is there any acting agents out there?
Is there a Drama School in America that is amazing, and really hard to get into?
Middle School Musicals?
Who is to blame for the deaths of romeo and juliet.?
How to be scene? Boy?
Agents in Dallas?
How to learn lines fast?
how to find acting/modeling auditions near me?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 16?
name all of the plays you've been to?
What beatles songs relate to Romeo and Juliet?
I cant sing to save my life Has anyone got any tips ???
need Idea on a act play?
Original The Hunchback of Notre Dame stage play?
When are they going to start casting and having auditions for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?
Where can you take acting lessons in Saint Louis?
what is expected from noh drama actors?
Studying acting at college?
Can I make it into this acting workshop?
Any tips on how to be more confident? I'm 14 and I want to be an Actress soo bad!?
back stage passes?
What makes a good actor/actress?
Drama Club Audition!!!?
How do you dress up for an acting audtion is they say dress to impress?
Is $50 per acting/auditioning class too expensive?
What are the lyrics to some of the poems int the movie SLAM?
What's your favorite song in "The Phantom of the Opera"?
Do you think High School Musical 2 is going to be a hit?
I would like to know about Talent Agencies in the Maritimes.?
I want to get started in acting but I don't have like any money?
What does macbeth's 'dagger of the mind' represent?
Acting tips and tricks for a beginner?
How early should you show up to a one direction concert?
The web site for the Roanoke Rapids, in advance?
Who are your most hated and most abhored celebrities?
Who is your favourite hollywood actor/actress? and why?
Cinderella school play?
does anyon know where to find the scriptss of the Musical les miserables? or have?
where do i get free sitcoms?
How do you get the part you want for a commercial?
Theatre group help????????? :) *10 points best answer?
i am in a play where i must have a british accent, i need some ideas on where to go to learn?
Who was in the Broadway cast of Rent last summer (July 2005)?
Going into acting with a learning disability?
How can I find child acting auditions?
Was Shirley Temple in the Wizard of Oz?
I want to become an actor or a performer?
Does anyone now if/where I can find the dream girls script on internet?
favorite shakespeare play?
who played Glenda the good witch in the west coast version of wicked?
It would be good if an indian answers this question..........?
What is a musical group that starts with 'Simon'?
Winter play character ideas?
Does anyone know a good New York theatrical college besides Julliard?
Does Twelfth Night fits the title of the play?
Need help finding a piece for prose?
How can I become a successful young actor?
What killed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter?
I need help finding a scene.?
How Do i improve the tone of my voice?
Does anyone know where i can find a VERUCA SALT monologue?
How do actors/actresses get started?
I'm struggling to write a covering letter to agencies?
what Tony award nominations did the musical "Rent" get?
How do I find auditions in theatre?
A question about an audition?! Please and thanx?
Should i give up? Is it unrealistic or should i follow my dreams?
how can you make Hannah Montana's backstage closet?
I want to be an actress? It's killing me?
I have a theatre callback tomorrow, any advice?
please some help with auditions?
im going 2 be 13 soon and i want 2 try 2 go acting but my parents dont really support me,what should i do?
I'm thinking of auditioning for a princess, which one do I resemble?
i'm just a bill acompaniment?
best bollywood actor?
Casting Associate position?
I have yet another audition.... How do I act humiliated?
Is the Adventures of Old Christine still showing? Was/Is it good?
Short one act play plot ideas?
Kiddy Fiddler at 23 or just in mature?
where will the hunger games auditions be held?
How to become a good people?
Extras for movie auditions - which are scams?
romeo and juliet question.?
What's a funny monologue to perform for my Acting class?
What are names of agencies that do professional music video shoots in Toronto?
Which agency controls the amateur production rights to "Lying in State" by David C. Hyer?
Is all the world a Stage?
I am looking for a play titled something like tariffs?
How to have a good diction?
Does anyone know any good theaters in Miami Fl?
Top talent agency audition?
iam thinking of attending the new york film academy in nyc?
What was the last car owned by Mae West and is there a list of cars she owned while in Hollywood.?
i'm doing a twlfth night play in school? vs. vs. vs.
Would opening a new play in Chicago rather than New York do any harm to an eventual New York production?
Is the ensemble in a play important?
Comedic comtemporary 16-25 monologues for auditions NOT from
besides shakespear the reputation of what other person did the play richard the third was established?
I need some improv suggestions?
Am I a tenor, barritone, etc.?
Hamlet on PBS last night? Great!?
Needing someone for help/ideas for a tv show?
i'm a 15 year old girl i love acting but..?
bye bye birdie help!?
Audition in Three Days, Need a song?
how can i become and actress??????????
Where can I find ?
Does anyone know a website that can give me scripts and monologues to practice off of?
ideas for scene name?
Are the cast from Friends Millionaires?
A few questions about the play 'Bouncers'?
Tips for young aspiring actors/actresses?
What do I need to do to join a theatre touring company?
Is it normal for a producer to give your contract to your agent instead of you?
For actors and actresses.?
how to give a speach for english teacher to the audience ?
Short films to put on a resume?
The best movie of all time?
What cha gonna do tonight?
How can one become an actor?
How can a 13 year old get into acting?
X Factor ?? i want to audition for 2013 when and how do i apply?
What impact does live music have in a performance?
Teen acting colleges in london?
What are some good songs for a talent show?
I want to get into acting. Help?
Does anybody know of any acting agents out there?
What is Tony Bennet's current religion??
In the play, The Crucible, what internal conflicts does Rebecca Nurse have?
Do you really need to undergo training to become an actor?
What broadway play would a 13 yr old girl and 10 yr old boy enjoy?
What song am I thinking about (from a musical)?
What is Easiest way to hush a crowd without embarrassing yourself?
Anyone wanna play minecraft on xbox?
are there any open auditions for a 14 year old in movies or on a tv show??
where can i find free printable hannah montana scripts?
where can I find jobs for on-camera casting?
Casting, and auditions for disney channel...?
how does theater reflect life?
Where to study professional theatre acting in Europe ?
plays for a high school? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you tell me step by step how to become an actress?
How does a guy begin a career as a pornographic actor?
How to bow after a play?
How can i become an actress on disney channel?
Is it to late for me to be an actress?
can anyone help me I'm trying to think of a poem about oil or coal?
How hard is it to get an Academy Award?
Need Voice Actors for Show?
Do actors have contracts like artists signed to record lables?
Song choice for Sesame Street Audition?
Sweeney Todd?
How do I get an agent? How much are they?
I'm in mood to see a movie,what the best out there?
When you start out as an actress are you really busy?
Any info on 'When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet'?
will my stretch marks keep me from my dream?
What accusation does Brabantio make against Othello to the duke?
Is mitchel musso going out with emily osment?
What is the most effective way to memorize lines?
Do I need a personal hair stylist to be an actor?
where are auditions for disney channel?
stage show "That'll Be The Day"?
Has anybody used a company called talent management?
Romeo and Juliet Act V help?
Audition music for Alto/Mezzo?
how long does it take to teach your self to play electric guitar?
movies BEING FILM IN PHOENIXarizona?
How to become an actor, i have no experience and need advice?
Actors: Do you say "The Scottish Play"?
i want to try and become a succuful actur but...?
How Can I Become A Better Actor.?
I What are some ideas for a play?
Who killed Macbeth in the end of Shakespeare play/?
What are the best acting schools/universities or agencies in South Korea?
Whats the best "line" you guys ever heard in a movie?
is zac cute from Heigh school muscial and heigh school muscial 2 ?
Catching Fire Auditions 2012?
Do good actor have to live either in New York or LA?
Good audition song for legally blonde?
How many solos and duets does Seymour from the film/musical 'little shop of horrors' have?
What is an easier instrument to play?!?!?
How do i become an Actor?
Pleas help me with my acting career?
Is this a good monologue? Please help!!?
does anyone have tips on how to become an actor thanks?
I have been told that i am a natural incredible talented actor !?
does anybody need a actor?
The world of art?
My headshots, give me your honest opinion, do i have potential?
Worst musical ever?
can someone give me tips about method acting?
Any good movies in theaters now?
Legally Blonde or Wicked?
What are the names of the casting categories?
has anybody been to an audition at drama school?
Any information on Tomas Agency?
okay this might sound a little silly.... but, what is endurance?
who is your fav actor and actress?
Do You Think I'm Over Dramatic.?!?!?!?
Jekyll & Hyde I Need To Know. Why wasn't this guy part of the Broadway cast?
stage fright........?
how would i do a burglar pantomime?
what are the best talent / acting agents for starting actors in la?
i freak out when i have to play my instrument in front of people?
has anyone seen the musical, 'cats?'?
what will happen at first acting audition?
No skill. No history. Where to start?
is 13 too late to be a child actress?
How do I get a decent agent to become a part time Extra in London?
When acting, what is a good technique for crying?
Is this acting agency going to get me anywhere?
Any advice for getting over stage fright?
Need an audition song!!!!!!!?
Funny duologues?
I need a little bit of help with Shakespeare :)?
Do you know if it is common in the modeling industry to pay a fee for an evaluation and also if I should be pa
Becoming an actress at 16?
Musical Theatre songs for an Alto/Soprano 2 Who Is Best at belting it?
Where can I find this script???! URGENT?
Can anyone name play that has a young adult male dramatic character with a Southern accent?
What is cost of Oscar award?
help please :)... need some creative minds?
True-life decision?
help with little woman scene?
What's the most boring play you've ever seen?
hannah montana concert?
Who had a hit single in 1981 with `Romeo And Juliet`?
Theatre design and TV set design degrees?
Does anyone know when the Scorch Trial casting call will be?
how to make prop paper bullets?
where is the best place to start an acting career?
Why do I like to pretend like I'm acting?
How do you find a genuine agent?
How can I get contact information for a reasonably prominent theatrical director?
what classes would u recommend an inspiring actress to take in highscool besides her academics to help?
fitting the ace of spades into the wizard of oz?
Julius Caesar?
Is city acadamy good for acting lessons?
What influence has Stanislavski had on modern theatre?
Helena....(all's well that ends well) ?
How can I become famous?
Beginning Acting for a 14 yr old?
Is it safe to go barefoot onstage in a play?
I was just curious about how acting and fame works?
Is getting a degree in theater worth doing?
Re; Merry Wives of Windsor: ACT 2 Scene 2?
Headshots - Which One??
How do you get started in Theatre and Acting?
What are the top Christian schools with a great quality theatre program?
I'm looking for a monologue from the show sons of anarchy. I need one from the character Tara, pleaseee helpp!?
What is a "Hollywood Ending"?
Casting Service in Canada?
Can Any Of You Guys Help Me On An Apperance On The Ellen Show?
I need help with this question about romeo and juliet!?
In the play "Much ado about nothing", what are 7 scenes where the characters go through misscommunication?
Does anyone know what happened to Daisy McCrackin?
Should I pursue acting or give it up?
Best places to start acting in Australia ?
what to do for school talent show?
Is Canon in D royalty free? Can I record it on my CD if I play it?
what is desprate i need helllllllppppp?
I want to be an actress?
What is Antony's plan for Lepidus? What is his reason? Act 4 Scene 1 of Julius Caesar.?
What are games and activities can do with my cast to help them build their characters?
Can't play the Trombone with
which two colors does it take to make the color green?
what song should i audition with?
Idea for a fresh dramatic monologue about road safety and death?
Should I go to college or become an actor?
Do movie extras get paid? And if they do generally how much?
What host of BrainSurge and 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow produced Nickelodeon's My Family's Got GUTS?
Does this headshot look good enough to get cast or get an agent?
Next to Normal Script?
Advice if you can please..?
How can i get rid of my stage fright?
the song "hey there, you with the stars in your eyes" was in a musical wasn't it? Which one? No I'm not gay.
what name is given to acting without words?
How do I find a talent agent?
Am I too old now to start acting?
Do you have a glee club or show choir at your school?
Is a serio-comic monologue contrasting to a dramatic monologue?
Stanislavski's Acting Technique?
do you know that philanthropists do still exist and help researcers, do you know any and can u give emailaddre
Is audition america legit?
90 second monologues?
Need to know how to start a screenplay script?
Is it possible to get auditions by sending directly to casting directors?
National Thesbian Society?
does anyone know if someone is performing urinetown in melbourne at the moment?
How was an actor viewed in Shakespeare's time?
What do we learn about Macbeth through his thoughts?
How to play Eponine in Les Miserablés?
If you joined the circus, what act would you most want to perform?
Beginning acting college course info?
does anyone know a puppet show script on manners?
Substitute props for cellphone in a play?
Are there any producers willing to take on a new playwright with a one act drama script in Wisconsin?
How can I improve my acting in Harry Potter?
Is there a way to buy theatre tickets on line without the high booking fees they charge?
where can i find free monologues, that are good?
Its not a videographer becase they record the visuals but what do you call the?
When will Casting auditions for Divergent be?
What is 16-32 bars of "Consider Yourself" from Oliver?
Romeo and Juliet?
thieves herb gardner NEED SCENE DESCRIPTION?
Who can I call to get set up with an Acting Agent?
Who is better- Miley Stuart or Hilary Duff?
What is the most over-rated opera or play you've ever seen?
How many different types of musical instruments are there?
I just wanna know how ppl like miley,and selena get on disney and have shows.I know they're celebrities,......?
Does anyone know ofany open castings in L.A.?
what does shisher mean?
Who is a better comedian, Peter Kay or Ricky Gervais?
Does anyone know some disney casting calls?
I'm a guy and need an audition song for footloose?
I have an audition, and need acting tips, know some?
I want desperately to be an actress/singer, but no one will take me seriously. Where can I get an agent?
program audition?????
Looking for one act plays for all female cast. Any ideas?
Should I be an actor?
Which Movies Do Keanu Reeves Play In?
a link 2 a vicortian custom corset generator. Not Elizabethian. Also the site has other corset patterns.?
Filming website? For Contests?
what z the best movie 4 u ??
how can i get a role or a job in the harry potter new film ?
I have to kiss this guy like a couple times on stage for a performance but it will be me first kiss?
How does the Greek theatron (theatre) evolve throughout the years?
What would be a good monologue to audition for Pride and Prejudice?
Is this a good story line, I'm planing to be w actor and director when I grow up?
Rags to riches/small town-big town type monologues?
how to improve my choices of being an actress/singer?
How to overcome stage fear?
what do casting directors actually look for in a actress?
do you know the act 1 scene 1 dialogue in antigone?
have you noticed that virtually every film has someone saying'OH MY GOD' how annoying is that?!?
What are very good modeling agencies in Chicago, IL?
What do you think of the Top 20 theater roles I chose (ones I want to play)?
10 ponits to the best name!!!?
Was I wrong to refuse their offer?
what model agencies are good to start out with as a beginner?
does acting make you age faster or look older than you really are?
Why are audience members encouraged to heckle those onstage during live productions of "The Rocky Horror Show"?
i want to be a famous child actress how do i start?
Where can I find the full script of True West by Sam Sheppard?
Does anyone know of a legitimate talent representative for babies?
A twist on a classic story?
Did Matt Damon have plastic surgery?
Jekyll and Hyde -- Letting Go lyrics?
Ever just quit dating for a while? Is that bad?
ok lets redoo this. What is the best SCHOOL for acting and directing in minnesota?
Beyonce, Actress?
6 yr. old wants to be an actress. Where do I start?
What is the best website to hear about extras casting?
how could i weep in a few seconds?
Does anyone have the script to My Mother's Touch?
Where can I find the cast info for the 1954 play Cat On a Hot Tin Roof?
Can a voice actress do voice-over also?
what is an open audition?
What r some acting schools in england?
i love my guy and he do too but he is double dating me 4 his first girl in his place should i quit?i love him?
1. Act, action, and actor come from a root that means?
audition advice?
I live near Reading but cannot find cinema showing Pans Labyrinth, where is it showing?
How does a guy begin a career as a pornographic actor?
How to find others that enjoyty in North Dakota?
How can I improve my monologue/monologue tips?
What's your favorite musical?
My mother won't let me go to the college I want to go to ?
I have a very deep passion to be an actress when I am older.?
Belly Dancer/ Gypsy/ Romani historical clothing?
Tips for an aspiring actress?
How should I prepare for the audition?
johnny depp what a waste of talent in pirates of the Caribbean.?
Which headshot looks more professional?
Who would I contact about old film costumes?
Who played Butch Cassidy in the 1969 flim?
What Are Some Acting Tips?
Okay so I did not make the school's musical?
Hunger Games. Movie auditions?
How can I get founding for a ultra low-budget feature film?
I what to start Acting?
I'm looking for a monologue......
can somebody give me 4 qutation from Macbeth's play which suports my them :Greed,ambition.?
Where are the best acting schools?
american revolution..script/play...drama?
I want to be a disney channel actress....any advise??!!?
how to get an acting agent if you live in a small town?
Need a song from a musical?
I need a 16 bar, up-tempo song/belt style for an audition?
Does anyone know any good SAG-AFTRA agencies or agents in north carolina?
where can you get an appication for americas next top model and where are the next auditions for cycle 13 at?
Is being a movie extra considered actual work?
Help.. I want to be an actor what do i need?
How long should I take acting lessons before I search out an agent?
How does The Tempest celebrate the wonder of life?
"The King and I" questions and audition songs?
Is explore talent a scam?
I need a stage name. Help plz???
Who is your favorite actor in all time?
Modern balcony scene-Romeo and Juliet?
did zac efron really kiss ashley tisdale in the suite life of zack and cody in episode odd couples?
I have gotten into a talent show. I am nervous about....?
if macduff kill macbeth why did Malcolm become the king?
How do you delete an explore talent account?
Urgent Costume Idea: build-able in less than two weeks?
Would you believe me if I said I was Zack Efron?
How do you get in a acting agency?
Favorite Musical?
What design should i put on a capulet and montague coat of arms.?
Do I have to go to private school?
What are some good scenes for 3 females?
the lion got courage the tinman got a heart the scare crow got a brain dorothy got to go home what did toto ge
Any one heard of the play "the chronicles of Jane book seven"?
What's this about the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
will yall leave a comment on my 360 and if you dont have one then dont leave a comment on my 360 page?
Does anyone have a really good funny monologue?
Serious Solo Forensic Piece?
How do you call a "rerun"of a theater performance?
What are the steps required to work in or with movies.?
Arer there any origional manuscripts in existence for any of Shakespear's plays?
What is the name of the story where there is a king that puts a big rock on a path to see who will move it?
How can i get started acting?
are call backs good or bad?
Do i add elementary school plays & classroom skits (Shakespeare) on my theatre resume?
are these songs appropriate for school.?
Thinking of taking drama class but i am shy what do u usually do?
Did romeo think that going to the capulet party would lead to his death?
need a short funny monologue please?
Where can I get the movie or any other video of the play of The School for scandal?
Can anyone lend some acting/singing tips for an aspiring actress?
Is the play "Promedy" full length?
What is the different between profession and non professional play rights?
Where does the cheer "toga, toga" come from?
Has anyone got any tips on method acting?
so im trying out for the wizard of oz any tips on singing acting and dancing?
Song suggestion that's from a musical to sing at an audition?
What's a eureka and hollywood script?
What is the best musical you have seen ?
What is a good stage name for this name?
writing a very short script ideas?
When you think of the show "Wicked" what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
What are some trusted casting sites?
What do you think about movie actor/actresses who are exempt from persecution?
for pinoy searchers Dennis Trillo?
Where might I find last minute tickets for theatre productions?
ACTORS AND ACTRESSES: Musical audition tips?
Holiday park entertainer or actress on the west end? which shall i become?
I need pageant appearances!?
What kinds of theater (play acts) would you like to see performed (up close & personal) in your community?
I wanna produce a reality tv show, can u suggest a good 1 4 me? n e title?
hi my names Matt. I am a screenwwriter who wants to find someone who would want to team up and write a script.
Who do you think should play Beast in the new live Beauty and the Beast?
How to start an acting career?
Help with musical audition?
Are there any current performance opportunities for teens?
I want to use a monologue from Macbeth to Audition for Hamlet, Does anyone have any suggestions?
Tips for being a good actress?
What should i do??
I'm trying to find an acting agent who is legit. I have had acting/modeling class, i am 15 and need help.?
High School Musical In Toronto - Anyone know the password for presale?
in romeo and juliet how many peope die?
A midsummer night's dream 2 people scene?
Anyone know where to buy a circus style safety net?
What to in a talent show?!?
What are the different parts within a musical?
where did macbeth live with his wife before he became king?
where can I buy REALLY good costumes online?
How much, on average, would your typical Broadway actor make?
From High School Musical who is your fav charachter?
Where can i find a wendla dress?
Advice if you can please..?
Could you please give me some dialogue lines for a boyfriend/girlfriend / husband/wife scene?
What does the handkerchief symbolize in Othello?
Commercial Help!?
What to wear for an audition?
Am I too old to start acting?
How can I get into an acting career?
I got a bad part in a play?
Good drama school? Please help?
Costume ideas..........?
What are some good songs for a Naruto cosplay music video?
Has anyone heard of Act One conservatory in Chicago?
Can I become a Professional Wrestler in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?
About to Snap Any Minute?
does anyone know a acting website that doesnt cost money to audition?
Are there any male/female duets where the guy and girl hate eachother?
how does someone with no acting experience get into acting?
Slapstick Comedy Ideas?
Casual Dress for Theatre?
what is elizabethan theatre?
Links to sites with costumes (For pranks)?
Have you got me all wrong?
Example of Concealment in Macbeth. Where is it?
Hey guys, i wanna join 'Newyork film academy' for acting purpose. I wanna know is it really very good or just
act 4 short summary in the play julius caesar?
Should I Call acting agencies for a follow up?
Why do you think of the High School Musical:Pop-up Edition?
do u like high school musical and why?
Stage Name Help PLEAASSEEE?
What are the elements of Musical theatre?
do you think britains got talent , is fair or not fair ??????
Lady Macbeth’s decline?
acting or singing?
why does macbeth want banquo and fleance dead?
Applying for a job as an Usher at a theatre, can anybody help?
Im 17 and trying to break into the acting business ?
im 13 years old and i enjoy acting and drama. What can i do to be able to do acting professionaly?
Is it an advantage to be trained by an agent?
Steps to become an Actor/Actress?
What can I do to improve my acting ability?
How hard is it to get an Academy Award?
How can I become an actress?
Is to O.K. to take a very mature 8 year old to see the musical Sweeney Todd?
i need a good monologue and song?
Romeo and Juliet Act 5 Scene 3?
Help me find an acting school!!!!!!!!!?
I want to become an actress, but my parents won't support me. Help? [I'm 13]?
Does anybody know of any good acting agencies in New York City ?
What song should I do for my middle school Pop Choir auditions?
how can i enter into television? can u tell me some authentic production houses where i can apply?
Does anyone know what musical this is from?
Poll: Which musical is the best?
I Need Good Comedy One-Acts?
Is becoming an actress easy? (if there are any actresses here)?
What should an actress consider when offered a first time topless role in a film?
I am auditioning for the first time! Help?
I want to become an actress singer, and dancer but afraid to tell my parents what should i do?
Is it weird for a straight guy to enroll in a summer acting program (e.g. conservatory for dramatic arts)?
are the movie theaters open on the 4th of july?
This really gets to me ..? Long, 10 points?
Is Jeremy Sisto a horrible actor?
What do you think about 14 year old girls who want to be actresses?
Romeo and Juliet Question?
what would be your dream musical to perform in?????
Anybody know where to find a short-skit play thats funny???
how expensive are acting classes?
is little shop of horrors popular today if so why?
this is important:?
How does the bloody dagger in Macbeth represent guilt?
Audition tips?? This is very important to me :D?
Would somebody please tell me the meaning to the end of the movie "Carbon Copy"? The photo?
Help with my monologue about a clone?!?
Im looking for someone to play minecraft and gow?
Water based stage makeup?
how can i become an Actress im 13?
what is the main defrence between novel and play?
I wanna come up with something creative?
Help on good kids group name for acting?
Seeking zany type monologues for a 20 year old male are there any good legitimate websites out there?
I'm thinking of going for american idol tryouts.....?
Where can I find articles about the theatre industry?
Any one out there who likes Wicked?
Who made Audra McDonald's dress for the 2006 Tony Awards?
How can I live my dreams?
Why is that SCOTTISH PLAY?
Was Happy Birthday ever sang on broadway?
Help!Need a Rap for my skit!!!?
Are there any plans to make a film or stage-to-screen production of Wicked?
Which Romeo and Juliet movie do you like more? The 1990's version or the 1960's?
What's your favorite musical and song from that musical, and why?
How do T.V shows make money?
Do you like Lea Salonga?
not happy with my role. WHAT DO I DO?
What is Shakespeare trying to say about Love and Death?
is it scary to go to an audition?
Audition songs For musical Female ?
What's your favorite musical overture?
What's the best way for a child actor to get a good talent agent?
How to contact a talent/acting agency?
Rosencrantz and Guilderstern?
what do i need to do or prepare myself with so i can become an actress?
Does anyone know about the play "Fame"?
how can i be a good actress as much as hannah montana?
What's a really good one-act play?
Black actresses between the age of 13-15?
plzzz Help!!?
dreaming of being in heaven there is a closed coffin?
I need a new profession. Any suggestions?
what role do order people play in family now?
what does this soliloquy from hamlet talk about??
Is there a classical definition of drama?
Any tips for a beginning actor?
RADA acting course audition question!?
Can somebody give me a great summary about the movie "Ever After" its an old movie with Drew Barrymore
I'm shy but I want to act! What do I do?
Is it weird that I never asked how to become an actress?
I want to audition for SA Idols but I'm afraid?
how can a lot of travelling help young filmmakers who are applying to filmschools?
I get solos and supporting, but why not leads?
I need IDEAS for writing a script?!?
romeo and juliet?
How do I find an acting agent?
High School Musical 4?
What song should I sing?
My name is hrishikesh pathak i live in guwahati i have so tenson in my life what shall i do .PLEASE HELP ME?
Help On Memorizing Something Very Long?
Do you hear the audience laugh?
Any Broadway plays in New York City?
What is a good song to sing at a musical audition for Rapunzel?
Can anybody help me find a pattern for lederhosen?
Myspace Question..........?
how do I find a production company to stage and perform the musical West Side Story abroad?
Monologue help? Cant find the monologue i need!!?
good, comical, light-hearted monologues?
i need help on Macbeth?
Any community theatre in San Diego, CA?
Where can I get this version of Sweeney Todd?
how many sections are there on the woman in black stage what are they and are they seperated with guzes?
What are some good audition songs for the part of Mrs. Malloy for Hello Dolly?
relationships in a mid summers night dream?
i heard a cover of the song master of puppets by mettalica but i cant find out who plays it, any clue?
Who is the person behind the eyes in my avatar??
i am 14 years old and i want to become an actor on disney channel do u know how i can make that dream happen.
help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm fourteen, I don't know how to tell my parents I wanna be an actress?Please help!?
Can you think of a better response?
What are some examples from The Diary of Anne Frank that show peoples need for freedom?
What time does Hairspray finish at Shaftesbury Theatre in London?
Monologue search help?
Why does my voice break sometimes when I sing?
I hate highschool musical- whose with me?
Which musical is your favourite and why?
Who do you think is a better actor, Tom Hanks or Johnny Depp?
Auditioning tips?!! (Acting!)?
i am a teen who wants to be an actress, but i cant find any agents in the fresno area. please help. ?
Do you believe everyone on Disney channel has talent?
who can tell me sites of wallpapers from celine dion&nicole kidman,thanks?
Cost of IMDB Resume?
top fav. songs from BROADWAY musicals?
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying question...?
Kathryn's confusing speech at the end of "Cruel Intentions"?
the feast of lupercal is celebrated on what date?
Should I be able to cry actual tears when I fake cry?
What is the best Stage Show ever?
Romeo and Juliet Act 2 prologue Four main points of this recitation by the chorus?
I need help wording this innuendo-esque comment. Details in description ^_^?
Easy ideas for pantomimes?
Why Is Romeo & Juliet Set In Verona?
Modeling casting rate?
What are some good monologue audition pieces?
Don't people say thank you any more?
how do i get a licence for the grease production in the uk?
I need to make Lumiere's candlesticks (from Beauty & the Beast), how should I make them?
Is there gonna be a high school musical 2 ? if so what will it be about?
Who is Harry Potter?
what do you do before you find out if you made a play?
I really want to be a voice actress, it there any voice acting company in the Las Vegas area?
does anyone know of any is a legit casting websites?
Am I going to be a wizard tomorrow?
will asians succeed in hollywood?
Song for musical theater before 1960? PLEASE HELP!?
Humor or Seriousness?
acting agencies in ontario?
Any good ideas for black light theatre?
How to act like a Disney princess?
Is 20 to old to learn how to become a actor?
i want to be an actor?
How does an actor learn to do foreign accents?
Help! How to do an English (British) Accent?
Hamlet Act IV Question?
Hairspray audition help?
What do you think about the play Wicked?
which country has no cinema theatres....?
Am i being unrealistic by wanting to move to LA at 18?
Am I alone?
Is it ever going to be possible?
What does anyone know about a song called 'Crazy' from an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?
What is the secret to changing clothes fast like magicians?
trying to be an actress, but...?
Acting resume? If you've had no experience?
What Broadway Show Should I See?
what is a good county honor band level excerpt to play for an audition?
What's the best movie of all time?
what can i do to improve and strengthen my vocal chords?
who is rocky in the rhps?
Hi, I'm going to be 25 pretty soon, my dream has always been to be a model do you think I can still make it?
Which West End Show????
why was school invented?
did dorothy stickney and howard lindsey have children?
Why is The Tragedy Of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark By William Shakespeare titled this?
I have to do something theatrical I have 7 people in my group I was thinking about doing the 7 deadly sins?
Is the part for Urleen in Footloose a good part?
NYT audition monologue help?
Does being an extra help on a resume?
Does anyone know any auditions for an acting agency in chicago illinois perferrably on camera acting?
Where Do I Go From Here? (Acting)?
How can I act properly?
Playbill Lobby Store?
When did "acting" officially arise and why do we like it?
Acting or singing?
How is the husband of Nicole Kidman?
What's Your Favorite Broadway Musical?
How do you audition for Disney Channel?
I love acting. Many think I have carrer potential, but should I pursue it?
first play?
is anyone else in the world scared of global warming?
Why do I sound retarded when I talk (I'm of normal intelligence)?
any easy steps to becoming an actress in uk?
How do I register with an acting agency?
I am looking for lisa marie headshots in Orlando,FL can any one give me a phone number or web cite info please
i need information on the great american model & talent search taking place in los angelos calif. nov 2006?
what kind of talent do i need for acting?
Paul Stanley as the Phantom of the Opera?*details inside*?
Can someone please help me with my 'evaluation of a live performance task' - AS Drama?
anyone have any good female monolouges for a 15 year old?
I want to be an actress!?
To be or not to be... THAT is the question.?
Whats a talent agency!?
Questions about Alan Baltes' blog. ?
Options for getting a degree in theater arts?
A monologue for a midsummer night's dream audition?
Help me. What is a good audition song?
Breaking Dawn audition?
Should I move to Philadelphia, Atlanta or Chicago?
what is the best way for an english actor to get a work visa in the USA?
I have an audition with an agent and I need to know something? (Allsorts)?
Is "Endgame" a tragedy or comedy?
How can I get a job narrating audio books?
Should I go to acting summer camp or directly audition for acting schools?
How can I get into acting with no experience?
I am going to be a senior this year in high school and so im starting to worry about college.?
Confidence and acting question?
I am auditioning for Is He Dead?
Doing a live show on stage,would you want to see the audience or just see darkness?
Full summary of les miserables the musical?
What's the best monolouge for my style?
Baby acting in films?
how do i become a producer? what do i have to do?
What to wear for my drama monolouge.. HELP PLEASE!?
How do I get started in acting?
Things to remember during interpretative reading?
auditioning for a musical?
im 13 years old and i enjoy acting and drama. What can i do to be able to do acting professionaly?
plz help me !?
Not enough show's for an actor?
Does anybody know where I can find a musical Wizard of Oz watch?
Question about Legally Blonde The Musical?
Does anyone no how to get auditions for professional movies?
Which headshot looks more professional?
which song was played when emily gave audition ?
who is the greatest actor of all time and why?
When will I get my 'big break' I have been waiting for and people say will eventually come?
why did the marriage of Abbie and Ephraim Cabot fail in Eugene O'Neill's "Desire Under the Elms"?
Which girl should I pick for the role?
Hello. Does anyone know the vocal range requirements of Phantom of the Opera, High school edition?
Best places to start acting in Australia ?
I know many people ask this question but how can I make acting as my job?
I need an audition song for a school musical?
Does anyone know where my 15yr old niece could get a scholarship for acting. She lives in the Bedfordshire are
I need help for an audition!!?
I Want To Play Ukulele?
How do you do a Chicago accent?
Where do they film icarly?
what are some good songs to audition to a schol play with?
What color and type of flowers is the proper gift for a leading actress or actor in a live theatre production?
Who is Harry Potter?
who is the actress that plays bella swan in twilight?
Anyone know any good breathing exercises for actors?
how do I find free downloads of humorous speeches given by women?
15 year old teenage girl wants to be actress!?
Plays that teenagers in this era would enjoy ?
Wicked (Musical) Questions?
What song should I sing for my Annie audition?
How can I convince our theatre director...?
Is it a good idea to have two directors for one play?
I am 13 years old and wanna be an actor but I dunno where to start from. Help.?
Question About Acting School, Job etc?
Where can I find a great modeling and acting sponsor?
If you live in miami, can you get disney channel auditions there?
What do I do about shyness?
Romeo & Juliet question?
what is the full form of stupid?
I need a setting for a play. It needs to be mostly original.?
Im auditioning for a play and i'm terrified!!?
is a special licence needed to film a danceschool show?
Could SAG have chose more uglier actors to announce the nominees?
what is so powerful about the story or Rent in comparison to other stories put into film and/or broadway?
the indigo summer book............?
Why doesn't my mom want me to become an actress, which is my dream? Please help!?
Audition song for Musical AIDA?
Has anyone seen A Christmas Carol at ACT in seattle?
Does anybody have any suggestions for a song to sing at an upcoming audition.?
why does everybody want to be an actor these days?
What should i do as a struggling actor?
Allusion in Antigone ?
what to do at audition??????
does anyone have an idea of demo reels?
Question on costume for single Mom character?
I need some suggestion for actors for a movie of " The Stand" by Steven King?
Acting career in Australia?
Does any one know of any good mime songs for church?
How can i be confident in this school drama piece?
"Saint Joan" monologue?
Does anyone know where I can download songs from the children's musical East of the Sun and West of the Moon?
Camp Rock the musical vs High School Musical on stage?
What city can a actor make millions?
Is Seattle A good theater city for actors?
what should i do to go in acting line?
i want to be an actress but is the celebrity thing worth it?
Feeling Discouraged...?
I need help finding a monologue!?
i am 13 and need help?
Duets for a guy and girl?
Ideas for a funny improvisation?
What is it that Shakespeare says in one of his plays about not telling the truth? ?
How do you become part of a pit orchestra for large productions?
How can Major Barbara (Shaw) and Ophelia be compared?
inappropriate monologue!!?
What are the best comedy plays for high school students?
How To Become Famous ?
afraid to try out?
I need to get in touch with (actor) Tim Robbins re: script. Can anyone help?
Which West End Show????
what is the difference between english and irish comedy??
Will getting good grades in school benefit me in becoming famous?
Can anyone learn to sing well?
Why is that my snowball melted when I gently placed it in the microwave for 5 minutes?
I want to be an actress?
Last Name Help! Please! New!?
who is your favorite actor from lebanon?
why is an oscar called an oscar?
RENT isn't exactly a "disney" musical....?
do you like hanna montana or the cheeta grils??????
What are some good things to do to help your acting?
I only have theatrical to get an agent?
Can anybody tell me if " Audition America" has any proof that it is not a scam?
In Oliver, was Nancy just fooling herself when she sang "As Long As He Needs Me"?
what are the six elements of theatre?
Writers rate of pay?
What does a drama/theater major do in college?
why does everyone like high school musical?
how can i find an acting agent?
what weakness in Romeos character does Friar Lawrence point out before agreeing to marry them?
What is the worst play/musical you have ever been in/seen?
Can anyone help me with Mason's monologue from Richard Greenberg's Take Me Out?
who is Morris Chestnut's agent?
how to act a plane crash scene?
need a good skit..need ur ideas urgent..pleeeeeeeeease?
Drama club activity ideas?
Was Juliet Capulet French or Italian?
I need to do a Cheshire (England) accent?
How long do I have to go to school to be a play director?
any chorus solos in annie?
Help with king Lear question...?
Are actors/actresses intellectual types?
what are best company's for exra,acting and modelling work?
Would u consider a man who likes to go watching the "Mamma Mia musical" gay?
Is this a good sign for theater acting for my daughter?
SM Entertainment told us that we were selected, but don't we have to go through a 3 step part? Please help us?
Any one know any good websites to find auditions for acting etc in uk (free websites)??x?
I made the biggest mistake ever! What to do now? Please Help! :(?
Help! How much does it cost a community theatre for lighting.?
Do have to pay your acting agency?
What A-levels do i need to become an actor?
“Which Muppet was only allowed on the show because his uncle owned the theatre?
I'm looking for a monologue with at least 4 dialects?
do they still have the musical "wicked" in toronto?
How to Not Get a Part to my Head?
21 is not too old to be selling your first script is it?
should i quit acting?
I want to read Madhva naama. Please send it kannada.?
how do i find casting calls in florida.i am 13?
Do you find it glamorous to be recruited as a Cirque Du Soleil performer?
what's massari's nationality?
Does Superman have the power of super sleep?
What's a good play or musical for my school to do this fall?
How do I get someone to produce my play?
I am looking for acting agency?
Do you have to be extremely go looking to become a hollywood actor?
Who is the head of the stage management program at the University of Central Florida's department of theatre?
uterson belives that dr jekyll relationship with mr hyde is that?
If you were given the chance??
How old is Emma Watson for real?
I want to be a billionaire by the time I'm 35. I will be restarting my acting career in 2007. -Ryan D Downs!
How do i get started in acting? With parents that r no help and rnt suporting my dream-thing?
Do you believe in natural talent Or learned?
achool play '13' callbacks?
Where is Camp Crystal Lake located ? Is it in Youngstown , Ohio ?
Does anyone know what the play Laodamie by catherine bernard is about??
Difference between reactions of macbeth and Lady macbeth to the murder?
HELP! i want to be an actress?
Whats the absolute first step in becoming an actor?
Theatre Acting - Completely Naked Scene?
How to dress like a sideshow half women/half man?
i need quotes!!!!quotes from famous people, anything!!!?
i want to go to acting school, i'm fine with moving to southern cal. which schools are good ones?
I am going to East Rutherford, NJ to audition for American idol next week. Any suggestions?
How do i tell my mom about an audition?
Play: Auntie Mame??Characters???? Help please!?
Where can I buy the RENT "Angel" santa coat costume?
Can I write my own Play of Peter Pan?
What's a good duet from a musical for a gravelly/airy guy and a belty black girl?
What are some Good Awards to do?
why does everybody want to be an actor these days?
What's the best instrument for a tween girl to learn to play?
Alter Egos and all that rubbish?
Ideas for a good drama play?
How to be an voice actor?
American actor looking to move to London for the summer, wise choice?
How to perfect and Irish accent?
any youth theatre auditions coming up in san diego?
Am I the only one who thinks the melody to "I dreamed a dream" sound very hopeful and encouraging?
What are some ways to end a comic dialogue?
Can i get some good songs? Talent Show! :)?
Do any West End London Theatre's accept people for work experience?
how to pass an audition???
Titanic ) My heart will go on ) could you play this beautiful song on a music instruments if so what kind?
how does a name like S'MAN sound for a rap artist.?
At the Aldwych theatre, are seats 20-21 in row H of the upper circle any good?
Is there work for actors in LA right now? As a Soap Extra will I really work 7am-7pm?
IM 15 is it too late to be an actor?
How effective is a Communications degree for actors?
Where can I try acting?
What does one wear to a broadway musical"?
can you greet the director if you are an extra?
Why do modern day audience still enjoy Romeo + Juliet?
Judge me on my acting?!?
Has anyone ever heard of the musical Wicked?
I just watched Snow White and the Huntsman and there was a speech Snow White made to the army that I liked.?
Does anyone know of a 1992 musical that starts with "N", and has 7 letters? I really need to know!?
what plays would you recommend for a first timer?
Is there going to be a high school musical 3?
Does LaGuardia Have Acting Auditions ?
I am Looking for the best Monologues for a 21year old Guy?
to be or not to be.... what was the question?
What should an Actor know how to do?
What is your favorite film to date?
does anyone know miley cyrus' lastname?
Did Jesse McCartney and Katie Cassidy break up?
Uni. auditions for acting course...?
Acting ?????????????????
how do i get into showbiz?
how much experience do i need for an acting agent?
Are there any Disney Channel shows casting extras right now?
acting help?
solo drama performance tomorrow tips on how tro lose the nerves?
We shouldn't we fight fire with fire?
Help finding a certain monologue from a monologue book?
I need a contemporary monologue for a male 16-20.?
Acting tips and techniques?
I got a really crappy part in the school play. Help?
Why do we never see anyone smoking a cigarette in British TV soap operas?
Anyone see "click"?
Can you write me Monologue from the novel "Fergus McPhail"?
Small Cast High School Play Ideas?
What are three examples of honor in Cyrano de Bergerac?
Southern Accent, need help!!?
What is your favorite song from South Pacific and/or Oklahoma?
How to become an actor / director? Complicated!?
Going to watch a Broadway Musical (Lion King) in Spain... Will it be in english or Spanish?
Where does the cheer "toga, toga" come from?
How do I become a movie extra? How do I keep getting recurrent work as an extra too, esp in NY/NJ?
How do you control your emotions ie get rid of ones you dont want and direct ones you do want?
Is disney Racist?????
would i have a future with an acting degree?
Can you name an actor who is shy in real life?
any short monologues about affairs and love?
who is the lead in fame the musical?
how can i contact warner bros ?
why is every one sooo obsesed w/ high schoo musical?
Are there any casting calls for the Fox series House?
Do u have to be a straight A student to be accepted into Juilliard?
What happens when a Broadway actor/actress gets sick when he/she has shows to do?
How do you sign up for Disney Channel Auditions?
Does anyone know which theatre on Broadway has a mobile ceiling?
what is the name of that movie about a black couple who has a threesome that goes wrong??? please help?
Who is you top ten most talented actors/actresses?
What to wear to a Disney open casting call?
Can I still get a part in the play even if my name isn't on the callback list?
Whats the best way to get an agent in northern california?
I need help thinking of a name for a play im going to be in shortly.?
Should I pursue a career in acting?
Beckett's Waiting for Godot is a tragi comdedy.But I wanna know in what way does the play show tragedy of men?
Screen Awards - Hrhitik as Best Actor?
Any auditions or casting calls, 16 years old, Australia?
Do you ever feel like abandoning this theatre section because of . . . ?
Is Russell Crowe Australian or Kiwi?
What are some characters i should do for my photoshoot?
Question for Oliver the Musical--Casting Nancy?
can someone please give me information on the costumes in shakespeare's day?
Will I ever become a famous actor?
What should it take to become a popular actress in Singapore?
Why were Aristophanes' works considered literature?
Help Macbeth Question?
if you an actress and you have to kiss in the movie will your boyfriend get mad at you?
What happened in the real Macbeth and what are the differences between that and Shakespeares one for the king?
Merchant of Venice background HELP?