Does anyone have an Idea for a Monologue?
should guys in 8th grade have a six pack?
How many people actullay make it as big time stars?
My mom doesn't support my dream of becoming an actress. What should I do?
Help! Im auditioning for a play next week for the very first time and im so nervous!?
I'm an aspiring actress, any tips? Please help(:?
B.D.'s last name of Broadway's M. Butterfly?
Does anyone know if Arkie Michaels is still acting?
Audition forms, how should they be filled out...?
does anyone know any good teen short scripts?
What are some good Acting Agencies in Ohio that will let me audition for them and maybe represent me?
Broadway Duets?
Are there more castings in New York or LA?
How do I get into the acting business ?
I'm auditioning for the role of Dorothy, how do I perform a great audition?
What are the production budgets for the major summer, Hollywood films ? Is there historical data from the past
According to Aristotle, what is at the heart of theatre?
How can you get into an acting career?
I need information on this actor.?
How is Macbeth (Shakespeare) a thoroughly representative human being?
Have you ever experienced having a small part for a school play?
How much would Sweeney Todd Broadway tickets cost if I got about 13th row tickets?
Where can I find Acting Jobs in Nashville TN?
Audition song for The Drowsy Chaperone?
Does anyone have a copy of a monolouge from "cats can see the devil" by tom xao, i need one now!!!!?
Love, Janis?
a comedic musical theatre?
What do directors look for? :o)?
should 9/11 be made into a musical?
When are the tickets to High School Muscial going on sale for the Chicago preformance?
Who are the main characters in Shakespeares a Midsummer Night's Dream???
what are AMTCs prices?
Where can I find the script from Guys and Dolls?
Need help finding good monologues!?
Whats a good stage name for me!!?!?!?!?!?!! help?
Being successful in acting industry?
playing a challenging role for a school play! Help?!?
Has anyone seen the Chicago Musical in London?
Tips on how to memerize lines for a play.?
how do you make a Ulquiorra Schiffer Costume?
Does anyone know who played Fantine in Les Mis in the San Fran/Curran Theater production from 1989-1995ish?
Would an acting class be good for a shy person wanting to become a voice actor?
Is there a site that sells only play books for actors?
I'm going to Audition for Bugsy Malone, but don't know what song to sing?
Why are students taught to act out Shakespeare using the same boring accents?
How long is the musical Wicked?
How Competitive is the acting industry?
What is the best musical of all time?
Guys and dolls auditioning tips?
What distinguishes a lead actor from a supporting actor?
How long does it take to build your way up the "acting scale"?
Are they searching at reading festival this year?
Any ideas for a great musical for a high school to perform?
What way should I make it into the acting business?
Hamlet's fianl soliloquy in act 2?
what importance did chorus have in oedipus the king?
Do you like the commercials in the movie theaters?
Is there an Age considered Too old to Start acting?
A writer giving human characteristics to an inanimate object is _____________________?
I MUST have a modern dramatic monolouge for a woman or a girl! PLEASE HELP!?
I've Been - Next To Normal?
Could a mezzo-soprano play the role of Enjolras?
Who's an actress who could play a younger kate hudson?
i just posted my first comedy video, how do you like it!?>!?
What do you think about her performance?
I want to try and know more about molly?
what should i do?!?
Is the duel between Lysander and Demetrius a proof of love?
Into the woods audition pleAse help!?
Marilyn Monroe Questions?
Actors CV, is it worth...?
Review my acting resume please?
Are there any open casting calls for new TV shows coming up?
Who portrayed Howard Sprague's mother on TAGS?
Where can i find good music for a pantomime?
plz guide me the best way to become an actor in USA, i'm in atlanta, what should i do to reach that fame?
10 minute film idea w/ thriller dance?
Quitting my job to pursue acting?
Macbeth! 10 points?
What to expect at a national youth theatre audition? (uk)?
acting resume?
How to audition for SM ENtertainment through email?
In theater, what does B.F.A stand for?
Senior quotes from musical theatre?
what do i do if im afraid of big crowds and i want to be an actor?
Does anyone know where i can find a 2 MINUTE DRAMATIC CLASSICAL monologue?
Help..acting a scene in front of the whole class tomorrow?
Why does Juliet ask her Nurse the names of other men before that of Romeo? (Act 1, Scene 5)?
Has anyone seen "The Illusionist". ? That was a great movie. I would definitely recommend it.?
How do I find unprofessional actors for a low budget film? Where do I advertise?
Is it possible for someone with a non-traditional background to become a good actor?
please help?
i have a question about acting ....
Annie callback opinions please!?
I need a title for a musical I wrote?
In Yiddish theater do people usually tell the actors, "break a tush"?
I'm thinking about singing opera. But am I too old to start learning?
Does anyone else wish Lori Beth Denberg would go back into acting?
Can I become an actress after being an extra in movies/commercials etc?
Acting for someone like this..?
How do I mark the accented words in a monologue?
Is musical theatre a good job if so what is a good school to study at?
How can I get an audition with no experience?
if you are going to try out for a musical. . . .?
Anyone have contact information inorder to be an extra on High School Musical 2????
Please help, Oliver the musical?
Go on a casting call without being scammed?
What do you think about movie actor/actresses who are exempt from persecution?
I know what plays are but what are sonnets?
Modeling/acting question? ?
I like to play this and this?
Broadway Shows in NYC?
Who can tell me?
Does anyone know any good plays by Neil Simon?
I want to be an actor , my parents are suportless?
Creative help please?
My parents dont want me to act because they think its not manly. but im noy gay! and i want to act. help pleas
How old is too old to break into professional show business?
Entertainment help! Need help picking a song for talent show!?
When can i audition for movies/TV shows in London?
Is there much of a chance of...... easy 10 points?
any recommmendations for voice training?
Is patrick swayze actually going to be in guys and dolls on the 25th, it says until not including?
16 bars of a song for an audition?
Do you have any ideas for the name of an Old West melodrama?
Need help writing a play?
RADA auditions questions (experienced please)?
I need a website where i can find the effects on child actors?
Can anyone tell me the end of this monologue?
do you know something about Aaron Speiser the acting teacher?
Mitchel Musso?
how can you become a good actress?
where can i find open casting calls for toddlers in florida in 2009?
Who is the male lead in the musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?
I need help? Try and make me cry?
how do you get rid of a 14 year old kid that picks on his brother?
what do you call a person who works backstage?
Who was the more forceful character in the story Macbeth?
Can a persian become a famous actor in hollywood?
How do actors memorize their lines?
Where can I find auditions?
Need help finding a monologue !!! help 10 points?
Would you go see a play about...?
How do I get over stage fright and nerves???
hey i am looking for a monolouge i am an 18 year old woman and i want it to be funny any suggestions?
Macbeth Act 1 question?
How to persuade my mum to take me to the Radio 1 Teen Awards. 10 points for the best help!?
Is a college major in theatre really worth it? Is it boring?
What is a good musical for my high school to do?
Help Please!!!(question)?
Good website to get a good viola!!?
how can i cry on cue?
Is the Seagull by chekov a mordern or classical play?
in act 4 of julius caesar what is Brutus uneasy about at the beginning of scene 2?
I've got a part in a play and i have to do stage kissing. HELP! It will be my first kiss!?
special effects advice for Blythe Spirit?
How do I get into professional acting?
I'm looking for s short, funny script for two people?
how do u play hannah montana on a recorder?
How can I create depth in my voice ?
Audition Site the Alan Baltes Blog anyone get booked from it?
Can I have an Audition for Your Movie? Will you Check Me Out?
Lip Sync Help!?
American Idol audition. Help please!?
If you want to become an actress what are some good ways to practice?
I am auditioning some actors tomorrow and need some advice on questions to ask?
Am I the most irritating person?
songs for sondheim audition?
Writing script Help needed?
Sheet music for Cinderella?
Which musical should I see in London?
How can i get a good agent for acting here in L.A?
Where to go for acting?
Are these songs overdone/predictable for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat auditions?
DO any of you peoples know anything about Romeo and Juliet?
do you like my nickname?
In the play Macbeth, What was the name of the curse?
Should I drop out of college to become an actress? Please help!?
How demanding are Disney Channel roles?
Beginnin theater club?
audition song for Once Upon a Mattress?
Please help me?
How do you memorize lines for a play asap!?!?!?!? ?
ALevel Drama Monologues! HELP!?
do u all favour Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts?give reasons?
How do I become a princess?
sad songs and stuff why does this have to be 20 characters long?
What should I put in my voice actors demo reel?
Who loves Johnny Carson?
how do actors change a character i dont get it becuase there just reading lines?
If I go to a high school specifically for the arts, should that be included on my resume?
I need a diagram for Stage Make-Up continuity sheets, where on the web can I find one?
Was Wicked (sp?) a good Musical?
Broadway shows with 13 year olds?
how to get famous?????? help plz?
need help on these julius caesar ques. (don't get the play at all)?
I'm playing Laertes in an all girl production of Hamlet. I need some help with my voice.?
looking for a good macbeth site that explains the play in modern english?
dreams????????? theater???
Is it bad if a director asked you to redo a scene in an audition?
Where is the nearest acting class I can find in Pasadena,CA?
I just saw Jesus Christ Superstar. It was thrilling. What musical / opera do you like?
I'm planning on writing a blog about acting, can someone suggest me a good title?
Where do I start in learning theatre?
Has anyone ever heard of the musical Wicked?
What's a good audition piece for Evil Dead the Musical?
Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Why?
Would you stand for it?
Any feed back on Stone Model & Talent Agency in Cleveland, Ohio?
any ideas on why romeo and friar laurence are to blame for romeo and juliets death?
a question?
Teen beginning acting help?
Is the age of 20 too old to start out acting.?
do u all favour Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts?give reasons?
Good, affordable movie acting schools in Southern California?
Should I be excited for drama class that I'm joining this year?
What's your favorite acting line by Robert Downey Jr ? And why?
Is acting really that difficuklt?
Becoming super famous vs. Acting on a smaller scale?
If Proscout is so bad, what other "real" agencies can i look into for acting?
I'm trying out for Annie?
i need a humorous monologue for my school english elocution.... where can i get a really good one?
Where can i find instrumental versions of Rent (musical) songs?
What should or shouldn't you do during an audition?
where can i improve my acting skills?
Do people in 2012 still use stage names?
why do you think dylan and cole sprouse don't want 2 talk to you?
If I am going to audition for a play, what poem should I read?
what is the best way to get into the disney spotlight?
A poem for you thoughts??
How does macbeth commit the 7 deadly sins in the play?
Shakespeare. Boring or not?
what is your fav musical from broadway?
~Costume Suggestions*~?
What monologue should I do from a play written by a minority playwright?
I am a very talented actor, how do I get parts in big movies?
Will Company with Neil Patrick Harris come out on Dvd?
How can I dress like a munchkin from the Wizard Of Oz ?
how to become an acress with no acting lessons i can not afford them?
Will there be a high school musical 4???
how to get into acting ?
How do I start writing a play?
in mississippi want to tryout...?
I've been selected to play a "hippie" in our Xmas play. Any ideas on how my costume should look?
How did Lion King get started on Broadway?
does any one know hannah montana or miley cryus?
are there any real rent heads?
Did you like the end of Hairspray where Link kissed Tracy?
what type of character is puss in boots?
Ten minute play ideas?
What year was the colorPurple nomanated for the acadamy awards,and who was nomanated best actress,and who won?
What male actor could pull this off?
Need help finding an actress or model?
Help me write a bio for drama?
Audition in Pittsburgh for disney?
How can i act EXACTLY like Juliet Capulet?
Who do you think is the best comedy actor?
can someone plz help me get an audition or a record deal with a record company?
How to stage Antigone play in today's modern world.?
i want to be in a uk movie but i don't know about the auditions.?
Do I have the face to make it?
Does anyone know about these agencies?
What's a good male name to substitute in the lyrics to "Tango: Maureen"?
I Need Help...Can Someone Please Help Me?
Am i too old to try acting?
What's a good monologue I can do?
Acting schools in michigan?
Do you have any ideas for a 30 minute movie? plz help?
Lady macbeth ? journal thing?
Are Boston and/or Atlanta good cities to start an acting career?
hey guys i really want to be an actress and being big someday. any tips for me?
I think "ten o'clock scholar" is from Shakespeare, am I correc?
How do people become actors/actresses ?
If I don't like stage theater, is it still possible to become a (film) actress?
Would "Shear Madness" be appropriate for an 8 year old girl to watch?
If I missed a play during its run, I've missed it forever? :(?
What is the name of this play/movie?
Does anyone know any creative ways to raise money for local arts organizations?
why does Romeo still appeal to the audiences? to Lady Montague? to Juliet? to Friar Lawrence? to Balthasar?
Am I too tall for theatre?
which is the best site to get pics of death scenes from indian movies?
Taming of the Shrew help please?!?
How to become an actor ( read below)?
Orchestra score for Annie Get Your Gun?
pepper in the musical annie?
"love actually" the best love story ever.. whose with me??
I'm trying to find a specific monologue... Help?
Talent show suggestions?
i got cast in my school play of annie as lily st. regis does anyone have advice?
Did anyone watch High School Musical 2?
can some one help me with these julius caesar quotes??
What are some possibilities?
How to Get Started In Voice-Overs!?
I'm auditioning for Wendy in "Peter Pan", what are some good audition songs for that?
movie actress? please please help ?
How do I portray the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland?
URGENT!!! Is there anywhere that I can purchase the sheet music to "Take Me Back to Manhattan"?
Is the name Michael Ethan, Michael Ray, or Michael Dallas good acting names?
wat is a good monologue piece about 90 seconds long for a musical audition?
What are some good colleges for acting in Texas?
I'm afraid to audition for the school play?
Has anyone seen Phantom of the Opera live?
I need a good comedic or dramatic monologue for a girl.?
Will somone play minecraft with me?
How to act like an old person for a play? *PLEASE HELP*?
I want to be a pornstar!?
How do you beat nervousness?
am i pretty enough to be a model or actress?
Who can represent me in the UK as an actress?
Does anybody know any good amateur dramatic societies or drama clubs in Milton Keynes?
Has anyone ever heard anything about Mr. Rogers having been an ex-con, ?
School Of Rock?
Is it okay for a guy to sing a girl's song like On My Own from Les Miserables (sung by Eponine)?
I have a stage, Its above the ground. I dont move the props, Its the other way around?
Theatre vs. Cinema?
Musical Theatre Auditions!!!?
Should I take this acting class?
Would it be too much to be audio assistant AND props manager for our high school play?
i want to get a acting carrier but live to far from Hollywood?
discuss shakespear's use of the supernatural in his tragedies with special referece to julius caesar?
Where can I get a Ragtime Accompaniment track/mp3?
How to portray Martini in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest?
How can you become an actor for Movies?
Singing audition stagefright help!!!?
is High School Musical 3 a movie for kids?
Monologue help, please!?
Stephen Sondheim favourite musical!?
Monologues? Or acting tips?
I'm trying to audition for Thom in hungergames catching fire who do I contact to do that?
14 year old actress wanting some advice?
My Narnia Audition help?
What is the name of the acting scene where two gay men go on a date?
Is modelling staircase to becoming an actor?
just wondering, how do actors cry in the movies?
Julius Caesar question? Shakespear.?
Where can I find the kind of clothes that Ryan from High School Musical wears?
i wanna do modellng dancing and acting.?
How to become a model/actress?
are there any acting managers out there that can can talk to i need advice
How can I get a job acting in London, England?
Is it possible to work and obtain your MFA in acting at the same time?
Hansel And Getel Drama?
What's a good audition song for a high soprano?
What are the chances of me watching Kendra Kassebaum?
What was the best Musical you've ever been in?
When performing a monologue in an audition where do you look?
Lost a bet and I have to dress like a girl. She wants me to ask what you'd make me wear?
Funny monologue that is 1 minute and 30 seconds for a teen girl?
Cyrano De Bergerac...the real guy?
What is the perfect universal voice? And, how does one attain it?
How to do I prepare for an audition if I've never acted before?
I've got multiple personalities and can fabricate new ones at will. Should I take up acting?
I no go school can i be millonair?
Audition monologues for Maria (Sound of Music)?
Where can I sign my dog up for some auditions for comercials?
I'm 26yrs old, is it too late for me to pursue an acting career?
I have a nice rival........ So help me please?
What sort of acting agent do i need? *Disney*?
What is the Ides of March?
I've no idea about acying but want to learn how to do I?
Is Gary Spatz/ "The Playground" in Los Angeles a scam?
Is there anywhere where I can watch Orphan without needing to download or pay for it?
what are the different types of theatres?
Can I put this on my acting resume? ?
where can i find the most reasonably priced tickets for " a chorus line" for 12-22-06?
story for enacting a proverb?
My friend is into theathre etc and is a play at the moment.?
where would I find a list of characters for the boardway play Mame. I found one site but the character I was?
Are there any angry, nasty people out there?
To be or not to be...?
why didn't the bride get married with leonardo at first (before problems occurred) in BLOOD WEDDING?
i want to be an actress butt....?
What is the purpose/importance of these things in Phantom of the opera? (see inside for the things)?
Can someone help me with a script and short story series?
John Casablancas Acting, Scam?
HELP my parents wont listen to me!!! I want to become a actress but...?
Scene names for a Need some suggestions?
How can I prepare for an opposite sex role in a play that I've just been cast in?
Do successful actors get born with the talent or do they develop their skills to become successful?
Macbeth Wtich quote help!!!! URGENT!!!?
Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw?
what is the aim of films?do current films have aims?
Can anyone give me ideas for a simple pantomime?
Any producers out there who can make my dream come true?
Can anyone tell me a commercial audition agency in indianapolis, indiana for 11 year olds please?
do you have to move to LA to be an Hollywood actor? 10 points!?
How to balance acting with high school?
Should I take dance lessons to help with acting?
Is he too over the top for today?
Help with a monologue?
i want to bye new television plg suggest which one is good?
is the theme of the movie Davinci Code real?? If so from where did Davinci get tyhe facts for paiting ?
How to get an Acting agent?
What should I call my tv show?
I got this email and please take a minute and tell me what u think PLEASE?
Any ideas for a story/book/movie that would make a good musical? Or an original concept?
If you are wanting to be an actor, is it better to live in New York or LA??
can i only be an actress if i'm "born with it"?
Need a 1 minute monologue?
Acting Schools/Classes?
What are some good songs to sing for auditions?
aNy SoLoS?
Rebecca DeVaney?
Do Actors get more money or Singers?
Struggling real hard to play with both hands constantly on the keyboard, anyone care to share a bit of help?:)?
why do you think love should be banned?
I have to write a skit (scene)?
How to start my acting career?
Any good pick up lines?
Drama Project Question?
Any Comedy Acts For Male And Female? Need It for an acting scene.?
In the play "Hamlet", how old is Hamlet?
How did they make agent k look so young?
what are some metaphors from Romeo and Juliet play?
Good rock/pop ballad audition song for Rent (Bass-High Baritone)?
Do you have to be present for a casting call?
is it possible to become an actress?
Would it be better to start out this way?
How to know if you're a good actor?
Questions about Romeo and Juliet?
Does Being In A Student Council Look Good On An Acting Resume?
Does anyone know where I can find dialogue tags at on the net? I want a huge list of them.?
How much does it cost if you get into Coast To Coast Talent Group?
Auditioning for SM entertainment...?
what is your favorite musical?
Will they enjoy my brithday party ?
I just finished writing my very first play. I'm 19. Should I publish it this early? I mean at my age?
What is a good 2 girls play?
I just got asked to audition for a movie, I need advice.?
where can i buy a kabuki wig?
Anybody know some good monologues for a 14 year old?
I have an audition for a movie in 4 days, any tips?
what are the girls names in annie and how old are they?
julius caesar characters?
I want to be a well known actress?
I cant wait any longer, I want to act now?
Remember the movie"Face/Off"?? you know that scene?
i am trying out for a school musical.........................?
My girl scout troop is doing a project about Iraq, are there any web sites that would help them?
Where can I find a witch who could fulfill my fantasy and turn me into a frog?
Which role should I audition for in Les Miserables?
Who was the actor who played the young man with long hair in "Dances with Wolves"?
Does anyone remember the name of a canadian theater show?
I need a skit and would appreciate ur help.?
Help for my audition for Cinderella?
I' m starting on the radio! Please HELP ME! I need a good idea for a show format and show name!?
A good, uncommon monologue?
Tips on improv and acting in general for a horrible actress?
Any good one-act plays for 2 characters?
what is act 1 in julius caesar mainly about?
The Hunger Games Catching Fire Auditions?
I want to do musical theatre...?
Start of casting for unwind?
When and where are the auditions for harry potter 6?
Who's the "best" available acting teacher now located in Las Vegas? Please, actors olnly respond. Thank you!
which couple you prefer!Pitt-Jolie or Pitt-Jenifer?
finding a talent agent in Boston?
hey does anyone know any good directors in the st.louis area that needs a male actor?
A site where I can buy props and other stuff for a movie?
What should the name of this musical be?
Talent agencies in Newfoundland?
it is necessary to have experience as actor, to make a hearing in the Disney? or it is enough to have talent?
Is auditioning with an original monologue okay?
What is so appealing about Pamela Anderson's fake breasts?
happy jack the play, can anyone help?
How to do a character voice (and Costume) of an iconic Igor For Tomorrow night's play?
modeling help please anyone?!?
any recommmendations for voice training?
Romeo and Juliet!!!!?
Im auditioning for a play and i'm terrified!!?
In Act 3, scene 4 What do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth hope to achieve from the state banquet ?
accents help?
What do you think...?
Who will play Mary Poppins on stage in the north US tour after Ashley Brown finishes in Feb 2010?
How do I approach my parents about getting an agent?
How should I pursue my dream of becoming an actress?
Would you want to see a play about Casanova?
Modeling Audition? What happens? Help?!?
starting acting but am un sure?
What are The Top Commerical/ Print Agents/Agencies you may know of for acting In New York City? And LA?
Getting work from school when working on set?
Questions on Julius Caesar by Shakespeare?
in the play version of "Anne of Green Gables", who is Ms Rogerson?
Summary of the Shakespeare play the twelfth night?
what is the beginning salary for a actor?
Why do so many comedians suffer from depression?
I am searching for ideas on how to advance my acting career here in Michigan.?
Where can i buy a printable play script?
Which name looks and sounds better?
Audition song for a mezzo-soprano/soprano?
Fast fun musical theatre song?????
Did Rory Emerald, Mary Martin, & Sandy Duncan all have starring roles in the stage production of Peter Pan?
Do you think an actor can, essentially, be overtrained?
What is your favorite Broadway show?
Can you help me identify an actor?
Where to find French scripts?
What should I name my play?
What is a good 10 minute serious duo or interp. for a freshman girl?
are there any reviews of Parasuram Ramamoorthi's Vaanaprastham?
Why mother courage and her children is an anti-war play?
Female monologue needed urgently! please help?
What is the play, Wicked about?
Musicals in London?
how can i get information on theater work shop in hyderabad & also about ad agencies?
Help On Memorizing Something Very Long?
Does any one have any Saturday Night Live skit ideas?
Script Information?
All high school theater buffs please consider?
Do 9th graders ever get the lead in school plays?
Audition material suggestions?
Any opinions on Helene of Ark Costume & Bridal in Fort Smith, AR? Need medieval costume in surrounding area?
Are there any legit talent searches or agencies in NY?
In romeo and Juliet what would be the best word to describe the NURSE??
where cantake me woman for a nice time?
What is Miley E-mail?
what is the fastest and easiest ways to become famous?
Pantomime !! please HELP!!!?
does anybody other than myself think that they should of had someone else play the part of edward? ?
should i audition or not?
hi. i want to act in films but do not want to swear or kiss in films. is there any way i can persue my dream?
How can I find an acting manager in the Oklahoma area?
Can someone tell me what are the advantages and disadvantage about being part of a union like Equity or SAG ?
besides Pavarotti, what other tenor has successfully hit all 9 high C's in the aria "Ah, 'mes amis"?
is going to the academy of art university a good choice?
Comedy and the Pie in the face?
Is there any good web-site which helps you sell your script?
Should I use a comedic monologue or a dramatic monologue for an audition at a professional theatre?
I wish to be an actress, how do i make it possible?
i wanna become an actress?
Ok give me some ideas for a sweeney Todd costume?
What are best acting schools in the U.S.?
please can anyone tell me who is this voice over / voice actor?
devoid of comedy ?
What is waiting for Godot truly about?
What relationship do you perceive between painting and the theatre in 16th century Venice and Rome?
How do talent/casting agencies make money vs. agents vs. scouts?
Should I audition for Belle or Babette in Beauty and the beast?
I'm trying out for Annie. What song should I sing for the audition?
Teen Auditions for Waterloo Road?
Does anyone know where I can buy the rights for the musical "Three hats for Lisa"?
Ideas for drama class?
want to start an acting career?
Good college for acting?
How can i audition for Scare Tactics?
Do i staple my headshot to the front or back of my resume? (audition in an hour!! yAYY)??
On a Acting CV, do you need to include year of role?
What would you do?!?!?
high school drama plays?
What is some advice you could give me on reading scripts and monologues and memorizing them.?
What part should i be in hello dolly?
Any Disney Channel audition 2012?
I need a song!?
What Is abstract theatre and symbolism? (drama&proforming) and how can you incorporate it into a play ?
Where can I find acting opportunities/ casting calls? Please help!?
anybody here see the play urinetown before?
Who wrote the closing poem from the movie "In Her Shoes"?
What Should I sing for my Legally Blonde Audition?
i need a really good humorous interpretation?
do you like hannah montana?????
In the play Othello, why does act 3 begin with an exchange between cassio, a clown, and a musician?
Who played "Boq" in the Original Broadway Cast of "Wicked?"?
How to Get Acting Opportunities?
What should my stage name be?
Is the English actor Martin Clunes so hard up for money that he has to do those dreadful Churchill adverts?
Can someone plz help me find ?????????????
were can i get a real spider man costume like used in the movie?
Do you like the commercials in the movie theaters?
Acting help?????????????????????
where is the best place to find Shakespearean monologue?
Is Kim Myers ARTS a scam?
Video contest?
Why did "Jersey Boys" win so many Tonys?
Any recommendations on a good song to audition with?
romeo & juliet act I scene 2.?
Does anyone have any good ideas for an indie film filmed in S. Korea?
I'd would like actors' opinions on why you got into acting in the first place.?
i'm working on a stand-up?
Who here is freakin scared of clowns?
Spring Awakening Casting Question?
Thoughts on my monologue?
Where can I get the Rights to WICKED the musical?
What do you think about this script, or movie"?
Theatre companies from around 1850 - 1900?
How do you know if you got the "it" factor?
How can I audition for Renesmee in Breaking Dawn, help me please?
i need a monologue from the movie mohaganey?
What does 'second cover' mean in musical theater?
Give me an introduction to musical theatre?
Where can i find out about mystery play masks?
Do I have to pay to get into an acting agency?
I want to be an actress,i beleive the angels will help me!?
Why is it that people (particularly students) say that guys who act or take theatre/dance class r gay? read on
What shoes are appropriate while acting?
who thinks jennifer aniston and brad pitts will get back together?
do you think luck plays a very important role in life?
I might be related to Julius Caesar?
I can sing, act even dance but where can i start and how?
can someone help me answer this question for macbeth, act 3?
favorite shakespeare play?
Hairspray auditions tomorrow? ?
How do i audition for disney or nickelodeon?
Does anybody know the monologue about a girl who says at the end she's proud to be an alcoholic?
What is the best acting agency in Calgary?
Ideas for what a play should be about?
Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Tryouts?
Acting tips??????????
Average octave range for women and men?
how can u get your favorite celebirty's mail address ?
Need a really simple monolouge from a published play?
Can you guys write some good monologues for me?
Does this sound unrealistic?
The best Actor Training in NY or Cali?
gandi tragedies and triumphs?
When did Zendaya Coleman start acting professionally?
any casting calls in singapore?
I need an audition song ASAP!!!?
who was 18th century actor famous for playing Richard III?
What's your favourite West End Theatre?
How can I become an actor?
Need help with Epitaphs in Hamlet!?
Could someone give me some play summaries?
How to not be a cliche actor? ?
What do you think of Zac Efron?
Who has a bigger part in Hairspray?
i like this guy an d he kinda flirts w/ me and i really like him wat to do?
When to purchase tickets for The Lion King musical?
Can I do It ? How do you think ? what would you Do ? :))?
I need help finding two monologues?
13 year old with brown hair and freckles wondering about casting calls in Massachusetts?
Is Explore Talents a scam? They called me and they wanted $200. should I pay them?
Do you need a degree to make or be in Movies !!!?
Why is theatre important nowadays?
Note:::-:::If you produce films and command choosing the music underlay see
question about JUILLIARD applications?
I am a good actor, how can i become a famous this industry?
Is my movie too in appropriate to be made?
Upbeat musical theatre songs? ?
Is it me or is Macbeth the most boring load of crap you've ever heard?
I need an awesome & cheap costume for a fancy dress party, any sudgestions please?
What are some good modeling/acting agencies for children in NYC?
How can I act drunk for a role in a play?
why is it important to believe in what you are doing onstage?
Can I still become an actor?
is there any singer or directors here?
Musical notes for Blink 182 dammit?
make myself cry?
what are some school play ideas for middle school?
any actors in new york know best cheapest acting classes?
Your Open Question: Your a good man Charlie Brown auditions? ?
Should I stay with my Childcare agency or go into theatre?
Where can i find a script for monologue?
Acting audions? i don't know when to call...?
I'm a small town girl, REALLY love acting/ singing, what to do?
Beauty and Beast play advice?
A boy named _____ enters a room. What is his name and why has he entered?
can you explain the reason for the spelling theater and theatre?
Where can I play the slender man game?
which actor inspired Danny Dyers accent?
how to do a school play of clue?
Yg/sm/jyp audition for trainee ? Help!?
How do i get a good agent?
What's a good monologue for an Arts School audition?
Where can I find a good recording of an Alabama accent?
is john casablanca a scam?
I Didn't Make the School Play :( 10 points?
Does someone know where I can get a High School Musical script online besides
How is "Brooklyn the Musical"?
what was it like to go to a play during shakespearean time?
in desperate need for a particular monologue!?
Is it good for an actor to look young?
Advice for Character Acting at Disney parks?
Acting classes in/around dallas tx?
Romeo and juleitt, wanna helpp ? (:?
any1 kno about the main guyz from TokyoDrift??
Trying to find a site that will show arab theatrical makeup?
UTAU is acting weird. Please help!!!?
Whats the best way to make myself cry?
Little Mermaid Jr????????????????
Is Actor Access a scam?
actors-- ever gotten tongue-tied DURING a performance and couldn't get a line out? how do you deal with this
comedy skit for school kids?
What is the name of the young male actor in the French McDonald's ad?
what are macbeth's behaviors before her becomes king?
What techniques do actors use to cry on demand?
Need an audition song!!!!!!!?
What are some plays that are heavy in 'sound cues?'?
Looking for contemporary five minute female/female scenes for my class.?
How to talk to a model scout/agent?
New Stage Name Please Help !?
Why can I sing lower notes in the morning?
can anyone help me find a script for a play or a movie,because i need it to use it for a performance?
Whats your Favorite Musical Of All Time?
Do you like live theatre as opposed to TV or movies?
Am I going to get a good part?!?
Is this an okay role in Little Shop of Horrors?
what should i wear for my school play, we have to wear something for the 'what time is it' scene in HSM2?
V for Vendetta. In the scene with the BTN show that mocks the chancellor, what is the song in the background?
What is a good actor? (advice?!)?
What musicals do you recommend?
Has anyone seen the phantom of the opera at the theatre?
In the play Rent, in the song La Vie Boheme they mention 'To S&M" What is it?
Ideas for a three person mime scene?
any read the larry the cable guy git-r-done book?
where is an autobook Antigone online free?
What role does the 3 witches play in Macbeth's downfall in Macbeth by Shakespeare?
where can i find a good site about drama practitioners?
National Youth Theatre Summer course dates 2012?
Have you ever seen the play Wicked?
Why is macbeth act 1 scene 6 important?
is it a bad thing to have bambi eyes?
How do I act like a servant?
Could you name 6 obstacles famous actor, James Dean has faced throughout his lifetime?
Why were women not allowed to act on the stage in Elizabethan Times?
plays from the from romanticism theatre and the realism theatre era that are similar?
Can a Canadian actor make good money?
What is you opinion of this last "Phoenix" skit for playwriting school?
Hi! I'm an actor. How much REJECTION should you take before you decide that maybe acting isn't for you?
where will tyler perry next black gospel stage play will be held?
Is there a play where a perticular food symbolizes something?
where can I find good research materials for Chinese Opera troupes/companies in the United States?
How can I become a voice actor..?
When did they start calling 'actresses' 'actors'?
1a. do witches & wizards exit? 1b. where is their source of power?
Is this monologue too mature for my age?
General stuff about acting as a career?
Parents won't let me act... How can I convince them?!?
When your in an acting class, are you ALWAYS on your feet?
How to make this Scene?
High School Musical Online?
What is the better acting technique - Meisner or the Method?
Why is Lady Macbeth Responsible for King Duncan's Death?
how long would it take to get pretty good at violin to join a orchestra?
Acting Agents help please ?
auditions for plays and musicals?
Books on careers in hollywood? Also careers in general? 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!?
How to start acting?
Once Upon A Mattress?
What is a good song from a non-Sondheim musical for a Sondheim musical?
How to end a short comedy film?
What is the point of learning how to script write when great directors always do it differently?
Is this agency tough to get accepted in to?
Is anyone here in speech? i am at my school and im looking for a drama cutting...?
who is the sexiest actress in hollywood toay?
Can anyone sendspace or mediafire the soundtrack to the Oliver musical? Thanks, it'd mean a lot to me ^_^?
How old is Helena in All's Well that End's Well by William Shakespeare?
Does anyone know the birth date of U.K. actor Simon Templeman? He works in TV and on stage.?
What's the best way to contact a casting director in Los Angeles?
Good jobs for asipiring actor?
how can i become more talktive?
Getting into theatre?
How do I get an agent?
Can an 18 y.o. girl become an actress without beauty?
HELP! Humorous and Dramatic monologue?
dyslexic/aspergers and acting?
i wanna be a famous actress? what are the odds?im 16?
why are so many people with talent cast in the "chorus" instead of giving them a regular role?
Please help me?
Im 13, 14 in may and was wondering where i can get reasonable priced acting lessons??
Voice Acting?
How do I get my seven year old into acting?
i want to be an actress!?
What is the best and easy way to memorize an acting script in just one day? Any good tips?
Is eight shows asking too much?
I want to make a short Film guys so plz tell me a nice story for my short film?
Where do I get resume's?
Where would you place the 3 stages of development: purpose, passion and perception in the play Othello?
What do you have to do to become an actress? What is neccessary?
I want to become an actress...........?? :D?
What is your favorite Broadway play?
Who is Selena Gomez's acting coach?
What do u wanna be when you grow up? as in jobs?
1 fact about shakespere's play julien ceaser??
Is everybody in the world incompetent?
Im working in a skit with the biggest nerd in my school and i cant cut her from it what do i do to cope ?
Whats the best contemporary monologue audition piece for a 29 year old man?
Where can I find the film of the London Theater production "Camelot" with Richard Harris?
do you think that Stanislavsky's system is easy to master.?
Cute/Good/Funny Songs for a Performance?
Plays with similar theme's as Othello?
How can I become a Disney Channel star?
acting and drama class?
when and where are auditions for High School musical 2?
whos a fan of Amanda Tapping?
16 bars from "Children will Listen" from "Into the woods" musical????
Beauty and the Beast scene changes/ acts?
Everyone around me thinks I'm full of crap, why?
What should I name my play?
How many soliloquies are there in othello and what are they?
Acting tips?
iam starting my own drama club with several other students:?
Quote about Juliet from Romeo and Juliet?
What's the best movie of all time?
I am a 16 year old boy,and I'm looking to pursue a career in acting,but I have little experience(school plays)?
on long island is there any place for acting? Places that put on Broadway shows? Or maybe just talent angencie
How would you attach props to a puppets hand? - (velcro won't work :)?
How long is the response if you mail in headshots and resume to talent agencies?
Does getting a tattoo mess up my acting carrer?
Why do modern day audience still enjoy Romeo + Juliet?
Who is a good and flexible actor-Mohanlal or Mammootty?
How do I become famous in Atlanta while I'm still a minor. I'm 17?
very easy ten ! name some...?
cAn Anyone help me think of a design or slogan for a theatre or drama team?
Do you have to have experience to become a professional actress?
how can act infront of people if your shy what do u think of???
Where do I send recorded acting monologue. I mean - i want to become an actress. ?
Best qualities in a Stage Manager?
My dad said i could not have a dog i was mad this was when i was little what should have i done?
I'm auditioning for chicago and i need a song.?
what is the best theatre show in the uk for children aged 10 and 5 to see this month please.?
Suggestions for Monologues?
How do I get an acting agent?
will 2009 be a good year?
What's your favorite Broadway musical?
Any tips for acting in Noel Coward's Present Laughter?
How do you make new friends if your going to a new school?
Really awesome audition songs for mezzo soprano?
auditioning for a musical?
I'm in a play and my character is male. What are some tips for pulling off a convincing guy?
How does one become a actor?
How to think how a fictional character thinks (roleplay?)?
I wanna become a teenage actor...?
stage play loan shark?
Skit ideas for red spirit week? Please no one is answering?
Any examples of widely distributed movies where they did not use makeup on the actors?
Are Dirk Bogarde's Brother or sister still alive?
whats the best modeling classes in orange county?
How do I become a stagehand?
I need something to do for a pantomime Routiune???
The acting school of michelle danner is good?
acting...... i was ripped off?
I can't remember the play name to put on resume?
What should I exspect for a Modeling and Acting interview?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
How can I see if I'm a good actor?
actor in m&m commercial?
What theatre "person" said: " A man wills his own doom to his own obsessiveness"?
In romeo and juliet, what deos "wisely and slow, they stumble fast" mean? (Act 2, scene 3. Line 94).
Would using a fake name be bad?
Have you heard of Top Talent Agency?
Aspiring actor with no experience, any advice on how to get started?
I have absolutely no talent?
How can I convince our theatre director...?
Ophelia's death from the play Hamlet?
i am in a play where i must have a british accent, i need some ideas on where to go to learn?
Scene names for a Need some suggestions?
Laughing whilst acting on stage is called?
Is it a bad idea to audition with a song FROM the musical you are auditioning for?
Phantom of the Opera. Musical or Opera?
Can anyone give me a plot outline of the play 'Little Murders' by Jules Feiffer?
Who would you choose to be the main character if they ever made Hitman the movie?
comment on my singing voice?
What happens at the Woman in Black stage show?
One minute audition monologues?
My school is unfair when it comes to plays?
How can I get an acting agent?
good audition song for AMDA?
Royalties for Theater?
I really need helppppp on Romeo and Juliet!? Comparisons on three movies?
Where's a good place to sit to watch the Lion King on stage?
HELP!! im auditioning for a show and they want me to sing a sweet disney like song! what should i do?
if you were going to go see a film, what would it be about?
Real World?
Spring Awakening audition song?
Is Marcus Brutus Is An Ideal Philosopher but not a practical General?
Cutting tights for male use?
do you like the lion king play?
do you like bette davis odd films she did are her other films that made you think?
I am auditioning for a play?
Does anyone know the names of the previous last comic standing winners.?
Acting question.... ?
I'm sick but my school talent show is tomorrow?!?
Scaramouche character description?
Do Actors get more money or Singers?
How to become an actress in MD/DC area?
I want to be an actor one day?!?!?!?
Why do Movie Sets have the most delicious foods ever!!!!!?
How do I become a script writer?
i want to be an actor but i get shy on stage?
How do you stop stage fright?
Help with Theater 1 script?
Are there any super heroes with a mohawk?
I am desperate for comedy scripts?
Is there no drama without Me?
finding motivation to write my script?
I'm in a musical tomorrow but I came down with something today! Help!?
How to break into acting?
Where can I buy a copy of the Howl's Moving Castle screenplay?
what is ralph fiennes's relegion?
Dress code for phantom of the opera?
Is Acting just one job you can take?
Grease vs. High School Musical?
To be or not to be, that is my question.?
The Musical Hair?? :D someone tell me about it?
How does a 35 year old man get into acting?
How can i develop an English accent?
Paraphrasing Romeo & Juliet scene?
where can i download canon in D?
I'd like to learn to play the violin. How difficult is it to learn?
How do you get an application for the next ANTM? All the ones i have found are from 2007!?
Was Kermit and Miss Piggy a greater love story than Romeo and Juliet ?
I need 2 funny monologues for a 15 and 16 yr old boy. It needs to be appropriate to try out for a school play?
What is the total budget spent for the construction of The Esplanade?
what film has won the most golden globe awards?
What is an acting monologue for auditioning for films ?
What would you name a community theater company?
I'm 13 but still like to 'play'?
Romantic Co-stars in shows: Which do you prefer?
What was Capulet wearing during his costume party?
Wedgie Scene in play - how to do it?
what monologue should i use to audition with?
why do the Jews and so many Jews run hollywood and walstreet, and broadway?
Memorizing Scripts?
Macbeth Act 2 Qutoes there's daggers in men's smiles?
I really need answers to this question guys.?
Talent agents in Milwaukee, WI?
What are some good Disney songs to audition with?
Which Schoolhouse Rock song involved a group of hippies?
Can u write me a dramatic monolog?
What should the curtain call order be for Phantom of the Opera?
Research DV8 physical theatre company?
I am going to be taking theatre class(drama) and the teacher said...?
I found this monologue once, & I was wondering if someone could help me find it again?
how do I brew fake blood at home?
i need some songs that relate to Act I of Macbeth...i need help, please!!!?
how long would it take to get pretty good at violin to join a orchestra?
Hello my name is Capresha and i'm 13 how can i start my acting career?
why do horror movies always have a phone in them?
How many people Kiss in the play Much Ado about nothing?
Anyone can tell me which website that I can learn the basis of music knowledge? Thank you?
Getting into the acting world?
What is your favorite musical?
the Musical "Rent"?
X Factor Auditions!?
Where can I get fake Canadian money?
(ppl who judged or auditioned beforeonly plz)Auditioning for a play.i need a way to make my try out unique.?
Which is the best theatre to watch a show in London?
Do you have to take classes first or can you just dive right in to acting?How can you find aditions for films?
How to fake cry for a play?
Which is the best Movie to Watch this weekend or next weekend (Prefarably Comedy)?
Audition help please!!!?
Can you play a musical instrument? Do you practice enough? why or why not?
I got a callback for an audition i went to, but an issue has come up. please help!?
If Auditioning for americas got talent?
What should I wear to an acting school audition?
How to get to america and begin acting carrier?
How should bottom and titania's duologue be performed in Act 3 Scene 1 of A midsummer night's dream?
Legally Blonde The Musical!!!!??? 10 POINTS!?
What is the best West End/Broadway musical EVER?
lion king or mamma mia?
Dracula Mirror placement?
im auditioning for disneychannel on saturday?
how does bollywood introduce new ideas to perfomances and acting?
what universities are the best to attend in Canada for theatre/acting?
how do i become an actress at the age of 14?
i need some help for this auditions.. i'd really appreciate it?
Casting question!!! !?
A theatre you can't forget ?
Where can I find a script for Once On This Island?
Are there any Oxymorons in Act 3 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet?
HELP! I want to take theatre as one of my elective classes, but...?
can u tell me a joak?
Is community theater good for a beginner actress?
help?? masks??
Do you have contacts of mario cimarro?
What to do after high school?
the indigo summer book............?
I am interested in becoming an actress, could I have a few pointers?
Dark/Darkness in Macbeth -Imagery?
How was your first stage kiss?
Student Films?? please help!?
Where can I buy second hand conveyor belting in Australia? I need about 600mt at this time.?
Aldwych Theatre - Stalls, Row K, Seat 13 - 14. Any good?
Rent: Do You Prefer . . . . . . . .?
Best European country to live in as an Actor/ film maker?
Tips on going to a modeling/ acting audition!?!?
What does it take to become a rising & sucessful actress?
Acting Tips?
How do you have VERSATILITY in your acting, your roles, your characters?
Are the plays mentioned in Hamlet real plays?
Did you get your SAG eligibility by just doing non-speaking background work....if so how?
How did the tradition of telling actors to 'break a leg' get started?
there was a new years monologue that my friend had and i cant find it?
Some YOLO things to do?
How do we get Singaporeans excited about local theatre?
American Musical and Dramatic Academy?
how do I become a good actress?
Someone know the name of this porn actress?
I'm 26yrs old, is it too late for me to pursue an acting career?
35 years ago.... Lisa lofthouse?
Songs in the Style of the Color Purple?