How Do I Cry?
Auditions for teenagers?
How to make a moving snowy backdrop?
Does anyone know any good knights in shining armor skits for Cub Scouts and where I can get a copy of it?
what does a talent manager do?
What can I use to cut myself?
10 points!...HELP!!! EVERYONE PLZ READ ASAP!!! How do I get orange???
How does improv improve acting?
What is the best way to find a talent agent and get them to sign me?
may i ask a script on role play of rizals life?
how long is rocky balboa?
i have a question concerning moulin rouge?
i need sipmlified mackbeth?
What is the best play to take a date on?
How to act convincingly and get over stage fright?
music question for those critics of music?
disney channel?
what does "keystone" means in regards to theatre direction?
I have a question about the Disney Channel open call (please answer)?
Can I produced a BIG MOVIE PRODUCTION of Peter Pan?
Is proscout worth it?
Questions for SM auditioning?
Has Anyone of heard of Hollywood, or I Wasn't sure if they are scams or not?
Looking for a musical audition song?
what is minton tile?
when are they going to repeat the teen choice awards 2009?
wht is the #1 best romance movie ever?
What are some main ideas i can use in an essay on Macbeth?
Anyone want to suggest a great acting agency in CT?
Where can I find Spanish translations of Shakespearean plays?
Should I audition for X Factor?
Romeo & Juliet Act 2 Scene 4- Who, What, When, Where, & Why of Romeo & Juliet!?
Audition Song Help?
How do get into acting?
Can you help me find an AMAZING stage name?
Shows our theatre group can do?
Comedy Improv Audition Help?
should you sing a song from the show your auditioning for?
how can you cry while acting?
Is it ok if I submit my personal info to an acting website ?
Acting White?????????
If I sent my resume` and headshots to William Morris agency a couple months ago...?
Twilight the auditions?
Is it to late for me to be an actress?
What are good places to go for acting classes ? available?
Is Glen V Hughes a Legit talent agent? Is John Robert powers legit in my situation?
what do u think of the talent in this years x factor?
i need two simile off of shrek?
what are the three types of montage editing popularized by Soviet cinema?
What is the time line from A midsummer night's dream ?
When is the best time to buy musical/theatre tickets??
question about jype auditions?
Is the play Wicked appropriate for a 12 year old?
should i take acting classes?
What is dramatic irony ?
I Need a Good Audition song for my School Play?
are enemas helpfel?
Did anyone go to theatre festival this year? Whats ur favorite play or workshop? my was fantastix + lightin ws
how to act?????
Who do you think should play Beast in the new live Beauty and the Beast?
Rocky horror picture show long beach?
Tell me something i dont no about johnny depp?
How to act like the Death?
When will I find out?
Advice on my headshot, I wanna send it to an agent!?
why nobady like me?
What song best describes Hero from Much Ado About Nothing?
Help with Antigone questions?
How do i sound good to play cello for fourth grade?
how is macbeth a tragic hero?
how can i cry on cue?
I have recntly been interested in acting. I wanna take acting classes but I am shy about it, what does it take
Any Christmas plays?
How do audition for acting roles or television commercials?
I want to become an actress!where do I start?i have no experience at all?
what is theactrical acrobatics?
How can I become an actress?
Fellow actors: What's your favourite role that you have played before?
Online agents???
Help! I just got my first stage management job!?
Should I be an actress?
Just auditioned for a this a good reaction from the judges?
Tybalt, still enraged at Romeo's intrusion at the Capulet's ball, is determined to fight, but Romeo refuses. W?
ok what if a 13 year old kid wants to be a movie star and has talent and knowledge in this field .keep reading
What is the BEST broadway show?!?!?!?
What are the Steps to become a model?
OMG OMG i need your help i am in a play first time and i need your help?
15 year old girl looking for an agency.?
help with props for Meet Me in St. Louis?
does it take a while to get an agent?
How would someone in Chicago break into acting in film?
How to play Ryan in High School Musical?
Where can I find the sheet music to the Phantom of the Opera Organ Overature?
can you visit the law and order set? where is it made?
where r the best instutes of hotelmagment in hyderabad?
Is it possible for me to become an actor, at age 15? And if so, what steps should I take?
in the movie Pulp Fiction, was the taxi scene wear Bruce Willis is talking to the cabbie made to look fake?
Where to find a collapsible walking stick like in Sweeney Todd?
Disney Auditions for "Lemon Mouth"?
Three questions about "The Crucible"!!! Please Help me?
I need sites where i can get spritual christian plays or dramas... Or books that i can extract from?
How much do headshots usually cost?
Good monologues for a girl?
how to do a school play of a christmas carol?
Read the best part off a book to your auditions?
Can you spare a couple minutes of your time to tell me if I can sing or not?
How can you become an actress at age 14?
what does it take to be an actor and deal with closed doors and treated badly as background?
PLEASE ANSWER!!! Do you know any good plays for a school play?
What does this line mean?
Are there any poems called Help Me?
what songs would romeo and juliet have on their ipod?
1. How does Banquo know that Macbeth will not remain king? A. Macbeth is sick. B. He thinks Macbeth?
oggy moxon speech about being hard?
I want to act and still do music but my parents say i can't handle both......?
Fancy Dress Characters?
I'm going for an audition soon, what will the director look for in me?
What are some great audition songs that will help me get the part I want?
How should I perform this monologue from the balcony scene for my Romeo and Juliet audition tomorrow?
what tv program/ film needs extras at the moment?
Are there any good Improv classes in Colorado Springs?
Should i go for an acting career regardless of ethnicity?
How can I convince my delusional nephew that he just doesn't have talent for acting and should give it up?
What's the best musical you've ever seen?
What song/musical is this?
Help!!! I need to find how to audition for Disney Channel!!?
i just won $400,000, what should i spend it on?
All you BBC fans out there, Do you think Benny Hill is funny?
What are the good points and bad points about stage names?
What is the name of the Italian Opera singer on "The Bachelor" show?
im auditioning for disneychannel on saturday?
Looking for a female musical theatre solo?
I am looking for instrumental music for a theatre play about suicide so it needs to be kind of dark. Any sugge?
Does any one do drama?
How old is Nora Helmer in the play A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen?
Short drama script? (for school)?
What is a good broadway song to audition for a [highschool] musical with?
Hello does anyone know if the actor Rowan Atkinson teaches anywhere?
What's a good monologue for an audition?
Was Hamlet a man or a woman?
edward bella speech thingy?
What type of pants should we use for the "flying monkeys" in our Wizard of Oz production?
new actor how to make sad scene?
I have to slow dance in front of my whole class!!?
lady gaga costume help?
Tell me something bout how to begin speech?
Please tell me what a stock character is?
Why would someone want to be an actor?
How do you make your voice sound like an ogre?
Was Wicked (sp?) a good Musical?
I need help finding a monologue!!?
Help with role in state festival play?
a good song for a comedy drama?
Do people usually perform works by Anton Chekhov with an accent?
Is it a good idea to have two directors for one play?
Does anyone esle want to do this or am I just crazy?
What was The Abydos Passion Play about?
Which Musical Should I see? Wicked or Bring It On?
How to fall?
How to get famous?
Does anyone know what happened to Hedy Jo Starr the first sex change in USA?
What did you like Best about Young Frankenstein? the Musical on Broadway?
What is Comedia Del Artie?
Am I too old for acting or modeling?
I am looking for Film & TV Extra's Agencies. Any ideas?
Should I attend theater classes?
What is the best Musical of all time?
Sitcom for Youtube, Set Building? Props? Costumes? Help Please?
How many reeds does it take to play a bassoon?
In major need of skit ideas for drama class! read details....?
I'm a 15 year old kid trying to get a job for a show on disney channel, can someone help me, I know it's dumb.
I want to play Ariel in my schools play the little mermaid but I need some tips on how to talk/act like her?
Is the John Robert Powell auditions legit?
High School Musical..don't u think it's so fake?? Just bought for my daughter?
what is the Resolution of wicked?
do you remember when you were young?we worked 5 days had fun for two?
What are your views on Daniel Radcliffe starring in the play Equus?
French Accent?
Whats your favorite musical of all time?
How can you start a young acting career in Edmonton,Alberta without spending a lot of money?
Acting Classes and Workshops in Indianapolis?
well this is kind of stupid, but i want to know of any ways that i can be discovered in the-continuied below?
Any disney channel auditions roght now or in the near future!!?
What is a good duet scene for young men?
Musical Auditions Help?
Have you noticed most talented actors are bisexual?
Can an actor be successful if he or she is to Tall?
What is a funny musical theatre duo for fancy dress?
How do I get an agent and manager?
The best way for young children to get get casting calls without an agent?
I need a skit or play in russian for my youth group. Christain themed.?
How do I get started in T.V. and movie acting?
How can i get noticed by a talent scout ????
Help for a drama audition!?
What are some ideas for a modern Hamlet film adaption?
How can I fake tears and actual crying quickly?
Need instrumental version of "Make them Hear You" from the play Ragtime?
Is it harder to get acting roles if you have acne?
i need a monologue that is short but that reflects on the natures of the play seussical and i need it today?
If Superman had a daughter, what would be her name?
Meeting with talent agent Sunday - HELP!?
What do can you wear to a broadway show?
Should I have a stage name?
can someone write a monolauge for "of mice and men" please?
I need help with writing a good kissing scene for a screne play?
ok what animal does a ornintholgist study?
Geeting an Agent for Acting/Singing in Canada? Help Please?
Absurdist Practitioner/Actor's name?
Question about formatting acting resume?
When does the Teen Choice awards start and what channel?
I received a call from an acting/modeling agency...?
images agency st.louis, john rober powers, is it a scam?
If a movie has a director, is it already Green-Lit?
How did Mercutio and Benvolio convince Romeo to go into the Capulet party?
What are good theatre groups in Melbourne?
what would be easy for me to cos play as?
I miss frasier & seinfeld , do you ?
Flattery is the worst and falsest way of showing our esteem.?
Probably A Long Shot, But Does Anyone Know This?
Stuck on resume (acting/print modeling)?
Please help directing?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!…
How to look 3 years older? (For a play) EASY 10 POINTS!!!?
Is "The Game Plan" out in theaters?
How to become popular?
voice/acting/performing arts majors and colleges?
Is it better for a beginner to start out in theatre or just start auditioning for films or commercials etc?
Do you like Zac Efron?If YES than please explain why you like him =) Cause i so do!!?
What's so big about the Lasalle Bank Theater in Chicago. (for Chicagoians)?
do i have a vacancy for a sun music host for a program?
My Narnia Audition help?
How do I do a British Accent?
List as many Broadway shows as you can. I'm trying to obtain someone obscure audition songs. Any ideas?
I have an audition for the musical 'Annie' in 1 hour! HELP!?
I wrote a Play...What do you think?
What does it mean when a Broadway show ticket says "Partial View"?
How should I prepare for callbacks for theatre.?
How can I make a GREAT casting video?
I Want to be an actress but dont know where to start ?
how do i get on disney channel???
Looking for mature female vocalist to try out new compositions. Ideally living in Cornwall.Lyric Soprano.?
how can i become a famous actress?
Where do I go to start a film acting career?
What is stage fright?
Look Model and Actors Agency?
shakira do you like hips dont lie?
Which should I see: Phantom or Wicked?
How do I find my acting "age range"?
Do I need a personal hair stylist to be an actor?
Acting career @ the age of 13?
How do you make youself cry?
i want to now how do i do faked criying?
If you went to see a production of "Sound of Music". and Maria was taller than the captain, would you laugh?
Casting for Twilight?
Two questions?
I want to become an actress, but I have not been to drama school. I am 14, how do i go about this?
Are there any auditions for plays in panama city fl?
What's your favorite(s) Broadway play/Musical Moive?
Hamlet.. "to be or not to be."?
can Filipino's audition at SM entertainment ?
Does anyone know of any good acting schools or classes for kids ( im 13 by the way)?
Any creative ideas for re-enacting a funny version of Hamlet???
I have a question on the play Pygmalion by Shaw?
What does "In concert" mean?
What are the best acting schools in the US?
help me out with theatre companies!!?
Do I have a shot at acting?
iN THE VOICE OF LINDA BLAIRS "THE EXORCIST" THIS HOUR IS MINE!!! No seriously, can anyone help me, it's my...
Should I get a role in a kid zombie movie?
Do acting agents in LA usually "require" you have acting training?
How to get a good part in a school play?
Is it harder to be an Actor or a Movie Director !!!!?
acting/singing camps/classes?
is tom cruise good at playing horror films and if he is give me an example that shows it?
I want to be an actress but i dont know how to tell my parents?
How do i audition for Camp rock 2 or any other movies.?
Please help me.. Do i want to become an actor or is it my brain playing with me...?
in over 40 years of coronation st how many times has ken barlow said " I `ll put the kettle on"?
does anybody know what independent films Mary Carreccia has been in?
free sheet music for the musical "WICKED"?
How do you avoid become blase when showered with compliments?
Talent Agency question?
What is centre-stage in drama?
In Shakespeare's play Henry V, what was the setting for Act 2 Scene 2?
What is the title that people should type in when they are looking for my group?
How can I get into the comedy business?
What is the cast size for You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown?
Anyone know how to become an actor, ... no really.?
Is audition america legit?
Whats the best advice i can give my male mate who wants to be a porn star??????
I need a monty Python monologue for an audtion.?
Who is Marissa Charlson?
what are the steps for becoming an actress?
What is a good song to sing for a fame audition?
How can this not be awkward?
What are good beginner agencies in Los Angeles, CA?
Did you catch Larry?
reading festival at night?
1. Which of these is a producer?
What should i sing for my audition? PLEASE HELP!!!?
I need your help.?
Can -anyone- act?
Acting/Modeling Questions?
I need help to make a song for school. Can anyone help, please?
High School Musical Auditions?
Do you think they will make a national tour cast album for the Book of Mormon the musical?
do u like country music? if so y? or y not?
Im very interested in making films but what to begin with?
How can I meet Miley Cyrus if I live in El Paso T.X.?
Who is your favourite actor/actress?
Does anyone know?
What are some good songs for a musical theatre audition?
Does Anybody Have Ideas For An 8th Grade Dracula Thearte Production?
Where can I find a websight that offers free duet acting scripts?
Plz help! I want to become an actress!?
Why are actors called "thespians"?
Is Etta James still alive?
What happens if nobody shows up to a musical?
Help with Jason Donovan!!?
Favorite Musical?
First time audition help!?
What was Carol Brady's last name before she married Mike Brady?
Do screenwriters have people touching up the script as they go?
can you be a good voice over with just your own natural voice?
what events happen in act 5 scene 5 in Macbeth?
I want to be a actor?
I don't know if I should accept this role?
I'm trying out for Annie. What song should I sing for the audition?
acting & modeling?
How can I become a part-time actress?
I need help with auditioning?
how do you help yourself from stage freight?
is it true Miley cyrus is shooting a movie?
auditions in glasgow?
audition song?
I really wanna become...?
actors... who is the best acting coach/teacher in Los Angeles?
I am doing a drama piece in school called "Equus" and i need to find music thats atmospheric any ideas.
Does anyone know of a good duet (theatre acting)/ dialogue that would be good 4 a 16-17 yr old girl and guy?
what famous poet was inspired by the musical song in "cats?"?
What are some Christian songs that are for baritones or guys who have lower voices?
Acting career for teen without living near LA or NYC?
i need quotes!!!!quotes from famous people, anything!!!?
Any auditions for teenage girls in northern ireland?
How can i start getting into acting? ?
Do people become famous through explore talent?
Do u like the movie Greese or High school musical better??????
when is it too old to start acting?
is there a difference between "wicked" and "Wicked: a new musical"?
What is your favorite play and why?
Is it right to learn classical dance like kuchipudi,bhartanatyam at 26?
which is better wicked the musical or wizard of oz?
R.I.P Neil Amstrong, ?
Is the character Serena Katz better than Carmen Diaz,Who is the main female character in FAME-Musical?
what's the best way to get noticed?
Is disney good to sign with??
Romeo & Juliet Act 2 Scene 4- Who, What, When, Where, & Why of Romeo & Juliet!?
Is the Name Michael River a good acting name? Or Michael Swift? My last name is Hermelee and I might switch it
what is the meaning of the song- thnks fr th mmrs(thanks for the memories)?
Romeo and Juliet help put events in order plz?
Acting in community theatre?
How do you become famous?
Casting Director offered me a role if I suck his "blank"?
I am starting to get really bad anxiety about not having an acting agent!!?
Whats your favourite musical?
Can I please get this monologue from All's Well That Ends Well Helena Act 3 Scene 2 Monologue translated?
Romeo and Juliet?
What song should I sing for an audition for "Trial by Jury"?
cut footloose?
Question about Acting?
i am looking for a voice talent agent in the san francisco area. please help!?
I want to become a site model. Can someone please give me some good sites to look at?
Audition help please?
Who will play Renesme in breaking dawn part 2?
What is Disney auditions like?
How can I get over my stage fright of singing!!!? I'm to scared to perform in front of my mom! How can I do it
name the ''mole'' in Beatrix Potter's books?????
how can you get a good acting agent for a kid?
Are there any auditions/pagents coming up?
Do you have to have expierence to audition for a agency ?
What are the most famous acting schools that most actors went to?
What should I expect on a casting call?
I want to be an actor on tv, but have no experieance, what now?
How to act in a horror play?
Does anyone have the contact email for casting director mark bennett?
The Crucible Play by Miller Act 2 QURSTIONS.?
What are good monologues from plays for 10 year old boys?
a filmy dialogue(1or2 lines) you liked most (any Indian language)?
Where can I get a list of acting auditions?
How do u become famous?
Who's HOT and who's Not?
What is the best degree I should get to be a casting director? Theater or TV/Film?
I have a question for people who know a thing or two about monologues.?
What style of drama would an 'Alice in Wonderland' production be?
What should I wear for my audition?
Avatar Auditions help?
How do you apply for an acting travelling scholarhip?
what monologue shall I do?
Acting classes and voiceover workshops in the Los Angeles area?
Classroom Skit? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?
What do you think? How to improve?
If I take PureCalm will it cure my stage fright?
What are some good comedic plays?
3-2-1 Talent Showcase Acting Studio Students!!!?
How long is "The Producers"?
I want to know how to find Disney Channel auditons for a fifteen year old.?
What's your favorite hobbie and why?
how do i get an agent?
Was/Is The Bard of Strafford-upon-Avon the greatest playwright that has ever lived?
If there was no "acting" in life, then what would people like Jennifer Aniston do for a living?
Shakespeare Tragedies...?
In what sense, was Julius Caesar “the spirit” greater than Caesar “the man?” (the play)?
What do you have to do at an audition?
I am a first-year One Act Play Director. Can any of you veterans give me a clue on conducting fair auditions?
What is the best Broadway show out right now?
how do i become a equity actor?
romeo and juliet thesis statement?
hey how do i become an actor..??
I would really like to sing in a west end show, how do I go about it?
are they making a high school musical 4?
What song should I audition with?
whats the difference between musical killibites AND BITES?
Charlie's Angels?
I am thinking of making a documentary. Where can I get a head start including all the technical details?
HELP ON DESDEMONA (othello)!!?
talent agencies in columbus, oh?
help! opening a teen theater workshop?
Can you licenses the book of Mormon musical?
O want to a an actress how do i start? ?
Dsaklj I have an audition tomorrow so if you guy could ~critique this I'd be forever grateful.?
On the show Hannah Montana, do you want Miley and Oliver together or do you want Jake and Miley together?
What movie or television show do you think has the best acting?
Can I find full scripts to plays online?
Does Acting club at community college teach how to act?
did kim basinger really sing in the marrying man?
Ewww, who wants to see Harry Potter naked?
Hi i'm 13 years old I have long brown hair and I am short and skinny. I love to act and I am amazing :)?
i need help trying to come up with a story about organized crime in brazil?
How to make a good acting resume ?
How should I start acting as a teen?
les miserables or phantom of the opera?
Do Disney Channel actors work on week-ends?
I need help with suggestions for a monologue.... Please Help!?
How much does Image international modeling and acting center cost?
Is there a job for a foreigner puppet theatre director in USA?
Playing a "prep" type person in a movie.?
auditioning for plays?
Will you give me tips on how I can becom a STAR!?!?
Where can I find cheap tickets for any show in London tonight?
whats on at Grand Theatre Leeds for naxt 3 months?
Suggest some 3-5 minutes 3 person short-plays/skits? ANSWER FAST!?
how did the different audiences respond to the play Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth?
I want to become an actress!?
What city does the play Romeo and Juliet take place in?
Audition songs for Cabaret?
the crucible questions act one?
how can i be a good actress as much as hannah montana?
Could I become an actress even if Im really shy?
He's not just good looking, but also a good actor?
where to audition for commercials in Sydney?
pls tell me the reason why india country is not comingg national worldcup, football.?
Audition songs for The Little Mermaid?
Cameone plz rewritw my plot summary so it sounds better?
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
auditioning for a musical?
Open casting call audition in Virginia?
how can you make yourself cry?
How should I play with my self?
What are Some tips for memorizing lines for a play?
I need a 2 people scene.?
Who to speak to or contact about Modeling and Acting?
As a young actor, is it better to keep your real last name or switch it to a shorter one?
Shakespeare musical ideas?
How does the globe theatre influence shakespeare's work?
iv to perform a drama of 10 mins in my school on the topic Utopia?
What is the Saturday Night Live skit title for.....?
Is The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee musical for kids or adults?
where can i find play auditions in Los Angeles/Hollywood?
what are good modeling and acting websites for auditions and tips ?
How to play one more night by maroon 5 on the trumpet?
im really good at singing but...?
What was the name of the little changeling in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
why does celebreties have babies these days ????????
How to be an actor and where to start?
Well known musical theater songs?
Pointers on singing the song "Home" from "Beauty and the Beast"...?
Do you have any drama scene ideas?
Should I take acting classes? Agency?
i wanna be a yonger actor?
rock hudson stared in a movie he was a doctor there r many but this one was different whats the name of movie?
i want to become a movie actor; quit school, not much experience, need answers!?
I need a specific monologue, and fast!?
ASF musical theatre camp?
acting help please(too short)?
Nervous about acting lessons?
Play recommendations, I'll try anything?
Little Mermaid Audition Help?
which musicals should i see in london???
I'm going to a Broaway show this weekend?
I consider Citizen Kane the great American movie of the 20th century. What other movies . . .?
I wanna be an actor but I don't wanna be famous?
Name some African American Actors?
'TO BE OR NOT TO BE' can ANYONE please explain to me what he is actualy doing in HAMLET?
I'm currently in my first year studying acting and have just got over a really bad throat infection,?
What is a good Comedic monologue for a teenage boy?
looking for a nativite play for 15 year old students in china?
Is it true that Daniel Radcliffe went to stage at Broadway with no clothes? If so,where is a picture?
Any upcoming Commercial or Modeling Auditions?
What was your first audition like?
does anyone know where opera originated? For grade 5 .?
Is 23 too old to pursue a career in acting?
define the role of wardorbe standby in film and tv?
Why is a theatre's green room called a "Green Room"?
Stage Plays about women/murder?
Drum corps or school?
how do you become a singer or an actrist?
Is it good idea to pursue an acting/singing career for t.v in the UK(england)?
Do I have a shot at acting?
Which is better, HMS Pinafore, The Iolanthe, or Pirates of Penzance?
a powerful dramatic scene for two women?
Dictator impression - middle-eastern accent?
We need a main character in a movie!HELP!?
what is the mail of dariush eghbali ( singer)?
Is it plagerism if..?
Whatever became of the Vanessa Sharp who played "Young Clara" in Nuter: The Motion Picture?
Characters in A MidSummer Night's Dream?
Where Can I find a legitamite acting agent in Illinois?
Will i be able to have a life if i go into film acting?
Can actor Daniel Craig become the greatest "James Bond" ever?
"The Shadow Box" question about Beverly?
I need a monologue.?
Free auditions & casting calls?
How can i become a famous actress??
What song do i sing for a play audition...??
Does any of you know a play where there is lots of monologues but also a female character from eastern Europe ?
I’m looking for a monologue that I did when I was younger at stage school.?
What is a good, one act, mystery play for high school students?
What are the best acting schools in Los Angeles?
Will this help me get into showbiz?
Easier places than NYC for acting jobs?
Can anyone tell me if Orchestra Seats, 5-8, Sec ZZ at the Gershwin Theatre in NYC are any good?
Dramatic, one act (or adaptable), modern play for large cast?
Is there any rennasance fairs going on in south jersey?
Do anybody know anything about ACTRESS PADMINI who expired on 23.09.2006 night 10.10 pm?
Iam looking for the musical God so loved the world by Tom Fetke/Camp Kirkland.Where can I...?
Need a good skit/scene for drama project. Any suggestions?
What do you think of a female actor being called an "Actress" vs being called an "Actor"?
How would you perform a chekhov monologue?
Does anyone know when and where i could audition for a role in New Moon?
Duet for teenage girls?
How can I get into acting?
Can you become obsessed with a show ?
What musical instrument makes a humming sound?
THE WOODS ARE LOVELY DARK AND DEEP BUT I HAVE PROMISES TO KEEP...what does robert frost mean by this ?
Is there a college where I can just get a degree in acting for the camera?
What is a better screenplay idea?
who was the actress who played spartacus wife?
what names do you like?
Is New York City where you want to be to become an actor?
I need to find a theater company in CT?
Back to the 80's audition help?
Help me for a play in which there are 10-15 characters can play role. Tell me story or give me link.?
Creative ideas needed!!! High school: most likely to..?
Acting cover letter help?
what musical has mostly a male cast?
How should I go about getting into acting? I'm 16?
who is the best actor in the world?????????????????
what did ford's theater reopen as in 1932?
Fame? Some ways to become famous? ?
Besides Julias Ceasar and Romeo and Juliet what other plays by shakespeare, did fate play a role in.?
I need to find a monologue, preferebly from a play or film. Does anyone know any good ones?
If I go to see Blue Man Group. Should I make sure I get tickets in the "splatter zone" (rows 1-4)?
Lady Macbeth's last scene?
Plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????????????
is delhi audition are over?
where can I find rebelde pictures to print?
What are 2 foreshadowings in Romeo and Juliet?
How do I make a group like a glee group !?
How to become an actress..?
what to wear to an audition?
What are the two main categories of drama?
Where can I find Auditions and Casting Calls online?
What are the origins of the musical forms used in the play Urine town?
New Yorkers, New Jersey People , What's your creative talent?
Jekyll and Hyde Pit Orchestra?
Bollywood Actress?
In Cyrano de Bergerac, how is it filled with hope and despair?
Will stage school help me get an agent?
How to forget yourself as an actor?
What is Acting?
How do you audition for the Disney channel ?
how far is the st. james theatre from the marquis theatre?
What is a good song for when Ophelia sees Hamlet in her room in Act 2 scene 1 of Hamlet?
what are good theater schools?
i dont have HBO on my TV but thanks for the help?
Looking for some meaty, leading man parts in the OC.?
Showreel cliches for presenting?
whats a good song 2 audition for a 13 yr old?
Should I drop out of the community "Annie" play?
I want to be a actress, how am I doing?
Is Chuck NOrris cooler than Zac Efron?
How can I increase durability of my sensitive skin if I want to use Rigid Collodion?
Why are there no mute voice actors?
Meeting with a talent agency ?
Is My Brothers Idea Better?
Symbolism in Julies Caesar ACT 1?
How do actors and actresses cry easily?
please! i'm desperate!?
can u give me any suggestions for our school project? we need to present a scene from any play.?
HELP! I can Sing But I am Too Young And I wuna Be Famous! What Can I Do?
Writing a TV, movie script? Any good resources (books, websites, etc) on how to write a script, pilot?
How does actor get paid once a months or s lum dum?
Without You as an Audition Song?
How do i find movie or tv show auditions? ( acting)?
can someone help me get started!?
Trying to write a skit but I have writer's block!?
Need Title For My Book! Please Help!?
Duets for a guy and girl?
Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"?
Disney face character Auditioning?
Audition monologues, help?!?
How do I Get rights to a musical?
does height really matter in the entertainment industy?
What do you think of my acting resume?
How can become a girl and not be a tomboy anymore?
dirty dancing staging?
Is There any Open Casting Calls for acting in Toronto or Collingwood?
after school acting classes for the summer?
How to become a good actor?
is sterling talent agency in seattle still open?
This is a question regarding the play antigone?
Ok so i need help on these issues?
Was justice served at the end of Macbeth?
Are there any grad schools that offer an MFA in Drama Therapy?
My mom said if I booked a role on a major TV show, she wouldn't let me have it!?
She thinks she can Act!!?
if you have a change, what were you like to be?why?
I am a famouse person , but how's the other face of being famouse ?
How does the play othello make you feel?
example of verse choir piece?
Does anyone know where to get a good published monologue?
How come this guy just down from uni is so dumb?
What is a nice costume for this?
Where might I be able to download a free copy of the Georgina monologue form Elmer Rice's 'Dream Girl' online?
Is this headshot good enough to use for an acting audition?
I want to become a Talent Agent?
What do you think is the overall theme in Hamlet?
What parts are there in Les Miserables?
RENT isn't exactly a "disney" musical....?
How can I deal with stage fright?
Where can I find good acting jobs?
how to become an actress?
Costumes for Othello?
What do you wear today if you are offered to play Radhika in Rasleela?
pygmalion/ my fair lady?
I need advice on acting ?
Just wondering how many of you are WICKED fans???
How do I send an email to actor Gary Oldman?
Play writing help! Everyone give me suggestions!?
Are there any Disney auditions in Pittsburgh?
I was approached for the new faces dc. is it a scam?
Any acting agents on here from PA?
Seussical Jr. Crisis!?
What is the best way to get cheap theatre tickets in London?
Help! Need to pick a Monologue (Read More)?
anyone going to the nickelodeon audition in miami tomorrow? tips on how to prepare?
What is a good name for the "new" Soap Opera?
How do I become a voice actor?
what are the best duets out there?
How do I become an actress in Australia (Perth)?
Callback Tips - Seussical?
My daughter is 6 and is performing a monologue for an eistedfod.Can she use dolls for the 4 characters?
does anyone know where i could get a look at all of satines costumes in baz luhmans version of moulin rouge?
did the three blind mice know that there were 3 of them?
Where is the song Jellicle Cats from Cats the Musical Scene set?
What are some good places to take acting lessons in Kansas?
What is a good upbeat musical theater mezzo soprano audition song?
Contemporary playwrights you'd recommend?
What is the purpose of acting?
Monologue Choice for Community Theatre Audition?
Who a good character to do a monologue for Hamlet?
Best way to proceed in the unlikely event of a timed audition...?
How would I contact Robert Pattinson's agent?
What movie is more like the play of peter pan?
Do you think Jesse mccartney is gay and a pop star wannabe then awser me. ok !!?
Acting classes?
What musical has a nerdy girl and boy who fall for each other?
Could I be a model? There is an audition, but I'm not sure.?
What are some safe model agency?
Do you have any good and not boring play script? It should be a fairy tale?
Romeo and Juliet?????!!!♥♥♥?
Songs for musical auditions?
What are some good stage names?
why did caesar want anthony to touch calpurnia?
what are the themes in much to do about nuthing?
how do you make a walking scene look longer then it really is in a video?
When auditioning to be in entertainment for Disney World, do they prefer certain types of people?
should i be nervous at a movie audition?
Please help? Questions about acting?
What are some ideas for a basic, one-person pantomime?
Is it safe to go barefoot onstage in a play?
does anyone have an example of a monologue for elderly people?
where can i get someone to read a short story i wrote?
What base is avearage for 13 year olds 1 2 3 or home?
minor characters in The Bacchae and King Oedipus?
what song should I sing?
Helpp! need advice badly on acting career.?
how to start my career as an indian filmstar?
My lover Gene Wilder....?
What's a good monolauge?
Any possibility to become an actress?
I have to do a play on a scene from Little Women? What scene would be the best to do?
kabuki and noh theatre?
What is the best drama school in the uk for 16 years and over?
Was Hamlet really mad? What do you think?
What Shakespeare play or skit is this from?
What is the role of Enobarbus in 'Antony And Cleopatra'?
i ealy want to try out for disney aduitions but i dont know how can some one help me
any mozart-solo piano pieces you know??
Talent show suggestions?
can anyone tell Julie Stewart?
Moon over Buffalo?
who thinks jennifer aniston and brad pitts will get back together?
Was Shakespeare left or right handed?
How to find a talent agent?
Indian Music instrument, veena, origin, meaning, what does the dragon signifies?
What is a good song to audition for Sharpay/A girls role in High School Musical, on stage?
Theater prop/staging help?!?
What would be a good song for when Gertude dies in Hamlet?
Writing a funny script for my drama teacher?
why does macbeth visit the witches?
NJ/NY talent agencies, child talent...?
how do get into.......?
good monologues for plays?
Is there going to be a High School Musical 3?
beginner actor?
I'm looking for intense songs from musicals?
How do I act sassy and evil?
I'm 13 years old and I want to become an actress?
Anyone been to a Harry Potter open casting call? What should I expect?
I'm 14 and I think I want to be an actor... any help?
How can I stop smiling and be in control of my facial expressions?
I am auditioning to be an extra in a movie so what should I wear?
Summer Theatre Programs?
If you were to be an actor/actress, which part of a play would like to perform?
Need a song to audition with, Asap?
auditioning for a musical?
Black guy voice acting help?
What song should I sing?
How should my dad get into voice acting (We live in Florida)?
How do I become famous in a year?
how can i find auditons for disney channel series??
can you find an example of pun in Romeo and Juliet in act 1 scene 1 ?
How to get over embarrassment?
How does the opening to Romeo and Juliet interest and engage the audience?Act 1 scene 1?
I want to be an actress.. What can I do??
Is it possible to become an actor on film wihtout moving to Hollywood?
Do actors/actresses have to be selfish because of the nature of the job?
hi im meant to do an essay on the character of iago,if he represnts the devil incarnate in the play"othello"
In Julius Caesar, why does Brutus commit suicide?
Should I move directly to NYC?
What steps can I take as a freshmen in getting on to broadway in the future?
Drama costume (details below)?
What are the names of the 3 musketeers?
Ticket-Fast Tickets ?
My mom signed me up for a play i dont want to do help?
Where Can i watch high school musical 3 online for free?
Good books on stage lighting?
PLEASE ANSWER!!! Do you know any good plays for a school play?
We are doing the play High School Musical at our school and I got Mongo. Who is Mongo?
Do you need experience to audition for iPOP?
How do you get into acting at the age of 14 years old?
How can I get involved in Indie Films in my area?
Hmm..what would a good variation of my name be for a stage/screen name?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an Actress?
What's the best live band you've seen, and where?
Is there Acting Schools/Classes in London Ontario?
Why Did Pee Wee Herman Go To Jail?
I need some good theater games.?
The acting favorites?
What was your opinion of The Tony Awards last night?
Tomorrow's speech: what is something you want to say to the class?
acting is there any auditions?
what shakespeare play was the phrase "oh what tangled web we weave"?
In search of TV commercial!?
I have a play coming up and i have to kiss the lead.?
What time should I get to this concert if I want front row by the stage ?
Summary of the trial of mang serapio?
Which will have more lasting power in your opinion: "Grease" or "High School Musical"? Explain.
What to do in Tallahassee and want to go to a les bar alone?
A midsummer nights dream costume help last minute?!!?
I need more information on acting?
a hindi school play??
how do i get into voice acting?
I am looking for a humerous duet acting script for a male and female. What are some good scripts?
A funny play on Napoleans Coronation? Any ideas? 2-5 minutes long?
How much would a double feature for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows cost for an AMC theater?
How to audition for disney channel IN UK?
Do you agree that any woman can become a model, but she needs personality to become an actress?
Which broadway play should I see?
Shakespearean plays with evil characters?
Having something to eat and then off to bed-nite nite anyone that wants to do the same - sweet dreams!?
Beginning Actress - Final questions - 10 POINTS?
why do tv drama's always get actors from 21-25 to play people who are like 15-17?
Who is your favourite number one actor and actress?
Can Scuttle in Little Mermaid Jr. Be played by a girl?
can a 12 year old play Rizzo from grease?
Acting Audtions?
this vegan actor was born in augest 23 1970 but his career was cut of short when he did of a drug who is he?
How is Roxie Hart portrayed?
What do you think about the Davinci Code? do you belive it?
Does getting a tattoo mess up my acting carrer?
What musical stands out as the BEST one of all times?
Actors,Actresses from the 1920's 30's looking for cards and photos?
Do you think that I act like Amanda Bynes?
I need help in order to find A FAMOUS SOLILOQUY for my acting class?
can anyone send me a copy of Naiomi Wallace's The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek?
My mom thinks I can't act because I have extreme stage fright?
What is American drama of 20. century? Who are the authors and their plays?
acting auditions...!?
what can i find out about acting?
Drama class?
how do get into.......?
All my life! I Dream of being an Actor and a Director.But i lack the confidence to Act in front of friend.Talk?
Does anyone have presale infromation for High School Musical in Cincinnati in Jan 2007?
In the musical Annie, can someone please give me a description of the role of Tessie?
Similarities between Nora Helmer, Othello & Oedipus?
ACTING AGENTs Out there plz talk to me!!!?
If u were to audition to be a MC (Master of Ceremonies) what will u do?
Acting at a community theater?
What is the best way to be an Actress?
About to Snap Any Minute?
What does this quote mean?
What suggestions do you have to improve Hamlet? Are there any specific fixes?
Whats the best way to "go about" moving into the musician department.?
Who Loves Ashley Tisdale besides me?
Should I do pit or be chorus for Cinderella?
Show about becoming an actress?
what you know about Eddy challita?
Can anybody give me some acting tips?
is macbeth resposible for his actions or is it because of outside forces?
Is it bad to do a monologue from a movie?
how can i become an actress. pleasee help :DD?
What do you think of my acting?
I really want to get into acting however my parents say I am wasting my time?
Shakespeare Macbeth?
Are there any disney stars that got it big from an open call?
Here`s a question for the older crowd?
im 13 and i want to be a actress or model is it too late?
I'm Jamaican with years of acting skills, good clear jamaican accent, int in doing Disney character voices.
how expensive are acting classes?
What is a good song to sing when trying out for a musical?
Emperor Akbar, Gandhiji, Rajnikant, and.........Rakhi Sawant..?
Does anybody know fun facts about The Wizard of Oz?
Is there Disney Channel Auditions in Paris?
Is This Script good? C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\
I want to start acting, seriously: where should I start?
How does one go about contacting CD's or directors?
Did a member of the Script lose their dad?
Monologues from fame and rent?
how can i find friends that like classical music?
Could being short ruin my chances at an acting career?
How do you make professional looking pornography?
I'm in College- But I just want to be an actress.?
How do you get an agent in LA/NYC?
Is there a way to become an actress but not a famous one?
How do actors ?
I need an Audition song for american idol?
Should I move and use my hands a lot at a theatre audition...?
Where can I find an agent in San Fransisco?
i want sean o'casey play called red roses for me?
Does anyone know how to make an acting video?
Hanford High?
Beauty and the Beast Audition song?! Please Help!?
I want to put on a play I'm 18 how could I do it with minimum charge?
stage name or real name? head shot dilemma!?
what would be the best school to for film?
What is a good talent agency in Las Vegas?
how to survive drama class?
Audition piece for (Brighton Beach Memoirs and All In The Timing)?
Macbeth Act 1 question?
Real talent/modeling agencies in Dallas, TX?
for some reason when i try to play freerider2 on trackmill the track doesn't show up?
Does anyone know Vanessa Anne Hudgens email? or miley cyrus?
What is the next step up from community theatre?
do you need to have american accent to be an hollywood actor?
i need to know where i can find auditions in london an by de way gordon i am joel and i am the 12 yr old male?
do you think Dakota Fanning should play the part as Jane in New Moon?
have you ever met famous actors?
Is it possible to get an agent with no experience or training?
I am 13yrs old and i live in bellevue NE looking to become and actress do you know where i can start out?
i am trying to find a modelling agencie for 2 very attrative children in northern ireland. can anyone help?
Can anyone help me find a funny monologue?
All female roles in pippin?
If you've never done a musical before, is that detrimental for your chances of getting a lead?
Audition for High School Musical?
What is a good song to sing for a fame audition?
Do you know anyone famous personally?
How to find Agent in the Bollywood?
Can anyone help me with some Romeo and Juliet work?
Best supporting actor nominees in 1975?
What makes a monologue stand out from the others?
Should I audition for this play?
Where are the lyrics to the LaChiusa version of "The Wild Party" starring Toni Collette?
I would like to ask you about being a wizard. I need help..People have seen my wand in my room and doubt me..?
What are the best plays that are appropriate for high school students?
How to make a theatre based on a poem?
Does anybody know any REAL talent agencies in Virginia ? I'm setting my mind to get an acting agent(:?
How can I get rid of an accent I really shouldn't have?
Any good anime monologues or disney?
anne frank screen play?
What is a good Australian City to start an acting career? 10 POINTS!?
Monolouge - Help need for an auditon from a play?
Does anyone like "Carousel," "West Side Story," or "The Music Man?"?
Playing Maria von Trapp?
How do you know when an actor is not acting in real life?
How much it cost to get an director?
Is it better for a beginner to start out in theatre or just start auditioning for films or commercials etc?
I want to become an actress? Is it too late for me to act?
Where can I find a black wig I can style for a CATS costume?
Question about acting agencies...?
I think it is ludicrious to put Jim Carrey before Chevy Chase?
Hi Im a young not famous actress I only do plays im 13.?
Would you be interested in helping me maintain a fake celebrity?
Lauren Alaina audition song?
Was Shakespear gay?
Who Knows if their are any casting calls for girls 14 ?
what do acting agents do?
Any old age makeup tips?
This question if for B.B. king? I red your answer and the career I most is interested in is theater and movies
What are some acting agencies in Casablanca, Morocco?
Can you put extra work on your resume?
Anyone has a video of the twelfth knight play...........?
Musical Audition Songs for a Bass?
What are some good alter egos? (For a class)?
What are GOOD web show ideas for ages 8-15?
Know a good acting agent? Or agency?
What is the best Shakespeare play to write a research paper on?
How do i write a short synopsis of a play?
comedial Media?
finding a talent agent in Boston?
Audition Song for You're a Good Man Charlie Brown ?
Good colleges in florida for filming and script writing?
Scripts for high school drama club?
Is there a list of legit audition websites?
A streetcar named Desire- Blanche?
What does the quote ""Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting" mean?
Acting/ Casting/Advertisment?
What is the appropriate dress for a Broadway Matinee?
How can i improve my acting career?
what plays would you recommend for a first timer?
Funny monologue that is 1 minute and 30 seconds for a teen girl?
Casting Calls Auditions for 16 year olds in Miami?
what does friar laurence think about romeo once romeo enters :)?
Scene names for a Need some suggestions?
monologue from two act play?
How can u get in a movie?
i want to become an actress but some people don't think i can act what should i do?
Any tips on picking a monologue?
Are citrus fruits good for your voice ?
Phantom of the opera dress code?
When (time and date) and what channel are the golden globe awards and oscars on???
Can I become an actress?
how does the play the bogus woman effect the audiences views on life and social issues?
Coming up with my Stage Name...Need Input/Advice?
British accent?
How do i try out for a movie?
Who is (was) the best british actor so far? According to you...?
1a. do witches & wizards exit? 1b. what is there source of power?
I need a song for an audition!?
I am going to a callback!?
I am thirteen and want to be an actor I need tips?
how do I audition on Disney Channel?
Names for my musical ?
which hollywood actor should play Tolstoy?
Where do I get my script copyrighted?
how to cry easily ( acting )?
What is a climax & time period of a play?
What to do after getting a bachelors degree in theater?!?
monologue help As You Like It Act 3, scene 5?
What does SAG and non SAG mean?
Is The New York Film Academy a good school?
In Julius Caesar, what did Shakespeare mean by the line "The die is cast"?
Are there any audtions for indian males 18+? and how do you find any auditions?
What are good plays to practice on when working on your acting skills?
how do I make a mermaid costume?
Musical theatre audition song. . .?
what is a houdini act?
Dramatic Female Monologues From Published Plays?
Do you have to be an American citizen to attend the IMTA (international modeling and talent association)?
if i live in minnesota and cant move how do I get a los angeles acting agent. Can I do that? Info please?
Where to find scripts for short musicals/plays with a small cast?
French Romeo and Juliet on stage.?
les miserables or phantom of the opera?
Attractiveness question! V. Important, Thanks!?