how can i become and acter at the age of 13?
What is Greek Theatre?
i'm looking for Lion king in Hippodrome performing arts center in Baltimore any idea ?
Do you think, Shilpa Shetty's action was an acting?
What to wear to a musical?
Teen Choice Awards question...?
I want to be a director!?
how can i become a successful actress?
How to act flirtatiously sensual on stage?
If I become an actress will I be succesful in this partcular way?
Are there any Acting agents from Minnesota here?
Genuine acting agencies and schools in Queensland, Australia?
Looking for a Shakespeare monologue lasting a minute for a 22 year old male- need to learn by Sat any ideas?
Annie Get Your Gun auditions?
What is your favourite musical?
I want a boy friend, but I'm too busy to spend time with one if I had one. What should I do?
Ideas for a high school comedy?
What are the steps to becomming an actor?
what is the name of ali's movie song?
Should I put on a zombie costume and stagger around the cemetery?
What is the opening song of the Broadway musical RENT? (Not the movie)?
Just Watching The Grease Auditions?
what is a stage manager? and whats the stage managers job?
is colombus short and megan good going out?
Does anyone know of a website that I can get either a script or an exerpt of the play Our Town?
Tomarrow is my first day of Acting Workshop. What should I wear?
Anyone have any role playing websites?
Im going to audition for the play "once upon a mattress" and i need to pratice and sing a broadway style song.
What happens when a Broadway actor/actress gets sick when he/she has shows to do?
Parking question?? 02 arena?? ticketmaster?
How to become a drama teacher within Australia?
Help with the character of Alice in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?
How does the bloody dagger in Macbeth represent guilt?
How do I start directing?
I want to become an actress, but i'mvery young, and I'm to busy?
compare and contrast the two scenes of the first act.Discuss the setting,tone,characters, and issues in these?
what is a phone play in theater?
I want to be an actress so much.?
If you've seen the play "Two Trains Running" could you please tell me what food one of the characters wanted?
what do you know about hughman the actor in exman?
question about acting auditions?
I would like to take acting classes here in Baltimore, Maryland?
Need idea for a funny game/quiz show to present on high school assembly.?
I'm torn between two professions I love dearly. What should I do?
was the actor Cary Grant of jewish descent?
Are movie scripts easy to learn?
I'm a musician (piano/keyboard) who wants to get into a West End show band. Any ideas how?
Where in Iowa can I Get a good Teen acting Career?
who do you think is the best character in the play 'Romeo and Juliet'?
Am I cut out for acting?
what do we learn about macbeth in act 1 scene 4-7?
Questions about Romeo and Juliet?
what is the scissor happy rapunzel monologue?
What can we dress up as??
How high are the balcony seats at Her Majesty's Theatre in London?
funny stunts????
What does this performance quote means?
How do actors from Australia manage to get to Hollywood?
what does this mean....?
How do you audition for High School Musical 2?
could i become a model even if?
What is the best skill to put on resume ?
Why do people say to performers before a show, "Break a leg"?
What is the difference between a degree in Theatre and a degree in Theatre Studies...?
Why does Shakespear put put a storm in the scene?
Is it normal for a modeling agency to want 5 photos of you in a bra and thong?
What are some legit talent agencies in Memphis, TN?
Modernized version of Macbeth, ideas?
What is with all these 12-14 year olds obsessed with acting? Do they realise they have competition?
I need a dramatic scene between a male and a female?
What are my chances of becoming an actress?
is the program sunrise, (for acting) a scam?
has anyone seen pirate mutiny?
what do you do in drama clubs?
Best Musical?
I want to become famous can anyone please guide me or help me?i will be very thankful to him/her?
How do you get more confidence when acting? :)?
I'm 13 years old and want to be a actor any ideas how? safe and secure?
What actor appeared as Roman emperor Commodus in 'Gladiator'?
Hi I'm a 14-year old performer in Hong Kong looking for any auditions/performing offers anywhere around Asia!!
How do i get on t.v with acting ?
How to shed tears / cry in 10 seconds?
What do you think of live double features?
Upbeat musical theater songs?
Did Shane West and Mandy Moore ever date?
Is this headshot good enough to use for an acting audition?
Is it too late to start singing lessons at 14?
If you could be the lead in a play, what part would you want?
Fame the musical question?
what would be some scrapbook keepsakes juliet capulet would have?
Where can u find information about Steel Magnolias(the play)?
I'm trying out for a play... Can somebody tell me "16 measures" of this song?
Audtions Questions???????????????????/?
Drama Lighting Terms Help !?
Looking for a legitimate talent agency to send my baby's head shot?
Does anyone know good sassy/little bit bratty songs?
Acting/Drama schools in England?
What shall I wear to my audition?
I don't do drama in school, will this effect my acting career?
how to give a speach for english teacher to the audience ?
Quote in Romeo and Juliet to show Mercutios opinion of love?
i want to start a acting career parents want something else for me help!!!?
How can I become famous?
what actors would u have play these characters......?
Question about kabuki?
My female ballpython acting strange?
Does any one know where I can begin my acting career?
what is the best way to get my toddler son into modeling?
What should i do as a struggling actor?
which is better...midsummer or julius?
who is playing the leads in wicked, in the westend london production?
disney channel auditions?
Are they acting classes?
I have been offered the main part in Buddy Holly the musical but not sure if I should go for it- any advice?
Could I audition for an extra or something in Catching Fire?
Acting in Chicago?
Please i want to act?
Can you please review my videos?
Good two man scenes for acting class?
What do you think about my short film?
Hairspray Audition Song?
Questions for actors?
The most funny comedy you've ever seen?
What more can I do to become an actor?
Should I work in a video store (like Blockbuster) or in a movie theater?
I got the role of Etcetera in the musical CATS, what all does she do in the play?
Name for my play???
Audition Forms Question?
Name new long acting local anesthetic?
"all the word is a stage..." - is like theater?
How to become an actress?
I'd would like actors' opinions on why you got into acting in the first place.?
I'm 21 years old and find myself to old to start acting after finishing drama school?
WICKED !! So Idina is finished in London......?
How to become a better actor?
How to act this effectively?
I cant understand Act II scene I, Macbeth Help!!!!?
How can I persue my acting career?
what shakesspearean character gushes my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand?
If you have a lot to think about or have had a really tough time memorizing or anything similar answer this.?
does workaholics still play on tv?
pronunciation of the characters in Electra?
Any heard of or like Under Milk Wood ?
Why are people making the High School Musical a big deal?
Acting??? 10 points!!!?
do any of you know any child actors (12 and below) who are boys?
Ideas for starting up a traveling theater troupe?
What do you prefer twilight or high school musical?
Les Miserables Eponine?
Is 21 too old to begin acting?
In The Odd Couple, What line does Felix say to Oscar that Oscar interprets as the “Curse of the Cat People"?
I need a good audition song?
i a'm a actor my height is 5'6 with shoes 5'7 some body say actor need a good that true?
i've always wanted to act in a movie or sing professionally, but i have no idea how to "become famous". HELP!
acting tips?????????????????
how do u meet some of the most famious people?
Is it ok for me to do this monologue?
Can somebody help me find a monologue?
Where can I get this version of Sweeney Todd?
Does anyone know any good agencies or auditions where I can perform Japanese songs or model Japanese styles?
Was there a Broadway based on the movie Sorry, Wrong number?!?
Is the Legally Blonde Musical coming to Australia?
Do u love High School Musical?
I want to be an actor and would like suggestions on where to go?
i need a good agent in from about jacksonville-orlando, florida any ideas?
Does Voice Over work need an agent?
How can i become a famous Actress?
How can i be an actress on disney channel?
Does Anyone Know About Acting Auditions for Teens in New York?
Is This True About Acting Industry?
What is a good idea for a Junior High musical?
I need a skit for two girls and one boy serious and preferably sad. Any ideas?
I want to start a " Glee" Club at my school. So any ideas on how to start one?
Some good talent agencies in L.A.?
Does any one have the "People Watcher" monologue from Carol Shields' Departures and Arrivals?!?
Is this actors headshot good?
Who would you get to play you in a movie biography?
I'm really scared and shy about being in Acting vocation at my high school?
Will you give me tips on how I can becom a STAR!?!?
can i be an actor??????
Although westside story is known as a musical is it still classed as a play?
If you get a talent agent/ manager do they have to live in the same state as you?
I want to start acting, but I'm having difficulty finding classes?
a script for movie/play idea?
I've been thinking of learning how to play a musical instrument?
im auditioning for the jungle book play tomorrow...?
Where can I watch Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging for free online ?
Of the following, which Broadway show do you recommend?
When Lady Macbeth says "out damn spot! out!" is there actually a literal spot or is it figurative?
Film/TV actresses- work availability?
I didnt make it!?
Who is the youngest person to play Elphaba in the musical Wicked?
A monologue for a female teenager for an audition...?
in which country does the action in Macbeth primarily take place?
AHHHHHHHH i want to be an actor!!!!?
If you HAD to star in a musical or motion picture. Which lead role would you take?
How to become superconfident?
Advice for memorizing two 2 minute monologues in 3 days?
I'm writing a musical theater production. Ideas?
hey do u guys know how to do that scare tastics thing like casting to get on the show and scare a friend?
why do entertainers exist? it seems to me that they have no purpose for taking up space in life.?
does anyone here know nelson harrison?
What are some good musical audition songs?
How Do I Cry?
How do i become popular?
When filming a Movie how are the shots filmed, please read on?
Does anyone know any reliable modling/acting agencies?
Inexperienced in theatre,but I really want to be Maria in West Side Story.Am I crazy to think I have a chance?
Where can I find a good recording of an Alabama accent?
A good idea to make a fake T.V. commercial for a modeling class?
Is Tim Curry's 'Dr. Frank'n'Furter' costume on display somewhere?
Alice in Wonderland Jr. audition song suggestions?
Did anyone watch High School Musical 2?
Do I have to take acting classes or....?
Good One Women Scenes?
"Wicked" fans, please answer!?
who likes zac efron as in cute?
Which is more "Prestigious" The National Youth Theatre or the Youth Music Theatre?
Should I wear a mask?
I want to study Musical Theatre, where should I apply?
Is it possible to become members of two unions?
can someone get me the script from i am legend?
Where can I go to lean how to make this kind of script?
i need a monologue i can use for my audition, does anyone have ANY ideas?
What Song and Monologue Would I Use To Audition For Scuttle in Little Mermaid Jr.?
How to become popular?
What should i/we do for the talent show at school?
what type of movie you like the most?
do you like high scool musical?
Has anyone seen this....?
What's the best Shakespeare play to do a project on?
Song suggestions for an audition?
how do people get and find agents for acting?
Wear black for audition?
Crushed Dreams. Anybody wanna lend a hand?
How can i contact J K Rowling either on line or by address ?
Question about acting?
how do i act like dorothy???
How to show young age in monologue?
My mom says I wont make it as an actor because im black, please help?
Summer jobs in Theatre?
Nervous about school play, how do I calm my nerves?
Is it okay for a white person to audition with an african american monologue?
What do extras talk about?
Sandals to an audition?
iam an aspiring actor. how to get a hold of alot of agencies? Or is there a list for agencies in LA/Texas?
I wanna be actor like commercials or films?
TV Studio Audience Tickets?
In the book/play "The Tragedy of Macbeth" , how does Lady Macbeth find out about the prophecies?
comment on my singing voice?
What's your favorite Christmas Story?
movie; boy with the left foot?
anybody knows whs is sudarshan warale?
As an actor/actress. How did you deal with vicious nasty peers?
Elle or Ella? And Why?
what was banquo's reaction to the witches predictions?
Does the RSC let Americans in?
Do you think "taming of the shrew is sexist"??
I want to become an Actor, but i dont know what to do, Help?
do gost exsists?
Does any one know how I can get a literary agent to sell a screenplay?
Where can I get the 13 script?
I need a humorous dialogue!?
I want to be an actress, but I feel so stupid acting in front of my theatre class at school. What can I do?
Extras work/Actor's CV?
are there any plays that kids can do?
The highschool I'm going to?
10 points for someone who can give me the lyrics to "Lonely GIrl" from Strawberry Freckleface!?
Les Miserables Thesis?
What ideas do you have for a costume for a 17 year old boy, going to a costume/dress up party?
How can I solve these problems?
forgetting your lines...?
I want to become an actress.. how'd I do it?
Whats the easiest way to gain your SAG card?
How can a heavily pregnant woman dress up for a "Pirates of the Orient" theme for D&D?
How do I get rid of my stage fright?
I need a song for the Talent Show?!?!?!?
hey everyone i am pretty good at acting i want to act in a show like pretty little liars or anything famous?
Romeo & Juliet Spoof?
Which musical instrument easy to learn ? Gitar or Voilon.?
stage name .. name change - need help?
I shake in front of crowds but im not nervous.?
Has anyone seen the Jesus Christ Superstar Ted Neely farewell tour?
How can I fake falling down a flight of stairs realistically yet safely?
Can't remember name of a play?
how do i become famous ?
Help "Love's Labour Lost", Act 4 Scene 1, Princess' speech?
Which are the banners who play gujarat dramma in Mumbai (Bombay? Their contacts?
does anyone know any web sites where i can sign up for acting auditions?
IDEAS FOR A Monologue?
wht are the best youth talent agencies in la i need won that makes you famous not for the fame?
Who owns the licensing rights to Minnie's Boys?
IFu find "GOOD WILL HUNTNG" had a 3rd writer, who originated it, would it affect Damon's+Affleck's lives, you?
apply to different acting agency while still with first agency?
Do we need to ask permission to do Moulin Rouge?
What are the benefits?
WHat are some funny things i can say about "hamlet" or ask ?
How do you fake cry for a play?
romeo and juliet book question?
How to calm down for actress interview?
list of the musical theatres in usa?
Why is Hamlet so popular? s easy?
Is it worth to take a year "off" before trying to get into drama school?
Which Character sounds the most like me? (Hairspray Auditions)?
What does dignified and distingished and reinified features mean?
Is there an interactive mystery dinner theatre in KS?
why did william shakespeare do a play about richard III?
Which Screenwriting /Script writing software is the mostly used in the market?
How Can I Do Better Then Good Enough When it Comes to Acting?
what musical had the song "anything you can do I can do better?"?
im looking for help on information to start acting because i dont know where to begin.?
I'm an actress currently based in the UK, but would love to relocate to New York. Any advice?
Best American Actress of All Times? Why?
Is making a High School Musical 4 pushing their luck?
Central Casting picture question?
anyone have any good female monolouges for a 15 year old?
Question about the anatuer entertainment?
modeling and acting auditions in chicago?!?!?!?!?
can i become a famous actress even if i had a self harming past?
What Should Our Play Be About? ANSWER FAST!?
Doctor or actress or both?
what is a good dark humor play where an act or piece of it can be done in 5 minutes with 2 guys and 1 girl?
audition for musical?
My headshots, give me your honest opinion, do i have potential?
Into the woods audition pleAse help!?
How can I audition to play Jane Volturi and do I look like her?
I wanna become an actress after my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) here in Malaysia?
What are the differences between illusionary and non-illsuionary theater?
Cover Letter vs. Resume (questions)?
Harry Potter Auditions?
Drury Lane Theatre seating plan please?
where can i find a video of this particular monologue?
Who was Prinz Hamlet's Brother ?
What questions are usually asked in auditions?
Whats the best/most effective way to have a successful career in acting?
where did the grateful dead play thier first show?
YouTube Users?! How do I sing?!?
How to get started in the showbiz industry???
what is the play Chicago about?
What are some good songs that would go along with a Dating Game or related to Super hereos?
Did Mariah Carey get a boob job ?
Why would someone assume I wouldn't know about Abbott & Costello's "Who's on first?" routine?
how do you get an agent?
Dramatic Duet Scene -- Can you help me find one?
rialda kadric actress ex yugoslavia biography?
Who wrote the play car?
where in vancouver canada is nickoldean swindle filming?
Where is a good website where I can find monologues from different broadway musicals?
Is my acting good or bad?
Young Jackie in Grey Gardens the musical?
can i dance good? i made this dance up is it good?
How do you get spotted by an agent?
How many sides does the Globe Theatre have?
How do i try out for a movie?
How to audition for nick ????!!!! ?
Hannah Montana Scrips!?!?
Acting studios in Arizona? ?
can somebody send me a monologues for a teen boy at 13to 14?
Who Loves Ashley Tisdale besides me?
Best way to get into Guildhall, RADA?
Is there anything I can do at home to work on my acting skills?
West Side Story or Romeo and Juliet?
If High School Musical was being put on as a show would you want the cast to look like the film cast?
Wouldn't you wish to be dead sometimes?
Shakespeare play ''Henry v'' question/homework help.?
How can i get over my stage fright?
Student Filmmaker Looking for Actor - Manchester/Bolton Area?
what the heck is monologue??!?
Which Shakespearean monologues for MEN should NOT be used for drama school auditions?
i want to be an actress?
Give textual examples in Romeo and Juliet when romeo is kind to another character?
what teen star played joseph for five years in the play Joseph and the amazing color dream coat?
adelaide festival theatre???? cats musical?!?! please help. ?
Can someone tell me what are the advantages and disadvantage about being part of a union like Equity or SAG ?
Ophelia (Hamlet) Auditions, any tips please?
When the smoking ban begins,will there be no smoking on the small screen,the large screen, or the stage ?
What do talent agencies look for when they want to represent a actor for movies or Television?
What should an Actor know how to do?
Theatre Question? Who can tell?
what are some good scenes?
Will smoking weed damage my acting ability?
How can I be an actress?
What are some good children shows/plays?
directing a community theater play -dance choreographer just bailed. Where should I look for another - free!?
How can I get a grant to help build a community theater in a small to medium sized town in the lower midwest?
Do actors/actresses have to be selfish because of the nature of the job?
Audition help!10 points!!!?
Is it necessary to have a degree in acting/theatre to become an actress on the stage?
How Do I Become Famous????
Someone could tell me the end of The break up (The movie)?
Tips for a new actress?
EF - A Tale of Melodies, or EF - A Tale of Memories?
Do I need to go to acting school to go in auditions?
A Very Potter Musical?
Schoolhouse Rock, Live! tips?
I have applied to over 300 positions and have yet to get an interview. Why?
why are so many people with talent cast in the "chorus" instead of giving them a regular role?
Audition pieces?
Written play with a frog, lion or indian character?
What is the best country to start being an actress in?
help! parent trouble!?
Are there any Acting classes?
Where can I get free stock footage of old 1950's american adverts?
why do we enjoy watching movies/soap operas?
Improv class near SALEM MA?
What are some good comedians?
Duets for competition (under five minutes)?
how do you make fake things look real?
How do i get a resume if im 14?
How to become super famous?
Do you know any tips on being a good actor for a high school play?
10 ponts: what was thw name of the first wife of Michael Corleone?
Any good clinchers for The Taming of The Shrew to show that the marriage is one of convenience.?
how do an 12 year old get discovered to be a model and actress?
How did Mercutio and Tybalt contribute to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?
Transposing music for a musical?
i have a **** script need to make it better?
How can i put on a fake believable voice?
What should i do i have 7 days til the auditions?
Who should I address my cover letter to?
I want to start acting, but I'm having difficulty finding classes?
Face drama questions?
How do I memorize lines?
I would like to know,If Joseph has any thing new coming out any time soon,If so when thanks bridgeguy88?
how do i write a mystery dinner theater ?
Will my accent affect my audition for a school play?
How does Lady Macbeth echo the witches (Act 1 Scene 5)?
How would one dress in the 1900's?
Finding a good agent?
I like acting very much can i get a chance to act in Ekta Kapoor's serial ?
What, in a home could represent morning?
to participate & crieteria for gladrags man hunt contest?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
how to Make it an an actor? :D?
American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA or NY?
does any knoe any good books abaut the career of acting ??
Acted in commercials/movies as a child now a teen...need experience?
Actors to portray Jafar (Aladdin)?
Information On Walt Disney? Dirt, background, history ext?
Acting Career- Starting at 13 years old?
whats a good show tune song for me to sing at my school spring musical auditions?
AM I INDIE?! I think i am but i duno. PLZ HELP how can i change'?
will there be a HSM3?
How do you find acting auditions?
A quick question about casting actors?
Do you think Shakespear really wrote his plays, poems and sonnets are was it someone else?
Has anyone seen the musical wicked??
How do I get over stage fright and how can I improve my acting on my own?
1920s Scenarios?!?!?
Fun if you lived in storyland forest, who would you hang with? 3 pigs,... Goldilocks, see more choices below.?
What is this wierd play I read about once?
I AM 13 and I WANT TO BECOME AN ACTOR (details enclosed + I LIVE IN THE UK)?
ILLATSERTAR, from Hungarian, means what?
How long does it take to register a screenplay under the WGA (online)?
Do you know any poems I can memorize for an audition?
what will it take to become a actor?
I want to be a teen actress?
Who is the best online retailer for cd's and dvd's etc:? And Why?
afraid to of acting class....?
Pygmalion: Help me be understood!?
Playing Cyndarella?
please give me some ideas for a costume to wear for cats the musical. cheap if possible?
In the play a Raisin in the Sun, how is Walter a dynamic character?
How do i get into acting?
please people!!!!i am very interested in acting!!!i am at the age of 14-18...if u noe,,pls tell me!!!!!!pls?
What's the difference between an actor and an actress?
where is the teri hatcher now?
help i am so emberassed?
Do you have to read music well or play piano music in order to be a elementary school voice teachet?
School musical, help?
Are you star Material?
Is Zac Efron going out with Asley Tisdale or Vanessa Ann Hudgens?
I've got madger talent....!?
Good classes or auditions is West Seattle?
IS there any websites that you can type in a song and it will play it for you??
Are these two films the same?
Who is the role of Arvine Abernathy in Guys and Dolls, and how important is he?
Do you have to live in L.A. to be on Disney Channel?
Who is currently playing Elphaba and Glinda in Wicked on Broadway?
Is aishwarya rai dead?
Harry Potter 5?
i a'm a actor my height is 5'6 with shoes 5'7 some body say actor need a good that true?
I wanna act?
Acting Career questions. Is this plan realistic?
I don't live in america. so what should I do to be in "HOLLYWOOD"? How much money I need for that?
who was the 18th century director and teacher of acting noted for defining the craft or technique of natural~?
if you r a childrens writer plz read this?
Musical theatre audition song- female alto, slower song?
Which shakespeare plays are appropriate to be played by someone who is 18?
I've been rejected by the talent agents I sent my resume in to... what can I do now?
can i be an actress? im good at it but i dont have any kind of experience...?
Where can I find the script for "This Is Not Glandular" By Dan O'Neil?
Help with tracking down the script for a play?
Is this consummate professionalism?
what helps you find auditions a manger or an agent?
Acting Tips? please help?
can someone give me a good monologue?
Does anybody know any commericial scripts I could read for an audition?
i got a phone call from john casablancas is this a scam. Do they just want money? Should I believe whats said?
Who plays Puss in Boots in Shrek and Shrek 2?
Where is Disney Channel Studios?
Audition for Meera Reed in Game of Thrones?
Should I try and sign up for crew?
where can i find the play/scene/duet called "Open to Interpretation". Or can someone type the lines for me?
Do TV actors do facial exercises?
What is a better title for a script called "a new life"?
help learning a script pleasse?
Is it possible for a African-American Actress to speak like a native from Africa? Like for a voice acting?
Theater Tech Help!!!!!?
Reviews on my screenplay?
Dose any one know a good web page on the operation of the whole hog 3 lighting console?
Waiting for Godot: Act 2 Scene ?
Can I get an acting agent in a different city?
macbeth... again!?
Please Help!!! Is this a Casting Call and what will i need to bring?
Why is Julius Caesar relevant to English classes?
Please I need to know sites for downloading scripts of plays for Shakespeare and other famous writers?
Porn Agencies in Arizona?
Bad voice, but wanna audition for school play?
How many years of school do I need if I want to be an actress?
Macbeth Act 1 scene 7 question?
What's a good song for a "behind the scenes" video for a high school musical?
How would i go about making a play?
Do high school play directors take into account an auditioner's appearance for a role?
my son is 13 and wants to be an actor where do we start looking for an agent?
If acting takes so much skill, then how come so many models are able to make such an easy transition to it?
'THUS WITH A KISS I DIE' in Romeo and Juliet, IS he espressing EXTREME emotion? thank you so much!?
How to play Tamora from Titus Andronicus?
What was the Globe Theatre?
i just wanna download bollywood movies for will u please guide me out plzz.?
I finally one my mom over but...?
how has ancient greek theatre influenced the theatre of today?
How to become an actor/actress?
What's the difference?
Acting scene 4 females?
Shakespear play i could write a LONG research paper on?
how can I audition as an actor look alike?
Wanna be a rockstar?
I am doing "beauty and the beast" for school.How do I create firework effects for a song on a low budget?
i had a dream.......?
Is the actor/producer Clint Eastwood actively or passively involved in the conservation of wild Orangutans?
What is the best actress??
What is Don Vito Corleone's real name?
know a duologue between two young pple(one has to be a girl)around 17-27 years old that would blow away?
What's the big deal with High School Musical?
What do you think of my videos?
I realy want 2 be an acter?
Do you think Kristen that plays Bella from Twilight is pretty?
Popular plays to reference?
what great musical am i thinking of?
how do you get a movie into the Sundance Film Festival?
Is Josh Lucas sexy?
What should I wear for my audition?
How much does a head shot cost? Where is the place to get one done?
Talent Show Opinion Question?
Who is Jade Coker and is she living in the U.K.?
talent agencies: Atlanta?
What's the funniest female monologue you've ever heard?
Anyeone heard of BAA Management?
Alright I'm auditioning for a tv show?
American Academy Of Dramatic Arts?
Do you know of any musical auditions?
What acting classes should i take first?
Where are "America's got Talent" auditions held?
where can i find plays before the 19th century?
Nervous for school play auditions!?
How to give somthing of myself to you?
All State Choir audition song suggestions...?
Is there a way to watch Naruto episodes online instead of the tv?
Audition for a musical help?
(10 POINTS ) Do You Have Stange Parents ? (Points )?
Is the acting buisness really that hard to start off, & get into? iwant to become an actor but ihear its hard.?
Do you think Jennifer Aniston ever watches "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"?
im 15 and i read that a you can live alone when your that age i want to be an actor?
what happened to Roger Daltry?
is NYU a good school for Musical Theatre?
What are ways to promote effective speaking?
What songs are in Annie Jr.?
How long does a screenplay have to be?
Is Lady Anne's Monologue from Richard III verse or prose?
effect of cinema on youth?
Glee or High School Musical?
What part did Tom Hanks play in Forest Gump?
Does this bad improv experience mean I have no acting talent at all? (long post)?
Is this a good resume for a beginner is mines.?
How they get the role?
All India Stage Plays Companies?
Is eight shows asking too much?
Audition for Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. Any tips?
juliet's mother in romeo and juliet?
Does laura marano have an instagram?
While it is insignificant to say one is greater than the other, who is the greater actor: Pacino or DeNiro?
How do I learn my lines for a play really well?
camp rock or high school musical??
Best Acting Website? Please Help!?
les miserables coming to Detroit?
Is there anyway to make it on the big screen without going to Hollywood?
Which Musical?
movie help?
Need Female/Female Scene from a Contemporary Play?
I need a creative actors from hollywood for my Indian play, what do I do ?
I am doing an audition on the 18th of august 2012?
Stage name help please?
what are the most professional acting agencies in toronto? 100 points!!?
In the play noises off by michael frayn, are there any parts for teens around 13-15?
Im 28 yrs old. Im from london, and ive decided to chase my dream of acting in LA. Am I crazy?
Move to LA next Summer?
how do you pronounce 'Les Miserables'?
I have drama class, and im shy but im in a play right now so should i still be shy?
Mary Poppins on Broadway?
What do you think of this video?
How can I have my own TV show?
places where we work as a assistent director in media field in india?
I'm looking for auditions?
help for my stage fright ?
So I'm going for an audition on Thursday ..?
does anybody role play?
How do you make the t-shirt from the skit everything by lifehouse?
Someone from far is buying my flute with money order?
How can you find out about auditions in professional theater?
who is the sweetest man on earth do you think?
acting classes in montreal?
understudies in plays?
How many movies did Tom Hanks play in and what were the names?
Need female teen monologue for class, needs to be from a play (that i can easily get)?
small skit on "unity in diversity" or " no war lets have peace"?
Is 13 to early to be an actress?
How can I prepare for a high school musical audition? (Not the movie High School Musical)?
How to get into Musical Theatre?
How many actors haven't had any professional training?
Can anyone suggest any amateur dramatics groups to join in North London?
hey friends can u tell me any site for Hindi play script?
Sweeney Todd?
I Need One-Acts?
How do you memorize your lines for an acting part?
Do I have a chance? ?
When casting for the Wizard of Oz.....How?
Anybody know a good song for auditions?
Does anyone LOVE musical theater as much as me, or am i alone on this?
Have you had any experience with your local theater?
Does anyone know where the High School Musical 2 Auditions will be?
hindi play help !?
useful advice please ...?
lion king musical???
How would I construct 12'-16' tall sliding tree silhouettes for a stage production?
Should I get an open shank or a closed shank character shoe to use as a Theatre major?
What monologue should I use to audition for The Crucible?
How do you build a resume ?
we need help on our forensics name!!!!?
Does anyone know of any opera tragedies?
Is this a good sign for theater acting for my daughter?
why does it still say unregistered sim?
where can i download malayalam cinemas?
Help with A Midsummer Night's Dream... what does this mean in modern-times?
where is the audition place in delhi indianidol 4?
Is Joaquin Phoenix working on any films these days?
do they have a janitor at a movie theater? or is it just the employees who clean?
Songs like "I Got Rhythm" ?
How many movies did the american actor James Deen acted?
what is your favorite actor from the 1900's?
can anyone help me find a 4 person scene? ASAP please!?
Audition Song?
I CANT CRY ON STAGE!! Can you help me?
A Very Potter Musical Order of Songs?
how to make what you do look natural like your not using a technique?
What does Romeo stand for in Romeo and Juliet?
who is best - mammootty/kamal hassan?
how can u play speckter gagic on piano what are the notes?
what do you think of Movie >>>"American Beauty"?
I've heard that you should never yell Macbeth in a theatre. Is that true?
Script analysis class?
I need help deciding on an audition song!!?
Should i be a Doctor or an Actress?
in the beginning of macbeth the three witches chant " fair is fowl; foul is fair."?
role play topics which have a meaningful conclusion at the end.a one act play which has characters?
Do you think I can handle this?
How can i get in a movie as an actor, were should find auditions!?
Audition in Three Days, Need a song?
Create a highschool musical / play ?
What does the name Viggo mean?
I have talent, but I have group of people who hate me...?
If you were on a date with Brad Pit and you exultantly farted in front of him what would you do.?
Are there any disney auditions for disney in sav, ga anywhere?
can i audition for camp rock 2 if i live in the uk? which address do i send my photo too if i can audition?!?
Need help with a drug skit?
What should I reenact for theatre class?
Has anyone been in a Harry Potter film, or known someone who has?
Everyone needs to vote for diversity on britains got talent!!!?
Whats the minimum height for become bollywood actor?
Has anyone seen any good shows lately at Second City in Chicago?
How I can get started on acting?
how can I see naked women?
What rule do u wish was urs in any movie, which character r u in that movie and why?
is 5ft 10 to short to play javert in les miserables?
What are some good theatre movies to watch?
help with acting submission?
Which play is Shakespeare's best, in your opinion?
Acting "Black"?
Famous inspiring speech?
How be a voice actor when you have an accent?
Does July in Annie have alot of parts in the play?
19 years old and want to be an actor?
Ipop...have you heard of it?
Julius Caesar question?
plz i want just know how to send a letter or an email to an american actress i hope any 1 help me me_you1897@y
How do you prefer to spell theatre? theater or theatre?
Theatre Districts and Local Companies?
who think high school musical is kool????????????????
Where can I find a really good monologue from?
How does Balthasar find out...?
Can anyone tell me about Portia's role/what she did in Julius Caesar?
Why the red flag in a war/revolution? (like in les miserables)?
What are some legit and good sites to find acting auditions on?
Have you ever seen a play at the prince of wales theatre?
Is this a good headshot?
Who owns the rights for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the musical?
Writers block please can you help?
for a screenplay, does It matter if....?
How does a person get signed to a big talent agency?
For all those performers, i need help! please?
Can I become an actor at 14 (UK)?
Can someone help me put the Lady Macbeth Soliloquy in Act 1, Scene 5 to the music of Hey Mickey ?
Do you like opera?What is your favourite one?
How can I be an actress? What can I do to have an acting career?
what is a good gift for a theater actor?
What's a good way to convince my parents that I will see this through????
Do evil clowns snoop before they pooop?
Campbell agency? reviews please!?
Shakespeare : Macbeth?
A good high school comedy involving mainly males?
How can i find Malcolm Kay from Bramley Leeds who went into the theatre from leaving school in 1965.?
johny depp is white or native american?
Are there talent agencies that cater specifically to Musician/Actors?
where was the play hamlet written?
What is Romeo's Specific expressions of foreboding when he sets off for the party in Act 1?
Do I need a license to direct the Rocky Horror Show at my college?
Need SERIOUS Answers! Best One Gets 10 Points!?
Acting; what else can i do!!!!!!!!?
True or False? In ancient Greek drama, rotating prisms, rolling platforms, and painted panels probably had no?
Has anyone seen, "The Woman In Black" in the theatre in London?
Can you think of a better response?
In the play a mid summers night dream, do any of the characters kiss?
What is the first form of Theater and who, for what, when and where officially started?
Is this a famous acting studio?
Can I still act if I have eczema/psoriasis?
disney channel nation wide open casting calls in florida?
Macbeth Essay Help-Easy Points.?
Just got cast in Pirates of Penzance, character Q??!!?
Acting resume: will I get laughed at?
Did you just see "miley" on kid or teen choice awards!!!?
Is it better for a beginner to start out in theatre or just start auditioning for films or commercials etc?
I have some RSC Hamlet prints how do i find out what they're worth?
I need help finding the most dramatic monologues!?
Demonstrate an Understanding that drama and theater operate through metaphors?
Where to download Macbeth soliloquy reading?
What role does the conductor play in an orchestra?
How would you construct a dummy chorus line?
really need help with drama homework!?
What is your favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?
How do you control stagefright?
is the woman in black still in theaters?
What should I do with Ariana Grande's autograph?
is toy story 3 in 3d still in theater?
What member of the Dreamworks troika was called “The Operator” in a 2000 biography?
2 things Snots at school and talent show trouble Help please?
Theatre Audition Monologues?
The Monologues - what kind of accent for the workshop girl?
Does anybody know the history of Phantom of the Opera?
Have You Heard Of Richard Miner?
Which Actresses do you Like Best?
What is good acting?
I need a musical theatre duet for 2 women, one of whom doesn't sound very good.?
Who was the villain of the play Julius Caesar and was Caesar a good leader?
Name 3 differences between actors today and actors in shakespeare times?
how to walk like a guy?
How to pretended to be pregnant!?
Are there any petitte modeling agencies in USA?
I need gender-bending costuming help. Anyone?
Best European country to live in as an Actor/ film maker?
how shud i compliment someone who had a small role in a play, that they did a great job?
Anyone know if Stephen Caffrey is appearing in any new york city theaters?
what are ways you can become a famous singer?
I am looking 4 a phantom of the opera t-shirt that can someone help me?
How do you do a sidewalk scene in a stage play?
Where can I find a list of characters from the HBO hit - The Soparnos?
What should I sing for auditions for Hello, Dolly?
Are actors party animals?
I used to play only bamboo flute. I wish to purchase one key flute. what will be the approx value in indian rs
Is it possible to be a Pharmacist and an Actor?
How do you get an agent in Oklahoma at age 14?
What's a good monologue about something Beginning from a play?
What beatles songs relate to Romeo and Juliet?
are there any open auditions for a 14 year old in movies or on a tv show??
Who is the main character in Wicked?
how do u get rid of stage fright and what are tips for doing good on stage if your acting?
When doing an improv, the actors must create characters, place,and be involved in a problem called a____?
Monologue pertaining to the new year or resolutions?
I need help to dress like a mom!?????!!!!?
Manager in Los Angeles?
What would be a good starter for a monologue?
What comedic sitcom did Megan Mullally guest star as a girl who was hard of hearing?
Song ideas for Alice in Wonderland audition?
Can anyone tell me which monologue is this from? ?
Is method acting something re:acting methodically?
How can I tell if I am a good actress?
Musical Question...?
How do i become famouse!!!!!?
What is the best Acting Method?
What do you think of my plot for a story? I don't know if it should be just a story, or a play?
what song would be good to play in the background for a music video of the holocaust children?
how do i put together a resume for an audition if i have never done anything in theatre?
should animals be used for scientific experimentation?
What college degree(s) are recommended for aspiring actors?
looking for a taping of a play entitled THE SUM OF US?
Can you help me find free online monologues for ages 10-12?
Check this out...something I filmed?
Where can i apply for an audition to be in the movie "Catching Fire" ?
How to become Famous?
people who've seen beauty and he beast on bway...?
why does it take forever for actors to be on a show?
how should the layout of a teen acting resume be?
You like of the Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo? And of the actor Rodrigo Santoro of the series Lost?
How to become an actor? (Worth 10 points)?
Does King Lear have one plot of two? Please explain cause Im confused!?
Compare/Contrast the tragic hero Macbeth to the Byronic hero Heathcliff.?
What are the best acting schools in Chicago that offer a degree, and is Chicago a good town for acting.?
What is nero the musical about?
Where can I find Myspace layouts from the Musical Wicked!?
"You just seem like an actress!" Should I be taking this to heart?
I love to act, just hate to audition?
Rosencratz and Guildenstern are dead "the overoll potrayal of Hamlet"?
What do you think of a female actor being called an "Actress" vs being called an "Actor"?
talent audition at JRP Talent in the morning?
writing monologue about amy winehouse?
1. In what ways were Tony and the narrator's grandfather alike? (1 point)?
What is the best acting school in Los Angeles?
Is there any other way to become an actor without going to los angeles?
is john robert powers?
How do I break the habbit of laughing in the middle of a big scene?
When and where are The Suite Life of Zack and Cody auditions?
How do you become an actor/actress?
Theatre Conflict Scenes for Two?
What should I wear to a matinée of Les Miserables in San Fran?
Would having a mole on my face acting my chance of doing some acting?
Why are Les Paul Studios less money?
Is my voice good enough for voice over acting, or radio?
Who's the best actor in this video?
How can you get agents for acting?
90 second ventriloquist act?
where is Porgy & Bess playing currently?
Whats your favorite broadway musical?
Romeo and Juliet Help?
Is Barbizon modeling agency a scam?
How do I become an actor?
What are some short one act plays for college students? preferably a comedy.?
How to know or learn from TheFastTheFuriousTokyoDrift about human life cycle or the frame of social security?
Good "upbeat" audition song for 1st soprano?
where was river phoenix buried?
how do actors act without thinking of life?
What film has moved you the most?
female parts in billy elliot?
Are there any comic scenes from plays with nazis in them?
if i'm asked to sing the song "easy street" for an annie audition...?
What would you wear to the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
ref: acting schools/colleges etc. if anyone can help with this id be most grateful?
On a actors resume, can one list a play they were cast in but didn't actually perform?
I'm writing a play. Help!?
Script remembering problems?
How can I act young in my drama performance?
Thoughts on my acting?
I really want to be a famous actress, famous singer or telivison presenter its my dream but should I forget It
i have an audition tomorow and dont know what to wear?
Showboat audition help?
If Lady Macbeth was a color , which would she be and why?
What exactly is a monologue?
what are some love quotes from musicals?
How do I contact The Palace Theatre in Georgetown, Texas?
i am looking for the 3rd actors name in the movie making love with kate jackson and harry hamlin?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO if?
Could I become an actress?
Song to go with Mercutio's Death?
So i have a choir audition this saturday...?
What is a "Hollywood Ending"?
what's the best way to learn lines for a play?
Any ideas for this drama skit?
How to know or learn from TheFastTheFuriousTokyoDrift about human life cycle or the frame of social security?
How can I become an actress?
Modeling agency? Neal hamil?Scam?
i my name is amber and i am 14 and thinking of auditioning on Britian's got tallent 2010 i am scarded shall i?
Ideas for my school's musical and play?
help on writing a monologue related to being scare to go onstage???
What are some funny Character names that I could use in a Seussical jr. performance?
How do i become famous?
Writing Children's Theater Script?
The Aristocrats; Funny or not?
Should i put this in my resume?
would mailing to acting agencies be pointless right now?
With money, can i become an actor ?
is it possible?
Do they not let shy people into Theater in high school?
Good? if not help?
How to become an actor or voice actor?
can anyone tell me how i can get a learnership in america?
what's your favorite part about being an actor/actress?
Kid roles in hairspray the musical?
Private acting coach in Northern CA?
Lea michele ,the next Idina Menzel?
should I become an actor?
Suzette character in Almost, Maine?
Would *you* credit the notion T. rex was a pack hunter if new science hinted at that being fact?
why was william shakepeare called the bard?
What can you tell me about your experience with method acting?
Are there any open uk auditions at the moment ?
name of british red haired actor who stars in a film not out yet about missing child set in asia?
Suggest important qualities of Burgess Meredith as an actor?
Has anyone ever heard of NODA?
what in your opinion, is the greatest Musical?
Good agents for actor?
What song should I sing?
Give me an eample of a drama?
what is seamless film editing in films?
did true love exist between Romeo and Juliet's relationship. They only spent 3 days together!!!! Thanks guys!?
i am looking for many penfriends around the world , male or femail to improve my english .how could you help?
Catherine-Zeta Jones's performance in Chicago musical better than Zellwegger? Which one is better?
What is a good monologue for me to use?
Any suggestions for monologues to audition for Arsenic and Old Lace?
what is miller's message in the play 'death of a salesman'?
Where can I find and buy the play 'Perpetual Care' by Jocelyn Beard?
what do you think about High School Musical?
I need help with Macbeth!?
A twist on a classic story?
Where can I get a monologue for "I'll be back before midnight"?
Open Casting Calls For Teen girls?
Where can I find HSM script??
A Monologue FROM Footloose (Female)?
do you like Caspian, Peter, or Edmund best for their looks?
Musical Theatre audition help. Obscure versus popular?
is this an ok photo to use as my acting headshot?
is there any good casting websites for theatre?
Hi, I'm 13 and I love acting?? What to do?
who is your favorite actor and actress and why?
has amtc ever hired someone from a amtc convention?
Any opinions on Gem Theater in Detroit, MI?
The Crucible Play Help With Quotes From Act 2?
How can I check my name for equity?
How does a straight actor play gay scenes? Help please?
does anyone know why brecht wrote galileo?
i like to meet people but i m afraid of the stranger ,what can i do ?
How can I help my daugther with her acting class?
What does this excerpt from Shakespeare's "King Lear" mean?
Help deciding my audition song?
What is the symbolism of the location in "The Glass Menagerie"?
Do i have an accent? 0_0?
How do you get started becoming an Actor/Comedian..?
How did Shakespeare's plays and poems become thought of for only highbrow intellectuals?
How do you...?
How can I become more CREATIVE?
How do I perform the lead in my first ever play without looking stupid?
Much ado about nothing?
I'm currently in my first year studying acting and have just got over a really bad throat infection,?
Where are the Disney Channel acting agencies?
Anyone interested in joining a theatre group in Pembroke Dock area?
Does Anyone Know Anything On Any New Casting Calls???????!?!?!?
¿what does a person needs to be a movie director?
OK i want to see the Broadway production wicked. and i wanna no 1) was it good?
How can you tell if someone is a good actor/actress?
how do i convince my mom to move to LA so i can move on with my acting career?
Dramatic Teen Monologues 1 minutes long?
Help me. i need the full version of the play, what theatre really is- by james saunders.?
I'm trying to find scripts of Carol Burnett sketches to use with my Drama Club?
does anyone know where on the internet I can read the play "Lies, Lies, Lies" by Pat Gabridge? Help please!!!
How can I get into acting? Tips? 10 points! ?
I want to try out for American Idol when I am older, but I have really bad stage fright.?
Macbeth Quotes about staff?
why did hollywood become film capital of the world and not new york city?
Which Shakespeare play does the '7 seasons of man' come from?
Who is the most beautiful person in your life?
Would the TV show SMASH count for thespians?
Help..acting a scene in front of the whole class tomorrow?
Are diamonds a girl's best friend?
Is this actor sexy or what?!?
How i be a good model or actor?
What are the different levels of high school choir?
what is the difference between english and irish comedy??
the art of miming info please?