on pages or word so that it will work on a 8"x10" sheet of paper?
i would like to know which universities offered phd programme in theatre...?
What are good names for an a cappella group?
How can I get the role I want in the school play if the director picks favorites?
Is this website safe?
Appropriateness of language, content for 13 y/o to The 25Th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?
What exactly does an assistant director do?
help please! 10 points?
in romeo in juliet act 2 how does mercutio try to get romeo to come out of his hiding?
Do I have to go to LA to break into the film industry (director or actor) ?
How do I get a talent agent for movies?!?!?!? I REALLY need help!!!?
What do you think of my acting resume?
Teen wolf auditions ?
Who is the king of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
I wish to become a voiceover artist. Please give me some information about this career?
stage fright?
a question from romeo and juliet :D?
How can an actor who plays a mute (Babel, Piano) get an Oscar nod? They don't even have to memorize lines.
Is there are any real acting auditions?
please suggest a romantic comedy play script ?
Audition Song Emergency!!! Need Help Now!!!! Read Details!!!?
Can someone tell me where I can find the high school musical script?
what makes a good actor?
how to start an acting career?
How do I go about setting up a theatre company?
hellppp what should i do??? =[[?
How to become an actor?
What is method acting?
How do I get started with an acting carrier?
Woman in american theater and film?
Does stella adler give acting certificates after completeing?
In the play "Our Town" written by Thortin wilder What is the major theme or moral of the play?
I want to become an actor or a performer?
how is my acting can i be a cool actress?
Fun twists to old theatre sayings?
Do you know of a good Tongue Twister to help me with the 'th' sound?
How to audition for TV shows and such?
In The Odd Couple, What line does Felix say to Oscar that Oscar interprets as the “Curse of the Cat People"?
when will auditions for "idea zeecinestars" goin to b start........???????????
What's a musical with 3-4 female leads?
Bachelor's degree, but still minimal experience! How will I ever get into a grad school?
NYU for tv/film actors?
In The Crucible, How does Hale's exorcism contribute to the scene where Abby names people...?
I'm looking for a good la acting school.?
how will story-telling be an origin of theatre?
Harry Potter??
I need help on a stage name?
Romeo and Juliet Project?
Photographers and actors help please!?
Whrer can I find a theater camp in St.Louis?
I really want to be famous! Help please?
What is the climax of Romeo and Juliet? Setting?
Does IMDB list actor's theater roles?
Singing lessons & drama school?
In what year was the play Hamlet first performed?
if i went on a leaf diet would i get skinny?
Auditioning for a Musical?
is there a jr version of west side story for a middle school play?
Whats a creative way of making a greek playwright mask?
King Lear Earl of Kent?
High School Musical?
How long until you think WICKED will become a movie like a lot of other Broadway shows?
Is 19 to old to start a acting class?
what is necessary to become an actor in Hollywood?
How Do I audition for The Suite Life on Deck.?
How can i perform this sonnet?Help Please!?
hi i am a singer and i write my own songs what should i write this song about?
Is there going to be a high school musical 3?
I'm auditioning for "Miracle on 34th Street" at a local theater and was wondering what song I should sing.?
What decent paying jobs can I get with a B.A in theatre after I graduate?
What Should Our Play Be About? ANSWER FAST!?
how to get rid of my accent?
I'm auditioning for the Wizard of Oz musical, what song should I sing?
Does anyone know any independent films going on in Massachusetts that need actresses / actors ?
need a really fun song?
I need a sonnet a please!!?
Uh oh im applying for an actin job, buy my Résumé isnt so great, should i make something up?
How does a 12 year old get involved in acting and/or singing?
How do I start my own entertainment company...from porn to acting model and alllll types of talent ?
Auditions for Mockingjay?
Auditioning for In the Heights?
Good role playing websites?
How to make a lasting impression at first audition?
Are there trainers that train in voice acting as well as singing?
Which actress plays the dance instructor in New York in this seasons GLEE?
Does anyone know the American Express Preferred Seating presale code for John Mayer?
does an actor nessacerily have to do theatre before before film and tv or does he even have to do it at all?
English Renaissance Musical instruments?
good musicals?
is there any more information for the hunger games movie auditions?
Quick Othello Question.?
Do you think I could do broadway?
Are these orchestra seats at radio city good?
I need a good short insane monologue.?
How terrible is the mezzanine seating at the Gershwin Theatre?
review on o'neils the iceman commeth?
CATS Audition help!!?
Can anyone tell me......?
Is Dakota Fanning in the "right place" for a child her age?
is the new legally blonde with bailey hanks as elle good?
yale drama school faculty?
Did Mama Cass ever act on a tv show?
Julius Caesar.;./........?
But, What to do AFTER college?
How do I brake into the entertainment/acting business?
Who do you think played the better Javert in Les Miz? Norm Lewis or Philip Quast?
Female Acting Duets\DRAMATIC?
what is the theme of the play fuddy meers?
How to ace a cold try out?
what do you think? opinions?
questions about Antigone by Sophocles?
the clique movie auditions???Kristen!!?
Has anyone heard how the opening show of Grease went last night?
tina arena in CHICAGO?
I just joined theater, does that mean i have to sing?
Audition song please help singers?
We are interested in having our son audition for commercials. How do we get started?
yes I would like to know how to get value of little rascals personal items?
worst hamlet essay on the internet....?
what is the play "the odd couple" about?
I want to learn to play the violin, but i have one problem.?
Okay well I have this Audition with the producer of TWILIGHT!?
I have a really good voice but , I'm really shy what the heck should i do??????????
Music Choice for Competition!?
Joplin Performing Arts Centre?
Hi Guys! Does anyone know what was Andrew Lloyd Webbers longest running musical of 2006? thanks :-)?
I have to pretend to be a Grandpa in Drama, What type of music can i play?
styles of paly (Realism, classicim, romanticism)?
I want to be an actor!?
Role play Ideas GCSE english?
I'm taking up a Christmas job at a local theatre- how many hours am I expected to work?
is working in the porn industry considered an actor or actress?
help does any one know how we can be in a britain got talent audience?
Romeo and Juliet easiest scene?
any body watching Americas got talent?
Acting in front of the class !!?
What should I wear and take on a school trip to the theatre?
There is a Christian drama online about the Three little pigs? Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks!?
Audition song for Lady of the Lake?
Help with GCSE Drama play choice?
Sprouse twin Fans?
Musical theatre Duets 2 women?
ok people please help me out. i want to start beauty school really soon and im considering the paul mitchell?
In Macbeth, find example of dramatic irony (act 1 Scene 4)?
What costume should i wear if im "macbeth"?
what musical instrument do you play?
Is there an easy way to memorize Shakespeare?
can u pls give me a comedy script using wrong grammar dialogues?
What is a good audition song for the role of Louise in Gypsy?
Where can i find the organization called The Model Actor Studios?
Toronto Academy Of Acting?????plse some1 answer this time =(?
I really wanna be an actress where do I start?
Help with Advanced Theater assignment, Uta Hagen's nine question?
In the comedial Version of Medea....?
Where are the open auditions for Little Red Wagon?
Which Disney Character Should I Be?
give an example in romeo and juliet where romeo tells juliet the truth?
Acting tips for a beginner?
A 1 minute long monologue for a modern movie?
What images of light and darkness can be seen in romeo and juliet's balcony scene?
I would like to...?
At an audition, is it apropriate to dress the part?
How do I get a job with Full Cast Audio?
how can i be an actor?
What is the title of a popular religious musical?
Is 'Hamlet' playing in any south-east/east-anglia (England) theatre?
What is the difference between secondary and minor characters in a drama?
Please Read!!!!! URGENT!!!?
help with acting?
What is a good way to practice cold readings?
Where can I find monologues for teenagers?
What is a good website to buy good theater tickets?
Tv production questions Please help?
What is your favorite musical?
How to become very deathly ill?
How to make it as a young actress?
What should I do about this play?
good idea for talent show?
I need a recording of the music in Bertolt Brecht's play "A Man's a Man". Does anyone know where to find it?
What is a good musical theatre scene?
what is the comedy movie u had ever seen?
are the top model cycle 13 auditions going to be near sacramento or in california/?
What's a good small musical for all ages?
Is it cheaper to go to a drama class at a regular college?
Are there any auditions open for kids?
Is there a dress code for theatres?
is there something in the non-personal archetypal quality of animation that makes it suited to mythic themes..?
Need to cry for my school play auditions?
Where to find acting auditions in Portland, OR? ?
How do I put on a good production of Les Miserables School Edition on a low budget?
Is my audition tape for glee good?!?
Green Day American Idiot Musical?
What do actors who only have a minute or two (if that) per episode of a TV show get paid?
How do I ace my audition for Aladdin jr?
who is a great current actor who does well in horror movies?
can you tell me about these plays?
If tybalt from romeo and juilet was a musical instrument what would he be? give a reason?
Is it even possible to get into acting at age 16?
what is mis en scene?
does hilary duff got 2 agents. one acting and one singing agent?
im doing a play on clowns n it has to be funny any ideas?
I am in second year university but want to drop out and go to acting school? HELP?
Acting is my secret passion but I'm afraid to show any1 what I can do?
I need advice for acting carreer?
Is there any gun shot in the musical Chicago?
Is Black and Black Talent Agency in Toronto Good / Legit?
Can someone please help me understand "The Tempest"?
Stumped trying to find a contemporary comedic 1 minute monologue?
Is modeling a good way to get into acting?
May sound shallow but there is a standard... am I pretty enough to be an actress? pictures inside?
Just Wnderin How Many?
How do I put emotion into my role?
is My Name geeky?
How do I start acting?
Where can I get the 13 script?
I want to be an actress so much.?
Where can I find a copy of the Climax TV play Deal A Blow?
Aesthetically and speaking, are fair-skinned people generally better than dark-skinned people?
Where in Toronto are there open auditions for theatre?
when is the movie runs deep coming to theaters in Bangor Maine?
Help me become a famous actor.?
Do you have to be an american citizen to work as an actor?
which romeo and juliet do you prefer?
How reputable is Wilhelmina of PA Modeling Agency?
Does it make you mad when people say acting isn't a real job?
Where can I find a dvd or vhs of the Broadway musical "The Boy from Oz"?
I live in England and I was just wondering if Disney Channel does Worldwide Cattle Calls?
What should I do about this acting opportunity?
sick boy or true actor ?
I Hope I Get It (Opening) A Chorus Line NEED ACCOMPAMENT?
Is the Creative Artist Agency in the UK linked to the one in Los Angeles?
What are some good modeling agencies in Fairfield County?
Does acting in student films go on a professional resume?
How can i become a porn star?
Which musical is better?
Who likes Hugo Weaving?
Chris Isaac?
for those of you who know about beauty and the beast- the STAGE musical?
Where does Singin' in the Rain take place?
If I want to be on Broadway what should I do?
Do you think (presently) it is necessary to be thin and/or beautiful to have a great acting career? Or...?
I want to be an actress...?
Any actors out there?
i am going out for the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie?
Anyone know where I can find the Jersey boys script? online? website?
How do I become an actor?
High School Musical "HumuhumunukunukuaPuaA"?
Who would you choose to cast in the play of Romeo and Juliet as romeo and juliet?
waht poem should i use for my theater class performance?
hey im looking to work as an actor but i dont know where to start. where do i start and how ? thanks?
Whats the easiest way to get rid of stage fright?
elizabeth avila, mexican actress?
superstar's screennames?
I'm a teen and I want to be an actor! Everyone says it, I MEAN IT! Listen................?
How do I speak more clearly onstage?
Female actors - what characters would you most like to play onstage/in a film?
I've got madger talent....!?
Is it stupid to want to be an actress when your the shyest girl in your school?
I really want to be famous but I don't know how to get an agent and get auditions.HELP!Thanx.?
Moving to become a Costume Designer?
acting careers at 16?
if you have seen the movie Downfall tell me what you think.?
how can i make a fake cry on stage?
I have to produce a school christmas show, any ideas as im rubbish at stuff like this?
Being a actress is it important to know how to cry on cue?
musical resume?
Are the loge seats the Gershwin Theater any good? In particular at wicked?
Demo reel questions and help?
How do you know when an actor is being sincere in real life?
English Renaissance Musical instruments?
To be followed is that the ultimate form of flattery?
HELP about ROMEO AND JULIET Act 1 Scene 1?
Romeo and Juliet?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
Do Playwrights Write a Blueprint of the Set?
Will there be cast auditions for Teen Wolf season 3?
what is good way to have break in Bollywood as an Actor....?
in hamlet do any of the other characters know that claudius kiled his brother? did hamlet tell horatio?
Do anyone know of any auditions in Detroit comming soon?
how can i be a good film director?
Harry Potter or High School Musical?
Careers to go into after a theatre college?
John casablancas audition help!?
does anyone know anything about neoclassical theater from the 18th century?
Is NY becoming more of a center for film (movies/commercial/tv) as well as theater?
do you believe what The Da Vinci Code performed is true?Or it,s only a fiction?
How to Act like Goneril in King Lear?
How to make your video look good on the big screen (a talent show)?
Romeo and Juliet?
Has any one seen Tarzan on Broadway? What is the one thing that sticks in your mind?
what musical is similar to footloose? musical not movie?
a streetcar named desire?
can the imagination of the filmmaker meet the the interpretations of the audience and the way they see films?
Keeping the ability to play high on trumpet?
I live in the Denver-ish area, where can I pick up a copy of The Onion?
I'm Juliet! I don't wanna kiss Paris!!!?
Did you like HSM2?
Need help with finding humorous dialogue for high school speech team?
A monologue for a tween girl...?
What makes an actor a good actor?
Ii love acting but drama class makes me nervous..?
what is a serio comedic play?
how to develop skills in voice acting?
Brit School help please??? 10 points !!!?
what is augusta georgia like?
What does an ensemble (group of musicians) need to do to create and perform music?
acting schools is it worth the money?
Thinking about seeing 'Fool for Love' in the West End...Would love to know if it's any good??
What is script outline?
How do I make someone not selfish in improv?
What is the most useful tip in acting??
Question about NYU's acting and film programs? Please help?
Why is the midget genre being snubbed in the adult film industry?
Acting is it right for me?
Acting in Holland / The Netherlands?
Monologues that show insanity from plays?
How can I cry for acting?
Work experience in Liverpool?
Where can I find the play Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang?
thieves herb gardner NEED SCENE DESCRIPTION?
Where Or How Can I Find An Agent?
Did Mariah Carey get a boob job ?
Macbeth 2 person dialogue?
Sondheim song for an audition?
Auditioning for Nickelodeon?
The main idea of romeo and juliet?
How do i develop my voice for acting?
confusion help!!!!?
Audition for The Producers?
list of examples of special skills for my acting resume?
How is Macbeth like a shark? Any ideas?
If you played two roles in the same theater production, how would you write that on your resume?
What is a good song for act 4 of Hamlet?
How do I become an actor?
Which musical should i go and see in London's west end?
What is the MGM slogan?
Is it possible to be an actress even though you have an accent?
Im English, what could I do to boost my chances of becoming a disney actress?
Has anyone heard of any short story/piece/monologue called Limbo?
I wanna be an actress?
Is it possible to major in communications and minor in acting?
How to audition for sunday best?
seussical the musical- Will older kids like it?
Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 question about actress?
Can Someone Tell Me Where I Can Audition For Nickelodeon?
what makes storytelling a theatrical performance?
I'm a really good actor, so how hard is it to become a decently paid working actor?
Could you see this girl as an actress?
how do you put your stage name on your acting resume?
in your opioniog who are the best actors and actresses??
Monologue search HELP!?
Audtition Songs and Monolgues??
i want to become an actress. but please help me figure out how to?
why would the tv movie the midnight hr. be so rare to find and buy almost as much as song of the south?
Do you "love" acting?
What is Don Vito Corleone's real name?
Anyone who knows about American Academy for the Dramatic Arts...?
Im 15 and im really into acting?
What should I do to become an actor?
Accent Problem! Need Help!!?
Fiddler on the Roof, The King and I, or Pirates of Penzance?
HELP - Musical Theatre Audition Song??!?
Legally Blonde The Musical Helppp!?!?
Do you know the names of the Universal studios Hollywood musical creature from the black lagoon cast?Ceature?
If a modern Rip Van Winkle woke up today, would he wonder who elected Larry Linville president?
Have you ever worked as an extra on a movie set, what was your experience like, what movie?
comedic monologue for audition?
What are some occupations that Actors/Actresses do while they are waiting for that "big break"?
Acting advice for university?
I am 14..Any acting schools in miami florida or close that I can go to to b e on disney channel.
Any tips on acting drunk?
1 woman Monologue suggestion?
Audition Song for Little Women?
Is there a drive in theater near los angeles that plays classic horror films during october?
Any Tips for playing Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
I am a female that lives in New York I'm 19 and I am dying to becoming a famous actress?
Where is the best acting school?
Need help with my actor's resume?
Why do we do extra work if we can't put it on our acting resumes?
Which musical is the best Wicked or sweeney Todd?
how do i have a baby?
Which of these stage names sounds best for me?
I want to be an actor and I really love to act. But I live in Australia.. how do I become one?
on which day has Sean Connery his birthday?
im a 13 year old high soprano and im auditioning for my school musical, what song should i sing?
please help!?
Drama club activity ideas?
Anyone saw footloose remake?
hate in romeo and juliet?
Anne Frank Auditions? Part 2?
Must I learn to speak Tagalog before becoming an actress in the Philippines?
ok i live in milwaukee wisconsin and i want to be and actor.?
Need help with scene!!?
What TV/Movie Monologue Should I Do?
I think stuff and dream stuff and then a couple of weeks later it comes true !!?
I this a reasonable amount of money to pay?
I want to become an actress?
music - i love it! how 'bout you?
How to practice acting in your free time?
Is jersey boys an appropraite play for a 12 year old?
What are some good Sketch Show names?
Taming of the Shrew Help?
Somebody help me, I'm desperate!?
Are there filming classes in university of California in Los Angeles ?
what are the steps of finding and getting my son a talent agent?
What color is best for the background of head shots?
Where is this quote in romeo and juliet?
I am interested in theatre,in Bangalore. Entry into Kannada Cinema isn't easy, is it?
What's your favirote Macbeth quote?
I want to become a movie mega star, shall I write to film directors demanding work?
How can I become an extra in the High School Musical 2?
I need a really good 3-5 minute monologue that will capture an audience's attention... help?
readreadreadreadread, monologue help?
How can I become an actress at age 12 in Texas without going to acting school.?
auditions and pageants in west midlands?
How should I create chemistry with my co-star?
is there other similar plays to The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde?
Another question for ya all?
What would be an easy part of the Romeo & Juliet play to act out?
i need an anchoring script for my college fest?
How can I become an actress?
what is your favorite musical and why?
do you know what site features the designs for Opra Winfrey's infamous couch.?
How to kiss a guy in acting ?
anyone remember the TV show in the early 70's with traveling medieval minstrels doing plays, aesops fables etc
Talent Managers, Agents in or near KY? Help!?
I'm 23 years old is it to late to try to pursue an acting career?
1a. do witches & wizards exit? 1b. where is their source of power?
hi help me now peeps?
Did anyone enjoy the Mayfair witch trilogy as much as I?
How do movie reviewers watch movies ahead of time?
Can someone plz help me find??????
Disney "Circle of life" fraud?
Does any1 know of any good youth theatres?
What are two types of good monologues that contrast for a female to act out?
Basically I want to get into the business of acting?
Free acting classes in Riverside, CA?
whats a good talent agency in new york?
Where can I find a copy of the Climax TV play Deal A Blow?
If someone never gets cast in school plays and they plan on majoring in theatre, should they choose another?
Anyone looking for a person to be in a movie, tv show, etc?
What are some Good Awards to do?
What are good talent agencies in LA for beginners?
Must Christine be a Soprano?
Do I really need to go to college to be an actor?
Should I become a Disney Star?
Am I going to get a good part?!?
What is the best way to start an acting career if you have no money?
has anyone seen the musical, 'cats?'?
Can I choose the specific seats buying broadway ticket online? Or just a zone?
Michael Jackson - Butterflies (Original) instrumental?
Can anyone please help me with this question about Elizabethan Productions?
How Can i Feel More Comfortable About Acting?
2nd Soprano audition songs for young teens?
Which movies did John Williams play song for ?
How to audition for Romeo and Juliet?
Did Bill Lawrence and Neil Flynn have a falling out?
Actorsfest NYC Information?
How to become a better voice actor?
Do you really have to go to school to be an actress?
My "friend" wants to be an "actress"?
Spring Awakening revival?
What are some great acting schools in Houston?
Do you have to audition before you major in theater?
I am looking for how to get the album (or soundtrack) of the 72'-73' Gone with the Wind -- Plz Read details--
hamlet question that i dont get,help!?
How can I make a realistic fake pregnant belly?(for a play)?
Audition monologue help!?
Has anyone seen the play called The Curious Savage??
How should a guy project a female voice without sounding TOO fake?
how rajat tokas became an actor.....through wat procedure?
what are amda's colors?
If I sent my resume` and headshots to William Morris agency a couple months ago...?
how you know i'm not in
VERY IMPORTANT-> Marquis Theatre Wall Shows?
What are your 5 (or 10) favourite songs from musicals?
A theatre play about the circus?
What are all the songs played in the first High School Musical?
Can anyone propose me a SET DESIGN for IT Related Talk Show (TV Program)?
Are actors/actresses intellectual types?
Munchins from wizard of oz?
Why, oh WHY didn't "Sweeney Todd" win the Tony for Best Musical?
Is the hunger games appropriate for A grade school play?
Jakarta local theater group?
Need a list of antiheros in Theater plays?
In theater, how does a group of people enter "a la Three Stooges"?
Is the casting hub a scam?
Need Female/Female Scene from a Contemporary Play?
please tell me the dates and venues for the auditions of indian idol 3?
What Makes Shakespearean Actors Better?
Where can I get auditions for films and things?
do you think it would be a good idea?