I need help on performing in front of a large group!?
Part-time Acting Schools In Manhattan?
Help with the musical Annie?
Can you tell me the name of this theatre production/play?
Is it possible for a normal person to become a BRILLIANT filmmaker?
I really need suggestions on popular characters!?
Best age to get started on acting?
What act and scene does Hamlet say "The play's the thing"?
Advice for a young singer who wants to pursue musical theatre?
I want to start a theater group for teens in my area. Any ideas on where to start?
Drama costume (details below)?
What's the name of the new movie theatre near 95th and Rt 59 in the Naperville/Aurora area?
I heard on 98.7 amp radio about auditions to be on a tv show with Justin bieber and Selena Gomez,is it a scam?
Acting information? VERY URGENT.?
would a monologue from romeo and juilet be appropriate for...
I need Help I need a Christmas Caroler Group that is out of Delaware That i can book to sing at my wedding?
i need a 30 sec monologue!! 12-15 years old! answer ASAP please!!!!?
I need an absurdist monologue from a play other than Rhinoceros. Does anybody know of one?
what new releases of cds just came out upto about a month or 2.plz help i am starting a cd (buiz(bootleg?
Insurance and Permits and Releases for short film? Help?
About voice overs do you have to go to school for it?
What would be a good story for a modern day Shakespeare play?
Do you know of any good musicals?
Wizard of Oz or Hook?
when did fourth wall acting start?
who's off american idol?
Twilight spoof play ideas? And what should bella wear?
Aniston or Jolie?
Why is macbeth a tradegy?
night of the living dead 3-d?
How can I make it in Los Angeles to be in casting?
What play did this monologue come from?
What are the best...?
Does anyone remember this PBS kid's show?
acting audtions in dallas texas?
How do they make the ads for DirecTV?
what should i do for play production?
Whats happening in this part of Macbeth? ?
I'm looking to be in a movie, but I dont know where to start!?
macbeth is a play about qualities of a good king - essay topic?
Help? I want to be a Hollywood actress at 14? :)?
Actors question?? is this too slutty for a scene?
One Act Play: What do you think of my acting?
Shakespeare audition...should I use accent or no?
What is a good song to do for a school talent show?
What are props needed for the Macbeth play in ACT 3 SCENE 1?
sick boy or true actor ?
I need monologues!!!?
How else can i get into acting?? without doing theatre?
How can you get in to acting?
How many acting gigs can a young african american male get for acting?
Where would I find information about the musical, Way Out West I'm a Dress?
acting-plz help?
ella fitzgerald and george gershwin:Broadway?
Can you suggest an appropriate play?
Is the musical "Chicago" available for purchase?
How to write to actress Cloris Leachman?
Is knowing how to play guitar good for acting?
what is a monologue?
How many acting classes should you suppose take before auditioning?
I live near chester in the UK and want to be an actress, i dont know how to get started! Please help!?
What was life like as an actor in Elizabethen England? I have to do a poster on it.websites wud also help. plz
In need of a One Act!! (comedy)?
I'm auditoning for sandy in grease?
I have the flu, feeling Not well, have rehearsal tonight for musical, should i go?
wicked theatre show ?
what are the 2 types of musical theatre or musical theatre singing? and the examples of them?
what i is the worst way possible to die?
Can you name the movie?
If the world is a theatre like they say, then where the audience sit?
Dose anyone know how to get into the acting business? I really want to know.?
Monologue: Looking for Affair or Lust Monologues?
acting work?
how do i cry on cue?
Antigone quote meaning?
Famous songs to play when giving out championship medals and awards?
how can you audition for the clique movie?
how do you get a acting agent in the uk?
What is two things only two british men can do together?
Is it ok for an aspiring actor to laminate his headshot and resumé together back to back?
Is it too late for me to play the Piano?
Question for Oliver the Musical--Casting Nancy?
I am auditioning for the part of an evil witch or stuck up queen...I need to sing a song...suggestions?
I want to act so bad!? plz help me?
I have an audition...and i dont know anything about the play?
Good theatre songs to sing for my school's variety show?
how can i act like cat valintine?
Are any of the historic theaters in Downtown Los Angeles big enough to host broadway style musicals?
What should I do about this?
Would "Cough Syrup" by young the giant be a good audition song for Rent?
Can someone answer these questions on Topeng Theatre?
So when i find an agent..?
Which area of the Globe Theatre did the fire in June 1613 commence?
Auditions for Disney Channel?
is there a way to be casted for a movie or tv series if you don't live where the movie is filmed?
How many lines does Maxine have in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?
To be or not to be, that a question?
How to become an actor?
where can i get an audition?
How to produce musical demo's?
HELP!!!!!!! i am freaking out about my audtion please HELP!!!?
what's slang for tabloid magazine?
how to get famous?????? help plz?
How to begin an acting career?
If there's a brief phone call at the start of a monologue, is that alright for an audition?
Does anyone know any legitmate agencies someone interested in acting could go to in the Atlanta area?
Ready to Take the Plunge?
What are some good ideas for a 10 minute play?
should i quit acting?
I got the lead role in one act play but i have alot of lines to remeber any tips on remebering them?
About Sleeping Beauty play?!?!?!?
Jobs for work experience in Drama, Media Studies or English Literature?
If you could have any part in a musical what would you choose?
Any tips for reading a monologue in an audition?
How Do I Become A Disney Channel Star?
Can one learn how to act at the age of16 and have a good acting career ahead? Is it too late?
Good audition songs for Belle from Beauty and the Beast?
how is theatrical lighting used?
i want to be an actore does any1 noe any places to go in nyc for auditions?
Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone...?
What are legit open casting call websites ?
Who is theactress that plays the IRS agent on "Jericho"?
How to become a succeful actor?
If Superman had a daughter, what would be her name?
I really want to become a model/actress, but im afraid to tell my mother. Help?
Where do I find the 'Find me' Monologue from the play by Olwen Wymark ?
what r ur talents?
How to become a voice actor?
useful advice please ...?
How does a person join the Actors Equity Association?
Golden Globe, Oscar, Emmy, etc... What's up with these fancy awards?
Is One Source Talent-Atlanta legit ?
Good idea for a play?
would my stage name be any good?
Composing musical notes and symbols what they mean?
how can i be on tv? i want to meet Miley Cyrus?
How does one become a Casting Director (or generally involved in film)?
I need an idea for an article...anything anoyone?!!please!?
The best agencies in the midlands for extras?
does anyone know the name of the name of the actor who played micheal in cowbells on disney. i also need pix?
Which of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas is your favourite?
do you know where i can find any female monologues on the internet?
I'm going to become an Actor!?
I have been offered the main part in Buddy Holly the musical but not sure if I should go for it- any advice?
Theatre Question? Songs?
What should I sing for this audition?
Those who have seen The Phantom of the Opera in London?
STAND UP COMEDY - Does anyone have comedic themes with examples of what makes a routine funny?
bye bye birdie ensemble?
What kind of poison did Romeo drink?
I currently live in la and im looking for a good school or academy to study acting which doesnt break the bank
School play...first kiss?
How can you deal with making a fool of yourself in acting?
Who's your favorite actress or actor?
Is this school a public school?
What should i be for haloween?
How do you become an actor/actress?
I need a funny monologue for my musical auditions and I can't find any at all! Someone please help me!!!!!?
What prop would you use?
Should we go see Hamlet, The Comedy of Errors, or The Lion in Winter?
Where can you get auditioning information for 'Cho Chang'?
An instrumental sad song?
HAMLET! please help with this question?
I would like to become an actress but i don't know where to go? and do you have any advice on acting? thanks!
Where can I get information for casting and sending audition tapes in?
Is it justified to have a hidden desire for oscar awards for the film industry outside hollywood?
Tips on playing Drbney in Don't Drink the Water?
does anyone know where jean claude is from?
What contacts are actually useful in this years Contacts? (For Actors)?
Should i go for an acting career regardless of ethnicity?
A question about Macbeth...?
I have some questions about Julius Caesar...?
I need a good idea for a monologue?
y do people always sing but cant sing and they no they cant and if u dont like this ? o well ugly people?
How do young actors become famous so young.?
I have 2 SAG voucher's from the early 2000's.... What now?
How to overcome the fear of preforming a play in front of about 50-100 people?
How exactly does work?
why will actors not die in films?
Where can I get Three Screenplays by Edward Burns in the UK?
What plays/playwrights do you not have to pay royalties or get rights to do?
What are some good colleges for voice acting?
Into the woods audition pleAse help!?
Am I Too old For Acting, advice?
How to become an actress?
Copyrights on script/screenplay?
Can turning down nude or sex scenes as and aspiring actor hurt your career?
acting agencies? open auditions on Columbus OH?
Film based on a GREAT play!?
Titanic: my own musical?
Acting camps for a 14 year old girl?
I want to become an actress, and I need help?
i need an idea to continue this script!?
Monologues for 13 year old girls?
What is the synposis of the play "Night Luster"?
Can you recommend me a good site or blog about acting techniques?
Freshman looking for a short monologue for School Play?
Is you model and legitimate?
Casting Calls. Acting. Etc.?
what makes a play a tragedy?
What is a good Shakespeare play scene for two people?
I'd like to expand my (slow) acting carrer. I'd like to do commercials, but don't know where to turn. i'm 13.
You Be The Director!?
please help.very important.?
Need help memorizing notes?
Am I pretty enough to become an actress?
how to get discovered in modeling and acting?
Help how to convince my parents to let me act?!?
what religion is Tony Evans?
what is the main role for a girl in the play the spell of sleeping beauty?
Glee auditions being posted?
I turn 22 this wednesday. Im jus curious is 22 too late to even consider acting?? being an actress??
What is it like to act in a Shakespearean play?
do any of you people think i can become an actor?
How do you do a Vampire Accent?
I need help for ideas for a?
How do u like the movie/broadway show RENT?
where can i buy a pretend pregnancy bodysuit?
If I were to do the make-up for the characters of the Opera " Gianni Schicchi', how could I get info to do it?
Does anyone know what new characters are in Harry Potter 7?
is there gonna be a high school musical 3?
do you think the song "Dentist" from Little Shop Of Horrors would be a good audition song?
Just a few questions about becoming an actress in Australia?
Airfreshner ; most used in theatres ?
How is the acting scene in toronto? I know most roles for film/tv are cast out of l.a. and ny?
I Love Lucy Set in LA?
Please list all of the darling children in Peter Pan?
does anyone know agood monologue?
Which of these stage names sounds best for me?
How do you start a bear race?
acting applications online?
Which one is good Jekyll or Hyde?
Starring in an indie film a good way to get an agant/start my acting career?
should i take a chance?
What is a good audition song?
explain the apparitions of macbeth?
Shakespare Translation Please for A part in Romeo and Juliet?
A little night music question?
Romeo+Juliet article.?
Questions about Acting classes?!? 10 points!!?
Know of any actors under 20?
Is there a such thing as a school to become a magician?
Is 17 too old to be an actress?
Where Do You Go To Audition For SM Auditions?
what is an asm/understudy?
Do you go to school to become an Actor?
How does a 14 year old get famous?
How do you think Catherine Hardwicke did with directing Twilight?
My School is doing an opera by Gilbert and Sullivan (Trial by Jury)?
I would love to start acting, but I have no experience. How do I get started? HELP!!?
Am I too tall to be an actor?
can u please help me?
What audition song is good for The Stingiest Man in Town?
Who are your favorite musical theatre stars, and why?
Is having no talent a talent?
do you enjoy gospel songs from black people or white people?
How can I become famous?
Acting help?
::poof:: You suddenly find yourself on stage...?
what do you have to do to ace an audition?
I am looking for a skit or entertainment that a small college staff can present to the college board.?
What is a good gay dramatic Monolouge?
what would be your dream musical to perform in?????
Whats a good title for this christian play?
Do you have to be pretty to be on Disney channel?
How can my mouth keep up with my brain?
Do you have any tips on memorizing lines fast? ?
Writing a Play! Desperately need help! Please help?! (10 POINTS)?
What's longer than for eternity? Timewise!)?
A question for any actors/actresses out there? Ad hoc?
What outfit is good to audition for a play?
Is Jackass 2 still in theatres?
Why are we doing your homework?
Could I become a successful actress at the age of 21 ?
Why does looks play a great role in life?
What is the most reputable modeling agencies in San Francisco,Ca.........?
How to deal with mean theatre colleagues who are in your major.?
what do you think of my movie idea?
Are there any Forums for Acting?
Where can I find good acting classes in the Austin, Texas area?
Looking for a post-1980 musical theater style solo piece for a bass-baritone.?
Hairspray-The Musical Question?
How do you become a voice actor?
did zac efron really kiss ashley tisdale in the suite life of zack and cody in episode odd couples?
is zac efron hotter then chuck norris????
How do you become a movie star in Europe?
Acting!!!! Please help!?
I'm trying to get into acting by starting off at theatre but how? Advice pls?
Is this a scam audition? Please help.?
Questions about acting from an American for people living in England?
where can i meet casting agents?
Should I switch my Accouting major back to a Radio & Television major with only 3 semesters left?
What parts in Fame do I have?
After a callback how long does it usually take to hear if you are on avail?
Memorizing strategies?
How do you join the technical theater union in portland Oregon?
Where can I find acting aditions on the web?
How to become an actor in ireland at 14 ?
Why would the play The Taming of the Shrew be an appropriate choice for a performance at an all girls school?
Who Is your favorite Actor or Actress?
Where can I find a video of Thomas from Smoke Signal saying "Hey Victor!"?
What is the website for the disney channel world-wide talent search?
dose any one no how i can meet dylan and cole sprouse? or get an acting career or sumthing?
Audition info for Bond 22?
Do you know an acting school on Vancouver?
West Side Story music help?
the bullet is the symbol of drama. wat is the history of this symbol?
Question for ameuteur actresses?
How do porn actresses not get pregnant?
How can I become famous?
Where can I rate australian actors?
is their a movei on the Mistika?
how do i become an actress at the age of 14?
Will Rent Tours continue?
How can you audition for a role in movies?
What would it cost to fund the costumes from Guys and Dolls, the Broadway musical?
acting question?
there is a girl in the bbc series mi-5 (older episodes) who plays an american FBI agent who has affair?
Does anyone know how to make musical cards?
A play with many characters?
What should I do for the talent show?
Who is the most famous actor and actress In the world?
Is there any good scenes for more than 2 actors in Spring Awakening?
Should I try to get my child into an acting career?
symbolism and irony in the play "You Can't Take It With You"?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory?
What exactly is a callback and is it good to get one?
I enjoyed Mamma Mia on Broadway... and i'm a straight male.... Does this mean i'm gay?!?
PLEASE HELP ANYONE (Maybe I am a little dramatic)?
Can I be a scene kid too?
15 year old guy, loves acting, starting a career?
Rent is closing on B'way- Opinions?
I am filling out this one thing? (picture included)?
how do i come up with a great monologue in 1 day?
Is there any place online that I can ask for donations?
Is James Pentaudi's agency (albany talent) legit?
Julius Caesar/Macbeth?
How does a person find a job in the filming industry offices?
Does anyone know how admissions work when it come to acting/theatre majors?
Becoming and actress?
do you think i could make it as a disney star?
Want to become an actor... How can I start trying?
is legit?
how do the oscars work?
Is having no talent a talent?
What does Mrs. Darling do in a Peter Pan musical?
Are these good headshots to give to agents?
Has anyone ever heard of salano youth theater?
jobs for resting actors? ideas please?
Should I take any job?!?
Acting auditions anywhere?!?
How did actors in the globe theater indecate being outside.?
Does anyone know easy ways to become famous?
How can I make my dream come true?
what is the name of marya care movie?
Does anyone have pictures of the international Wicked casts?
If I am 15 how can i get into the acting buisness? like commercials?
What to write in Cover Letter?
Movie script help please?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
does SAG operate in the united kingdom?
Besides Wicked and Momma Mia, can someone recommend a great Broadway or Off Broadway show?
I want to act on Disney but I don't have any experience.?
Is it alright to move around while performing a Monologue? ?
Will One Direction be attending the Teen's Choice Awards ?
Any good free resume makers? Sending it to a talent agency?
please i need help so i wont make a mistake!?
How can I cut down the musical Batboy so its about an hour long?
What is this equipment called used in acting?
does anyone know if there are auditions for high school musical 2?
Is it okay to speak a song from a musical for an audition?
How are the main themes developed in the first three scenes of the play, Henry IV part 2.?
Does anybody happen to know if this monologue is from a play?
Monologue for a Godspell audition?
i need a monologue for an audition. i am 14 years old and female.?
Blood Brothers School Musical?
I am looking for a script of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. ?
What is a good website for acting?
What is a good song to sing at an audition?
I am auditioning for a musical & was asked to prepare a 30 second british accented monologue...any suggestions?
Indie film acting auditions in Minneapolis, MN?
I'm a teen & I was wondiring if I can I model for Elite Chicago if I live in Indianapolis???
). Assuming actor #1 plays Oedipus throughout the play (and only Oedipus) who would actor 2 and 3 play?
Can i be a actor if i have a fissured tongue?
looking for a cristian song in spanish?
Nervous about auditions?
ideas for my audition?
Quotes from Romeo and Juliet?
Musical auditions coming up (it's Oklahoma!)... help!?
where can i get bethoveen violin sonata no.5 'Spring' First mov. for violin and piano?
Shepherd scene in 'Oedipus Rex'...?
What are the three rules of improv?
Am I crazy for being 17 and totally into High School Musical?
Do you have to go to acting school to be in a film at a young age?
agency info plzzz!?
I need infomation about my character in Aladdin?
who is jina lulu brigida?
Can you start acting at the age of 18? Or do you have to start early?
What are some good Bertolt Brecht plays?
Who do you think is hotter from kyle xy Josh Tregger or Decklen McDonna?
Les Miserables audition process... ?
Favorite Musical?
Can i be in commercials or movies?
HELP! need scary skit ideas?
Being a recruiter/casting agent for TV?
What's your favorite play or musical?
I'm 13 years old and I want to become an actress?
Whats a soliloquy ? 5*?
I have a friend in my film crew I want to kick out, but I can't. Advice?
What exactly are film festivals?
Are there any open auditions in Los Angeles for teenagers?
Legally Blonde the Musical songs for each character?
ok people i have a question involving a 13 year old kids future?
What is the method that actors use to memorize all their lines?
auditing for a musical?
How to audition for Nick or Disney?
stage fright!!!!! please HELP????? please?
I have a problem easy question?
What is a good song for someone who sings base who is auditioning for the Wizard of Oz?
What should be on an acting resume?
What should I major in!?!? (Talk Show/Actor)?
My parents don't support my decision to be an actress (long story)?
I need a Panto Script?
In what way would an elizabethan audience react to the theme of magic in shakespeares play the tempest????
Confussed...Should I go for my dream, or for what I think is right?
How long does it take to beat final fantacy 13?
does anyone know whay "the book of X " is?
romeo and juliet?
What inspired/influenced the play writer Brecht?
Dance or Theater Arts?
Someone,important to you is leaving out the door and never coming back.&You can only say one word to stop them?
I'm Chloe I'm 13 and my dream is to be an on screen actress but I'm fat and ugly and im 5ft 9in i go to drama.?
What it be right to take headshots like this...?
What's your favourite musical?
In Act 1 of Spring Awakening when Melchior and Wendla meet in the woods, do they kiss?
The best movie of all time?
What is the name of the movie about a butler and family who gets shipwrecked and the butler takes charge?
Original rocky horror picture show script 1974?
All you BBC fans out there, Do you think Benny Hill is funny?
Why Is It...?
Is 20 To Old To Begin An Acting Career?
Help me find a picture of this Actor !!!!?
What do i wear to the globe theatre?
Where care i find a copy of the script for The Little Foxes online?
Everything I need to know about the play "I remeber mama"?
The first Tony awards ceremony was held on April 6, 1947?
why are older plays still performed in theaters?
Would ethnicity take a role when trying to get an agent/acting career?
Juliet is practical and eager to act so that she and romeo can be together early in the play, Romeo is _______?
Can you be an actor if you have a camp/gay voice?
is being a porn star a good idea?
Hello! future kids of america!!!!?
Good place to find acting auditions?
What are the simularities of Horror and Comedy?
Names & Addresses of down town theatres?
How to get work in film Industry, Bollywood.?
does anyone know exactly which scenes in borat were staged and just how much??
Who is Wynter Gordon?
I have a question about auditions ?
Is voice acting a hard field to get into?
How would you write a letter to Juliet if you were Paris? (romeo and juliet)?
what are some basic facts about William Shakespeare ?
What makes a Theater company to be Broadway or off-Broadway or even Off-Off-Broadway ?
where can I find a live recording of "Hairspray" ?
What does it take to be a talent manager?
Would you take an actor who had this in his portfolio? Or would you say he's still a little wet behind the ear?
Help!!! i need help! please someone answer me?
how do actors/actresses cry in movies?
Whats an example of where the chorus in antigone add entertainment (line reference please!)?
Shy girl,grease play!!!?
i need a sad dramatic monologue for free?
how do actors/actresses cry in movies?
Could you please help me to answer this question in Drama?
Are there any Disney Channel TV shows having auditions and casting right now?
what is your VIEWPOINT ? who is the best actor and actress in hollywood ?
What is the odds of going on broadway?
How do I handle a wardrobe malfuntion on stage?
Acting Classes In Bunbury WA?
How to find actors for your movie?
What is Bruno Pelletier up to these days?
how could i get an agent?
Should an aspiring film director take acting classes?
How to be an actor if living in Sudbury ,Canada?
fiddler on the roof?
What form of dialect is the play "The Crucible" using?
I have a monologue for class, what should I do?
Who in the world is Rory Emerald?
what are the films of "kate winslet"?(all of them)?
Monologues From Movies?
Romeo and Juliet forshadow?
What songs can I play for an interactive Bible theater?
is it bad luck to say 'Macbeth' and 'good luck' in front of a theater that has the play Macbeth?
i had a dream?
How do I find the emotion to cry on que? I want to get to the place where I feel the emotions my character is.
What do you think of this...? Rough draft?
Should I add student film work to my resume?
What is your favorite play and why?
If you could star in any musical or write your own, what would it be?
How shite was the the acting from Charlie (top gurner)and Tracy(bad lap dancer) in corry the other night?
Real World Audtion tape?
one minute dramatic monologue?
can some one help with annie jr. accents?
I'm playing Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, can you help me with the accent?
Does anyone have any suggestions for monologues/songs for college/conservatory acting auditions?
How do you submit a play to Deep Dish Theater?
How do I fit in Auditions for myself and 5 year old daugther when I have to work in office for paycheck.?
Tell me a little bit about Wicked on Broadway. Is it a good show? how do you get a back stage pass?
Is Les Miserables an appropriate book for a teenage girl?
can anyone tell me where i can find out about open casting calls in Los Angeles?
What is timing??
What to do about Into the Woods role?
Acting agencies in England?
I'm an aspiring actress & I need help?
can you give me some summer playshops.....?
What the Name of the Theatre wear Shakespear performed all of his Plays ?
Acting classes for teens in NYC?
How do you become an extra on tv/film?
Okay, so I tryed out for the school play, The Sound Of Music, and...?
where to buy discoint theatre tickets?
If I'm looking for a script to produce, do I have to send the writer of a script a release form to sign?
Can anybody help me come up with a Dramatic Play?
How to get into acting when there is no opportunity?
Where can someone find casting calls movies?
Dark Comedy or Airhead Monologues for Girls?
What is your favorite piece of intense acting?
plz help, i am making a skit?
Which Shakespeare play does the '7 seasons of man' come from?
i need a really good dramatic or comedy monologue for teens!!! ASAP?
Film acting vs. Live Theatre?
Please, please help me :(?
I really want to be an actress...?
How do actors make it in Hollywood?
Who is Palmered Hackle?
what is your favorite LOVE song?
Is it possible to maintain a full-time job and pursue acting?
Who are the best Indian teachers / guru of Bharatanatyam (Bharata natyam Bharatnatyam Bharathanatyam)?
How to practice acting skills?
What are some ways to be up on stage?
What should go with my headshots and resume in the portfolio?
where do i need o start at acting?
Advanced beginner broadway songs for a male teen?
Do you know 'Farouk Thoyer'?
What makes a good actor?
Acting or Plays In Las Vegas?
Does this acting school seem "legit"?
I Want to Become Famous?
actors: what do you do to calm ouy nerves before you perform?
Where can I find free sound effects for a Drama production?
High school musical 1 script!?
When writing scripts...?
What does scene 5 act one sound like in west side story?
How can I get my screenplay picked up?
How to get the lead role in Annie?
What song should I sing for my audition for "Oliver"?
Any American students attended the Edinburgh Festival in a prior year?
if i want to be an actor.what should i do for that? can u suggest me?
Ok I have an audition with Disney Channel tomorow. What should I wear and how do I do really well with it???
Favorite films?
Hai guys i am have a talent of story writing did bolly wood producers accept my story ?
Does anyone know any good websites that post acting auditons?
improvisation is a critical skill as it frees the soul and develops the actor: i need help on this essay!?
do you like aly and aj music???????? and what do you like about them?
romeo and juliet skit?
Why don't the jurors in the play 12 angry men have names?
how can i become a famous actress?
What is a good song to sing when trying out for a musical?
wicked musical?
As alphabet kidz a scam? Its an acting agency.?
Anyone know good opera plays?
What are some hilarious (pretend) talents?
Have you heard of the singing group called Salteens?
Why when I go to see a play I not see African Americans?
what are some ideas to become less shy?
do u think that there is a chance that any individual can become on actor/actress?
Do you think I could make it as an actress?
How can I get a commercial agent?
i need a 8 to 9 minute scene for three people. two females, and one male. we are high school students. ty(:?
Legally Blonde the Musical songs for each character?
High School Musical Or Camp Rock.????
Is there a national sorority for theater girls?
What part of the movie She's The Man is similar to Act 4 in Twelfth Night?
Is it better for male actors to wear makeup or not to wear it when taking headshots?
What are good role play themes?
Is this a good audition song for Pippin?
Should I pursue my passion?
Which Theatre Show would you recommend for a young couple?
Tips on acting for this monologue ?
What is a good monologue that is funny and involves an old woman?
Does anyone know when The Lion King muscial is coming/going back to California?
What are some good male broadway solos?
Monologues? Or acting tips?
How do i get auditions? Any help much appreciated.?
How to get an acting agent?
can someone please help me?
Can facial piercings mess up my chances of becoming an actress?
In acting how many acting methods are their to make it look real? Like what method does zac efron use?
Mohammed on Broadway!?
How could i write a monologue for this (Drama class)?
All aspiring actors and actresses... What is your dream role?
I need a monologue 4 a 12 yr old girl xXx Plzz help :D?
do you know Kajol?
Is Polonius a good part?
Theatre vs. Cinema?
Hmm..did my audition go well?
can you tell me about the origin of hand mime?
Is Hamlet Powerful in the end?
I could not finish it. please help me out..?
How can I get an acting agent with no experience?
Name the scaryest musical you ever seen?
Starting off as a young actress? I'm 13.?
Do you know any movies that reference Michigan State University?
Musical theatre song for boy tenor/baritone 13 years old?
I am doing "beauty and the beast" for school.How do I create firework effects for a song on a low budget?
What song should i sing for my school play auditions?
i want my son to act in short ad films . he is 4 1/2 yr old . tell me where should i aply?
How to make myself cry?
East 15 or Birmingham School of Acting?
Where can I find a spokesmodel for my website?
Big show in a few hours, any tips for the voice?
I want to perform in a west end musical but haven't got an agent. Where can I find details on open auditions?
hello everyone in los angeles ! i wanna move to los angeles and become an actor next year ! below are details?
is friends the tv show performed on a stage?
Where can I find the play?
Best summer acting programs for high school students?
What's your favourite stage musical?
A four person scene from Shakespeare Tragedy.?
What is a good play that is more horror realated?
Romeo & Juliet Questions (Act 1)?
community service isnt....?
Ive written a movie and dont know how to sell it or get it published?
someone please help!!!!?
Any girls in Delhi who would be interested to act in a shortfilm?
Help with my acting career?
Im waiting for a disney open call from their website but are there any other auditions for disney ?
Does anyone play City of Heroes or Villians? (Add me Gloable @MikeJones12)?
Theatre Doc? I have a question for you?
Isn't Moises Arias 13?
What do you think of High School Musical 1 & 2?
What is "dramatic foil" in a play?
How can I send a copy of my screenplay to a director?
what would be an idea for a vampire outfit without buying one?
How many Orpheum Theater's were in Boston, MA?
What would be a good song to play after someone dies?
Was there any actors (theater or whatever) mentioned in the bible?
Wich Willy Wonka is nicer?
When will the musical "We Will Rock You" end its performance in London?
Do you look down on actors?
Harry Potter??
Auditioning for Cosette in Les Miserables, what should I sing?
Macbeth - 10 points best?
Why won’t Friar Laurence leave Romeo and Juliet alone at the end of scene vi?
I have an audition...and i dont know anything about the play?
What are some good story lines for a play? (10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!)?
some questions about acting such as what goes on in a disney channel audition?
If you had a nuke, would you drop it on the set of High School Musical?
What character did Alan alda play on mash?
Good musical audition song for 14-year-old boy?
where can i find scripts for vampire plays?
Broadway or Film/Television?
I have to create a short skit for my drama 2 class.?
What is bad acting in your opinion?
i need help with nervousness at an audition for a musical?
Does anyone know where I can find easy auditions?
How Is your favorite Actor or Actress?
What is the role of fate in Hamlet, Julius Caesar and King Edward 3?
acting o drama schools?
What is the website for cinestar cinemas?
How on sesame street can the same puppeteer do two different characters in the same scene @ the same time?
Do you think that Shakespeare is a real person, someone else, a group of people...?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show??
I need y'all to really help. I want u to find the cutest audition song u can find.?
What does this mean? And no, it's not about the Double Rainbow Song, even though that song is BEAST!?
How should I kick start my acting career?
who is teh main male character in Fame the musical?
How would you perform on a stage ......programme?
which acts are these two quotes in in romeo and juliet?
Can I get into Tisch School of Arts at NYU?
Do you think Miranda Cosgrove is pretty?
How do I become an actress?
Why do modern day audience still enjoy Romeo + Juliet?
How do I convince my mom to move to California for my acting career?
is there any acting schools in Glendale?
Acting sites?
Need a list of antiheros in Theater plays?
How do I get into acting?
Are there any auditions for disney channel?
Which of these would be a most realistic option?
PLEASE READ AND ANSWER. What can I do to make the most out of my summer job?
I need help? Do you have to go to acting class to get in to LaGuardia high school?
AN OPEN answer opinion question about characters?
How do i become a voice actor for cartoons/anime?
How do you dress up for an acting audtion is they say dress to impress?
How can I keep my acting voice from being monotone?
My ipod4 has frozen and no but no buttons are acting?
Where can I get video DVDs of Cirque Du Soleil's shows?
How can you make good props for plays?
Who Co-Starred in Chicago with Darius?
In the play Othello, why does act 3 begin with an exchange between cassio, a clown, and a musician?
Help please dorothy auditions?
When was Mamma Mia first seen on stage and where?
Does Snape love Harry?
How much do residential costume designers on broadway make a year?
What monologues should I do for my Silver Lamda exam?
Advice on writing a screenplay/novel?
What are some good audition pieces?
Where can i find monologues by thornton wilder online?
Musical Theatre Survey!?
what is the term used for d 2 masks,one which smiles and the other which frowns?
where can i get teenage free monologues?
What would be the dress if you were a piper piping?
Can anybody give me tips on becoming a good actor?
show how macbeth's fear of macduff helped to bring about his own downfall?in the shakespear macbeth.?
Please Read (Actors & Actressed Aswell)?
can anyone suggest a good stage name? something like "lady gaga" but more unique!?
how do I get my resume started?
Can a teenager improve his singing voice or am I stuck with a average one?
"the theatre" opens when did it open ?
What do you suggest is the best way to get involved in the film industry?
i want to be a voice actress for anime and cartoons?
Pygmalion end of Act I question?
Who do you think played the best Mama Rose in Gypsy?
Can i leave high school and start acting school?
What is a cameltoe? Help me please so i will not get laughed at any more.?
Wicked Glinda to Galinda scene HELP?
WHY do you want to be an actress?
Are there any movies filmed in the NorthEast?
Need to memorize a large Monologue in two days! Any tips? ?
How can I be in training in SM Entertainment?
Does anybody know where i can watch the full movie of high school musical online??
High School Musical?
How long was the first musical Aladdin?
what role should i audition for in Into The Woods?
Does anyone know a short kids' play?
what do people usually do at auditions?
Is a good website for a beginning actor without an agent to sign up for?
i need a dramatic mental disorder female monologue?
I have some questions about scene kids.?
How do I get started with acting?
biography of Elyse McKenna, actress?
When you're an actor on set, how are the changing rooms?
Who is Lyle from Footloose the Musical?
I was cheated out of a role in a play I worked for! What should I do?
what'syour middile name ?
I need a 2 minute angry female monologue from a film. I'm looking for a powerful piece. Can anyone help?
Is explore talent a scam?
Audition help for Monsieur Andre/Firmin in the play "The Phantom of the Opera"?
My dream is to be an actress...?
Title for a Sad Film/Movie?
Whats your favorite musical?
Where can I read the play Jitney by August Wilson?
Why was Tennesee Williams famous?
How do I get licensing permission to perform excerpts from a play or musical?
how do you become?
need help in writing a human rights scene!?
Do you think I should or shouldn't go into acting?
My musical character names?!?
I need a good costume for this play or something.?
Any advice for a school theatrical play?
Would getting a tattoo affect my chances of getting into acting?
It's your show life what part will you play?
In "The Phantom of the Opera," is the Phantom human or a ghost?
Where are the best seats in the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre? Not 'box' seats though.?
Acting headshot question?
is there a website where they put real updates on real auditions?
Bollywood Actress?
Monolouge that will make you cry? for a teenage girl?
How does good overcome evil at the end of the play Hamlet? Please help me with this, thanks?
Is it possible for an actor/actress to never become famous?
Can I make it as an actress?
Do whales poop? i mean what does it look like?
I would like to get into acting and modleing i keep geting told that i would be a great actor.?
What are games and activities can do with my cast to help them build their characters?
Any examples of drama warm-up games for finding "unique abilities/talents?"?
Has anyone seen Jackie Burns in Wicked?
Girl audition pieces for Willy Wonka?
I have a passion for this please help!?
Costume ideas for large group?
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Director Michael Schultz?
Pocahontas should be made into a musical?
What do you think is the most important key to acting?
How is Robin Williams and Jamie Foxx acting is so great if they are comedians?
QUESTION FOR SMOKERS: explain how cigarettes taste like?
Who became the first director to win a Tony Award for both a play and musical in one year?
acting agents south west england?
I use to love dancing but since I started performing, I don't. Is there something wrong with me?
I'm looking for a overly-characterized comedic monologue.?
Ive just booked some peter kay tickets ?
Adult tickets for a play cost $5.25 and childrens tickets cost $3.00. For one performance, 472 tickets were so?
what type of character is touchstone in the play As You Like It?
HELP PLEASE does anyone know of?
is there any auditions in the uk ? i really need this?
How to make this scene of my made up movie?
Know of any actresses under 20?
Best young Actor or Actress !!?
What does a webshow go under in acting resume?
Should I go see WICKED! or Phantom Of The Opera?
Sweeny Todd why a musical?
Anyone out there who has tried out/worked for Walt Disney World?
I am in traing to be a Ventriloquis...I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some puppets and some acts 2
Rag time Buffs...?
is acting an art?
What Song Should I Sing For My Audition?
How many years of school do I need if I want to be an actress?
Who are AShley Tisdale's Closest friends?
what movie is good on a topic of leadership? please help asap?
Acting and modeling interview. Any tips?
What's a real fast way to learn lines for a play?
Marshae Kidd audition?
shakespeare: part the second!?
What happens in an acting class?
I need a summary of the play "laughing stock" by charles morey?
Am i crazy to want to be an actor?
How does guilt affect macduff in macbeth?
Auditions for movies?
Where do you audition for disney channel?
what musical instrument is played but never touched?
Writing a monologe help?
what are some good, or funny, ideas for a "how to" speech?
Who is the star in queer eye for the straight guy?
Guys and Dolls JR. What are the lead male leads from largest to smallest?
Is this a good actors headshot?
Are you an actor?
How to Not Be Embarrassed While Acting?
I'm trying out to be in a Talent Show and I'm competing against my worst enemy.What should I do?
Where do I find acting agents for hire in NY?
(If You.........?) PLAY(:?
I need a dramatic audition monologue!?
How do i audition to be on tv?
I'm Auditioning for acting this saturday what should i do?
How many lines does Mrs. Squires have in Music Man Jr.?
urrent affairs of arts& culture and entertainment and awards and events of any arts and entertainment,could u?
This plot device was used only by Braveheart?
I need help! My first audition?
What are a bunch of good songs to fit to the personality of 'Tybalt' in romeo and Juliet?
where is a good website to find a quality 2-minute monologue for an audition?
How do i become a famouse actor?
My acting your honest thoughts?
Beginner's acting classes in London..?
Is Cats the musical still showing in London?
My talent has dropped a bit.?
Tips on stage kissing...?
do you believe what The Da Vinci Code performed is true?Or it,s only a fiction?
are the people that sing with jesse mccartney his friends?
who played Darla on "Our Gang"?
work permits for acting?
I need a funny and short monologue for my drama class .?
Where is William Lamar Lovett?
what songs should i sing for my first cd?
actor om prakash birthdate?
Does anyone know of any summer music/singing programs???!!!!!!?
Can actors get nodules like singers and teachers do?
I need three examples of how Benvolio is a peacemaker!?
Is it true that you have to have an agent and a resume to be an actor?
HELP!!! How do you get rid of stage fright and stuff?
As a young guy who is slowly losing my hair, what are my chances of becoming a successful actor?
what was the point of making Rent into a movie?
do you have to be a pro actor or have some kinda degree to start a theatre company?
Questions about Brecht Homework (Theatre)?
Im going to see "A Midsummers NIght Dream " tonight -dont know Shakespear very well?
homework help MACBETH. PLEASE HELPPP.?
what is a good website to find comedy duo scenes for high school students to perform in there theatre class?
do you need a professional photo for my acting agentt?
The Crucible?
what is the importance of having a costume designer in theatre?
what are some good ways to practice acting and singing?
Is Brad Dourif the greatest actor of all time, or should I punish you?
I'm nervous about my first acting performance tomorrow. Is this normal? Please help!?
Where for art thou?
Do you know of any monologues in bsl that I can find on the internet?
What do you think about Oscar Wilde?
Is it true that if you're drop dead gorgeous, you don't need skills to become a famous actor?
What is intergrated acting?
What is a good site for downloading scripts and scores from musicals and plays?
Whats an easy way that I can become famous?
Does anyone know any good plays?
how do u get rid of stage fright and what are tips for doing good on stage if your acting?
I'm really scared and shy about being in Acting vocation at my high school?
Is NY becoming more of a center for film (movies/commercial/tv) as well as theater?
One of my dream is to become an actress, BUT I'M A SHY PERSON!!?
What sort of thing would a landlady wear?
What happens in the sex scene in Spring Awakening?
Can you help me sind a last name that rhymes with "mean"?
Is nothing sacred?
Is it best to alter your voice for you character when auditioning?
How do you get an agent in ALASKA?!?!?!?
what is your favourite musical?
I need help with a Wizard of oz accent?
How do you get over the idea of fame?
Is this website a scam for auditions?
What can being a movie Extra achieve?
How to make a good impression at try-outs?
fiddler on the roof!!!!?
How much money do Shakespeare related products bring in each year?
Where are there auditions for Disney Channel that are not in Hollywood,but in Virginia?
What lines do Hamlet's Soliloquy and Richard III have in common?
Would this be a good audition song for eponine?
What's that play that goes "By, George, I think she's got it!"?
is being in this play a waste of my time or worth doing!! please help?
how do you get rid of a 14 year old kid that picks on his brother?
Acting tips?How do u overcome performance anxiety.and just some good acting advice and links please.thanku!?
A good high school comedy involving mainly males?
Does anyone know when Disney Channel is going to do another Nationwide Casting call?
Beaty and the Beast Audition song?
Who will forward this letter for World Peace and Media freedom?
When did Feminist Theatre start?
How do you say in english...?
how many people go to the theatre each year in london's west end?
How tall are Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus, Mitchel Musso, Jason Earles and Billy Ray Cyrus actually ?
Stage managing question?
What are the chances of my girlfriend becoming a famous actress?
Can you audition for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts by Video?
should they make a new high school musical?
Who is (was) the best british actor so far? According to you...?
Whats the best path to take for becoming a successful actor?
Why did relationship between the thespian actor Dilip Kumar and heavenly beauty Madhubala get soured?
Am I too tall to be an actor?
How do i become a model?
The Voice parody help?
Tell me your favorite tall story?
the stage newspaper?
Name that rock musical ...?
Could the musical Fiddler on the Roof been better if they included some hard core sex scenes or mild boinking?
If you could be in any musical production, which one would you be in and which character would you be and why?
What are the names of the Film Actor's Union?
What are some ideas for a BROADWAY THEMED PARTY for an 18 year old?
adult tickets for a play cost $19 and child tickets cost $17. If there were 36 people at a performance and the?
How do seemingly average people get into acting?
Acting... overwieght??
is there any play director?
Acting Agents?
What act and scene in Twelfth Night does Toby annouces that he marries Maria?
who think high school musical is kool????????????????
Young Actress. Cant find anything! HELP!?
I'm only starting to get an interest in acting at 16 ?
Does anyone like J. Michael White?
How to become a Pornstar?
ACTiNG QUESTiONz. . . .?
I need help with some acting help tips anything?
Hollywood Invitation by, ever heard of them?
What type of make-up should be used?
What are good colleges for acting and music?
What is the best theatre in Manhattan to see "Deja Vu" and why?
what are some easy ways to become famous?
i need your imput in miley cirus.?
Whats an easy way that I can become famous?
The point of dialouge between dance and theatre?
Is hypnotising someone safe?
If you're doing a master class with a composer, do you have to sing one of their songs?
What do I wear to go see the Nuter?
Are there any regular colleges/universities out there that also teach acting for TV/Films?
are there any beauty contests in singapore where PR's can also apply?
Christmas plays (non-musical)?
Is there a good cheap way to get into the voice acting world?
Any places for BALLET lessons?
High School Theatre Question?
What is a good monologue and audition song for a 13 year old girl?
Sending Acting Resume? Help please?
when did miley cyrus start acting on hannah montana?
I am looking for a good, fun beginers acting class in TORONTO?
Knock Three times, acting scene. :) Any ideas?
Modeling questions? Weight, Height, BMI, etc?
What are the two qualities that have made Shakespeare’s plays last so long?
In the sound of music....?
I AM 13 - HOW CAN I BECOME AN ACTOR IN A FILM (i live in london)?
what movie is good on a topic of leadership? please help asap?
Would u like 2 make money as an actor or actress?
How do singers perform on stage in front of thousands of people like nothing?
how do u tell...........?
hi kindly you can recamond any univistri to get bakaloris degre in thetr art by antrnet thanks?
Can I be a doctor and an actor?
How loud should background music be in an interview/narration?
How much do West End performers (London) get paid?
I want to be an Actress! I need some advice!?
Does anyone know of any good Acting Classes or Schools in the Baton Rouge, LA area?
A good broadway belting song for audition?
How many plays have you been in (if any)?
I look for baby model agency in london with good rate?
Musical Theatre Jobs?
Is this a considered a compliment in the world of acting? Please help!?
We need a name for this character?
disneyland auditions?
i have a hard time remembering my lines for plays?
Who would you cast if they made Wicked the film?
Is it possible thet some one from Slovenia become actor in England?